~ OCCTBOTCS-W-TAOT-DA-A-HM-TT-W-GS-HMP-A-SAE ~ One Cannot Celebrate The Benefits Of The Capitalist System – Without – Taking Account Of The – Disastrous Adventures – And – Human Malevolence – That This – Wealth-Generating System – Has Made Possible – And – Sometimes Actually Encouraged

~ ‘CTGSTCS?’-HBAUQ ~ “Can The Globe Sustain These Capitalist Successes?” – Has Become An Urgent Question

~TA-‘F’-AI-‘FE’STIPO-MTCIC-PMBFTTAJON-B-TANFFTNTWALATWTE ~ The Adjective – “Free” – As In – “Free Enterprise” – Serves The Ideological Purpose Of – Masking The Coercion In Capitalism – People May Be Free To Take A Job Or Not– But – They Are Not Free From The Need To Work As Long As They Wish To Eat

~ C-IA-C-NA-N-S-LTW-NITMA-S-CS-AIAA ~ Capitalism – Is A – Cultural – Not A – Natural – System – Like The Weather – Nor Is The Market A – Self-Correcting System – As Its Apologist Argue

~ AACMITJOCTD-TIO-CI-A-SC-WDTACL-WNTDTBITL ~ At A Critical Moment In The Journey Of Capitalism To Dominance – The Importance Of – Cultural Influences – And– Social Considerations – Was Dispatched To A Conceptual Limbo – We Need To Drag Them Back Into The Light

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