~ PWI-TT-AQ-PC-EUNWFBAHTWC-IIPU ~ Play With Ideas – Test Them – Ask Questions – Pose Challenges – Explore Unsettling Notions Without Fear But Also Handle Them With Care – Information Is Profoundly Unruly

~ UTMANPKR-WBIAEDFOF-FAICHAMAWIBR ~ Understand That Minds Are Not Passive Knowledge Receptacles – Willful Belief Is An Especially Dangerous Form Of Folly – For An Ideology Can Hijack A Mind And Warp It Beyond Recognition

~ GPTS-IITYETYO-WYBATW-BOO-SBR-DYKTTBT?-H?-IYMOKTTR?-SSEATSMTAAACYD-WYBOWT?-IN-R ~ Get Past The Self-Indulgent Idea That You’re Entitled To Your Opinions – What You Believe Affects The Well-Being Of Others – So Believe Responsibly – Do You Know Them To Be True? – How? – Is Your Method Of Knowing Them Truly Reliable? – Suppose Someone Else Applied The Same Method To Arrive At A Conclusion You Deplore – Would You Be Okay With That? – If Not – Rethink

~ DB-GABF-INJ-‘U’-ETM-T-‘D’-COMSMT ~ Distinguish Between – Good And Bad Faith – It’s Not Just – “Upstream” – Evidence That Matters – The – “Downstream” – Consequences Of Mental States Matter Too

~ GUTITLIMAMOATTMKS-Y-IITL-NF-B-IAITU-‘AF’-IGI-B-WATUBI-NAIIYB?-TTTAI ~ Give Up The Idea That Learning Is Merely A Matter Of Adding To The Mind’s Knowledge Stockpile – Yes – It’s Important To Learn – New Facts – But – It’s Also Important To Unlearn – “Alternative Facts” – Install Good Information – But – Work Also To Uninstall Bad Information – Notice An Inconsistency In Your Beliefs? – Take Time To Address It

~ DU-‘WTS’-TCSUI-‘C-WTS;WEWT-R?’-IINOTKKTHQDTR ~ Don’t Use – “Who’s To Say? – To Cut Short Unsettling Inquires – “Clearly – We’re To Say; Who Else Will Take – Responsibility?” – It Is Not Okay To Keep Kicking The Hard Questions Down The Road

LGOTITVJCBO-KRIAV-A-CRIAV:TTAACAAMT-TNTWCD-RSUOWGAR-I-M-LIG ~ Let Go Of The Idea That Value Judgments Can’t Be Objective – Kindness Really Is A Virtue – And – Cruelty Really Is A Vice: These Truths Are As Certain As Any Mathematical Theorem – The Notion That We Can’t Develop – Responsible Shared Understanding Of What’s Good And Right – Is – Mistaken – Let It Go

~ TCTYBAORTT-T-B/A/I-OY-TAY-ACTTINWDYW-SDGD;ITOYCABALOTYA-HET-EY-EITPITETBM-D-E-TDTHATUTL ~ Treat Challenges To Your Beliefs As Opportunities Rather Than Threats – Those – Beliefs / Assumptions / Ideas – Of Yours – They Aren’t You – A Challenge To Them In No Way Diminishes Your Worth – So Don’t Get Defensive; Instead Think Of Your Challenger As Bringing A Learning Opportunity To Your Attention – Honor Efforts To – Enlighten You – Even If They Prove In The End To Be Misguided – De-Escalate – Turn Down The Heat And Turn Up The Light

~ PDOD-EO-MIAT ~ Promote Dialogue Over Dogma – Encourage Open-Mindedness In All Things

~ UYUO-RB-TBSHAIPOTUC-HYCUVQ? ~ Upgrade Your Understanding Of – Reasonable Belief – The Best-Supported Hypotheses Are In Principle Open To Unanticipated Challenges – Has Your Conviction Undergone Vigorous Questioning?

~ DUTVOITHSS-B-BR-WN-TRADT-T-TPYVIA ~ Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Ideas That Have Survived Scrutiny – But – Be Ready – When Needed – To Reexamine And Discard Them – Think – Then Put Your Values Into Action

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