~ RBCBIP ~ Reading Books Can Be Intensely Pleasurable

~ RIOOTGHD ~ Reading Is One Of The Great Human Delights

~ RAW ~ Read At Whim

~ AINTLTBTNLAA-FR ~ And It’s Never Too Late To Begin This New Life As A – Free Reader

~ IYT-U-TSWYFACF-IS-YMDASOWTA-F-I-BA-Y-C-CIPWT-DI-UAN ~ If You Turn – Upstream – To See Where Your Favorite Authors Came From – Intellectually Speaking – You May Discover All Sorts Of Works That Are – Fascinating – Illuminating – But Also – Yes – Challenging – Challenging Is Precisely What The – Downstream Imitators – Usually Are Not

~ AMNATRFAABAGPO? ~ And Might Not All This Reverence For Ancient Authors Be A Great Put-On?

~ TW-WILB-MDSB-TA-AIARR-WCATOB ~ Those Who – Write In Library Books – May Do So Because – They Are – Admirably Irrepressible And Responsive Readers – Who Can’t Afford Their Own Books

~ R-ISTBA-TEWOM-N-AOTRTTEASO-M ~ Reading – Is Supposed To Be About – The Encounter With Other Minds – Not – An Opportunity To Return To The Endlessly Appealing Subject Of – Me

~ IIWTL-BIMBSMWTRABOBYDWT-R-CYEAMOTLOMOTP-IOTIPWOYSBDTA ~ It Is Wrong To Lie – But It May Be Still More Wrong To Read A Bunch Of Books You Don’t Want To – Read – Cast Your Eyes Across Most Of The Lines On Most Of The Pages – In Order To Impress People Whose Opinion You Shouldn’t Be Deferring To Anyhow

~ MBBMBTFYRT ~ Many Books Become More Boring The Faster You Read Them

~ MOUTTCOITMOTBAZ-BCTPO-M ~ Many Of Us Try To Console Ourselves In The Midst Of The Blooming And Buzzing – By Claiming The Powers Of – Multitasking

~ NOA-M-I-WSADTAGATOOAAGT ~ No One Actually – Multitasks – Instead – We Shift Among Different Tasks And Give Attention To Only One At Any Given Time

~ TATMRIASO-‘CPA’ ~ The Attempt To Multitask Results In A State Of – “continuous Partial Attention”

~ TWBTAA-SM-TTBWATTO ~ Those Who Believe They Are A – Skilled Multitasker – Tend To Be Worse At It Than Others

~ EAHI-IH-WTSKOTC-TT-POL ~ Every Era Has Its – Intellectual Hucksters – Willing To Sell Knowledge On The Cheap – To The – Panicky Or Lazy

~ N-NOPOLP-WOIFRTSWCIISCAC-TAIDI-TDK ~ No – Novel Or Play Or Long Poem – Will Offer Its Full Rewards To Someone Who Consumes It In Small Chunks And Crumbs – The Attention It Demands Is – The Deep Kind

~ E-GI-EAITPOB-CAC-OMBAFBTT-P-C-S ~ Every – Good Idea – Ever Achieved Is The Product Of Both – Connection And Contemplation – Of Moving Back And Forth Between The Two – Predecessors – Colleagues – Solitude

~ N-OU-AHAAW-BWCAFOAAAAETWOITF-MOTI ~ Nonreaders – Outnumber Us – Always Have And Always Will – But We Can Always Find One Another And Are Always Eager To Welcome Others Into The Fold – May Our Tribe Increase


~ DYR:WIDYE?-WDYWTH? ~ Define Your Roots: Which Ideas Drive You Emotionally? – Whom Do You Want To Help?

~ NYI:S-S-I-E ~ Name Your Ingredients: Skills – Strengths – Ideas – Experiences

~ CYWM:E-E-F ~ Choose Your Work Mode: Employee – Entrepreneur – Freelancer

~ CAI:WDYWTBTLATSOYC? ~ Create And Innovate: What Do You Want To Bring To Life At This Stage Of Your Career?

~ STF:D-U-M-YFAA ~ Surf The Fear: Define – Understand – Manage – Your Fears And Anxieties

~ FYT:P-M-C ~ Form You Team: Peers – Mentors – Collaborators

~ DWSMTY:S-R-M-G ~ Define What Success Means To You: Specific – Relevant – Meaningful – Goals

~ SYS:TIATTCACS ~ Sell Your Story: Tie It All Together To Create A Compelling Story


~ BOW-FTTTTYST ~ Body Of Work – Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ NOILOFYCA-YM-FM-LO-SY-A-PF-F/C/UD-YMDASOSTMYATEAIIAMWAP ~ No One Is Looking Out For Your Career Anymore – You Must – Find Meaning – Locate Opportunities – Sell Yourself – And – Plan For – Failure / Calamity / Unexpected Disasters – You Must Develop A Set Of Skills That Makes You Able To Earn An Income In As Many Ways As Possible

~ WYVYCTTLO-AO-ABOW-Y-KTDRTCYEWALE ~ When You View Our Career Through The Lens Of – An Over-Arching Body Of Work – You – Know The Deeper Roots That Connect Your Entire Work And Life Experience

~ Y-BOW-IEY-C-C-A-A-I ~ Your – Body Of Work – Is Everything You – Create – Contribute – Affect – And – Impact

~ I-WSTC-A-A-M-A-P-WHAPBOW ~ Individuals – Who Structure Their Careers – Around – Autonomy – Mastery – And – Purpose – Will Have A Powerful Body Of Work

~ SAWAYNEM-AYGTP-CCTYBDTSMCAJITW ~ Smiling And Waving At Your Neighbor Every Morning – As You Get The Paper – Can Contribute To Your Bigger Desire To See More Civility And Joy In The World

~ IAPTCTY-BOW-IYWIACIALC ~ It’s Also Possible To Contribute To Your – Body Of Work – If You Work In A Cubicle Inside A Larger Company

~ VYLAABOWINAS-TG-YWTFO-M-SD-CAM-TINORAFE ~ Viewing Your Life As A Body Of Work Is Not A Short-Term Game – You Want To Focus On – Meaning – Skill Development – Craft And Mastery – There Is No One Right Answer For Everyone

~ WY?-WUPOEDYBTTW? ~ Why You? – What Unique Perspective Or Experience Do You Bring To This Work?

~ IIWT-EIIFM? ~ Is It Worth Trying – Even If It Fails Miserably?

~ WMTIODR-T-P-B-C-TPTFFY-BOW-TKYSASWYFCIYCARYWIIITKMTA ~ We Must Tap Into Our Deepest Roots – The – Purpose – Beliefs – Convictions – That Provide The Foundation For Your – Body Of Work – They Keep You Strong And Stable When You Face Challenges In Your Career And Remind You Why It Is Important To Keep Moving Through Adversity

~ MINEOADTMITTTCT ~ Money Is Not Enough Of A Driver To Make It Through The Truly Challenging Times

~ UI-R-S-S-E-V-S ~ Your Ingredients – Roles – Skills – Strengths – Experience – Values – Scars

~ ITNWOW-AEWDCBBDIP ~ In The New World Of Work – Almost Everything We Do Can Be Broken Down Into Projects

~ TWOWINS-YCCOAOWMTDOCAFS ~ The World Of Work Is Not Stable – You Cannot Count On Any One Work Mode To Deliver Ongoing Creative And Financial Stability

~ ITNWOW-OATCAP-BOW-IWWDOOE ~ In The New World Of Work – Our Ability To Create A Powerful – Body Of Work – Is What Will Determine Our Ongoing Employability

~ YCWWTYS-AIOTTAS-YHTGIOOYHAITW ~ Your Creative Work Will Tell Your Story – And In Order To Tell A Story – You Have To Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The World

~ ETAOYC-A-E-M-T-A-P-A ~ Enjoy The Adventure Of Your Craft – An – Explosive – Messy – Terrifying – And – Passionate – Adventure

~ DAMM-S-Y-BOW-WBADOT-IVIDBYCTCIYSADYI ~ Develop A Mastery Mind-Set – Your – Body Of Work – Will Broaden And Deepen Over Time – Its Value Is Determined By Your Commitment To Continually Improve Your Skills And Deepen Your Ingredients

~ LP ~ Learn Patience

~ PTB ~ Practice The Basics

~ ATSOYM-GWIB-W-GM-B-P-WCAMAWTDAYCAWYD ~ Appreciate The Source Of Your Materials – Great Work Is Built – With – Great Materials – By – People – Who Care As Much About What They Do As You Care About What You Do

~ DE-OSIR-TTTTFOEWC-LTYS-LTYD ~ Deconstruct Everything – Often Success Is Random – Take The Time To Figure Out Exactly Which Conditions – Led To Your Success – Led To Your Downfall

~ SB-YMPYCWT ~ Set Boundaries – You Must Protect Your Creative Work Time

~ MYS-H-ROT-S-C-O-F-O-YPS-TIWR ~ Make You Space Holy – Regardless Of The – Size – Cost – Or – Fanciness – Of – Your Physical Space – Treat It With Reverence

~ CYV-DYI ~ Cultivate Your Voice – Develop Your Ideas

~ SYP-C-DTIP-A-DLIGTYH-KYFOHYP ~ Swallow Your Pride – Criticized – Don’t Take It Personally – Accolades – Don’t Let It Get To Your Head – Keep Your Focus On Honoring Your Profession

~ PTTB-ATA ~ Punch Through The Bag – Always Think Ahead

~ WL-DR-I ~ When Imitated – Don’t Retaliate – Innovate

~ TLAS-YMLTGCWPYWITWAEAFFAOP-S-CAWH-TI-OWC-AW-T-R-O-EC-UYAS ~ Think Like A Scientist – You Must Learn To Get Comfortable With Putting Your Work In The World And Evaluating All Feedback From An Objective Perspective – Specifically – Create A Working Hypothesis – Test It – Observe With Curiosity – Ask Why – Tweak – Retest – Observe – Et Cetera – Until You Are Satisfied

~ LFM ~ Look For Models

~ T-20X-R:YHTS-20T-MS-TYTIRON-TMTH ~ The – 20X – Rule – You Have To Sow – Twenty Times – More Seeds – Than You Think Is Realistic Or Necessary – To Make Things Happen

~ BY-BOW-IAM-TFI ~ Building Your – Body Of Work – Is A Marathon – Train For It

~ CWSU-TAOCIWSUF-WGOLM-A-IIWWPU-BOOPACPTG ~ Creating Will Save Us – The Act Of Creating Is What Sets Us Free – What Gives Our Life Meaning – And – It Is What Will Put Us – Back On Our Personal And Collective Path To Greatness

~ FII ~ Fear Is Inevitable

~ VAAAMOG ~ View Adversity As A Means Of Growth

~ DYF-YFSCIWYMTAD-STF-SDAPTEITRPOYB-WAYAO?-WAYAOI?-WDYNTKTRTF? ~ Diagnose Your Fear – Your Fear Shares Critical Information With You Multiple Times A Day – Surf The Fear – Slow Down And Process The Emotion In The Rational Part Of Your Brain – What Are You Afraid Of? – Why Are You Afraid Of It? – What Do You Need To Know To Reduce The Fear?

~ WTDWYADERANIH-IYCCTC-YNTCTWYTATC-EYIOWP ~ What To Do When You Are Doing Everything Right And Nothing Is Happening – If You Can’t Change The Circumstances – You Need To Change The Way You Think About The Circumstances – Expand Your Idea Of What’s Possible

~ IYADSFTATOQ-ANFI-TAAQ ~ If You Are Desperately Searching For The Answer To One Question – And Not Finding It – Try Asking Another Question

~ FOY-‘WS’~ Flip On Your – “Winner Switch”

~ TKTGGH-ITMTR-CAB ~ The Key To Getting Great Help – Is To Make The Request – Clear And Brief

~ AFH-A-LH-OACB-ITBTYCDFY-BOW ~ Asking For Help – And – Living Help – On A Consistent Basis – Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your – Body Of Work

~ S-EMLWIALI ~ Success – Enjoying My Life While I Am Living It

~ MYSUYOSF-CYA-EITADTYP ~ Measure Your Success Using Your Own Success Framework – Celebrate Your Accomplishments – Even If They Are Different Than Your Peers

~ TTCSFCS:TSYTY/TSYTO ~ The Two Critical Stories For Career Success: The Story You Tell Yourself / The Story You Tell Others

~ OYGACAESTTY-YNTWOTSTWRAIO ~ One You Get A Clear And Empowering Story To Tell Yourself – You Need To Work On The Story That Will Resonate And Influence Others

~ WFYA-UYOV ~ Write For Your Audience – Use Your Own Voice

~ UYSFG ~ Use Your Superpowers For Good

~ GBASYDOAML-AFO-T-R-T-B-TMYTPOYPOS ~ Go Back And Scrub Your Document Of Any Marketing Slime – And Focus On – The – Real – Tangible – Benefits – That Make You Truly Proud Of Your Product Or Service

~ FTTTTYST ~ Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ WAYR?-A-HDYWTRIYS? ~ What Are Your Roots – And – How Do You Want Them Reflected In Your Story?


~ SBYR-DP-B ~ Start Before You’re Ready – Don’t Prepare – Begin

~ TEIR-OCB-E-A-TSJ-AAMRWW-C/S/W ~ The Enemy Is Resistance – Our Chattering Brain – Excuses – Alibies – Transparent Self-Justifications – And A Million Reasons Why We – Can’t/Shouldn’t/Won’t

~ RCBR-WWTW-NPTW ~ Research Can Become Resistance – We Want To Work – Not Prepare To Work

~ SP-COATPL ~ Stay Primitive – Conception Occurs At The Primal Level

~ DYTBDY-S/NB/PE-TASP ~ Discipline Yourself To Boil Down Your – Story/New Business/Philanthropic Enterprise – To A Single Page

~ WCNER-IWNGA-BWCOI-AWCEATAAPAII ~ We Can Never Eliminate Resistance – It Will Never Go Away – But We Can Outsmart It – And We Can Enlist Allies That Are As Powerful As It Is

~ OTWCNNPOTD-ITTRL-TUIOTFTTIIA ~ One Thing We Can Never, Never Permit Ourselves To Do – Is To Take Resistance Lightly – To Underestimate It Or To FaIl To Take It Into Account

~ DWAQ-A-DR-MIE ~ Don’t Worry About Quality – Act – Don’t Reflect – Momentum Is Everything

~ GTFVOYPD-FATZ-AFAYC ~ Get The First Version Of Your Project Done – From A To Z – As Fast As You Can – Don’t Stop – Don’t Look Down – Don’t Think – Get Something Done – However Flawed Or Imperfect – You Are Not Allowed To Judge Yourself

~ ICATTOL-TLINR-INL-WMGTMBWGTE-FRT-P-PLAC ~ Ideas Come According To Their Own Logic – That Logic Is Not Rational – It’s Not Linear – We May Get The Middle Before We Get The End – Forget Rational Thought – Play – Play Like A Child

~ OJINTCOI;OJITFOWOII-AWTB-ATBIIB ~ Our Job Is Not To Control Our Idea; Our Job Is To Figure Out What Our Idea Is – and Wants To Be – And Then Bring It Into Being

~ WAIPIOHAWT-’N-TITC’-TTIWW ~ When An Idea Pops Into Our Head And We Think – “No – This Is Too Crazy” – That’s The Idea We Want

~ TOORIA ~ The Opposite Of Resistance Is Assistance

~ AWIPGIOEF-IOGF-CBYWAYA-TFAL-SEIIO ~ A Work In Progress Generates Its Own Energy Field – Its Own Gravitational Field – Created By Your Will And Your Attention – This Field Attracts Like-Spirited Entities Into Its Orbit

~ RPTQTEAAOU:’HBDYWI?’-’WDYWI?’ ~ Resistance Puts Two Questions To Each And All Of Us: “How Bad Do You Want It?” – “Why Do You Want It?”

~ OCFIFOS ~ Our Greatest Fear Is Fear Of Success

~ WWAS-TI-WWHBTOOS-DAS-S-WWAAIOCAETAHL-TWPS ~ When We Are Succeeding – That Is – When We Have Begun To Overcome Our Self-Doubt And Self-Sabotage – When We Are Advancing In Our Craft And Evolving To A Higher Level – That’s When Panic Strikes

~ WWEP-IMTWATCAT-WPOTDOAHP ~ When We Experience Panic – It Means That We’re About To Cross A Threshold – We’re Poised On The Doorstep Of A Higher Plane

~ BFITCPOAP-IWCF-AOWIFN ~ Because Finishing Is The Critical Part Of Any Project – If We Can’t Finish – All Our Work Is For Nothing

~ FTDIFFS-INHTFAA ~ From The Day I Finally Finished Something – I’ve Never Had Trouble Finishing Anything Again


~ DTGITFSOTJ-U-IATSUNT-TDTBE ~ Deciding To Go Is The First Step On The Journey – Unfortunately – It’s Also The Step Usually Not Taken – The Decision To Become Extraordinary

~ TVOAC-VO-GCBEGWACFTDTO-TATSOCAUTCCFFD ~ The Value Of A Crisis – Very Often – Great Companies Become Even Greater When A Crisis Forces The Decision To Go – There’s A Tremendous Sense Of Clarity And Urgency That Can Come From Facing Disaster

~ FTEOD ~ Forced To Expand Our Definition

~ TAMPOT-MEMOTPOT-WDATG ~ There Are Many People Out There – Maybe Even Most Of The People Out There – Who Don’t Aspire To Greatness

~ WGWWWTM ~ We Get What We Want The Most

~ ATTQ ~ Answer The Tough Questions

~ DWRWTDT-A-AWWTCHWDIUTN? ~ Do We Really Want To Do This – And – Are We Willing To Change How We’ve Done It Up To Now?

~ YCPTPSOACBOTLOROIM ~ You Can’t Predict The Probable Success Of A Company Based On The Look Or Sound Of Its Meetings

~ IDTAGOPTSYAFT-TITY-TWGTTM-WATEHI-WJKODWWBD-WANSOPOTW ~ It’s Demoralizing To Any Group Of People To Say Year After Year That – This Is The Year – That We Go To The Mountaintop – When All That Ever Happens Is – We Just Keep On Doing What We’ve Been Doing – With A New Set Of Posters On The Walls

~ BTB ~ Believe Then Become

~ WGYTWSKYT-MLTYTTNL ~ What Got You There Will Seldom Keep You There – Much Less Take You To The Next Level

~ CTV ~ Communicating The Vision

~ TQR ~ The Quiet Radical

~ SAWIMMPTAS ~ Sometimes A Whisper Is Much More Powerful Than A Shout

~ STTTT-SQLT-ATD-WRIMMPDTTSAOTSC ~ Sometimes Taking The Time To – Sit Quietly, Listen, Think – And Then Discuss – Will Result In Much More Powerful Decisions Than The Same Amount Of Time Spent Cheerleading

~ TQGIOWTMRDMTP ~ The Quiet Gathering Is Often Where The Most Radical Decision Making Takes Place

~ TAI-V-DI ~ Talking About It – Versus – Doing It

~ GIAD-IMBC ~ Greatness Is A Decision – It Must Be Chosen

~ CAA-WTLGOWUTW-IOTCTSFWWWN ~ Courage And Audacity – Willingness To Let Go Of What Used To Work – In Order To Clear The Space For What Will Work Next

~ COTS-CPFCWIMTOTO-MTPNTIP ~ Clear Out The Space – Creating Processes For Change Will Initially Mean Throwing Old Things Out – More Than Putting New Things In Place

~ OAGLCTGIM-EC-IEDC-TYPHMTC ~ Once A Gut Level Commitment To Go Is Made – Everything Changes – If Everything Doesn’t Change – Then You Probably Haven’t Made The Commitment

~ KWYA ~ Know Who You Are

~ WAY? ~ Who Are You?

~ DWYAMYIOWYWTB? ~ Does Who You Are Match Your Idea Of Who You Want To Be?

~ PWACF ~ People With A Common Focus

~ TPOP ~ The Power Of Purpose

~ BID ~ Boil It Down

~ VVP ~ Vision Versus Product

~ RWYA-IAGCATWICTDM ~ Remember Who You Are – It’s A Great Compass And Timesaver When It Comes To Decision Making

~ OTDRHASOP-HTPMSAGZWFWASDOAAK ~ Organizations That Don’t Really Have A Sense Of Purpose – Have To Pretty Much Start At Ground Zero When Faced With A Strategic Decision Of Almost Any Kind

~ D-T-D-BME-WYGTTWIAWYAA ~ Day-To-Day – Decisions Become Much Easier – When You’ve Given Thought To What’s Important And What You’re All About

~ SMYKWUTW ~ Success Means You Know What Used To Work

~ CIG-YGF ~ Change Is Good – You Go First

~ BCAN-WAHTAAW-BBCTCAYALSIANES-TN ~ Big Changes Aren’t New – We’ve Always Had Them And Always Will – But Big Changes That Come At You At Light Speed In A Never-Ending Stream – That’s New

~ IBACTEDWBYIA ~ It’s Become A Challenge To Even Define What Business You’re In Anymore

~ NCAEFE ~ New Competitors Are Everywhere For Everybody

~ PSITE-C ~ Past Success Is The Enemy – Complacency

~ DMAAWWWT-BOWWY-EITAO-PPS&O ~ Don’t Make Assumptions About What Will Work Tomorrow – Based On What Worked Yesterday – Especially In The Area Of – Processes, Procedures, Strategies, And Operations

~ LSLAHTIWWD-A-TALAWWDITFP ~ Let’s Stop Looking At How To Improve What We’re Doing – And – Take A Look At What We’re Doing In The First Place

~ CJFTSOCCBAMDTTGSIC ~ Changing Just For The Sake Of Changing Can Be A More Dangerous Trap Than Being Stuck In Complacency

~ SGTBS ~ Somebody’s Got To Buy Something

~ YCFYBAPYPADL-BIYNVGAI-OITNMFI-IWW ~ You Can Follow Your Bliss And Pursue Your Passion All Day Long – But If You’re Not Very Good At It – Or If There’s No Market For It – It Won’t Work

~ O-T-B-L-S ~ Outside-The-Box Lip-Service

~ TBRITNTO ~ The Biggest Risk Is To Never Take One

~ IYTCIS-TNC-NCITSSOAIAWOCC ~ If You Think Change Is Scary – Try Not Changing – Not Changing Is The Scariest Strategy Of All In A World Of Constant Change

~ AWOGOOYBITIPFATDBTCIAJY ~ Another Way Of Getting Out Of Your Box Is To Invite People From A Totally Different Box To Come In And Join You

~ IANLTPHTGRUFSBTH ~ It’s A Natural Law That People Have To Get Riled Up For Something Big To Happen

~ SUTBASWIFO ~ Shake Up The Box And See What Ideas Fall Out

~ SCANR-TVAOBSDTYC ~ Success Creates A New Reality – The Very Act Of Becoming Successful Demands That You Change

~ SCIAOTMFYEHATMAYEB ~ Sometimes Change Is At Once The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have And The Most Afraid You’ll Ever Be

~ TC-TFSITCITRTTMSYAAC ~ Transcending Commodity – The First Step In Transcending Commodity Is To Recognize That The Marketplace Sees You As A Commodity

~ YCAYWTSP ~ You Can’t Advertise Your Way To Superior Performance

~ DMPYCK ~ Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

~ BEF ~ Beyond Expected Factors

~ TAWYD-O-MA-WYD ~ Think About Where You Differentiate – Or – More Accurately – Where You Don’t

~ HDYTC?-YCACOO ~ How Do You Transcend Commodity? – You Create A Category Of One

~ GOTSL ~ Get On The Short List

~ FFF ~ Focus, Focus, Focus

~ TSTBSTB ~ The Simpler The Brand Statement The Better

~ TTR-KMATCTAE-GCTTCTAE-ECWTCBTAE ~ The Three Rules – Know More About The Customer Than Anyone Else – Get Closer To The Customer Than Anyone Else – Emotionally Connect With The Customer Better Than Anyone Else

~ ISWKM-YJIK ~ It Starts With Knowing More – Your Job Is Knowledge

~ TEC-TCASAECWCTOAAE-ECICOT-WASOA ~ The Emotional Connection – To Create And Sustain An Emotional Connection With Customers Takes Ongoing Attention And Effort – Emotional Connection Is Created OvertTime – With A Series Of Actions

~ YGTLAYBTWYCLAI ~ You’ve Got To Look At Your Business The Way Your Customer Looks At It


~ FYPCE ~ Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

~ E-TPWTTYLTDATTTYAGACT ~ Element – The Place Where The Things You Love To Do And The Things That You Are Good At Come Together

~ HWPOCAHWCATO-DLOWWEOO ~ How We Perceive Our Circumstances And How We Create And Take Opportunities – Depends Largely On What We Expect Of Ourselves

~ EIAAAYATAOTWIWYETW-ADWYOTSL-JDTTFG ~ Element Is All About Allowing Yourself Access To All Of The Ways In Which You Experience The World – And Discovering Where Your Own True Strengths Lie – Just Don’t Take Them For Granted

~ GCTAD-TACOVDSOPWDBCT ~ Great Creative Teams Are Diverse – They Are Composed Of Very Different Sorts Of People With Different But Complementary Talents

~ CTHADPACTGDSS ~ Creative Teams Have A Distinctive Personality And Come Together To Do Something Specific

~ G-SBTRIASWTFOOOTG-WMDODPTSCWOP ~ Groupthink – Since Breaking The Rules Is A Sure Way To Find Ourselves Out Of The Group – We May Deny Our Deepest Passions To Stay Connected With Our Peers

~ FTLOI ~ For The Love Of It

~ TBIYE-IINTDEEADIAD-ED-MPETLDOT-ATTCTASITLTDTTTL ~ To Be In Your Element – It Isn’t Necessary To Drop Everything Else And Do It All Day – Every Day – Many People Earn Their Living Doing One Thing – And Then Then Create Time And Space In Their Lives To Do The Thing They Love


~ CTOSI ~ Cooperation Triumphs Over Self-Interest

~ WNNB-RSTTGL-AGBTIHOTM-O-POTCHOF-TSTCW-IHOT-TSOL-ICTA-TP ~ We Need Not Be – Robotic Slaves To The Government’s Leviathan – Automations Guided By The Invisible Hand Of The Market – Or – Parts Of The Collectivist Hive Of Fascism – To Serve The Common Weal – In Honor Of Tux – The Symbol Of Linux – I’ll Call This Alternative – The Penguin

~ INTCCSDBTLNTIHOTFMCEGS-WSWT? ~ If Neither The Command-Control Systems Dictated By The Leviathan Nor The Invisible Hand Of The Free Market Can Effectively Govern Society – Where Shall We Turn?

~ EWBNTUQOTSS-A-WBTTOHBITOAMPR-TPAE ~ Economics Was By Now The Unquestioned Queen Of The Social Sciences – And – We Began To Think Of Human Behavior In Terms Of Almost Mechanical, Predictable, Responses – To Punishments And Incentives

~ PAIFMC-TMEAOPA-TIJT-DOFSHICS-OMSAETEIBO ~ People Are In Fact More Cooperative – Than Most Economists And Others Previously Assumed – This Isn’t Just Theory – Dozens Of Field Studies Have Identified Cooperative Systems – Often More Stable And Effective Than Equivalent Incentive-Based Ones

~ UCOCASTMUIE ~ Using Control Of Carrots And Sticks To Motivate Us Isn’t Effective

~ ORTTMOUSPITIINWW-OMS ~ One Reason That The Myth Of Universal Selfishness Persists Is That It Is Not Wholly Wrong – Only Mostly So

~ Y-SBAS-BFASAOTT-ASOUDNAOOSI ~ Yes – Some People Are Selfish – But Few Are Selfish All Of The Time – And Some Of Us Do Not Act Out Of Self-Interest

~ HBTTSONSETHUMSOOCACW ~ Human Beings Tend To Seek Out Neat, Simple Explanations To Help Us Make Sense Of Our Confusing And Complex World

~ ATGHNBEASTTITOUS-OWGITHOTOOAOBIAGW-WTTIATEWEACSIFWOPAA-BDSB-AEO ~ Almost Two Generations Have Now Been Educated And Socialized To Think In Terms Of Universal Selfishness – Once We Get In The Habit Of Thinking Of Ourselves And Our Behavior In A Given Way – We Tend To Interpret All The Evidence We Encounter And Collect So It Fits With Our Preconceptions And Assumptions – By Discarding Some Bits – And Emphasizing Others

~ WASB-WPSAB-WAEBJAM-INM-TWARB ~ We Are Social Beings – We Perform Selfless Acts Because – We Are Emotional Beings Just As Much – If Not More – Than We Are Rational Beings

~ ONADAFMCAVTTSDTMPAG-UR-TFHBLIOOP ~ Our Needs And Desires Are Far More Complex And Varied Than The Simple Desire To Maximize Pleasure And Gain – Until Recently – These Findings Have Been Largely Ignored Outside Of Psychology

~ F-OCFWIRAF-ODTBSFBOPASBTASG-AFBTGTRD ~ Finally – Our Concern For What Is Right And Fair – Our Desire To Be Seen Favorably By Our Peers And So Belong To A Social Group – Are Finally Beginning To Get Their Rightful Due

~ TPOCINSSUD-IIGISOTBWAMRRIBS ~ The Promise Of Cooperation Is Not Some Silly Utopian Dream – It Is Grounded In Some Of The Best Work And Most Rigorous Research In Behavioural Science

~ SORAP-STIASRFSITGABBSATEOTWC ~ Systems Of Reciprocity Aren’t Perfect – So There Is Always Some Room For Some Individuals To Get Ahead By Being Selfish At The Expense Of Those Who Cooperate

~ AWMADTA-WHTFITSWI-EEHGAT-TFE-PWMDDDOHASIP ~ Anytime We Make A Decision To Act – We Have To First Interpret The Situation We’re In – Even Economists Have Grudgingly Admitted This – The Framing Effect – People Will Make Different Decision Depending On How A Situation Is Presented

~ SCRASC ~ Social Capital, Reputation, And Social Contagion

~ SRHTOC ~ Social Relations Have Their Own Currency

~ MESTOBIASIGIBTBWOIPAU-EIWCUOTI ~ Much Evidence Suggests That Our Behavior In Any Situation Is Greatly Influenced By The Behavior We’ve Observed In People Around Us – Even If We’re Completely Unaware Of That Influence

~ WSTBWTNO-FPAADAPASI ~ We Seem To Be Wired To Need Others – Few Punishments Are As Debilitating And Painful As Social Isolation

~ WASBNLTWAI-STLUBBWBTSTSUAJOOTO ~ We Are Social Beings No Less Than We Are Individuals – Systems That Let Us Be Both Work Better Than Systems That See Us As Just One Or The Other

~ E-NM-WWOOPDS-TNIOBFIATESPAWWADTSAO-OBMNOPOMM-BPEAW ~ Empathy – Neuron Mirroring – When We Observe Other People Doing Something – The Neurons In Our Brains Fire In Almost The Exact Same Patterns As When We Are Doing Those Same Acts Ourselves – Our Brains Mirror Not Only Pain Or Motor Movements – But Pure Emotions As Well

~ WVQAS-SPIG-‘LU’&‘NLU’~ We Very Quickly And Subconsciously Sort People Into Groups – “Like Us” and “Not Like Us”

~ IMC-TSATCACWO-IE-TGPTATFACG-WTGMB ~ In Many Cases – The Simple Ability To Communicate And Coordinate With Others – Is Enough – To Get People To Act Together For A Common Goal – Whatever That Goal Might Be

~ TIETSTWCEMATPTTAOOAS ~ There Is Evidence To Suggest That We Care Even More About The Process Than The Actual Outcome Of A Situation

~ ODFF-AIIUIACC-IACCOHMAB-IIIOSIEOS-WHABNODTBTF-ATBPISTTUF ~ Our Desire For Fairness – As It Is Understood In A Cultural Context – Is A Critical Component Of Human Motivation And Behavior – It Is Independent Of Self-Interest, Empathy Or Solidarity – We Have A Basic Need Or Desire To Be Treated Fairly – And To Be Participants In Systems That Treat Us Fairly

~ IWWTBASTMPTWW-OCE-INETOTSRAI-WANTTAHFTSI ~ If We Want To Build A System That Motivates People To Work Well – Or Cooperate Effectively – It’s Not Enough To Offer Them Simple Rewards And Incentives – We Also Need To Think About How Fair The System Is

~ FI-APIPOMSWW-A-FMPFWACWT ~ Fairness Is – A Practical, Integral Part Of Making Systems Work Well – And – Of Making People Function Well And Cooperatively Within Them

~ PAAQGASUEASRFA-TASOMAUAECN ~ People Are Actually Quite Good At Setting Up, Enforcing, And Self-Regulating Fair Arrangements – Through A Set Of Mutually Agreed Upon And Enforced Community Norms

~ NPOV ~ Neutral Point Of View

~ TIEETST-WICTC-PMP-TBBAECS-WITBLOCTS ~ There Is Enough Evidence To Suspect That – When It Comes To Cooperation – Practice Makes Perfect – That By Building And Engaging Cooperative Systems – We Increase The Baseline Level Of Cooperation Throughout Society

~ TSOFAOSSBENE ~ The Success Of Free And Open-Source Software Baffles Economist No End

~ COEOW-TOOMR-E-CWAPEAAI-O-IWAPSOAAC ~ Crowding-Out Effects Occur When – The Offer Of Material Rewards – Either – Clash With A Person’s Expectation About An Interaction – Or – Interferes With A Person’s Sense Of Autonomy And Control

~ AM-AROAP-CARTTPOOM-ASUOTPOC ~ Adding Money – As Reward Or As Punishment – Can Actually Redirect The Total Pull Of Our Motivations – And Steer Us Off The Path Of Cooperation

~ NIMIIACSTCATP-WPAATC-TA-ME-MT-A-CRSMRTWTCTTOA ~ Nothing Is More Important In A Cooperative System Than Communication Among The Participants – When People Are Able To Communicate – They Are – More Empathetic – More Trusting – And – Can Reach Solutions More Readily Than When They Cannot Talk To One Another

~ VANAA-FINSYATATPDAHTIEOIOPHBM-FIITEHC-FSAPS ~ Values Are Not An Afterthought – Fairness Is Not Something You Attend To After The Practical Decisions About How To Improve Efficiency Or Innovation Or Productivity Have Been Made – Fairness Is Integral To Effective Human Cooperation – Fair Systems Are Productive Systems

~ CHU-LTR-BDAI ~ Cooperation Hinges Upon – Long-Term Reciprocity – Both Direct And Indirect

~ STHODMANJMPBAMCWHE ~ Systems That Harness Our Diverse Motivations Are Not Just More Productive But Also More Consistent With Human Experience