~ YAL-Y-FW ~ You Are Losing – Your – Free Will

~ Q-SM-ITMFTWTRTIOOT ~ Quitting – Social Media – Is The Most Finely Targeted Way To Resist The Insanity Of Our Times

~ SM-I-MYI-AA ~ Social Media – Is – Making You Into – An Asshole

~ SM-I-UT ~ Social Media – Is – Undermining Truth

~ SM-I-MWYS-M ~ Social Media – Is – Making What You Say – Meaningless

~ SM-I-D-Y-CFM ~ Social Media – Is – Destroying – Your – Capacity For Empathy

~ SM-I-MY-U ~ Social Media – Is – Making You – Unhappy

~ SM-DWYTH-ED ~ Social Media – Doesn’t Want You To Have – Economic Dignity

~ SM-I-M-P-I ~ Social Media – Is – Making – Politics – Impossible

~ SM-H-Y-S ~ Social Media – Hates – Your – Soul


~ HC-Y-RA-IAWW-YA-UCS-A-ACPBA-RBSOTRCIH-WHNWOMMEB-BPTMYB? ~ How Can – You – Remain Autonomous – In A World Where – You Are – Under Constant Surveillance – And – Are Constantly Prodded By Algorithms – Run By Some Of The Riches Corporations In History – Which Have No Way Of Making Money Except By – Being Paid To Manipulate Your Behavior?

~ Y-Y-Y-H-TAR-T-IADWTL-WTCTIDS ~ You – You – You – Have – The Affirmative Responsibility – To – Invent And Demonstrate Ways To Live – Without The Crap That Is Destroying Society

~ WTTCTGEWY ~ Welcome To The Cage That Goes Everywhere With You

~ IJNRTC-DMOP-A-WMOHBC-A-MNBUA-CBMOATS ~ It’s Just Not Right To Call – Direct Manipulation Of People – Advertising – What Might Once Have Been Called – Advertising – Must Now Be Understood As – Continuous Behavior Modification Of A Titanic Scale

~ WHB-SN-PS-A-CSM-U-C-D-A-I ~ What Has Become – Suddenly Normal – Pervasive Surveillance – And – Constant Subtle Manipulation – Is – Unthical – Cruel – Dangerous – And – Inhumane

~ AITFSTF ~ Awareness Is The First Step To Freedom

~ T-CP-T-ASMTMM-A-TADTDTS-I-BM-MTTCBP-TDTSCBAMPC ~ The – Core Process – That – Allows Social Media To Make Money – And – That Also Does The Damage To Society – Is – Behavior Modification – Methodical Techniques That Change Behavioral Patterns – The Damage To Society Comes Because Addiction Makes People Crazy

~ W-MPAATMS-TWGDAC ~ When – Many People Are Addicted To Manipulative Schemes – The World Gets Dark And Crazy

~ ISGAR-WIPSR-OAPOC-WTDAPT-T-TTTDMOTT ~ If Someone Gets A Reward – Whether It’s Positive Social Regard – Or A Piece Of Candy – Whenever They Do A Particular Thing – Then – They’ll Tend To Do More Of That Thing

~ SC-AN-OF-OT-HB-TA-P ~ Social Concerns – Are Not – Optional Features – Of The – Human Brain – They Are – Primal

~ NE-SA-FAA-WUMEADIUL-TPO-ITLTBTTTLT-F-O-FROIS-WICTHTR ~ Negative Emotions – Such As – Fear And Anger – Well Up More Easily And Dwell In Us Longer – Than Positive Ones – It Takes Longer To Build Trust Than To Lose Trust – Fight-Or-Flight Responses Occur In Seconds – While It Can Take Hours To Relax

~ TPD-T-BE-RI-ANOENT-NE-ABAMT-PO ~ The Prime Directive – To – Be Engaging – Reinforces Itself – And No One Even Notices That – Negative Emotions – Are Being Amplified More Than – Positive Ones – The Result Is An – Unnatural – Global Amplification – Of The – “Easy” – Emotions – Which Happen To Be – The Negative Ones

~ TREO-UNEFTPOAAM-MIRETAR-IWUSE-HGR-A-NGABFTBWTTTBSD ~ The Relative Ease Of – Using Negative Emotions For The Purposes Of Addiction And Manipulation – Makes It Relatively Easier To Achieve – Undignified Results – Information Warfare Units Sway Elections – Hate Groups Recruit – And – Nihilists Get Amazing Bang For The Buck When They Try To Bring Society Down

~ O-E-LI-RI-G-GDM ~ Our – Early – Libertarian Idealism – Resulted In – Gargantuan – Global Data Monopsonies

~ WAA-CAD-TASF-MBM ~ We Are All – Carrying Around Devices – That Are Suitable For – Mass Behavior Modification

~ TP-ABM-IWTIITF-CRTPTMSEB ~ The Problem – A Business Model – In Which The Incentive Is To Find – Customers Ready To Pay To Modify Someone Else’s Behavior

~ BUMMER ~ Behaviours Of Users Modified And Made Into An Empire For Rent

~ N-LCOFSM-B-IFNBF ~ Nastiness – Like Crude Oil For Social Media – Because – It Fueled Negative Behavioral Feedback

~ WNETSB-A-OPTTB-A-B-TBABTMA ~ With Nothing Else To Seek But – Attention – Ordinary People Tend To Become – Assholes – Because – The Biggest Assholes Get The Most Attention

~ PDRHTABM ~ People Don’t Realize How They Are Being Manipulated

~ TDPO-M-I-TGPMAM-GI-A-TGTTSMAMT-ITS-B-OPFMAAT ~ The Default Purpose Of – Manipulation – Is – To Get People More And More – Glued In – And – To Get Them To Spend More And More Time – In The System – But – Other Purposes For Manipulation Are Also Tested

~ TAARI-LOABEOIS ~ The Algorithms Are Rarely Interrogated – Least Of All By External Or Independent Scientists

~ TMBMMIROTMM ~ The Mass Behavior Modification Machine Is Rented Out To Make Money

~ FP-APIUBVNAETA-ISVE-SP-WISIIHPAB-I-S ~ Fake People – Are Present In Unknown But Vast Numbers And Establish The Ambience – Invisible Social Vandalism Ensues – Social Pressure – Which Is So Influential In Human Psychology And Behavior – Is – Synthesized

~ EOUHA-IT-DLYITTC!-IIHWYAPS-ATS ~ Each Of Us Has An – Inner Troll – Don’t Let Your Inner Troll Take Control! – If It Happens When You’re In A Particular Situation – Avoid That Situation

~ YCILYH-MVTAYCB-DTIA ~ Your Character Is Like Your Health – More Valuable Than Anything You Can Buy – Don’t Throw It Away

~ WYIAP-SSAI-BMITTLR-YBL-AO-AP-O-AS -~ When You’re In A Pack – Social Status And Intrigues – Become More Immediate Than The Larger Reality – You Become More Like – An Operator – A Politician – Or – A Slave

~ ITM-TISYCDP-I-WYPIOP-YNANTIY-AI-ASOLSE-AYTLO-TSSD-TLTP-S ~ In The Meantime – There Is Something You Can Do Personally – If – When You Participate In Online Platforms – You Notice A Nasty Thing Inside Yourself – An Insecurity – A Sense Of Low Self-Esteem – A Yearning To Lash Out – To Swat Someone Down – Then Leave That Platform – Simple

~ WPAF-EBF ~ When People Are Fake – Everything Becomes Fake

~ P-AEWOCA ~ Paranoia – An Efficient Way Of Corralling Attention

~ T-A-A-TTC-S-THAV ~ The – Advertisers – Are – The True Customers – So – They Have A Voice

~ A-DWYS-TMYDKWOPAS-B-WWASDPW-TOCTOABM-OPOAR-S-WRGO-ITWSLTEBOWOAS-SWHLOTUEO ~ Algorithms – Determine What You See – That Means You Don’t Know What Other People Are Seeing – But – When We’re All Seeing Different Private Words – Then Our Cues To One Another Become Meaningless – Our Perception Of Actual Reality – Suffers – What’s Really Going On – Is That We See Less Than Ever Before Of What Others Are Seeing – So We Have Less Opportunity To Understand Each Other

~ T-B-A ~ Tagged – By – Association

~ HCY-FH-W-ASE?-HCY-BA-WEY-R-S-O-D-IBFIA-JM? ~ How Can You – Find Happiness – Without – Authentic Self-Esteem? – How Can You – Be Authentic – When Everything You – Read – Say – Or – Do – Is Being Fed Into A – Judgment Machine?

~ GEW-RAFS-EAYOW ~ Gig Economy Workers – Rarely Achieve Financial Security – Even After Years Of Work

~ YCMASWBMIC ~ You Can’t Make A Society Wealthy By Making It Crazy

~ BISLORSBCMGCIDIOR ~ Bringing In Some Level Of Reward System Beyond Clannish Mind Games Can Inspire Dignity In Online Relations

~ W-SMCAPDBU-IOB-HTP-T-TWSTU-ISS-SWBATPTSPP-B-TWBATPTHTPDASE-TIFPTWWBU ~ When – Social Media Companies Are Paid Directly By Users – Instead Of By – Hidden Third Parties – Then – They Will Serve Those Users – It’s So Simple – Someone Will Be Able To Pay To See Poisonous Propaganda – But – They Won’t Be Able To Pay To Have That Poison Directed At Someone Else – The Incentive For Poisoning The World Will Be Undone

~ SIDYPAFD ~ Something Is Drawing Young People Away From Democracy

~ YCTWI-O-A-WW-E ~ You Can’t Tell What Is – Organic – And – What Was – Engineered

~ TACCADC ~ The Algorithms Can’t Care And Don’t Care

~ M-R-BO-TADIHNBIG ~ Meanwhile – Racism – Became Organized – To A Degree It Had Not Been In Generations

~ AITWEVSTOTA-AI-G-IPS-A-BRRWE ~ As If There Weren’t Enough Voter Suppression Tools Out There Already – As If – Gerrymandering – Inaccessible Polling Stations – And – Biased Registration Rules Weren’t Enough

~ TBWYCH-I-NTATWWMYFA-B-STFY ~ The Best Way You Can Help – Is – Not To Attack Those Who Would Manipulate You From Afar – But – Simply To Free Yourself

~ TIIINTP ~ The Internet Itself Is Not The Problem


~ DYR:WIDYE?-WDYWTH? ~ Define Your Roots: Which Ideas Drive You Emotionally? – Whom Do You Want To Help?

~ NYI:S-S-I-E ~ Name Your Ingredients: Skills – Strengths – Ideas – Experiences

~ CYWM:E-E-F ~ Choose Your Work Mode: Employee – Entrepreneur – Freelancer

~ CAI:WDYWTBTLATSOYC? ~ Create And Innovate: What Do You Want To Bring To Life At This Stage Of Your Career?

~ STF:D-U-M-YFAA ~ Surf The Fear: Define – Understand – Manage – Your Fears And Anxieties

~ FYT:P-M-C ~ Form You Team: Peers – Mentors – Collaborators

~ DWSMTY:S-R-M-G ~ Define What Success Means To You: Specific – Relevant – Meaningful – Goals

~ SYS:TIATTCACS ~ Sell Your Story: Tie It All Together To Create A Compelling Story


~ BOW-FTTTTYST ~ Body Of Work – Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ NOILOFYCA-YM-FM-LO-SY-A-PF-F/C/UD-YMDASOSTMYATEAIIAMWAP ~ No One Is Looking Out For Your Career Anymore – You Must – Find Meaning – Locate Opportunities – Sell Yourself – And – Plan For – Failure / Calamity / Unexpected Disasters – You Must Develop A Set Of Skills That Makes You Able To Earn An Income In As Many Ways As Possible

~ WYVYCTTLO-AO-ABOW-Y-KTDRTCYEWALE ~ When You View Our Career Through The Lens Of – An Over-Arching Body Of Work – You – Know The Deeper Roots That Connect Your Entire Work And Life Experience

~ Y-BOW-IEY-C-C-A-A-I ~ Your – Body Of Work – Is Everything You – Create – Contribute – Affect – And – Impact

~ I-WSTC-A-A-M-A-P-WHAPBOW ~ Individuals – Who Structure Their Careers – Around – Autonomy – Mastery – And – Purpose – Will Have A Powerful Body Of Work

~ SAWAYNEM-AYGTP-CCTYBDTSMCAJITW ~ Smiling And Waving At Your Neighbor Every Morning – As You Get The Paper – Can Contribute To Your Bigger Desire To See More Civility And Joy In The World

~ IAPTCTY-BOW-IYWIACIALC ~ It’s Also Possible To Contribute To Your – Body Of Work – If You Work In A Cubicle Inside A Larger Company

~ VYLAABOWINAS-TG-YWTFO-M-SD-CAM-TINORAFE ~ Viewing Your Life As A Body Of Work Is Not A Short-Term Game – You Want To Focus On – Meaning – Skill Development – Craft And Mastery – There Is No One Right Answer For Everyone

~ WY?-WUPOEDYBTTW? ~ Why You? – What Unique Perspective Or Experience Do You Bring To This Work?

~ IIWT-EIIFM? ~ Is It Worth Trying – Even If It Fails Miserably?

~ WMTIODR-T-P-B-C-TPTFFY-BOW-TKYSASWYFCIYCARYWIIITKMTA ~ We Must Tap Into Our Deepest Roots – The – Purpose – Beliefs – Convictions – That Provide The Foundation For Your – Body Of Work – They Keep You Strong And Stable When You Face Challenges In Your Career And Remind You Why It Is Important To Keep Moving Through Adversity

~ MINEOADTMITTTCT ~ Money Is Not Enough Of A Driver To Make It Through The Truly Challenging Times

~ UI-R-S-S-E-V-S ~ Your Ingredients – Roles – Skills – Strengths – Experience – Values – Scars

~ ITNWOW-AEWDCBBDIP ~ In The New World Of Work – Almost Everything We Do Can Be Broken Down Into Projects

~ TWOWINS-YCCOAOWMTDOCAFS ~ The World Of Work Is Not Stable – You Cannot Count On Any One Work Mode To Deliver Ongoing Creative And Financial Stability

~ ITNWOW-OATCAP-BOW-IWWDOOE ~ In The New World Of Work – Our Ability To Create A Powerful – Body Of Work – Is What Will Determine Our Ongoing Employability

~ YCWWTYS-AIOTTAS-YHTGIOOYHAITW ~ Your Creative Work Will Tell Your Story – And In Order To Tell A Story – You Have To Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The World

~ ETAOYC-A-E-M-T-A-P-A ~ Enjoy The Adventure Of Your Craft – An – Explosive – Messy – Terrifying – And – Passionate – Adventure

~ DAMM-S-Y-BOW-WBADOT-IVIDBYCTCIYSADYI ~ Develop A Mastery Mind-Set – Your – Body Of Work – Will Broaden And Deepen Over Time – Its Value Is Determined By Your Commitment To Continually Improve Your Skills And Deepen Your Ingredients

~ LP ~ Learn Patience

~ PTB ~ Practice The Basics

~ ATSOYM-GWIB-W-GM-B-P-WCAMAWTDAYCAWYD ~ Appreciate The Source Of Your Materials – Great Work Is Built – With – Great Materials – By – People – Who Care As Much About What They Do As You Care About What You Do

~ DE-OSIR-TTTTFOEWC-LTYS-LTYD ~ Deconstruct Everything – Often Success Is Random – Take The Time To Figure Out Exactly Which Conditions – Led To Your Success – Led To Your Downfall

~ SB-YMPYCWT ~ Set Boundaries – You Must Protect Your Creative Work Time

~ MYS-H-ROT-S-C-O-F-O-YPS-TIWR ~ Make You Space Holy – Regardless Of The – Size – Cost – Or – Fanciness – Of – Your Physical Space – Treat It With Reverence

~ CYV-DYI ~ Cultivate Your Voice – Develop Your Ideas

~ SYP-C-DTIP-A-DLIGTYH-KYFOHYP ~ Swallow Your Pride – Criticized – Don’t Take It Personally – Accolades – Don’t Let It Get To Your Head – Keep Your Focus On Honoring Your Profession

~ PTTB-ATA ~ Punch Through The Bag – Always Think Ahead

~ WL-DR-I ~ When Imitated – Don’t Retaliate – Innovate

~ TLAS-YMLTGCWPYWITWAEAFFAOP-S-CAWH-TI-OWC-AW-T-R-O-EC-UYAS ~ Think Like A Scientist – You Must Learn To Get Comfortable With Putting Your Work In The World And Evaluating All Feedback From An Objective Perspective – Specifically – Create A Working Hypothesis – Test It – Observe With Curiosity – Ask Why – Tweak – Retest – Observe – Et Cetera – Until You Are Satisfied

~ LFM ~ Look For Models

~ T-20X-R:YHTS-20T-MS-TYTIRON-TMTH ~ The – 20X – Rule – You Have To Sow – Twenty Times – More Seeds – Than You Think Is Realistic Or Necessary – To Make Things Happen

~ BY-BOW-IAM-TFI ~ Building Your – Body Of Work – Is A Marathon – Train For It

~ CWSU-TAOCIWSUF-WGOLM-A-IIWWPU-BOOPACPTG ~ Creating Will Save Us – The Act Of Creating Is What Sets Us Free – What Gives Our Life Meaning – And – It Is What Will Put Us – Back On Our Personal And Collective Path To Greatness

~ FII ~ Fear Is Inevitable

~ VAAAMOG ~ View Adversity As A Means Of Growth

~ DYF-YFSCIWYMTAD-STF-SDAPTEITRPOYB-WAYAO?-WAYAOI?-WDYNTKTRTF? ~ Diagnose Your Fear – Your Fear Shares Critical Information With You Multiple Times A Day – Surf The Fear – Slow Down And Process The Emotion In The Rational Part Of Your Brain – What Are You Afraid Of? – Why Are You Afraid Of It? – What Do You Need To Know To Reduce The Fear?

~ WTDWYADERANIH-IYCCTC-YNTCTWYTATC-EYIOWP ~ What To Do When You Are Doing Everything Right And Nothing Is Happening – If You Can’t Change The Circumstances – You Need To Change The Way You Think About The Circumstances – Expand Your Idea Of What’s Possible

~ IYADSFTATOQ-ANFI-TAAQ ~ If You Are Desperately Searching For The Answer To One Question – And Not Finding It – Try Asking Another Question

~ FOY-‘WS’~ Flip On Your – “Winner Switch”

~ TKTGGH-ITMTR-CAB ~ The Key To Getting Great Help – Is To Make The Request – Clear And Brief

~ AFH-A-LH-OACB-ITBTYCDFY-BOW ~ Asking For Help – And – Living Help – On A Consistent Basis – Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your – Body Of Work

~ S-EMLWIALI ~ Success – Enjoying My Life While I Am Living It

~ MYSUYOSF-CYA-EITADTYP ~ Measure Your Success Using Your Own Success Framework – Celebrate Your Accomplishments – Even If They Are Different Than Your Peers

~ TTCSFCS:TSYTY/TSYTO ~ The Two Critical Stories For Career Success: The Story You Tell Yourself / The Story You Tell Others

~ OYGACAESTTY-YNTWOTSTWRAIO ~ One You Get A Clear And Empowering Story To Tell Yourself – You Need To Work On The Story That Will Resonate And Influence Others

~ WFYA-UYOV ~ Write For Your Audience – Use Your Own Voice

~ UYSFG ~ Use Your Superpowers For Good

~ GBASYDOAML-AFO-T-R-T-B-TMYTPOYPOS ~ Go Back And Scrub Your Document Of Any Marketing Slime – And Focus On – The – Real – Tangible – Benefits – That Make You Truly Proud Of Your Product Or Service

~ FTTTTYST ~ Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ WAYR?-A-HDYWTRIYS? ~ What Are Your Roots – And – How Do You Want Them Reflected In Your Story?


~ WAWWD-NMHDWMTTIO ~ We Are What We Do – No Matter How Desperately We Might Try To Insist Otherwise

~ WFFTLOOOB-WWD-IRU-ISILMWANK-DUIFGAWWHD ~ We Fall For The Lies Of Our Own Brain – When We Do – It Rewards Us – It Seals Its Little Mischief With A Neurochemical Kiss – Drugging Us Into Feeling Good About What We Have Done

~ OPAMAITU-TFICAEA-WOBIIIHSOL-WIIBIM-ATTDFV-TAITTCPOOM ~ Our Prejudices And Misbeliefs Are Invisible To Us – They Form In Childhood And Early Adolescence – When Our Brain Is In Its Heightened State Of Learning – When It Is Building Its Models – And Then They Disappear From View – They Are Inaccessible To The Conscious Part Of Our Minds

~ TPOOMCBKOV-WAUI ~ The Power Of Our Many Cognitive Biases Skews Our View – We Attack Unwelcome Information

~ WAN-BSWHAPTBOOT ~ We Are Natural-Born Storytellers Who Have A Propensity To Believe Our Own Tales

~ OOAABCHNBIT-AYWBTU-WAS ~ Our Own Actions And Beliefs Can Have No Basis In Truth – And Yet We Believe Them Utterly – We Are Storytellers

~ TATBALOCOEHMOOCRIC ~ There Appears To Be A Lack Of Consensus On Exactly How Much Of Our Conscious Reasoning Is Confabulation

~ WTTGSTETMO-WWDAB-WCUTJOBWAB-C-IL-DUDTWWNEAOM ~ We Tend To Generate Stories To Explain The Mysteries Of – What We Do And Believe – When Called Upon To Justify Our Beliefs We Automatically Become – Confabulators – Innocent Liars – Defending Unconscious Decisions That We Were Not Even Aware Of Making

~ WDBTBIDTMAMOTWWIIF ~ We Dream Because The Brain Is Designed To Make A Model Of The World Whenever It Is Functioning

~ OBCTWIWWE-TACU-PTGMTTBCITOY-T-‘I’ ~ Our Brains Create The World In Which We Exist – They Also Create Us – Perhaps The Greatest Model That The Brain Creates Is That Of You – The – ‘I’

~ OLSMTWAUOMOTSASAU ~ Our Limited Senses Mean That We Are Unaware Of Most Of The Sounds And Sights Around Us

~ WCSBTMUH-TAHWLATW-TAHWPTF-TPC-TASOPAM-TTUWGTHABTHAWWABTM-TAAOM-TMBWWNOLTADACW ~ We Create Stories Because They Make Us Happy – They Are How We Learn About The World – They Are How We Predict The Future – They Provide Certainty – They’re A Source Of Power And Motivation – They Tell Us Why Good Things Happen And Bad Things Happen And Why We Are Better Than Most – They Are Arks Of Meaning – The Method By Which We Navigate Our Lives Through A Dangerous And Confusing World

~ NODOBMAWFOSTPOI-TACIH-U ~ Not Only Do Our Brains Make A World For Our Story To Play Out In – They Also Create Its Hero – Us

~ UDLEI-WHATTBWWA ~ Unless Dramatic Life Events Intercede – We Have A Tendency To Become What We Are

~ IINIAB ~ Intelligence Is No Inoculation Against Bias

~ WBTWANP-TWHAAOCTARPOOT-OBDTAT-WCST-BTTTPBOE-HMIG-HMIR-HMICSWRODHMOTW? ~ We Believe That We Are Not Prejudiced – That We Have Arrived At Our Conclusions Through A Rational Process Of Objective Thought – Our Biases Disguise Themselves As Truth – We Cannot See Them – Because The Trick Takes Place Behind Our Eyes – How Much Is Genetic – How Much Is Rational – How Much Is Concerned Solely With Reinforcing Our Dearly Held Models Of The World?

~ SWAT-TOWTMOPAD-TSMITTTHHDTBTDOTN ~ Stories Work Against Truth – They Operate With The Machinery Of Prejudice And Distortion – The Scientific Method Is The Tool That Humans Have Developed To Break The Dominion Of The Narrative

~ EIOGTOA-IITROOS ~ Eccentricity Is Our Gift To One Another – It Is The Riches Of Our Species

~ TBMINAS-WIAHR ~ To Be Mistaken Is Not A Sin – Wrongness Is A Human Right

~ MDSC-PFFATLI-MBS-PCTF ~ Minds Do Sometimes Change – People Find Faith And They Lose It – Mystics Become Skeptics – Politicians Cross The Floor

~ IWTTR-T-TARAICSF-TIATCTIAW ~ I Will Try To Remember – Though – That As Right As I Can Sometimes Feel – There Is Always The Chance That I Am Wrong

~ HLIH:IFO-AIFM ~ Happiness Lies In Humility: In Forgiving Others – And In Forgiving Myself


~ A-LW-IAMAEAAACA ~ A – Life Work – Is As Much An Emotional Accomplishment As A Concrete Achievement

~ MPSIWTFTTDANIOTAETFAWTD ~ Many People So Identify With Their Failures That They Develop A Negative Image Of Themselves And Expect To Fail At Whatever They Do

~ SPCRAPWTFOFITAKTSATCL ~ Successful People Can Reach A Plateau Where The Fear Of Failure Inhibits Them And Keeps Them Stuck At Their Current Level

~ A-LW-IMASTAF-ARTYWHBMANTIHFBCAF ~ A Life Work Is More A Sensation Than A Fact – A Realization That Your Work Has Been Meaningful And Not That It Has Finally Become Complete And Flawless

~ SBCPITPFTFTFTWTW-BIADM-IHYTAFYAYC ~ Some Blame Certain People In Their Past For Their Failure To Find The Work They Want – Blaming Is A Defensive Maneuver – It Helps You To Avoid Facing Yourself And Your Choices

~ TPINAPTBS-IYM-TCTOWYAAHYCTTPIYL ~ The Past Is Not A Problem To Be Solved – It’s Your Mystery – The Complicated Tale Of Who You Are And How You Came To This Point In Your Life

~ MPLATATLAP-TAALFACTWEEAFMLB-SAD-TAMNITSTTCBRIDW-ITYMADTSYAGTLI-YSSYTYCINJAUM-CPAC-CEAMSTO-CFC ~ Many People Look At Themselves And Their Lives As Problems – They Are Always Looking For A Clue That Will Explain Everything And Finally Make Life Better – Stories Are Different – They Are More Neutral In The Sense That They Can Be Read In Different Ways – In The Telling You May Add Details That Surprise You And Give The Listener Insights – Your Stories Show You That Your Chaos Is Not Just An Unidentifiable Mass – Certain People Are Central – Certain Events More Significant Than Others – Certain Feelings Consistent

~ BTAGSABS-EWORYH-A-C-BUP-WOATBS ~ But There Are Good Stories And Bad Stories – Effective Ways Of Recounting Your History – And – Clever – But Ultimately Pointless – Ways Of Avoiding The Bad Stuff

~ PAONITHOSTTDLITSTTOH-TTITD-AT-WTCSA-B-TFTOASMBJAS-YHTTI-AAA-BIG-R-D-AP-D-WET ~ People Are Often Not In The Habit Of Seeing Through To Deeper Layers In The Stories They Tell Or Hear – They Take In The Details – And Then – Want To Consider Some Action – But – The First Telling Of A Story May Be Just A Sketch – You Have To Tell It – Again And Again – Because It Gets – Richer – Deeper – And Perhaps – Darker – With Each Telling

~ TFTASOTPITT-USSEATP ~ The Fascinating Thing About Stories Of The Past Is That They – Usually Say Something Enlightening About The Present

~ AYTYS-ETYHKHFALT-IAYPAYCCO-YGTKYB-AAT-BETMD ~ As You Tell Your Stories – Especially Those You Have Kept Hidden For A Long Time – Insights About Your Past And Your Character Come Out – You Get To Know Yourself Better – And Are Then – Better Equipped To Make Decisions

~ TPCIARR ~ The Present Chaos Is A Rich Resource

~ POATTAAEAOR-WIT-TAASTTLOTFSBWTL ~ People Often Assume That They Are Always Experiencing An Objective Reality – When In Truth – They Are Always Seeing Through The Lens Of The Familiar Stories By Which They Live

~ WDW-TTOC-BIAKOOI-ATOIU-H/I/D-IPAPFDWTNATU ~ We Deal With – The Threat Of Chaos – By Imposing A Known Order On It – And That Order Is Usually – Habitual / Ingrained / Defensive – It Protects A Person From Dealing With The New And The Unexpected

~ OHOIALB ~ Our Habits Of Interpretation Are Like Blinders

~ SAJOCRITBIIABF-BOWFBOICGTROTP ~ Sometimes A Job Or Career Runs Into Trouble Because It Is A Bad Fit – But Often We Fail Because Our Imaginations Can’t Grasp The Richness Of The Possibilities

~ OUOTWLWIL-UWMEMTKB ~ Our Understanding Of The Way Life Works Is Limited – Until We Make Enough Mistakes To Know Better

~ APOIINUBTOWOFAF ~ A Person Of Imagination Is Not Undone By The Overwhelming Weight Of Facts And Feelings

~ TIISTAMITB:IWME-EATO-WIHB-P/E/H ~ The Imagination Is Similar To A Muscle In The Body: It Works More Effectively – Especially Against The Odds – When It Has Been – Practiced / Exercised / Honed

~ TTOCBAPP-BWWCWAAI-ICARUPWTBD ~ The Time Of Chaos Can Be A Painful Period – But When Worked Closely With An Active Imagination – It Can Also Reveal Underlying Possibilities Waiting To Be Developed

~ PSSYHTUWT-TDKHTETD-OTDFETC ~ People Sometimes Spend Years Holding Their Unhappiness Within Them – They Don’t Know How To Express Their Dissatisfaction – Or They Don’t Feel Entitled To Complain

~ THYG-TMYRLTWTGOYBADF-YCBDFYPAYFR-AYSTDAAFOEOL ~ The Higher You Go – The More You Risk Losing Touch With The Ground Of Your Background And Deepest Feelings – You Can Be Disconnected From Your Past And Your Family Roots – And You Sense The Disconnection As A Feeling Of Emptiness Or Lack

~ YAMBAVOD-VFGATM-BIUANAMBD-AIHTBRBOII ~ Your Anger May Be A Venting Of Dissatisfaction – Venting Feels Good At The Moment – But It Usually Accomplishes Nothing And May Be Destructive – And It Has To Be Repeated Because Of Its Ineffectiveness

~ IYALFYLW-AC-D-H-A-WY-IWOWAYUYSITAABWICPAR ~ If You Are Looking For Your Life Work – And Carry – Deep – Hidden – Anger – With You – It Will Only Work Against You Unless You Submit It To An Alchemy By Which Its Constructive Powers Are Released

~ MPWB-ITPOTLW-FTCOTRAIEPQO-F/D/J ~ Most People Would Benefit – In The Pursuit Of Their Life Work – From The Conversion Of Their Raw Anger – Into – Effective Personal Qualities Of – Firmness / Direction / Judgement

~ ALWITEOYUSWTAMITTTYD ~ A Life Work Is The Emergence Of Your Unique Self Worked Through And Manifested In The Things That You Do

~ ALWSAOAAGIADMOT-YHT-FOI-TI-A-LITYIYF ~ A Life Work Sometimes Appears Only As A Glimmer In A Dark Mist Of Trouble – You Have To – Focus On It – Trust It – And – Let It Take You Into Your Future

~ POLFLAWSTTP-WTAMTTFOASBOL ~ People Often Look For Large And Weighty Solutions To Their Problems – When The Answer Might Take The Form Of A Small Beam Of Light

~ TTWITSTTYTBOITTADTDFFASH ~ The Trouble With Intuitions That Seem To Tell You To Back Off Is That They Are Difficult To Distinguish From Fear And Simple Hesitation

~ WYATTSYLC-PATASOBITWP-EIBAECYSTBS ~ When You Are Trying To See Your Life Calling – Pay Attention To Any Sensations Of Being In The Wrong Place – Even If By All External Criteria You Seem To Be Successful

~ AOPSIIIW-BSITPOTP ~ Accomplishing Or Producing Something Is Important In Work – But So Is The Pleasure Of The Process

~ CINAGOPOAO-CIAOTL-IWYDYIRTTWAY-RTOICWY ~ Community Is Not A Group Of People Or An Organization – Community Is An Outlook Toward Life – In Which You Define Yourself In Relation To The World Around You – Rather Than Only In Connection With Yourself

~ BMIICHRMPEP-WAODTAATS ~ Becoming More Involved In Community Helps Resolve Many Personal Emotional Problems – Which Are Often Due To Anxiety About The Self

~ CINAAOP-IIAFOL ~ Community Is Not An Arrangement Of People – It Is A Form Of Love

~ IYWAAJTCYE-YAD-YPVMIODAYWIA-SEHDRIYEAV-YWFDAY ~ If You Work At A Job That Contradicts Your Ethics – You Are Divided – Your Personal Values Moving In One Direction And Your Work In Another – Since Ethics Has Deep Roots In Your Emotions And Your Vision – You Will Feel Divided Against Yourself

~ BTTYE-AYHABCOKWTDIL ~ Be True To Your Ethics – And You Have A Better Chance Of Knowing What To Do In Life

~ YWITP ~ To Work Is To Pray


~ OAAWTBVCAAMC-TTTBMOAIWPWAMOAIWUIHIU-OC-VIMEWIGAS ~ One’s Ability And Willingness To Be Vulnerable Can Accelerate A Meaningful Connection – This Tendency To Be More Open And Intimate With People Who Are More Open And Intimate With Us Is Hardwired In Us – Of Course – Vulnerability Is Most Effective When It’s Genuine And Sincere

~ WANRTV-ROWICFAIC-OAS-P ~ We Are Naturally Receptive To Vulnerability – Regardless Of Whether It Comes From An Inanimate Computer – Or A Skilled – Politician

~ TPOP-TLOC-OFAMCWS-IETCWATTP-EA-TPR-SPTIOOF ~ The Power of Proximity – The Likelihood Of Clicking – Of Forming A Meaningful Connection With Someone – Increases Exponentially The Closer We Are To That Person – Exponential Attraction – The Proximity Rule – So Powerful That It Overrides Other Factors

~ WEC ~ When Everything Clicks

~ IWTWCOOTE-NASWIE-PCSI-’PC’-BTC-T-RIOC ~ If We Take Words Completely Out Of The Equation – Not A Single Word Is Exchanged – Psychologists Call Such Interactions – “Passive Contacts” – But These Contacts – Too – Register In Our Consciousness

~ TMPCWSWAP-TMLWATGTHOH ~ The More Passive Contacts We Share With Another Person – The More Likely We Are To Gravitate Toward Him Or Her

~ TOATFBCJIT-IF-FABR ~ The Old Adage That Familiarity Breeds Contempt Just Isn’t True – In Fact – Familiarity Actually Breeds Regard

~ P-TOPOAC-AOE-WCBCDAUOTAU-ATOE-TP-AMITTTLOTIIAUPM ~ Presence – Think Of Presence On A Continuum – At One End – We Can Be Completely Disengaged And Unaware Of Those Around Us – At The Other Extreme – Transformative Presence – A Meaningful Interaction That Touches The Lives Of Those Involved In A Uniquely Profound Manner

~ I-EAIWASOPACA-OUA ~ Intentionality – Entering An Interaction With A Sense Of Purpose And Conscious Awareness – Our Undivided Attention

~ M-BOAATMTOPWTA-FOTSAOTAHIITR-RTGAOTTSAP ~ Mutuality – Being Open And Available To Meet The Other Person Where They Are – Focusing On The Shared Aspects Of Trust And Honesty Involved In The Relationship – Rather Than Giving Advice Or Trying To Solve A Problem

~ I-BAAAOOOGER ~ Individuality – Being Authentic And Aware Of Our Own Genuine Emotional Reactions

~ PRA-DCTAI-AL-AAPTE-SOOR-DTTOPTWAAPITI ~ Presence Requires Attentiveness – Demonstrating Care Through Active Involvement – Actively Listening – Asking A Person To Elaborate – Sharing Our Own Reactions – Demonstrating To The Other Person That We’re An Active Participant In The Interaction

~ TBP-AWI-LAMI-A-RITWOISAATTEATAU ~ To Become Present – Arrive With Intention – Listen And Mutually Interact – And – Remain In Touch With Our Individual Selves And Attentive To The Environment And Those Around Us

~ R-WWASWIIASOR-WAMLTETSAW-WAMLTC ~ Resonance – When We’re Around Someone Who Is In A State Of Resonance – We Are More Likely To Enter That State As Well – We Are More Likely To Click

~ TCORCBTNTTPOMN-TCNHBCMNBTATIOAEVTSIINEITPB-BWIIINJBBEAW ~ The Contagiousness Of Resonance Can Be Traced Neurologically To The Phenomenon Of Mirror Neurons – These Copycat Neurons Have Been Called Mirror Neurons Because They Appear To Imitate Others’ Actions Even When The Subject Itself Is Not Engaged In That Particular Behavior – But What Is Imitated Is Not Just Behaviors But Emotions As Well

~ TSPOS ~ The Seductive Power Of Similarity

~ OWAPIOI-G-WSSTIADL:WKTT-MG ~ Once We Accept People Into Our In-Group – We Start Seeing Them In A Different Light: We’re Kinder To Them, More Generous

~ AGBORST-TGTIOTA-TSTBTIEBTPA ~ A Growing Body Of Research Suggests That – The Greater The Intensity Of The Adversity – The Stronger The Bond That Is Established Between The Participants Afterwards

~ IIWWCDJATSOORWTOP-TBOTBIUAW-BAOWWWCCSUTPAAHL ~ Interactions In Which We Click Don’t Just Affect The Strength Of Our Relationship With The Other Person – They Bring Out The Best In Us As Well – Being Around Others With Whom We Click Can Spur Us To Perform At A Higher Level

~ CCB-W-M ~ Connection Can Be – Well – Magical