~ TACGESOTW ~ There Are Clear Goals Every Step Of The Way

~ TIIFTOA ~ There Is Immediate Feedback To One’s Actions

~ TIABBCAS-WFTOAAWMTTOFA ~ There Is A Balance Between Challenges And Skills – We Feel That Our Abilities Are Well Matched To The Opportunities For Action

~ AAAAM-OCIFOWWD ~ Action And Awareness Are Merged – Our Concentration Is Focused On What We Do

~ DAEFC-WAAOOWIRHAN ~ Distractions Are Excluded From Consciousness – We Are Aware Only Of What Is Relevant Here And Now

~ TINWOF ~ There Is No Worry Of Failure

~ S-CD-WATIIWWADTCAPTE ~ Self-Consciousness Disappears – We Are Too Involved In What We Are Doing To Care About Protecting The Ego

~ TSOTBD ~ The Sense Of Time Becomes Distorted

~ TABA-AEII-NRFDTETFTETP ~ The Activity Becomes Autotelic – An End In Itself – No Reason For Doing – Except To Feel The Experience They Provide

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