~ WTNCFTC-IRS-IWNAC ~ When The Nazis Came For The Communists – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Communist

~ WTLUTSD-IRS-IWNASD ~ When They Locked Up The Social Democrats – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Social Democrat

~ WTCFTTU-IDNSO-IWNATU ~ When They Came For The Trade Unionists – I Did Not Speak Out – I Was Not A Trade Unionist

~ WTCFTJ-IRS-IWNAJ ~ When They Came For The Jews – I Remained Silent – I Was Not A Jew

~ WTCFM-TWNOLTSO ~ When They Came For Me – There Was No One Left To Speak Out


~ TFCYMMTIARILITOYL-IITLEBARTIIUTYTMTCIYL ~ The First Choice You Must Make To Ignite A Radically Inspired Life Is To Own Your Life – It Is To Leave Entitlement Behind And Realize That It Is Up To You To Make The Changes In Your Life

~ SME ~ Stop Making Excuses

~ LLOFMYAATKAOYS-YCTSYAATW-AYARAWTLLH ~ Living Life On Fire Means You Aren’t Afraid To Know And Own Your Story – You Celebrate The Scars You’ve Accumulated Along The Way – And You Are Ready And Willing To Live Life Honestly

~ AYAI?-EI-IP-ADTPOAPL ~ Are You All In? – Extinguish Indifference – Ignite Potential – And Discover The Power Of A Purposeful Life

~ AYOFWPT? ~ Are You On Fire With Purpose Today?

~ YCHJWG ~ You Can’t Have Joy Without Gratitude

~ WPTSUWIPWCFTPWAHTMAIL ~ Without People To Show Us What Is Possible, We Can Forget The Power We All Hold To Make An Incredible Life

~ WM?-TMIWWATQCETHA-CW ~ Why Me? – The Manner In Which We Ask This Question Changes Everything That Happens Afterward – Choose Wisely

~ RTBSBPGAISIEAOL ~ Refuse To Become Stagnant By Purposefully Growing And Intentionally Stretching In Every Area Of Life

~ WMCYD? ~ What More Can You Do?

~ WUOPATBASTIAITWIPIW ~ We Underestimate Our Personal Ability To Be A Spark That Ignites And Influences The World In Profoundly Important Ways

~ SNDTOGEIOTBFOC ~ Saying Nothing During Times Of Great Emotion Is Often The Best Form Of Communication

~ TKTTGILITCTPSOS ~ The Key To True Greatness In Life Is To Choose To Pursue Significance Over Success

~ EYDEDOYLMP ~ Everything You Do Every Day Of Your Life Matters Profoundly

~ AYR? ~ Are You Ready?

~ FALATTGM-WFS-LL ~ Fear And Love Are The Two Great Motivators – While Fear Suffocates – Love Liberates

~ CTLGOFAOLALFAPOUL ~ Choose To Let Go Of Fear And Operate, Lead, And Live From A Place Of Unconditional Love

~ LINJRFOIC-OFAF-IIITBTCOOW-OTEYM ~ Love Is Not Just Reserved For Our Inner Circle – Our Friends And Family – It Is Intended To Be The Currency Of Our World – Offered To Everyone You Meet

~ WIIAOCTWASUEL? ~ What Is It About Our Culture That We Are So Uncomfortable Expressing Love?

~ DCBOOBWBFA ~ Don’t Confuse Being Out Of Bed With Being Fully Awake

~ ITTWU ~ It’s Time To Wake Up

~ LI ~ Live Inspired


~ L ~ Listen

~ OYH ~ Open Your Heart

~ MEC ~ Make Eye Contact

~ TYHOTDKASD ~ Take Your Hand Off The Door Knob And Sit Down

~ BP ~~ Be Present

~ OHT ~ Offer Healing Touch

~ IYPTBYP ~ Invite Your Patient To Be Your Partner

~ AJ ~ Avoid Judgment

~ E-BDD ~ Educate – But Don’t Dictate

~ CYWWCARO ~ Choose Your Words With Care And Remain Optimistic

~ TYPI ~ Trust Your Patient’s Intuition

~ BROOPWATYP ~ Be Respectful Of Other Practitioners Who Are Treating Your Patient

~ RYPTANA ~ Reassure Your Patents They Are Not Alone

~ ESRALYPRS ~ Encourage Stress Relief And Let Your Presence Relive Stress

~ OH-BNMHGTP-SRIAP ~ Offer Hope – Because No Matter How Grim The Prognosis – Spontaneous Remission Is Always Possible


~ FOTP-YOPIITP-YCCTP-AIIAWOTTEYCIAFTIHY ~ Focus On The Present – Your Only Power Is In The Present – You Cannot Change The Past – And It Is A Waste Of Time To Extend Your Crisis Into A Future That Isn’t Here Yet

~ GYCAN-ECHAC ~ Give You Crisis A Name – Every Crisis Has A Community

~ HAG-EAMO-YNADTMYAFC-ATGTCAYGS ~ Have A Goal – Even A Minor One – You Need A Direction That Moves You Away From Crisis – Allow This Goal To Change As You Gain Strength

~ KWYHTBITC-WDYHTK-WADYHTT-TCYTS? ~ Know Who You Have To Be In This Crisis – What Do You Have To Know – What Actions Do You Have To Take – To Carry You To Safety?

~ UITTYITRD-EWYDNCKWTRDI ~ Use Intuition To Take You In The Right Direction – Even When You Do Not Consciously Know Where The Right Direction Is

~ UYSSTPTCAAYIS-WDYCBYGTSSYCUYDTOAI ~ Use Your Sleep State To Process The Crisis And Anchor You In Solutions – Write Down Your Challenges Before You Go To Sleep So You Can Use Your Downtime To Organize And Integrate

~ ITCTCSYTTC ~ Identify The Community That Can Support You Through This Crisis

~ FMTHY ~ Find Mentors To Help You

~ NMWYAFRN-KTTCIYLTSE-ATYCCTNC ~ No Matter What You Are Feeling Right Now – Know That This Chapter In Your Life Too Shall End – And That You Can Choose The Next Chapter

~ RAOTTYSNC-ARYTYCDIA ~ Remember All Of The Times That You Successfully Navigated Crisis – And Reassure Yourself That You Can Do It Again


~ ILAA? ~ Is Love An Art?

~ PTTTLIS-BTTFTROTL-OTBLB-ID ~ People Think That To Love Is Simple – But That To Find The Right Object To Love – Or To Be Loved By – Is Difficult

ISOTDSCFL-AEEICTBMITL-SPMP ~ In Spite Of The Deep-Seated Craving For Love – Almost Everything Else Is Considered To Be More Important Than Love – Success, Prestige, Money, Power

~ L-TATTPOHE ~ Love – The Answer To The Problem Of Human Existence

~ TEOSAA-III-TSOAA ~ The Experience Of Separateness Arouses Anxiety – It Is Indeed The Source Of All Anxiety

~ MPANEAOTNTC ~ Most People Are Not Even Aware Of Their Need To Conform

~ WL-HCNEFA ~ Without Love – Humanity Could Not Exist For A Day

~ ICTSU-MLIUUTCOPOIOI ~ In Contract To Symbiotic Union – Mature Love Is Union Under The Condition Of Preserving One’s Integrity, One’s Individuality

~ IL-TPOTTBBOAYRT ~ In Love – The Paradox Occurs That Two Beings Become One And Yet Remain Two

~ LITACFTLATGOTWWL-WTACIL-TINL ~ Love Is The Active Concern For The Life And The Growth Of That Which We Love – Where This Active Concern Is Lacking – There Is No Love

~ OLTFWOL-AOLFTWOL ~ One Loves That For Which One Labors – And One Labors For That Which One Loves

~ CRR&KAMI ~ Care, Responsibility, Respect And Knowledge Are Mutually Interdependent

~ BODNSTLIAA-APOTS-OBTATINTFITRO-ATEGBIA ~ Because One Does Not See That Love Is An Activity – A Power Of The Soul – One Believes That All That Is Necessary To Find Is The Right Object – And That Everything Goes By Itself Afterward

~ IITLOP-ILAP-ILTW-ILL ~ If I Truly Love One Person – I Love All Persons – I Love The World – I Love Life

~ TLSINJASF-IIAD-IIAJ-IIAP ~ To Love Somebody Is Not Just A Strong Feeling – It Is A Decision – It Is A Judgment – It Is A Promise

~ LOOALOOANA ~ Love Of Others And Love Of Ourselves Are Not Alternatives

~ S&SL-FFBI-AAO ~ Selfishness And Self-Love – Far From Being Identical – Are Actually Opposites

~ TUR-TUO-CBCIWOIT ~ The Ultimate Reality – The Ultimate One – Cannot Be Caught In Words Or In Thoughts

~ TIOOPFTPOL-TDOTRATAASIEPC-TITFBWLIR ~ There Is Only One Proof For The Presence Of Love – The Depth Of The Relationship And The Aliveness And Strength In Each Person Concerned – This Is The Fruit By Which Love Is Recognized

~ TMCFTAOLITOOON ~ The Main Condition For The Achievement Of Love Is The Overcoming Of One’s Narcissism

~ LBDOTRAON-IRTDOHOAR ~ Love Being Dependent On The Relative Absence Of Narcissism – It Requires The Development Of Humility, Objectivity And Reason – One’s Whole Life Must Be Devoted To This Aim

~ IIWTLTAOL-IMSFOIES-ABSTTSWIANO ~ If I Want To Learn The Art Of Loving – I Must Strive For Objectivity In Every Situation – And Become Sensitive To The Situations Where I Am Not Objective

~ WMIRTL-ITFIOOL-IIATPLIO-AIIR ~ What Matters In Relation To Love – Is The Faith In One’s Own Love – In Its Ability To Produce Love In Others – And In Its Reliability – To Have Faith Requires Courage, The Ability To Take A Risk, The Readiness Even To Accept Pain And Disappointment

~ THFITPOLAASANOEIP-IARFBOTIITVNOM ~ To Have Faith In The Possibility Of Love As A Social And Not Only Exceptional-Individual Phenomenon, Is A Rational Faith Based On The Insight Into The Very Nature Of Man



~ F? ~ Fear?

~ D? ~ Dependency?

~ DIHAA? ~ Do I Have An Agenda?

~ AITTGS? ~ Am I Trying To Get Something?

~ AIIS? ~ Am I In Sacrifice?

~ AIIAR? ~ Am I In A Role?

~ AITTCTPTIL? ~ Am I Trying To Change The Person That I Love?

~ AITTCTP? ~ Am I Trying To Control This Person?

~ AITTGH? ~ Am I Trying To Get Hurt?


~ LIAIJH-TGOTJINTFL-IITKL-THEIYA-L ~ Love Is An Inner Journey Home – The Goal Of This Journey Is Not To Find Love – It Is To Know Love – This Knowledge Exists In You Already – Loveability

~ LCBD-B-ICBR ~ Love Cannot Be Defined – But – It Can Be Recognized

~ SAITBALPITWITFRSOLP ~ Setting An Intention To Be A Loving Presence In This World Is The First Real Step On Love’s Path

~ TDTBTPOLITMPIYCHIASIYLAITW ~ The Decision To Be The Presence Of Love Is The Most Powerful Influence You Can Have In Any Situation In Your Life And In This World

~ WIEPIRASOALOL? ~ What If Every Problem Is Really A Symptom Of A Lack Of Love?

~ YCTLYAIHMYLYBLBO ~ Your Capacity To Love Yourself Also Influences How Much You Let Yourself Be Loved By Others

~ WYFL-YDNTPOAPITWL-NDYSIARIOTDLI ~ When You Feel Lovable – You Don’t Need To Put On A Pleasing Image To Win Love – Nor Do You Slip Into A Role In Order To Deserve Love – You Let Love In

~ WYDFLIBYAJY ~ Whenever You Don’t Feel Loveable It’s Because You Are Judging Yourself

~ WYSJY-THOGJOWAS ~ When You Stop Judging Yourself – The Habit Of Gratuitously Judging Others Will Also Stop

~ MCAFOMMAL-WWL-BNU ~ Most Childhoods Are Full Of Mixed Messages About Love – We Were Loved – But Not Unconditionally

~ TBF-‘IANL’-CPIOISMW ~ The Basic Fear – “I Am Not Loveable” – Can Play Itself Out In So Many Ways

~ WSLYONHNBOHLYRA ~ Whether Someone Loves You Or Not Has No Bearing On How Loveable You Really Are

~ YCOBHBBYPIYUITRYITP ~ You Can Only Be Held Back By Your Past If You Use It To Reject Yourself In The Present

~ LINAA-OOTJORFATLITWCBBORSIEOC ~ Love Is Not An Act – One Of The Joys Of Real Friendship And True Love Is That We Can Both Be Our Real Selves In Each Other’s Company

~ LINAB-LINFS-S-TINAPTPWRL ~ Love Is Not A Bargain – Love Is Not For Sale – Similarly – There Is Not A Price To Pay When Receiving Love

~ LINI-LOEBE-BLREAE ~ Love Is Not Idolatry – Love Only Exists Between Equals – Because Love Recognizes Everyone As Equals

~ LINS-LIPD-IIMD-LISD ~ Love Is Not Selfish – Lust Is Physical Desire – Infatuation Is Mental Desire – Love Is Spiritual Desire

~ WYBTARIWYE-YTYRWYWYG-IIWYIAYIWE ~ What Your Bring To A Relationship Is What You Experience – You Take Your Relationship With You Wherever You Go – It Is With You In All Your Interactions With Everyone

~ WYTSIMIAR-IIPY ~ When You Think Something Is Missing In A Relationship – It Is Probably You

~ NOCLYMTYLYAGAWI ~ No One Can Love You More Than You Love Yourself And Get Away With It

~ WPDLT-TAOONLTE ~ When People Don’t Love Themselves – They Accuse Others Of Not Loving Them Either

~ FSACAEAEOLOACFL-ECIACFLATF ~ Forgiveness Sees All Communication As Either An Expression Of Love Or A Call For Love – Every Conflict Is A Call For Love According To Forgiveness

~ FITPBWYLLRAG ~ Forgiveness Is The Process By Which You Let Love Replace All Grievances

~ TFSIFAGITLYG-IYDLYGP-TINETTG ~ The First Step In Forgiving A Grievance Is To Let Yourself Grieve – If You Don’t Let Yourself Grieve Properly – There Is No End To The Grieving

~ ETTBOCTGHBYTYKCT-YSHTMRAW-NITMTCOLATHYSTTMR ~ Even Though The Burden Of Carrying These Grievances Has Brought You To Your Knees Countless Times – You Still Hope They Might Right A Wrong – Now Is The Moment To Call On Love’s Awareness To Help You See Through This Miserable Righteousness

~ YCHOTAGAFTLTIYTN ~ You Cannot Hold On To A Grievance And Feel The Love That Is Your True Nature

~ GAMOF-WYHOTG-YTIDBF ~ Grievances Are Made Of Fear – When You Hold On To Grievances – Your Thinking Is Dominated By Fear

~ GANAS-NAOACTP ~ Grievances Are Not A Solution – No Amount Of Anger Changes The Past

~ BGFWHAOA-TTMOFGWGYP ~ Being Guilty Forever Won’t Heal Anything Or Anyone – Trying To Make Others Feel Guilty Won’t Give You Peace

~ GHYB-WYDNHIYPWSUIYPRAITLYLN ~ Grievances Hold You Back – What You Do Not Heal In Your Past Will Show Up In Your Present Relationships And In The Life You Live Now

~ IDMHOYCYCOYL-TSWBTSUYF ~ It Doesn’t Matter How Often You Change Your Cast Or Your Location – The Story Will Be The Same Until You Forgive

~ WF-TPCTUAAMAYWRYH ~ Without Forgiveness – The Past Can Turn Up At Any Moment And You Will Repeat Your History

~ GDMYH-YCCTCAGAHTBH ~ Grievances Don’t Make You Happy – You Can’t Continue To Carry A Grievance And Hope To Be Happy

~ YHTATEGHAED ~ You Have To Accept That Every Grievance Has An Expiration Date

~ ITSTSTLCSTW-BWHTIY ~ It’s Too Soon To Say That Love Can’t Save The World – Because We Haven’t Tried It Yet

~ NOTE ~ when I read a book, I like to underline the good bits