~ IWASWV-N-W-N-EA-HSTRONLITSW-TPHDIT ~ It Was A Spring Without Voices – No – Witchcraft – No – Enemy Action – Had Silenced The Rebirth Of New Life In This Stricken World – The People Had Done It Themselves

~ CO-A/E/R/S-W-DAELM-IFTMP-I-T-COE-II-NOITWTMSL-B-ILT-I-FTMP-I ~ Contamination Of – Air / Earth / Rivers / Sea – With – Dangerous And Even Lethal Materials – Is For The Most Part – Irrecoverable – The – Chain Of Evil – It Initiates – Not Only In The World That Must Support Life – But – In Living Tissue – Is – For The Most Part – Irreversible

~ NC-CFOLIA-ES-NCTW-B-AR-S-TA-CTOTLOBE ~ New Chemicals – Come From Our Laboratories In An – Endless Stream – New Chemicals To Which – Bodies – Are Required – Somehow – To Adapt – Chemicals Totally Outside The Limits Of Biologic Experience

~ NC-THTPTK-EI-‘G’-A-‘B’-TTITMBO-AFWOI ~ Nonselective Chemicals – That Have The Power To Kill – Every Insect – “Good” – And – “Bad” – Though The Intended Target May Be Only – A Few Weeds Or Insects

~ TSNBC-‘I’-B-‘B’-STAITTOPAA-AE-PTGCTSOATVMOHUWTSOTFD ~ They Should Not Be Called – “Insecticides” – But – “Biocides” – Substances That Accumulate In The Tissue Of Plants And Animals – And Even – Penetrate The Germ Cells To Shatter Or Alter The Very Material Of Heredity Upon Which The Shape Of The Future Depends

~ HCIBSTCAFUSBAMTCTEEABTTODADETTOK? ~ How Could Intelligent Beings Seek To Control A Few Unwanted Species By A Method That Contaminated The Entire Environment And Brought The Threat Of Disease And Death Even To Their Own Kind?

~ C-MBGT-R-NT-MS-A-TMEMBSTTDNDUAWTI ~ Control – Must Be Geared To – Realities – Not To – Mythical Situations – And – The Methods Employed Must Be Such That They Do Not Destroy Us Along With The Insects

~ S-GF-DNTAOTPBWNW;IIAAAEMCITB ~ Single-Crop Farming – Does Not Take Advantage Of The Principles By Which Nature Works; It Is Agriculture As An Engineer Might Conceive It To Be

~ TSOTODKOOFTNHTINT ~ The Spreading Of Thousands Of Different Kinds Of Organisms From Their Native Homes To Invade New Territories

~ MOTNKINA-B-WDNUI-WTEIOUAEETIOGA-B-WSTTA ~ Much Of The Necessary Knowledge Is Now Available – But – We Do Not Use It – We Train Ecologists In Our Universities And Even Employ Them In Our Governmental Agencies – But – We Seldom Take Their Advice

~ WAT-CDR-TF-ATTWNA-WIF-TAM-A-OICSDMMIGO-HWFIAMSTMUAAITWIIOD-ATHLTWOTVTDTWIG? ~ We Allow The – Chemical Death Rain – To Fall – As Though There Were No Alternative – Whereas In Fact – There Are Many – And – Our Ingenuity Could Soon Discover Many More If Given Opportunity – Have We Fallen Into A Mesmerized State That Makes Us Accept As Inevitable That Which Is Inferior Or Detrimental – As Though Having Lost The Will Or The Vision To Demand That Which Is Good?

~ WHP-PABPC-IITHOPLOWIOTPFH-WHSENOPTCWTPWTCAOWTK-WHATCTBUWLONAIOTEO-S/W/[H]M ~ We Have Put – Poisonous And Biologically Potent Chemicals – Indiscriminately Into The Hands Of Persons Largely Or Wholly Ignorant Of Their Potentials For Harm – We Have Subjected Enormous Numbers Of People To Contact With These Poisons Without Their Consent And Often Without Their Knowledge – We Have Allowed These Chemicals To Be Used With Little Or No Advance Investigation Of Their Effect On – Soil / Water / [Hu]Man

~ FG-AUTCOLOPCF-TIOTNWTSAL ~ Future Generations – Are Unlikely To Condone Our Lack Of Prudent Concern For – The Integrity Of The Natural World That Supports All Life

~ TRTMADAWCISC ~ The Right To Make A Dollar At Whatever Cost Is Seldom Challenged

~ IITPTIBATATR-TPMDWIWTCOTPR-A-ICDSOWIFPOTF ~ It Is The Public That Is Being Asked To Assume The Risks – The Public Must Decide Whether It Wishes To Continue On The Present Road – And – It Can Do So Only When In Full Possession Of The Facts

~ EOD ~ Elixirs Of Death

~ ACOT-SWW-ITCODAOCW-SOTCCITLWFTBLTI ~ A Child Of The – Second World War – In The Course Of Developing Agents Of Chemical Warfare – Some Of The Chemicals Created In The Laboratory Were Found To Be Lethal To Insects

~ NAMDCAATTLEY-IWAGTLSIWTC-EADT-TTITVMOOB-WHBKSATNATP ~ New And More Deadly Chemicals Are Added To The List Each Year – If We Are Going To Live So Intimately With These Chemicals – Eating And Drinking Them – Taking Them Into The Very Marrow Of Our Bones – We Had Better Know Something About Their Nature And Their Power

~ FOOTA-TATLOTFC-A-VSA-MEAA-HC ~ From One Organism To Another – Through All The Links Of The Food Chains – A – Very Small Amount – May End As A Heavy Concentration

~ CAMSTPTA ~ Children Are More Susceptible To Poisoning Than Adults

~ P-TFSOT-DIOC-IAYLK ~ Potentiation – The Full Scope Of The – Dangerous Interaction Of Chemicals – Is As Yet Little Known

~ H-L-I-ISVDC-A-T-CU-ITBTTA-‘S’-CHDR ~ Herbicides – Like – Insecticides – Include Some Very Dangerous Chemicals – And – Their – Careless Use – In The Belief That They Are – “Safe” – Can Have Disastrous Results

~ ‘M’:ACOMTG ~ “Mutagens”: Agents Capable Of Modifying The Genes

~ TPEOWCFMS-TA-LU-I/T/SOE ~ The Pollution Entering Our Waterways Comes From Many Sources – There Are – Little-Understood – Interactions / Transformations / Summations Of Effect

~ PO-GW-I-POWE ~ Pollution Of – GroundWater – Is – Pollution Of Water Everywhere

~ CWST-PWIIW-WNAEI-CON? ~ Can We Suppose That – Poisons We Introduce Into Water – Will Not Also Enter Into – Cycles Of Nature?

~ CWUA-NF-WAK-TF-TITRO-T-IABA-TATTIENFTS? ~ Can We Use A – Nonspecific Fungicide – Without Also Killing – The Fungi – That Inhabit The Roots Of – Trees – In A Beneficial Association – That Aids The Tree In Extracting Nutrients From The Soil?

~ CC-STHPOTATTSCAWSAAOI-TVNOTWOTSHBLI ~ Chemical Control – Seems To Have Proceeded On The Assumption That The Soil Could And Would Sustain Any Amount Of Insult – The Very Nature Of The World Of The Soil Has Been Largely Ignored

~ SMA-OAPOY-MBUFQIS ~ Seemingly Moderate Applications – Over A Period Of Years – May Build Up Fantastic Quantities In Soil

~ NO-IP-B-SWA ~ Not Only – Improperly Planned – But – Studded With Abuses

~ IT-EON-NV-HIEP ~ In The – Economy Of Nature – Natural Vegetation – Has Its Essential Place

~ B-DH-O-‘W’ ~ Bees – Depend Heavily – On – “Weeds”

~ TDTHATFOW-IPWITLRT-DK ~ To Destroy The Homes And The Food Of Wildlife – Is Perhaps Worse In The Long Run Than – Direct Killing

~ SS-MTAOCA-PH-KTAM ~ Selective Spraying – Minimizes The Amount Of Chemical Applied – Potential Harm – Kept To A Minimum

~ TQI-WAC-CWRWOL-WDI-A-WLTRTBCC ~ The Question Is – Whether Any Civilization – Can Wage Relentless War On Life – Without Destroying Itself – And – Without Losing The Right To Be Called Civilized

~ TATEWP ~ The Authoritarians Temporarily Entrusted With Power

~ ROD ~ Rivers Of Death

~ WMMWUO-AM-TANK-A-WMDOIARTDO ~ We Must Make Wider Use Of – Alternative Methods – That Are Now Known – And – We Must Devote Our Ingenuity And Resources To Developing Others

~ IFTS ~ Indiscriminately From The Skies

~ TF-H-CTA ~ The Facts – However – Continue To Accumulate

~ UO-PITK-IMB-AAE ~ Use Of Poisons – In The Kitchen – Is Made Both – Attractive And Easy

~ WOL-IIST ~ Warnings On Labels – Inconspicuously In Small Type

~ THP ~ The Human Price

~ I/I ~ Interrelationship / Interdependence

~ A-HB-U-A-LA-URCC-INETOCA ~ A – Human Being – Unlike – A – Laboratory Animal – Under Rigidly Controlled Conditions – Is Never Exposed To One Chemical Alone

~ TEO-ACOSIN-CBDC-B-TAOA ~ The Effect Of – A Chemical Of Supposedly Innocuous Nature – Can Be Drastically Changed – By – The Action Of Another

~ TT-GROOI-BO-ASOAMMDO ~ Trying To – Get Rid Of One Insect – Brought On – A Scourge Of A Much More Destructive One

~ ATEVO-A-IA ~ A Truly Extraordinary Variety Of – Alternatives – Is Available

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