~ SBN ~ Something Beats Nothing

~ FSBAMETOO ~ Frequent Short Breaks Are More Effective Than Occasional Ones

~ SBAE-E-‘M-B-CBH ~ Short Breaks Are Effective – Even – “Micro-breaks” – Can Be Helpful

~ MBS-SSUAWA-F-FM-EHDTW-CBP ~ Moving Beats Stationary – Simply Standing Up And Walking Around – For – Five Minutes – Every Hour During The Workday – Can Be Potent

~ SBS-TACBR-B-SB-AMEARSAIM ~ Social Beats Solo – Time Alone Can Be Replenishing – But – Social Breaks – Are More Effective At Reducing Stress And Improving Mood

~ OBI-NBMRUTB ~ Outside Beats Inside – Nature Breaks May Replenish Us The Best

~ FDBS ~ Fully Detached Beats Semidetached


~ WAKT-TIE-TI-WDKMAT ~ We All Know That – Timing Is Everything – Trouble Is – We Don’t Know Much About Timing

~ OCADNRSOTCOAD-WA-S/F/S/MC/LC-ISPOTDTO-TDFAMETWR ~ Our Cognitive Abilities Do Not Remain Static Over The Course Of A Day – We Are – Smarter / Faster / Dimmer / Slower / More Creative / Less Creative – In Some Parts Of The Day Than Others – These Daily Fluctuations Are More Extreme Than We Realize

~ WWWUOBTSR-T-GBO-ELAA-A-T-EOEF-OATC-OPOD ~ When We Wake Up Our Body Temperature Slowly Rises – That – Gradually Boosts Our – Energy Levels And Alertness – And That – Enhances Our Executive Functioning – Our Ability To Concentrate – Our Powers Of Deduction

~ AAEL-PDTA-WTDCAC-FIOATRF-A-COI ~ Alertness And Energy Levels – Plummet During The Afternoons – With That Drop Comes A Corresponding – Fall In Our Ability To Remain Focused – And – Constrain Our Inhibitions

~ B-IPAD-TRLVAFI-ATLM-AFDCHUSCWMHMWOFWT-FAP-LOIC-IAB-FIP-IAF ~ But – Insight Problems Are Different – They Require Less Vigilance And Fewer Inhibitions – At Those Looser Moments – A Few Distractions Can Help Us Spot Connections We Might Have Missed When Our Filters Were Tighter – For Analytic Problems – Lack Of Inhibitory Control – Is A Bug – For Insight Problems – It’s A Feature

~ AOUETDITS-AP-AT-A-AR-WYD-DNLMTCIYPP ~ All Of Us Experience The Day In Three Stages – A Peak – A Trough – And – A Rebound – Whatever You Do – Do Not Let Mundane Tasks Creep Into Your Peak Period

~ TMPLBHTKI-A-A-D-BPAP ~ The Most Powerful Lunch Breaks Have Two Key Ingredients – Autonomy – And – Detachment – Both Psychological And Physical

~ LITMIMOTD ~ Lunch Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

~ N-CTKB-TICP-A-TBMAPH ~ Naps – Confer Two Key Benefits – They Improve Cognitive Performance – And – They Boost Mental And Physical Health

~ SAANCRBP ~ Simply Anticipating A Nap Can Reduce Blood Pressure

~ BHAFGITMOUU-B-IF-CMTTE ~ Beginnings Have A Far Greater Impact Than Most Of Us Understand – Beginnings – In Fact – Can Matter To The End

~ IME-WSBATTPOBAATMASS-ITF-MAFS-A-ITBIBYC-WCEOTAAGS ~ In Most Endeavors – We Should Be Awake To The Power Of Beginnings And Aim To Make A Strong Start – If That Fails – Make A Fresh Start – And – If The Beginning Is Beyond Our Control – We Can Enlist Others To Attempt A Group Start

~ BSWUFLTWK-TELTTE ~ Beginnings Stay With Us Far Longer Than We Know – Their Effects Linger To The End

~ WWRA-M-SWS-B-OTWJ-AMSAUTWSHOOT-U-O-WROOT ~ When We Reach A – Midpoint – Sometimes We Slump – But – Other Times We Jump – A Mental Siren Alerts Us That We’ve Squandered Half Of Our Time – Uh-Oh – We’re Running Out Of Time

~ TEPOESMOOOASD-NBTFE-B-BCM-EATE ~ The Encoding Power Of Endings Shapes Many Of Our Opinions And Subsequent Decisions – Not By The Full Experience – But – By Certain Moments – Especially At The End

~ Y-WEBS-WWEA-AT-OAK-WSO-ERP-A-SO-AOA-N-WB-TCF-WE ~ Yet – When Endings Become Salient – Whenever We Enter An – Act Three – Of Any Kind – We Sharpen Our – Existential Red Pencils – And – Scratch Out – Anyone Or Anything – Nonessential – Well Before – The Curtain Falls – We Edit

~ PITACW-L-RLTCMMTTPWKIWS-N ~ People Informed That A Chocolate Was – Last – Reported Liking That Chocolate Much More Than The People Who Knew It Was Simply – Next

~ TBEDLU-H-I-TP-AROUI-AFMOT ~ The Best Endings Don’t Leave Us – Happy – Instead – They Produce – A Rush Of Unexpected Insight – A Fleeting Moment Of Transcendence

~ C/C/C-ITE-WSM ~ Closings / Conclusions / Culminations – In The End – We Seek Meaning

~ B-PSOTAE-IALTIE-IPTHAS ~ Belongingness – Profoundly Shapes Our Thoughts And Emotions – Its Absence Leads To Ill Effects – Its Presence To Health And Satisfaction

~ IUTBT-TWE-N-IBT-EIT ~ I Used To Believe That – Timing Was Everything – Now – I Believe That – Everything Is Timing


~ TPLINOAROR-ICABAA ~ The Private Library Is Not Only A Refuge Of Reading – It Can Also Be An Asylum

~ TL-TPOB-IATPBOO ~ The Library – The Place Of Books – Is Also The Potential Birthplace Of Obsessions

~ PB-HOTB-CKUFL ~ Possessing Books – Holding On To Books – Can Keep Us From Life

~ BAHWSTTDATD ~ Books Are How We Speak To The Distant And The Dead

~ NRCTETIOMWFL-NPAIOOTBWODNI-RB-WSOOL-ROOTMEMOESET ~ New Research Continues To Emphasize The Importance Of Mind Wandering For Learning – Not Paying Attention Is One Of The Best Ways Of Discovering New Ideas – Reading Books – Whether Silently Or Out Loud – Remains One Of The Most Efficient Means Of Enabling Such Errant Thinking

~ WALOSOTO-WAN-‘AO’ ~ We Are Losing Our Sense Of Time Online – We Are Now – “Always On”

~ FIOOTBCOTD-WWLASWBPT-TOEOCTS ~ Fatigue Is One Of The Basic Conditions Of The Digital – When We Look At Screens We Become Prematurely Tired – The Optical Equivalent Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

~ WM-DIB-O-AITC-B-WSTTW ~ We May – Dream In Books – Or – Awake In The Cinema – But – We Sleepwalk Through The Web

~ TINOTNT-E-TEDS-TO-O ~ There Is No Outside The Network Today – Except – The Ever Dwindling Space-Time Of – Off

~ WHRTAWBTIOP ~ We Have Returned To A World Before The Invention Of Privacy

~ RIBFW-B-IABMW-B-WAABAN ~ Reading Is Born From Writing – But – It Also Begets More Writing – But – Writing Almost Always Begins As Notes

~ TCB-COWCDFOR-ICTWOAW-WFW-ERWLHTITWSTTCUTLO-INWAINS ~ The Commonplace Book – Consists Of Words Copied Down From Our Reading – In Copying The Words Of Another Writer – Word For Word – Early Readers Were Learning How To Internalize Those Words So That They Could Use Them Later On – In New Ways And In New Settings

~ RINPAAOI-WWR-WEIAWOC-WO-L-S-O-MP-RS ~ Reading Is Never Purely An Act Of Isolation – When We Read – We Enter Into A World Of Commonality – Whether Of – Language – Story – Or – Material Place – Reading Socializes

~ C-TIIOTLNOIP-A-C-BSACGAII-IBIO-S-CIIWOOASOTHOHH-WDITCSTBUT-WIANLYOMBO ~ Copyright – The Initial Idea Of The Limited Nature Of Intellectual Property – A – Compromise – Between Serving A Common Good And Individual Incentive – Is Becoming Increasingly One-Sided – Corporate Interest Is Winning Out Over A Sense Of The History Of Human Habit – What Disappears Is That Common Space That Binds Us Together – Where Ideas Are No Longer Yours Or Mine But Ours

~ ITIA-S-OT-IICL-NOAEMFOILTTBC-UTAILI-B-TRSWOCDWSMABIE ~ If There Is A – Singularity – Out There – It Is Copyright Law – Not Only Are Ever More Facets Of Intellectual Life Thought To Be Copyrightable – Up To And Including Life Itself – But – The Restrictions Surrounding What Others Can Do With Such Material Are Becoming Increasingly Extensive

~ LT-E-TIAAOTC-TPD(N-TIC)-TIDATOLAEUTD ~ Like The – “Environment” – There Is An Abstraction Out There Called – The Public Domain (Now – The Intellectual Commons) – That Is Diminishing And That Our Laws Are Encouraging Us To Diminish

~ BATODE ~ Books Are The Original Difference Engines

~ BT-E-B-A-G-B-DFTWF-BT ~ Both The – English – Book – And – German – Buch – Derive From The Word For – Beech Tree

~ T-L-C-TTTUFB-DFTWFTOAT ~ The – Latin – Codex – The Technical Term Used For Books – Derives From The Word For Trunk Of A Tree

~ LANARTOAAADAL ~ Literacy And Numeracy Are Related To One Another At A Deep Anthropological Level

~ TH-OC-AB-TMTR ~ There Has – Of Course – Always Been – Too Much To Read

~ MIRM ~ Melancholy Is Reading’s Muse


~ APAAPPAST-UPAN ~ Attractive People Are Ascribed Positive Personality And Social Traits – Unattractive People Are Not

~ BTYAIWSACY-S-P-B-A-ATOITAW ~ Believing That You Are Interacting With Someone Attractive Changes Your – Self-Perception – Behavior – Attitudes – And The Opposite Is True As Well

~ YCASWIT ~ Your Certainties About Someone Will Impact Them

~ OPOCETCUTH-C-AA-SASA-AEPOW-CCSPP-TP-A-U-WTEUIL-OW-OP ~ One Piece Of Compelling Evidence That Causes Us To Have – Certainty – About Another – Something As Simple As – An Errant Photo Or A Word – Can Change Someone’s Perceived Personality – Their Performance – And – Ultimately – Where They End Up In Life – One Word – One Photo

~ FB-AS-A0BAO-ANOS-TAS ~ Fundamental Beliefs – About Self – And – Beliefs About Others – Are Not Only Sticky – They Are Solid

~ WPSEAFMT-TASMLTTOABT ~ When People Spend Even A Few Minutes Together – They Are Significantly More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ WPBTHSICWO-TASMLTTOABTWA ~ When People Believe They Have Something In Common With Others – They Are Significantly More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ WPBTHSRICWA-TA-D-MLTTOABTWA ~ When People Believe They Have Something Rare In Common With Another – They Are – Dramatically – More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ ILTT-WLT-RR-WLT-C ~ Identification Leads To Trust – Which Leads To – Reduced Resistance – Which Leads To – Compliance

~ YRVFTMTTRYOY ~ You Respond Very Favorably To Most Things That Remind You Of You

~ T-IC-O-I-L-A-S-ISPIIYFCAWYWL ~ The – Identity Connection – Of – Initials – Letters – And – Sounds – Is So Powerful It Influences Your Future Career And Where You Will Live

~ ‘NLE’-IETETPO-N-R-LOAP ~ “Name-Letter Effect” – Influential Enough To Encourage The Pursuit Of – Name-Resembling – Life Outcomes And Partners

~ CACI-TTIIC-TDOWMNS ~ Customer’s And Client’s Identities – Take That Identity Into Consideration – To Do Otherwise Would Make No Sense

~ IYRTYADWAMOPDMWAI-YHAGA ~ If You Remember That You Are Dealing With A Multitude Of Possible Decision Makers Within An Individual – You Have A Great Advantage

~ CDCIPAOAPWLTT ~ Consciousness Doesn’t Come Into Play As Often As People Would Like To Think

~ BAO-S-YAO-UTHYIMWTYCI ~ Become Aware Of – Selves – Yours And Others – Understanding This Helps You In More Ways Than You Can Imagine

~ AW-CQCGALWII-L-WBSTYN ~ A Well-Crafted Question Can Go A Long Way In Influence – Long-Winded Biographical Sketches Take You Nowhere

~ RSOVTTSRFFI ~ Receiving Something Of Value Tends To Stop Reactant Feelings From Increasing

~ AAR-IAC-FAWTS-‘TY’-FSAEAP ~ As A Rule – In Any Conversation – Find A Way To Say – “Thank You” – For Something As Early As Possible

~ ‘TY’-RUTW-‘IWW’-AWPLTH-WTTTSTAE ~ “Thank You” – Ranks Up There With – “I Was Wrong” – As Words People Like To Hear – Words That Tend To Set Them At Ease

~ APOIAT-C-F-M-S-IYWTBE-DSITO ~ A Person Of Influence Always Thinks – Context – First – Message – Second – If You Want To Be Excellent – Design Situations In That Order

~ W-YASTS-‘Y’-IOMMIT-H-YATP ~ When – You Ask Someone To Say – “Yes” – Is Often Much More Important Than – How – You Ask That Person

~ P-RTED-IO-MRD ~ People – Rationalize Their Emotional Decisions – Instead Of – Making Rational Decisions

~ YEOSLCHTP ~ Your Expectations Of Someone Literally Change How They Perform

~ AOQOSCBACEFL-CB ~ Asking One Question Of Someone Can Be A Causal Element For Life-Changing Behavior

~ LQ-HBSTACA-‘M’-OWAPBH[/S]W ~ Leading Questions – Have Been Shown To Actually Change A – “Memory” – Of What A Person Believes He[/She] Witnessed

~ WCM-SWCASSACM-CC ~ Words Can Matter – Some Word Choices Are Simply Stronger At Conveying Meaning – Choose Carefully

~ OTTWCFIITTEHTSDOWWAUED-TDN ~ One Trap That We Commonly Fall Into Is Thinking That Everyone Has The Same Definition Of The Words We All Use Every Day – They Do Not

~ WITMW?~ Who Is The Messenger With?

~ TSMCR-PSN-ITTDWTBTAO ~ The Single Most Common Reason – People Say No – Is That They Don’t Want To Be Taken Advantage Of

~ MNOTW ~ Mirror Neuron On The Wall

~ E-IATSMIFIIO ~ Empathy – Is Arguably The Single Most Important Factor In Influencing Others

~ Q-HACNTBTTBAAWYADTTOAYWG ~ Questions – Have A Compelling Nature That Begs Them To Be Answered And What You Ask Determines The Type Of Answers You Will Get

~ LAF ~ Labels Are Frames

~ TSATS-S-SDCBPDUN-B-TDUS ~ The Story And The Statistic – Statistics – Simply Don’t Convince Because People Don’t Understand Numbers – But – They Do Understand Stories

~ MPWS-N-TPW-SGITF-IPA-SITP ~ Most People Will Say – No – To Proposals Where – Something Good In The Future – Is Pitted Against – Something In The Present

~ GTM-HHNFMITL ~ Give Them Meaning – Humans Have Need For Meaning In Their Lives

~ WPTYTWYAD-MIL-IMYFMTG ~ When People Tell You That What You Are Doing – Matters In Life – It Makes You Feel More Than Good


~ EIWIYAYCEHSDAPDPC ~ Economic Inequalities Which Increase Year After Year Can Eventually Have Socially Divisive And Potentially Disastrous Political Consequences

~ EPIATEOD ~ Elite Political Influence And The Erosion Of Democracy

~ IIIGTT1%MRTIITPPATETTOM ~ Increasing Income Inequality Gives The Top 1 Percent More Resources To Intervene In The Political Process And To Ensure That Their Opinions Matter

TICETPASPOTVAAQDFTOTGP-DT-‘TT’-A-PI-A-TOOPMO-GTWTATPTPOV-IAWOPCM ~ There Is Clear Evidence The Political And Social Preferences Of The Very Affluent Are Quite Different From Those Of The General Population – Donations To – “Think Tanks” – And – Policy Institutes – And – The Ownership Of Private Media Outlets – Give The Wealthy The Ability To Push Their Point Of View – In A Way Ordinary People Cannot Match

~ IG-IDNTMMTMABDITLOPWHVL ~ In General – It Does Not Take Much Money To Make A Big Difference In The Lives Of People Who Have Very Little

~ TOCSOTLA-A-TWTPVHIR-CAOFP-TFTS-TCHAMHCFTLAMTGLECFTAI ~ The Occasional Cash Shortfalls Of The Less Affluent – And – Their Willingness To Pay Very High Interest Rates – Create An Opportunity For Profit – The Fact That Short-Term Credit Has A Much Higher Cost For The Less Affluent Means They Get Less Effective Consumption From Their Annual Incomes

~ AWAC? ~ And What About Chance?

~ EOTPDIORAMLOE-VW-F-9T47%-OAJ–ETL-EE-WBABHFTLM-TU ~ Estimates Of The Possible Disruptive Impacts Of Robots And Machine Learning On Employment – Vary Widely – From – 9 To 47 Per Cent – Of All Jobs – Even The Low-End Estimate – Would Be A Big Hit For The Labour Market – Technological Unemployment

~ BIMAHTBHRITCATBMF-TAAOBHRFACITPROADG ~ Because Individuals Must Actually Have Their Basic Human Rights If Their Choices Are To Be Meaningfully Free – The Actual Achievement Of Basic Human Rights For All Citizens Is The Primary Responsibility Of A Democratic Government

~ E-VWNANMITPMWTTTEFS ~ Eventually – Voters Whose Needs Are Not Met In The Political Mainstream Will Turn To The Extremes For Solutions

~ IICIEIAGSS-ASME-SDOART-‘GOD’-A-LFSWTDNM ~ Increasing Inequality Causes Increased Economic Instability And Greater Social Stress – Authoritarian Social Movements Emerge – Selling Dreams Of A Return To – “Good Old Days” – And – Looking For Scapegoats When They Do Not Materialize

~ STEPTPI-‘MG’-B-TPCHTDEGFTWNI-TWBARSFNSTB ~ Since The Easiest Policy To Promise Is – “More Growth” – But – That Promise Cannot Hope To Deliver Enough Growth For Those Who Need It – There Will Be A Relentless Search For New Scapegoats To Blame

~ AHRPDNSTESHEI-B-IDSTESHER-A-FTTH-ACMHALAMCOER ~ A Human Rights Perspective Does Not Say That Everyone Should Have Equal Income – But – It Does Say That Everyone Should Have Equal Rights – And – For That To Happen – All Citizens Must Have At Least A Minimum Command Over Economic Resources

~ WAOTA-STWUADISCTWOI-C ~ We All Own The Air – So Those Who Use And Degrade It Should Compensate Those Who Own It – Citizens

~ GAI-B-TIANLOWTIAFIWRCMTRWMTSTWC-PJMBS ~ Guaranteed Annual Income – Because – There Is A New Level Of Worry That In A Future In Which Robots Can Make The Robots Which Make The Stuff That We Consume – Paying Jobs May Be Scarce

~ WWTCDCFTATOFTAFOTF? ~ Where Will The Consumer Demand Come From To Absorb The Output From The Automated Factories Of The Future?

~ AMPWUMWAACOSVITMOTWIWPANCTS-AVOATCOCOTE-ANPJ ~ A Major Problem With Using Market Wages As A Criterion Of Social Value Is That Many Of The Ways In Which People Actually Now Contribute To Society – As Volunteers Or As The Caretakers Of Children Or The Elderly – Are Not Paying Jobs

~ FTATT ~ Fairer Taxes At The Top

~ TAATE-ALITTGP-B-TCOTLPMPDOTAATLPTETA ~ Tax Avoidance And Tax Evasion – Are Largely Invisible To The General Public – Because – The Complexity Of Tax Law Precludes Much Public Discussion Of The Accounting And Tax Law Provisions That Enable Tax Avoidance


~ PDITAOSB ~ Public Discourse In The Age Of Show Business

~ TNITM ~ The Medium Is The Metaphor

~ O-P-R-N-E-A-C-HBTI-CAO-SB-TRITWAAPOTVOAOTD ~ Our – Politics – Religion – News – Athletics – Education – And – Commerce – Have Been Transformed Into – Congenial Adjuncts Of – Show Business – The Result Is That We Are A People On The Verge Of Amusing Ourselves To Death

~ IETWC-AIIETGBTFOTTI ~ In Every Tool We Create – An Idea Is Embedded That Goes Beyond The Function Of The Thing Itself

~ OMAOM-OMCTCOOC ~ Our Media Are Our Metaphors – Our Metaphors Create The Content Of Our Culture

~ ENTIAT-IGATA ~ Every New Technology For Thinking Involves A Tradeoff – It Giveth And Taketh Away

~ TFIWIAE-AWTIWB ~ The Form In Which Ideas Are Expressed – Affects What Those Ideas Will Be

~ TAOSB ~ The Age Of Show Business

~ C-FI-HODIOTIPYOM-ROT-OI-TMP- CYTAYPFTD-O-TTSAYWNOHT-OPI-ISPYARTS? ~ Context-Free Information – How Often Does It Occur That Information Provided You On Morning – Radio Or Television – Or In – The Morning Newspaper – Causes You To Alter Your Plans For The Day – Or – To Take Some Action You Would Not Otherwise Have Taken – Or – Provides Insight Into Some Problem You Are Required To Solve?

~ B-MOODNII-COITGUSTTABCLTAMA ~ But – Most Of Our Daily News Is Inert – Consisting Of Information That Gives Us Something To Talk About But Cannot Lead To Any Meaningful Action

~ AGLOI:TNEFYAVOOAWYCDNETOTAMN-AWYCDN ~ A Great Loop Of Impotence: The News Elicits From You A Variety Of Opinions About Which You Can Do Nothing Except To Offer Them As More News – About Which You Can Do Nothing

~ EBEB-FTFT-WWSIWANQWHA-AW-IAC-DNPAR ~ Everything Became Everyone’s Business – For The First Time – We Were Sent Information Which Answered No Question We Had Asked – And Which – In Any Case – Did Not Permit A Reply

~ AP-CIASITGFAIIASU-B-TUTP-CPIN-A-O-P-S-O-C-IITOULFIWNGCTOL-AT-OC-IT-A ~ A Pseudo-Context Is A Structure Invented To Give Fragmented And Irrelevant Information A Seeming Use – But – The Use The Pseudo-Context Provides Is Not – Action – Or – Problem-Solving – Or – Change – It Is The Only Use Left For Information With No Genuine Connection To Our Lives – And That – Of Course – Is To – Amuse

~ TINSOPI-P/N/E/R/S/S-TDNFIWTT-WMTAPUOTSISBTBOT ~ There Is No Subject Of Public Interest – Politics / News / Education / Religion / Science / Sports – That Does Not Find Its Way To Television – Which Means That All Public Understanding Of These Subjects Is Shaped By The Biases Of Television

~ WRTAT-OWIOT-TI-IC-IE-WINOIPCASCBTCIWWNATI-ITFG-AAN-O-CIAAILTSIT-ASMIPAE ~ We Rarely Talk About Television – Only What Is On Television – That Is – Its Content – Its Ecology – Which Includes Not Only Its Physical Characteristics And Symbolic Code But The Conditions In Which We Normally Attend To It – Is Taken For Granted – Accepted As Natural – One – Cultural Institution After Another Is Learning To Speak Its Terms – All Subject Matter Is Presented As Entertaining

~ TIOCPMOKAI-T-ATITCP-HTSTWBTMFHTWIPTBS-TNODICATDLBWISBAWINBHTSWEPD-TNBBSB ~ Television Is Our Culture’s Principal Mode Of Knowing About Itself – Therefore – And This Is The Critical Point – How Television Stages The World Becomes The Model For How The World Is Properly To Be Staged – The Nature Of Discourse Is Changing As The Demarcation Line Between What Is Show Business And What Is Not Becomes Harder To See With Each Passing Day – There’s No Business But Show Business

~ ‘N…T’ ~ “Now… This”

~ IOT-CRRATDTOT-T-PLNNTTVMWRPTTPCGASOV-OMLLALBBTTT-OEW-LLAT-TBIFBL ~ If On Television – Credibility Replaces Reality As The Decisive Test Of Truth-Telling – Political Leaders Need Not Trouble Themselves Very Much With Reality Provided That Their Performances Consistently Generate A Sense Of Verisimilitude – One May Look Like A Liar But Be Telling The Truth – Or Even Worse – Look Like A Truth-Teller But In Fact Be Lying

~ TIATMO-‘BI’-BCASOITMPBCD-MI-M-I-F-O-S-I-SFMST-BDOAI ~ Television Is Altering The Meaning Of – “Being Informed”– By Creating A Species Of Information That Might Properly Be Called Disinformation – Misleading Information – Misplaced – Irrelevant – Fragmented – Or – Superficial – Information – Something Far More Serious Than – Being Deprived Of Authentic Information

~ TTCINAAATCOP-IIATCOTC ~ The Television Commercial Is Not At All About The Character Of Products – It Is About The Character Of The Consumers

~ TTCHOBAF-MBOV-Y-MCFV-WMT-TBOBHNBP-T-TCIAPABP-D ~ The Television Commercial Has Oriented Business Away From – Making Products Of Value – Toward – Making Consumers Feel Valuable – Which Means That – The Business Of Business Has Now Become Pseudo-Therapy – The Consumer Is A Patient Assured By Psycho-Dramas

~ TITLOAGTC:P-AS-AS-O-AF-TCFVACACIOT ~ This Is The Lesson Of All Great Television Commercials: Provide – A Slogan – A Symbol – Or – A Focus – That Creates For Viewers A Comprehensive And Compelling Image Of Themselves

~ IT-AOSAIP-PDIENOOICBOHCAW ~ ~ In The – Age Of Show Business And Image Politics – Political Discourse Is Emptied Not Only Of Ideological Content But Of Historical Content – As Well

~ TOAVHAKATVOPTMWAAAMOPD-B-MOTCNHEHFASIWTMWITWDNA-TKTCINNWAPDTTFOAJ ~ Tyrants Of All Varieties Have Always Known About The Value Of Providing The Masses With Amusements As A Means Of Pacifying Discontent – But – Most Of Them Could Not Have Even Hoped For A Situation In Which The Masses Would Ignore That Which Does Not Amuse – To Know That Censorship Is Not A Necessity When All Political Discourse Takes The Form Of A Jest

~ TATWBWTSOACMBS-TO:CBAP-TH:CBB ~ There Are Two Ways By Which The Spirit Of A Culture May Be Shriveled – The Orwellian: Culture Becomes A Prison – The Huxleyan – Culture Becomes A Burlesque

~ IMLDIOWAIBR-OL-WI-TGOTPAEI-SER-I-WEP ~ It Makes Little Difference If Our Wardens Are Inspired By Right- Or Left-Wing Ideologies – The Gates Of The Prison Are Equally Impenetrable – Surveillance Equally Rigorous – Icon-Worship Equally Pervasive

~ A-O-WIMETR-ATO-TA-H ~ An – Orwellian – World Is Much Easier To Recognize – And To Oppose – Than A – Huxleyan

~ PCHNYATPTTII-TISOTFTBOVETHAEAOL ~ Public Consciousness Has Not Yet Assimilated The Point That Technology Is Ideology – This In Spite Of The Fact That Before Our Very Eyes Technology Has Altered Every Aspect Of Life

~ TBATATCEWAPFSC-TMTTIN-TMTATTIAAFTCI-ATLH-SPAS ~ To Be Unaware That A Technology Comes Equipped With A Program For Social Change – To Maintain That Technology Is Neutral – To Make The Assumption That Technology Is Always A Friend To Culture Is – At This Late Hour – Stupidity Plain And Simple

~ NMIEDIIUUWIDA-TAITBTS ~ No Medium Is Excessively Dangerous If Its Users Understand What Its Dangers Are – To Ask Is To Break The Spell

~ TCTOCT-TTPDWHISPSFID-WGU-U-IWBNTTMCAS-O-LRODHBOGVTL-SO-B-HSVLOITMP-A-HCALAMPFTATMHS ~ The Central Thesis Of Computer Technology – That The Principal Difficulty We Have In Solving Problems Stems From Insufficient Data – Will Go Unexamined – Until – It Will Be Noticed That The Massive Collection And Speed-Of-Light Retrieval Of Data Have Been Of Great Value To Large-Scale Organizations – But – Have Solved Very Little Of Importance To Most People And – Have Created At Least As Many Problems For Them As They May Have Solved

~ MC ~ Media Conscious

~ WATP-BNW-WNTTWLIOT-B-TTDNKWTWLAAWTHST ~ What Afflicted The People In – Brave New World – Was Not That They Were Laughing Instead Of Thinking – But – That They Did Not Know What They Were Laughing About And Why They Had Stopped Thinking


PB-SIWSANS ~ Procrustean Bed – Situations In Which Simplifications Are Not Simplifications

~ L-B-H-T-FE-TMILATTOMTISTIAD ~ Lecturing-Birds-How-To-Fly Effect – To Make It Look As Though Technology Owes More To Institutional Science Than It Actually Does

~ T-TATTROOL ~ Touristification – The Attempt To Take Randomness Out Of Life

~ BS-ADS-ACOTE-OSAOE ~ Barbell Strategy – A Dual Strategy – A Combination Of Two Extremes – One Safe And One Extreme

~LF-MTW-PPOMALEFTECRW ~ Ludic Fallacy – Mistaking The Well-Posed Problems Of Mathematics And Laboratory Experiments For The Ecologically Complex Real World

~ DC(SITG)-YMOBPAOBTWCTTACB-A-HSTL-IAW-TPACIBW ~ Doxastic Commitment (Soul In The Game) – You Must Only Believe Predictions And Opinions By Those Who Committed Themselves To A Certain Belief – And – Had Something To Lose – In A Way – To Pay A Cost In Being Wrong

~GLF-MTSOIOENK=FA-LVFTO-LT-O-MTWC-‘RI’-ASM ~ Green Lumber Fallacy – Mistaking The Source Of Important Or Even Necessary Knowledge – For Another – Less Visible From The Outside – Less Tractable – One – Many Things We Call – “Relevant Knowledge” – Aren’t So Much

~ EI-FOETA(OP)-RTTR ~ Ethical Inversion – Fitting One’s Ethics To Actions (Or Profession) – Rather Than The Reverse

~ NF-ONTFA-S-O-P-TASOCODF ~ Narrative Fallacy – Our Need To Fit A – Story – Or – Pattern – To A Series Of Connected Or Disconnected Facts

~ SK-YKWIWWMCTYKAE ~ Subtractive Knowledge – You Know What Is Wrong With More Certainty Than You Know Anything Else

~ SP-PTFBRWIFFI-RTNATI ~ Subtractive Prophecy – Predicting The Future By Removing What Is Fragile From It – Rather Than Naively Adding To It

~ LE-AN-IILEWEDOIL ~ Lindy Effect – Anything Nonperishable – Increases In Life Expectancy With Every Day Of Its Life

~ N-ALOCFIOS-FTF-B-A-N-S ~ Neomania – A Love Of Change For Its Own Sake – Forecasting The Future – By – Adding – Not – Subtracting