~ ATCIT-FTD-FTS-IHOR ~ All That Counts Is That – For This Day – For This Session – I Have Overcome Resistance

~ INTWPTH-WHISDTW-WKUFSDIR ~ It’s Not The Writing Part That’s Hard – What’s Hard Is Sitting Down To Write – What Keeps Us From Sitting Down Is Resistance

~ MOUHTL-TLWL-ATULWU-BTTSR ~ Most Of Us Have Two Lives – The Life We Live – And The Unlived Life Within Us – Between The Two Stands Resistance

~ AY-AWWDW-APWDP-AEWNSAV-?-TYKWRI ~ Are You – A Writer Who Doesn’t Write – A Painter Who Doesn’t Paint – An Entrepreneur Who Never Starts A Venture – ? – Then You Know What Resistance Is

~ RINAPO-RAFW-IISGASP ~ Resistance Is Not A Peripheral Opponent – Resistance Arises From Within – It Is Self-Generated And Self-Perpetuated

~ RIP-IWAAF ~ Resistance Is Protean – It Will Assume Any Form

~ TDIGWTFLIIS ~ The Danger Is Greatest When The Finish Line Is In Sight

~ TBAOTTOACDFAITSAAEAAI ~ The Best And Only Thing That One Artist Can Do For Another Is To Serve As An Example And An Inspiration

~ PITMCMORBITETR ~ Procrastination Is The Most Common Manifestation Of Resistance Because It’s The Easiest To Rationalize

~ CSOIOLIASOR-NGADTD ~ Creating Soap Operas In Our Lives Is A Symptom Of Resistance – Nobody Gets A Damn Thing Done

~ TTFIIFOTTEO-SM-WTWWNGT ~ The Truly Free Individual Is Free Only To The Extent Of – Self-Mastery – While Those Who Will Not Govern Themselves Are Condemned To Find Masters To Govern Over Them

~ IYFYCOP-YPDIOOR-IWARITOLANCO-IFSAAIITOE ~ If You Find Yourself Criticizing Other People – You’re Probably Doing It Out Of Resistance – Individuals Who Are Realized In Their Own Lives Almost Never Criticize Others – If They Speak At All, It Is To Offer Encouragement

~ GFAASOR-TTSOTA ~ Grandiose Fantasies Are A Symptom Of Resistance – They’re The Sign Of The Amateur

~ TPLTREDCATTIFWII-TSC ~ The Professional Learns To Recognize Envy-Driven Criticism And To Take It For What It Is – The Supreme Compliment

~ TMITAAITW ~ The Most Important Thing About Art Is To Work


~ WTCTW ~ Writing To Change The World

~ WMYLCAOYH? ~ What Makes You Laugh, Cry, And Open Your Heart?

~ WPDYRMTTYL? ~ What Points Do You Repeatedly Make To Those You Love?

~ WTKYUATOHYFA? ~ What Topics Keep You Up At Night, Or Help You Fall Asleep?

~ WYYKTBT? ~ What Do You Know To Be True?

~ WDYCTBE? ~ What Do You Consider To Be Evil?

~ WIBTY? ~ What Is Beautiful To You?

~ WDYMRIO? ~ What Do You Most Respect In Others?

~ WEYC? ~ What Excites Your Curiosity?

~ IYWTROTW-WWYDF? ~ If You Were The Ruler Of The World – What Would You Do First?

~ WDYQRBYD? ~ What Do You Want To Accomplish Before You Die?


~ DTP-TMAYDTPTB ~ Define The Problem – The More Accurately You Define The Problem, The Better

~ RR-TMPYFTQARTRMDAOTB ~ Research Relentlessly – The More Precisely You Frame The Question And Research The Relevant Models, Data, And Options, The Better

~ LIC-YMTTUPOYMTOIP-TFPCAPSTTP ~ Let It Cook – You Must Trust The Unconscious Part Of Your Mind To Do Its Part – To Find Patterns, Combinations, And Possible Solutions To The Problem

~ CTIAIFB-BTGIWSTCAOM ~ Catch The Idea As It Flies By – Because The Good Ideas Will Start To Come At Odd Moments

~ S&P-TTRM-TIOIYH-AI-SIWO-GF ~ Shape And Polish – Take The Raw Material – Turn It Over In Your Head – Adapt It – Share It With Others – Get Feedback


~ IAVYTE&IYNPA ~ Identify And Value Your True Expertise And Inventory Your Negotiable Personal Assets

~ IPSYHDITPTHNOABIVAITAB(OASTOB) ~ Identify Performance Skills You Have Demonstrated In The Past That Have Not Only Abstract, But Intrinsic, Value And Importance To A Business (Or A Specific Type Of Business)

~ IWYHA-TPWNOR-BADTLAUTGTSBFTB ~ Identify What You Have Accomplished – That People Would Not Only Respect – But Also Desire To Learn And Utilize To Gain The Same Benefits For Their Businesses


~ PTB ~ Poke The Box

~ YT ~ Your Turn

~ TIAASAIALTTTHEBB ~ The Intermediaries And Agenda Setters And Investors Are Less Important Than They Have Ever Been Before

~ TCIGITHOS ~ The Challenge Is Getting Into The Habit Of Starting

~ HNITNAM-IYBETDO-PWF ~ Human Nature Is To Need A Map – If You’re Brave Enough To Draw One – People Will Follow

~ WDICF-NTI-BTS ~ Where Does Innovation Come From? – Not The Ideas – But The Starting

~ SINAGAN ~ Soon Is Not As Good As Now

~ RIABWBTTAF ~ Risk Is Avoided Because We’ve Been Trained To Avoid Failure

~ TMYD:TMYF ~ The More You Do – The More You Fail

~ IS:SU ~ In Short: Show Up

~ LFTF-TAATSOYD ~ Look For The Fear – That’s Almost Always The Source Of Your Doubt

~ RTTOP-PY ~ Reject The Tyranny Of Picked – Pick Yourself

~ WHLCBTMBQAS-RCAN ~ We Have Little Choice But To Move Beyond Quality And Seek – Remarkable, Connected, And New

~ IIS-HV ~ Initiative Is Scarce – Hence Valuable

~ TAMPINTAG-TTAMPIDNTTAG-PTIS~ Twice As Much Polishing Is Not Twice As Good – Ten Times As Much Polishing Is Definitely Not Ten Times As Good – Polishing Turns Into Stalling

~ P-BBSAI ~ Poke – But Be Smart About It

~ PSWFAP-WRTWDM-NTWFT~ Please Stop Waiting For A Map – We Reward Those Who Draw Maps – Not Those Who Follow Them

~ SOL-MITTIDRWMBTGUITSTABR ~ Sooner Or Later – Many Idealists Transform Themselves Into Disheartened Realists Who Mistakenly Believe That Giving Up Is The Same Thing As Being Realistic

~ NOTWWC ~ None Of This Works Without Curiosity

~ WAWBHTFAM-ITMCWAG ~ We All Would Be Happy To Follow A Map – If The Map Came With A Guarantee

~ TOLIPYCI-CINATF ~ The Opportunity Lies In Pursuing Your Curiosity Instead – Curiosity Is Not Allergic To Failure

~ TJOW ~ The Joy Of Wrong

~ CLMADTAOOO-TDLM ~ Computers Like Matches And Decision Trees And On Or Off – They Don’t Like Maybe

~ F-LR-LC-WTFOJHSAIAGYAA ~ Find – Low-Risk – Low-Cost – Ways To Find Out Just How Smart And Intuitive And Generous You Actually Are

~ SI(D)F ~ Start Implies (Demands) Finishing

~ TPWFTMUW ~ The Person Who Fails The Most Usually Wins

~ TGCASOFIFTGTRTSIOTASG ~ The Greatest Challenge Any Successful Organization Faces Is Finding The Guts To Risk That Success In Order To Accomplish Something Great

~ KSUYF ~ Keep Starting Until You Finish

~ TMIOWN ~ The Market Is Obsessed With Novelty

~ BTOWST ~ Be The One Who Starts Things

~ IETFSILWTIOSTWNAS ~ It’s Easy To Fall So In Love With The Idea Of Starting That We Never Actually Start

~ IYNMAD-IACBYA ~ If You’re Not Making A Difference – It’s Almost Certainly Because You’re Afraid

~ IDHTA ~ It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

~ SAAWOL ~ Starting As A Way Of Life

~ IYGTBANKTPAEYTITADTND-YWUWAL ~ If You Go To Bed At Night Knowing That People Are Expecting You To Initiate Things All Day The Next Day – You’ll Wake Up With A List

~ MAWDSTMI ~ Might As Well Do Something That Matters Instead


~ BA-OTM-OO-OWYA ~ Be Aware – Of The Market – Of Opportunities – Of Who You Are

~ BE-SYCUWIAY ~ Be Educated – So You Can Understand What Is Around You

~ BC-SYCBTAYE ~ Be Connected – So You Can Be Trusted As You Engage

~ BC-STSKWTE ~ Be Consistent – So The System Knows What To Expect

~ BAA-SYHSTS ~ Build An Asset – So You Have Something To Sell

~ BP-SYCBWP ~ Be Productive – So You Can Be Well-Priced

~ HTGATHATPTS ~ Have The Guts And The Heart And The Passion To Ship


~ MOOWIMOIIFPLF-NPWWRBPWWC ~ Most Of Our World Is Made Of Innovations Inherited From People Long Forgotten – Not People Who Were Rare But People Who Were Common

~ CINE-EIIRSA-CIH-IIAOU-IIE ~ Creating Is Not Extraordinary – Even If Its Results Sometimes Are – Creation Is Human – It Is All Of Us – It Is Everybody

~ ORATGATNTCFAFSBAFW-TMCFMSBMP ~ Our Creations Are Too Great And Too Numerous To Come From A Few Steps By A Few People – They Must Come From Many Steps By Many People

~ III-ASOSACC-SCODTNWOOAWCTB ~ Invention Is Incremental – A Series Of Slight And Constant Changes – Some Changes Open Doors To New Worlds Of Opportunity And We Call Them Breakthroughs

~ ED-EHLIMPBTSOAPHC ~ Every Day – Each Human Life Is Made Possible By The Sum Of All Previous Human Creations

~ CIAOA-CIEO ~ Creation Is An Ordinary Act – Creation Its Extraordinary Outcome

~ WITSOC-TANS-TCITW-IITEATH ~ Work Is The Soul Of Creation – There Are No Secrets – To Create Is To Work – It Is That Easy And That Hard

~ WTMG-WHAC-IWCCWGOE-TTOTSUFCIU ~ With The Myth Gone – We Have A Choice – If We Can Create Without Genius Or Epiphany – Then The Only Thing Stopping Us From Creating Is Us

~ SINN-ATINITB-ICINTOWB ~ Special Is Not Necessary – All That Is Necessary Is To Begin – I Can’t Is Not True Once We Begin

~ TOBDITOWDNW ~ The Only Bad Draft Is The One We Do Not Write

~ TILW ~ Thinking Is Like Walking

~ OIONO ~ Old Ideas Obstruct New Ones

~ MDNL-OEAI-NSSOP-SPALUTC ~ Minds Do Not Leap – Observation, Evaluation, And Iteration – Not Sudden Shifts Of Perception – Solve Problems And Lead Us To Creation

~ ‘WDIW?-DUWIS-TFCITAI ~ “Why Doesn’t It Work?” – Deceives Us With Its Simplicity – The First Challenge Is To Ask It

~ WIIMPTWIG ~ Working Individually Is More Productive Than Working In Groups

~ PDAGSI ~ Productivity Decreases As Group Size Increases

~ TBWTCITWAAESATO-TWWTCITWILGADC ~ The Best Way To Create Is To Work Alone And Evaluate Solutions As They Occur – The Worst Way To Create Is To Work In Large Groups And Defer Criticism

~ BFBIIAEROOT-ALANS-ADOIUATHIITSAC ~ Brainstorming Fails Because It Is An Explicit Rejection Of Ordinary Thinking – All Leaps And No Steps – And Because Of Its Unstated Assumption That Having Ideas Is The Same As Creating

~ HIINTSTABC-CIE-NI ~ Having Ideas Is Not The Same Thing As Being Creative – Creation Is Execution – Not Inspiration

~ CINAMOIBALOE ~ Creation Is Not A Moment Of Inspiration But A Lifetime Of Endurance

~ TDOTWAFOTB-US-POI-IPI-NWHFH-AP-PM ~ The Drawers Of The World Are Full Of Things Begun – Unfinished Sketches – Pieces Of Invention – Incomplete Product Ideas – Notebooks With Half-Formulated Hypotheses – Abandoned Patents – Partial Manuscripts

~ CIMMTA-IIEMALN-LHDWTWLFOBDOE-APWP-TMBRDFY ~ Creating Is More Monotony Than Adventure – It Is Early Mornings And Late Nights – Long Hours Doing Work That Will Likely Fail Or Be Deleted Or Erased – A Process Without Progress – That Must Be Repeated Daily For Years

~ TMITCDIW-TMITTDDIQ ~ The Most Important Thing Creators Do Is Work – The Most Important Thing They Don’t Do Is Quit

~ TITRMOC ~ Time Is The Raw Material Of Creation

~ WATMAMOCAATRIW ~ Wipe Away The Magic And Myth Of Creating And All That Remains Is Work

~ NMWYR-NMWTC-NACSNATTOTWOC ~ No Matter What You Read – No Matter What They Claim – Nearly All Creators Spend Nearly All Their Time On The Work Of Creation

~ SBTSHOWWE ~ Semmelweis Believed That Saving Hundreds Of Women Was Enough

~ U-AWLYITFTTHIELYOWS-WTEWYIIR ~ Unfortunately – Anyone Who Loves Your Idea The First Time They Hear It Either Loves You Or Wants Something – What To Expect When You’re Inventing Is Rejection

~ DODASTST-ETWSWWC-WTTRI ~ Decades Of Data All Show The Same Thing – Even Though We Say We Want Creation – We Tend To Reject It

~ WNLLWNA-WWRDHTL ~ We Need Love Like We Need Air – We Would Rather Die Hungry Than Lonely

~ FIAKORBDIP ~ Failure Is A Kind Of Rejection Best Done In Private

~ TGCATOGC-TLATWEMDTOPWATTIAMES-TRMOWTMEIPOIW ~ The Greatest Creators Are Their Own Greatest Critics – They Look At Their Work Even More Deeply Than Other People Will And They Test It Against More Exacting Standards – They Reject Most Of What They Make Either In Part Or In Whole

~ TWIAITRY-DNGIMRTN ~ The World Is Already Inclined To Reject You – Do Not Give It More Reasons Than Necessary

~ NHAFIPTYCHIP-PFAFCALP ~ Never Have A Failure In Public That You Could Have In Private – Private Failures Are Faster, Cheaper, And Less Painful

~ GCKTTBSFIOASB-TSAAA ~ Great Creators Know That The Best Step Forward Is Often A Step Back – To Scrutinize, Analyze, And Assess

~ WICTWSH?-BTWDNWTC ~ Why Is Changing The World So Hard? – Because The World Does Not Want To Change

~ WWCWHM-WCWWS ~ When We Change What Has Meaning – We Change What We See

~ WYCCYM-YCCA ~ When You Can Change Your Mind – You Can Change Anything

~ ALOMHWNPISFDMIWOPBW ~ A Lot Of Men Have Won Nobel Prizes In Science For Discoveries Made In Whole Or Part By Women

~ WDNSFBOG-WSFBOG ~ We Do Not See Further Because Of Giants – We See Further Because Of Generations

~ ASTSBCMNLWCC ~ A Species That Survives By Creating Must Not Limit Who Can Create

~ WWWTDIBTWWMD ~ Work We Want To Do Is Better Than Work We Must Do

~ YWHGDALGD-BTOBWYCDI-TWYDND ~ You Will Have Good Days And Less Good Days – But The Only Bad Work You Can Do Is – The Work You Do Not Do

~ IWDNCOD-TWPUAN ~ If We Do Not Chase Our Dreams – They Will Pursue Us As Nightmares

~ TOTWDBWB-IFTB ~ The Only Thing We Do Before We Begin – Is Fail To Begin

~ TSITAON-WMFFAF ~ To Succeed In The Art Of New – We Must Fail Freely And Frequently

~ IIWRWAOFAR ~ Innovation Is Whatever Remains When All Our Failures Are Removed

~ ASIHMGITBKOTFC ~ A Small, Isolated, Highly Motivated Group Is The Best Kind Of Team For Creation

~ ISPDNNTSAHSTA ~ Intellectually Secure People Do Not Need To Show Anyone How Smart They Are

~ TTIOAAU-ASATPWTI ~ The Truth Is Often Awkward And Unwelcome – And So Are The People Who Tell It

~ SOTCCWCFPWIT ~ Some Of The Greatest Creative Work Comes From People Working In Twos

~ ATBA-CTBA ~ Adults Think Before Acting – Children Think By Acting

~ ETHBTOMPHM ~ Everything That Happens Between Two Or More People Has Meaning

~ IGI-ODAMLTBBOURACATOPR ~ In Group Interactions – Our Decisions Are More Likely To Be Based On Unwritten Rules And Cultural Assumptions Than On Pure Reason

~ CID-NS ~ Creation Is Doing – Not Saying

~ TMCOPROD-TLCOPROS-TMCOWITM ~ The Most Creative Organizations Prioritize Rituals Of Doing – The Least Creative Organizations Prioritize Rituals Of Saying – The Most Common Of Which Is The Meeting

~ BTRAMTHTWYPSYFRTEPACYTMUO ~ Being Too Rigid About Making Things Happen The Way You Planned Stops You From Reacting To Emerging Problems And Causes You To Miss Unexpected Opportunities

~ OAACBCAC ~ Organizations Are A Competition Between Compliance And Creation

~ IIETLFFITSTTWITK ~ It Is Easier To Look For Flies In The Soup Than To Work In The Kitchen

~ NODAA-ETGIBOTWOT-CIC ~ No One Does Anything Alone – Even The Greatest Inventors Build On The Work Of Thousands – Creation Is Contribution