~ T-SAB-M-T-IF ~ The – Stone Age Brain – Meets – The – Information Flood

~ OBHLCFPI-AAIITACSUWIAAEAR-TLOOBBATMO ~ Our Brains Have Limited Capacity For Processing Information – As Advances In Information Technology And Communication Supply Us With Information At An Ever Accelerating Rate – The Limitations Of Our Brains Become All The More Obvious

~ WIIOBTDWWCCAITD? ~ What Is In Our Brains That Determines Whether We Can Concentrate And Ignore The Distractions?

~ T-MNS-TIAFCFTHATRI-A-TLLAASI ~ The – Magical Number Seven – There Is A Fixed Capacity For The Human Ability To Receive Information – And – This Limit Lies At Around Seven Items

~ ‘CC’ ~ “Channel Capacity”

~ IWDNFOAOS-WWNRI ~ If We Do Not Focus Our Attention On Something – We Will Not Remember It

~ MAIM ~ Measuring Attention In Milliseconds

~ WM:OATRIFALPOT-U-A-MOS ~ Working Memory: Our Ability To Remember Information For A Limited Period Of Time – Usually – A Matter Of Seconds

~ L-TM:WMEIWWHBI-WCARFUWASLO-SATMOAW ~ Long-Term Memory: We Memorize Events In Which We Have Been Involved – We Can Also Remember Facts Unassociated With A Specific Learning Occasion – Such As The Meaning Of A Word

~ WMC-CHW-RC ~ Working Memory Capacity – Correlates Highly With – Reading Comprehension

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