~ TGA ~ The Great Acceleration

~ TP-CC-A-PB ~ Tipping Points – Climate Chaos – And – Planetary Boundaries

~ EA ~ Environmental Apartheid

~ D:GHS ~ Destination: Global Human Solidarity

~ THIO-TAHB ~ The Holocene Is Over – The Anthropocene Has Begun

~ C ~ Capitalocene


~ TMOCL ~ The Myth Of Charismatic Leadership

~ WDNGP-WNLWBNTOEBTITR ~ We Don’t Need Giant Personalities – We Need Leaders Who Build Not Their Own Egos But The Institutions They Run

~ BOTITLTOALOIIDSS-I-AMLTHAIS ~ Because Of Their Inclination To Listen To Others And Lack Of Interest In Dominating Social Situations – Introverts – Are More Likely To Hear And Implement Suggestions

~ TNGT ~ The New Groupthink

~ WFTRTWMSTTARAIOTI-MNWAWITFTFPCANCOAOPO ~ We Failed To Realize That What Makes Sense To The Asynchronous, Relatively Anonymous Interactions Of The Internet – Might Not Work As Well Inside The Face-To-Face, Politically Charged, Acoustically Noisy Confines Of An Open-Plan Office

~ IOWYATYCEIDP-YITTOKTAJOOYR-STUYP-MYP-ARA-ITATTHODPTGTE ~ It’s Only When You’re Alone That You Can Engage In Deliberate Practice – You Identify The Tasks Or Knowledge That Are Just Out Of Your Reach – Strive To Upgrade Your Performance – Monitor Your Progress – And Revise Accordingly – It Takes Approximately Ten Thousand Hours Of Deliberate Practice To Gain True Expertise

~ ESSTIL ~ Excessive Stimulation Seems To Impeded Learning

~ GBDAW-PGWAGSI-TOETTIOB-AFOSAIO-WATTSOOCWBRITFTFW ~ Group Brainstorming Doesn’t Actually Work – Performance Gets Worse As Group Size Increases – The One Exception To This Is Online Brainstorming – A Form Of Solitude All Its Own –We Assume That The Success Of Online Collaborations Will Be Replicated In The Face-To-Face World

~ AATYOETCBGDWTRAPAE ~ After All These Years Of Evidence That Conventional Brainstorming Groups Don’t Work They Remain As Popular As Ever

~ PIBSUBTTGPMBTIAD ~ Participants In Brainstorming Session Usually Believe That Their Group Performed Much Better Than It Actually Did

~ GBMPFA-AWG-SLAWUTSGAOTCITPB ~ Group Brainstorming Makes People Feel Attached – A Worthy Goal – So Long As We Understand That Social Glue, As Opposed To Creativity, Is The Principal Benefit

~ GALMAS ~ Groups Are Like Mind-Altering Substances

~ QAMPDET ~ Quiet And Modest People Doing Extraordinary Things

~ WICTTMGD-EWDWTLTI-EWTSPA ~ When It Comes Time To Make Group Decisions – Extroverts Would Do Well To Listen To Introverts – Especially When They See Problems Ahead

~ IWNOTMHFTUTRTBWT-IWATTWDUWCI-IPBTHTWPS ~ It Was Not Only That Many Had Failed To Understand The Risks The Banks Were Taking – It Was Also That Those Who Did Understand Were Consistently Ignored – In Part Because They Had The Wrong Personality Style

~ I-TBTA-DIT-SOTL-GULE-AWMA ~ Introverts – Think Before They Act – Digest Information Thoroughly – Stay On Task Longer – Give Up Less Easily – And Work More Accurately

~ IGIOPIANNPP-TAACWTTLTOP-WLIFAD-BGPLITONNP ~ If Genius Is One Percent Inspiration And Ninety-Nine Percent Perspiration – Then As A Culture We Tend To Lionize The One Percent – We Love Its Flash And Dazzle – But Greater Power Lies In The Other Ninety-Nine Percent

~ FTA:WEAOOCSOTT-IEFBOTROTT ~ Free Trait Agreement: We’ll Each Act Out Of Character Some Of The Time – In Exchange For Being Ourselves The Rest Of The Time


~ P-ASCSTDTPYIS(OTNIA) ~ Problem – A Short, Concise Statement That Defines The Problem Your Idea Solves (Or The Need It Addresses)

~ C-AEOTCOTPON ~ Cause – An Explanation Of The Cause Of This Problem Or Need

~ A-YS(OA)-FTS~ Answer – Your Solution (Or Answer) – For The Situation

~ N-B-ASOWYAITBA-AOOC ~ Net – Benefits – A Summary Of Why Your Answer Is The Best Available – All Other Options Considered


~ WOO ~ Winning Others Over

~ ALBOESTCACBOTFOSI-RTA-IACAFFTCDI ~ A Large Body Of Evidence Suggests That Creating A Culture Built On The Foundation Of Selling Ideas – Rather Than Authority – Is A Competitive Advantage For Firms That Can Do It

~ SYITPWTCOOIR ~ Selling Your Ideas To People Within The Context Of Ongoing, Important Relationships

~ TBI-TMGSTSP-WIE-FIY-AT-IYUASATAOW-IO ~ The Best Ideas – Those Most Genuinely Suited To Solving Problems – Will Inspire Enthusiasm – First In You – And Then – If You Are Skilled At The Art Of Woo – In Others

~ DYIIAPC ~ Develop Your Idea Into A Polished Concept

~ AA-HYR ~ Above all – Honor Your Relationships

~ TNORIOOTMRSPNIHS-WTTDTFOPWDTFU ~ The Norm Of Reciprocity Is One Of The Most Robust Social Psychological Norms In Human Society – We Tend To Do Things For Other People Who Do Things For Us

~ PSISATWTTAP ~ People’s Self-Interest Strongly Affects The Way They Think About Proposals

~ ASAAMPWTSTGFAIALPWTSTL ~ Audiences See Arguments As More Persuasive When They Stand To Gain From An Idea And Less Persuasive When They Stand To Lose

~ CRE-SPTTMTSQ ~ Change Requires Effort – So People Tend To Maintain The Status Quo

~ WSCYTTATYIRAP? ~ What Steps Can You Take To Assure That Your Idea Remains A Priority?

~ RSI ~ Reaffirm Shared Interests

~ ROR ~ Rely On Relationships

~ CAIA ~ Create An Important Audience

~ BIA ~ Build In Accountability


~ WIOPCL? ~ What Is Our Perfect Customer Like?

~ WMOPCT? ~ What Makes Our Perfect Customer Tick?

~ WDWWOPCTEOU? ~ What Do We Want Our Perfect Customer To Expect Of Us?

~ WDWNTIAOBTAMPC? ~ What Do We Need To Improve About Our Business To Attract More Perfect Customers?


~ LAMOTEP-HFTI-AKOPFCET ~ Leading Active Members Of Today’s Economics Profession – Have Formed Themselves Into – A Kind Of Politburo For Correct Economic Thinking

~ AAGR-AOMGEFAGC-THPTOTWSOEIPI-ANJRBFD ~ As A General Rule – As One Might Generally Expect From A Gentleman’s Club – This Has Placed Them On The Wrong Side Of Every Important Policy Issue – And Not Just Recently But For Decades

~ TPDWNO-TDTPOETTH ~ They Predict Disaster Where None Occurs – They Deny The Possibility Of Events That Then Happen

~ TOTMBDASR-WOPI ~ They Oppose The Most Basic, Decent And Sensible Reforms – While Offering Placebos Instead

~ TAASWSU-LAR-AO ~ They Are Always Surprised When Something Untoward – Like A Recession – Actually Occurs

~ AWFTSTSPCBS-TDNRETI-TDNCTPOAFILOT-R-TSCTS ~ And When Finally They Sense That Some Position Cannot Be Sustained – They Do Not Re-Examine Their Ideas – They Do Not Consider The Possibility Of A Flaw In Logic Or Theory – Rather – They Simply Change The Subject

~ NOLF-ITC-FHBW-NOIDFPPALAM-ASLIAFTOII ~ No One Loses Face – In This Club – For Having Been Wrong – No One Is Dis-Invited From Presenting Papers At Later Annual Meetings – And Still Less Is Anyone From The Outside Invited In



~ TPTOACR-DPOLW-SSOC ~ The Primary Tool Of A Creative Recovery – Daily Pages Of Longhand Writing – Strictly Stream Of Consciousness

YWDYTV-P&M-AUTATWLYTALTITYO ~ You Will Discover Your True Values – Personal And Monetary – And Uncover The Actions That Will Lead You To A Life That Is Truly Your Own

~ TATBDFTITM-ATATBSTNO-TAP-TAP-TAI ~ They Are To Be Done First Thing In The Morning – And They Are To Be Shown To No One – They Are Private – They Are Personal – They Are Important

~ JKW ~ Just Keep Writing – There Is No Wrong Way To Do Morning Pages

~ ADAAT-APAAT ~ A Day At A Time – A Page At A Time

~ WEOL-STMOEOTAMAWOPVS ~ We Explore Our Lives – Seeking To Make Our Expenditures Of Time And Money Align With Our Personal Value System

~ ASPT-V-C-M-W ~ A Safe Place To – Vent – Celebrate – Mourn – Wish

~ AAFDIMTSGUT ~ Although At First Doing It May Take Some Getting Used To

~ GUHAHE-COAUWBTDB ~ Getting Up Half An Hour Earlier – Carving Out An Uninterrupted Window Before The Day Begins

~ MPQBASOPA ~ Morning Pages Quickly Become A Sort Of Positive Addiction


~ TBTOP-KAL-ASNWD-O-MI&MO~ The Bedrock Tool Of Prosperity – Keep A Ledger – A Small Notebook Will Do – Of – Money In And Money Out

~ NAOMITSOTLTBC ~ No Amount Of Money Is Too Small Or Too Large To Be Counted

~ MOOEPI-YWBJATHT ~ Many Of Our Elders Practiced It – You Will Be Joining A Time-Honored Tradition

~ CTYWYASATLOYTV-OWAN ~ Counting Tells You Whether You Are Spending Along The Lines Of Your True Values – Often We Are Not

~ O-OEAARTU ~ Often – Our Expenditures Are A Revelation To Us

~ WMFOLFAL-AWTSW’R’S ~ We May Find Ourselves Looking For A Loophole – A Way To Spend Without “Really” Spending


~ SD ~ Stop Debting

~ BPA-OLILABWAL ~ Before Practicing Abstinence – Our Life Is Like A Boat With A Leak

~ IHTFPWWAD ~ It’s Hard To Feel Prosperous When We Are Debting


~ WALTAW-FAMOTM ~ Walk At Least Twice A Week – For A Minimum Of Twenty Minutes

~ YWDWYWTMEFIAHP ~ You Will Discover When You Walk That Many Events Fall Into A Healthier Perspective

~ YMWOWAPAWBIWAS You May Walk Out With A Problem And Walk Back In With A Solution

~ WIAOTIYITP ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Immerse Yourself In The Present

~ WIAOTETBOTW ~ Walking Is An Opportunity To Enjoy The Beauty Of The World


~ OITMAOAN-TFMTSQ-YMUTTTCCYB-YMUTTTSR ~ Once In The Morning And Once At Night – Take Five Minutes To Sit Quietly – You May Use This Time To Consciously Count Your Blessings – You May Use This Time To Simply Rest

~ IOCTUIOTOTPTBEAG ~ Ideas Often Come To Us In Our Time-Outs That Prove To Be Efficient And Guided

~ ACF-SA&SA ~ A Chance For Self-Appraisal And Self-Approval

~ Y-YMYTTTP ~ Yes – You May Use This Time To Pray

~ TPITSWYADATAMTLTYT ~ The Point Is To Stop What You Are Doing And Take A Moment To Listen To Yourself Think