~ STEC ~ Shifting The Economic Conversation

~ WOATNOTNECITILOTAIEARFTHBTCOBUIOWMAEP ~ What’s Odd About The Narrowness Of The National Economic Conversation Is That It Leaves Out Theoretical Advances In Economics And Related Fields That Have Begun To Change Our Basic Understandings Of What Motivates And Enriches People

~ FCBTEB ~ From Consumer Boom To Ecological Bust

~ DN ~ Discard Nation

~ TMP ~ The Materiality Paradox

~ ATLTG? ~ Are There Limits To Growth?

~ ECTE ~ Economics Confronts The Earth

~ TMCMLATTNAAEEHRIALE ~ The Methodological Choices Made Long Ago To Treat Nature As An External Effect Have Resulted In A Literal Externalization

~ ROMPAIOTSOTNWIR-INR ~ Relying On Market Prices As Indicators Of The State Of The Natural World Is Risky – If Not Reckless

~ CTSTD? ~ Can Technology Save The Day?

~ TWCBABMATTEO-TCCAC ~ True Wealth Can Be Attained By Mobilizing And Transforming The Economies Of – Time, Creativity, Community, And Consumption

~ ATER ~ Adjusting To Ecological Reality

~ TW ~ Time Wealth

~ WTM-ETQ-STL-DASITFTMH-DGES-AFHRMOTT ~ Work Too Much – Eat Too Quickly – Socialize Too Little – Drive And Sit In Traffic For Too Many Hours – Don’t Get Enough Sleep – And Feel Harried Too Much Of The Time

~ TDOTSADASG-BAACWHASEOTI ~ The Details Of Time Scarcity Are Different Across Socioeconomic Groups – But As A Culture We Have A Shared Experience Of Temporal Impoverishment

~ ACORYITH-WLH-BMS-BFTUTASOLBN-TCOMCEACCE-WTPOCGF ~ A Characteristic Of Recent Years Is That Households – Worked Longer Hours – Bought More Stuff – But Found Themselves Unable To Afford Some Of Life’s Basic Needs – The Cost Of Medical Care, Education, And Child Care Escalated – While The Prices Of Consumer Goods Fell

~ WLITGS ~ Working Less Is The Green Solution

~ TAOSS ~ The Art Of Slow Spending

~ TSS ~ The Share Solution

~ RTSEOR ~ Recapitalizing The Social: Economies Of Reciprocity

~ WWYDIYMWNWA? ~ What Would You Do If Your Money Was Not Worth Anything?

~ PTEBAUGHBTJS ~ Policies That Encourage Business-As-Usual Growth Have Begun To Jeopardize Planetary Survival

~ ESD&TEOK ~ Earth-Smart Design And The Economics Of Knowledge

~ BP ~ Beyond Physophilia


~ PTDD ~ Post-Traumatic Dieting Disorder

~ TOMTRTA:OWSAB’I’ ~ The One Myth That Rules Them All: Our Weights Should All Be “Ideal”

~ BH ~ Banish Hunger

~ PHFE ~ Preemptive Hunger-Free Eating

~ YLTLTGSWAFCIYGIH-YLTEMAMIIYSDTAMH-HMAAOC ~ You’re Likely To Leave The Grocery Store With A Fuller Cart If You’ve Gone In Hungry – You’re Likely To Eat More And More Indulgently If You Sit Down To A Meal Hungry – Hunger Most Assuredly Affects Our Choices

~ WCIDRNTICBPO? ~ What Can I Do Right Now That I Can Be Proud Of?

~ WCIDRNTWHALB? ~ What Can I Do Right Now That Will Help A Little Bit?

~ SISAWTC ~ Some Indulgences Simply Aren’t Worth Their Calories

~ HMOIDINTBH? ~ How Much Of It Do I Need To Be Happy?

~ CYIST ~ Change Your Internal Sound Track

~ OYCWYFATBOYRNSTP-YNTCOAHOSTSDART ~ Once You’ve Collected What You Feel Are The Bulk Of Your Recurrent Negative Self-Talking Points – You’ll Need To Carve Out An Hour Or So To Sit Down And Rewrite Them

~ CIESKAFD?-M ~ Can I Ever Stop Keeping A Food Diary? – Maybe

~ SA ~ Scale Addiction

~ SS ~ Scale Seduction

~ SA ~ Scale Avoidance

~ HTUTSTYA ~ How To Use The Scale To Your Advantage

~ SH ~ Scale Holidays

~ IIA’P’OIIA’F’~ Is It A “Plateau” Or Is It A “Floor”

~ SCTWM ~ Sleep’s Crucial To Weight Management

~ HALOPATFM-MCEMFAV-AALLTSB ~ Having At Least One Parent At The Family Meal – Means Children Eat More Fruits And VegetablesAnd Are Less Likely To Skip Breakfast

~ TMFJABBYHAH-TLAFAVYKWE ~ The More Fruit Juice And Breakfast Bars You Have At Home – The Less Actual Fruits And Vegetables Your Kids Will Eat

~ TMOMAEIFOTT-TLOTFSDTET ~ The More Often Meals Are Eaten In Front Of The Television The Less Often The Family Sits Down To Eat Together

~ TMFIUAAR-TMYKWDSSB ~ The More Food Is Used As A Reward The More Your Kids Will Drink Sugar-Sweetened Beverages