~ A-PD-IASOWAITIAVSABM-TGPT-U/C/TA ~ A – Pitch Deck – Is A Series Of Words And Images That Illustrate A Venture’s Story And Business Model – They Get People To – Understand / Care / Take Action

~ O:WAW? ~ Overview: Who Are We?

~ O:WHITM? ~ Opportunity: What’s Happening In This Market?

~ P:WAYTTS? ~ Problem: What Are You Trying To Solve?

~ S:WAYDAI? ~ Solution: What Are You Doing About It?

~ T:WEDYHTSTWBS? ~ Traction: What Evidence Do You Have That Shows This Will Be Successful?

~ M:WAYC-A-HMOTAOT? ~ Market: Who Are Your Customers – And – How Many Of Them Are Out There?

~ C:WOWWSYC? ~ Competition: Who Or What Will Steal Your Customers?

~ BM:HWYMM? ~ Business Model: How Will You Make Money?

~ T:WIGTPTO? ~ Team: Who Is Going To Pull This Off?

~ UOF:WDYWAW? ~ Use Of Funds: What Do You Want And Why?


~ TPWHTRAWIP ~ The Power We Have To Renew A World In Peril

~ A-‘S’-G-OT-CAS-T-ES-T-OAO-AT-CBAWC ~ A – “Superordinate” – Goal – One That’s – Clear And Specific – That – Everyone Shares – That – Overrides All Others – And That – Can’t Be Achieved Without Cooperation

~ WBT-1.5D-T-IN-I-IWBOOT-S-P-SF-PSHFP ~ Warming Beyond The – 1.5 Degree – Threshold – Is Now – Inevitable – It Will Be One Of The – Slow-Process – Structural Factors – Profoundly Shaping Humanity’s Future Possibilities

~ OC-CAFMDFSTO-B-ITDCWUCU-AOU-TWI-WEFO-BNC ~ Of Course – Conditions Are Far More Dire For Some Than Others – But – If The Dangerous Changes We’ve Unleashed Continue Unabated – All Of Us – The Wealthiest Included – Will Eventually Find Our – Basic Needs Compromised

~ IWGTPT-WN-PAG-TCTFA-IAC-VOTF-T-PE-CTTH-AICWEO-A-RA-AT-WWETTR ~ If We’re Going To Pull Together – We Need – Principles And Goals – That Combine To Form An – Inspiring And Coherent – Vision Of The Future – That – People Everywhere – Can Take To Heart – Affirm In Conversation With Each Other – And – Rally Around – And Then – Work With Excitement Together To Reach

~ RPTH ~ ~ The Path To Hope

~ HB-CCNAOT-SR-SB-BTTR-CTBAT-A-TACTOT ~ Human Beings – Can Create New Aspects Of Their – Social Reality – Simply By – Believing That They’re Real – Communicating Those Beliefs Among Themselves – And – Then Acting Concretely Together On Them

~ IOCADETDUTAMUS-TCATCOTSMR-HUT-VAOD-THAO-PAB-TC-A-EE-TTTPUAAMUD ~ Instead Of Creating A Digital Environment That Draws Us Together And Makes Us Smarter – The Companies At The Core Of The Social Media Revolution – Have Used The – Vast Amounts Of Data – They Harvest About Our – Preferences And Behaviors – To Create – An – Emotional Environment – That Tends To Pull Us Apart And Make Us Dumber

~ M-E-O-S-A-C-O-L-GMR-B-CA-AIE-O-C-CAE-S-A-ATETWBA-O-A-(S)A-SEMUFCI-EUTCIGOL-MFPP-A-DTTBDPTEFACOW-TAU-TA-S-EOFITF ~ More – Eyeballs – On – Sites – And – Clicks – On – Links – Generate More Revenue – By – Creating An – Addictive Information Environment – Of – Constant – Cognitive And Emotional – Stimulus – And – Among The Emotions That Work Best Are – Outrage – And – (Social) Anxiety – Such Emotions Make Us Feel Chronically Insecure – Encourage Us To Coalesce Into Groups Of The Like-Minded For Psychological Protection – And – Dissolve The Trust Between Divers Peoples That’s Essential For A Consensus On What’s – True And Untrue – They Also – Subtly – Erode Our Faith In The Future

~ MME-A-PC-A-T-C-WPITRD-CB-AEFFG ~ Modern Market Economies – Are – Prodigiously Creative – And – That – Creativity – When Pointed In The Right Direction – Can Be – An Extraordinary Force For Good

~ ‘MI’ ~ “Motivated Inference”

~ HIDEIN-A-S-IDOI ~ Humanity Is Deeply Enmeshed In Nature – And – So – Intimately Dependent On It

~ B-MOUSWOCW-EWAESINBU-B-IOOR-A-GOLM ~ But – Most Of Us Stick With Our Current Worldview – Even When Abundant Evidence Shows It’s Not Benefiting Us – Because – It Orders Our Reality – And – Gives Our Lives Meaning

~ IISITHOCBTCMAD ~ It’s So Important To Help Our Children Believe They Can Make A Difference

~ H-IIF-D-O-I-W-C-CTBD ~ Humanity – If In Fact – Doomed – Only – If – We – Collectively – Choose To Be Doomed

~ H-CAW-AIUP-UEOU-FABROC-TOOAFTPT-AMOAC-‘W’ ~ Humanity – Can’t And Won’t – Address Its Urgent Problems – Until Enough Of Us – From A Broad Range Of Cultures – Think Of Ourselves As Facing These Problems Together – As Members Of A Common – “We”

~ BO-CP-AN-GIBTCAS-WN-BCA-ATWS-TATS ~ Because Our – Critical Problems – Are Now – Global – In Both Their Causes And Scope – We Need – Broad Collective Action – Across The World’s Societies – To Address Them Successfully

~ ‘POC’-MB-OOO-B-LI ~ “Protect Our Children” – Must Be – One Of Our – Bottom-Line Injunctions


~ C-NWOTAT-CBSIEAOL ~ Creativity – New Ways Of Thinking About Things – Can Be Seen In Every Area Of Life

~ WYCFAWODTTIBTWHBDB-YABC ~ Wherever You Can Find A Way Of Doing Things That Is Better Than What Has Been Done Before – You Are Being Creative

~ ACBC ~ Anyone Can Be Creative

~ YCTPHTCCIWTWBC ~ You Can Teach People How To Create Circumstances In Which They Will Become Creative

~ PTWI-BGTB-O-A-CI-O ~ Put The Work In – Before Going To Bed – Often – A – Creative Idea – Overnight

~ WSTABAY-YD-YDFCETA ~ When Someone Throws A Brick At You – You Duck – You Don’t First Carefully Evaluate The Alternatives

~ Y-U-CIKTYSTTLOTU-A-TLOTUINV-ISY-I-IGY-F-INYAWYIKWIGA ~ Your – Unconscious – Communicates Its Knowledge To You Solely Through The Language Of The Unconscious – And – The Language Of The Unconscious Is Not Verbal – It Shows You – Images – It Gives You – Feelings – It Nudges You Around Without You Immediately Knowing What It’s Getting At

~ B-SMOCIATU-TIALTWYCSAI! ~ Because – So Much Of Creativity Is About The Unconscious – There Is A Limit To What You Can Say About It!

~ B-CP-AMBATTVSOWTWAGWWLSU ~ But – Creative People – Are Much Better At Tolerating The Vague Sense Of Worry That We All Get When We Leave Something Unresolved

~ N-THPOBC-HDWLTPLAC? ~ Now – The Harder Part Of Being Creative – How Do We Learn To Play Like A Child?

~ TGKOCII-IPYMAFWYWTBTA-ICT-M-TRT-YP-SOC-A-GBIA-SODF ~ The Greatest Killer Of Creativity Is Interruption – It Pulls Your Mind Away From What You Want To Be Thinking About – It Can Take – Minutes – To Return To – Your Previous – State Of Consciousness – And – Get Back Into A – State Of Deep Focus

~ WYBCTINSTAAM-YCPKIYAGDAWAUYGDI ~ When You’re Being Creative There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake – You Can’t Possibly Know If You Are Going Down A Wrong Avenue Until You’ve Gone Down It

~ WYPWIAF-YNKWAVPMCF ~ When You’re Playing With Images And Feelings – You Never Know Where A Vital Prompting May Come From

~ IIANT-HCYPUISA?-DR-LTNNOYSB-C-A-C-A-C ~ If It’s A New Thought – How Can You Possibly Understand It Straight Away? – Don’t Rush – Let These New Notions Of Yours Slowly Become – Clearer – And – Clearer – And – Clearer

~ WT-NI-HBPC-BIY-C/A/F-S-M-TAI ~ When This – New Idea – Has Become Pretty Clear – Bring In Your – Critical / Analytical / Fact-Seeking – Mind – To Assess It

~ WYFHA-NI-YDGTCTS0N-A-‘W’-I-SBABYLBUTHTTG-TB-CAS ~ When You First Have A – New Idea – You Don’t Get Too Critical Too Soon – New – And – “Woolly” – Ideas – Shouldn’t Be Attacked By Your Logical Brain Until They’ve Had Time To Grow – To Become – Clearer And Sturdier

~ S-EP-UYHACSOWIITYCUW-TYCBY-CT-I-NB ~ So – Exercise Patience – Until You Have A Clear Sense Of What It Is That You’ve Come Up With – Then You Can Bring Your – Critical Thinking – In – Not Before

~ BAFBTCMOTATAMOT-U-F-YGTSTABS-TIC-I-IW-CP-DATT ~ Backwards And Forwards Between The Creative Mode Of Thinking And The Analytical Mode Of Thinking – Until – Finally – You Get To Something That’s A Bit Special – This Is Called – Iteration – Its What – Creative People – Do All The Time

~ ‘TB’-‘HB’-TNEO ~ “Tortoise Mind” – “Hare Brain” – They Need Each Other

~ YL-A-LF-SOS-YA-INS-IC-‘BIB’ ~ You’re Learning – And – Learning From – Something Or Someone – You Admire – Is Not Stealing – It’s Called – “Being Influenced By”

~ MAIL ~ Making An Imaginative Leap

~ P-KYF ~ Playing – Keeps You Fresh

~ GDIATWOYT ~ Getting Discouraged Is A Total Waste Of Your Time

~ YTFYM ~ Your Thoughts Follow Your Mood

~ TYI ~ Testing Your Ideas


~ P-INSMOCOOMAIIPOOI-TWWETWATWOTFWI ~ Positivity – Is Not So Much Our Condition Or Our Mood As It Is Part Of Our Ideology – The Way We Explain The World And Think We Ought To Function Within It

~ H-IAE-AY-TEOWINEWOC-O-IA-CS-ACE-WPACDTP ~ Hope – Is An Emotion – A Yearning – The Experience Of Which Is Not Entirely Within Our Control – Optimism – Is A – Cognitive Stance – A Conscious Expectation – Which Presumably Anyone Can Develop Through Practice

~ ITRETMPWOT-O-I-H-PE-C-A-R-MIEFUTAOG-AFLRTARR-TITOTCISMW-DATPW-NT-SP-NO-W-PT-RTITFO-H-P-A-S-FBRAMR-T-TEO-PT-ISTBWWOTAA ~ In The Rational Explanation That Many Psychologists Would Offer Today – Optimism – Improves – Health – Personal Efficacy – Confidence – And – Resilience – Making It Easier For Us To Accomplish Our Goals – A Far Less Rational Theory Also Runs Rampant – The Idea That Our Thoughts Can In Some Mysterious Way – Directly Affect The Physical World – Negative Thoughts – Somehow Produce – Negative Outcomes – While – Positive Thoughts – Realize Themselves In The Form Of – Health – Prosperity – And – Success – For Both Rational And Mystical Reasons – Then – The Effort Of – Positive Thinking – Is Said To Be Well Worth Our Time And Attention

~ ITG-‘PT’-IC-A-TARGB-ITAOTUTTHAA-TWBWTMEOPT?-O-B-WDFBTTWGBOTO ~ If The Generic – “Positive Thought” – Is Correct – And – Things Are Really Getting Better – If The Arc Of The Universe Tends Toward Happiness And Abundance – Then Why Bother With The Mental Effort Of Positive Thinking? – Obviously – Because – We Don’t Fully Believe That Things Will Get Better On Their Own

~ WWTPIAOBSATAOR-A-WBWADLODAETPD-WAGTCTTWAOETET? ~ What Was The Point In Agonizing Over Balance Sheets And Tedious Analyses Of Risks – And – Why Bother Worrying About Dizzying Levels Of Debt And Exposure To Potential Defaults – When All Good Things Come To Those Who Are Optimistic Enough To Expect Them?

~ TD-H-DNSFR ~ The Dogma – However – Did Not Survive Further Research

~ TFT-TP-CWOACPLASD ~ The Failure To – Think Positively – Can Weigh On A Cancer Patient Like A Second Disease

~ IYA-‘N’-PWBMITLY-TIYAC-G/C/OOS ~ If You Are – “Nice” – People Will Be More Inclined To Like You – Than If You Are Chronically – Grumpy / Critical / Out Of Sorts

~ B-ITWO-PT-OP-ANT-TBN-O-TPURC-TAT-OT-N/P/A ~ But – In The World Of – Positive Thinking – Other People – Are Not There – To Be Nurtured – Or – To Provide Unwelcome Reality Checks – They Are There – Only To – Nourish / Praise / Affirm

~ WTGA-D-‘N’-P-TAAIAW:SABA-GWTF-O-PTBO-OC-I-T-POM-WT-‘I’-OWNHTENPFOLE-OC-FE-S-CTITBIAPW ~ When The Gurus Advise – Dropping – “Negative” – People – They Are Also Issuing A Warning: Smile And Be Agreeable – Go With The Flow – Or – Prepare To Be Ostracized – Of Course – If – The – Powers Of Mind – Were Truly – “Infinite” – One Would Not Have To Eliminate Negative People From One’s Life Either – One Could – For Example – Simply – Choose To Interpret Their Behavior In A Positive Way

~ TFTVSTL-EAP-CALB-WAP-DNMTTAFTDA-O-OC-T-W-C-MIWAP-N-DT-UP-MT-‘TMISTVTTIBP’-OT-TALTWWCEFOA-A-Q-LP ~ The Fact That Very Small Things Like – Electrons And Photons – Can Act Like Both – Waves And Particles – Does Not Mean That They Are Free To Do Anything – Or – Of Course – That – We – Can – Morph Into Waves And Particles – Nor – Does The – Uncertainty Principle – Mean That – “The Mind Is Shaping The Very Thing That Is Being Perceived” – Only That There Are Limits To What We Can Ever Find Out About – A – Quantum-Level Particle

~ ‘YMIDWFY’ ~ “You Mean It Doesn’t Work For You”

~ TSDSAS;IREO-O-TCBSWARBO-B-IAWW-‘E-YDIT-IT’-WKOCBPCTB? ~ There’s Something Deeply Sociable About Science; It Rests Entirely On – Observations – That Can Be Shared With And Repeated By Others – But – In A World Where – “Everything – You Decide Is True – Is True” – What Kind Of Connection Between People Can There Be?

~ TT-PT-ERS-A-OILMBSTRM ~ To The – Positive Thinker – Emotions Remain Suspect – And – One’s Inner Life Must Be Subjected To Relentless Monitoring

~ WSSMTWOO-W-TISMRWTBD? ~ Why Spend So Much Time Working On Oneself – When – There Is So Much Real Work To Be Done?

~ T-O-S-CEO-HRFWTROTC-MEAOTBBATTT;T-NO-WLTHBHFH-CSITBW-EIIWDFTULOB ~ The – Old-Style – CEO – Had Risen From Within The Ranks Of The Company – Mastering Every Aspect Of The Business Before Ascending To The Top; The – New One – Was Likely To Have Been Hired For His – Celebrity Status In The Business World – Even If It Was Derived From Totally Unrelated Lines Of Businesses

~ YCJA-SM-WTCAASNOTBAMHCP-B-TEMTAL-FN-YCOCY-POR-F-NAB-T-PAA-TWTCWGGTIL-OEATOS-PT ~ You Could Join A – Social Movement – Working To Create An Adequate Safety Net Or To Bring About More Humane Corporate Polices – But – Those Efforts Might Take A Lifetime – For Now – You Can Only Change Your – Perception Of Reality – From – Negative And Bitter – To – Positive And Accepting – This Was The Corporate World’s Great Gift To Its Laid-Off Employees And The Overworked Survivors – Positive Thinking

~ B-TMPTFMT-SOD-W-‘TB’-AESMTIHSA-‘T-BI’-OTMI-JALWMAMOTTC-EWUTFCAASOCPATMOT-‘T’- ~ But – The Most Popular Technique For Motivating The – Survivors Of Downsizing – Was – “Team Building” – An Effort So Massive That It Has Spawned A – “Team-Building Industry” – Overlapping The Motivation Industry – Just As Layoffs Were Making A Mockery Of The Team Concept – Employees Were Urged To Find Camaraderie And A Sense Of Collective Purpose At The Microlevel Of The – “Team”

~ PT-P-A-SOC-IAWW-T-‘C’-WAM-TMHH-LALPTCTOF-B-THBGA-W-A-BS-AA-R-TCTWIF-IP-IOTC-MTOM ~ Positive Thinking – Promised – A – Sense Of Control – In A World Where – The – “Cheese” – Was Always Moving – They May Have Had – Less And Less Power To Chart Their Own Futures – But – They Had Been Given A – Worldview – A – Belief System – Almost A – Religion – That Claimed They Were In Fact – Infinitely Powerful – If Only They Could – Master Their Own Minds

~ FM-ITM-SM-ETMOIMB-A-YWBLM ~ Follow Me – Is The Message – Send Money – Employ The Methods Outlined In My Books – And – You Will Become Like Me

~ E-TSM-YCHATSITM-I-O-YBTYC-B-A-IAHU-TIT-DM-TIYDHATYW-IYF:S/D/D-YHOYTB ~ Everywhere – The Same Message – You Can Have All That Stuff In The Mall – If – Only – You Believe That You Can – But – Always – In A Hissed Undertone – There Is The – Darker Message – That If You Don’t Have All That You Want – If You Feel: Sick / Discouraged / Defeated – You Have Only Yourself To Blame

~ TA-‘IAE’-HOCBUAAEPR ~ This Argument – “Impractical And Expensive” – Has Of Course Been Used Against Almost Every Progressive Reform

~ HS-ITFO-MT-DO-OATLIG-B-TIOM-GC-CSO-RACS-MUHTCTCOBTBOBN ~ Human Survival – In The Face Of – Multiple Threats – Depended On – Our Ability To Live In Groups – But – The Imperative Of Maintaining – Group Cohesion – Can Sometimes Override – Realism And Common Sense – Making Us Hesitate To Challenge The Consensus Or Be The Bearer Of Bad News

~ PT-DNATNF-CV-IOTTVI ~ Positive Thinking – Did Not Abolish The Need For – Constant Vigilance – It Only Turned That Vigilance Inward

~ S-WNTHOFANT-A-AAT-WNTBATTWOO-EWTI-ABN-A-ETVO-‘N’P ~ Sometimes – We Need To Heed Our Fears And Negative Thoughts – And – At All Times – We Need To Be Alert To The World Outside Ourselves – Even When That Includes – Absorbing Bad News – And – Entertaining The Views Of – “Negative” People

~ A-VR-DNFTPOH-IF-IMIP-HCWET-IOS-WA-TACWFOI? ~ A – Vigilant Realism – Does Not Foreclose The Pursuit Of Happiness – In Fact – It Makes It Possible – How Can We Expect To – Improve Our Situation – Without Addressing – The Actual Circumstances We Find Ourselves In?


~ IIET-ECBCCITE-TB-TTMPTMC-A-AGCAIANTROASI-ALFOITD-B-CAYOHW ~ It Is Easier To – Enhance Creativity By Changing Conditions In The Environment – Than By – Trying To Make People Think More Creatively – And – A Genuinely Creative Accomplishment Is Almost Never The Result Of A Sudden Insight – A Lightbulb Flashing On In The Dark – But – Comes After Years Of Hard Work

~ MOTTTA-I-I-A-H-ATROC ~ Most Of The Things That Are – Interesting – Important – And – Human – Are The Results Of Creativity

~ C-WWAIII-WFTWALMFTDTROL ~ Creativity – When We Are Involved In It – We Feel That We Are Living More Fully Than During The Rest Of Life

~ AIALR-TIJSMIWCPAAGT-TACIAED-TMBSAA ~ Attention Is A Limited Resource – There Is Just So Much Information We Can Process At Any Given Time – To Achieve Creativity In An Existing Domain – There Must Be Surplus Attention Available

~ CGICTBOD ~ Creativity Generally Involves Crossing The Boundaries Of Domains

~ ITFOFCAA-ITMOAPITWORAE-TMTEICBIEE ~ If Too Few Opportunities For Curiosity Are Available – If Too Many Obstacles Are Placed In The Way Of Risk And Exploration – The Motivation To Engage In Creative Behavior Is Easily Extinguished

~ ITNGITFTFWZAS-C-WMETTB-O-AWA-C ~ If The Next Generation Is To Face The Future With Zest And Self-Confidence – We Must Educate Them To Be – Original – As Well As – Competent

~ TMIMWCLFCP:HTFPAEITCOE ~ The Most Important Message We Can Learn From Creative People: How To Find Purpose And Enjoyment In The Chaos Of Existence

~ CDNHIPH-B-ITIBAPTAASCC-IIA-S-RTA-I-P ~ Creativity Does Not Happen Inside People’s Heads – But – In The Interaction Between A Person’s Thoughts And A SocioCultural Context – It Is A – Systemic – Rather Than An – Individual – Phenomenon

~ A-L-C-A-POSRTOI ~ Accidents – Like – Creativity – Are – Properties Of Systems Rather Than Of Individuals

~ BITRPATRT-ICI-B-MPNRTTASIAPS-TC-A-EFKWTDWTRHT ~ Being In The Right Place At The Right Time – Is Clearly Important – But – Many People Never Realize That They Are Standing In A Propitious Space-Time Convergence – And – Even Fewer Know What To Do When The Realization Hits Them

~ WAGDO-C-W-A-I-I-WTALAIHTW-IIDTRAIP ~ Without A Good Dose Of – Curiosity – Wonder – And – Interest – In – What Things Are Like And In How They Work – It Is Difficult To Recognize An Interesting Problem

~ OTE-AFATCPEITE-IAGAF-RPN-ECPIMTAEWTT ~ Openness To Experience – A Fluid Attention That Constantly Processes Events In The Environment – Is A Great Advantage For – Recognizing Potential Novelty – Every Creative Person Is More Than Amply Endowed With These Traits

~ YCATMOCJBAACPS ~ You Cannot Assume The Mantle Of Creativity Just By Assuming A Certain Personality Style

~ CI-TTBS-YANATST ~ Creative Individuals – Tend To Be Smart – Yet Also Naive At The Same Time

~ APLAITOCI ~ A Playfully Light Attitude Is Typical Of Creative Individuals

~ CI-ABIAFAOE-A-ARSORATO ~ Creative Individuals – Alternate Between Imagination And Fantasy At One End – And – A Rooted Sense Of Reality At The Other

~ CI-AARHAPATST ~ Creative Individuals – Are Also Remarkably Humble And Proud At The Same Time

~ CI-TACE-E-RGRS ~ Creative Individuals – To A Certain Extent – Escape – Rigid Gender Role Stereotyping

~ G-CP-ATTB-RAI-YIIITBCWHFIADOC-A-APMBITIOSADIOTLIR;H-HOSMBTACEA-T-SIIDTSHAPCBCWBBTACAATST-RAI-BOTLTDU;CTCWRTWHBVITPRLTNTIAAAI ~ Generally – Creative People – Are Thought To Be – Rebellious And Independent – Yet Is Is Impossible To Be Creative Without Having First Internalized A Domain Of Culture – And – A Person Must Believe In The Importance Of Such A Domain In Order To Learn Its Rules; Hence – He Or She Must Be To A Certain Extent A – Traditionalist – So It Is Difficult To See How A Person Can Be Creative Without Being Both Traditional And Conservative And At The Same Time – Rebellious And Iconoclastic – Being Only Traditional Leaves The Domain Unchanged; Constantly Taking Chances Without Regard To What Has Been Valued In The Past Rarely Leads To Novelty That Is Accepted As An Improvement

~ M-CP-A-VPATW-Y-TCBEOAIAW ~ Most – Creative Persons – Are – Very Passionate About Their Work – Yet – They Can Be Extremely Objective About It As Well

~ B-U-I-TTCT-PM-TI-TTWHTLAHAAGSOPI ~ But – Usually – Insights – Tend To Come To – Prepared Minds – That Is – To Those Who Have Thought Long And Hard About A Given Set Of Problematic Issues

~ W-ABC-ALI-WAUTPLTMA-SNC-TKOIIROIIN-IIURIDF-IMETNSSOR ~ Without – A Burning Curiosity – A Lively Interest – We Are Unlikely To Persevere Long To Make A – Significant New Contribution – This Kind Of Interest Is Rarely Only Intellectual In Nature – It Is Usually Rooted In Deep Feelings – In Memorable Experiences That Need Some Sort Of Resolution

~ B-TAASIWNHATQY-NEKTTIAP ~ But – There Are Also Situations In Which Nobody Had Asked The Question Yet – Nobody Even Knows That There Is A Problem

~ WITKOTD-TCOTF-A-TBPOTWOMAO ~ We Internalize The Knowledge Of The Domain – The Concerns Of The Field – And – They Become Part Of The Way Our Minds Are Organized

~ WWSAIOSASTAIWW-WWMBSITNOTPWOMWAI ~ When We Sit Alone In Our Study And Say That An Idea Won’t Work – What We May Be Saying Is That None Of The People Whose Opinions Matter Will Accept It

~ CT-EITGFWT-HOTWIKAAWTTAS-I-DTTIBGOTOSOTC ~ Creative Thoughts – Evolve In This Gap Filled With Tension – Holding On To What Is Known And Accepted While Tending Toward A Still Ill-Defined Truth That Is Barely Glimpsed On The Other Side Of The Chasm

~ TCOG ~ The Clarity Of Goals

~ B-CAS-TMO-AAA ~ Balancing – Challenges And Skills – The Merging Of – Action And Awareness

~ CI-TTGTCOVA-WTWHTCOS ~ Creative Individuals – Tend To Gravitate Toward Centers Of Vital Activity – Where Their Work Has The Chance Of Succeeding

~ IE-U-TINE-A-PTNWB-TPTADSIC-Y-HAHTROICBHITCTOWAOOU ~ Inspiring Environments – Unfortunately – There Is No Evidence – And – Probably There Never Will Be – To Prove That A Delightful Setting Induces Creativity – Yet – Having A Home That Reinforces One’s Individuality Cannot But Help Increase The Chances That One Will Act Out One’s Uniqueness

~ WHT-PADI-A-HEC-IAETWHBTRO-WIIETFTOWACCOTTAH ~ What Helps To – Preserve And Develop Individuality – And – Hence Enhance Creativity – Is An Environment That We Have Built To Reflect Ourselves – Where It Is Easy To Forget The Outside World And Concentrate Completely On The Task At Hand

~ M-CI-FOEWTBRAF-S/E/W-A-ABT-EWIITTDO-A-WMINWOKTASOTAFS;WCITBMOOOT ~ Most – Creative Individuals – Find Out Early What Their Best Rhythms Are For – Sleeping / Eating / Working – And – Abide By Them – Even When It Is Tempting To Do Otherwise – Again – What Matters Is Not Whether One Keeps To A Strict Or To A Flexible Schedule; What Counts Is To Be Master Of One’s Own Time

~ BAP-INARF-LC-AMTUK-CAOS-ATB ~ Being A Prodigy – Is Not A Requirement For – Later Creativity – A More Than Usually Keen – Curiosity About One’s Surroundings – Appears To Be

~ TDT-B-IAD-TISCOECP ~ The – Dialectical Tension – Between – Involvement And Detachment – That Is So Characteristic Of Every Creative Process

~ P-IIT-AR-WIT-LAFOA-TG-TEO-UF ~ Paradoxically – It Is The – Abstract Rules – We Invent To – Limit And Focus Our Attention – That Give Us – The Experience Of – Untrammelled Freedom

~ CP-A-CS-TDATTUWIHAT-A-TDATAEDE ~ Creative People – Are – Constantly Surprised – They Don’t Assume That They Understand What Is Happening Around Them – And – They Don’t Assume That Anybody Else Does Either


~ TACGESOTW ~ There Are Clear Goals Every Step Of The Way

~ TIIFTOA ~ There Is Immediate Feedback To One’s Actions

~ TIABBCAS-WFTOAAWMTTOFA ~ There Is A Balance Between Challenges And Skills – We Feel That Our Abilities Are Well Matched To The Opportunities For Action

~ AAAAM-OCIFOWWD ~ Action And Awareness Are Merged – Our Concentration Is Focused On What We Do

~ DAEFC-WAAOOWIRHAN ~ Distractions Are Excluded From Consciousness – We Are Aware Only Of What Is Relevant Here And Now

~ TINWOF ~ There Is No Worry Of Failure

~ S-CD-WATIIWWADTCAPTE ~ Self-Consciousness Disappears – We Are Too Involved In What We Are Doing To Care About Protecting The Ego

~ TSOTBD ~ The Sense Of Time Becomes Distorted

~ TABA-AEII-NRFDTETFTETP ~ The Activity Becomes Autotelic – An End In Itself – No Reason For Doing – Except To Feel The Experience They Provide


~ TCPHTBDATFS: ~ The Creative Process Has Traditionally Been Described As Taking Five Steps:

~ APOP:BI-IASOPITAIAAC ~ A Period Of Preparation: Becoming Immersed – In A Set Of Problematic Issues That Are Interesting And Arouse Curiosity

~ APOI:DWICABTTOC-IIDTTT-UC-ALTBM ~ A Period Of Incubation: During Which Ideas Churn Around Below The Threshold Of Consciousness – It Is During This Time That – Unusual Connections – Are Likely To Be Made

~ I(SCT-‘A!’-M):WPOTPFT ~ Insight (Sometimes Called The – “Aha!” – Moment): When Pieces Of The Puzzle Fall Together

~ E:DWTIIVAWP-OTMETPOTP-WOFMUAI ~ Evaluation: Decide Whether The Insight Is Valuable And Worth Pursuing – Often The Most Emotionally Trying Part Of The Process – When One Feels Most Uncertain And Insecure

~ E:PTUTMT-A-ITHW ~ Elaboration: Probably Takes Up The Most Time – And – Involves The Hardest Work



~ TW-WATPATSTBOOW-WTLOD-UBD ~ The Way – Whatever Allows The People And Their Superior To Be Of One Will – Willing To Live Or Die – Undeterred By Danger

~ TH-NAD/HAF ~ The Heavens – Night And Day / Heat And Frost

~ TE-RD/GAOOTT-ISFATMFLOD ~ The Earth – Relative Distance / Gradient And Openness Of The Terrain – In So Far As This Makes For Life Or Death

~ TFC-W/R/H/C/S ~ The Field Commander – Wisdom / Reliability / Humaneness / Courage / Strictness

~ TR-OAM/DOA/DOR ~ The Regulations – Organization And Management / Delegation Of Authority / Deployment Of Resources


~ WRHTW ~ Which Ruler Has The Way

~ WCITA ~ Which Commander Is The Abler

~ WSEAHF ~ Whose Side Earth And Heaven Favor

~ WRAOAO ~ Whose Rules And Orders Are Obeyed

~ WTATS ~ Whose Troops Are The Stronger

~ WS-BT ~ Whose Solider – Better Trained

~ WRASAMCO ~ Whose Rewards And Sanctions Are More Clearly Ordained


~ CTA-TCA-FSD-WAFTCAHACC ~ Calculated The Advantages – Then Create A – Favorable Strategic Disposition – Wrestling Advantages From The Conditions At Hand And Controlling Contingencies

~ TWCSTFHAWTEP ~ The Wise Commander Strives To Feed His Army With The Enemy’s Provisions

~ AKTEIAAQOR-WAFTEISE-AQOOW ~ Although Killing The Enemy Is All A Question Of Rage – Wresting Advantage From The Enemy Is Something Else – A Question Only Of Wealth

~ WAHVIAHB-INTBPO-BIT-STETWEETOTB ~ Winning A Hundred Victories In A Hundred Battles – Is Not The Best Possible Outcome – Best Is To – Subdue The Enemy’s Troops Without Ever Engaging Them On The Battlefield

~ BIWITT-TS-T-TA-AT-TT ~ Best In War Is To Target – Their Strategies – Then – Their Alliances – And Then – Their Troops

~ TLDOITAA-FC-CSAOWNAE ~ The Least Desirable Option Is To Attack A – Fortified City – Contemplate Such Attacks Only When No Alternative Exist

~ FA-WCITR-SMKYW-TW-TTDNGDATAERK-TITWTPAA ~ For Always – When Contending In The Realm – Success Means Keeping Yourself Whole – That Way – The Troops Do Not Grow Dull And The Army’s Edge Remains Keen – This Is The Way To Plan An Attack

~ ASFSISTAP-MIEPFTLF ~ A Smaller Force’s Stubbornness In Sticking To A Plan – Makes It Easy Prey For The Larger Force

~ TRV-GBFP:BFOWIIPTFON;BRHMTANFTT;BUTAAAOTH-AL-R;BBPFTU;BTRRTMWHAC ~ To Realize Victory – Go By Five Paths: By Figuring Out Whether It Is Possible To Fight Or Not; By Recognizing How Many Troops Are Needed For The Task; By Unifying The Aims And Ambitions Of The High- And Low-Ranking; By Being Prepared For The Unexpected; By The Ruler’s Refusal To Meddle With His Able Commanders

~ GOTDWOECBO;GOTOAAVE;DWYTSIL;AWYHSS ~ Go On The Defensive When Our Enemy Cannot Be Overcome; Go On The Offensive Against A Vulnerable Enemy; Defend When Your Troop Strength Is Lacking; Attack When You Have Surplus Strength

~ TEADMHOAITDROTE;TEAOMSFTHROTH ~ To Excel At Defense Means Hiding Oneself Away In The Deepest Recesses Of The Earth; To Excel At Offense Means Striking From The Highest Reaches Of The Heavens

~ LTTOAAHDMYS;STSAMDMYGKE;HATDMYEWW ~ Lifting The Tip Of An Autumn Hair Doesn’t Mean You’re Strong; Seeing The Sun And Moon Doesn’t Mean You’ve Got Keen Eyes; Hearing A Thunderclap Doesn’t Mean Your Ears Work Well

~ TAOWCO:M/E/C/W/V-TTLTM;TMLTE;TELTC;TCLTWTO;TWLTV ~ The Art Of War Consists Of: Measurement / Estimates / Calculations / Weighing / Victory – The Terrain Leads To Measurements; The Measurements Lead To Estimates; The Estimates Lead To Calculations; The Calculations Lead To Weighing The Options; The Weighing Leads To Victory

~ IG-OTM-IJL-OTF-ITIRA-DIU-BTM-IJL-BAF-ITIRA-DODAT ~ In General – Ordering The Multitudes – Is Just Like – Ordering The Few – In That It Requires A – Division Into Units – Battling The Multitudes – Is Just Like – Battling A Few – In That It Requires A – Distribution Of Duties And Titles

IG-CM-ETE-W-S-SV-T-BD-TBGAUSI-TBAVATCI ~ In General – Conventional Methods – Engage The Enemy – While – Surprise – Secures Victory – Thus – By Definition – To Be Good At Unleashing Surprises Is – To Be As Various As The Cosmos Itself

~ BD-TWEIBCTEATDNLOCT ~ By Definition – Those Who Excel In Battle Compel The Enemy And They Do Not Let Others Compel Them

~ OIUTCYMATLWGW ~ Only In Unoccupied Territory Can You March A Thousand Leagues Without Growing Weary

~ IOAIUATED-TIUAFOTTAO;WAMTHF ~ If Our Army Is United And The Enemy’s Divided – That Is Using A Force Of Ten To Attack One; We Are Many To His Few

~ TPWHCTGBMBKS-ITECAU-HWHTPTDMP-A-TTEUDBWUWBF-TBPEITBSN ~ The Place We Have Chosen To Give Battle Must Be Kept Secret – If The Enemy Cannot Anticipate Us – He Will Have To Prepare To Defend Many Positions – And – Then The Enemy Units Doing Battle With Us Will Be Fewer – To Be Prepared Everywhere Is To Be Strong Nowhere

~ TUSIDFLIANST ~ The Ultimate Skill In Determining Formations Lies In Assuming No Set Formation

~ AMATFIRTICC ~ Armies Must Assume Their Forms In Response To Infinitely Changing Circumstances

~ OTMAOOHAM-TBWNBATAOTOINTCR-TITBWTMTMOM-TINBMEUOTAD-WIBDTD-MEUOFAP-TATTTCAP ~ Once The Men Are Of One Heart And Mind – The Brave Will Not Be Able To Advance On Their Own Initiatives Nor The Cowardly Retreat – This Is The Best Way To Manage The Masses Of Men – Thus In Night Battles Make Extensive Use Of Torches And Drums – Whereas In Battles During The Day – Make Extensive Use Of Flags And Pennants – These Are The Tools That Can Alter Perceptions

~ ITESLOTW-TAH-ITSFWTTFDT-TAT-ITIAATBHYTDNATSI-TAW ~ If The Enemy Soldiers Lean On Their Weapons – They Are Hungry – If Those Sent For Water Take The First Drink Themselves – They Are Thirsty – If There Is An Advantage To Be Had Yet They Do Not Advance To Seize It – They Are Weary

~ KTEAOO-AVIIS-KTTAT-AVWBT ~ Know The Enemy And Our Own – And Victory Is In Sight – Know The Terrain And Timing – And Victories Will Be Total

~ TOWTMTTCOMTER-STTAAO ~ The Only Way To Mange The Troops Consists Of Making Them Equally Resolute – So That They Act As One

~ TDYPIET-TMS-MYTWB-TLDYP-TMEYTWD ~ The Deeper You Penetrate Into Enemy Territory – The More Single-Minded Your Troops Will Be – The Less Deeply You Penetrate – The More Easily Your Troops Will Desert

~ WNTG-MN;OTOLW-FN;SIDN-WN ~ When Nought’s To Gain – Move Not; Over Things Of Little Worth – Fight Not; Save In Direst Need – War Not


~ MIAM-WPBSWPA-OBAOATNOOA-DHWIOEACSTBOWWA ~ Mastery Is A Mindset – What People Believe Shapes What People Achieve – Our Beliefs About Ourselves And The Nature Of Our Abilities – Determine How We Interpret Our Experiences And Can Set The Boundaries On What We Accomplish

~ MIAP-D/P/E/A-C-E ~ Mastery Is A Pain – Difficult / Painful / Excruciating / All-Consuming – Effort

~ MIAA-UCAI-YCHIOI-YCG-R/R/R-CTI-B-YCNTI-MIITRF ~ Mastery Is An Asymptote – You Can Approach It – You Can Home In On It – You Can Get – Really / Really / Really – Close To It – But – You Can Never Touch It – Mastery Is Impossible To Realize Fully