~ WAAS-WATSWAT-A-WATSWTO-TCOCWNTCOS ~ We Are All Story – We Are The Stores We Are Told – And – We Are The Stories We Tell Ourselves – To Change Our Circumstances We Need To Change Our Story

~ TWIOBISBS-ETYTIFBS ~ The Wiring In Our Brains Is Shaped By Story – Every Thought You Think Is Framed By Story

~ SCHASCK ~ Stories Can Heal And Stories Can Kill

~ ASAI-ASHP ~ All Stories Are Important – All Stories Have Power

~ EIAPS-IPAOMT-IWDTOSILWTES-WANLT ~ Economics Is A Powerful Story – It Permeates All Of Modern Thought – If We Don’t Tell Our Story In Line With The Economics story – We Are Not Listened To

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