~ A-PD-IASOWAITIAVSABM-TGPT-U/C/TA ~ A – Pitch Deck – Is A Series Of Words And Images That Illustrate A Venture’s Story And Business Model – They Get People To – Understand / Care / Take Action

~ O:WAW? ~ Overview: Who Are We?

~ O:WHITM? ~ Opportunity: What’s Happening In This Market?

~ P:WAYTTS? ~ Problem: What Are You Trying To Solve?

~ S:WAYDAI? ~ Solution: What Are You Doing About It?

~ T:WEDYHTSTWBS? ~ Traction: What Evidence Do You Have That Shows This Will Be Successful?

~ M:WAYC-A-HMOTAOT? ~ Market: Who Are Your Customers – And – How Many Of Them Are Out There?

~ C:WOWWSYC? ~ Competition: Who Or What Will Steal Your Customers?

~ BM:HWYMM? ~ Business Model: How Will You Make Money?

~ T:WIGTPTO? ~ Team: Who Is Going To Pull This Off?

~ UOF:WDYWAW? ~ Use Of Funds: What Do You Want And Why?

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