~ W-TAD-CIB-TASWAWP-TSTDE-WAITNRTS ~ When – Things Are Digitized – Converted Into Bits – They Acquire Some Weird And Wonderful Properties – They’re Subject To Different Economics – Where Abundance Is The Norm Rather Than Scarcity

~ GDANLPO-A-TDM ~ Digital Goods Are Not Like Physical Ones – And – These Difference Matter

~ ETMBDHUCTMBM ~ Even The Most Beneficial Developments Have Unpleasant Consequences That Must Be Managed

~ TPIGTLBSP-PEALOP-AIRA ~ Technological Progress Is Going To Leave Behind Some People – Perhaps Even A Lot Of People – As It Races Ahead

~ IITDTLNCOTSMAASADAHTMT-TNI-BTWFTE ~ It’s Important To Discuss The Likely Negative Consequences Of The Second Machine Age And Start A Dialogue About How To Mitigate Them – They’re Not Insurmountable – But They Won’t Fix Themselves, Either

~ AAS-TCADTEIA-AD-H-ITMCAIT ~ Algorithms Are Simplifications – They Can’t And Don’t Take Everything Into Account – Algorithms Do – However – Include The Most Common And Important Things

~ WKMTWCT ~ We Know More Than We Can Tell

~ ITDOTSMA-ITC-E-D-C ~ It’s The Dawn Of The Second Machine Age – It’s Three Characteristics – Exponential – Digital – Combinatorial

~ SLAM ~ Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

~ NE-ASWTVOARFEOIUIWEAU ~ Network Effect – A Situation Where The Value Of A Resource For Each Of Its Users Increases With Each Additional User

~ TEOB ~ The Economics Of Bits

~ MT-FPAI-MSLUEFMP-BAMIID-MPWFITC ~ Making Things – Free, Perfect And Instant – Might Seem Like Unreasonable Expectations For Most Products – But As More Information Is Digitized – More Products Will Fall Into These Categories

~ M2M ~ Machine-To-Machine – Devices Sharing Data With One Another Over Networks

~ MLYNR ~ New Layers Yield New Recipes

~ GPT ~ General Purpose Technologies

~ IACT ~ Information and Communication Technologies

~ T-’I-A-B-B’-VOTW-BBDEGEOOUU-IF-TITOFFR ~ The – “Innovation-As-Building-Block” – View Of The World – Building Blocks Don’t Ever Get Eaten Or Otherwise Used Up – In Fact – They Increase The Opportunities For Future Recombinations

~ BOI-CS ~ Billions of Innovators – Coming Soon

~ BATEHC-STMOM ~ But As The Economy Has Changed – So, Too, Must Our Metrics

~ MAMWWCAITSMAA-INT-MNM-BNA-A-INT ~ More And More What We Care About In The Second Machine Age Are – Ideas Not Things – Mind Not Matter – Bits Not Atoms – And – Interactions Not Transactions

~ TGIOTIAIT-IMW-WAKLATSOVITETWDFYA-MOTCHBIFALTSBWDNKWTLF ~ The Great Irony Of This Information Age Is That – In Many Ways – We Actually Know Less About The Sources Of Value In The Economy Than We Did Fifty Years Ago – Much Of The Change Has Been Invisible For A Long Time Simply Because We Did Not Know What To Look For

~ WT-GDP-LO ~ What – GDP – Leaves Out

~ F:GFWB-BF-GDP ~ Free: Good For Well-Being – Bad for – GDP

~ R&R ~ Reputations And Recommendations

~ IA ~ Intangible Assets

~ NMANFTSMA ~ New Metrics Are Needed For The Second Machine Age

~ WGMGD-IWALATWG-WWMTWDAGTWO-IWMOT-TWWCTITWMUBO ~ What Get Measured Gets Done – If We Are Looking At The Wrong Gauges – We Will Make The Wrong Decisions And Get The Wrong Outputs – If We Measure Only Tangibles – Then We Won’t Catch The Intangibles That Will Make Us Better Off

~ IWDM-P&I-TWWGTMPANEI ~ If We Don’t Measure – Pollution And Innovation – Then We Will Get Too Much Pollution And Not Enough Innovation

~ NETCCBC-A-NETCBC-C ~ Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted – And – Not Everything That Can Be Counted – Counts

~ HTMWD? ~ How’s The Median Worker Doing?

~ ASSOABP ~ A Smaller Slice Of A Bigger Pie

~ DTTTITEPTW-WOBLEAHLWR ~ Digital Technologies Tend To Increase The Economic Payoff To Winners – While Others Become Less Essential And Hence Less Well Rewarded

~ TSSABCIE ~ The Skill Set Affected By Computerization Is Evolving

~ TBW:S&S ~ The Biggest Winners: Stars And Superstars

~ MTG ~ Mind The Gap

~ WRALTAD ~ When Relative Advantage Leads To Absolute Domination

~ TSAOS ~ The Social Acceptability Of Superstars

~ TPCN ~ The Power Curve Nation

~ I-L-D-PR-A-TROL-IOBP-EO-OTBTEATROTGTSOEE-PP ~ Institutions – Like – Democracy – Property Rights – And – The Rule Of Law – Inclusive Ones Bring Prosperity – Extractive Ones – Ones That Bend The Economy And The Rules Of The Game To The Service Of Entrenched Elite – Bring Poverty

~ TU ~ Technological Unemployment

~ AAE:G ~ An Alternative Explanation: Globalization

~ MOOC ~ Massive Online Open Courses

~ TFF ~ The Fuzzy Future

~ SWMT-TW ~ Since We Must Tax – Tax Wisely

~ PT ~ Pigovian Taxes

~ TOER ~ Taxes On Economic Rents

~ RTBI ~ Revisiting The Basic Income

~ GI ~ Guaranteed Income

~ TNIT ~ The Negative Income Tax

~ TPE ~ The Peer Economy

~ WIW ~ Wild Ideas Welcomed

~ SA-‘MBH’-LM ~ Start A – “Made By Humans” – Labeling Movement

~ WOATDACDUOTARETKUS? ~ Will Our Ability To Detect And Counteract Destructive Uses Of Technology Advance Rapidly Enough To Keep Us Safe?

~ ITSMA-WNTTMMDA-WIIWRW-AWWV-BAIASAS ~ In The Second Machine Age – We Need To Think Much More Deeply About – What It Is We Really Want – And What We Value – Both As Individuals And As A Society

~ TIND-WSOD ~ Technology Is Not Destiny – We Shape Our Destiny


~ C-USDSTIVAOWEC ~ Classification ~ Using Simplistic, Dualistic Stereotypes That Ignore Variations And Overlaps Within Each Category

~ S-CSFDTJ ~ Symbolization ~ Classification Slips From Describing To Judging

~ D-TVGIPAFOTMCAPANB-TSFSA-A-EDABLTFH ~ Dehumanization ~ The Victim Group Is Portrayed As Falling Outside The Main Community And Perceived As Not Belonging – Then Scapegoated For Society’s Ills – And – Eventually Described As Being Less Than Fully Human

~ O-MBOMOVG-ASCBAOTVDPFA ~ Organization ~ Mobilization Begins Of Militia Or Vigilante Groups And State Censorship Blocks Accounts Of The Victims’ Desperate Pleas For Assistance

~ PAIE-TASFAMLI-STVGOICR-SOOPPTMRTVGAD ~ Polarization And Increased Inequality ~ The Authoritarian State Formalizes And Magnifies Legal Inequalities – Stripping The Victim Group Of Its Citizenship Rights – Social Organizations Or Political Parties That Might Represent The Vulnerable Group Are Disbanded

~ P-TIVNTBI-OFTWIS-L-SFTP-A-D-DLADUWNOPRLATT ~ Preparation ~ The Intended Victims Need To Be Identified – Often Forced To Wear Identifying Symbols – Located – Separated From The Public – And – Disarmed – Death Lists Are Drawn Up With Names Of Potential Resistance Leaders At The Top

~ E-TKMBDBFNFADCORHFSMGOWTABGWTV-BMO-TKIBFVGMOPSEU-FBTPATA ~ Extermination ~ The Killing May Be Done By Former Neighbours From A Different Clan Or Religion Hoping For Some Material Gain Or Wishing To Avoid Being Grouped With The Victims – But More Often – The Killing Is By Fanatical Vigilante Groups, Militias Or Paramilitary Special Extermination Units – Facilitated By The Police And The Army

~ D-TCDAMIOTEOSPAEASOSAC-TVTABFCTTTOTWBT ~ Denial ~ The Conspirators Deny Any Malevolent Intent Or The Existence Of Secret Plans And Employ A Screen Of Secrecy And Censorship – The Victims Themselves Are Blamed For Causing The Terrible Times Or Triggering What Befell Them


~ EMUTGIAKWTGNI ~ Everyone Must Understand The Group Interest And Know What The Group Norm Is

~ TGMBATMTN ~ The Group Norm Must Be Something That The Group Actually Wants

~ The Group Must Be Able To Modify The Norm

~ AIDWETGNMBATTG-SIESR ~ Any Institution Delegated With Enforcing The Group Norm Must Be Accountable To The Group – So It’s Effectively Self-Regulated

~ TPFDMBCWTSOTD ~ The Penalties For Defecting Must Be Commensurate With The Seriousness Of The Defection

~ TSFAPMB-CFEARC ~ The System For Assessing Penalties Must Be – Consistent, Fair, Efficient, And Relatively Cheap

~ TGMBATDIOIPANHIIFOTG ~ The Group Must Be Able To Develop Its Own Institutional Pressure And Not Have It Imposed From Outside The Group

~ ITALGALGI-TTGNTBSPANIML-EOATSL ~ If There Are Larger Groups And Larger Group Interests – Then The Groups Need To Be Scaled Properly And Nested In Multiple Layers – Each Operating Along These Same Lines

GEORGE ORWELL ~ 1984 ~ 1948

~ WS ~ Winston Smith

~ VM ~ Victory Mansions

~ HW ~ Hate Week


~ TT-CBD-B-TWNWOSIOC ~ The Telescreen – Could Be Dimmed – But – There Was No Way Of Shutting It Off Completely


~ TP ~ Thought Police

~ AO ~ Airstrip One

~ O ~ Oceania

~ NS ~ Newspeak


~ MOT ~ Ministry Of Truth

~ MOP ~ Ministry Of Peace

~ MOL ~ Ministry Of Love

~ MOP ~ Ministry Of Plenty

~ VG ~ Victory Gin

~ VC ~ Victory Cigarettes

~ NWI-STWNLAL ~ Nothing Was Illegal – Since There Were No Longer Any Laws

~ DT ~ Doublethink

~ OB ~ O’Brien

~ EG-TEOTP-TPT ~ Emmanuel Goldstein – The Enemy Of The People – The Primal Traitor

~ IAWY ~ I Am With You

~ BTHC ~ Back To His Cubicle



~ WSMITPWTIND ~ We Shall Meet In The Place Where There Is No Darkness

~ TCOEAAIITAI ~ The Consequences Of Every Act Are Included In The Act Itself

~ WCTP-CTF-WCTP-CTP ~ Who Controls The Past – Controls The Future – Who Controls The Present – Controls The Past

~ S-YCPYFOADL-B-YCPN ~ Sometimes – You Could Put Your Finger On A Definite Lie – But – You Could Prove Nothing

~ 6079SW ~ 6079 Smith W

~ WDAHTPOFITFL ~ We Don’t All Have The Privilege Of Fighting In The Front Line

~ MH ~ Memory Hole

~ DPU ~ DoublePlusUngood

~ UP ~ Unpersons

~ AHWAP-SCARI-EAOAWN ~ All History Was A Palimpsest – Scraped Clean And Re-Inscribed – Exactly As Often As Was Necessary

~ TEITCOTMOL ~ The Executions In The Cellars Of The Ministry Of Love


~ TPANHB ~ The Proles Are Not Human Beings

~ DS-TQLAD-ATAO-IIA-ATSYAW-IIP ~ Duckspeak – To Quack Like A Duck – Applied To An Opponent – It Is Abuse – Applied To Someone You Agree With – It Is Praise

~ TCTC ~ The Chestnut Tree Café

~ PSWNAAMOTTP-BT-IWPTASWWTGDOA ~ Probably She Was Not Actually A Member Of The Thought Police – But Then – It Was Precisely The Amateur Spy Who Was The Greatest Danger Of All

~ ITIH-ILITP-ITWH-IMLITP ~ If There Is Hope – It Lies In The Proles – If There Was Hope – It Must Lie In The Proles

~ WWITTCNSLTAATM? ~ Why Was It That They Could Never Shout Like That About Anything That Mattered?

~ HCYTHMOIWL ~ How Could You Tell How Much Of It Was Lies


~ JA&R ~ Jones, Aaronson And Rutherford

~ NOWHOFITHOTTPEEITE-TWCWTBSBTTG ~ No One Who Had Once Fallen Into The Hands Of The Thought Police Ever Escaped In The End – They Were Corpses Waiting To Be Sent Back To The Grave

~ TPTYTRTEOOEAE-IWT-F-ME-C ~ The Party Told You To Reject The Evidence Of Our Eyes And Ears – It Was Their – Final – Most Essential – Command



~ AO-AFTMAB-WAVS ~ Anything Old – And For That Matter Anything Beautiful – Was Always Vaguely Suspect

~ ILY ~ I Love You

~ J ~ Julia

~ AYWTC-ITOWTBS ~ Always Yell With The Crowd – It’s The Only Way To Be Safe

~ TGC-AL-IAD ~ The Golden Country – A Landscape – In A Dream

~ IYKTSRYCBTBO ~ If You Kept The Small Rules You Could Break The Big Ones

~ GT-NO-IOTABT ~ Goodthinkful – Naturally Orthodox – Incapable Of Thinking A Bad Thought

~ TFHBIEAEOTTP-IWADBMOWECBSNADBI ~ The Family Had Become In Effect An Extension Of The Thought Police – It Was A Device By Means Of Which Everyone Could Be Surrounded Night And Day By Informers

~ WATD ~ We Are The Dead

~ WNDY ~ We’re Not Dead Yet

~ IPC ~ Inner Party Coffee

~ IDLR-TA ~ I Don’t Like Rats – That’s All

~ THS ~ The Hate Song

~ IAOBWAA ~ It’s Always One Bloody War After Another

~ IAW-TWVOTPIIMSOPIOUI-BLOUTRS ~ In A Way – The World-View Of The Party Imposed Itself Most Successfully On People Incapable Of Understanding It – By Lack Of Understanding They Remained Sane

~ CFHC ~ Colonies For Homeless Children

~ TTAPOOC-B-EG ~ The Theory And Practice Of Oligarchical Collectivism – By – Emmanuel Goldstein

~ NIEIOETTP ~ Nothing Is Efficient In Oceania Except The Thought Police

~ IHLBRTTOSBFOIC ~ It Had Long Been Realised That The Only Secure Basis For Oligarchy Is Collectivism

~ CS-SS-AIBIATTOADT-IS-PS ~ Crimestop – Stopping Short – As If By Instinct – At The Threshold Of Any Dangerous Thought – In Short – Protective Stupidity

~ DT-TPOHTCBIOMS-AABOT ~ Doublethink – The Power Of Holding Two Contradictory Beliefs In One’s Mind Simultaneously – And Accepting Both Of Them

~ R101 ~ Room 101

~ IWETCEAIE ~ It Was Easier To Confess Everything And Implicate Everybody


~ CS ~ Collective Solipsism

~ IYWAPOTF-IABSOAHF-FE ~ If You Want A Picture Of The Future – Imagine A Boot Stamping On A Human Face – For Ever


~ ETSPWDOTCOHDTHCR ~ Even The Speck Of Whitish Dust On The Cover Of His Diary They Had Carefully Replaced


~ IYWTHAS-YMBATHIFY ~ If You Want To Hide A Secret – You Must Be Able To Hide It From Yourself

~ TDHT-TWF ~ To Die Hating Them – That Was Freedom

~ YMLBB-IINETOH-YMLH ~ You Must Love Big Brother – It Is Not Enough To Obey Him – You Must Love Him

~ DITJ-DITJ ~ Do It To Julia – Do It To Julia

~ 2 + 2 = 5 ~ 2 + 2 = 5


~ CDOCAIFR-CWIPTDSTCAIDS ~ Companies Depend On Customers And Investors For Resources – Companies With Investment Patterns That Don’t Satisfy Their Customers And Investors Don’t Survive

~ SMDSTGNOLC ~ Small Markets Don’t Solve The Growth Needs Of Large Companies

~ MTDECBA ~ Markets That Don’t Exist Can’t Be Analyzed

~ AOCDID ~ An Organization’s Capabilities Define Its Disabilities

~ FIAISTS ~ Failure Is An Intrinsic Step Toward Success

~ TVOAOTCBWDAPAM-AKMOGM-IF-IWSCACVHPTO ~ The Values Of An Organization Are The Criteria By Which Decisions About Priorities Are Made – A Key Metric Of Good Management – In Fact – Is Whether Such Clear And Consistent Values Have Permeated The Organization

~ HSCAVRDIMI ~ Huge Size Constitutes A Very Real Disability In Managing Innovation

~ ATPBWWHGDITOAFTNP? ~ Are The Processes By Which Work Habitually Gets Done In The Organization Appropriate For This New Problem?

~ TWODTATS-IIOTVATRDTUIMMTCTVINM ~ The Weaknesses Of Disruptive Technologies Are Their Strengths – It Is Often The Very Attribute That Render Disruptive Technologies Useless In Mainstream Markets That Constitute Their Value In New Markets

~ TFTWMSICADT-FAMWPCOADTFTDA ~ The Firms That Were Most Successful In Commercializing A Disruptive Technology – Find A Market Where Product Competition Occurred Along Dimensions That Favored The Disruptive Attributes


~ TGA ~ The Great Acceleration

~ TP-CC-A-PB ~ Tipping Points – Climate Chaos – And – Planetary Boundaries

~ EA ~ Environmental Apartheid

~ D:GHS ~ Destination: Global Human Solidarity

~ THIO-TAHB ~ The Holocene Is Over – The Anthropocene Has Begun

~ C ~ Capitalocene


~ TMOCL ~ The Myth Of Charismatic Leadership

~ WDNGP-WNLWBNTOEBTITR ~ We Don’t Need Giant Personalities – We Need Leaders Who Build Not Their Own Egos But The Institutions They Run

~ BOTITLTOALOIIDSS-I-AMLTHAIS ~ Because Of Their Inclination To Listen To Others And Lack Of Interest In Dominating Social Situations – Introverts – Are More Likely To Hear And Implement Suggestions

~ TNGT ~ The New Groupthink

~ WFTRTWMSTTARAIOTI-MNWAWITFTFPCANCOAOPO ~ We Failed To Realize That What Makes Sense To The Asynchronous, Relatively Anonymous Interactions Of The Internet – Might Not Work As Well Inside The Face-To-Face, Politically Charged, Acoustically Noisy Confines Of An Open-Plan Office

~ IOWYATYCEIDP-YITTOKTAJOOYR-STUYP-MYP-ARA-ITATTHODPTGTE ~ It’s Only When You’re Alone That You Can Engage In Deliberate Practice – You Identify The Tasks Or Knowledge That Are Just Out Of Your Reach – Strive To Upgrade Your Performance – Monitor Your Progress – And Revise Accordingly – It Takes Approximately Ten Thousand Hours Of Deliberate Practice To Gain True Expertise

~ ESSTIL ~ Excessive Stimulation Seems To Impeded Learning

~ GBDAW-PGWAGSI-TOETTIOB-AFOSAIO-WATTSOOCWBRITFTFW ~ Group Brainstorming Doesn’t Actually Work – Performance Gets Worse As Group Size Increases – The One Exception To This Is Online Brainstorming – A Form Of Solitude All Its Own – We Assume That The Success Of Online Collaborations Will Be Replicated In The Face-To-Face World

~ AATYOETCBGDWTRAPAE ~ After All These Years Of Evidence That Conventional Brainstorming Groups Don’t Work They Remain As Popular As Ever

~ PIBSUBTTGPMBTIAD ~ Participants In Brainstorming Session Usually Believe That Their Group Performed Much Better Than It Actually Did

~ GBMPFA-AWG-SLAWUTSGAOTCITPB ~ Group Brainstorming Makes People Feel Attached – A Worthy Goal – So Long As We Understand That Social Glue, As Opposed To Creativity, Is The Principal Benefit

~ GALMAS ~ Groups Are Like Mind-Altering Substances

~ QAMPDET ~ Quiet And Modest People Doing Extraordinary Things

~ WICTTMGD-EWDWTLTI-EWTSPA ~ When It Comes Time To Make Group Decisions – Extroverts Would Do Well To Listen To Introverts – Especially When They See Problems Ahead

~ IWNOTMHFTUTRTBWT-IWATTWDUWCI-IPBTHTWPS ~ It Was Not Only That Many Had Failed To Understand The Risks The Banks Were Taking – It Was Also That Those Who Did Understand Were Consistently Ignored – In Part Because They Had The Wrong Personality Style

~ I-TBTA-DIT-SOTL-GULE-AWMA ~ Introverts – Think Before They Act – Digest Information Thoroughly – Stay On Task Longer – Give Up Less Easily – And Work More Accurately

~ IGIOPIANNPP-TAACWTTLTOP-WLIFAD-BGPLITONNP ~ If Genius Is One Percent Inspiration And Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration – Then As A Culture We Tend To Lionize The One Percent – We Love Its Flash And Dazzle – But Greater Power Lies In The Other Ninety-Nine Percent

~ FTA:WEAOOCSOTT-IEFBOTROTT ~ Free Trait Agreement: We’ll Each Act Out Of Character Some Of The Time – In Exchange For Being Ourselves The Rest Of The Time