~ PDITAOSB ~ Public Discourse In The Age Of Show Business

~ TNITM ~ The Medium Is The Metaphor

~ O-P-R-N-E-A-C-HBTI-CAO-SB-TRITWAAPOTVOAOTD ~ Our – Politics – Religion – News – Athletics – Education – And – Commerce – Have Been Transformed Into – Congenial Adjuncts Of – Show Business – The Result Is That We Are A People On The Verge Of Amusing Ourselves To Death

~ IETWC-AIIETGBTFOTTI ~ In Every Tool We Create – An Idea Is Embedded That Goes Beyond The Function Of The Thing Itself

~ OMAOM-OMCTCOOC ~ Our Media Are Our Metaphors – Our Metaphors Create The Content Of Our Culture

~ ENTIAT-IGATA ~ Every New Technology For Thinking Involves A Tradeoff – It Giveth And Taketh Away

~ TFIWIAE-AWTIWB ~ The Form In Which Ideas Are Expressed – Affects What Those Ideas Will Be

~ TAOSB ~ The Age Of Show Business

~ C-FI-HODIOTIPYOM-ROT-OI-TMP- CYTAYPFTD-O-TTSAYWNOHT-OPI-ISPYARTS? ~ Context-Free Information – How Often Does It Occur That Information Provided You On Morning – Radio Or Television – Or In – The Morning Newspaper – Causes You To Alter Your Plans For The Day – Or – To Take Some Action You Would Not Otherwise Have Taken – Or – Provides Insight Into Some Problem You Are Required To Solve?

~ B-MOODNII-COITGUSTTABCLTAMA ~ But – Most Of Our Daily News Is Inert – Consisting Of Information That Gives Us Something To Talk About But Cannot Lead To Any Meaningful Action

~ AGLOI:TNEFYAVOOAWYCDNETOTAMN-AWYCDN ~ A Great Loop Of Impotence: The News Elicits From You A Variety Of Opinions About Which You Can Do Nothing Except To Offer Them As More News – About Which You Can Do Nothing

~ EBEB-FTFT-WWSIWANQWHA-AW-IAC-DNPAR ~ Everything Became Everyone’s Business – For The First Time – We Were Sent Information Which Answered No Question We Had Asked – And Which – In Any Case – Did Not Permit A Reply

~ AP-CIASITGFAIIASU-B-TUTP-CPIN-A-O-P-S-O-C-IITOULFIWNGCTOL-AT-OC-IT-A ~ A Pseudo-Context Is A Structure Invented To Give Fragmented And Irrelevant Information A Seeming Use – But – The Use The Pseudo-Context Provides Is Not – Action – Or – Problem-Solving – Or – Change – It Is The Only Use Left For Information With No Genuine Connection To Our Lives – And That – Of Course – Is To – Amuse

~ TINSOPI-P/N/E/R/S/S-TDNFIWTT-WMTAPUOTSISBTBOT ~ There Is No Subject Of Public Interest – Politics / News / Education / Religion / Science / Sports – That Does Not Find Its Way To Television – Which Means That All Public Understanding Of These Subjects Is Shaped By The Biases Of Television

~ WRTAT-OWIOT-TI-IC-IE-WINOIPCASCBTCIWWNATI-ITFG-AAN-O-CIAAILTSIT-ASMIPAE ~ We Rarely Talk About Television – Only What Is On Television – That Is – Its Content – Its Ecology – Which Includes Not Only Its Physical Characteristics And Symbolic Code But The Conditions In Which We Normally Attend To It – Is Taken For Granted – Accepted As Natural – One – Cultural Institution After Another Is Learning To Speak Its Terms – All Subject Matter Is Presented As Entertaining

~ TIOCPMOKAI-T-ATITCP-HTSTWBTMFHTWIPTBS-TNODICATDLBWISBAWINBHTSWEPD-TNBBSB ~ Television Is Our Culture’s Principal Mode Of Knowing About Itself – Therefore – And This Is The Critical Point – How Television Stages The World Becomes The Model For How The World Is Properly To Be Staged – The Nature Of Discourse Is Changing As The Demarcation Line Between What Is Show Business And What Is Not Becomes Harder To See With Each Passing Day – There’s No Business But Show Business

~ ‘N…T’ ~ “Now… This”

~ IOT-CRRATDTOT-T-PLNNTTVMWRPTTPCGASOV-OMLLALBBTTT-OEW-LLAT-TBIFBL ~ If On Television – Credibility Replaces Reality As The Decisive Test Of Truth-Telling – Political Leaders Need Not Trouble Themselves Very Much With Reality Provided That Their Performances Consistently Generate A Sense Of Verisimilitude – One May Look Like A Liar But Be Telling The Truth – Or Even Worse – Look Like A Truth-Teller But In Fact Be Lying

~ TIATMO-‘BI’-BCASOITMPBCD-MI-M-I-F-O-S-I-SFMST-BDOAI ~ Television Is Altering The Meaning Of – “Being Informed”– By Creating A Species Of Information That Might Properly Be Called Disinformation – Misleading Information – Misplaced – Irrelevant – Fragmented – Or – Superficial – Information – Something Far More Serious Than – Being Deprived Of Authentic Information

~ TTCINAAATCOP-IIATCOTC ~ The Television Commercial Is Not At All About The Character Of Products – It Is About The Character Of The Consumers

~ TTCHOBAF-MBOV-Y-MCFV-WMT-TBOBHNBP-T-TCIAPABP-D ~ The Television Commercial Has Oriented Business Away From – Making Products Of Value – Toward – Making Consumers Feel Valuable – Which Means That – The Business Of Business Has Now Become Pseudo-Therapy – The Consumer Is A Patient Assured By Psycho-Dramas

~ TITLOAGTC:P-AS-AS-O-AF-TCFVACACIOT ~ This Is The Lesson Of All Great Television Commercials: Provide – A Slogan – A Symbol – Or – A Focus – That Creates For Viewers A Comprehensive And Compelling Image Of Themselves

~ IT-AOSAIP-PDIENOOICBOHCAW ~ ~ In The – Age Of Show Business And Image Politics – Political Discourse Is Emptied Not Only Of Ideological Content But Of Historical Content – As Well

~ TOAVHAKATVOPTMWAAAMOPD-B-MOTCNHEHFASIWTMWITWDNA-TKTCINNWAPDTTFOAJ ~ Tyrants Of All Varieties Have Always Known About The Value Of Providing The Masses With Amusements As A Means Of Pacifying Discontent – But – Most Of Them Could Not Have Even Hoped For A Situation In Which The Masses Would Ignore That Which Does Not Amuse – To Know That Censorship Is Not A Necessity When All Political Discourse Takes The Form Of A Jest

~ TATWBWTSOACMBS-TO:CBAP-TH:CBB ~ There Are Two Ways By Which The Spirit Of A Culture May Be Shriveled – The Orwellian: Culture Becomes A Prison – The Huxleyan – Culture Becomes A Burlesque

~ IMLDIOWAIBR-OL-WI-TGOTPAEI-SER-I-WEP ~ It Makes Little Difference If Our Wardens Are Inspired By Right- Or Left-Wing Ideologies – The Gates Of The Prison Are Equally Impenetrable – Surveillance Equally Rigorous – Icon-Worship Equally Pervasive

~ A-O-WIMETR-ATO-TA-H ~ An – Orwellian – World Is Much Easier To Recognize – And To Oppose – Than A – Huxleyan

~ PCHNYATPTTII-TISOTFTBOVETHAEAOL ~ Public Consciousness Has Not Yet Assimilated The Point That Technology Is Ideology – This In Spite Of The Fact That Before Our Very Eyes Technology Has Altered Every Aspect Of Life

~ TBATATCEWAPFSC-TMTTIN-TMTATTIAAFTCI-ATLH-SPAS ~ To Be Unaware That A Technology Comes Equipped With A Program For Social Change – To Maintain That Technology Is Neutral – To Make The Assumption That Technology Is Always A Friend To Culture Is – At This Late Hour – Stupidity Plain And Simple

~ NMIEDIIUUWIDA-TAITBTS ~ No Medium Is Excessively Dangerous If Its Users Understand What Its Dangers Are – To Ask Is To Break The Spell

~ TCTOCT-TTPDWHISPSFID-WGU-U-IWBNTTMCAS-O-LRODHBOGVTL-SO-B-HSVLOITMP-A-HCALAMPFTATMHS ~ The Central Thesis Of Computer Technology – That The Principal Difficulty We Have In Solving Problems Stems From Insufficient Data – Will Go Unexamined – Until – It Will Be Noticed That The Massive Collection And Speed-Of-Light Retrieval Of Data Have Been Of Great Value To Large-Scale Organizations – But – Have Solved Very Little Of Importance To Most People And – Have Created At Least As Many Problems For Them As They May Have Solved

~ MC ~ Media Conscious

~ WATP-BNW-WNTTWLIOT-B-TTDNKWTWLAAWTHST ~ What Afflicted The People In – Brave New World – Was Not That They Were Laughing Instead Of Thinking – But – That They Did Not Know What They Were Laughing About And Why They Had Stopped Thinking


~ VU ~ Virtual Unreality

~ DIID ~ Digital Information Is Different

~ WWLTTAOOII-BAB-WUAENCUTW-OWP-AD-WODU ~ When We Learned To Turn All Of Our Information Into – Bits And Bytes – We Unleashed An Entirely New Creature Upon The World – One Whose Powers – And Dangers – We Only Dimly Understand

~ TDRHDCNJHWGIATWBAHWCTWTITOAG ~ The Digital Revolution Has Dramatically Changed Not Just How We Gather Information About The World But Also How We Can Tamper With The Information That Others Are Gathering

~ WAOBTOABOTIOTOW-WHADSA-A-TOWIRHWMAMSB ~ We’re Altering Our Behavior Toward One Another Because Of The Influence Of The Online World – We Humans Are Deeply Social Animals – And – The Online World Is Reshaping How We Make And Maintain Social Bonds

~ BIIADTAAOU ~ Bad Information Is A Disease That Affects All Of Us

~ Y-KIIA-D-IE-INSTTWOTM-MLTTWOTM ~ Yet – Knowledge Is Inherently Anti-Democratic – It’s Elitist – It’s Not Subject To The Will Of The Majority – Much Less To The Whims Of The Mob

~ FANLTITU-A-IOTFTTMRTATATMI ~ Facts Are No Less True If They’re Unpopular – And – It’s Often The Facts That The Majority Refuse To Accept That Are The Most Important

~ WAF-K-TCT-ID-TPIHAPEOOPOTW ~ We Are Forcing – Knowledge – To Conform To – Internet Democracy – This Process Is Having A Profound Effect On Our Perception Of The World

~ P-T-HLTIMETCOIB-AWOAW-TB-TTAPOIOW ~ Politicians – Too – Have Learned That It’s Much Easier To Craft One’s Image By – Altering Words On A Webpage – Than By – Trying To Affect Public Opinion In Other Ways

~ TIHPITPO-M-O-A-WBTFUTPI-R ~ The Internet Has Put Immense Time Pressure On – Media – Outlets – And – What’s Beginning To Fail Under The Pressure Is – Reporting

~ PAPVTFWTLFRI ~ People Are Particularly Vulnerable To Fakes When They’re Looking For Romantic Involvement

~ TLOTI ~ The Loneliness Of The Interconnected

~ TMIWFFOUFI-OP-ANOTF-WAWTBWY-ITAO-FTB-YCFSFTBROD ~ The Most Important Weapon For Fighting Off Uncomfortable Facts Is – Other People – A Network Of The Faithful – Who Are Willing To Believe With You – In The Arms Of – Fellow True Believers – You Can Find Solace From The Brutal Reality Of Disconfirmation

~ TCTI-NETCIAUBAFMCAF-CAR-BABOFT ~ Then Came The Internet – Now Even The Craziest Ideas Are Usually But A Few Mouse Clicks Away From – Confirmation And Reinforcement – By A Band Of Fellow Travelers

~ WNADTITTOP-WDOOTI-WWUWIOOFI-RBAUBTM-TNICTBAWUTW;IIBAMTAUTGOUOOB ~ With News And Data That Is Tailored To Our Prejudices – We Deprive Ourselves Of True Information – We Wind Up Wallowing In Our Own False Ideas – Reflected Back At Us By The Media – The News Is Ceasing To Be A Window Unto The World; It Is Becoming A Mirror That Allows Us To Gaze Only Upon Our Own Beliefs

~ IGAPOA-‘P-S’-W-A-WAGIS-IHTGPTPAMFI ~ Informational Goods Are Part Of A – “Post-Scarcity” World – And – When A Good Isn’t Scarce – It’s Hard To Get People To Pay Any Money For It

~ ‘IWTBF’-I-TCCOTIG-B-INFTC-TLTR ~ “Information Wants To Be Free” – Is – The Clarion Call Of The Internet Generation – But – It’s Not Free To Create – Therein Lies The Rub

~ I-1980-IWHBABITMFLATEOAPSJWBE-N-FSJAE ~ In 1980 – It Would Have Been All But Impossible To Masquerade For Long As The Editor Of A Phoney Scientific Journal Without Being Exposed – Nowadays – Fake Scientific Journals Are Everywhere

~ HPP ~ Hollow Potemkin Publications

~ IAVSS-BIH-I-TTFANSINR-AH-B-AA-SR ~ It’s A Very Subtle Shift – But It’s Happening – Increasingly – The Target For A News Story Is Not Really – A Human – But – An Algorithm – Search Rankings

~ RAETW ~ Rankings Are Easily Tinkered With

~ AU ~ Artificial Unintelligence

~ J18WAB ~ Jennifer18 Was A Bimbot

~ AWT-SOITUIFTPIMF-STITTTHSWI ~ As With All Technology – Step One Is To Use It For The Purpose It’s Meant For – Step Two Is To Try To Have Sex With It

~ BS ~ Bacon Specialist

~ MMF ~ Make Money Fast

~ IWT-‘J’-S-W-FS-W-BI ~ Information Warfare Technique – “Jamming” – Swamping – With – False Signals – With – Bogus Information

~ DIGPTTP-B-IGEMTTWPUU ~ Digital Information Gives Power To The People – But – It Gives Even More To Those Who Prey Upon Us

~ IMWWETMT-ROP-WHTCOBIHOGMA-MI-MIR-TAOCUTS ~ In Many Ways We’re Easier To Manipulate Than – Rats Or Pigeons – We’re Happy To Change Our Behavior In Hopes Of Getting More Abstract – More Insubstantial – More Infrequent Rewards – Than Any Other Creature Under The Sun

~ PAMTIAVF ~ Performing A Mindless Task In A Virtual Fishbowl

~ SPCCPT-AATBJ-DTM-AE-MF ~ Social Pressure Can Cause People To – Act Against Their Better Judgement – Discard Their Morals – And Even – Misperceive Facts

~ GU-V-T-M-O-I-IRFLONAA ~ Giving Up – Valuable – Time – Money – Or – Information – In Return For Little Or Nothing At All

~ IIV-A-TGIUTITAAYOI ~ Information Is Valuable – And – To Give It Up Thoughtlessly Is To Act Against Your Own Interest

~ YMWDTYMHBSYOS-I-IAIW-TBACE-A-IITS-ATWCOATCOOOB-DTPTATTUUFTOP ~ You Might Well Discover That You Might Have Been Sacrificing Your Own Self-Interest – In Almost Imperceptible Ways – To Benefit A Commercial Enterprise – And – It Is Through Self-Awareness That We Can Once Again Take Control Of Our Own Brains – Despite The Parasites That Are Trying To Use Us For Their Own Purposes

~ IWWTBATTWRAWN-WMLTSTTHOVUTSAU ~ If We Want To Be Able To Tell What’s Real And What’s Not – We Must Learn To See Through The Haze Of Virtual Unreality That’s Settling Around Us

~ A-OIS-TTTOP-TMETCTROEBASOOTCU ~ As – Our Information Sources – Tailor Themselves To Our Prejudices – This Means Eschewing The Chatter That Reinforces Our Preexisting Beliefs And Seeking Out Ones That Challenge Us


~ AIASO-S-IISVTAE-TT-E-A-LT-OR-TOPL ~ As In All Aspects Of – Scientism – It Is Society’s Values That Are Enshrined – The Tests – Essentially – Are – Loyalty Tests – Or Rather – Tests Of Potential Loyalty

~ NITQNITEOT-AT-T-N;TALW-V-OV-A-TRI-ASOY-TR-TC-TP-A-TU-ATEOTEI-W-WN-S-O-O-O-CF ~ Neither In The Questions Nor In The Evaluation Of Them – Are The – Tests – Neutral; They Are Loaded With – Values– Organization Values – And – The Result Is – A Set Of Yardsticks – That Reward – The Conformist – The Pedestrian – And – The Unimaginative – At The Expense Of The Exceptional Individual – Without – Who – No – Society – Organization – Or – Otherwise – Can Flourish

~ TITTRIT-YDWAGS-YAABO ~ The Important Thing To Recognize Is That – You Don’t Win A Good Score – You Avoid A Bad One

~ YSUYRUTITOR0TI-HYATQIRTHOPHAT-YS-LIGASBT-40-A-60-P-WITS-YSTTAAIYWLEEISTB ~ Your Score Is Usually Rendered In Terms Of Your Percentile Rating – That Is – How You Answer The Question In Relation To How Other People Have Answers Them – Your Safety – Lies In Getting A Score Between The – 40th – And – 60th – Percentiles – Which Is To Say – You Should Try To Answer As If You Were Like Everybody Else Is Supposed To Be


~ PR-SF-PR ~ PR – Stands For – People React

~ TPOAOCWASIII ~ The Power Of An Online Community With A Shared Interest Is Immeasurable

~ SBA-BF ~ Stop Being Afraid – Be First

~ BPFS ~ Be Prepared For Your Success

~ WWDTWWSET ~ What We Do Trumps What We Say Every Time

~ DWIIJI ~ Data Without Insights Is Just Ignorance

~ 67%-OA-D-I-MU ~ 67 Percent – Of All – Data – Is – Made Up

~ PANN-A-TCBETATSWND ~ People Are Not Numbers – And – They Cannot Be Expected To Act The Same Way Numbers Do

~ FUCC ~ Friendly Unsolicited Commercial Contact

~ WBASOKC-WBNA-PIP-A-AO ~ We’ve Become A Society Of Keyboard Commandos – Who By Nature Are – Passive In Person – And – Aggressive Online

~ CYF-TNTCYFIARTGAYOII ~ Check Your Facts – The Need To Check Your Facts Is A Responsibility That Grows As Your Online Influence Increases

~ GAFSTEWAIAGWTLYS ~ Giving Away Free Stuff To Everybody Who Asks Is A Great Way To Lose Your Shirt


~T:TUOPBASIOG-O-TCOLBRFTOB ~ Tyranny: The Usurpation Of Power By A Single Individual Or Group – Or – The Circumvention Of Law By Rulers For Their Own Benefit

~ DNOIA-MOTPOAIFG ~ Do Not Obey In Advance – Most Of The Power Of Authoritarianism Is Freely Given

~ DI-IIITHUTPD-IDNPT ~ Defend Institutions – It Is Institutions That Help Us To Preserve Decency – Institutions Do Not Protect Themselves

~ TMITATRWCTPTICCODTVI-EWTIEWTHATTWD ~ The Mistake Is To Assume That Rulers Who Came To Power Through Institutions Cannot Change Or Destroy Those Very Institutions – Even When That Is Exactly What They Have Announced That They Will Do

~ BOTO-PS-STM-PSADTRODE-VILASEWYC-CRFO ~ Beware The One-Party State – Support The Multi-Party System And Defend The Rules Of Democratic Elections – Vote In Local And State Elections While You Can – Consider Running For Office

~PB-CBTWR-A-CABR ~ Paper Ballots – Cannot Be Tampered With Remotely – And – Can Always Be Recounted

~ TRFTFOTW-TSOTETROT ~ Take Responsibility For The Face Of The World – The Symbols Of Today Enable The Reality Of Tomorrow

~ RPE-WPLSANE-PCT-JP-BMI ~ Remember Professional Ethics – When Political Leaders Set A Negative Example – Professional Commitments To – Just Practice – Become More Important

~ ANOCS-A-CCDSBIICL ~ Authoritarians Need Obedient Civil Servants – And – Concentration Camp Directors Seek Businessmen Interested In Cheap Labor

~ PE-MGUPWWATT-TSIE-TTINSTA-‘JFO’~ Professional Ethics – Must Guide Us Precisely When We Are Told That – The Situation Is Exceptional – Then There Is No Such Thing As – “Just Following Orders”

~ BWOP ~ Be Wary Of Paramilitaries

~ I-OTGCLUF-ATUICBL-T-TFOPTWTFGBP ~ If – Only The Government Can Legitimately Use Force – And – This Use Is Constrained By Law – Then – The Forms Of Politics That We Take For Granted Become Possible

~ BRIYMBA ~ Be Reflective If You Must Be Armed

~ SO-SHT ~ Stand Out – Someone Has To

~BKTOL-APTPEED-TUYOWOS ~ Be Kind To Our Language – Avoid Pronouncing The Phrases Everyone Else Does – Think Up Your Own Way Of Speaking

~ MAETSYFTI ~ Make An Effort To Separate Yourself From The Internet

~ RB ~ Read Books

~ PIOTFTCTT-WETWWTDRT ~ Politicians In Our Times Feed Their Cliches To Television – Where Even Those Who Wish To Disagree Repeat Them

~ BIT-TAFITAF-INIT-TNOCCP-BTINBUWTDS-INIT-TAIS-TBWPFTBBL ~ Believe In Truth – To Abandon Facts Is To Abandon Freedom – If Nothing Is True – Then No One Can Criticize Power – Because There Is No Basis Upon Which To Do So – If Nothing Is True – Then All Is Spectacle – The Biggest Wallet Pays For The Most Blinding Lights

~ PT-P-F ~ Post-Truth Is Pre-Fascism

~ I-RTSOWIOTIITTHY-TRFWYCWO ~ Investigate – Realize That Some Of What Is On The Internet Is There To Harm You – Take Responsibility For What You Communicate With Others

~ IIYATDFTMYAI-A-OCTICKTMUAS ~ It Is Your Ability To Discern Facts That Makes You An Individual – And – Our Collective Trust In Common Knowledge That Makes Us A Society

~ WTT-DW-NCHA-IBTLOD-TWDW-BTM ~ Within The Two-Dimensional Internet World – New Collectivities Have Arisen – Invisible By The Light Of Day – Tribes With Distinct Worldviews – Beholden To Manipulations

~ AY-TIACTYCFO-IITOTKYO-LFC ~ And Yes – There Is A Conspiracy That You Can Find Online – It Is The One To Keep You Online – Looking For Conspiracies

~ BYDT-‘MM’-NTIINL-TM-IIDTIMAE-A-AJTIEAD ~ Before You Deride The – “Mainstream Media” – Note That It Is No Longer – The Mainstream – It Is Derision That Is Mainstream And Easy – And – Actual Journalism That Is Edgy And Difficult

~ MECAST-AWTSITWOS-BDSB-A-UWYSASNT ~ Make Eye Contact And Small Talk – A Way To Stay In Touch With Our Surroundings – Break Down Social Barriers – And – Understand Whom You Should And Should Not Trust

~ ITMDOT-TWEAS-GKPWTCT ~ In The Most Dangerous Of Times – Those Who Escape And Survive – Generally Know People Whom They Can Trust

~ PCP-ITFNCFTAITT-DW-NWC ~ Practice Corporeal Politics – If Tyrants Feel No Consequences For Their Actions In The Three-Dimensional World – Nothing Will Change

~ EAPL-TS-TH-OWTHY-TNTHH ~ Establish A Private Life – Tyrants Seek – The Hook – On Which To Hang You – Try Not To Have Hooks

~ WWTAAIIMODRAMTACBTAS-WPITDOOOPO ~ When We Take An Active Interest In Matters Of Doubtful Relevance At Moments That Are Chosen By Tyrants And Spooks – We Participate In The Demolition Of Our Own Political Order

~ CTGC-TYWHMAFCTSCSAHOTDG ~ Contribute To Good Causes – Then You Will Have Made A Free Choice That Supports Civil Society And Helps Others To Do Good

~ LFPIOC ~ Learn From Peers In Other Countries

~ LFDW-BATTUOTW-E-A-T-BATFNO-EAE-BAA-TTUOPV ~ Listen For Dangerous Words – Be Alert To The Use Of The Words – Extremism – And – Terrorism – Be Alive To Fatal Notions Of – Emergency And Exception – Be Angry About – The Treacherous Use Of Patriotic Vocabulary

~ BCWTUA-TSTR-TEOCAB-TRTAFT-ASO-ITOT-DNFFI ~ Be Calm When The Unthinkable Arrives – The Sudden Disaster That Requires – The End Of Checks And Balances – The Right To A Fair Trial – And So On – Is The Oldest Trick – Do Not Fall For It

~ BAP-SAGE-FGTC-TWNI ~ Be A Patriot – Set A Good Example – For Generations To Come – They Will Need It

~ BACAYC-INOUIPT-DFF-T-AOUW-DUT ~ Be As Courageous As You Can – If None Of Us Is Prepared To – Die For Freedom – Then – All Of Us Will – Die Under Tyranny

~ T-POI-IA-S-IIC ~ The – Politics Of Inevitability – Is A – Self-Induced Intellectual Coma


~ DNOIA ~ Do Not Obey In Advance

~ DI ~ Defend Institutions

~ BTO-PS ~ Beware The One-Party State

~ TRFTFOTW ~ Take Responsibility For The Face Of The World

~ RPE ~ Remember Professional Ethics

~ BWOP ~ Be Wary Of Paramilitaries

~ BRIYMBA ~ Be Reflective If You Must Be Armed

~ SO ~ Stand Out

~ BKTOL ~ Be Kind To Our Language

~ BIT ~ Believe In Truth

~ I ~ Investigate

~ MECAST ~ Make Eye Contact And Small Talk

~ PCP ~ Practice Corporeal Politics

~ EAPL ~ Establish A Private Life

~ CTGC ~ Contribute To Good Causes

~ LFPIOC ~ Learn From Peers In Other Countries

~ LFDW ~ Listen For Dangerous Words

~ BCWTUA ~ Be Calm When The Unthinkable Arrives

~ BAP ~ Be A Patriot

~ BACAYC ~ Be As Courageous As You Can


~ TCG-TC-IAEI-SS-T/S/P ~ The Confidence Game – The Con – Is An Exercise In – Soft Skills – Trust / Sympathy / Persuasion

~ GTRC-WWTGAWJAA-A-POCISAA ~ Given The Right Cues – We’re Willing To Go Along With Just About Anything – And – Put Our Confidence In Just About Anyone

~ TRCGFO-TDFM-EOETFAETIM-EASMM-ALA-TDFM-FARTISGTOEE-R-TCFWT ~ The Real Confidence Game Feeds On – The Desire For Magic – Exploiting Our Endless Taste For An Existence That Is More – Extraordinary And Somehow More Meaningful – As Long As – The Desire For Magic – For A Reality That Is Somehow Greater Than Our Everyday Existence – Remains – The Confidence Game Will Thrive

~ TWAOTHANAOTG-CTITOTAFC-WNTAHAOWOLATWNLS-TWTTD-R-W-A-PU ~ The Whirlwind Advance Of Technology Heralds A New Age Of The Grift – Cons Thrive In Times Of Transition And Fast Change – When New Things Are Happening And Old Ways Of Looking At The World No Longer Suffice – That’s Why They Thrive During – Revolutions – Wars – And – Political Upheavals

~ T-ITCGGA-B-TBU-WTSTNWODBITWOTF? ~ Transition – Is The Confidence Game’s Great Ally – Because – Transition Breeds Uncertainty – Who’s To Say This New Way Of Doing Business Isn’t The Wave Of The Future?

~ WAUCI?-TCAWFTT-WYBIU-A-WBOTFTSCTWAY-B-YWBSCITSPTYWENWH ~ What Are You Confident In? – The Con Artist Will Find Those Things – Where Your Belief Is Unshakable – And – Will Build On That Foundation To Subtly Change The World Around You – But – You Will Be So Confident In The Starting Point That You Won’t Even Notice What’s Happened

~ TGATM ~ The Grifter And The Mark

~ TPO-M-O-P-O-N-NMMSAA-G-T-TPO-CON-GAMWPAOM ~ The Presence Of – Machiavellianism – Or – Psychopathy – Or – Narcissism – No More Marks Someone As A – Grifter – Than – The Presence Of – Charisma Or Nonchalance – Grifters Are Made When Predisposition And Opportunity Meet

~ TBN-OA-C-O-S-HIIAIATA-MB-CCAU-WTA-IBTEFTOTCOFTTTNS ~ The Behavioral Norms – Of A – Company – Culture – Or – Setting – How It Is And Isn’t Acceptable To Act – Must Be – Communicated Clearly And Unequivocally – When They Aren’t – It Becomes Too Easy For Those On The Cusp Of Fraud To Take The Next Step

~ WCHWP-A-IWTTMPWFUOA-WBLLTCTN ~ We Care How We’re Perceived – And – If We Think That Most People Will Frown Upon Our Actions – We Become Less Likely To Contravene The Norm

~ TNSTAA-ICOTEC-A-OYDIO-A-SAT-TTTDIA-DIM-DID-G-RTA-CC-IB-ATIYA ~ There’s No Such Thing As An – Innocent Cutting Of The Ethical Corner – And – Once You Do It Once – And – Successfully At That – The Temptation To Do It Again – Do It More – Do It Differently – Grows – Rather Than A – Cut Corner – It Becomes – Another Tool In Your Arsenal

~ TN-‘PN’-OATTALFTTIHDFC-IBT-TFACFAKOUETS-B-TBLAADMFETBT-S ~ There’s No – “Pinocchio’s Nose” – Our Ability To Tell A Lie From The Truth Is Hardly Different From Chance – Instantaneous Behavioral Tells – Too Fleeting And Complex For Any Kind Of Untrained Expert To Spot – But – The Best Liars Are A Difficult Match For Even The Best Truth-Seers

~ TSTITMPAOTGY-WASBASD-B-IBFUTBMT ~ The Simple Truth Is That Most People Aren’t Out To Get You – We Are So Bad At Spotting Deception – Because – It’s Better For Us To Be More Trusting

~ TGMING-NMTAE-TA-S-H ~ The Grifter’s Mark Is Not Greedy – No More Than Anyone Else – They Are – Simply – Human

~ A-S-POT-MG-PTTLPI ~ A – Shill – Part Of The – Monte Gang – Planted There To Lure People In

~ IYF-IOL-ITOYPV-LIYGT-JL-D-SI-O-OMLC-DIPF-D ~ If You’re Feeling – Isolate Or Lonely – It Turns Out You’re Particularly Vulnerable – Likewise If You’re Going Through – Job Loss – Divorce – Serious Injury – Or – Other Major Life Change – Downturn In Personal Finances – Debt

~ A-V-IN-FOG-AVI-SMEVATEMTCAA ~ A – Victim – Isn’t Necessarily – Foolish Or Greedy – A Victim Is – Simply More Emotionally Vulnerable At The Exact Moment The Confidence Artist Approaches

~CATTBSC-A-TCIOTU-CAAOTBM-BTTTI ~ Con Artists Tend To Be Supremely Confident – And – That Confidence Is Often Their Undoing – Con Artists Are Often The Best Marks – Because They Think Themselves Immune

~ SS-CAEOGL-B-B-SAF-CBF ~ Surface Similarities – Create An Effect Of Greater Liking – But – Both – Similarity And Familiarity – Can Be Faked

~ TSTUSUR-CEBM-EITST-AAGCAN ~ The Signs That Usually Serve Us Reliably – Can Easily Be Massaged – Especially In The Short Term – All A Good Con Artist Needs

~ SASA-RON-CIT-ACA-F-PNG-T-SWL-AE-A-CSWWTH ~ Something As Simple As – Remembering Our Name – Can Instantly Turn – A Confidence Artist – From – Persona Non Grata – To – Someone We Like – Admire Even – And – Certainly Someone We’re Willing To Help

~ RSVW-A-TCIYFTT ~ Read Someone’s Vulnerabilities Well – And – Their Confidence Is Yours For The Taking

~ SITOFOETI-SBUT-TPWTAS-APTOD-WWIIAS-WLDOG ~ Storytelling Is The Oldest Form Of Entertainment There Is – Stories Bring Us Together – That’s Precisely Why They Are Such – A Powerful Tool Of Deception – When We’re Immersed In A Story – We Let Down Our Guard

~ TMSTCITSATU-TMLWATRTT ~ The More Similar The Characters In The Story Are To Us – The More Likely We Are To Relate To Them

~ OOTBSOTC:TATTAGS ~ One Of The Basic Skills Of The Con: The Ability To Tell A Good Story

~ C-LAS-B-TO-I-T-MA-WHNTTR ~ Cons – Long And Short – Both – Thrive On – In-The-Moment Arousal – We Have No Time To Repent

~ OSDYATCBPAAF-TPBMLTKDEMOYB ~ Once Someone Does You Anything That Can Be Perceived As A Favor – That Person Becomes More Likely To Keep Doing Even More On Your Behalf

~ LE-ARFATA-IYWAS-YAFAL ~ Legitimization Effect – A Request For A Tiny Amount – If You Were A Swindler – You’d Ask For A Lot

~ TLE-TFF-TOOGTM-TM-OS-PSAUOR-A-TWLUWTUTBN ~ The Limited Edition – The Forbidden Fruit – The Offer Only Good Till Midnight – The Members-Only Sale – Pose Something As Unique Or Rare – And – Takers Will Line Up Where There Used To Be None

~ O-SOSA-FITN ~ One – Seal Of Seeming Approval – Feeds Into The Next

~ WAMLTGAWSIIH-TSOAO-AGWT-O-PUEIAGWLTBT ~ We Are More Likely To Go Along With Something If It Has – The Stamp Of Approval Of – A Group We Trust – Or – Promises Us Entry In A Group We’d Like To Belong To

~ IMC-OCABOS-IP-I-TACAAGMBACOSF ~ In Many Cases – Our Choices Aren’t Based On Some – Innate Preference – Instead – They Are Constructed At Any Given Moment By A Combination Of Situational Factors

~ IP-MSIP-AT-WYEOIL-EIIAFDL-ISTMMC ~ Information Priming – Mention Something In Passing – And Then – When You Elaborate On It Later – Especially If It’s A Few Days Later – It Seems That Much More Convincing

~ CWSW-B-IAS-WWTT-WWTBTT-A-WWTBTTA-TGTBT-MTA ~ Cons Work So Widely – Because – In A Sense – We Want Them To – We Want To Believe The Tale – And – We Want To Believe Things That Are – Too Good To Be True – More Than Anything

~ A-PS-OC-W-UTD ~ All – Ponzi Schemes – Of Course – Work – Until They Don’t

~ IWESTW-WSEFIW-EIAC ~ If We’re Expecting Something To Work – We Will See Evidence For Its Working – Even In Ambiguous Circumstances

~ OODNAPM ~ One Opinion Does Not A Provenance Make

~ OWHIHIS-WNLSIC-NMTC ~ Once We Have Invested Heavily In Something – We No Longer See It Clearly – No Matter The Costs

~ OW-ITG-IETFTPOLR ~ Once We’re – In The Game – It’s Easiest – To Follow The Path Of Least Resistance

~ NJAC-PJSTWGTM ~ Nobody Joins A Cult – People Join Something That Will Give Them Meaning

~ U-WACASIH ~ Ultimately – What A Confidence Artist Sells Is Hope