~ AATOASJI-‘SW’-ITC-S/S/S/R/R ~ About A Third Of A Server’s Job Is – “Side Work” – Invisible To Customers – Sweeping / Scrubbing / Slicing / Refilling / Restocking

~ MCS-FHAATITW-B-ITJTSTNOEED-EWTNTD-A-TIW-FS-STCBAEAR ~ ~ Managers Can Sit – For Hours At A Time If They Want – But – It’s Their Job To See That No One Else Ever Does – Even When There’s Nothing To Do – And – This Is Why – For Servers – Slow Times Can Be As Exhausting As Rushes

~ INHTGMCTAT-LS-B-H-IAEC-I-TPSO-D-ITL-TFTTFYIOWTARTS ~ It’s Not Hard To Get My Coworkers Talking About Their – Living Situations – Because – Housing – In Almost Every Case – Is – The Principal Source Of – Disruption – In Their Lives – The First Thing They Fill You In On When They Arrive For Their Shifts

~ I-P-AICPIP-SCAE ~ In – Poverty – As In Certain Propositions In Physics – Starting Conditions Are Everything

~ TANSETNTP;OTC-TAAHOSC ~ There Are No Secret Economies That Nourish The Poor; On The Contrary – There Are A Host Of Special Costs

~ IYCPUTTMRYNTSAA-YEUPTTNFARBTW ~ If You Can’t Put Up The Two Months’ Rent You Need To Secure An Apartment – You End Up Paying Through The Nose For A Room By The Week

~ IYHNMF-HI-YGW-RC-O-PD-A-EUPTP ~ If You Have No Money For – Health Insurance – You Go Without – Routine Care – Or – Prescription Drugs – And – End Up Paying The Price

~ T-RP-ITSURR-AUTWOHT-A-EOIFDS-B-TIASVSM-S/PT/TP ~ The – Regulation Poster – In The Single Unisex Rest Room – Admonishes Us To Wash Our Hands Thoroughly – And – Even Offers Instructions For Doing So – But – There Is Always Some Vital Substance Missing – Soap / Paper Towels / Toilet Paper

~ CL ~ Canned Labor

~ ITHFTHP?-Y-B-IT-ADANTTPP-TFI ~ Is There Help For The Hardworking Poor? – Yes – But – It Takes – A Determined And Not Too Terribly Poor Person – To Find It

~ ‘F’-M ~ “Furthermores” – Multiply

~ IYHAAMJ-360+DAY-DSKO-RIOTS-SI? ~ If You Hump Away At Menial Jobs – 360-Plus Days A Year – Does Some Kind Of – Repetitive Injury Of The Spirit – Set In?

~ CJ-M-AWAPM-WAP ~ Changing Jobs – Means – A Week And Possibly More – Without A Paycheck

~ OMI-L-WWIG-THTEOMYFLAP ~ Or Maybe It’s – Low-Wage Work In General – That Has The Effect Of Making You Feel Like A Pariah

~ T-SAD-AA-FDOSOL-TPHDFTCAL-FIPRAIEAWAFIDE ~ The Sitcoms And Dramas – Are About – Fashion Designers Or Schoolteachers Or Lawyers – The Poor Have Disappeared From The Culture At Large – From Its Political Rhetoric And Intellectual Endeavors As Well As From Its Daily Entertainment

~ PWDOTGOOFTLAHSUTPUW ~ People Who Depend On The Generosity Of Others For Their Lodging Always Have Something Untoward To Put Up With

~ ‘TT’-DAOTWDCT-AAA-TOOTI-N-H-AI ~ “Time Theft” – Doing Anything Other Than Working During Company Time – Anything At All – Theft Of Our Time Is – Not – However – An Issue

~ ALO-ST-HB-GW-A-ATLOF-N-W-IE-QSE ~ A Lot Of – Small Things – Have Been – Going Wrong – And – At This Level Of Finances – Nothing – Wrong – Is Ever – Quite Small Enough

~ BNJIAEAILTTU ~ But No Job Is As Easy As It Looks To The Uninitiated

~ NJ-NMHL-IT-‘U’ ~ No Job – No Matter How Lowly – Is Truly – “Unskilled”

~ TPORIEFAN-EASEL-WW-ITM-S-WTRATPCFHOTOM-TPDSAC-TRCAOT-TPHNBFIHTI-ME-MD-O-MDFTPOW ~ The Problem Of Rents Is Easy For A Noneconomist – Even A Sparsely Educated Low-Wage Worker – To Grasp: It’s The Market – Stupid – When The Rich And The Poor Compete For Housing On The Open Market – The Poor Don’t Stand A Chance – The Rich Can Always Outbid Them – The Poor Have Necessarily Been Forced Into Housing That Is – More Expensive – More Dilapidated – Or – More Distant From Their Places Of Work

~ L-WPWDHCAODOARWIWTDTOAPTUA-ED ~ Low-Wage People Who Don’t Have Cars Are Often Dependent On A Relative Who Is Willing To Drop Them Off And Pick Them Up Again – Each Day

~ FTLOETW-T-‘P’-NTBWIATO-B-IAWEWAWHTTBWOM-A-FICR-TIAVSAUR-T-‘MT’-AMFPWFOTE ~ For The Laws Of Economics To Work – The – “Players” – Need To Be Well Informed About Their Options – But – Information About Who Earns What And Where Has To Travel By Word Of Mouth – And – For Inexplicable Cultural Reasons – This Is A Very Slow And Unreliable Route – The – “Money Taboo” – A Major Factor Preventing Workers From Optimizing Their Earnings

~ ITPIOTBP-TBHTRTEIC ~ If The Purse Is On The Boss’s Property – The Boss Has The Right To Examine Its Contents

~ DT-I-ARI-‘US’ ~ Drug Testing – Is – Another Routine Indignity – “Unreasonable Search”

~ A-P-EPT-T-TLODI-IIU-ATVL-TGASATT-LYS-DAYU-TAOSOIMOTS ~ Add – Pre-Employment Personality Tests – To – The List Of Demeaning Intrusions – It Is Unsettling – At The Very Least – To Give A Stranger Access To Things – Like Your Self-Doubts And Your Urine – That Are Otherwise Shared Only In Medical Or Therapeutic Situations

~ RA-‘G’-OE-‘T’-MIHTAOGTP-O-SYBSD-TEOWIAGETBAC-TWDSOOLOFLUP-SAHTSOTWAUC-O-YMBF ~ Rules Against – “Gossip” – Or Even – “Talking” – Make It Hard To Air Our Grievances To Peers – Or – Should You Be So Daring – To Enlist Other Workers In A Group Effort To Bring About Change – Those Who Do Step Out Of Line Often Face Little Unexplained Punishments – Such As Having Their Schedules Or Their Work Assignments Unilaterally Changed – Or – You May Be Fired

~ S-IL-WWDNABIAERW-TIA-FA-WA-CD-IIB-TDIAPTIN-F-NIAW-D ~ So – If Low-Wage Workers Do Not Always Behave In An Economically Rational Way – That Is As – Free Agents – Within A – Capitalist Democracy – It Is Because – They Dwell In A Place That Is Neither – Free – Nor In Any Way – Democratic

~ ADTAPTOIS-IYATAA-UP-PS-DA-O-T-YMBTFLTY-IYACROY-LPITSH-WB-IM-OB-APOIR-YBTATUS ~ Any Dictatorship Takes A Psychological Toll On Its Subjects – It You Are Treated As An – Untrustworthy Person – Potential Slacker – Drug Addict – Or – Thief – You May Begin To Feel Less Trustworthy Yourself – If You Are Constantly Reminded Of Your – Lowly Position In The Social Hierarchy – Whether By – Individual Managers – Or By – A Plethora Of Impersonal Rules – You Begin To Accept That Unfortunate Status

~ IYMTFUE-YMCTTTWYPIWYAAW ~ If You’re Made To Feel Unworthy Enough – You May Come To Think That What You’re Paid Is What You Are Actually Worth

~ S-C-UPI-A:CPSFTP-WASRTCAT-‘SW’-WIEMHI-PAC ~ Society – Caught – Up In A – Cycle: Cutting Public Services For The Poor – Which Are Sometimes Referred To Collectively As The – “Social Wage” – While Investing Ever More Heavily In – Prisons And Cops

~ TPOSMM-A-SOE ~ The Poverty Of So Many Millions – A – State Of Emergency

~ TPCSTAEE-OT-OTCOM-B-TARSTP-TALALLTSSASWTP ~ The Poor Can See The Affluent Easily Enough – On Television – On The Covers Of Magazines – But – The Affluent Rarely See The Poor – They Are Less And Less Likely To Share Spaces And Services With The Poor

~ TATL-WWDLPOOPWBTATIMHB-IHT-ACM-MA-P-B-S-TS-HTOSSADTAIIH ~ To Acknowledge That Low-Wage Work Doesn’t Lift People Out Of Poverty Would Be To Admit That It May Have Been – In Human Terms – A Catastrophic Mistake – Media Accounts – Persistently – Bright-Side – The Situation – Highlighting The Occasional Success Stories And Downplaying The Acknowledged Increase In Hunger

~ NOESTYCWH-HETYETP-A-SFYSEDIPAD ~ No One Ever Said That You Could Work Hard – Harder Even Than You Ever Thought Possible – And – Still Find Yourself Sinking Ever Deeper Into Poverty And Debt


~ TPOW ~ The Power Of Why

~ IISTYT ~ Innovation Is Simpler Than You Think

~ O-I-SMMIITSTAE-A-FTABBAAAIOAOTFAFA-OPOD-S-EN ~ Often – Innovation – Simply Means Making Incremental Improvements To Something That Already Exists – And – Frequently That’s Accomplished By Borrowing And Adapting An Idea Or Approach Or Technology From Another Field Altogether – Old Plus Old Does – Sometimes – Equal New

~ SITF-UQ-O-TOAT-TIGTYTG-CR-JSATFPRIHALOUGSAFOUTSP ~ Sometimes It’s The Follow-Up Question – Or – The One After That – That Is Going To Yield The Game-Changing Revelation – Just Stopping At The First Plausible Response Is How A Lot Of Us Get Struck And Find Ourselves Unable To Solve Problems

~ TRTGTQOWALOAAIAWWCWUODARTWTI-TWLOW-TWR-TWL-E ~ The Rush To Get The Questions Over With And Land On An Answer Is Also Why We Can Wake Up One Day And Realize That We’re Trapped In – The Wrong Line Of Work – The Wrong Relationships – The Wrong Lives – Even

~ INTWCS-ITWFH ~ It’s Not That We Can’t – It’s That We’ve Forgotten How

~ CIDLTS-HYMI ~ Curiosity Is Directly Linked To Success – However You Measure It

~ O-IHNPE-TSHALOQ ~ Oftentimes – Innovators Have No Particular Expertise – They Simply Have A Lot Of Questions

~ WONSR-‘W?’-TWCD ~ Whether Or Not Schools Reward – “Why?” – The World Certainly Does

~ QTU ~ Question The Unquestionable

~ YHTATKOQAT-YOWA ~ You Have To Ask The Kinds Of Questions A Three-Year-Old Would Ask

~ C-I-IMW-IOR ~ Curiosity – Is – In Many Ways – Its Own Reward

~ SQB ~ Status Quo Bias

~ TKAO-M-FOQ-A-TAAWAM ~ The Keys Are Open-Mindedness – Focusing On Questions – And – Tolerating Ambiguity As Well As Mistakes

~ DCTTPAIFP-O-AYFPI-IITAP-IYD-A-YGIW-TSYP-MABW ~ Don’t Conclude That The Problem As It’s First Presented – Or – As You First Perceive It – Is Indeed The Actual Problem – If You Do – And – You’ve Got It Wrong – The Solution You Produce – May Also Be Wrong

~ ATRQIOTFTRP-A-TNE-B-‘WATTFS’-HIFTRP-‘IVPFP’ ~ Ask The Right Questions In Order To Find The Real Problems – And – That’s Not Easy – Because – “We Are Trained To Find Solutions” – Hunting Instead For The Right Problems – “Is Very Painful For People”

~ CITCOABS ~ Curiosity Is The Cornerstone Of All Business Strategy

~ IYDKWYGA-IHTKHOWTBTTMYEV-O-HTTAONO ~ If You Don’t Know What You’re Good At – It’s Hard To Know How Or Where To Begin Trying To Make Yourself Even Better – Or – How To Take Advantage Of New Opportunities

~ YKYHITRD-I-YFCAEEWFDPAC ~ You Know You’re Headed In The Right Direction – If – You Feel Curious And Engage Even When Facing Difficult Problems And Challenges

~ FOF-IOOTBITONDTMTBATI ~ Fear Of Failing – Is One Of The Biggest Impediments To Our Natural Desire To Make Things Better And To Innovate

~ OWTCPHBIIAISP ~ Only When The Correct Problem Has Been Identified Is An Innovative Solution Possible

~YHTCOTSETFOHTDSN-B-FABAYLTWUISKOT ~ You Have To Copy Others To Some Extent To Figure Out How To Do Something New – But – Follow Along Blindly And You’re Likely To Wind Up In Some Kind Of Trouble

~ BPTCC-F ~ Be Prepared To Change Course – Frequently

~ ALOPJ-D-OP-W-DTHWOTDASP-U-TKSWL ~ A Lot Of People Just – Don’t – Or Perhaps – Won’t – Do The Hard Work Of Thinking Deeply About Solving Problems – Until – They Know Someone Will Listen

~ PSTTBRWMAMIP ~ Problem Solvers Tend To Be Rewarded With More And More Interesting Projects

~ TSTG-TMPIWB-EIIIPWQDAOE ~ The Smaller The Group – The More Productive It Will Be – Especially If It Includes People With Quite Different Areas Of Expertise

~ ATIE-IYRWBTW-YHTIEMS-NL ~ According To Innovation Experts – If You Really Want Brainstorming To Work – You Have To Introduce Even More Structure – Not Less

~ TTCUW-TWPA-TTFTOTTP ~ Try To Come Up With – The Worst Possible Answers – Try To Flip Them Over To The Positive

~ BSBDPAIIDETIM-E ~ Being Surrounded By Different Perspectives And Immersed In Different Experiences Truly Is Mind-Expanding

~ DAOTTWYO ~ Don’t Assume Others Think The Way You Do

~ IMMIRTOINTOWOT ~ Intellectual Maturity Might Involve Realizing That Ours Is Not The Only Way Of Thinking

~ ISH ~ Insert Stereotype Here

~ IILABTACC ~ Innovation Is Like A Bug That Anyone Can Catch – But – You Have To Want To Catch It


~ WANHFW ~ We Are Not Hardwired For War

~ WCEWIWWACTEI ~ We Can End War If We Want And Choose To End It

~ WWSBTWCEW-WAWOOW ~ When We Start Believing That We Can End War – We’re Already Well On Our Way

~ WHNSC-NEC-NDIHASS ~ War Has No Single Cause – Not Even Close – Nor Does It Have A Single Solution

~ TMOTDM ~ The Myth Of The Demonic Male

~ WRO ~ War’s Recent Origin

~ WMABSL-IIACTIIAT-SMSTTFJIENB ~ What Makes A Belief System Lethal – Is Its Adherents’ Conviction That It Is Absolutely True – So Much So That They Feel Justified In Eliminating Non-Believers

~ YCBIAOAFBA ~ You Can’t Blame It All On A Few Bad Apples

~ TEMOW ~ The Essential Mystery Of War

~ WHBBOADAOF-B-WASDTYCFETSOCAAT ~ War Has Been Blamed On A Dizzying Array Of Factors – But – Wars Are So Diverse That You Can Find Evidence To Support Or Contradict Almost Any Theory

~ IWACC?-Y ~ Is War A Cultural Contagion? – Yes

~ OB-WOP-AESSVFPA ~ Once Begun – War Often Persists – As Each Side Seeks Vengeance For Past Attacks

~ WCBAEII-PWPASB-F-S/L/C ~ War Can Become An End In Itself – Pursued Well Past Any Sensible Benefits – For – States / Leaders / Citizens

~ WA-IEI-HDI-NW-WTNOTCBAALOE ~ War’s Absurdity – Is Embodied In – Humanity’s Deadliest Invention – Nuclear Weapons – Which Threaten Not Only Their Creators But Also All Life On Earth

~ OAFMOO-I-G-W-F/T/V/N/R/R-STI-HT-‘O’ ~ Our Affection For Members Of Our – In-Group – Whether – Family / Troop / Village / Nation / Race / Religion – Sometimes Translates Into – Hostility Toward – “Others”

~ LOAHS-CETSD-B-UOCTTDTTDBTSBDBTL ~ Leaders Of A Hierarchical Society – Can Exploit Their Subject’s Docility – By – Urging Or Coercing Them To Do Things That Don’t Benefit The Subjects But Do Benefit The Leaders

~ HR-A-A-WSPI-‘U’A’T’-TWAPOOGAHDOOE-V-TWAN ~ How Readily – And – Arbitrarily – We Separate People Into – “Us” And “Them” – Those Who Are Part Of Our Group And Hence Deserving Of Our Empathy – Versus – Those Who Are Not

~ UW ~ Uninventing War

~ UTSOPCN ~ Under The Spell Of Pathological Cultural Norms

~ WHTWTEW-WNOTW ~ We Have The Ways To End War – We Need Only The Will

~ FMPATW-W-P-NJ-M-E-A-PP-BA-EP ~ For Many People Around The World – War – Provides – Not Just – Meaning – Excitement – And – Political Power – But Also – Enormous Profits

~ WDNTRWWA ~ We Don’t Need To Replace War With Anything

~ IWWPBE-WCHI-NMWKOSWLI ~ If We Want Peace Badly Enough – We Can Have It – No Matter What Kind Of Society We Live In

~ TINSWTP-B-PITWTSMOP ~ There Is No Single Way To Peace – But – Peace Is The Way To Solve Many Other Problems

~ IS-WDNTI-BN-I-FKTP-WNJTITOWH ~ In Short – We Don’t Need To Invent – Brand New – Institutions For Keeping The Peace – We Just Need To Improve The Ones We Have

~ TKTAPIASVW-I-RFAF ~ The Key To Achieving Peace In A Still Violent World – Is – Resisting Fear And Fatalism

~ EWAETTOWBNWTTWICW ~ Ending War And Even The Threat Of War Between Nations Will Transform The World In Countless Ways


~ OIRIW-OETD-IDTIWAOENTIAM-S-A-O-B-ITPOALL ~ Once I Realized I Was – Old Enough To Die – I Decided That I Was Also Old Enough Not To Incur Any More – Suffering – Annoyance – Or – Boredom – In The Pursuit Of A Longer Life

~ ACMCT-PMETTPIRMFAP-HM-IC ~ A Cynic Might Conclude That – Preventive Medicine Exists To Transform People Into Raw Material For A Profit-Hungry Medical-Industrial Complex

~ O-IBTBRAAPHP-A-ISRTAA-‘E’ ~ Overdiagnosis Is Beginning To Be Recognized As A Public Health Problem – And – Is Sometimes Referred To As An – “Epidemic”

~ INOAP-HMSTDOAO-IC-TI-FAPP-MDTTAETAMSITFIIBW ~ It’s Not Only A Profit-Hungry Medical System That Drives Overtesting And Overdiagnosis – Individual Consumers – That Is – Former And Potential Patients – May Demand The Testing And Even Threaten A Malpractice Suit If They Feel It Its Being Withheld

~ ‘PA’G-HSUT-‘B’-DODAPTNFS-TGOATIG-‘A’-MAWTUTAS ~ “Patient Advocacy” Groups – Have Sprung Up To – “Brand” – Dozens Of Diseases And Publicize The Need For Screening – The Goal Of All This Is Generally – “Awareness” – Meaning A Willingness To Undergo The Appropriate Screening

~ MPJTODVBT-‘POM’-TSC-EOCOTWRFPR ~ Many Physicians Justify Tests Of Dubious Value By The – “Peace Of Mind” – They Supposedly Confer – Except Of Course On Those Who Receive False Positive Results

~ ‘MOD’-TBCAT ~ “Medicalization Of Dying” – Tethered By Cables And Tubes

~ B-OETD-I-AA-N-AD-A-TFIBIWC ~ Being – Old Enough To Die – Is – An Achievement – Not – A Defeat – And – The Freedom It Brings Is Worth Celebrating

~ ROH ~ Rituals Of Humiliation

~ TEIOR ~ The Emotional Impact Of Ritual

~ TMOM ~ The Madness Of Mindfulness

~ TSSSTHSTW ~ The Small Screens Seemed To Have Swallowed The World

~ TDTWSTMUSAMCTOHWAMWOM-C-‘NB’-A-‘MM’ ~ The Devices That Were Supposed To Make Us Smarter And More Connected To Other Humans Were Actually Messing With Our Minds – Causing – “Net Brain” – And – “Monkey Mind”

~ M-MM-BTRO-LAB-NA-B-SU-C-A-DOARTTT-M-IISASF-HSF-BJANUFOTVL-A-‘PT’-OW ~ Mass-Market Mindfulness – Began To Roll Out – Like A Brand-New App – Buddhism – Sliced Up – Commodified – And –

Drained Of All Reference To The Transcendent – Mindfulness – In Its Sleek And Secular Form – Has Spread Far – Becoming Just Another Numbingly Ubiquitous Feature Of The Verbal Landscape – As – “Positive Thinking” – Once Was

~ WBTH-WSAE-A-POTFACA-ADOS-AEOEA-ETVHOH ~ ~ When Bad Things Happen – We Seek An Explanation – And – Preferably One That Features A Conscious Agency – A Deity Or Spirit – An Evildoer Or Envious Acquaintance – Even The Victim Him- Or Herself

~ WHRTTHODTDFTMFTUT-HTNIRRAP-O-ITCV-HTSCAIFM?-CWLA-TWHUATSF? ~ We Have Returned To The Habit Of Dissecting The Dead For The Moral Failings That Undid Them – Had They Neglected Important Religious Rituals And Prohibitions – Or – In The Contemporary Version – Had They Smoked Cigarettes And Ingested Fatty Meats? – Can We Learn Anything – That Will Help Us Avoid The Same Fate?

~ LONWS-EBTMBCAG-APECOCMRLHRT ~ Little Or Nothing Was Said – Even By The Major Breast Cancer Advocacy Groups – About Possible Environmental Carcinogens Or Carcinogenic Medical Regimes Like Hormone Replacement Therapy

~ CFTPUC-TWC-A-C ~ Concern For The Poor Usually Comes – Tinged With Criticism – And – Contempt

~ TCOCBUCFE-TWF-B-WA-T’W’F? There Can Of Course Be Unfortunate Consequences From Eating – The Wrong Foods – But – What Are – The “Wrong” Foods?

~ TCO-E-‘F’-CBJADA-APORESATCLA ~ The Consequences Of – Employee – “Flexibility” – Can Be Just As Damaging As – A Program Of Random Electric Shocks Applied To Caged Laboratory Animals

~ THNBGWFW-CP ~ Things Have Not Been Going Well For Working-Class People

~ P-IEAT-B-CWC-A-FPMIPFWPDTT-K-B-O-RC ~ Pain – Is Endemic Among The – Blue-Collar Working Class – And – Few People Make It Past Fifty Without Palpable Damage To Their – Knees – Back – Or – Rotator Cuffs

~ NODW-TAF-B-WRTTWIMW-TANVTOMANEATOWOC ~ Not Only Do We – Think And Feel – But – We React To The World In Microscopic Ways – That Are Not Visible To Our Minds And Not Easily Accessible To Our Willpower Or Control

~ ‘HADD’-WSFIC-HDIT-A-SCBAAUEWTINT ~ “Hyperactive Agency Detection Devices” – We See Faces In Clouds – Hear Denunciations In Thunder – And – Sense Conscious Beings All Around Us Even When There Is Nothing There

~ IWTNONAA-P-UI-M-TWTM-A-PTBOTHEM-T-‘DON’-TTNWFA-C-TOTP-I-ARTBE ~ It Was The Notion Of Nature As A – Passive – Ultimately Inert – Mechanism – That Was The Mistake – And – Perhaps The Biggest One That Humans Ever Made – The – “Death Of Nature” – Turned The Natural World From A – Companionable – Though Often Threatening Place – Into – A Resource To Be Exploited

~ ‘SA’-‘AA’-‘HA’-‘PA’-‘VA’-‘A-A’-‘AW’-U-TGIAFFUOETF ~ “Successful Aging” – “Active Aging” – “Healthy Aging” – “Productive Aging” – “Vital Aging” – “Anti-Aging” – “Aging Well” – Unfortunately – The Gurus’ Instructions Are Far From Unanimous Or Easy To Follow


~ N-INS-ACA-O-AHFOS-W ~ Narcissism – Is Not Simply – A Confident Attitude – Or – A Healthy Feeling Of Self-Worth

~ U-TNE-II-B-IL-TCADTS ~ Understanding – The Narcissism Epidemic – Is Important – Because – Its Long-Term Consequences Are Destructive To Society

~ AT-F-MFG-B-U-RAW ~ All This – Fantasy – Might Feel Good – But – Unfortunately – Reality Always Wins

~ TMWOAY ~ The Many Wonders Of Admiring Yourself

~ OCHBTDB-S-E-A-N-IA-E-S-D-W-ITRTC-S-W-OCMHOTDTSDAMS ~ Our Culture Has Blurred The Distinction Between – Self-Esteem – And – Narcissism– In An – Extreme – Self-Destructive – Way – In The Rush To Create Self-Worth – Our Culture May Have Opened The Door To Something Darker And More Sinister

~ NOUTP ~ Narcissists’ Overconfidence Undermines Their Performance

~ NRTLIS-L ~ Narcissists’ Rise To Leadership Is Short-Lived

~ S-P-SB-JOTIYT-NADFO-P ~ Self-Promotion – Should Be – Just One Tool In Your Toolbox – Not A Defining Feature Of – Personality

~ DB-UH-S-TBAL-TC ~ Destructive Behaviors – Usually Have – Short-Term Benefits And Long-Term Costs

~ NIA-‘T-DT’-ITYWSGOUFATHITE ~ Narcissism Is A – “Time-Delay Trap” – It Tempts You With Some Good Outcomes Up Front And Then Hurts You In The End

~ VASCEDOPA ~ Vanity And Self-Centeredness Eventually Drive Other People Away

~ AFOIATLO-F-L-A-C-IARFN ~ A Focus On Individual Achievement That Leaves Out – Feelings – Love – And – Caring – Is A Recipe For Narcissism

~ PTTRBTAR ~ People Tend To Repeat Behaviors That Are Rewarded

~ IMMAIMSL ~ I’m Much More Attractive In My Second Life

~ DBIAVWACBITRW?-IST ~ Does Behavior In A Virtual World Actually Change Behavior In The Real World? – It Seems To

~ ECATROTRP ~ Easy Credit And The Repeal Of The Reality Principle

~ Many Times – The Goals We Imagine Become Those We Actually Achieve – Though Usually After A Lot Of Hard Work

~ NIADTCOTS ~ Narcissism Is A Disease That Cause Others To Suffer

~ SINLC ~ Saving Is No Longer Cool

~ PHTD-B-NTP ~ People Hide Their Debt – But – Not Their Possessions

~ TOSON:COTHYAATO ~ The Other Side Of Narcissism: Complete Obliviousness To How You Actually Appear To Others

~ OOTDSO-TCEOPA-I-TIIED ~ One Of The Dark Sides Of – The Cultural Emphasis On Physical Appearance – Is – The Increase In Eating Disorders

~ IAT-EC-INTGPTPATTN ~ It’s Assumed That – Eye Candy – Is Necessary To Get People To Pay Attention To The News

~ IINNJABDTLLAPS ~ It Is Now Not Just Acceptable But Desirable To Look Like A Porn Star

~ NIAABAUPTCSAI-NLTTATH-SS ~ Narcissism Is All About Buying And Using Products That Confer Status And Importance – Narcissists Love To Talk About Their High-Status Stuff

~ ASSPMEAAV ~ Advertising Slogans Shamelessly Promote Materialistic Entitlement As A Virtue

~ WTEOOAAT ~ Warming The Earth One Overconsumption At A Time

~ U-MHRC-OOTLCITIOTE ~ Unfortunately – Materialism Has Real Consequences – One Of The Largest Consequences Is The Impact On The Environment

~ AANME-TAPOASTTCVTI ~ Advertisements Are Not Mere Entertainment – They Are Part Of A System That Transmits Cultural Values To Individuals

~ DTYKTTAS-TTTYLT ~ Don’t Tell Your Kids That They Are Special – Tell Them That You Love Them

~ M-RWN-F-ABS-A-ADF ~ Many – Relationships With Narcissists – Feature – A Big Start – And – A Disastrous Finish

~ ACOTNCPAHR ~ Any Criticism Of The Narcissist Can Provoke A Hostile Reaction

~ OCNTFOTSRTTS ~ Our Culture Needs To Focus On The Substance Rather Than The Sizzle

~ E-TPBTOD-ST-S-A-MMT-EIOOTKCON ~ Entitlement – The Pervasive Belief That One Deserves – Special Treatment – Success – And – More Material Things – Entitlement Is One Of The Key Components Of Narcissism

~ EPOCWHWAPSG ~ Entitled People Often Confuse Working Hard With Actually Producing Something Good

~ GITOOE ~ Gratitude Is The Opposite Of Entitlement

~ OC-OOTBWTGYKTEGITEIY ~ Of Course – One Of The Best Ways To Get Your Kids To Express Gratitude Is To Express It Yourself

~ NALLTFO-TSOTATAADAWTR ~ Narcissists Are Less Likely To Forgive Others – They See Others’ Transgressions Against Them As A Debt And Want Them Repaid

~ NIACTSR ~ Narcissism Is Absolutely Corrosive To Social Relationships

~ PCTW ~ Personal Change Takes Work

~ FOTYCEAC-ABAGRMY ~ Focus On Teaching Your Children Empathy And Compassion – And – Be A Good Role Model Yourself


~ TNFW ~ The Need For Wisdom

~ RAI-SAC-WEIT? ~ Rules And Incentives – Sticks And Carrots – What Else Is There?

~ TINDT-BRASI-HAIRTPIITWOIP-B-RAIANE-TLO-SE-PW-WTMI-N-R(NMHDAWM)-N-I(NMHC)-WBETSTPWF ~ There Is Not Doubt That – Better Rules And Smarter Incentives – Have An Important Role To Play In Improving The Way Our Institutions Perform – But – Rules And Incentives Are Not Enough – They Leave Out – Something Essential – Practical Wisdom – Without This Missing Ingredient – Neither – Rules (No Matter How Detailed And Well Monitored) – Nor – Incentives (No Matter How Clever) – Will Be Enough To Solve The Problems We Face

~ AW-DT-WBGB-TPAOGOAPA ~ Acting Wisely – Demands That – We Be Guided By – The Proper Aims Or Goals Of A Particular Activity

~ RAI-WT-M-SAW-EW-RCKS-A-ICKW ~ Rule And Incentives – Won’t Teach – Moral – Skill And Will – Even Worse – Rules Can Kill Skill – And – Incentives Can Kill Will

~ E-TCTIWSEITAF-ICFTPTPWD ~ Empathy – The Capacity To Imagine What Someone Else Is Thinking And Feeling – Is Critical For The Perception That Practical Wisdom Demands

~ EIB-CS-TATPTSAIIPBA-A-ES-TCTUWAPIF-TMSO-B-ATO-TRAITGOLAAAREFODM-ANTTSWSO ~ Empathy Involves Both – Cognitive Skill – The Ability To Perceive The Situation As It Is Perceived By Another – And – Emotional Skill – The Capacity To Understand What Another Person Is Feeling – This May Sound Obvious – But – All Too Often – The Rules And Incentives That Govern Our Lives Are All About Removing Emotion From Our Decision Making – About Not Trusting The Signals We’re Sending Ourselves

~ PWDMTTSTBPAO-IADTCTPO-TAWOOMA-TAOF-TFOWHWONAW ~ Practical Wisdom Demands More Than The Skill To Be Perceptive About Others – It Also Demands The Capacity To Perceive Oneself – To Assess What Our Own Motives Are – To Admit Our Failures – To Figure Out What Has Worked Or Not And Why

~ AWPKHTI-BCA-A-IRAP-ILOTPOEC ~ A Wise Person Knows How To Improvise – Balancing Conflicting Aims – And – Interpreting Rules And Principles – In Light Of The Particularities Of Each Context

~ AWPKHT-MEAAOR-TROETSWASCF-A-TIJWDI ~ A Wise Person Knows How To – Make Emotion An Ally Of Reason – To Rely On Emotion To Signal What A Situation Calls For – And – To Inform Judgment Without Distorting It

~ AWPIAEP-TBHTRE ~ A Wise Person Is An Experienced Person – Trained By Having The Right Experiences

~ SRFWDNW ~ Substituting Rules For Wisdom Does Not Work

~ HILARAFTUWTAA-TANIWTAA ~ However Important Laws And Rules Are For Telling Us What To Aim At – They Always Need Interpretation When They Are Applied

~ BHWCAK ~ Balancing Honesty With Care And Kindness

~ PW-R-NT-F-C-A-EEWO ~ Practical Wisdom – Requires – Nuanced Thinking – Flexibility – Creativity – And – Empathetic Engagement With Others

~ HBABWTCTBW-TRMAT-WTBD-B-TCMBCBTRKOE ~ Human Beings Are Born With The Capacity To Be Wise – The Raw Materials Are There – Waiting To Be Developed – But – This Capacity Must Be Cultivated By The Right Kind Of Experience

~ TCOMS-P-NT-AOC-TATIIWE-A-TEE ~ The Components Of Moral Skill – Perceptiveness – Nuanced Thinking – Appreciation Of Context – Their Ability To Integrate Intellect With Emotion – And – To Experience Empathy

~ IOAL? ~ Is Oversimplification A Lie?

~ FABF-TIOCTTCWUATJWM-FTUWIIAHUEWSBCWW-TCWHTFEUTDOOTMITTPWD-DWIRAAPCOEIRTTDWF ~ Framing And Being Framed – The Importance Of Context To The Categories We Use And The Judgments We Make – Frames Tell Us What Is Important And Help Us Establish What Should Be Compared With What – The Capacity We Have To Frame Enables Us To Do One Of The Most Important Things That Practical Wisdom Demands – Discern What Is Relevant About A Particular Context Or Event In Regard To The Decision We Face

~ LTFWHMUW-IWGFAOM-A-AATI-OFWGMP ~ Learning To Frame Well Helps Make Us Wise – If We Get Feedback About Our Mistakes – And – Are Attentive To It – Our Framing Will Grow More Perspicacious

~ NC/F/N:TATTWUTOAITW-WDIN-WDIE-TEUTPTPOCTPWD ~ Natural Categories / Frames / Narratives: These Are The Tools We Use To Organize And Interpret The World – We Do It Naturally – We Do It Effortlessly – They Enable Us To Perceive The Particularities Or Context That Practical Wisdom Demands

~ TWIG-NCEUTSG-JAAAR-FHUSR-A-IEOEOITCOOLBL-NEUTALALAMSOTEBU ~ The World Is Gray – Natural Categories Enable Us To See Gray – Judgments Are Almost Always Relative – Frames Help Us See Relations – And – Isolated Events Or Episodes Occur In The Context Of Ongoing Lives Being Lived – Narratives Enable Us To Appreciate Lives As Lived And Make Sense Of The Episode Before Us

~ WLHT-CAF-A-RAR-TOOE-A-BBAMWPMACOM ~ We Learn How To – Categorize And Frame – And – Recategorize And Reframe – Through Our Own Experiences – And – By Being Around Mentors Who Provide Models And Correct Our Mistakes

~ TWF:TVOE ~ Thinking With Feeling: The Value Of Empathy

~ IOTBATFWAPIF-YNTBATSTWATOPSI-TATTTPOA-D-PAI-E-TRTIO-TAF ~ In Order To Be Able To Feel What Another Person Is Feeling – You Need To Be Able To See The World As That Other Person Sees It – This Ability To Take The Perspective Of Another – Demands – Perception And Imagination – Empathy – Thus Reflects The Integration Of – Thinking And Feeling

~ TFTPSTH-MI-A-M-F-A-J-DNMTAJW-IMBS-S-TMBD-B-WT-IC-TEHE-TPWWNFDJWSBI ~ The Fact That People Seem To Have – Moral Intuitions – And – Make – Fast – Automatic – Judgments – Does Not Mean They Always Judge Wisely – Intuitions May Be Self-Serving – They May Be Distorting – But – Without The – Intuitive Capacity – That Emotions Help Enable – The Practical Wisdom We Need For Daily Judgments Would Simply Be Impossible

~ A-EISI-W-AF-AN-A-ALS-EFMEACT-AN-NMHBTN-A-IIO-EAC-OE-TCUTA ~ An – Explicitly Identified Single Individual – With – A Face – A Name – And – A Life Story – Elicits Far More Empathy And Compassion Than – A Number – No Matter How Big The Number – And – It Is Our – Empathy And Compassion – Our Emotions – That Compels Us To Act

~ A-S-PWIAAAWAJ-WCBPWWTETIUTA ~ And – Since – Practical Wisdom Is About Action As Well As Judgment – We Couldn’t Be Practically Wise Without The Emotion That Impels Us To Act

~ HTECFEEDMWUI-PCBPIIS-TCDEL-E-A-EOEL-F-E-A-AAPS-TIADTOCFPWWBU-PWDTDOTMSTPTTAFOO-TWPTFDWNTBDADTOTMTDI ~ Having The Emotional Capacity For Experiencing Empathy Doesn’t Mean We’ll Use It – People Can Be Put In Institutional Settings – That Can Discourage Emotions Like – Empathy – And – Encourage Other Emotions Like – Fear – Embarrassment – And Anxiety About Pleasing Superiors – There Is A Danger That Our Capacity For Practical Wisdom Will Be Undermined – People Won’t Develop The Disposition Or The Moral Skill To Perceive The Thoughts And Feelings Of Others – This Will Prevent Them From Discerning What Needs To Be Done And Drain Them Of The Motivation To Do It

~ PCLTB-EI-TCLTBP:TDTEO-O-O-T-I-AW-ATOV-AG ~ People Can Learn To Be – Emotionally Intelligent – They Can Learn To Be Perceptive: To Detect The Emotions Of – Others – Or – Themselves – In – A Word – A Tone Of Voice – A Glance

~ PR:UAO-WMOOOTCBCTRP ~ Pattern Recognition: Unseen And Omnipresent – We Make Order Out Of The Chaos By Coming To Recognize Patterns

~ HWAMMOO-EMD:Q-A-WACROROD-MP ~ How We Actually Make Most Of Our – Everyday Moral Decisions: Quickly – And – Without A Conscious Reliance On Rules Or Decision-Making Procedures

~ AIIF-A-NFIN ~ All Information Is Framed – And – No Frame Is Neutral

~ PAOICWOAANTBB-I-RRADP-MTPWWNTIAB-WAPFCW ~ Principles Are Often In Conflict With One Another And Need To Be Balance – If – Rigid Rules And Dogmatic Principles – Marginalize The Practical Wisdom We Need To Interpret And Balance – We Are Prevented From Choosing Well


~ LOFCC ~ Lords Of The Computing Clouds

~ FANP ~ Fragments Are Not People

~ TMITAATIHICP ~ The Most Important Thing About A Technology Is How It Changes People

~ PIIT ~ Politics Influences Information Technology

~ ESPBITU ~ Entrenched Software Philosophies Become Invisible Through Ubiquity

~ TCSBLTTL ~ Technology Criticism Should Be Left To The Luddites

~ NE ~ Network Effect

~ CT ~ Cybernetic Totalists

~ DM ~ Digital Maoists

~ MOMFDWM ~ Many Of My Friends Disagree With Me

~ WDYDWTTACTTL? ~ What Do You Do When The Techies Are Crazier Than The Luddites?

~ LOD ~ Levels Of Description

~ OI ~ Oracle Illusion

~ RTBTMM ~ Race To Be The Most Meta

~ ATPLOA ~ Aggregate The Previous Layers Of Aggregation

~ TIOHLM ~ The Illusion Of High-Level Metaness

~ IDDTBF ~ Information Doesn’t Deserve To Be Free

~ WIOHARAIIN? ~ What If Only Humans Are Real And Information Is Not?

~ IIAE ~ Information Is Alienated Experience

~ EITOPTCDI ~ Experience Is The Only Process That Can De-Alienate Information

~ IOTKTP-WTBF-INBASOOOM-A-WNOIO-IWNSIIDGWIW ~ Information Of The Kind That Purportedly – Wants To Be Free – Is Nothing But A Shadow Of Our Own Minds – And – Wants Nothing On Its Own – It Will Not Suffer If It Doesn’t Get What It Wants

~ MICOBKIARS-ITEOAHB ~ Machine Intelligence Can Only Be Known In A Relative Sense – In The Eyes Of A Human Beholder

~ PDTIOTMMSS-ATT ~ People Degrade Themselves In Order To Make Machines Seem Smart – All The Time

~ COE-WYCTCOYC-YCYCOY ~ Circle Of Empathy – When You Change The Contents Of Your Circle – You Change Your Conception Of Yourself

~ ITD ~ Infelicitous Technological Designs

~ OMRTTCOSNANTMOTN-TRCITAOTF-B-TCHYTAIASW ~ One Must Remember That The Customers Of Social Networks Are Not The Members Of Those Networks – The Real Customer Is The Advertiser Of The Future – But – This Creature Has Yet To Appear In Any Significant Way

~ TNDDI ~ The Net Doesn’t Design Itself

~ AFPP ~ Anonymous Fragmentary Pseudo-People

T-INASO-II-B-TSQOTOW ~ Trolling – Is Not A String Of – Isolated Incidents – But – The Status Quo In The Online World

~ IOV ~ Ideology Of Violation

~ TROTCAPTR ~ The Rules Of The Cloud Apply Poorly To Reality

~ MEPITC ~ Meta Equals Power In The Cloud

~ MNTIITDAG ~ Morality Needs Technology If It’s To Do Any Good

~ PWFOAOTFAKOAOSLATCTCUWWTILSFEAO ~ People Will Focus On Activities Other Than Fighting And Killing One Another Only So Long As Technologists Continue To Come Up With Ways To Improve Living Standards For Everyone At Once

~ TDOE ~ The Devaluation Of Everything

~ U&U ~ Unobtrusive And Useful

~ IYWTK-WRGO-IA-SOI-FTM ~ If You Want To Know – What’s Really Going On – In A – Society Or Ideology – Follow The Money

~ RTTFOS-P ~ Reciprocity Takes The Form Of Self-Promotion

~ CITBPNBA ~ Culture Is To Become Precisely Nothing But Advertising

~ IMIFT-A-IO-M-J-A-A-TASIMCWMTTOB ~ If Money Is Flowing To – Advertising – Instead Of – Musicians – Journalists – And – Artists – Then A Society Is More Concerned With Manipulation Than Truth Or Beauty

~ ICIW-TPWSTB-EAC ~ If Content Is Worthless – Then People Will Start To Become – Emptyheaded And Contentless

~ PALOTC ~ Peasants And Lords Of The Clouds

~ AWBTDUFPOM-IIFP-WHAP ~ Are We Building The Digital Utopia For People Or Machines – If It’s For People – We Have A Problem

~ MAAGOTWPM-SNHWETWBTB ~ Maybe After A Generation Or Two Without Professional Musicians – Some New Habitat Will Emerge That Will Bring Them Back

~ TF-ACRTBBHA-EC-B-T-F-A-ER-AAR-TIOEIT-AOI-HB-THD ~ Thus Far – All Computer-Related Technologies Built By Humans Are – Endlessly Confusing – Buggy – Tangled – Fussy – And – Error-Ridden – As A Result – The Icon Of Employment In The – Age Of Information – Has Been – The Help Desk

~ POTHD ~ Planet Of The Help Desks

~ CEC ~ Computationally Enhanced Corruption

~ CHMIEFCTPETTTTANAOTOS ~ Computers Have Made It Easier For Criminals To Pretend Even To Themselves That They Are Not Aware Of Their Own Schemes

~ TWOFCTTPI2008WSCB ~ The Wave Of Financial Calamities That Took Place In 2008 Were Significantly Cloud Based

~ NOITP-DEHTMVCTLTHOHITWWRAATN ~ No One In The Pre-Digital Era Had The Mental Capacity To Lie To Him- Or Herself In The Way We Routinely Are Able To Now

~ WOTCTCTC?-ALF ~ Who Owns The Cloud That Connects The Crowd? – A Lucky Few

~ EHAISABI-UTAAIP ~ Entitlement Has Achieved Its – Singularity – And – Become Infinite – Unless The Algorithm Actually Isn’t Perfect

~ TGUSOTNI ~ The Grand Unified Scam Of The New Ideology

~ ASCIWBHVIOBF-AEWGPFTB ~ A Social Contract In Which Bits Have Value Instead Of Being Free – And Everyone Would Get Paid For Their Bits

~ WADOIS-MWB ~ Without A Degree Of Imposed Scarcity – Money Would Be Valueless

~ AVITAOTLT ~ A Volunteer In The Army Of The Long Tail

~ TWPOTOWARHS ~ The Wrong People Often Take Over When A Revolution Happens Suddenly

~ ETMELMATFCHT-FTCTATG ~ Even The Most Extreme Libertarian Must Admit That – Fluid Commerce Has To Flow Through Channels That Amount To Government

~ WMSOH-A-EOR-IOTBB ~ We Must See Ourselves Honestly – And – Engage Ourselves Realistically In Order To Become Better

~ E-IA-HTB-M-ASORWCC-W-RTWCC ~ Economics – Is About – How To Best – Mix – A Set Of Rules We Cannot Change – With – Rules That We Can Change

~ TUTOF ~ The Unbearable Thinness Of Flatness

~ OCIFOTWAIWBTWWB ~ Online Culture Is Fixated On The World As It Was Before The Web Was Born

~ TOAHBATC-L-PC-IHBSGAC-NO ~ The Open Approach Has Been Able To Create – Lovely – Polished Copies – It Hasn’t Been So Good At Creating – Notable Originals

~ WITNM?-EI-R/R/R ~ Where Is The New Music? – Everything Is – Retro / Retro / Retro

~ WMS-R-IS-IIITRITC ~ What Makes Something – Real – Is That – It Is Impossible To Represent It To Completion

~ ESAP ~ Encapsulation Serves A Purpose

~ BFSL-FLS ~ Been Fast So Long – Feels Like Slow

~ SJ ~ Silicon Juvenilia

~ DC:WAWOJ ~ Digital Culture: Wave After Wave Of Juvenilia

~ PC ~ Postsymbolic Communication