~ CCPBU? ~ Could Cell Phones Be Unsafe?

~ S-WEWTB-TOTB-IW ~ Sometimes – What Everyone Wants To Believe – Turns Out To Be – Inconveniently Wrong

~ CAGUIASORFRTDNEEFYA ~ Children Are Growing Up In A Sea Of Radio Frequency Radiation That Did Not Exist Even Five Years Ago

~ WW-OTPB-O-ITL-DNATOSEI-RL ~ What Works – On The Planning Board – Or – In The Lab – Does Not Always Turn Out So Well In – Real Life

~ A-RFSAI-A-TCPUIANEIMADEIATCW-ITHB ~ All – Radio Frequency Signals Are Invisible – And – They Can Pass Unobserved Into Anything Not Encased In Metal And Deposit Energy Into Anything That Contains Water – Including The Human Body

~ WLITAOTM ~ We Live In The Age Of The Microwave

~ TIGETEOMRAUOT ~ There Is Growing Evidence That Effects Of Microwave Radiation Add Up Over Time

~ WHTOB-AHAYOUACP-TWALTOWOP-B-ATSFAAO? ~ What Happens To Our Brains – After Hours And Years Of Using A Cell Phone – That Works At Less Than One Watt Of Power – But – At The Same Frequency As An Oven?

~ SLAWANUOCPWSICMB-TEAT-MEFMPANC-BFTRIAD ~ So Long As We Are Not Using Our Cell Phones While Standing In Closed Metal Boxes – Think Elevators And Trains – Microwave Exposures From Mobile Phones Are Not Confined – But Free To Radiate In All Directions

~ BCPPNH-IWATTIWDNH ~ Because Cell Phones Produced No Heat – It Was Assumed That Their Invisible Waves Did Nothing Harmful

~ TAS:”IPONPC”-IOW-WHMSHB-BWDTIII ~ The Added Sentence: “Is Probably Of No Physiologic Consequence” – In Other Words – We Have Made Something Happen Biologically – But We Don’t Think It Is Important

~ TNFMRITFIOFUWAPHUA-TAORHBPOTRFMNCITM ~ The Need For More Research In This Field Is One Fact Upon Which All Parties Have Usually Agreed – The Absence Of Research Has Become Part Of The Rationale For Making No Changes In The Meantime

~ B-IIPTTPUOCPICAHO-S-C-HP-T-DOATHHCACL-TRTOBAB?-TFTWDNHCATTQATPITHOETINAA ~ But – Is It Possible That The Pervasive Use Of Cell Phones Is Causing A Host Of – Subtle – Chronic – Health Problems – Today – Damaging Our Ability To Have Healthy Children And Creating Long-Term Risks To Our Brains And Bodies? – The Fact That We Do Not Have Clear Answers To This Question At This Point In The History Of Electronic Technology Is Not An Accident

~ OC-SILBMT-BIIEMLB-PAEC-TDWQAA-WGTAT-WFR-A-WAWTWBP ~ Of Course – Science Is Limited By Measurement Techniques – But It Is Even More Limited By – Political And Economic Circumstances – That Determine What Questions Are Asked – Who Gets To Answer Them – Who Funds Research – And – Where And When That Work Becomes Public

~ CBABMATAMMATTOA-AFTEWCHCADOMTRFEOAH ~ Children’s Brains And Bone Marrow Are Thinner And Much More Absorptive Than Those Of Adults – A Fact That Explains Why Children’s Heads Can Absorb Double Or More The Radio Frequency Energy Of Adult’s Heads

~ TFOALATATPASHPINEU ~ The Filing Of A Lawsuit Alleging That Any Technology Produces A Serious Health Problem Is Not Easily Undertaken

~ DL-RISUW-NOCBOTR-AA ~ Decades Later – Research Is Still Under Way – No One Can Be Opposed To Research – After All

~ AAA-CBASAALTAMRFRATOA-TAIOUOTYBHNHAIOTWTCPATOR-Y ~ All Are Agreed – Children’s Brains And Skulls Absorb At Least Twice As Much Radio Frequency Radiation As Those Of Adults – These Advances In Our Understanding Of The Young Brain Have Not Had Any Impact On The Way That Cell Phones Are Tested Or Rated – Yet

~ OC-TBINOSE-BACOP ~ Of Course – The Brain Is Not One Simple Entity – But A Complex Of Parts

~ ‘DNHOTBD’ ~ “Do Not Hold Directly On The Body”

~ SAR ~ Specific Absorption Rate

~ SHN-FMTFY-TMRDNUMTOHAT-TWTFMOB-BSP-LOPU-TS-TTKRTF ~ Scientists Have Known – For More Than Forty Years – That Microwave Radiation Does Not Uniformly Move Through Or Heat Any Thing – That’s Why The First Microwave Ovens Bombed – Burning Some Parts – Leaving Other Parts Uncooked – The Solution – Turntables To Keep Rotating The Food

~ TBFNSD-TBICFHOP ~ The Brain Feels No Sensation Directly – The Brain Itself Cannot Feel Heat Or Pain

~ OC-N-TINMFIRAA ~ Of Course – Now – There Is No Money For Independent Research At All

~ HM-D-IG-A-HMIMMBTSTPD-CEBDATP ~ How Much – Debate – Is Genuine – And – How Much Is Mostly Manufactured By Those Seeking To Prolong Doubt – Cannot Easily Be Determined At This Point

~ GHBCPSNPOWO-TCS-A-ASDAOMC-WDWFATUGTCRA? ~ Given How Broadly Cell Phone Signals Now Penetrate Our Worlds Of – The Coffee Shop – Airports – And Some Downtown Areas Of Major Cities – Where Do We Find Any Truly Unexposed Groups To Compare Results Against?

~ BCPUHGSFATCEY-IIAIWATTSTCIWWAD ~ Because Cell Phone Use Has Grown So Fast And Technologies Change Every Year – It Is As If We Are Trying To Study The Car In Which We Are Driving

~ B-WYLATFSTIPWHUPFADOM-TRSTHCPUCBT ~ But – When You Look At Those Few Studies That Included People Who Had Used Phones For A Decade Or More – The Results Show That Heavy Cell Phone Use Causes Brain Tumors

~ TNOP-UAF-WCTYJHH-BC-I-HBGITUSFTPTD ~ The Number Of People – Under Age Forty – Who Can Tell You Just How Horrible – Brain Cancer – Is – Has Been Growing In The United States For The Past Three Decades

~ THOOCAGBINAMTSBPOHWWCTDTM ~ The Health Of Our Children’s And Grandchildren’s Brains Is Not A Matter That Should Be Put On Hold While We Continue To Debate Technical Matters

~ TEOSCOTSIILPAROTSEOSTMSD ~ The Existence Of Scientific Conflict On This Subject Is In Large Part A Reflection Of The Successful Efforts Of Some To Manufacture Scientific Doubt

~ TINVIWUIITL ~ There Is No Virtue In Waiting Until It Is Too Late

~ OBPOTPIT-MSHBDFTSAPOT-TFAIROBT ~ One Big Part Of The Problem Is That – Most Studies Have Been Done For Too Short A Period Of Time – To Find Any Increased Risk Of Brain Tumors

~ TSFCP-WSI-1993-BOAMTU-AVLHM-WAE-PH-TFSM ~ Today’s Standards For Cell Phones – Were Set In – 1993 – Based On A Model That Used – A Very Large Heavy Man – With An Eleven-Pound Head – Taking For Six Minutes

~ TSOLRTT ~ Texting Sends Out Less Radiation Than Talking

~ C-TDIOCMOG ~ Coltan – The Devastating Impact Of Coltan Mining On Gorillas

~ Y-WDNH-AEOBTICTHUCPHFALMTAD-B-TYACGTBHS-WADNHAEOLC ~ Yes – We Do Not Have – An Epidemic Of Brain Tumors – In Countries That Have Used Cell Phones Heavily For Little More Than A Decade – But – Ten Years After Cigarettes Began To Be Heavily Smoked – We Also Did Not Have An – Epidemic Of Lung Cancer


~ P-P-A-P-T-P ~ Profile – Police – And – Punish – The – Poor

~ YA-NAOTMDTSOL-WMBHB-T-WHCMOTD-MPT-SM-AES-RA-A-PRM-C-WNGP-WFANR-WIS-LFE-AWIIFF ~ Years Ago – Nearly All Of The Major Decisions That Shape Our Lives – Were Made By Human Beings – Today – We Have Ceded Much Of That Decision-Making Power To – Sophisticated Machines – Automated Eligibility Systems – Ranking Algorithms – And – Predictive Risk Models – Control – Which Neighborhoods Get Policed – Which Families Attain Needed Resources – Who Is Short-Listed For Employment – And – Who Is Investigated For Fraud

~ H-CFIARP-TTGMOIICB-P-N-C ~ Health-Care Fraud Is A Real Problem – Though The Great Majority Of It Is Committed By – Providers – Not – Consumers

~ TTTABTBAA:YGASOAPITDN-AEETTY-BYCPYFOEWA ~ That’s The Thing About Being Targeted By An Algorithm: You Get A Sense Of A Pattern In The Digital Noise – An Electronic Eye Turned Toward You – But You Can’t Put Your Finger On Exactly What’s Amiss

~ TIN-SL-TCCTRT-ID-OT-DFDS ~ There Is No – Sunshine Law – That Compels Companies To Release The – Inner Details – Of Their – Digital Fraud Detection Systems

~ WTNEO-CR-WHRLAT-T-E-A-A-M-TSO-LC ~ With The Notable Exception Of – Credit Reporting – We Have Remarkably Limited Access To – The – Equations – Algorithms – And – Models – That Shape Our – Life Chances

~ DSG-CIAU-MIAOB-A-CATR-TASDWITFOSLT-MOTTWDENWABWAA ~ Digital Security Guards – Collect Information About Us – Make Inferences About Our Behavior – And – Control Access To Resources – They Are So Deeply Woven Into The Fabric Of Social Life That – Most Of The Time We Don’t Even Notice We Are Being Watched And Analyzed

~ PP-L-NITW-IWIT-HSOSP-A-RTCNTTWAPAA-C/L/S-A ~ Performative Politics – Legislation – Not Intended To Work – It Was Intended To – Heap Stigma On Social Programs – And – Reinforce The Cultural Narrative That Those Who Access Public Assistance Are – Criminal / Lazy / Spendthrift – Addicts

~ DTAD-MHBRI-P-PF-M-CR-CS-BM-F-A-TAOPP ~ Digital Tracking And Decision-Making Systems Have Become Routine In – Policing – Political Forecasting – Marketing – Credit Reporting – Criminal Sentencing – Business Management – Finance – And – The Administration Of Public Programs

~ TNROD-CPAW-CP-O-DTPO-LTM-A-UTHR-TDRBANFSM? ~ The New Regime Of Data – Constricts Poor And Working-Class People’s – Opportunities – Demobilizes Their Political Organizing– Limits Their Movement – And – Undercuts Their Human Rights – How Has The Digital Revolution Become A Nightmare For So Many?

~ PAW-CP-ATB-NTODPM-A-FL-TCAAR-AES-DTFCPRTTNTSAT ~ Poor And Working-Class People – Are Targeted By – New Tools Of Digital Poverty Management – And – Face Life-Threatening Consequences As A Result – Automated Eligibility Systems – Discourage Them From Claiming Public Resources That They Need To Survive And Thrive

~ AD-M-STSSN-CTP-ID-A-CODNV-IR-SSDAWWAAWWWTB-A-SEP ~ Automated Decision-Making – Shatters The Social Safety Net – Criminalizes The Poor – Intensifies Discrimination – And – Compromises Our Deepest National Values – It Reframes – Shared Social Decisions About Who We Are And Who We Want To Be – As – Systems Engineering Problems

~ AWTMSDD-MTATIWCBC-‘LRE’ -WTAFEO-PAAT-SFDF-TP-WE-BUOE ~ And While The Most Sweeping Digital Decision-Making Tools Are Tested In What Could Be Called – “Low Rights Environments” – Where There Are Few Expectations Of – Political Accountability And Transparency – Systems – First Designed For – The Poor – Will Eventually – Be Used On Everyone

~ WHF-A-DP-F-D-A-A-RM-IPTETRAROETCB ~ We Have Forged – A Digital Poorhouse – From – Databases – Algorithms – And – Risk Models – It Promises To Eclipse The Reach And Repercussions Of Everything That Came Before

~ WM-TIP-IOTEO-SR-F-EP ~ We Mange – The Individual Poor – In Order To Escape Our – Shared Responsibility – For – Eradicating Poverty

~ O-NDT-SF-P-M-VOP-A-CASOH-TCAI ~ Our – New Digital Tools – Spring From – Punitive – Moralistic – Views Of Poverty – And – Create A System Of High-Tech Containment And Investigation

~ TDP-DTPFAPR-PTL/S/S/P-TTPTFB-A-PACTWDNCWID ~ The Digital Poorhouse – Deters The Poor From Accessing Public Resources – Polices Their Labor / Spending / Sexuality / Parenting – Tries To Predict Their Future Behavior – And – Punishes And Criminalizes Those Who Do Not Comply With Its Dictates

~ WMS ~ Welfare Management System

~ WMS ~ Workflow Management System

~ HMIS ~ Homeless Management Information System

~ CAWH ~ Crimes Associated With Homelessness

~ OASOS-R-IA-TTHTBIBTWCS-IC-I-ND-BS-TTOEFTD-TTCATDC-NB ~ Older Analog Systems Of Surveillance – Required – Individualized Attention – The Target Had To Be Identified Before The Watcher Could Surveil – In Contrast – In – New Data-Based Surveillance – The Target Often Emerges From The Data – The Targeting Comes After The Data Collection – Not Before

~ MAOIAC-OAWVOIAG-T-TDIM-A-A-S-IOTIPTFMTS ~ Massive Amounts Of Information Are Collected – On A Wide Variety Of Individuals And Groups – Then – The Data Is Mined – Analyzed – And – Searched – In Order To Identify Possible Targets For More Thorough Scrutiny

~ WPTPIAPATHOTATMOPP-DIEAE ~ We Pretend That Poverty Is A Puzzling Aberration That Happens Only To A Tiny Minority Of Pathological People – Denial Is Exhausting And Expensive

~ T-OPL-ARATCBEAB-BD/IB/CP-IF-PIAO-TS-EC-BAHNOP-FWDBDANIROB ~ The – Official Poverty Line – A Regrettable Anomaly That Can Be Explained Away By – Poor Decisions / Individual Behavior / Cultural Pathology – In Fact – Poverty Is An Often-Temporary State – Experienced Cyclically – By A Huge Number Of People – From Wildly Different Backgrounds Displaying A Nearly Infinite Range Of Behaviors

~ WPPOAFFTRAS-TW ~ When Poor People Organize And Fight For Their Rights And Survival – They Win

~ TDPIHTU-T-S/A/M-TPI-ACAOS ~ The Digital Poorhouse Is Hard To Understand – The – Software / Algorithms / Models – That Power It – Are Complex And Often Secret

~ TTTOTPWEBUOE ~ Technological Tools Tested On The Poor Will Eventually Be Used On Everyone

~ A-NC-OA-PRC-MJ-TDOTDPFSC-ATCS ~ A – National Catastrophe – Or A – Political Regime Change – Might Justify – The Deployment Of The Digital Poorhouse’s Full Surveillance Capability – Across The Class Spectrum

~ AIHUA ~ Automated Inequality Hurts Us All

~ H-TT-HAB-IAAPOO-TOLUTBTTDALDTTMBH-B-BII-T-PC-DS-A-PM ~ High-Tech Tools – Have A Built-In Authority And Patina Of Objectivity – That Often Lead Us To Believe That Their Decisions Are Less Discriminatory Than Those Made By Humans – But – Bias Is Introduced – Through – Programming Choices – Data Selection – And – Performance Metrics

~ TDPHPP ~ The Digital Poorhouse Preempts Politics

~ WCDTDP ~ We Can Dismantle The Digital Poorhouse

~ TMISI-DTDP-ICHW-T/T/F-AP-ACAIMS-TBCFTMOBDITBS ~ The Most Important Step In – Dismantling The Digital Poorhouse – Is Changing How We – Think / Talk / Feel – About Poverty – As Counterintuitive As It May Sound – The Best Cure For The Misuse Of Big Data Is Telling Better Stories

~ TBSPOAP-IIYWBP-BPITQOY-E-TRIYN-YETVAT-A-YH ~ The Best Single Predictor Of Adult Poverty – Is If You Were Born Poor – Because Poverty Impacts The Quality Of Your – Education – The Resources In Your Neighborhood – Your Exposure To Violence And Trauma – And – Your Health

~ TGNITTMIAWUW-BIMTEP-LBTP-HBOTR ~ The Good News Is That This Mission Is Already Well Under Way – Broadbased Inclusive Movements To End Poverty – Led By The Poor – Have Been On The Rise

~ T-RA-TWUWWROCS-IA-E-ST-V-F ~ The – Righteous Anger – That Wells Up When We Recognize Our Common Suffering – Is An – Earthshaking – Structure-Tumbling – Visionary – Force

~ WTTBTIIWTAN-PP? ~ Would The Tool Be Tolerated If It Was Targeted At Non-Poor People?

~ DND-BSTOAELROTP ~ Design No Data-Based System That Overturns An Established Legal Right Of The Poor

~ ETVOTDPWRAGDOC ~ Exposing The Violence Of The Digital Poorhouse Will Require A Great Deal Of Courage


~ RLAS-PATBMADIM-AGIATATATM-AASSWSYWOSM ~ React Like A Scientist – Pause And Think Before Making Any Decisive Intellectual Moves – Avoid Granting Immediate And Total Acceptance To Anything That Matters – Adopting A Scientific Stance Will Serve You Well On Social Media

~ DYR-THTITHBCBTUWICTSI-PL;PBC;AETMSAHAUOGFW ~ Do Your Research – The Hard Truth Is That Human Beings Cannot Be Trusted Unconditionally When It Comes To Sharing Information – People Lie; People Become Confused; And Even The Most Sensible And Honest Among Us Often Get Facts Wrong

~ CUWYOHOT-TTEHACMBTOF-S-IPEFAIOC-TNTDTDWOTIMLTBT ~ Come Up With Your Own Hypothesis Or Theory – Try To Explain How A Claim Might Be True Or False – Speculate – Image Possible Explanations For An Idea Or Claim – Then Narrow Them Down To Determine Which Of Them Is More Likely To Be True

~ CYOEOT-FOHTTACCBD-BIIDMOTN-FOIOHATOITT ~ Conduct Your Own Experiment Or Test – Figuring Out How To Test A Claim Can Be Difficult – But It Is Doable More Often Than Not – Find Out If Others Have Already Tested Or Investigated The Topic

~ SYC-NITTAOPTLFEIYR-SYCW-TS-MS-PYK ~ Share Your Conclusion – Now It’s Time To Ask Other People To Look For Errors In Your Reasoning – Share Your Conclusion With – The Smartest – Most Sensible – People You Know

~ LO-C-C-APA-YCOD~ Let Others – Consider – Challenge – And Pick Apart Your Conclusion Or Decision

~ F-IIVTYCWIYRFOABWTCYMIN ~ Finally – It Is Vital That You Consider Whatever Input You Receive From Others And Be Willing To Change Your Mind If Necessary

~ IS-POAMOAF-IYR-DBTIOO-BGTYHBGTCTMALCT-TAR ~ If Someone – Points Out A Mistake Or A Flaw – In Your Reasoning – Don’t Be Too Irritated Or Offended – Be Grateful That You Have Been Given The Chance To Move A Little Closer To – Truth And Reality


~ AWB’ESOO’?~ Are We Becoming – “Efficient Shadows Of Ourselves”?

~ FAS-FM-DOD ~ Fleeting And Soon-Forgotten Micro-Doses Of Dopamine

~ WWMP? ~ Will We Miss Privacy?

~ YOASNDYAAP-B-I-TD ~ Your Online Activities Should Not Define You As A Person – But – Increasingly – They Do

~ WD-‘F’-C? ~ What Does – “Free” – Cost?

~ ATMAMOTTCBBFU?-WCK-BTCTBITSWOPTAADHTTUWTK-O-WTTTK-AU-WDHTLRTCT ~ Are There Misinformation And Misinterpretations Out There That Could Be Bad For Us? – We Can’t Know – Because The Companies That Barter In The Shadows With Our Private Thoughts And Activities Don’t Have To Tell Us What They Know – Or – What They Think They Know – About Us – We Don’t Have The Legal Right To Check Them

~ WCPTH-HEAMC-WWDEKTTE ~ We Can’t Petition To Have – Harmful Errors And Misjudgments Corrected – When We Don’t Even Know That They Exist

~ TRONWBD ~ The Renaissance Of Nonsense Will Be Digitized

~ TPV-BPN-WUB-CA-C-A-TSD ~ The Positive Features – Become Powerful Negatives – When Used By – Con Artists – Crackpots – And – The Sincerely Deluded

~ TLSM ~ Terrorists Love Social Media

~ SPB-SMWDNLTSTWBUIANAOC-O-H-WTSMMHTFDUAIASCO-F/H/S ~ Some People Believe – Social Media Will Do Nothing Less Than Save The World By Ushering In A New Age Of Connectivity – Others – However – Warn That Social Media Might Help To Finally Drown Us All In A Sad Cesspool Of – Fear / Hate / Stupidity

~ SOTWMVADGCUSMTOAGTRIPODG ~ Some Of The World’s Most Violent And Destructive Groups Currently Uses Social Media To Organize And Grow Their Ranks In Pursuit Of Dark Goals

~ WT-YVO-C-B-B-O-PR-M-AL ~ Welcome To – Your Very Own – Customized – Biased – Bubble – Of – Psychological Reinforcement – Manipulation – And Lies

~ ROTA ~ Rise Of The Algorithms

~ OTA-CB-TCBSEIT-EHI-A-EUI-C-BHIAHAIEOMYMVTTPO-CB-RTLV ~ One Thing About – Confirmation Bias – That Cannot Be Stressed Enough Is That – EVERYONE HAS IT – And – EVERYONE USES IT – Counterintutively – Being Highly Intelligent And Having An Impressive Education Often Makes You More Vulnerable To The Problem Of – Confirmation Bias – Rather Than Less Vulnerable

~ TRB ~ The Reality Bubble

~ IYWTAALDITVOT-TYMBHETBH ~ If You Want To Always At Least Dwell In The Vicinity Of Truth – Then You Must Be Honest Enough To Be Humble

~ WWDKITLDUARNHFSMTBAFEIWTT ~ What We Do Know Is That Lies Dressed Up As Respectable News Have Found Social Media To Be A Fertile Environment In Which To Thrive

~ HCSWBAKN? ~ How Concerned Should We Be About Fake News?

~ FN-I-DN-THBCAPFTSPOM-R/L/V-WKFI-TGCIA-F-GCFP-T-MPG ~ Fake News – Is – Dishonest News – That Has Been Crafted And Published For The Specific Purpose Of Misleading – Readers / Listeners / Viewers – With Knowingly False Information – That Goal Can Include Anything – From – Garnering Clicks For Profit – To – Making Political Gains

~ HNNBACIAWAFN ~ Humour Need Not Be A Casualty In Anyone’s War Against Fake News

~ CFOF’ ~ Contradictory “Fountains Of Facts”

~ WBTS? ~ Who Believes This Stuff?

~ ACCASIINSAAAOF-TFTBF ~ Accepting Crazy Claims And Stupid Ideas Is Now Seen As An Aspect Of Freedom – The Freedom To Be Fooled

~ BSOE ~ Be Skeptical Of Everything

~ CTS ~ Consider The Source

~ DSG ~ Don’t Spread Garbage

~ O-B-FATGP-ASFAGS-AEI-CL-OJPOG ~ Our – Brains – For All Their Glorious Powers – Are Suckers For A Good Story – An Exciting Image – Convenient Lie – Or Just Plain Old Gossip

~ FNM ~ Fake News Matters

~ DLTD ~ Delusions Lead To Danger

~ SOCTIHGUC ~ Scarcity Of Critical Thinking Is Humankind’s Great Unrecognized Crisis

~ WHWYDKWYDK? ~ What Happens When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know?

~ CINTSTAK ~ Confidence Is Not The Same Thing As Knowledge

~ WCYDTAG?-BDSN ~ What Can You Do To Avoid Groupthink? – Build Diverse Social Networks

~ BTB-CCBW-PINARMOTAR ~ Beware The Bandwagon – Crowds Can Be Wrong – Popularity Is Not A Reliable Measure Of Truth And Reality

~ A:TFITHYSMAATYANRFWSTSFYCTADAI ~ Anchoring: The First Input That Hits Your Subconscious Mind About A Topic You Are Not Reasonably Familiar With Sets The Stage For Your Conscious Thoughts And Decisions About It

~ OAMEFTIA ~ Others Are More Easily Fooled Than I Am

~ WASC-WTTSNOOPBWTAUBEODTAFAW ~ We Are Social Creatures – We Tend To Synchronize Not Only Our Physical Behavior With Those Around Us But Even Our Deepest Thoughts And Feelings As Well

~ AB-TT-TTIABIBSPTBAAF ~ Authority Bias – The Tendency – To Trust In And Be Influenced By Someone Perceived To Be An Authority Figure

~ ABIAATTB ~ Authority Bias Is An Amazing Thing To Behold

~ AEIOTINAEIE ~ An Expert In One Thing Is Not An Expert In Everything

~ SIAT-AHI-ATAOU-TUDITTOODL ~ Science Is A Tool – A Human Invention – Available To All Of Us – To Use Down In The Trenches Of Our Daily Lives –

~ NOWBATDTNFGTITWIDIL ~ No One Will Be Able To Deny The Need For Good Thinking If The World Is Drowning In Lies

~ NMWYAOWYD-TAAALAFTYWRKOOTROARSOSWDLYAMECYG ~ No Matter Who You Are Or What You Do – There Likely Are At Lest A Few Things You Would Rather Keep Out Of The Reach Of A Random Stranger Or Someone Who Doesn’t Like You And Might Enjoy Causing You Grief

~ HI-TET-FC-A-I-PAI-E-THETD-S-A-AS-IOT-MAJT ~ Humans In – The Early Twenty-First Century – Are – Ill-Prepared And Ill-Equipped – To Have Everything They Do – Surveilled – Analyzed – And Stored – In Order To – Manipulate And Judge Them

~ AT-A-TMODW-T-I-C-H-S-JIT-DR-DR-DE ~ A Tried-And-True Method Of Dealing With – Trolls – Is – Cold – Hard – Silence – Just Ignore Them – Don’t React – Don’t Reply – Don’t Engage

~ DBD ~ Defined By Data

~ E-BPT ~ Emotion-Based Precision Targeting

~ ASMUABUAGP ~ All Social Media Users Are Being Used As Guinea Pigs

~ TDYSMI-VIS ~ Trim Down Your Social Media Identity – Vague Is Safer

~ AQ-NBYOICATN-B-BWNTBTATN ~ Ask Questions – Not Because You Or I Can Answer Them Now – But – Because We Need To Be Thinking About Them Now

~ WCLTI-GTW-O-W-DACTBTAU ~ We Can’t Let – The Internet – Go To Waste – Or – Worse – Degrade And Corrupt The Best Things About Us


~ GI-CBF-BTRORFDOCOMBTAFD-Y-TPIRWEAF-IOW-IIMLTP-BIACSGTLWTBU ~ Good Ideas – Can Be Found – But Then Rejected Or Ridiculed For Decades Or Centuries Or Millennia Before They Are Finally Discovered – Yes – The Past Is Riddled With Error And Fraud – In Other Words – It Is Much Like The Present – But It Also Contains Surprising Gems That Lie Waiting To Be Unforgotten

~ TAOR-AR-LIQOIO:A/K/J/R&R/ATPOTI ~ The Art Of Rethinking – And Rediscovery – Lies In Questioning Our Ideas Of: Authority / Knowledge / Judgment / Right And Wrong / And The Processes Of Thinking Itself

~ IWANCRI-WANRT ~ If We Are Not Constantly Rethinking Ideas – We Are Not Really Thinking

~ TBNIAOOO ~ The Best New Ideas Are Often Old Ones

~ AOICBRAWTDOANPOTP ~ An Old Idea Can Become Relevant Again With The Discovery Of A New Piece Of The Puzzle

~ JBWDKHSWDMTIDW ~ Just Because We Don’t Know How Something Works Doesn’t Mean That It Doesn’t Work

~ AOIIADC-UOPIANG ~ An Old Idea In A Different Context – Using Old Pieces In A New Game

~ ITCHWAEPIPTADU-ATSITOI-AOIIANCCBPI ~ Impressive Things Can Happen When An Existing Product Is Put To A Different Use – And The Same Is True Of IdeaS – An Old Idea In A New Context Can Become Powerful Indeed

~ DWTBF ~ Disinformation Wants To Be Free

~ WTTTTEWCRTMAMCTTA-TAH ~ We Tend To Think That Events Which Come Readily To Mind Are More Common Than They Are – The Availability Heuristic

~ WATTNOTETCWWAT-CB ~ We Also Tend To Notice Only The Evidence That Confirms What We Already Think – Confirmation Bias

~ SIASAOTT-WTAFP-TP-C-S-O-E-O-IIOET-TPACTPI-ODSNY-OSRTSACC-OIMJCFTWKOP ~ Some Ideas Are Simply Ahead Of Their Time – When They Are First Proposed – The Prevailing – Cultural – Social – Or – Economic – Order – Is Incapable Of Embracing Them – They Pose A Challenge To Powerful Interests – Or Don’t Seem Necessary Yet – Or Simply Represent Too Startling A Conceptual Change – Or It Might Just Come From The Wrong Kind Of Person

~ NEIHBTOB-Y-ETANUHMOTPIITIOC ~ Not Every Idea Has Been Thought Of Before – Yet – Even The Apparently Novel Usually Has More Of The Past In It Than Is Often Credited

~ ITT-TUATB-H(SSO)-A-I(FNPD) ~ In Technical Terms – The Universe Appears To Be – Homogeneous (Smoothly Spread Out) – And – Isotropic (Favoring No Particular Direction)

~ UF ~ UnFalse

~ TMN-STATOTPMHUA ~ The Most Novel-Seeming Theories And Technologies Of The Present May Have Unexpected Ancestors

~ ICRAGSTA-EITJISOOTUT-TAHGRFWTISSVOENAACON ~ Ideas Can Return And Gain Significant Traction Again – Even If The Jury Is Still Out On Their Ultimate Truth – Their Advocates Have Good Reasons For Why The Ideas Suddenly Seem Viable Or Even Necessary Again After Centuries Of Neglect

~ S-I-R-WTSDHS-D ~ Sometimes – Ideas – Return – When They Should Definitely Have Stayed – Dead

~ AIWHAGCO-HAAAZ-IIBSIGOP ~ An Idea Will Have A Good Chance Of – Hanging Around As A Zombie – If It Benefits Some Influential Group Of People

~ CM ~ Conspiracy Markets

~ BWCBU-IRUOWWDK ~ Being Wrong Can Be Useful – In Reminding Us Of What We Don’t Know

~ SOSRITPOTOTBSAWTFCTTRTG ~ Stories Of Scientific Revolutions In The Past Often Turn Out To Be Stories About Wrong Theories Forcing Correct Theories To Raise Their Game

~ TPWTOTBWCBJAIATWTOTBR ~ The People Who Turn Out To Be Wrong Can Be Just As Important As Those Who Turn Out To Be Right

~ THOHT-INALSO-FTBRBTO-IMLADATWIWFOICBSAOFC-USFTAABGOTSF ~ The History Of Human Thought – Is Not A Linear Sequence Of – False Theories Being Replaced By True Ones – It’s More Like A Dark And Tangled Web – In Which Flashes Of Inspiration Can Be Smothered And Obscured For Centuries – Until Someone Finds Them Again And Blows Gently On The Sputtering Flames

~ WNTKWWDK ~ We Need To Know What We Don’t Know

~ SOIASP-IDEMWTAT-PI-HETTNNT ~ Some Old Ideas Are So Powerful – It Doesn’t Even Matter Whether They Are True – Placebo Ideas – Helpful Even Though They’re Not Necessarily True

~ MRNTITOA-PS-OW-E-HAP-RTABDB-P-A-‘N’P ~ Many Researchers Now Think In Terms Of A – Psychosis Spectrum – On Which – Everyone – Has A Place – Rather Than A Binary Distinction Between – Psychotics – And – “Normal” – People

~ D-AWA-H-STBCBTBWJAIND-OMS ~ Delusions – As Well As Hallucinations – Seem To Be Caused By The Brain Working Just As It Normally Does – Only More So

~ DWKTWDHFW? ~ Do We Know That We Don’t Have Free Will?

~ WLIAAO-TPP-WSRBAE-A-TROPOBTMPIDL ~ We Live In An Age Of – The Professionalized Politician – Who Seeks Reelection Before All Else – And The Range Of Policies Offered By The Main Parties Is Dramatically Limited

~ T-PPC-HLTNEONWL-ACOFTPOIOP-TSRIMARB ~ The – Professionalized Political Class – Has Little To No Experience Of Normal Working Life – And Cares Only For The Perpetuation Of Its Own Power – To Secure Reelection It Must Assuage Rich Benefactors

~ WIWWGNB-CP-B-BARCAOOP?-TTIAOI-SISF-B-TIHTAADI-TIODT-CTGBL-IC-S-A-MITTTIA ~ What If We Were Governed Not By Career Politicians – But By A Randomly Chosen Assortment Of Our Peers? – This Too Is An Old Idea – Sure It Sounds Fanciful – But – That Is How The Ancient Athenians Did It – The Inventors Of Democracy Themselves – Chose Their Government By Lottery – It’s Called – Sortition – And – Maybe It’s Time To Try It Again

~ TRITKA:’WN’ ~ To Rethink Is To Keep Asking: “Why Not”

~ WMSHTTTR-HI-SWUI? ~ We Might Soon Have The Technology To Rethink Humanity Itself – Should We Use It?

~ SOTF-TEVP-TNOTN ~ Survival Of The Fittest – The Equally Valid Perspective – The Nonsurvival Of The Nonfittest

~ YSNRTM-JBYDLTM ~ You Shouldn’t Necessarily Reject The Message – Just Because You Don’t Like The Messenger

~ GAFHTPFTPWHBUMIAEDOR ~ Giving A Fair Hearing To People From The Past Who Have Been Unfairly Maligned Is An Ethical Demand Of Rethinking

~ TVFT-POMIAMCF-A-STP-WSBAWCJ-IOTQIGA ~ The – View From Tomorrow – Projecting One’s Mind Into A More Civilized Future – And – Scrutinizing The Present – With Sympathy But Also With Cold Justice – In Order To Question Its Governing Assumptions

~ BADT-PDFT-AMDWFTBOO ~ Beliefs Are Dangerous Things – People Die For Them – And More Die Unwillingly For The Beliefs Of Others


~ NGHOYOS ~ Never Get High On Your Own Supply

~ TIABLBAATROU-WAOPORAFDOOA ~ There Isn’t A Bright Line Between Addicts And The Rest Of Us – We’re All One Product Or Experience Away From Developing Our Own Addictions

~ TOT-WMOU-TLWTW-AWOD ~ Thousands Of Tests – With Millions Of Users – To Learn Which Tweaks Work – And Which Ones Don’t

~ IMR-SAABA-AVS-TATSBR-A-TFBSOTSBHN:SE/SS/MS/ASOE ~ In Many Respects – Substance Addictions And Behavioral Addictions – Are Very Similar – They Activate The Same Brain Regions – And – They’re Fueled By Some Of The Same Basic Human Needs: Social Engagement / Social Support / Mental Stimulation / A Sense Of Effectiveness

~ BA-COSI:CGTAJBR/IAUPF/ASOIPAI/TTBSMDOT/UTTDR/SSC ~ Behavioral Addiction – Consists Of Six Ingredients: Compelling Goals That Are Just Beyond Reach / Irresistible And Unpredictable Positive Feedback / A Sense Of Incremental Progress And Improvement / Tasks That Become Slowly More Difficult Over Time / Unresolved Tensions That Demand Resolution / Strong Social Connections

~ T-AOBA-ISY-BESPTAC ~ The – Age Of Behavioral Addiction – Is Still Young – But Early Signs Point To A Crisis

~ A-ADBTCOOEP-FWAP-T-BHASI ~ Addictions – Are Damaging Because They Crowd Out Other Essential Pursuits – From Work And Play – To – Basic Hygiene And Social Interaction

~ DTATHU-A-HTOTHU ~ Defeat The Addictions That Hurt Us – And – Harness The Ones That Help Us

~ PADBTME-EWTAIAU-TDBTRUOTWBTIC ~ Phones Are Disruptive By Their Mere Existence – Even When They Aren’t In Active Use – They’re Distracting Because They Remind Us Of The World Beyond The Immediate Conversation

~ MIAADSA ~ Many Internet Addicts Also Develop Sex Addictions

~ ABI-A-OITRIB-N-AEOB-DC ~ A Behavior Is – Addictive – Only If The Rewards It Brings – Now – Are Eventually Outweighed By – Damaging Consequences

~ FD-EHATDA-WPTTC-SWI-P-UTRC-WCABA ~ For Decades – Experts Had Assumed That Drug Addicts – Were Predisposed To The Condition – Somehow Wired Incorrectly – Perhaps – Under The Right Circumstances – We Could All Become Addicts

~ R#34-WAABN-JAURTHTBITWPATWT-SRAARWHDWAPDSTHPC ~ Rat No. 34 – Wasn’t An Addict By Nature – Just An Unfortunate Rat That Happened To Be In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time – Simply Responding As Any Rat Would Have Done When A Probe Delivered Shocks To His Pleasure Center

~ AEIIM ~ Addiction Embeds Itself In Memory

~ AIAMOET-ETSOOR-APTWWTFTITWS-A-ETMDA-I-RWRWTRTPAPTRTOTD ~ Addiction Is A Matter Of Environment Too – Even The Sturdiest Of Our Ranks – Are Prone To Weakness When They Find Themselves In The Wrong Setting – And – Even The Most Determined Addicts-In-Recovery Will Relapse When They Revisit The People And Places That Remind Them Of The Drug

~ CSD-IRITWO-S-E-R-AOL-ED-SDIBAP-TCOPO ~ Chronic Sleep Deprivation – Is Rising In The Wake Of – Smartphones – E-Readers – And Other Light-Emitting Devices – Sleep Deprivation Is Behavioural Addiction’s Partner – The Consequence Of Persistent Overengagement

~ FM-BL-EODTD-CAWFP-R-YL-W-BL-HTBOYE-T-PG-SP-M-A-YBPFTD ~ For Millennia – Blue Light – Existed Only During The Daytime – Candles And Wood Fires Produced – Reddish-Yellow Light – When – Blue Light –– Hits The Back Of Your Eyes – The – Pineal Gland – Stops Producing – Melatonin – And – Your Body Prepares For The Day

~ ABPTSBRTFDA-SRDITBRACC-D-WAITPTTB-TITPAIFOP ~ Addictive Behaviors Produce The Same Brain Responses That Follow Drug Abuse – Several Regions Deep Inside The Brain Release A Chemical Called – Dopamine – Which Attaches Itself To Preceptors Throughout The Brain – That In Turn Produce An Intense Flush Of Pleasure

~ TSOBIIAUWLTUIAASFOPT ~ The Substance Or Behavior Itself Isn’t Addictive Until We Learn To Use It As A Salve For Our Psychological Troubles

~ IIETPSWADOAB-TPAHTLTTEIAVTFWATP ~ It Isn’t Enough To Ply Someone With A Drug Or A Behavior – That Person Also Has To Learn That The Experience Is A Viable Treatment For Whatever Ails Them Psychologically

~ THRPFAIEA-VFPDALILITHBAIA ~ The Highest Risk Period For Addiction Is Early Adulthood – Very Few People Develop Addictions Later In Life If They Haven’t Been Addicted In Adolescence

~ EAYCTHADFRYL-YBCTWTD-IRTTDSAPNITP-ASTCR-TSITO-B ~ Even After You Come To Hate A Drug For Ruining Your Life – Your Brain Continues To Want The Drug – It Remembers That The Drug Soothed A Psychological Need In The Past – And So The Craving Remains – The Same Is True Of – Behaviors

~ TIHEPTGTBKE-AWTDHMGTEAA-NPTRTO ~ The Internet Has Exposed People To Goals They Barely Knew Existed – And Wearable Tech Devices Have Made Goal Tracking Effortless And Automatic – Numbers Pave The Road To Obsession

~ ICT-G-S-BASSOL-GH-TGTAFL-DBD-RTEPOSGEGWIFHTGT ~ In Contrast To – Goals – Systems – Bring A Steadier Stream Of Low-Grade Highs – They’re Guides To A Fulfilling Life – Day By Day – Rather Than Enticing Pictures Of Some Grand End Goal Without Instructions For How To Get There

~ IM-PG-SMIS-BITYHTSOLTAE ~ In Moderation – Personal Goal-Setting Makes Intuitive Sense – Because It Tells You How To Spend Our Limited Time And Energy

~ B-BTBP ~ Buttons – Beg To Be Pushed

~ AIFAPF:LIOM ~ An Important Fact About Positive Feedback: Less Is Often More

~ LDAW-PDCTA-L-TCTA-W-LFABDJTS-WTSRA-TW-O-ALDAAW ~ Losses Disguised As Wins – Players Don’t Classify Them As – Losses – They Classify Them As – Wins – Lights Flash And Bells Ding Just The Same – Whether The Spin Represents A – True Win – Or – A Loss Disguised As A Win

~ IOBCUTWW-EWWAL-HAWSTMTS-CTSP? ~ If Our Brains Convince Us That We’re Winning – Even When Were Actually Losing – How Are We Supposed To Muster The Self-Control To Stop Playing?

~ TSOSMIMB-‘TOD’ ~ The Success Of Slot Machines Is Measured By – “Time On Device”

~ J-RTTLO-SF-TSATGR-IIETTG-B-IETTGS-WJ-TSGLIC ~ Juice – Refers To The Layer Of – Surface Feedback – That Sits Above The Game’s Rules – It Isn’t Essential To The Game – But – It’s Essential To The Game’s Success – Without Juice – The Same Game Loses Its Charm

~ MIAAHOG ~ Most Internet Addicts Are Hooked On Games

~ TTITWWKHCWRTTOFSYS ~ The Truth Is That We Won’t Know How Children Will Respond To The Overuse For Some Years Still

~ TIGEETSTITSDOMHAGRU ~ There Is Good Early Evidence To Support The Idea That Small Doses Of Mental Hardship Are Good For Us

~ P-SETC-TCWTSI-TSW-TTEO-TRW-AEIBTPV-STSAFOTC-RTTTI ~ Parents – Should Encourage Their Children – To Connect What They See In – The Screen World – To Their Experience Of – The Real World – Active Engagement Is Better Than Passive Viewing – Screen Time Should Always Focus On The Content – Rather Than The Technology Itself

~ BANHID-AHDBRFWOEM-TIAMN ~ Building A New Habit Is Difficult – A Habit Doesn’t Become Routine For Weeks Or Even Months – There Isn’t A Magic Number

~ TG-ITLR-ITBFOBHA-NTROBHWA ~ The Goal – In The Long Run – Is To Be Free Of Bad Habits Altogether – Not To Replace One Bad Habit With Another

~ TMPITTP-ITRYE-STAACTAAP-WNWHABIOYMLTWIFA ~ The Missing Piece In The Treatment Puzzle – Is To Redesign Your Environment – So Temptations Are As Close To Absent As Possible – Whatever’s Nearby Will Have A Bigger Impact On Your Mental Life Than Whatever Is Farther Away

~ SYWT-A-YBT ~ Surround Yourself With Temptation – And – You’ll Be Tempted

~ C-RAP-TAASEYCAIAVEWOFTRH ~ Choosing – Rewards And Punishments – That Also Affect Someone Else You Care About Is A Very Effective Way Of Forming The Right Habits

~ PAMLTDTTT-ITRTHTBF ~ People Are More Likely To Do The Right Thing – If The Right Thing Happens To Be Fun


~ DTP-‘N-DA’ ~ Drunk Tank Pink – “Non-Drug Anesthetic”

~ EOU-IAOPO-TWWU-TWBU-A-TWAU-ATHCTHOE-T-F-A-B ~ Each Of Us – Is An Ongoing Product Of – The World Within Us – The World Between Us – And – The World Around Us – And Their Hidden Capacity To Shape Our Every – Thought – Feeling – And – Behavior

~ ND- ‘N-DO’-RHSTONTRDWOMW-BUMTTCTE-ENIAWDB-PTTLWBTT ~ Nominative Determinism – “Name-Driven Outcome” – Researchers Have Shown That Our Names Take Root Deep Within Our Mental Worlds – Drawing Us Magnetically Toward The Concepts They Embody – Every Name Is Associated With Demographic Baggage – People Tend To Like What Belongs To Them

~ EADLHTPTTTBPIMSOTPS ~ Even Arbitrary Damaging Labels Have The Power To Turn The Brightest People Into Meek Shadows Of Their Potential Selves

~ L-DJRA-TCO ~ Labels – Don’t Just Resolve Ambiguity – They Change Outcomes

~ FFMFA-P-L-CTITPOT ~ Far From Merely Functioning As – Placeholders – Labels – Craft The Images That Populate Our Thoughts

~ LSCMTAEF ~ Labels Sometime Create Memories That Are Entirely False

~ Eyewitnesses – To A Crime Or An Accident – Are Open To Forming False Or Exaggerated Memories – Depending On How Others Label The Events

~ LAIP-SNOWWSBAETHATP ~ Labels Are Immensely Powerful – Shaping Not Only What We See But Also Events That Haven’t Actually Taken Place

~ SAMFM-SIUWOC-ILPBOBCPISAA ~ Symbols Are Magnets For Meaning – Symbols Influence Us Without Our Consent – In Large Part Because Our Brains Constantly Process Images Subconsciously And Automatically

~ MEPTASTIC-FLTATOAS-CCTTTMC-EWTHNITTSTS ~ Merely Exposing People To A Symbol That Implies Creativity – For Less Than A Tenth Of A Second – Can Cause Them To Think More Creatively – Even When They Have No Idea That They’ve Seen The Symbol

~ MISAPS-AMTSMCE-TOBRATPTIMBM ~ Money Is Such A Powerful Symbol – A Means To So Many Coveted Ends – That Our Brains Revolt Against The Prospect That It Might Be Misused

~ MCBLC-WPAO-TMWASTDC ~ More Competitors Breed Less Competition – When People Are Overwhelmed – Their Motivation Wanes And Sometimes They Disengage Completely

~ OOTMPBPI-TTFACOP-TIAE-T-AII-TWAWU-PITIOOAASTTNEAA ~ One Of The Most Puzzling Behavioral Patterns Is – The Tendency For A Crowd Of People – To Ignore An Emergency – That – As Isolated Individuals – They Would Address With Urgency – People Interpret The Inaction Of Others As A Sign That There’s No Emergency At All

~ WAAGS-COGAOKAS-BWAAFSPTAOPAD ~ We’re A Generous Species – Capable Of Great Acts Of Kindness And Sensitivity – But We’re Also A Fearful Species Prone To Acts Of Prejudice And Discrimination

~ SP-HREOHPT-EWTUTITCOTI-TIRQJBTLOCA-STS-T/B/F ~ Subliminal Priming – Has Remarkable Effects On How People Think – Even When They’re Unable To Identify The Content Of The Images – Those Images Rest Quietly Just Below The Level Of Conscious Awareness – Shaping Their Subsequent – Thoughts – Behaviors / Feelings

~ PAIMHWTFTSATOMI ~ People Are Indeed More Honest When They’re Forced To Stare At Their Own Mirror Images

~ OE ~ Oppressive Environments

~ TDBNAULIHTCOA-WM-MLBUWS-TNCGUTCTHAMOALAWLATOTREMR ~ The Difference Between Natural And Urban Landscapes Is How They Command Our Attention – While Man-Made Landscapes Bombard Us With Stimulation – Their Natural Counterparts Give Us The Chance To Think As Much Or As Little As We’d Like And The Opportunity To Replenish Exhausted Mental Resources

~ S-Y-F-B ~ Shinrin-Yokju – Forest Bathing

~ BWT-WYWPBWBW-YMLTDTPTSY ~ Broken Windows Theory – When You’re Walking Past Buildings With Broken Windows – You’re More Likely To Disrespect The Property That Surrounds You

~ F-AU-E-AW-AP-WWA-WWIWOP-A-WWMDTRFTTTTL-C-OWKTTE-WBPT-COTWTH-A-RTWTH ~ Forces – Affect Us – Everyday – At Work – At Play – When We’re Alone – When We’re Interacting With Other People – And – When We’re Making Decisions That Range From The Trivial To The Life-Changing – Once We Know That They Exist – We’re Better Placed To – Capitalize On Them When They Help – And – Resist Them When They Hurt