~ TTITHCO-T-C-TD-WE-TSTE-RTTOWR ~ Then There Is The Human Cost Of – Turbo-Capitalism – These Days – We Exist – To Serve The Economy – Rather Than The Other Way Round

~ FHPAPISOTWDOTME ~ Fatigue Has Played A Part In Some Of The Worst Disasters Of The Modern Era

~ ATTTBUTAMLWL-C-F-F-TOTOTWNHEO:T ~ All The Things That Bind Us Together And Make Life Worth Living – Community – Family – Friendship – Thrive On The One Thing We Never Heave Enough Of: Time

~ TTI-TCOM-T-DTTAOSSC-SE-SM-AY-WIOMIDTTNVW ~ Then There Is – The Curse Of Multi-Tasking – Doing Two Things At Once Seems So Clever – So Efficient – So Modern – And Yet – What It Often Means Is Doing Two Things Not Very Well

~ S-OM-B ~ Slower – Often Means – Better

~ PATIA-SM-OY-FR ~ Performing A Task In A – Slow Manner – Often Yields – Faster Results

~ S-BAWOLDT-IR-ATWLI-O ~ Scheduling – Became A Way Of Life During The – Industrial Revolution – As The World Lurched Into – Overdrive

~ P-TE-IW-T-LBTC-WNE-TRC-SAP-P-A-ACDAAMV-W-D-SAT-A-CS ~ Persuading – The Early – Industrial Workers – To – Live By The Clock – Was Not Easy – The Ruling Classes – Set About Promoting – Punctuality – As – A Civic Duty And A Moral Virtue – While – Denigrating – Slowness And Tardiness – As – Cardinal Sins

~ TAM-R-O-E-F-S ~ There Are Many – Reasons – Or – Excuses – For – Speeding

~ WNT-WTDMS ~ We Need To – Want To Drive More Slowly

~ PTMC-WTAC-TP-LT-TV ~ People Think More Creatively – When They Are Calm – Time Pressure – Leads To – Tunnel Vision

~ M-IOWTTTMTR-MINN-POAFHBUIFTOYITQFIHOSE ~ Meditation – Is One Way To Train The Mind To Relax – Meditation Is Not New – People Of All Faiths Have Been Using It For Thousands Of Years In The Quest For Inner Harmony Or Spiritual Enlightenment

~ TAMGRFW ~ There Are Many Good Reasons For Walking

~ WWW-WAAOTDAU-WMC ~ When We Walk – We Are Aware Of The Details Around Us – We Make Connections

~ SLTW-A-MTII-SS ~ Spend Less Time Working – And – More Time Indulging In – Slow Sex

~ TBOWLH ~ The Benefits Of Working Less Hard

~ TWAT-NSLA-WMLFTAN-AOL-M-PTLEFTDOW ~ There Was A Time – Not So Long Ago – When Mankind Looked Forward To A New – Age Of Leisure – Machines – Promised To Liberate Everyone From The Drudgery Of Work

~ WHTT-AOL? ~ Whatever Happened To The – Age Of Leisure?

~ WFH-CESI-WATT ~ Working From Home – Can Easily Slide Into – Working All The Time

~ MGTWEWTTOITBE ~ Millions Go To Work Even When Too Tired Or Ill To Be Effective

~ WTH-IB-FU-A-FTE ~ Working Too Hard – Is Bad – For Us – And – For The Economy

~ PAWTD-WTWTW ~ People Also Want To Decide – When They Want To Work

~ TNHBTPPFTHTSOTJ-RTFWTP ~ The Norm Has Been To Pay People For The Hours They Spend On The Job – Rather Than For What They Produce

~ PWFICOTT-AM-R-C-A-P ~ People Who Feel In Control Of Their Time – Are More – Relaxed – Creative – And – Productive

~ N-CBEH-N-WSMOUANSEAN ~ Napping – Can Be Especially Helpful – Nowadays – When So Many Of Us Are Not Sleeping Enough At Night

~ R-STAPOW-D-T-COS ~ Reading – Surrendering To A Piece Of Writing – Defies – The – Cult Of Speed

~ UT ~ Unstructured Time

~ TGBO-SD-I-RTTATTMMC-WP-WC-WW-WN-WOOBAM ~ The Great Benefit Of – Slowing Down – Is – Reclaiming The Time And Tranquility To Make Meaningful Connections – With People – With Culture – With Work – With Nature – With Our Own Bodies And Minds

~ TCTOTSPI-TTTTDTP-A-T-ETM ~ The Central Tenet Of The Slow Philosophy Is – Taking The Time To Do Things Properly – And – Thereby – Enjoy Them More

~ WICT-SD-IIBT-SS ~ When It Comes To – Slowing Down – It Is Best To – Start Small


~ ACIAPSC ~ Anyone Can Initiate A Profound Social Change

~ TVCIW-NA-FMOU-PIASS-WO-TD ~ The Vast Crowd Is Watching – Not Acting – For Most Of Us – Politics Is A Spectator Sport – We Observe – They Do

~ TDCBVATR ~ The Deepening Chasm Between Voters And Their Representatives

~ TPSIOMAMNBC-BB-BBATW ~ The Political Space Is Occupied More And More Not By Citizens – But By – Big Business And The Wealthy

~ WPUTF-A-FP-TPTPP ~ Wealthy Philanthropists Use Their Foundations – And – Financial Pull – To Promote Their Political Preferences

~ IGCPF-TSSAJAOO-CA-WC? ~ If Government Cannot Provide For – The – Stability – Safety – And – Just Arbitration – Of Our Common Affairs – Who Can?

~ SOG-IOT-A-RMLT-I-A ~ Self-Organized Government – Is One Term – Another – Rather More Loaded Term – Is – Anarchism

~ TMAOVILLALAAAS ~ The Minimalist Act Of Voting Is Looking Less And Less Adequate As A Solution

~ IINCT-CPI-WNOI-DIF-SGSATTCIOH-I-IIETTII-ETIOTMPIGOCI-A-NL-TPN-ITE ~ It Is Not Clear That Contemporary Political Institutions – Whether National Or International – Do In Fact Successfully Give Sufficient Attention To The Common Interest Of Humanity – Instead – It’s Increasingly Evident That These Institutions Instead – Elevate The Interests Of The Most Powerful Interest Groups Over Collective Interests – And – Neglect Long-Term Primary Needs – Including The Environment

~ SUFPDP-AATWSU-PATNT-S ~ Setting Up Fake Pro-Democracy Pages – Arresting All Those Who Showed Up – Power Adapts To New Technology – Swiftly

~ IOED-TW-OMLTFT-OAW-ATATOD-‘TDM’ ~ Instead Of Encouraging Debate – The Web – Offers Multiple Locations To Find Those – One Agrees With – And To Avoid Those One Doesn’t – “The Daily Me”

~ ‘DD’-MP ~ “Deliberative Democracy” – Meeting People

~ IPATTDSABSWICIA-ATOTDI ~ If People Are Told To Do Something Awful By Someone Who Is Clearly In Authority – All Too Often They Do It

~ WPFNAANRFTA-TCCHC ~ When People Feel No Agency And No Responsibility For Their Actions – They Can Commit Horrific Crimes

~ AIAIUFO-THO-‘G’-WAFOUOLGOPM ~ As In All Institutions Unscrutinized From Outside – The Hold Of – “Groupthink” – Was A Firm One Upon Our Little Group Of Policy Makers

~ TAIO-CIWTCOTA-RTMUT-EOUIRFTWAII-AFEO ~ The Answer Is Obvious – Confront Individuals With The Consequences Of Their Actions – Restore The Moral Understanding That Each Of Us Is Responsible For The World As It Is – And For Each Other

~ HCATGOPPKWIBFTCOM? ~ How Can A Tiny Group Of People Possibly Know What Is Best For Their Country Of Millions?

~ TMEOA-‘P’-CTEITSIBD-WIIN ~ The Mere Existence Of A – “Process” – Created The Erroneous Impression That Something Is Being Done – When It Is Not

~ TMDEOTS-INTIDW-IITW-IWNIISTF-CI-PTBI-CTAE-A-PITC ~ The Most Dangerous Effect Of The System – Is Not That It Doesn’t Work – It Is That We – In Whose Name It Is Supposed To Function – Condone It – Pretend To Believe It – Contrary To All Evidence – And – Permit It To Continue

~ CTCA-IACHAFGPTCTC-AITOTWW-TGP ~ Contrary To Common Assumptions – Individuals Acting Collectively Have A Far Greater Power To Control Their Circumstances – And Indeed Those Of The Whole World – Than Governments Pretend

~ TMATE ~ The Means Are The Ends

~ PCMRTW-WRIBTA-I-REOT-EWC-CRMWA-A-AIDTMTCRWIPTTBFEI ~ People Can Manage Resources Tolerably Well – Without Rules Imposed By The Authorities – If – Rules Evolved Over Time – Entitlements Were Clear – Conflict Resolution Measures Were Available – And – An Individual’s Duty To Maintain The Common Resource Was In Proportion To The Benefits From Exploiting It

~ LYC-AIDOWYCMA-DNLOTYWTCA-MUYOM ~ Locate Your Convictions – An Individual Discovery Of What You Care Most About – Do Not Let Others Tell You What To Care About – Make Up Your Own Mind

~ WGTM-WGTG-? ~ Who’s Got The Money – Who’s Got The Gun – ?

~ AAITMATE-IAH-AIAN ~ Act As If The Means Are The End – It’s All Here – And It’s All Now

~ GCTTNOO-BUWTSATN-NWWTTNA-APWTW ~ Give Consideration To The Needs Of Others – Based Upon What They Say Are Their Needs – Not What We Think Their Needs Are – Ask People What They Want

~ ATSTM-H-YCMTMD ~ Address Those Suffering The Most – Here – You Can Make The Most Difference

~ C&N ~ Consult And Negotiate

~ UN ~ Use Nonviolence

~ DNBSW-P-OW-R ~ Do Not Be Satisfied With – Process – Only With – Results

~ IITATBOTPWMH-EITDNKI ~ It Is Those At The Base Of The Pyramid Who Make History – Even If They Do Not Know It

~ EFIBTA ~ Even Failure Is Better Than Acquiescence


~ TE ~ They’re Everywhere

~ TINNAN-THAB-V-G-M-C-WHAIPOTALRFO ~ There Is Nothing New About Narcissism – There Have Always Been – Vain – Grasping – Manipulative – Characters – Who Have An Inflated Perception Of Themselves And Little Regard For Others

~ N-INJTIODAA-IIG-MOOLATPFWAFTNP-A-WCWTETE-A-‘EDI’-BTJFCDTP ~ Narcissism – Is Not Just Tolerate In Our Day And Age – It Is Glorified – Many Of Our Leaders And The Public Figures We Admire Flaunt Their Narcissistic Proclivities – And – We Can’t Wait To Emulate Their Excesses – And – “Everybody Does It” – Becomes The Justification For Continuing Down The Path

~ IT-N-S-ISITTMHBDNTEIAA-WPC-‘BS’-LL-S-O-TAOAC-HBAPBO-D-C-B-O-R-TSIDO-AF-TS-9CNB-‘MF’ ~ In The – Narcissist – Shame – Is So Intolerable That The Means Have Been Developed Not To Experience It At All – What Psychologists Call – “Bypassed Shame” – Looks Like – Shamelessness – Or – The Absence Of A Conscience – Hiding Behind A Protective Barrier Of – Denial – Coldness – Blame – Or – Rage – The Shame Is Directed Outward – Away From – The Self – It Can Never Be – “My Fault”

~ TNT-ASAAC-CACDFTN-ALHAWORDOHE-TMTTEIACAO-DAI-WPC-‘MT’ ~ The Need To – Avoid Shame At All Costs – Creates A Continuing Dilemma For The Narcissist – As Life Has A Way Of Regularly Doling Out Humbling Experiences – The Methods They Typically Employ Involve A Considerable Amount Of – Distortion And Illusion – What Psychologists Call – “Magical Thinking”

~ T-FWON-CHA-SA-TPTEYII-S-TSCCBE ~ The – Fantasy World Of Narcissists – Can Have A – Seductive Allure – That Promises To Envelop You In Its – Specialness – Their Superficial Charm Can Be Enchanting

~ SL-AO-N-WCBTBEA-LTTB ~ Sore Losers – Are Often – Narcissists – Who Cannot Bear To Be Exposed As – Less That The Best

~ TNNTSASOS-EAO-WSEATHSTHOSL ~ The Narcissist’s Need To Secure A Sense Of Superiority – Encounters An Obstacle – Whenever Someone Else Appears To Have Something That He Or She Lacks

~ NE-FBTDNTBS-LSMETGOWTN-II-UOD-WMITMMD-UOEEOTNFS-TIMFO-SRC ~ Narcissistic Envy – Fueled By The Desperate Need To Be Superior – Like So Much Else That Goes On Within The Narcissist – It Is – Unconscious Or Denied – Which Makes It That Much More Dangerous – Unaware Of Either Envy Or The Need For Superiority – These Individuals May Feel Only – Self-Righteous Contempt

~ IITNONETSTSFOOVSPOV-B-OEOT-A-O-F-A-C ~ It Is The Nature Of Narcissistic Entitlement To See The Situation From Only One Very Subjective Point Of View – Because – Others Exist Only To – Agree – Obey – Flatter – And – Comfort

~ HHNFLTND ~ Hell Hath No Fury Like The Narcissist Denied

~ NPD-OA-OIOHP-MTFC-FTSFON-YTAMMIWETT-TSD-STCSD-INIT-TCIOWWTCICCOARB ~ Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Only About – One In One Hundred People – Meets The Full Criteria – For This Severe Form Of Narcissism – Yet There Are Many More Individuals Who Exhibit These Traits – To Some Degree – Sufficient To Cause Significant Distress – If Not In Themselves – Then Certainly In Others With Whom They Come In Close Contact On A Regular Basis

~ WTPSFSN-TRAP-SCWTB-COTNP-WOWBMDIRTR-AFSOS ~ When The Parent Suffers From Significant Narcissism – The Results Are Predictable – Some Children Will Themselves Become – Clones Of Their Narcissistic Parents – While Others Will Be Mysteriously Drawn Into Relationships That Require – A Familiar Sacrifice Of Self

~ S-WADTT-L-T-LQ-A-TSWTMUF-WWIIT-GAO-ISW-WTH-WMEUSOTAITLU-UEAB ~ Sometimes – We Are Drawn To Their – Larger-Than-Life Qualities – And – The Special Way They Make Us Feel – When We’re Included In Their – Grandiosity And Omnipotence – In Some Way – When This Happens – We May End Up Sacrificing Ourselves To An Illusion That Leaves Us – Ultimately Empty And Bruised

~ W-YETWOTN-YLYB ~ When – You Enter The Web Of The Narcissist – You Leave Yourself Behind

~ TNEUVOO-NV-TMTOWKUBTTB-PUU-B-TP-D-A-TM ~ The Narcissist Engages Us Via Our Own – Narcissistic Vulnerabilities – The Most Treacherous Ones Will Keep Us Bound To Them By – Pumping Us Up – Between – The Put-Downs – And – The Manipulations

~ NC-D-O-P-UPOTOOP ~ Narcissists Constantly – Dump – Or – Project – Unwanted Parts Of Themselves Onto Other People

~ TNTPWIH-AICFMP-IRIN-YAJAMTAE ~ Try Not To Personalize What Is Happening – Although It Couldn’t Feel More Personal – It Really Is Not – You Are Just A Means To An End

~ YNTFAWT-D-FT-FOD-TNEIY-SIHTTOTPABTYOOTI ~ You Need To Find A Way To – Detach – From The – Feeling Of Diminishment – The Narcissist Evokes In You – Sometimes It Helps To Think Of This Person As Being Two Years Old On The Inside

~ RTUTR-DTTCOETPE-TNHALAT-IKUPU ~ Resist The Urge To Retaliate – Don’t Try To Challenge Or Enlighten This Person Either – The Narcissist Has A Lot At Stake – In Keeping Unconscious Processes Unconscious

~ ER ~ Embrace Reality

~ NWGTGLTAARTESATPFTSTGAO-TRAFT ~ Narcissists Will Go To Great Lengths To Avoid Any Realty That Evokes Shame And To Promote Fantasies That Sustain Their Grandiosity And Omnipotence – They Require Accomplices For This

~ WMUVTTSAOTNIOONFI-IOS-EIALS-ITISMFOL ~ What Makes Us Vulnerable To The Seductive Allure Of The Narcissist Is Our Own Need For Inflation – If Our Self-Esteem Is A Little Shaky – If There Is Something Missing From Our Lives

~ IOHYWTTSOAN-FYOD ~ Instead Of Hitching Your Wagon To The Star Of A Narcissist – Find Your Own Dream

~ SPFWTA-N-WYWTTB ~ See People For Who They Are – Not – Who You Want Them To Be

~ LTAT-IAN-L-C-D-O-H-O-BC-TA-O-SALOC-SOL-YCETBOTREOTSB ~ Learn To Accept That – If A Narcissist – Lies – Cheats – Disrespects – Or– Hurts – Others – Betrays Confidences – Takes Advantage – Or – Shows A Lack Of Compassion – Sooner Or Later – You Can Expect To Be On The Receiving End Of That Same Behavior

~ DFITTOTTSSAYRWSY ~ Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Thinking That Something Special About Your Relationship Will Spare You

~ DGIARWANTYAGTCT-O-THOSWCBOFFY ~ Don’t Go Into A Relationship With A Narcissist Thinking You Are Going To Change That Person – Or – That He Or She Will Change Because Of Feelings For You

~ TBDATIAEOTNIAGSGOYOWVAAAOYOA ~ The Best Defense Against The Intrusions And Exploitations Of The Narcissist Is A Good Solid Grasp On Your Own Narcissistic Vulnerabilities And An Appreciation Of Your Own Assets

~ PLIRASTMTARAYOGA ~ Practice Living In Reality And Striving To Make That As Rewarding As Your Own Gifts Allow

~ IYCCYOGOYNTI-YMBSITWOYOH ~ If You Can’t Control Your Own Grandiosity Or Your Need To Idealize – You May Be Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness

~ IVOB-OBCTAPN-IIAYOR ~ Inevitable Violations Of Boundaries – Our Biggest Clue To Another Person’s Narcissism – Ignore It At Your Own Risk

~ OYHSAB-KI-IYBD-YSTNTYDNNTBTS ~ Once You Have Set A Boundary – Keep It – If You Back Down – You Show The Narcissist That You Do Not Need To Be Taken Seriously

~ CRR ~ Cultivate Reciprocal Relationships

~ OOTBWTCWNITABVIWTITFP-YMAWTATTEIWNT ~ One Of The Best Ways To Cope With Narcissists Is To Avoid Becoming Very Involved With Them In The First Place – You Might Also Want To Avoid The Toxic Environments In Which Narcissists Thrive

~ TYCTRAANANVITP ~ Teach Your Children To Recognize And Avoid Narcissism And Narcissistic Values In Their Peers

~ TAOTKOPOAUTN:TWCPTU-A-TWTCPD ~ There Are Only Two Kinds Of People Of Any Use To Narcissists: Those Who Can Pump Them Up – And – Those Whom They Can Put Down

~ NMB-ME-W-A-A-EP-TMPYA-TMYCGAW ~ Narcissism May Become – More Entrenched – With – Age – And – Expanding Power – The More Powerful You Are – The More You Can Get Away With

~ TEOBATMTNITTYOE ~ The Essence Of Being Able To Manage The Narcissist Is To Transcend Your Own Ego


~ SGVFCTC-TWSST-TWACUT-IMW-T-EAPS-HF-A-T-BWFU ~ Specific Grievances Varied From Country To Country – There Were Some Shared Themes – There Was A Common Understanding That – In Many Ways – The – Economic And Political System – Had Failed – And – That – Both Were Fundamentally Unfair

~ TGBWOEAPSASTD-WWWTTDD-AWTAC-BTLTBI ~ The Gap Between What Our Economic And Political Systems Are Supposed To Do – What We Were Told They Did Do – And What They Actually Do – Became Too Large To Be Ignored

~ TBHTB-T-WGA-WHBTATEED-ACLATSSTTWNAA-TBHITBTW ~ The Bankers Had Taken Bets – That – Without Government Assistance – Would Have Brought Them And The Entire Economy Down – A Closer Look At The System Showed That This Was Not An Accident – The Bankers Had Incentives To Behave This Way

~ TMOINE ~ The Market Obviously Is Not Efficient

~ U-TIOTMTGJFSMC-ITWFOTM-TGSOI-AAMCOI ~ Unemployment – The Inability Of The Market To Generate Jobs For So Many Citizens – Is The Worst Failure Of The Market – The Greatest Source Of Inefficiency – And A Major Cause Of Inequality

~ WHEHAHP ~ We Have Empty Homes And Homeless People

~ WAPAHPFO-I-AESTISSALE-WLG-A-ADTHBPIP ~ We Are Paying A High Price For Our – Inequality – An Economic System That Is Less Stable And Less Efficient – With Less Growth – And – A Democracy That Has Been Put Into Peril

~ TPOMIE-B-THNIMC ~ The Power Of Markets Is Enormous – But – They Have No Inherent Moral Character

~ ATB-MHPACRITSIIPASOLITPTHY-BGHAPAMRITA-AFTF-MATFTA ~ At Their Best – Markets Have Played A Central Role In The Stunning Increases In Productivity And Standards Of Living In The Past Two Hundred Years – But Government Has Also Played A Major Role In These Advances – A Fact That Free-Market Advocates Typically Fail To Acknowledge

~ OTOH-MCACW-PECOTS-A-AWAC ~ On The Other Hand – Markets Can Also Concentrate Wealth – Pass Environmental Costs On To Society – And – Abuse Workers And Consumers

~ TFIPAEAR-ATREO-PHSTM-ASIIWT-ATT-ATEOTR ~ The Failures In Politics And Economics Are Related – And They Reinforce Each Other – Politics Have Shaped The Market – And Shaped It In Ways That – Advantage The Top – At The Expense Of The Rest

~ UMDNWW-AWHS ~ Unfettered Markets Do Not Work Well – As We Have Seen

~ TLOI-A-TAOO-INI-NIIRRSTPOIMF ~ The Level Of Inequality – And – The Absence Of Opportunity – Is Not Inevitable – Nor Is Its Recent Rise Simply The Product Of Inexorable Market Forces

~ IA-ATAM-ATTCTGMMTTTWBE-PBIWLTMG-TIAIC-T-DE-IHALP-AHLBD-HIHNLTMG ~ Inequality’s Apologists – And They Are Many – Argue To The Contrary That Giving More Money To The Top Will Benefit Everyone – Partly Because It Would Led To More Growth – This Is An Idea Called – Trickle-Down Economics – It Has A Long Pedigree – And Has Long Been Discredited – Higher Inequality Has Not Led To More Growth

~ SDIIFTBIP-TETERTTSAA-‘PT’ ~ So Difficult Is It For Those Born Into Poverty To Escape – That Economists Refer To The Situation As A – “Poverty Trap”

~ MOIIDFCCAOI ~ Measures Of Income Inequality Don’t Fully Capture Critical Aspects Of Inequality

~ MOTITETIARO-GP-BWTGDAWIDND-IITROPFAMAOEO ~ Much Of The Inequality That Exists Today Is A Result Of – Government Policy – Both What The Government Does And What It Does Not Do – Inequality Is The Result Of Political Forces As Much As Of Economic Ones

~ TMTMA-TMCTALTB-WGI-CMCEAD ~ The More Transparent Markets Are – The More Competitive They Are Likely To Be – Without Good Information – Capital Markets Can’t Exercise Any Discipline

~ T-WAS-CWI;IC-T-T-‘R’-O-L/NR-WMTD ~ Taxing – Work And Savings – Can Weaken Incentives; In Contrast – Taxing – The – “Rents” – On – Land / Natural Resources – Won’t Make Them Disappear

~ TSWTASMIGTGTGYO ~ The Simplest Way To A Sustainable Monopoly Is Getting The Government To Give You One

~ IOTTWIAFG-IQATBATWTROTG-A-IEW-IYCCYOR ~ It’s One Thing To Win In A Fair Game – It’s Quite Another To Be Able To Write The Rules Of The Game – And – It’s Even Worse – If You Can Choose Your Own Referees

~ ‘RC’-TOTRC-CFARTTSTTASTR-STSW-GWRITP-GC ~ “Regulatory Capture” – Those On The Regulatory Commissions – Come From And Return To The Sector That They Are Supposed To Regulate – Serve The Sector Well – Get Well Rewarded In Their Post-Government Career

~ ITGGYTRT-E-R-F-F-IDTAGTMAF ~ If The Government Grants You The Right To – Extract – Resources – For – Free – It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Make A Fortune

~ OESRP-NMHTM-AIA-M-CE-INSTSMSPTTS ~ Our Economic System Rewards Profits – No Matter How They’re Made – And In A – Money-Centric Economy – It’s Not Surprising To See Moral Scruples Put To The Side

~ TMDOAIS-IC ~ The Major Determinant Of An Individual’s Success – Initial Conditions

~ LIR-LR-A-ADADFS-CTTROTE-FAM ~ Low Interest Rates – Lax Regulations – And – A Distorted And Dysfunctional Financial Sector – Came To The Rescue Of The Economy – For A Moment

~ R-ATROTG-TEC-TPA-TPTTCPT ~ Regulations – Are The Rules Of The Game – To Ensure Competition – To Prevent Abuses – To Protect Those That Cannot Protect Themselves

~ MOTIIOE:TROR-S ~ Much Of The Inequality In Our Economy: The Result Of Rent-Seeking

~ TFSIST-STROTE-NTOWA ~ The Financial Sector Is Supposed To – Serve The Rest Of The Economy – Not The Other Way Around

~ MOT-‘FI’-WDT-CR-AALL-REP ~ Many Of These – “Financial Innovations” – Were Designed To – Circumvent Regulations – And Actually Lowered Long-Run Economic Performance

~ TCBDAWACC ~ There Can Be Destructive As Well As Constructive Competition

~ IF-ATPOF-IP ~ Increasing Fairness – And The Perception Of Fairness – Increases Productivity

~ TSTOEAPSIU-UT-WIEFTFOOS ~ The Sense That Our Economic And Political System Is Unfair – Undermines Trust – Which Is Essential For The Functioning Of Our Society

~ G-ITFITWWAT-C-TSTNP ~ Government – Is The Formal Institution Through Which We Act Together – Collectively – To Solve The Nation’s Problems

~ CATAIIESOS ~ Cooperation And Trust Are Important In Every Sphere Of Society

~ WOU-TROT-IMOEW-O-TIOTSC-TBUT ~ We Often Underestimate – The Role Of Trust – In Making Our Economy Work – Or – The Importance Of The Social Contract – That Binds Us Together

~ SC-ITGTHST ~ Social Capital – Is The Glue That Holds Societies Together

~ OCSH-D-NS-D-A-FAUG ~ One Cannot Simultaneously Have – Democracy – National Self-Determination – And – Full And Unfettered Globalization

~ N-ITHOTP-HSM-GSM-TSF-WWSR-WAAIR ~ Never – In The History Of The Planet – Had So Many – Given So Much – To So Few – Who Were So Rich – Without Asking Anything In Return

~ MH-BBHRAPLTERTBB ~ Moral Hazard – Bank Bailouts Had Repeatedly And Predictably Led To Excessive Risk Taking By Banks

~ RBBHIHCOT ~ Repeated Bank Bailouts Have Imposed High Costs On Taxpayers

~ ATW-TEO-FP-AL ~ Around The World – The Examples Of – Failed Privatizations – Are Legion

~ MOCWIHWTTC ~ Much Of Corporate Welfare Is Hidden Within The Tax Code

~ MCWITISD-ICGOTUOTR-WTBTL ~ Markets Can’t Work If There Isn’t Some Discipline – If Companies Get Only The Upside Of The Risks – With Taxpayer Bearing The Losses

~ WTWIO-DHTBTFCOTA-TWHII-NTIT-A-TTPTAROI ~ When Those Who Injure Others – Don’t Have To Bear The Full Consequences Of Their Actions – They Will Have Inadequate Incentives – Not To Injure Them – And – To Take Precautions To Avoid Risks Of Injury

~ IEPIACBTUD-PCWF ~ If Economic Power In A Country Becomes Too Unevenly Distributed – Political Consequences Will Follow

~ IAD-API-APAIM-ACBIAPI-MHSDOA-OTMSTTINM-ABDAEP ~ In Any Democracy – A Public Institution – And Pretend As It Might – A Central Bank Is A Public Institution – Must Have Some Degree Of Accountability – Oversight To Make Sure That There Is No Malfeasance – A Central Bank’s Decisions Are Essentially Political

~ AWIP ~ Another World Is Possible

~ N-TPOE-TPOEAF ~ Not – The Politics Of Envy – The Politics Of Efficiency And Fairness


~ UI-APIIDF-C/PV/TPG ~ Unbridled Individualism – Almost Pathological In Its Disdain For – Community / Public Values / The Public Good

~ TGP-ANPTFA-PC-O-TER-WSIFTS-SA-A-CANATGUA-IOTB ~ The General Public – Almost Never Points The Finger At – Powerful Corporations – Or – The Elite Rich – Who Seem Immune From The Shared-Sacrifice Argument – And – Consequently Are Not Asked To Give Up Anything – Including Obscene Tax Breaks

~ UTRO-MF-MITWMTLHSAMHBEWOA ~ Under The Regime Of – Market Fundamentalism – Many Institutions That Were Meant To Limit Human Suffering And Misfortune Have Been Either Weakened Or Abolished

~ AVO-TGS-HBRWVO-IH-CB-AESFIG ~ A Vision Of – The Good Society – Has Been Replaced With Visions Of – Individual Happiness – Characterized By – An Endless Search For Instant Gratification

~ OOTMDOFTLOPVITDSOOTCFAOTOOPI ~ One Of The Most Devastating Outcomes From This Loss Of Public Values Is The Diminished Sense Of Obligation To Care For Anything Other Than Our Own Personal Interests

~ IO-PS-TP-D-D-A-AWSE-WH-ES-T-IAETT-WOOT-UD-R-T-A-C ~ Instead Of – Public Spheres – That Promote – Dialogue – Debate – And – Arguments With Supporting Evidence – We Have – Entertainment Spheres – That – Infantilize Almost Everything They Touch – While Offering Opinions That – Utterly Disregard – Reason – Truth – And – Civility

~ PBD-WASCTPTCFPTB-S-C-R-A-SR ~ Politics Becomes Dysfunctional – Without A Supportive Culture To Provide The Conditions For People To Become – Self-Critical – Reflexive – And – Socially Responsible

~ MDC-RTAT-FIASEIWS-IISTTAOPV ~ Market-Driven Culture – Rejects The Assumption That – Freedom Is A Shared Experience In Which Self-Interest Is Subordinated To The Affirmation Of Public Values

~ DTOD-B-DACC-CTPIASMBAWGBPDASC ~ Democracy Thrives On Dissent – But – Dissent And Critical Citizenship – Cannot Take Place In A Society Marked By A Widening Gap Between Political Democracy And Socioeconomic Capacities

~ W-TIH-T-A-TDR-WPGTNAMDPS-RTBS ~ Whether – The Information Highway – Technoculture – And – The Digital Revolution – Will Provide Gateways To New And More Democratic Public Spheres – Remains To Be Seen

~ VEMOTNUACCAMA ~ Virtual Encounters More Often Than Not Undermine Authentic Communication And Minimize Accountability

~ PVM ~ Public Values Matter

~ N-AIAE ~ Nowadays – All Ideas Are Equal

~ T-WS-IBD;IIBRBTHROT-PS ~ The – Welfare State – Is Being Dismantled; It Is Being Replaced By The Harsh Realities Of The – Punishing State

~ WPIRTPA ~ Widespread Poverty Is Relegated To Private Anecdotes

~ D-IA-‘WOL’ ~ Democracy – Is A – “Way Of Life”

~ ED-SMTE;IAP-I-V-P-M-A-ROT ~ Economic Darwinism – Shapes More Than Economics; It Also Produces – Ideas – Values – Power – Morality – And – Regimes Of Truth

~ MO-J-E-A-E-HOABETTMOP ~ Matters Of – Justice – Ethics – And – Equality – Have Once Again Been Exiled To The Margins Of Politics

~ SA-GC-TI-GIS-YP-HSAMTTWTTRTLALURPRSBAMBNW ~ Signalling A – Generational Crisis – That Is – Global In Scope – Young People – Have Sent A Message To The World That They Refuse To Live Any Longer Under Repressive Political Regimes Sustained By A Morally Bankrupt Neoliberal World

~ ‘ZOSA’ ~ “Zones Of Social Abandonment”

~ TMYPATGNLI-‘ASOPE’ ~ Too Many Young People Around The Globe Now Live In – “A State Of Perpetual Emergency”

~ OTOH-AMATRAAN ~ On The Other Hand – Austerity Measures Against The Rich Are Almost Nonexistent

~ T-DC ~ Trickle-Down Cruelty

~ A-UAC-EM-BS-SALN-HTTC-N-HTCPTWLPI ~ As – Universities And Colleges – Emphasize Market-Based Skills – Student Are Learning Neither – How To Think Critically – Nor – How To Connect Private Troubles With Larger Public Issues

~ AKHBSOIVAASG ~ Academic Knowledge Has Been Stripped Of Its Value As A Social Good

~ ASIWPIVAI ~ A Society In Which Politics Is Viewed As Irrelevant

~ IOT-OTIOTWAPC-T-FC-SF-A-I-NFAVD-AU-AIAW-RA ~ In Order To – Protect The Interests Of The Wealthy And Powerful Corporations – The – Formative Culture – Social Formations – And – Institutions – Necessary For A Viable Democracy – Are Under – An Intense And Wide-Ranging Assault

~ D-HBAR-CB-ASNOEWIACPM ~ Democracy – Has Become A Ritual – Controllable By – A Small Number Of Extremely Wealthy Individuals And Corporate Power Mongers

~ S-HB-H-I-TBTLOMSASOAOTTO ~ Society – Has Become – Hyper-Individualized – Trapped By The Lure Of Material Success And Stripped Of Any Obligation To The Other


~ TWWGM ~ The Way We Gather Matters

~ ID-TFTAIOOTFRGTEI-ICDIA-OOTFTTGITRTA ~ In Democracies – The Freedom To Assemble Is One Of The Foundational Rights Granted To Every Individual – In Countries Descending Into Authoritarianism – One Of The First Things To Go Is The Right To Assemble

~ WSPLG ~ We Spend Our Lives Gathering

~ II-TW-AGIG-TDWHIIAHSII ~ It Is – The Way – A Group Is Gathered – That Determines What Happens In It And How Successful It Is

~ DWYRG ~ Decide Why You’re Really Gathering

~ ACINAP ~ A Category Is Not A Purpose

~ R-TGEO-MG ~ Routine – That Great Enemy Of – Meaningful Gathering

~ CT-AGAS-S-TMFAPAGI-TMNIFIATMPIA-U-IAI-HITM-U-? ~ Commit To – A Gathering About Something – Specificity – The More Focused And Particular A Gathering Is – The More Narrowly It Frames Itself And The More Passion It Arouses – Uniqueness – Is Another Ingredient – How Is This Meeting – Unique – ?

~ Y-P-MF-T-W-T-T-W ~ Your – Purpose – Move From – The – What – To – The – Why

~ A-W-YDI-ETYGT-A-D-R-AWA-KAWUYH-A-BOV ~ Ask – Why – You’re Doing It – Every Time You Get To – Another – Deeper – Reason – Ask Why Again – Keep Asking Why Until You Hit – A – Belief Or Value

~ FOYDOBFTAM-A-IAPTMBCAWTNTBT-E-WAMIN ~ Figuring Out Your Desired Outcome Brings Focus To A Meeting – And – It Allows People To Make Better Choices About Whether They Need To Be There – Even – Whether A Meeting Is Necessary

~ YAPTCPMPR:T-MTETCHYW-YG-A-Y-TBABTE-IWYOPAAGSOTR ~ You Are Proposing To Consume People’s Most Precious Resource: Time – Making The Effort To Consider How You Want – Your Guests – And – Yourself – To Be Altered By The Experience – Is What You Owe People As A Good Steward Of That Resource

~ HAP-YW-FIETMATDTAGR ~ Having A Purpose – You Will – Find It Easier To Make All The Decisions That A Gathering Requires

~ PIYB ~ Purpose Is Your Bouncer

~ VECWBETMW-YKWYG ~ Virtually Every Choice Will Be Easier To Make When – You Know Why You’re Gathering

~ TP-DL ~ The Purpose-Driven List

~ IPIE-EPCBH ~ Inviting People Is Easy – Excluding People Can Be Hard

~ S-W-O-I-B-WDWTDWTCOECP-ETGAMAS ~ Sometimes – We – Over-Include – Because – We Don’t Want To Deal With The Consequences Of Excluding Certain People – Especially Those Gifted At Making A Stink

~ AVOAN ~ A Venue Is A Nudge

~ TCOPIOMAT-ECBP-TC-D-TV-O-C-O-T ~ The Choice Of Place Is Often Made According To – Every Consideration But Purpose – The Cost – Determines – The Venue – Or – Convenience – Or – Traffic

~ WYCAVF-LR-YALTLO-YP-WIFTSBWFI ~ When You Choose A Venue For – Logistical Reasons – You Are Letting Those Logistics Override – Your Purpose – When In Fact They Should Be Working For It

~ E-SAST-E-TRFYC-WALI ~ Embodiment – Seek A Setting That – Embodies – The Reason For Your Convening – When A Location Inspires

~ WMHDRIT-TCOVIOOYMPLOYGB ~ What Many Hosts Don’t Realize Is That – The Choice Of Venue Is One Of Your Most Powerful Levers Over Your Guests’ Behavior

~ PAABTE-A-YSHYGIAPACTSYP ~ People Are Affected By Their Environment – And – You Should Host Your Gathering In A Place And Context That Serves Your Purpose

~ A-CS-FAGAPTR-A-IHCT-AW-TAGC-AIB-A ~ A – Contained Space – For A Gathering Allows People To Relax – And – It Helps Create The – Alternative World – That A Gathering Can – At Its Best – Achieve

~ DBACH-‘C’-ISDAK ~ Don’t Be A Chill Host – “Chill” – Is Selfishness Disguised As Kindness

~ AIAOC-IIE-JT-SAP-D-A-GR-ATTRE-A-IYDEF-OWSIAETO-P-D-A-GR ~ Authority Is An Ongoing Commitment – It Isn’t Enough – Just To – Set A Purpose – Direction – And – Ground Rules – All These Things Require Enforcement – And – If You Don’t Enforce Them – Others Will Step In And Enforce Their Own – Purposes – Directions – And – Ground Rules


~ Generous Authenticity – Is Not A Pose – It’s Not The Appearance Of Power – It Is Using Power To Achieve Outcomes That Are Generous – That Are For Others – The Authority Is Justified By The Generosity

~ PYG ~ Protect Your Guests

~ TF-A-P-MIUOYA-I-TPOYG-FOA-FB-O-FTATTLIOP-VA ~ The First – And – Perhaps – Most Important Use Of Your Authority – Is – The Protection Of Your Guests – From One Another – From Boredom – Or – From The Additive Technologies That Lurk In Our Pockets – Vibrating Away

~ BBH-IYJAH-K-G-B-F-TWIO ~ Bad Behavior Happens – It’s Your Job As A Host – Kindly – Graciously – But – Firmly – To Ward It Off

~ PYG-I-IS-AETRTAGCEAARTRTE-A-IG-B-YDIFYG-ST-TDHT ~ Protecting Your Guests – Is – In Short – About Elevating The Right To A Great Collective Experience Above Anyone’s Right To Ruin That Experience – And – It’s Generous – Because – You’re Doing It For Your Guests – So That – They Don’t Have To

~ EYG ~ Equalize Your Guests

~ THMLTSTUAITOWFLC-IIITOWKHEWPOTWOMTGP ~ The Host Most Likely To Succumb To Ungenerous Authority Is The One Who Fears Losing Control – It Is In The Obsession With Knowing How Events Will Play Out That We Often Make Them Go Poorly

~ R-CCA-I-T-W-TIAMPTYEG-B-ERT-TRAT-AIT-WTOT ~ Rules – Can Create An – Imaginary – Transient – World – That Is Actually More Playful Than Your Everyday Gathering – Because – Everyone Realizes That – The Rules Are Temporary – And Is Therefore – Willing To Obey Them

~ S-AR-IUWAGWPTCIAWTNSNWD ~ Sometimes – A Rule – Is Useful When A Gatherer Wants People To Connect In A Way That Normal Social Norms Would Discourage

~ NSAFWL ~ Never Start A Funeral With Logistics

~ P-BYES-IHB-T-P-SSIGASBYWTBRATO ~ Priming – Before Your Event Starts – It Has Begun – The – Pregame – Should Sow In Guests Any Special Behaviors You Want To Blossom Right At The Outset

~ AGTCTAGAOTCTPOI ~ Asking Guest To Contribute To A Gathering Ahead Of Time Changes Their Perception Of It

~ AW-P-IIOT-CAD-T-UAAAGSCRT ~ As With – Purpose – It Is Often Through – Conflict And Disgruntlement – That – Underlying Assumptions About A Gathering’s Social Contract Reveal Themselves


~ Naming As Priming – To – Name A Gathering – Affects The Way People Perceive It – The Name Signals What The Purpose Of The Event Is – And – It Also Prepares People For Their Role And Level Of Expected Participation

~ TIIJTB-TAMCATWTROTYGACTP ~ The Invitation Is Just The Beginning – There Are Many Chances Along The Way To Reach Out To Your Guests And Continue The Priming

~ TAMTWYC-CAT-AP-B-YAYGCTSLT-APTTOTPRACPAAI-TFTBTGAATO ~ There Are Many Tiny Ways You Can – Create A Threshold – A Pause – Before – You And Your Guests Cross The Starting Line Together – A Passageway That Tunes Out The Prior Reality And Captures Peoples’ Attention And Imagination – The Final Transition Between The Guests’ Arrival And The Opening

~ HAAYG ~ Honor And Awe Your Guests

~ Y-O-NTBAKO-PST-IS-GP-IMPITTPFOBTWADGTBT-TTE-WTO-TVRTYFMTBAGOHBT-TTMYGPFITFM ~ Your – Opening – Needs To Be A Kind Of – Pleasant Shock Therapy – It Should – Grab People – It Must Plant In Them The Paradoxical Feeling Of Being Totally Welcomed And Deeply Grateful To Be There – Try To Embody – With That Opening – The Very Reason That You Felt Moved To Bring A Group Of Human Beings Together – Try To Make Your Gathering’s Purpose Felt In Those First Moments

~ CGC ~ Cause Good Controversy

~ LO-C-AA-MOPAMF-EW-IACWTCTFAIYWYGTTWT-RYP-RPOWWINEWIITFP ~ Like Openings – Closings – Are A – Moment Of Power And Memory Formation – Ending Well – Is A Crucial Way To Cement The Feelings And Ideas You Want Your Guests To Take With Them – Recall Your Purpose – Remind People Of Why What Is Now Ending Was Initiated In The First Place


~ TMOYII-TLGAOPWBATGY ~ The More Original Your Ideas Is – The Less Good Advice Other People Will Be Able To Give You

~ YDKIYIIAGTMIC-NDAE-TMYCHFIASGFTII ~ You Don’t Know If Your Idea Is Any Good The Moment Its Created – Neither Does Anyone Else – The Most You Can Hope For Is A Strong Gut Feeling That It Is

~ ABIWCY ~ A Big Idea Will Change You

~ YFMLY-B-TMNWYTC ~ Your Friends May Love You – But – They May Not Want You To Change

~ GIATPBIR-TIWGIAAIR ~ Good Ideas Alter The Power Balance In Relationships – That Is Why Good Ideas Are Always Initially Resisted

~ TIDHTB-B-IJHTB-Y ~ The Idea Doesn’t Have To Be – Big – It Just Has To Be – Yours

~ TSYHOYWWIFMPTTACEW ~ The Sovereignty You Have Over Your Work Will Inspire Far More People Than The Actual Content Ever Will

~ TMTIIYA-TMFYHTDSRA ~ The More The Idea Is Yours Alone – The More Freedom You Have To Do Something Really Amazing

~ PTHI ~ Put The Hours In

~ TWIFO-HT-NS-F-M ~ The World Is Full Of – Highly Talented – Network-Savy – Failed – Mediocrities

~ FTEHOTITDTBTNE-A-MIP-PTHI-DIFLE-A-M-L-T-T-H-E ~ Find That Extra Hour Or Two In The Day That Belongs To Nobody Else – And – Make It Productive – Put The Hours In – Do It For Long Enough – And – Magical – Life-Transforming – Things – Happen – Eventually

~ TBTI-TM-‘OT’-IIWSTOP-EPYLAR-STBATITBWYHT-PO-A-WOTTSYPN ~ The Better The Idea – The More – “Out There” – It Initially Will Seem To Other People – Even People You Like And Respect – So There’ll Be A Time In The Beginning When You Have To – Press On – Alone – Without One Tenth The Support You Probably Need

~ IY-BP-DOSB-“D”-B-SBS-YPWPF ~ If Your – Business Plan – Depends On Suddenly Being – “Discovered” – By – Some Big Shot – Your Plan Will Probably Fail

~ NCTYIWYDI-G-M-O-W-TMCTP-TMLII ~ Nobody Can Tell You If What You’re Doing Is – Good – Meaningful – Or – Worthwhile – The More Compelling The Path – The More Lonely It Is

~ TS&CT-TCPBHTKOJ-OI-T-S-C-K-SI-TKTPTB-S-TTAHCBB-BNO ~ The Sex & Cash Theory – The Creative Person Basically Has Two Kinds Of Jobs – One Is – The – Sexy – Creative – Kind – Second Is – The Kind That Pays The Bills – Sometimes – The Task At Hand Covers Both Bases – But Not Often

~ YPFGYWOTHTBAOATAW ~ Your Plan For Getting Your Work Out There Has To Be As Original As The Actual Work

~ AEBMAW-FANO ~ All Existing Business Models Are Wrong – Find A New One

~ EIYDEUPIO-YL-M-I-M-V-T-INDI-WYKFWYHTO-THFMTAF ~ Even If You Don’t End Up Pulling It Off – You’ll Learn – Many – Incredible – Magical – Valuable – Things – It’s Not Doing It – When You Know Full Well You Had The Opportunity – That Hurts Far More Than Any Failure

~ TMYPYC-TLYCWRWSR-A-VV-EIYPNMAMOFYC-TSWAT ~ The More You Practice Your Craft – The Less You Confuse Worldly Rewards With Spiritual Rewards – And – Vice Versa – Even If Your Path Never Makes Any Money Or Furthers Your Career – That’s Still Worth A Ton

~ MCBB-PC ~ Merit Can Be Bought – Passion Can’t

~ EMGSIAIGW ~ Every Medium’s Greatest Strength Is Also Its Greatest Weakness

~ IHTSOINHBI ~ It’s Hard To Sell Out If Nobody Has Bought In

~ NC-DIFY ~ Nobody Cares – Do It For Yourself

~ YHTFYOS ~ You Have To Find Your Own Shtick

~ TBWTGAINTNI ~ The Best Way To Get Approval Is Not To Need It

~ PING-PIT ~ Power Is Never Given – Power Is Taken

~ ACBAI-AC-THPLSITM-TI-BH ~ Anyone Can Be An Idealist – A Cynic – The Hard Part Lies Somewhere In The Middle – That Is – Being Human

~ THPOBCIGUTI ~ The Hardest Part Of Being Creative Is Getting Used To It

~ POBCILHTPYF-TITFFA ~ Part Of Being Creative Is Learning How To Protect Your Freedom – That Includes – The Freedom From Avarice

~ SOWIL ~ Savior Obscurity While It Lasts

~ MS-PD ~ Meaning Scales – People Don’t

~ WYDBR-TANL-YD ~ When Your Dreams Become Reality – They Are No Longer – Your Dreams

~ NOTIRS ~ None Of This Is Rocket Science


~ TNFW ~ The Need For Wisdom

~ RAI-SAC-WEIT? ~ Rules And Incentives – Sticks And Carrots – What Else Is There?

~ TINDT-BRASI-HAIRTPIITWOIP-B-RAIANE-TLO-SE-PW-WTMI-N-R(NMHDAWM)-N-I(NMHC)-WBETSTPWF ~ There Is Not Doubt That – Better Rules And Smarter Incentives – Have An Important Role To Play In Improving The Way Our Institutions Perform – But – Rules And Incentives Are Not Enough – They Leave Out – Something Essential – Practical Wisdom – Without This Missing Ingredient – Neither – Rules (No Matter How Detailed And Well Monitored) – Nor – Incentives (No Matter How Clever) – Will Be Enough To Solve The Problems We Face

~ AW-DT-WBGB-TPAOGOAPA ~ Acting Wisely – Demands That – We Be Guided By – The Proper Aims Or Goals Of A Particular Activity

~ RAI-WT-M-SAW-EW-RCKS-A-ICKW ~ Rule And Incentives – Won’t Teach – Moral – Skill And Will – Even Worse – Rules Can Kill Skill – And – Incentives Can Kill Will

~ E-TCTIWSEITAF-ICFTPTPWD ~ Empathy – The Capacity To Imagine What Someone Else Is Thinking And Feeling – Is Critical For The Perception That Practical Wisdom Demands

~ EIB-CS-TATPTSAIIPBA-A-ES-TCTUWAPIF-TMSO-B-ATO-TRAITGOLAAAREFODM-ANTTSWSO ~ Empathy Involves Both – Cognitive Skill – The Ability To Perceive The Situation As It Is Perceived By Another – And – Emotional Skill – The Capacity To Understand What Another Person Is Feeling – This May Sound Obvious – But – All Too Often – The Rules And Incentives That Govern Our Lives Are All About Removing Emotion From Our Decision Making – About Not Trusting The Signals We’re Sending Ourselves

~ PWDMTTSTBPAO-IADTCTPO-TAWOOMA-TAOF-TFOWHWONAW ~ Practical Wisdom Demands More Than The Skill To Be Perceptive About Others – It Also Demands The Capacity To Perceive Oneself – To Assess What Our Own Motives Are – To Admit Our Failures – To Figure Out What Has Worked Or Not And Why

~ AWPKHTI-BCA-A-IRAP-ILOTPOEC ~ A Wise Person Knows How To Improvise – Balancing Conflicting Aims – And – Interpreting Rules And Principles – In Light Of The Particularities Of Each Context

~ AWPKHT-MEAAOR-TROETSWASCF-A-TIJWDI ~ A Wise Person Knows How To – Make Emotion An Ally Of Reason – To Rely On Emotion To Signal What A Situation Calls For – And – To Inform Judgment Without Distorting It

~ AWPIAEP-TBHTRE ~ A Wise Person Is An Experienced Person – Trained By Having The Right Experiences

~ SRFWDNW ~ Substituting Rules For Wisdom Does Not Work

~ HILARAFTUWTAA-TANIWTAA ~ However Important Laws And Rules Are For Telling Us What To Aim At – They Always Need Interpretation When They Are Applied

~ BHWCAK ~ Balancing Honesty With Care And Kindness

~ PW-R-NT-F-C-A-EEWO ~ Practical Wisdom – Requires – Nuanced Thinking – Flexibility – Creativity – And – Empathetic Engagement With Others

~ HBABWTCTBW-TRMAT-WTBD-B-TCMBCBTRKOE ~ Human Beings Are Born With The Capacity To Be Wise – The Raw Materials Are There – Waiting To Be Developed – But – This Capacity Must Be Cultivated By The Right Kind Of Experience

~ TCOMS-P-NT-AOC-TATIIWE-A-TEE ~ The Components Of Moral Skill – Perceptiveness – Nuanced Thinking – Appreciation Of Context – Their Ability To Integrate Intellect With Emotion – And – To Experience Empathy

~ IOAL? ~ Is Oversimplification A Lie?

~ FABF-TIOCTTCWUATJWM-FTUWIIAHUEWSBCWW-TCWHTFEUTDOOTMITTPWD-DWIRAAPCOEIRTTDWF ~ Framing And Being Framed – The Importance Of Context To The Categories We Use And The Judgments We Make – Frames Tell Us What Is Important And Help Us Establish What Should Be Compared With What – The Capacity We Have To Frame Enables Us To Do One Of The Most Important Things That Practical Wisdom Demands – Discern What Is Relevant About A Particular Context Or Event In Regard To The Decision We Face

~ LTFWHMUW-IWGFAOM-A-AATI-OFWGMP ~ Learning To Frame Well Helps Make Us Wise – If We Get Feedback About Our Mistakes – And – Are Attentive To It – Our Framing Will Grow More Perspicacious

~ NC/F/N:TATTWUTOAITW-WDIN-WDIE-TEUTPTPOCTPWD ~ Natural Categories / Frames / Narratives: These Are The Tools We Use To Organize And Interpret The World – We Do It Naturally – We Do It Effortlessly – They Enable Us To Perceive The Particularities Or Context That Practical Wisdom Demands

~ TWIG-NCEUTSG-JAAAR-FHUSR-A-IEOEOITCOOLBL-NEUTALALAMSOTEBU ~ The World Is Gray – Natural Categories Enable Us To See Gray – Judgments Are Almost Always Relative – Frames Help Us See Relations – And – Isolated Events Or Episodes Occur In The Context Of Ongoing Lives Being Lived – Narratives Enable Us To Appreciate Lives As Lived And Make Sense Of The Episode Before Us

~ WLHT-CAF-A-RAR-TOOE-A-BBAMWPMACOM ~ We Learn How To – Categorize And Frame – And – Recategorize And Reframe – Through Our Own Experiences – And – By Being Around Mentors Who Provide Models And Correct Our Mistakes

~ TWF:TVOE ~ Thinking With Feeling: The Value Of Empathy

~ IOTBATFWAPIF-YNTBATSTWATOPSI-TATTTPOA-D-PAI-E-TRTIO-TAF ~ In Order To Be Able To Feel What Another Person Is Feeling – You Need To Be Able To See The World As That Other Person Sees It – This Ability To Take The Perspective Of Another – Demands – Perception And Imagination – Empathy – Thus Reflects The Integration Of – Thinking And Feeling

~ TFTPSTH-MI-A-M-F-A-J-DNMTAJW-IMBS-S-TMBD-B-WT-IC-TEHE-TPWWNFDJWSBI ~ The Fact That People Seem To Have – Moral Intuitions – And – Make – Fast – Automatic – Judgments – Does Not Mean They Always Judge Wisely – Intuitions May Be Self-Serving – They May Be Distorting – But – Without The – Intuitive Capacity – That Emotions Help Enable – The Practical Wisdom We Need For Daily Judgments Would Simply Be Impossible

~ A-EISI-W-AF-AN-A-ALS-EFMEACT-AN-NMHBTN-A-IIO-EAC-OE-TCUTA ~ An – Explicitly Identified Single Individual – With – A Face – A Name – And – A Life Story – Elicits Far More Empathy And Compassion Than – A Number – No Matter How Big The Number – And – It Is Our – Empathy And Compassion – Our Emotions – That Compels Us To Act

~ A-S-PWIAAAWAJ-WCBPWWTETIUTA ~ And – Since – Practical Wisdom Is About Action As Well As Judgment – We Couldn’t Be Practically Wise Without The Emotion That Impels Us To Act

~ HTECFEEDMWUI-PCBPIIS-TCDEL-E-A-EOEL-F-E-A-AAPS-TIADTOCFPWWBU-PWDTDOTMSTPTTAFOO-TWPTFDWNTBDADTOTMTDI ~ Having The Emotional Capacity For Experiencing Empathy Doesn’t Mean We’ll Use It – People Can Be Put In Institutional Settings – That Can Discourage Emotions Like – Empathy – And – Encourage Other Emotions Like – Fear – Embarrassment – And Anxiety About Pleasing Superiors – There Is A Danger That Our Capacity For Practical Wisdom Will Be Undermined – People Won’t Develop The Disposition Or The Moral Skill To Perceive The Thoughts And Feelings Of Others – This Will Prevent Them From Discerning What Needs To Be Done And Drain Them Of The Motivation To Do It

~ PCLTB-EI-TCLTBP:TDTEO-O-O-T-I-AW-ATOV-AG ~ People Can Learn To Be – Emotionally Intelligent – They Can Learn To Be Perceptive: To Detect The Emotions Of – Others – Or – Themselves – In – A Word – A Tone Of Voice – A Glance

~ PR:UAO-WMOOOTCBCTRP ~ Pattern Recognition: Unseen And Omnipresent – We Make Order Out Of The Chaos By Coming To Recognize Patterns

~ HWAMMOO-EMD:Q-A-WACROROD-MP ~ How We Actually Make Most Of Our – Everyday Moral Decisions: Quickly – And – Without A Conscious Reliance On Rules Or Decision-Making Procedures

~ AIIF-A-NFIN ~ All Information Is Framed – And – No Frame Is Neutral

~ PAOICWOAANTBB-I-RRADP-MTPWWNTIAB-WAPFCW ~ Principles Are Often In Conflict With One Another And Need To Be Balance – If – Rigid Rules And Dogmatic Principles – Marginalize The Practical Wisdom We Need To Interpret And Balance – We Are Prevented From Choosing Well


~ WUTTT-BAYCW-I-E-A-A-TTAEW-C-I-A-L ~ We Used To Think That – Babies And Young Children Were – Irrational – Egocentric – And – Amoral – Their Thinking And Experience Were – Concrete – Immediate – And – Limited

~ PAN-HDTB-NOLM-B-IM-CM-A-EMTWWEHTP-ISW-YCAA-S-MI-MC-AE-MCTAA ~ Psychologists And Neuroscientists – Have Discovered That Babies – Not Only Learn More – But – Imagine More – Care More – And – Experience More Than We Would Ever Have Thought Possible – In Some Ways – Young Children Are Actually – Smarter – More Imaginative – More Caring – And Even – More Conscious Than Adults Are

~ MTAOC-HBAATC-WG-TWAU-OP-A-O-CAC-HEHWC-A-TFTWCEWCATWTA-A-EWCEAA ~ More Than Any Other Creature – Human Beings Are Able To Change – We Change – The World Around Us – Other People – And – Ourselves – Children And Childhood – Help Explain How We Change – And – The Fact That We Change Explains Why Children Are The Way They Are – And – Even Why Childhood Exists At All

~ WCPS-A-OSCU-WAOPB-TBAO ~ We Change Our Surroundings – And – Our Surroundings Change Us – We Alter Other People’s Behavior – Their Behavior Alters Ours

~ WIC?-IADDPIWYHBAUDOA-CLCEWC ~ What Is Childhood? – It’s A Distinctive Developmental Period In Which Young Human Beings Are Uniquely Dependent On Adults – Childhood Literally Couldn’t Exist Without Caregivers

~ C-AT-R&DD-OT-HS-TB-SG-TB-A-APAM-TTU-AMNI-MU-A-WTTTOFGOAMTR ~ Children – Are The – R&D Department – Of The – Human Species – The Blue-Sky Guys – The Brainstormers – Adults – Are – Production And Marketing – They Think Up – A Million New Ideas – Mostly Useless – And – We Take The Three Or Four Good Ones And Make Them Real

~ IWFO-AA-L-TP-SAAE-RSR-TBAYCWILPP-B-IWFOO-DCFC-EIAL-TITAWLS-TCABDDTW ~ If We Focus On – Adult Abilities – Long-Term Planning – Swift And Automatic Execution – Rapid Skilful Reaction – Then Babies And Young Children Will Indeed Look Pretty Pathetic – But – If We Focus On Our – Distinctive Capacities For Change – Especially Imagination And Learning – Then It’s The Adults Who Look Slow – The Caterpillars And Butterflies Do Different Things Well

~ BBAAMHCTAB;MNPAATBTA-AWGOAEM-OB-‘PO’-TWLUPASTOTAUMO ~ Babies Brains Are Actually More Highly Connected Than Adult Brains; More Neural Pathways Are Available To Babies Than Adults – As We Grow Older And Experience More – Our Brains – “Prune Out” – The Weaker Less Used Pathways And Strengthen The Ones That Are Used More Often

~ OPIIPOBWCROTLOTPWTCOU-WCLFTDOEGBTSLCIITU ~ Our Protracted Immaturity Is Possible Only Because We Can Rely On The Love Of The People Who Take Care Of Us – We Can Learn From The Discoveries Of Earlier Generations Because Those Same Loving Caregivers Invest In Teaching Us

~ IHTCBDALC-A-A-BD-WCTOIOIAE ~ Imagining How They Could Be Different Actually Lets – Children – And – Adults – Become Different – We Can Turn Ourselves Into Our Imaginary Alter Egos

~ BAYCANTACWOT-ETYBHSCFEAA-A-ETKTRSBFBTTCBC ~ Babies And Young Children Are Not The Amoral Creatures We Once Thought – Even The Youngest Babies Have Striking Capacities For Empathy And Altruism – And – Even Toddlers Know That Rules Should Be Followed But That They Can Be Changed

~ TSSOB ~ The Spiritual Significance Of Babies

~ BATMOL ~ Babies And The Meaning Of Life

~ CRDPUITW-T-B-A-M ~ Children Really Do Put Us In Touch With – Truth – Beauty – And – Meaning

~ ETMMFOT-Y-OL-TEPP-TICTMTGIJAE-A-TISFO-TUWIMTBH ~ Even The Most Mundane Facts Of Three-Year-Old Life – The Extravagant Pretend Play – The Insatiable Curiosity That Makes Them Get Into Just About Everything – And – The Intuitive Sympathy For Others – Tell Us What It Means To Be Human

~ WDCP? ~ Who Do Children Pretend?

~ PAMHWADOSTB-JOOR-O-TH-JBM ~ People Are Most Unhappy When A Desirable Outcome Seems To Be – Just Out Of Reach – Or – To Have – Just Been Missed

~ BATTAPHYTIT ~ Being Able To Talk About Possibilities Helps You To Imagine Them

~ C-D-CTOTW-FAVEA ~ Children – Develop – Causal Theories Of The World – From A Very Early Age

~ IC-AN-IF-AIOEGOM ~ Imaginary Companions – Are Not – In Fact – An Indication Of Either Genius Or Madness

~ VYC-ML-B-TNVGAI ~ Very Young Children – May Lie – But – They’re Not Very Good At It

~ FOWYWMYDMI-WTASEMYDLI ~ Focusing On What You Want Makes Your Desires More Irresistible – While Thinking About Something Else Makes Your Desires Less Intense

~ TO-T-A-CLM ~ Think Of – Toddlers – As – Causal Learning Machines

~ VYBCITAOO ~ Very Young Babies Can Imitate The Actions Of Others

~ C-DJLBIYS-TLB-AYM-A-UYL-T ~ Children – Don’t Just Learn By Imitating Your Successes – They Learn By – Avoiding Your Mistakes – And – Understanding Your Limitations – Too

~ A-TBBAGMATBTIWTTATBTD ~ And – The Babies Babbled And Gestured More At The Blob That Interacted With Them Than At The Blob That Didn’t

~ TACASCBCLAATUOTMOO-AA-AMWTWCTUWIGOIOPHIBHWTS ~ There Are Consistent And Strong Correlations Between Children’s Language Abilities And Their Understanding Of The Minds Of Others – After All – A Major Way That We Come To Understand What Is Going On In Other People’s Heads Is By Hearing What They Say

~ HC-TEAOAFPOGG-P-TBOTSATSOTD? ~ How Can – The Electrical Activity Of A Few Pounds Of Grey Goo – Produce – The Blue Of The Sky And The Song Of The Dove?

~ PA-LBSPOYBASDO ~ Paying Attention – Literally Boosts Some Parts Of Your Brain And Shuts Down Others

~ S-RTDWTLAITW-BSTLTWDWTLA-A-RTDWTFAAWTID-BSTBCOMMOTWAO ~ So – Rather Than Determining What To Look At In The World – Babies Seem To Let The World Determine What They Look At – And – Rather Than Deciding Where To Focus Attention And Where To Inhibit Distractions – Babies Seem To Be Conscious Of Much More Of The World At Once

~ SITAGTSTBO ~ Sometimes It Takes A Genius To See The Blindingly Obvious

~ GRAER-DJAU-OMTO ~ Genetics Risk And Environmental Risk – Don’t Just Add Up – One Multiplies The Other

~ GD-CBM-O-CDA ~ Genetic Differences – Can Be Magnified – Or – Can Disappear Altogether

~ ATTA-TP-GOB-IOC-IDITU-EWIWHNIEOTP ~ Acknowledging The Truth About – The Past – Good Or Bad – Individually Or Collectively – Is Deeply Important To Us – Even When It Will Have No Immediate Effect On The Present

~ JACABW-TATW-B-AWPCFCTT-TSTBBW-CFMI-B-AWPCTCTMJAA ~ Just As Children Are Born With – Theories About The World – But – Also With Powerful Capacities For Changing Those Theories – They Seem To Be Born With – Certain Fundamental Moral Ideas – But – Also With Powerful Capacities To Change Their Moral Judgments And Actions

~ THCTCAFTGOTLGIOOOGEA-TADOTDHTTMAFR ~ The Human Ability To Coordinate Actions For The Good Of The Larger Group Is One Of Our Greatest Evolutionary Advantages – This Ability Depends On The Distinctively Human Tendency To Make And Follow Rules

~ CCATU-MTAE-A-TSITWMCL-OLFOC-A-OCLFU-HASQ ~ Children Can Also Tell Us – More Than Anything Else – About – The Spiritual Intuitions That We Might Call Love – Our Love For Our Children – And – Our Children’s Love For Us – Has A Special Quality

~ C-IAU-TBATSTTTCFT ~ Caregivers – Implicitly And Unconsciously – Teach Babies At The Same Time That They Care For Them

~ THCFCMTWCFOWIITBHJBLATWWAN ~ The Human Capacity For Change Means That We Can’t Figure Out What It Is To Be Human Just By Looking At The Way We Are Now


~ RTAE ~ Resisting The Attention Economy

~ SU ~ Surviving Usefulness

~ NIHTDTN ~ Nothing Is Harder To Do Than Nothing

~ IAWWOVIDBOP-MOUFOELM-C-O-O-AAAFRBTTWUD ~ In A World Where Our Value Is Determined By Our Productivity – Many Of Us Find Our Every Last Minute – Captured – Optimized – Or – Appropriated As A Financial Resource By The Technologies We Use Daily

~ TPODN-ITRTWRARTBMP-BR-TQWWCPAP ~ The Point Of Doing Nothing – Isn’t To Return To Work Refreshed And Ready To Be More Productive – But Rather – To Question What We Currently Perceive As Productive

~ DL ~ Deep Listening

~ TMOSTL ~ The Moment Of Stopping To Listen

~ A-P-N-S-DNFYIOFYTE-NFYTS ~ A – Public – Noncommercial – Space – Demands Nothing From You In Order For You To Enter – Nor For You To Stay

~ TMODBPSAOSITYDHTBA-O-PTWTBS-TBT ~ The Most Obvious Difference Between Public Space And Other Spaces Is That You Don’t Have To Buy Anything – Or – Pretend To Want To Buy Something – To Be There

~ TSD-CU-AAUT-SWT-‘P’-CBMOEOEEI ~ Those Spaces Deemed – Commercially Unproductive – Are Always Under Threat – Since What They – “Produce” – Can’t Be Measured Or Exploited Or Even Easily Identified

~ Y-IDGET-W-FA-ATT! ~ Yes – It Did Get Easier To – Work – From Anywhere – All The Time!

~ WMTTROL ~ Work Metastasizing Through The Rest Of Life

~ FIPOC ~ Financially Incentivized Proliferation Of Chatter

~ NOMO ~ The Necessity Of Missing Out

~ NOSMO ~ The Necessity Of Sometimes Missing Out

~ TIIFACB-LIT-DL-BS-A-L-AI-MUYP ~ There Is In Fact A Connection Between – Listening In The – Deep Listening – Bodily Sense – And – Listening – As In – Me Understanding Your Perspective

~ PO-S-AO-T-F-N-I-N-C-AAT-FM-FC-FC ~ Protect Our – Spaces – And Our – Time – For – Non-Instrumental – Non-Commercial – Activity And Thought – For Maintenance – For Care – For Conviviality

~ DD ~ Digital Detox

~ ‘P’-IAENAF-AAWWCBE ~ “Peace” – Is An Endless Negotiation Among Free-Acting Agents Whose Wills Cannot Be Engineered

~ P-NEBETIWFW-AATRPTD-IAAATRPTMOMB ~ Politics – Necessarily Exists Between Even Two Individuals With Free Will – Any Attempt To Reduce Politics To Design – Is Also An Attempt To Reduce People To Machines Or Mechanical Beings

~ SIDWU-TVOAOP-THIFOPSRHAS-DFKFAMUWFC ~ So Instinctively Do We Understand – The Value Of An Outsider’s Perspective – That History Is Full Of People Seeking Remote Hermits And Sages – Desperate For Knowledge From A Mind Unconcerned With Familiar Comforts

~ WIA-PSOF-PCASTT-NC-COAATSTTTCBEMD ~ Whipped Into A – Permanent State Of Frenzy – People Create And Subject Themselves To – News Cycles – Complaining Of Anxiety At The Same Time That They Check Back Ever More Diligently

~ TLOAACDTME ~ The Logic Of Advertising And Clicks Dictates The Media Experience

~ FSOOF-IAVSR-TSGFWS ~ Firecrackers Setting Off Other Firecrackers – In A Very Small Room – That Soon Gets Filled With Smoke

~ TNTPSAIMBTE ~ The Need To Periodically Step Away Is More Obvious Than Ever

~ WHTBATDB:C/P-L/CB ~ We Have To Be Able To Do Both: Contemplate/Participate – Leave/Come Back

~ MJ-IRB-C-BA ~ Moral Judgement – Is Replaced By – Cost-Benefit Analysis

~ TS ~ Third Space

~ LIACSODIU ~ Living In A Constant State Of Distraction Is Unpleasant

~ HSCMEATRTO-ADOL-M ~ Historically – Some Can More Easily Afford To Refuse Than Others – A Degree Of Latitude – A Margin

~ IS-CGALWTAIT-‘A’-TR ~ Institutional Support – Can Go A Long Way Toward Allowing Individuals To – “Afford” – To Refuse

~ AOCR-AOM-‘C’-FP-ITCI ~ Acts Of Collective Refusal – Are Obviously More – “Costly” – For Participants – If They’re Considered Illegal

~ TAM-‘SA’-TB-R-ATM-OGPTSITAOOA-TBAUEOKOMR ~ There Are Many – “Systemic Abuses” – To Be – Refused – At The Moment – One Great Place To Start Is The Abuse Of Our Attention – That’s Because Attention Undergirds Every Other Kind Of Meaningful Refusal

~ II-A(DWTPAT)-TMOR-RCOICAMTDONWANWOMTT ~ If Its – Attention (Deciding What To Pay Attention To) – That Makes Our Reality – Regaining Control Of It Can Also Mean The Discovery Of New Worlds And New Ways Of Moving Through Them

~ B-IWAT-WWSFTBOHWCA-T-TIODOABATC ~ But – If We Allow That – What We See Forms The Basis Of How We Can Act – Then – The Importance Of Directing Our Attention Becomes All Too Clear

~ I-AAW-ASCL-T-WHEMRTWAAEEAIEPOOA ~ If – Attention And Will – Are So Closely Linked – Then – We Have Even More Reason To Worry About An Entire Economy And Information Ecosystem Preying On Our Attention

~ EMTDW? ~ Empower Me To Do What?

~ GFMATW? ~ Good For Me According To Whom?

~ WTPOYAHC-YRYRD-YBTMAAIADKOW ~ When The Pattern Of Your Attention Has Changed – You Render Your Reality Differently – You Begin To Move And Act In A Different Kind Of World

~ EOS ~ Ecology Of Strangers

~ WSCATAUBWABTEOIAPS ~ We Should Care About Those Around Us Because We Are Beholden To Each Other In A Practical Sense

~ WSGFBAITAR-YCEFYPBITNCICF ~ When Something Goes From Being An Idea To A Reality – You Can’t Easily Force Your Perception Back Into The Narrow Container It Came From

~ IWLO-R-LI-BCB-OFBABI-WAARTRONB-S-C-O-C-NSAOOO-IOOP ~ If We Let Our – Real-Life Interactions – Be Corralled By – Our Filter Bubbles And Branded Identities – We Are Also Running The Risk Of Never Being – Surprised – Challenged – Or – Changed – Never Seeing Anything Outside Of Ourselves – Including Our Own Privilege

~ P-POO-P-IDF-D-P-A-E ~ Politics – Play Out On – Platforms – Ill Designed For – Difference – Plurality – And – Encounter

~ T-WWATNOW-BD-B-CD-WHSMTLFTBOE ~ Today – When We Are Threatened Not Only With – Biological Desertification – But – Cultural Desertification – We Have So Much To Learn From The Basics Of Ecology

~ IIW-AOA-TWD-WTH-WTS-A-WIOWHA-ITW-AFTG-NJF-L-B-F-E ~ It Is With – Acts Of Attention – That We Decide – Who To Hear – Who To See – And – Who In Our World Has Agency – In This Way – Attention Forms The Ground – Not Just For – Love – But – For – Ethics

~ APB-WALOTTW-SESWAFSE;ASB-WAEDBOC ~ As Physical Beings – We Are Literally Open To The World – Suffused Every Second With Air From Somewhere Else; As Social Beings – We Are Equally Determined By Our Contexts

~ HAO-B-TSCIATATYDHTWS ~ Humility And Openness – Because – To Seek Context Is Already To Acknowledge That You Don’t Have The Whole Story

~ C-IWAWYHYAOFLE;TLYHI-TMCA ~ Context – Is What Appears When You Hold Your Attention Open For Long Enough; The Longer You Hold It – The More Context Appears

~ ARTTMB ~ A Race To The Mediocre Bottom

~ B-B-AACOMOISOFAAW-WEHOTORR ~ But – Because – Apologizing And Changing Our Minds Online Is So Often Framed As A Weakness – We Either Hold Our Tongues Or Risk Ridicule

~ TCCOSAFWIETBAMATAAB ~ The Crowd Can Only See A Figure Who Is Expected To Be As Monolithic And Timeless As A Brand

~ GTAOTITFUDAUO-C-I-A-N-TAT-SAU-C-INLTA-CSS ~ Given That All Of The Issues That Face Us Demand An Understanding Of – Complexity – Interrelationship – And – Nuance – The Ability To – Seek And Understand – Context – Is Nothing Less Than A – Collective Survival Skill

~ DASOPBEAARI-TI-IWWTRHTCAEO-WWAHTRHTCAP ~ Developing A Sense Of Place Both Enables Attention And Requires It – That Is – If We Want To Relearn How To Care About Each Other – We Will Also Have To Relearn How To Care About Place

~ MD ~ Manifest Dismantling

~ TPOTAECJBABLOARTIOPDT;TAEATIOIO-PS-EP-C-A-R ~ The Pitfalls Of The Attention Economy Can’t Just Be Avoided By Logging Off And Refusing The Influence Of Persuasive Design Techniques; They Also Emerge At The Intersection Of Issues Of – Public Space – Environmental Politics – Class – And – RaceNOMI PRINS ~ COLLUSION ~ 2018 ~ 522

~ T-2007-2008-C-WTCO-ALRBS-IWPWCITHOTLACOS-STC-CB-HPMI-PB-TA-UMPPC-QE(QE) ~ The – 2007-2008 – Crisis – Was The Consequence Of – A Loosely Regulated Banking System – In Which Power Was Concentrated In The Hands Of Too Limited A Cast Of Speculators – Since The Crisis – Central Banks – Have Pumped Money Into – Private Banks – Through An – Unconventional Monetary Policy Process Called – Quantitative Easing (QE)

~ QE-IAOCTTEA-CB-MEM-AT-IIBAFM-IRFPBOS(OS)-A-‘CM’-S ~ QE – Is An Overtly Complex Term That Entails A – Central Bank – Manufacturing Electronic Money – And Then – Injecting It Into Banks And Financial Markets – In Return For Purchasing Bonds Or Securities (Or Stocks) – A – “Conjured-Money” – Scheme

~ B-TLOGUTSO-ATW-TS-A-LR-GTTCAITEIRP-U-TBSBACTTC-CTA-A-PFTTCTBT-AAO ~ Banks – The Larger Ones Gobbled Up The Smaller Ones – Along The Way – Their Size – And – Loose Regulations – Gave Them The Confidence And Impetus To Engage In Riskier Practices – Ultimately – They Became So Big And Complex That They Could – Create Toxic Assets – And – Provide Financing To Their Customers To Buy Them – All At Once

~ TGSFTM-T-DQES-CBL-PTNTTW-HTGE-TCHBFFTT-TW-NDC-NL-NR-TD-T-CM-I-HRP-PBWUNOTDAWTCMTDWTD ~ To Garner Support For Their Multi-Trillion-Dollar Qe Strategies – Central Bank Leaders – Peddled The Notion That They Were – Helping The General Economy – That Couldn’t Have Been Further From The Truth – There Was – No Direct Channel – No Law – No Requirement – To Divert – The – Cheap Money – Into – Helping Real People – Private Banks Were Under No Obligation To Do Anything With This Cheap Money They Didn’t Want To Do

~ TDW-HASROSMCC-ITWCBSMI-ICGIS-A-ANCE ~ The Danger With – Having A System Rely On So Much Conjured Capital – Is That When Central Bankers Stop Manifesting It – It Could Go Into Shock – And – A New Crisis Emerge

~ T-GFSE-MUISL-TTEOCATTAMM ~ The – Global Financial System Elites – Meet Up In Swanky Locations – They Take Each Other’s Calls And Tend To Avoid Mere Mortals

~ CBANEBV-YTPAG-TPPUTAO-SP-AFE-A-M(ASALO)I ~ Central Bankers Are Not Elected By Voters – Yet They Play At Government – They Promote PolicIes Under The Auspices Of – Stabilizing Prices – Achieving Full Employment – And – Maintaining (A Somewhat Arbitrary Level Of) Inflation

~ POTU ~ Power Of The Unelected

~ TINEALGOT-QMA ~ There Is Nothing Easy About Letting Go Of The – Quantitative Money Addiction

~ EOADOAMADIABNRAEOFS-EIIBMTHH-ITF-OETP-O-CMWTS-MROIWT ~ Existing On A Diet Of Artificial Money And Demand Is Anything But Normal For An Economic Or Financial System – Even If It Boosts Markets To Historic Highs – If The Flow – Or Even The Possibility – Of – Conjured Money Was To Stop – Markets Relying On It Would Tank

~ ABPOTFCACBCWTRIEATSASTN ~ Another By-Product Of The Financial Crisis And Central Bank Collusion Was The Rise In Economic Anxiety That Spawned A Swing Toward Nationalism

~ BCBOBPSAGO-TAOOCOTETA-TVBTCFWTDAPRITWEARSITWOCFTRFTP ~ Because Central Banks Operate Beyond Public Scrutiny And Government Oversight – They Are Only Occasionally Called On To Explain Their Actions – They Vacillate Between Taking Credit For What They Deem Are Positive Results In The World Economy And Remaining Silent In The Wake Of Catastrophic Failures That Result From Their Policies

~ WNADR-WADOORP-WAHFAECC ~ We Need A Debt Reset – Without A Debt Overhaul Or Relief Program – We Are Headed For Another Epic Credit Crisis

~ IO-FSBATHOTBPB-CB-SFLIARP ~ Instead Of – Financing Speculative Bubbles At The Hands Of The Big Private Banks – Central Banks – Should Finance Large Investment And Recovery Programs

~ WS-BUTB-STTCHPDHDTNC-IOTODTFTWTAO ~ We Should – Break Up The Banks – So That They Can’t Hold People’s Deposits Hostage During The Next Crisis – It Only Takes One Domino To Fall To Wipe Them All Out

~ I-TIFC-TCWNBB ~ In – The Inevitable Financial Crash – These Conjurers Will Not Be Blamed

~ T-WE-R-I-AOGTTCB-AFDFS-AHFP ~ The – World Economy – Remains – Imperilled – An Opportunistic Game To The Central Banks – A Field Day For Speculators – A Hazard For Populations