~ TMOYII-TLGAOPWBATGY ~ The More Original Your Ideas Is – The Less Good Advice Other People Will Be Able To Give You

~ YDKIYIIAGTMIC-NDAE-TMYCHFIASGFTII ~ You Don’t Know If Your Idea Is Any Good The Moment Its Created – Neither Does Anyone Else – The Most You Can Hope For Is A Strong Gut Feeling That It Is

~ ABIWCY ~ A Big Idea Will Change You

~ YFMLY-B-TMNWYTC ~ Your Friends May Love You – But – They May Not Want You To Change

~ GIATPBIR-TIWGIAAIR ~ Good Ideas Alter The Power Balance In Relationships – That Is Why Good Ideas Are Always Initially Resisted

~ TIDHTB-B-IJHTB-Y ~ The Idea Doesn’t Have To Be – Big – It Just Has To Be – Yours

~ TSYHOYWWIFMPTTACEW ~ The Sovereignty You Have Over Your Work Will Inspire Far More People Than The Actual Content Ever Will

~ TMTIIYA-TMFYHTDSRA ~ The More The Idea Is Yours Alone – The More Freedom You Have To Do Something Really Amazing

~ PTHI ~ Put The Hours In

~ TWIFO-HT-NS-F-M ~ The World Is Full Of – Highly Talented – Network-Savy – Failed – Mediocrities

~ FTEHOTITDTBTNE-A-MIP-PTHI-DIFLE-A-M-L-T-T-H-E ~ Find That Extra Hour Or Two In The Day That Belongs To Nobody Else – And – Make It Productive – Put The Hours In – Do It For Long Enough – And – Magical – Life-Transforming – Things – Happen – Eventually

~ TBTI-TM-‘OT’-IIWSTOP-EPYLAR-STBATITBWYHT-PO-A-WOTTSYPN ~ The Better The Idea – The More – “Out There” – It Initially Will Seem To Other People – Even People You Like And Respect – So There’ll Be A Time In The Beginning When You Have To – Press On – Alone – Without One Tenth The Support You Probably Need

~ IY-BP-DOSB-“D”-B-SBS-YPWPF ~ If Your – Business Plan – Depends On Suddenly Being – “Discovered” – By – Some Big Shot – Your Plan Will Probably Fail

~ NCTYIWYDI-G-M-O-W-TMCTP-TMLII ~ Nobody Can Tell You If What You’re Doing Is – Good – Meaningful – Or – Worthwhile – The More Compelling The Path – The More Lonely It Is

~ TS&CT-TCPBHTKOJ-OI-T-S-C-K-SI-TKTPTB-S-TTAHCBB-BNO ~ The Sex & Cash Theory – The Creative Person Basically Has Two Kinds Of Jobs – One Is – The – Sexy – Creative – Kind – Second Is – The Kind That Pays The Bills – Sometimes – The Task At Hand Covers Both Bases – But Not Often

~ YPFGYWOTHTBAOATAW ~ Your Plan For Getting Your Work Out There Has To Be As Original As The Actual Work

~ AEBMAW-FANO ~ All Existing Business Models Are Wrong – Find A New One

~ EIYDEUPIO-YL-M-I-M-V-T-INDI-WYKFWYHTO-THFMTAF ~ Even If You Don’t End Up Pulling It Off – You’ll Learn – Many – Incredible – Magical – Valuable – Things – It’s Not Doing It – When You Know Full Well You Had The Opportunity – That Hurts Far More Than Any Failure

~ TMYPYC-TLYCWRWSR-A-VV-EIYPNMAMOFYC-TSWAT ~ The More You Practice Your Craft – The Less You Confuse Worldly Rewards With Spiritual Rewards – And – Vice Versa – Even If Your Path Never Makes Any Money Or Furthers Your Career – That’s Still Worth A Ton

~ MCBB-PC ~ Merit Can Be Bought – Passion Can’t

~ EMGSIAIGW ~ Every Medium’s Greatest Strength Is Also Its Greatest Weakness

~ IHTSOINHBI ~ It’s Hard To Sell Out If Nobody Has Bought In

~ NC-DIFY ~ Nobody Cares – Do It For Yourself

~ YHTFYOS ~ You Have To Find Your Own Shtick

~ TBWTGAINTNI ~ The Best Way To Get Approval Is Not To Need It

~ PING-PIT ~ Power Is Never Given – Power Is Taken

~ ACBAI-AC-THPLSITM-TI-BH ~ Anyone Can Be An Idealist – A Cynic – The Hard Part Lies Somewhere In The Middle – That Is – Being Human

~ THPOBCIGUTI ~ The Hardest Part Of Being Creative Is Getting Used To It

~ POBCILHTPYF-TITFFA ~ Part Of Being Creative Is Learning How To Protect Your Freedom – That Includes – The Freedom From Avarice

~ SOWIL ~ Savior Obscurity While It Lasts

~ MS-PD ~ Meaning Scales – People Don’t

~ WYDBR-TANL-YD ~ When Your Dreams Become Reality – They Are No Longer – Your Dreams

~ NOTIRS ~ None Of This Is Rocket Science


~ OYOJ ~ Own Your Own Journey

~ DCYBTSEM ~ Don’t Compare Your Beginning To Someone Else’s Middle

~ IOOGISABI-TMM-YWF ~ If Our Only Goal In Starting A Blog Is – To Make Money – You Will Fail

~ FYAAWABAT ~ Find Your Awesome And Write A Blog About That

~ WDYLMTA? ~ What Do You Love More Than Anything?

~ WAYMPA? ~ What Are You Most Passionate About?

~ WMYWTJOOBITM-O-GYFUTAPTYJCSTAI? ~ What Makes You Want To Jump Out Of Bed In The Morning – Or – Gets You Fired Up To A Point That You Just Can’t Stop Talking About It?

~ WIITYARGA? ~ What Is It That You Are Really Good At?

~ WDOAYA? ~ What Do Others Ask You About?

~ WSDYLTRA? ~ What Subject Do You Love To Read About?

~ TKTASBI-V-V-S-GC ~ The Key To A Successful Blog Is – Very – Very – Simple – Great Content

~ IPLWYHTS-TWSIWO ~ If People Like What You Have To Say – They Will Share It With Others

~ YCWNGVIIIA ~ Your Content Will Not Go Viral If It Isn’t Awesome

~ ACWTAWPAWD ~ Awesome Comes With Time And With Practice And With Diligence

~ AWABBCDITTFTNFHQC ~ All We As Bloggers Can Do Is Try To Fill That Need For High-Quality Content

~ SBTYMHAAPOESSMO-I-FPOTSMTYSDTTYB ~ Stop Believing That You Must Have An Active Presence On Every Single Social Media Outlet – Instead – Focus Primarily On The Social Media That You See Driving Traffic To Your Blog

~ DBSFOTDSTYFTBI ~ Don’t Be So Focused On The Dollar Signs That You Forget To Be Incredible

~ IRTIIWGTMMAAB-IWNAWTBDOJOSOI ~ I Realized That If I Was Going To Make Money As A Blogger – I Would Never Again Want To Become Dependent On Just One Stream Of Income

~ EBSHAEB ~ Every Blogger Should Have An E-Book

~ BT-‘OTB’-ITOHTMMOYB ~ Begin Thinking – “Outside The Box” – In Terms Of How To Make Money On Your Blog

~ DWYAIAF-A-CCAPTFTN ~ Determine What Your Audience Is Asking For – And – Create A Product To Fill That Need

~ CWYCOSMLIT-CAEB-TAEC-O-DSSOCW ~ Consider Whether Your Content Or Subject Matter Lends Itself To – Creating An E-Book – Teaching An E-Course – Or Doing Some Sort Of Consulting Work

~ TM:DITF ~ Time Management: Do Important Things First

~ CAP-TPOYPINTIA-BRT-CCIYOM-NJOWYBIN-B-WIIH ~ Creating A Plan – The Purpose Of Your Plan Is Not To Impress Anyone – But Rather To – Create Clarity In Your Own Mind – Not Just Of Where Your Business Is Now – But – Where It Is Headed


~ IYN-AJMAHHOAMTMAS-TOO-S-F-S-P-TFT-WYECOFAA ~ If You Need – A – Job – Money – Advice – Help – Hope – Or – A Means To Make A Sale – There’s Only One – Surefire – Fail-Safe – Place – To Find Them – Within Your Extended Circle Of Friends And Associates

~ IBTGBYR-ANKS ~ It’s Better To Give Before You Receive – And – Never Keep Score

~ YRWOAY-F-MC-EOWYAAWYHTO-NEC ~ Your Relationships With Others Are Your – Finest – Most Credible – Expression Of Who You Are And What You Have To Offer – Nothing Else Compares

~ C-GY-T-M-A-E-TYGCOF ~ Contribute – Give Your – Time – Money – And – Expertise – To Your Growing Community Of Friends

~ TMSYAAWYWTD-TEIBTDASTAI-POTS-OC-IERWTPIYUWCHYGWYG ~ The More Specific You Are About What You Want To Do – The Easier It Becomes To Develop A Strategy To Accomplish It – Part Of That Strategy – Of Course – Is Establishing Relationships With The People In Your Universe Who Can Help You Get Where You’re Going

~ SO:FYP ~ Step One: Find Your Passion

~ AGIADWAD ~ A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline

~ YGMBB-IYDBYCRT-YW ~ Your Goals Must Be Believable – If You Don’t Believe You Can Reach Them – You Won’t

~ YGMBCAD ~ Your Goals Must Be Challenging And Demanding

~ AYMTMOTCYAH? ~ Are You Making The Most Of The Connections You Already Have?

~ DS ~ Don’t Schmooze

~ DROT-COG-IWDYAGITLR ~ Don’t Rely On The – Currency Of Gossip – It Won’t Do You Any Good In The Long Run

~ DCTTPEH ~ Don’t Come To The Party Empty-Handed

~ DYH ~ Do Your Homework

~ OYTTTTFOWYMIAWYWTGT-TNSITITPWCHYGT ~ Once You’ve Taken The Time To Figure Out What Your Mission Is And Where You Want To Get To – The Next Step Is To Identify The People Who Can Help You Get There

~ TAL-SAL ~ Talk A Little – Say A Lot

~ SYP ~ Share Your Passions

~ FUOF ~ Follow Up Or Fail

~ AEYG ~ Always Express Your Gratitude

~ BI ~ Be Interesting

~ ASSQ-IYAQTALNO-YGRTAUATTWHS-HGMPHTCTATQ? ~ Ask Seemingly Stupid Questions – If You Ask Questions That Are Like No Other – You Get Results That Are Unlike Any That The World Has Seen – How Many People Have The Courage To Ask Those Questions?

~ KYAYT-TTINTWOOTSATYL-BTFACYSSTYWML-YSSSTGBAYW-BRFOBYS ~ Know Yourself And Your Talents – The Trick Is Not To Work Obsessively On The Skills And Talents You Lack – But To Focus And Cultivate Your Strengths So That Your Weaknesses Matter Less – You Should Spend Some Time Getting Better At Your Weaknesses – But Really Focus On Building Your Strengths

~ AL ~ Always Learn

~ SH-YHTTCOY-YBMAS-TBAYB ~ Stay Healthy – You Have To Take Care Of Yourself – Your – Body / Mind / Spirit – To Be At Your Best

~ EYTUE ~ Expose Yourself To Unusual Experiences

~ DGD-TWBCCACRYTBPAC ~ Don’t Get Discouraged – There Will Be Continual Changes And Challenges Requiring You To Be Persistent And Committed

~ DAN ~ Develop A Niche

~ SO! ~ Stand Out!

~ SM-WYLION ~ Style Matters – Whether You Like It Or Not

~ NGITH ~ Never Give In To Hubris

~ FM-FM-R ~ Find Mentors – Find Mentees – Repeat

~ IYCYTFYP-T-BF-IIHTCIRWA ~ If You Commit Yourself To Finding Your Passion – That – Blue Flame – It’s Interesting How That Commitment Is Rewarded With Answers


~ DBTB!-MWYHTSI ~ Don’t Be Too Boring! – Make What You Have To Say Interesting

~ DBTL-W!-ZIOTMP ~ Don’t Be Too Long-Winded! – Zero In On The Main Points

~ DBTU!-AIP-EPBAQ-BI! ~ Don’t Be Too Unilateral! – After Initial Presentations – Engage People By Asking Questions – Be Interactive!

~ DBTC!-PTH ~ Don’t Be Too Complex! – Pick The Highlights

~ DBTU!-I-MA-TSR-AT-PAFSOR-MIF! ~ Don’t Be Too Unstructured! – Instead – Make A – Tight Situation Report – And Then – Present A Focused Set Of Recommendations – Make It Flow!

~ DBTR!-FYAOIOTTOTMIT-A-HTPOGCHMIH ~ Don’t Be Too Random! – Focus Your Audience Or Interlocutor On The Two Or Three Most Important Things – And – How That Person Or Group Can Help Make It Happen

~ DBT-T-F!-BR! ~ Don’t Be Too Touchy-Feely! – Be Relevant!


~ KIS-FOTBOYM ~ Keep It Simple – Focus On The Basics Of Your Message

~ KIS-MYFAKIC ~ Keep It Short – Maintain Your Focus And Keep It Concise

~ KIS-GASOAACLOWYAOICD ~ Keep It Sound – Give A Short Overview And A Clear List Of What Your Audience Or Interlocutor Can Do

~ KIS-DTAOTTDOA-KYA ~ Keep It Smart – Don’t Talk About Oranges To The Director Of Apples – Know Your Audience

~ KIS-TAAA/OPSSTEWRTIYP ~ Keep It Special – Tell An Amazing And/Or Personal Short Story That Everyone Will Remember To Illustrate Your Point


~ C-TO-SI ~ Cooperation – Triumphs Over – Self-Interest

~ WNNB-RSTTGL-AGBTIHOTM-O-POTCHOF-TSTCW-IHOT-TSOL-ICTA-TP ~ We Need Not Be – Robotic Slaves To The Government’s Leviathan – Automations Guided By The Invisible Hand Of The Market – Or – Parts Of The Collectivist Hive Of Fascism – To Serve The Common Weal – In Honor Of Tux – The Symbol Of Linux – I’ll Call This Alternative – The Penguin

~ INTCCSDBTL-N-TIHOTFMCEGS-WSWT? ~ If Neither The Command-Control Systems Dictated By The Leviathan – Nor – The Invisible Hand Of The Free Market Can Effectively Govern Society – Where Shall We Turn?

~ EWBNTUQOTSS-A-WBTTOHBITO-AM-P-R-T-PAE ~ Economics Was By Now The Unquestioned Queen Of The Social Sciences – And – We Began To Think Of Human Behavior In Terms Of – Almost Mechanical – Predictable – Responses – To – Punishments And Incentives

~ PAIFMC-TMEAOPA-TIJT-DOFSHICS-OMSAETEIBO ~ People Are In Fact More Cooperative – Than Most Economists And Others Previously Assumed – This Isn’t Just Theory – Dozens Of Field Studies Have Identified Cooperative Systems – Often More Stable And Effective Than Equivalent Incentive-Based Ones

~ UCOCASTMUIE ~ Using Control Of Carrots And Sticks To Motivate Us Isn’t Effective

~ ORTTMOUSPITIINWW-OMS ~ One Reason That The Myth Of Universal Selfishness Persists Is That It Is Not Wholly Wrong – Only Mostly So

~ Y-SBAS-B-FASAOTT-ASOUDNAOOSI ~ Yes – Some People Are Selfish – But – Few Are Selfish All Of The Time – And Some Of Us Do Not Act Out Of Self-Interest

~ HBTTSO-N-S-E-THUMSOOCACW ~ Human Beings Tend To Seek Out – Neat – Simple – Explanations – To Help Us Make Sense Of Our Confusing And Complex World

~ ATGHNBEASTTITOUS-OWGITHOTOOAOBIAGW-WTTIATEWEACSIFWOPAA-BDSB-AEO ~ Almost Two Generations Have Now Been Educated And Socialized To Think In Terms Of Universal Selfishness – Once We Get In The Habit Of Thinking Of Ourselves And Our Behavior In A Given Way – We Tend To Interpret All The Evidence We Encounter And Collect So It Fits With Our Preconceptions And Assumptions – By Discarding Some Bits – And Emphasizing Others

~ WASB-WPSAB-WAEBJAM-INM-TWARB ~ We Are Social Beings – We Perform Selfless Acts Because – We Are Emotional Beings Just As Much – If Not More – Than We Are Rational Beings

~ ONADAFMCAVTTSDTMPAG-UR-TFHBLIOOP ~ Our Needs And Desires Are Far More Complex And Varied Than The Simple Desire To Maximize Pleasure And Gain – Until Recently – These Findings Have Been Largely Ignored Outside Of Psychology

~ F-OCFWI-RAF-ODTBSFBOPASBTASG-AFBTGTRD ~ Finally – Our Concern For What Is – Right And Fair – Our Desire To Be Seen Favorably By Our Peers And So Belong To A Social Group – Are Finally Beginning To Get Their Rightful Due

~ TPOCINSSUD-IIGISOTBWAMRRIBS ~ The Promise Of Cooperation Is Not Some Silly Utopian Dream – It Is Grounded In Some Of The Best Work And Most Rigorous Research In Behavioural Science

~ SORAP-S-TIASRFSITGABBSATEOTWC ~ Systems Of Reciprocity Aren’t Perfect – So – There Is Always Some Room For Some Individuals To Get Ahead By Being Selfish At The Expense Of Those Who Cooperate

~ AWMADTA-WHTFITSWI-EEHGAT-TFE-PWMDDDOHASIP ~ Anytime We Make A Decision To Act – We Have To First Interpret The Situation We’re In – Even Economists Have Grudgingly Admitted This – The Framing Effect – People Will Make Different Decision Depending On How A Situation Is Presented

~ SC-R-A-SC ~ Social Capital – Reputation – And – Social Contagion

~ SRHTOC ~ Social Relations Have Their Own Currency

~ MESTOBIASIGIBTBWOIPAU-EIWCUOTI ~ Much Evidence Suggests That Our Behavior In Any Situation Is Greatly Influenced By The Behavior We’ve Observed In People Around Us – Even If We’re Completely Unaware Of That Influence

~ WSTBWTNO-FPAADAPASI ~ We Seem To Be Wired To Need Others – Few Punishments Are As Debilitating And Painful As Social Isolation

~ WASBNLTWAI-STLUBBWBTSTSUAJOOTO ~ We Are Social Beings No Less Than We Are Individuals – Systems That Let Us Be – Work Better Than Systems That See Us As Just One Or The Other

~ E-NM-WWOOPDS-TNIOBFIATESPAWWADTSAO-OBMNOPOMM-BPEAW ~ Empathy – Neuron Mirroring – When We Observe Other People Doing Something – The Neurons In Our Brains Fire In Almost The Exact Same Patterns As When We Are Doing Those Same Acts Ourselves – Our Brains Mirror Not Only Pain Or Motor Movements – But Pure Emotions As Well

~ WVQAS-SPIG-‘LU’&‘NLU’~ We Very Quickly And Subconsciously Sort People Into Groups – “Like Us” And “Not Like Us”

~ IMC-TSATCACWO-IE-TGPTATFACG-WTGMB ~ In Many Cases – The Simple Ability To Communicate And Coordinate With Others – Is Enough – To – Get People To Act Together For A Common Goal – Whatever That Goal Might Be

~ TIETSTWCEMATPTTAOOAS ~ There Is Evidence To Suggest That We Care Even More About The Process Than The Actual Outcome Of A Situation

~ ODFF-AIIUIACC-IACCOHMAB-IIIO-S-I-E-O-S-WHABNODTBTF-A-TBPISTTUF ~ Our Desire For Fairness – As It Is Understood In A Cultural Context – Is A Critical Component Of Human Motivation And Behavior – It Is Independent Of – Self-Interest – Empathy – Or – Solidarity – We Have A Basic Need Or Desire To Be Treated Fairly – And – To Be Participants In Systems That Treat Us Fairly

~ IWWTBASTMPTWW-OCE-INETOTSRAI-WANTTAHFTSI ~ If We Want To Build A System That Motivates People To Work Well – Or Cooperate Effectively – It’s Not Enough To Offer Them Simple Rewards And Incentives – We Also Need To Think About How Fair The System Is

~ FI-A-P-I-P-O-MSWW-A-FMPFWACWT ~ Fairness Is – A – Practical – Integral – Part – Of – Making Systems Work Well – And – Of Making People Function Well And Cooperatively Within Them

~ PAAQGA-SU-E-A-SR-FA-TASOMAUAECN ~ People Are Actually Quite Good At – Setting Up – Enforcing – And – Self-Regulating – Fair Arrangements – Through A Set Of Mutually Agreed Upon And Enforced Community Norms

~ NPOV ~ Neutral Point Of View

~ TIEETST-WICTC-PMP-TBBAECS-WITBLOCTS ~ There Is Enough Evidence To Suspect That – When It Comes To Cooperation – Practice Makes Perfect – That By Building And Engaging Cooperative Systems – We Increase The Baseline Level Of Cooperation Throughout Society

~ TSOFAOSSBENE ~ The Success Of Free And Open-Source Software Baffles Economist No End

~ COE-OW-TOOMR-E-CWAPEAAI-O-IWAPSOAAC ~ Crowding-Out Effects – Occur When – The Offer Of Material Rewards – Either – Clash With A Person’s Expectation About An Interaction – Or – Interferes With A Person’s Sense Of Autonomy And Control

~ AM-AROAP-CARTTPOOM-A-SUOTPOC ~ Adding Money – As Reward Or As Punishment – Can Actually Redirect The Total Pull Of Our Motivations – And – Steer Us Off The Path Of Cooperation

~ NIMIIACSTCATP-WPAATC-TA-ME-MT-A-CRSMRTWTCTTOA ~ Nothing Is More Important In A Cooperative System Than Communication Among The Participants – When People Are Able To Communicate – They Are – More Empathetic – More Trusting – And – Can Reach Solutions More Readily Than When They Cannot Talk To One Another

~ VANAA-FINSYATATPDAHTIEOIOPHBM-FIITEHC-FSAPS ~ Values Are Not An Afterthought – Fairness Is Not Something You Attend To After The Practical Decisions About How To Improve Efficiency Or Innovation Or Productivity Have Been Made – Fairness Is Integral To Effective Human Cooperation – Fair Systems Are Productive Systems

~ CHU-LTR-BDAI ~ Cooperation Hinges Upon – Long-Term Reciprocity – Both Direct And Indirect

~ STHODMANJMPBAMCWHE ~ Systems That Harness Our Diverse Motivations Are Not Just More Productive But Also More Consistent With Human Experience


~ BTTYAYRTTTW ~ Be True To Yourself And You’ll Ring True To The World

~ FYB-TWYL-YMSYLD-APAAPAY-H-M-A-I-A-A-TSYITB-WSRITSOMHB-TGYCOATSL ~ Follow Your Bliss – That Which You Love – You Must Spend Your Life Doing – As Passionately And As Perfectly As Your – Heart – Mind – And – Instincts – Allow – And – The Sooner You Identify That Bliss – Which Surely Resides In The Soul Of Most Human Beings – The Greater Your Chance Of A Truly Successful Life

~ ATTITWAMWAEI ~ All The Tools In The World Are Meaningless Without An Essential Idea

~ AGFTBI ~ Always Go For The Big Idea

~ ACSCIAN ~ All Creativity Should Communicate In A Nanosecond

~ TWCF-TTV ~ The Word Comes First – Then The Visual

~ INHSYMI-IHYMIS ~ It’s Not How Short You Make It – It’s How You Make It Short

~ IYCPASEYCI-F ~ If You Can’t Passionately And Succinctly Explain Your Creative Ideas – Fuggedaboutit!

~ ATIAAT ~ A Trend Is Always A Trap

~ CINC-IITFUTF-IIAAOD ~ Creativity Is Not Created – It Is There For Us To Find – It Is An Act Of Discovery

~ WJBA-CT-WYCBA-CP ~ Why Just Be A – Creative Thinker – When You Can Be A – Cultural Provocateur!

~ ABICCWC ~ A Big Idea Can Change World Culture

~ GA-BI-INAAOI-BR-OOD ~ Getting A – Big Idea – Is Not An Act Of Inspiration – But Rather – One Of Discovery

~ YCB-C-O-YCB-C-B-TNSTAA-CC ~ You Can Be – Cautious – Or – You Can Be – Creative – But – There’s No Such Thing As A – Cautious Creative

~ RGG-TAT:D-B-CD-M-IAAMB-O-T-OP-T-MWIU ~ Reject Group Grope – Think About This: Decisive – Breakthrough – Creative Decision-Making – Is Almost Always Made By – One – Two – Or Possibly – Three – Minds Working In Unison

~ BCOY-O-E-S-T ~ Be Confident Of Your – Own – Edgy – Solo – Talent

~ TGTFBB-YCJBTY’G’~ To Get That First Big Break – You Can’t Just Brag That You’re “Great”

~ Y-P-S-I-P-S-KA ~ Your – Portfolio – Should – Ignite – Provoke – Shock – Kick Ass

~ WIW ~ Work Is Worship

~ M-OMD-LL-TMD ~ Make – One Million Dollars – Look Like – Ten Million Dollars!

~ NMWKOWYI-DI-F-O-T-A-DI-P ~ No Matter What Kind Of Work You’re In – Do It – Fast – On-Time – And – Do It – Perfectly

~ Even A Brilliant Idea Won’t Sell Itself

~ ADTTWYPABI:TTWTAGTS;SITT;TT-D-WTJS ~ Always Do Three Things When You Present A Big Idea: Tell Them What They Are Going To See; Show It To Them; Tell Them – Dramatically – What They Just Saw

~ WYPA-BI-BPT-ADQ ~ When You’re Presenting A – Big Idea – Be Prepared To – Answer Dumb Questions

~ TCOATGBNCBAB-DI! ~ The Creation Of A Truly Great Brand Name Can Become A Billion-Dollar Idea!

~ GW-MBPT-TP-TH-TPTAYC-U-CAS-‘N’-B-HNPTS-‘Y’ ~ Great Work – Must Be Presented To – The Person – That Has – The Power To Accept Your Creations – Underlings – Can Always Say – “No” – But – Have No Power To Say – “Yes”

~ WYPAEI-IITMT-TS-TEITTMG-INABI! ~ When You Present An Entrepreneurial Idea – If It Takes More Than – Three Sentences – To Explain It To The Money Guys – It’s Not A Big Idea!

~ DE-K-WF-BP ~ Don’t Ever – Knowingly – Work For – Bad People

~ ATG-AC-IDB-ABI-TC:AMS!;AMV! ~ A Truly Great – Ad Campaign – Is Driven By – A Big Idea – That Contains: A Memorable Slogan!; A Memorable Visual!

~ MTE-ITAO-IT-M-CAUSBSIATW ~ More Than Ever – In This Age Of – Internet Technology – Misinformation – Comes At Us Second By Second In A Tidal Wave

~ A-TP-M-R-S-Q-E-A-NLTBBY ~ A – Thinking Person – Must – Read – Study – Question – Evaluate – And – Not Let The Bullshiters Bullshit You

~ NMWSYAIYC-UYCTSUFOHAPYCATV ~ No Matter What Stage You Are In Your Career – Use Your Creativity To Stand Up For Our Heroes And Protect Your Culture Against The Villains

~ DTRT-SYCBPOY-TTDYD ~ Do The Right Thing – So You Can Be Proud Of Yourself – Till The Day You Die

~ HAM-WUACMTYEOLAW-IABBM ~ Having A Mate – Who Understands And Contributes Mightily To Your Ethos Of Life And Work – Is A Blessing Beyond Measure

~ AEDAIIYL ~ Attack Every Day As If It’s Your Last

~ EAPSDHCAI-IYCD-L-IWNOMYAPBCOYI-IWAMJTTWYS ~ Even A Passable Sketch Dramatically Helps Crystallize An Idea – If You Can’t Draw – Learn – It Will Not Only Make You A Profoundly Better Communicator Of Your Ideas – It Will Add More Joy To The Way You See

~ YCTACTWS ~ You Cannot Teach A Crab To Walk Straight

~ DLYTDYFYD-IYKCIO-TW-YL-DLSOWYH! ~ Don’t Let Your Tormentors Distract You From Your Destiny – If You Keep Chewing It Over – They Win – You Lose – Don’t Lose Sight Of Where You’re Headed!

~ MYSAMFWYA ~ Make Your Surroundings A Metaphor For Who You Are

~ EYM ~ Extoll Your Mentors

~ IYDBTACB-I-RT-C-YNUTPOGC ~ If You Don’t Believe That Advertising Can Be – Icon – Rather Than – Con – You’ll Never Understand The Potential Of Great Creativity

~ IWWDA? ~ Is What We Do Art?

~ I-Y-TAP-E-YTWC-A! ~ If – You’re – Talented And Passionate – Enough – You Too Will Create – Art!

~ YAYHWYC ~ You’re At Your Happiest When You’re Creating

~ W-S-E-N-K-THS ~ Work – Should – Ennoble – Not – Kill – The Human Spirit

~ YNBTCPYATBIYDKWIACF-YCCTFWKWCBI ~ You’ll Never Be The Creative Person You Aspire To Be If You Don’t Know Where It All Came From – You Can’t Create The Future Without Knowing What Came Before It


~ PC ~ Purple Cow

~ TEO-T-PC-ITIMBR ~ The Essence Of – The – Purple Cow – Is That It Must Be Remarkable

~ RM-ITAOBTWNRIYPOS ~ Remarkable Marketing – Is The Art Of Building Things Worth Noticing Right Into Your Product Or Service

~ YNTPA-PC-IEYB ~ You Need To Put A – Purple Cow – Into Everything You Build

~ TWHC-TAFMC-B-TILALTTSTO ~ The World Has Changed – There Are Far More Choices – But – There Is Less And Less Time To Sort Them Out

~ MID-LLM ~ Marketing Is Dead – Long Live Marketing

~ TORWT:C-S-O-P-A-CTW-GM ~ The Old Rule Was This: Create – Safe – Ordinary – Products – And – Combine Them With – Great Marketing

~ TNRI:C-RP-T-TRPSO ~ The New Rule Is: Create – Remarkable Products – That – The Right People Seek Out

~ IYCPO-UN-T-T(ATD)-WWIB? ~ If You Could Pick One – Underserved Niche – To – Target (And To Dominate) – What Would It Be?

~ C-CTTWSO ~ Criticism – Comes To Those Who Stand Out

~ ITAR-AMMLTSTITA ~ Ideas That Are Remarkable – Are Much More Likely To Spread Than Ideas That Aren’t

~ CYMACVOYP? ~ Could You Make A Collectible Version Of Your Product?

~ AS-TACTEOY-PC-IA-S-TSGTTWOMIPOP ~ A Slogan – That Accurately Conveys The Essence Of Your – Purple Cow – Is A – Script – The Script Guarantees That The Word Of Mouth Is Passed On Properly

~ DYHA-SOPSORB-TAT?-IIC?-IIWPO? ~ Do You Have A – Slogan Or Positioning Statement Or Remarkable Boast – That’s Actually True? – Is It Consistent? – Is It Worth Passing On?

~ WWHIYTTT? ~ What Would Happen If You Told The Truth?

~ YHTG-WTCIN-TFTB ~ You Have To Go – Where The Competition Is Not – The Further The Better


~ TTTWEUTWAAAATHLUOOTDG-IJLTOFUH-STWW-EP-ATT ~ The Technology That Would Enable Us To Work At Any Place At Any Time Hasn’t Lifted Us Out Of The Daily Grind – It’s Just Let The Office Follow Us Home – So That We Work – Every Place – All The Time

~ WIWAK-WDIWTBWIGU?-WDILSMTIDIFF?-HCIGPTPMTCTV? ~ When I Was A Kid – What Did I Want To Be When I Grew Up? – What Do I Love So Much That I’d Do It For Free? – How Can I Get People To Pay Me To Create That Vision?

~ DAT-TTYL-TTYDFFAAK-CBTIAVB ~ Don’t Assume That – The Thing You Love – The Thing You Did For Fun As A Kid – Can’t Be Turned Into A Viable Business

~ MTCRR-WNOWWILTDADW?-WDTNI?-WAL-CWICSOITTAGPQ?~ Making The Cash Register Ring – Who Needs Or Wants What I Love To Do And Do Well? – Why Do They Need It? – What’s A Low-Cost Way I Could Start Offering It To Them And Get Paid Quickly?

~ AIG-BSIC ~ Autonomy Is Great – But So Is Cash

~ U-YWBATBTRCIYHTW69HAWFSEJTCYLC-TWTMIPGNS-DIITP ~ Ultimately – You Won’t Be Able To Build That Rewarding Career If You Have To Work 60 Hours A Week For Someone Else Just To Cover Your Lifestyle Costs – That’s Why The Most Important Place Grindhoppers Need Self-Discipline Is In Their Pocketbooks

~ MDBYLOH-IBYF-SMOEITBIYTTLO-TG ~ Money Doesn’t Buy You Love Or Happiness – It Buys You Freedom – Six Months Of Expenses In The Bank Is Your Ticket To Life Outside – The Grind

~ O-‘N’-ETFTSOIC ~ Our – “Needs” – Expand To Fill The Space Our Incomes Create

~ S-DIT-LA-T-ICBL-AIBDTIGITHOKPTY ~ Self-Discipline Is Tough – Like Anything – Though – It Can Be Learned – All It Boils Down To Is Getting In The Habit Of Keeping Promises To Yourself

~ YTYNTQJBQIEATNBSTYC-YYOBN-A-YTMDB-B-TB-YEH ~ You’ll Teach Yourself Not To Quit Just Because Quitting Is Easier And There’s No Boss Saying That You Can’t – You’re Your Own Boss Now – And – You’re The Most Demanding Boss – But – The Best – You’ll Ever Have

~ GFOWTNTBFFTST-TTFOHTWGTTP ~ Grindhoppers Figure Out Where They Need To Be For Fortune To Spot Them – Then They Figure Out How They Will Get To That Place

~ L-S-D-“KWYG”-IASTCBL ~ Like – Self-Discipline – “Knowing Where You’re Going” – Is A Skill That Can Be Learned

~ TAWYWYCAYLTLL-BB-BC-BDSTS-ITTGWYAGIYDLYIWTPMB ~ Think About What You Want Your Career And Your Life To Look Like – Be Bold – Be Crazy – But Don’t Skip This Step – It’s Tough To Get Where You Are Going If You Don’t Let Yourself Imagine Where That Place Might Be

~ B-G-DA-TA-ITGMCTWIWTB?-TKTADBTTSRAGS ~ Before – Grindhoppers – Do Anything – They Ask – Is This Getting Me Closer To Where I Want To Be? – They Know There’s A Difference Between Taking The Scenic Route And Getting Sidetracked

~ F-IYWANC-ASPYGTHTLTW-TRASDOUR ~ Fundamentally – If You Want A Nonconventional Career – At Some Point You’re Going To Have To Leave The Well-Travelled Route And Start Driving On Unmarked Roads

~ ITPCTMH?-DIRTPIBWW-ATTTHMBIAH?-WTPHMITLR? ~ Is This Project Close To My Heart? – Do I Respect The People I’ll Be Working With – And Trust That They Have My Best Interests At Heart? – Will This Project Help Me In The Long Run?

~ WOPTYCAKYFBO-WWPYRKYFBIIPTWEYL-TATF-TLR-IWGDB ~ Working On Projects That You Care About Keeps You From Burning Out – Working With People You Respect Keeps You From Becoming Involved In Projects That Will Embarrass You Later – Thinking About The Future – The Long Run – Is What Grindhoppers Do Best

~ HYCIYC:PWI-E;DALOI-GB;SHOPADI-NC-BI;LFCOI-SYWTPWYRAWWBBH ~ How You Can Improve Your Craft: Play With It – Experiment; Do A Lot Of It – Get Better; See How Other People Are Doing It – Never Copy – Be Influenced; Learn From Criticism Of It – Show Your Work To People Whom You Respect And Who Will Be Brutally Honest

~ BAN-AIMFL-ANCOPWOAEYHRTT-A-WYMLTHTAPOTS-BACOTGRMLOPWAWTHY ~ Building A Network – At Its Most Fundamental Level – A Network Consists Of People Whose Opinions And Expertise You Have Reason To Trust – And – Whom You’re More Likely To Help Than A Person Off The Street – Building A Career Outside The Grind Requires Meeting Lots Of People Who Are Willing To Help You


~ ABYOB ~ Always Be Your Own Boss

~ KWYAG ~ Know Where You Are Going

~ RR ~ Recalculate Risk

~ T-P-N-J ~ Think – Projects – Not – Jobs

~ STBJOR-ADT ~ Seek To Be Judged On Results – And Deliver Them

~ EIN ~ Everything Is Negotiable

~ CANAANM ~ Cultivate A Network And A Nimble Mind


~ DCTMAER ~ Don’t Care Too Much About External Rewards

~ WH-EINON ~ Work Hard – Even If No One Notices

~ DROAORS ~ Don’t Rely On Any One Revenue Stream

~ FTAF ~ Frugal To A Fault


~ ABBAAC ~ A Balance Between Anarchy And Control

~ FTFTIOT-TOWIWICASCFWTROTROTL-WHETDIICAVAOCACTINRB-TCITWALALA-FC-MAMA-PC ~ For The First Time In Our Tradition – The Ordinary Ways In Which Individuals Create And Share Culture Fall Within The Reach Of The Regulation Of The Law – Which Has Expanded To Draw Within Its Control A Vast Amount Of Culture And Creativity That It Never Reached Before – The Consequence Is That We Are Less And Less A – Free Culture – More And More A – Permission Culture

~ TINA-PTPA-IIIA-PTPCFOB ~ This Is Not A – Protectionism To Protect Artists – It Is Instead A – Protectionism To Protect Certain Forms Of Business

~ MOUTFGTEPCTTOO-‘IP’-NA ~ Most Of Us Take For Granted The Extraordinarily Powerful Claims That The Owners Of – “Intellectual Property” – Now Assert

~ R-M-A-B-TIAKOC-IACTWS-RAC-TASWWSTTINCETK ~ Rip – Mix – And – Burn – This Is A Kind Of Creativity – It’s A Creativity That We Should – Remember And Celebrate – There Are Some Who Would Say That There Is No Creativity Except This Kind

~ ATEOACT-AWPIT-PD-NPITNTDUOUTW-NP-A-H-NL-T-PD-IA-‘L-FZ’ ~ At The End Of A Copyright Term – A Work Passes Into The – Public Domain – No Permission Is Then Needed To Draw Upon Or Use That Work – No Permission – And – Hence – No Lawyers – The – Public Domain – Is A – “Lawyer-Free Zone”

~ A-L-D-S-CSWP;A-L-D-A-M-S-CFWIP-B-TIPOVOTT-‘P’-DC ~ A – Large – Diverse – Society – Cannot Survive Without Property; A – Large – Diverse – And – Modern – Society – Cannot Flourish Without Intellectual Property – But – There Is Plenty Of Value Out There That – “Property” – Doesn’t Capture

~ CHAEAAAAATBUTCTWBATSTN-TBIAAEALPDWPAWCTOC-ESHLACBOICFFTT-FSMFTU-P-B-ASTSD ~ Creators Here And Everywhere Are Always And At All Times Building Upon The Creativity That Went Before And That Surrounds Them Now – That Building Is Always And Everywhere At Least Partially Done Without Permission And Without Compensating The Original Creator – Every Society Has Left A Certain Bit Of Its Culture Free For The Taking – Free Societies More Fully Than Unfree – Perhaps – But – All Societies To Some Degree

~ ‘HFITC?’-‘HM-A-HB-ITCFFOTTABU?’ ~ “How Free Is This Culture?” – “How Much – And – How Broadly – Is The Culture Free For Others To Take And Build Upon?”

~ B-TAATMIFOUPDTWH ~ Blogs – They Are Arguably The Most Important Form Of Unchoreographed Public Discourse That We Have

~ WITMIALLT?-WITVIS? ~ Where Is The Morality In A Lawsuit Like This? – What Is The Virtue In Scapegoatism?

~ THOTCHIAHO-P-F-R-R-CTV-BOAKOPSD-TCSIHLGPJTGCC-UN-I-‘P’-MUVFSECPWPFTC ~ The History Of The Content Industry Is A History Of – Piracy – Film – Records – Radio – Cable TV – Born Of A Kind Of Piracy So Defined – The Consistent Story Is How Last Generation’s Pirates Join This Generation’s Country Club – Until Now – If – “Piracy” – Means Using Value From Someone Else’s Creative Property Without Permission From That Creator

~ TPOPOTIADFTPOPOTT ~ The Physics Of Piracy Of The Intangible Are Different From The Physics Of Piracy Of The Tangible

~ MKO-‘P’-AUAP-TPENCONWODB ~ Many Kinds Of – “Piracy” – Are Useful And Productive – To Produce Either New Content Or New Ways Of Doing Business

~ TQIOOB-ZHHNBOH-IHNPTCITWKT ~ The Question Is One Of Balance – Zero Tolerance Has Not Been Our History – It Has Not Produced The Content Industry That We Know Today

~ HMCINMJBTCOCTRASH? ~ How Much Creativity Is Never Made Just Because The Costs Of Clearing The Rights Are So High?

~ TVO-‘FU’-YEPALTDYFUROPALTTDPSYDHTRUFUR-EW-TCPIAPOPY-AAP-OPAC-RFTF ~ The Vagueness Of – “Fair Use” – You Either Pay A Lawyer To Defend Your Fair Use Rights Or Pay A Lawyer To Track Down Permissions So You Don’t Have To Rely Upon Fair Use Rights – Either Way – The Creative Process Is A Process Of Paying Lawyers – Again A Privilege – Or Perhaps A Curse – Reserved For The Few

~ AWIWCWNIMFNOTMBATGIAWIWCWNIWNS-IIAWOSAICS ~ A World In Which Competitors With New Ideas Must Fight Not Only The Market But Also The Government Is A World In Which Competitors With New Ideas Will Not Succeed – It Is A World Of Stasis And Increasingly Concentrated Stagnation

~ WWBTSAWO-UA-NBTMINP-OBTSIC-B-BTVAOCTAILF ~ We Will Begin To See A World Of – Underground Art – Not Because The Message Is Necessarily Political – Or Because The Subject Is Controversial – But – Because The Very Act Of Creating The Art Is Legally Fraught


~ There Is A – Highly Regulated – Monopolized – Market – In – Cultural Icons

~ ORSC-ISI-IGDAVOTF ~ OverRegulation Stifles Creativity – It Smothers Innovation – It Gives Dinosaurs A Veto Over The Future

~ ORCCAWTROL-A-WOP-AWE-WOP-IITATBOAVLNOC-TROLDUPOTL-TMO-A-MR-WACEVTL-TLWRTL ~ OverRegulation Corrupts Citizens And Weakens The Rule Of Law – A – War Of Prohibition – As With Every – War Of Prohibition – It Is Targeted Against The Behavior Of A Very Large Number Of Citizens – The Rule Of Law Depends Upon People Obeying The Law – The More Often – And – More Repeatedly – We As Citizens Experience Violating The Law – The Less We Respect The Law

~ WASRTAJ-A-WANTTCAA-TIOAIUIR ~ With A Simple Request To A Judge – And – Without Any Notice To The Customer At All – The Identity Of An Internet User Is Revealed

~ RCWIIDNEBAATSOK ~ Remove Copyright Where It Is Doing Nothing Except Blocking Access And The Spread Of Knowledge

~ TLSAHWO-FIM-TINRCLCAW ~ The Law Should Always Have Ways Of – Forgiving Innocent Mistakes – There Is No Reason Copyright Law Couldn’t As Well

~ WNIAWTSS-ITM-N-‘ARR’-N-‘NRR’-B-‘SRR’-AT-AWTRCBECTFCATSF ~ What’s Needed Is A Way To Say Something – In The Middle – Neither – “All Rights Reserved” – Nor – “No Rights Reserved” – But – “Some Rights Reserved” – And Thus – A Way To Respect Copyrights But Enable Creators To Free Content As They See Fit

~ WNAWTRASOFTWCJTFGB ~ We Need A Way To Restore A Set Of Freedoms That We Could Just Take For Granted Before

~ RFPP ~ Rebuilding Freedoms Previously Presumed

~ T-TINSWTK-WOW-O-WWOMD-IOTUOBUTCWOO-TANR-TINSTT-TINSWTKHTGP-WSRF:MCW-RC-A-RTCTC-TOOFITMTC-IWBSTIWCIPF-STIWCTRFAPKOC ~ Today – There Is No Simple Way To Know – Who Owns What – Or – With Whom One Must Deal – In Order To Use Or Build Upon The Creative Work Of Others – There Are No Records – There Is No System To Trace – There Is No Simple Way To Know How To Get Permission – We Should Require Formalities: Marking Copyrighted Work – Registering Copyrights – And – Renewing The Claim To Copyright – The Objective Of Formalities Is To Make Things Clear – It Would Be Simple To Identify What Content Is Presumptively Free – Simply To Identify Who Controls The Rights For A Particular Kind Of Content

~ NMWWDT-WWNI-TNOAWWI1923 ~ No Matter What We Do Today – We Will Not Increase – The Number Of Authors Who Wrote In 1923

~ STMEFYTFASF ~ Spend Ten Minutes Every Fifty Years To File A Single Form

~ NDT-E-WCTI-‘R’ ~ No Doubt The – Extremists – Will Call These Ideas – “Radical”

~ TQISB-HTATAGP-DTTB-T-CMFDB-A-T-FCT ~ The Question Instead Should Be – How To Assure That Artists Get Paid – During This Transition Between – Twentieth-Century Models For Doing Business – And – Twenty-First Century Technologies

~ WSA-‘W?’-SMWYROCIN-SNHIDG-A-UYCSMB-KYLA ~ We Should Ask – “Why?” – Show Me Why Your Regulation Of Culture Is Needed – Show Me How It Does Good – And – Until You Can Show Me Both – Keep Your Lawyers Away