~ TMI-TMD ~ Too Much Information – Too Many Decisions

~ AT-IAD-CWAC-DO ~ All This – Ignoring And Deciding – Comes With A Cost – Decision Overload

~ TD-MNIOBDP-WCHTSTTFTI-A-ATIPMUT-NALCWAM;TNOAGTS-A-WTBWH-E-WEF ~ The Decision-Making Network In Our Brain Doesn’t Prioritize – We Can Have Trouble Separating The Trivial From The Important – And – All This Information Processing Makes Us Tired – Neurons Are Living Cells With A Metabolism; They Need Oxygen And Glucose To Survive – And – When They’re Been Working Hard – We Experience Fatigue

~ T-PCOTCM-HBEA-120BPS-B-TSLFTTOIWCPCATAAOT-IOFSTBEAPOYE-YNTHPCATI ~ The – Processing Capacity Of The Conscious Mind – Has Been Estimated At – 120 Bits Per Second – Bandwidth – The Speed Limit For The Traffic Of Information We Can Pay Conscious Attention To At Any One Time – In Order For Something To Become Encoded As Part Of Your Experience – You Need To Have Paid Conscious Attention To It

~ A=ITMEMRFAO-IDWAOTEWDW-A-MOTT-VASP-MTCCAWGPTTOCA ~ Attention – Is The Most Essential Mental Resource For Any Organism – It Determines Which Aspects Of The Environment We Deal With – And – Most Of The Time – Various Automatic Subconscious Processes – Make The Correct Choice About What Gets Passed Through To Our Conscious Awareness

~ HSP ~ Highly Successful Persons

~ TBIAECD ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector

~ A-IAL-CR-TADLTTNOTWCATAO ~ Attention – Is A Limited-Capacity Resource – There Are Definite Limits To The Number Of Things We Can Attend To At Once

~ WDKWWM-B-OBCCITTANIPATM-EITARIFOOE-IB ~ We Don’t Know What We’re Missing – Because – Our Brain Can Completely Ignore Things That Are Not Its Priority At The Moment – Even If They Are Right In Front Of Our Eyes – Inattentional Blindness

~ B-WASC-WAESB-F-PS-A-VA-O-ASE-OBFO-V-S-A-MT-D-B-SA ~ But – We Are Social Creatures – We Are Easily Swayed By – First-Person Stories – And – Vivid Accounts – Of – A Single Experience – Our Brains Focus On – Vivid – Social – Accounts – More Than – Dry – Boring – Statistical Accounts

~ OBTD-MS ~ Our Brains Take Decision-Making Shortcuts

~ AS-T-OWOA-IIAEPOB-O-E-A-P ~ Active Sorting – Triage – One Way Or Another – It Is An Essential Part Of Being – Organized – Efficient – And – Productive

~ WTWAOEGOAU-HLOTWWAP-ISOTOFTWGIA ~ We Think We’re Aware Of Everything Going On Around Us – How Little Of The World We Actually Perceive – In Spite Of The Overwhelming Feeling That We’re Getting It All

~ D-A-M-W-A-ANSOTB ~ Daydreaming – And – Mind-Wandering – Are – A Natural State Of The Brain

~ PA-AHAC-WWPATOT-WANTAAFSE ~ Paying Attention – Attention Has A Cost – When We Pay Attention To One Thing – We Are Necessarily Taking Attention Away From Something Else

~ WTTR-TMRI-WEOAL-B-NAWA-TFI ~ We Tend To Remember – The Most Recent Items – We Encountered On A List – But – Not As Well As – The First Item

~ OOT-BR-I-NLT-IT-R-O-TDP ~ One Of The – Big Rules – In – Not Losing Things – Is The – Rule – Of – The Designated Place

~ A-O-LTIFOBAITE;UTEITRYOWNTBD ~ Affordances – Off-Loading The Information From Our Brain And Into The Environment; Use The Environment Itself To Remind You Of What Needs To Be Done

~ TBIAECD-B-TBHTTTDC ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector – But – The Brain Habituates To Things That Don’t Change

~ W-OP-FTRBTKATHOATTTGAPOS-TBAEP ~ When – Organized People – Find Themselves Running Between The Kitchen And The Home Office All The Time To Get A Pair Of Scissors – They Buy An Extra Pair

~ E-PD-O-CARDSS-WW ~ Either – Providing Duplicates – Or – Creating A Rigidly Defined Special Spot – Works Well

~ MCPFTTTBCPB-S-UAUTM ~ Many Creative People Find The Time To Be Creative Precisely Because – Systems – Unburdening And Uncluttering Their Minds

~ TFTOBAIGACCIAPLFOOL-WCCOHAWEISAWTTBEOOB-C-LTNOTOTTC ~ The Fact That Our Brains Are Inherently Good At Creating Categories Is A Powerful Lever For Organizing Our Lives – We Can Construct Our Home And Work Environments In Such A Way That They Become Extensions Of Our Brains – Categories – Limit The Number Of Types Of Things They Contain

~ MVTTYNR-A-HTTYD ~ Make Visible The Things You Need Regularly – And – Hide Things That You Don’t

~ T-H-DTRFUIWAAOWAPSL-OWTETHNSOMSITCDWSFTDKOWWD ~ The – Hippocampus – Does The Remembering For Us If We Associate An Object With A Particular Spatial Location – One Way To Exploit The Hippopotamus’s Natural Style Of Memory Storage Is To Create Different Work Spaces For The Different Kinds Of Work We Do

~ DSMT-FAC-TYRO-S ~ Don’t Spend More Time – Filing And Classifying – Than You’ll Reap On – Searching

~ ETWTWGALD-I-M-T-MUDLE ~ Even Though We Think We’re Getting A Lot Done – Ironically – Multi-Tasking – Makes Us Demonstrably Less Efficient

~ M-T-HBFTITPOTSHCAWATF-O-FHA-WCOYBACMFOST ~ Multi-Tasking – Has Been Found To Increase The Production Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol As Well As The Fight-Or-Flight Hormone Adrenaline – Which Can Overstimulate Your Brain And Cause Mental Fog Or Scrambled Thinking

~ ITOT-D-M-I-VHOYNR-A-LDATTUAMEABO-OOTFTWLI-IC-AM-LOID-WCEUM-TBDASI ~ It Turns Out That – Decision-Making – Is – Very Hard On Your Neural Resources – And – Little Decisions Appear To Take Up As Much Energy As Big Ones – One Of The First Things We Lose Is – Impulse Control – After Making – Lots Of Insignificant Decisions – We Can End Up Making – Truly Bad Decisions About Something Important

~ O-L-MF-ITPW-RTIYC-MW ~ Off-Load – Memory Functions – Into The Physical World – Rather Than Into Your Crowded – Mental World

~ TPOCE:WHTRWSI?-PIPWYWNI ~ The Principle Of Cognitive Efficiency: Why Have To Remember Where Something Is? – Put It Precisely Where You Will Need It

~ WNTB-PARS-BDTT-ROWB-ENAA-ATM-WMTKIR-A-STWF ~ We Need To Be – Proactive About Reducing Stress – By Doing Things That – Reset Our Working Brains – Experiencing Nature And Art – Allowing The Mind-Wandering Mode To Kick In Regularly – And – Spending Time With Friends

~ T-A-R-STTYM ~ Tickler – A – Reminder – Something That Tickles Your Memory

~ EM-CI-OP-TM ~ Externalizing Memory – Can Include – Other People – Transactive Memory

~ ALPOOOSWS-LAE-IIWWWFI ~ A Large Part Of Organizing Our Social World Successfully – Like Anything Else – Is Identifying What We Want From It

~ SMTA-UTITTBS ~ Spending More Time Alone – Under The Illusion That They’re Being Social

~ HTTBISOO ~ Humans Tend To Be Innately Suspicious Of Outsiders

~ OWHA-S-WTNT-RTS-WI-DA-N-D-E-A-‘E’ ~ Once We Have A – Stereotype – We Tend Not To – Reevaluate The Stereotype – We Instead – Discard Any – New – Disconfirming – Evidence – As – “Exceptions”

~ YMST-TFOTWD-AOT-O-AO-GB ~ You Might Say That – The Fate Of The World Depends – Among Other Things – On – Abolishing Out-Group Bias

~ IYH-SBYWTGD-BIUI-C-M/I/D-C-TNSATCOES ~ If You Have – Something Big You Want To Get Done – Break It Up Into – Chunks – Meaningful / Implementable / Doable – Chunks – There’s Neurochemical Satisfaction At The Completion Of Each Stage

~ PAD-RSPOTB ~ Planning And Doing – Require Separate Parts Of The Brain

~ D-TMUT-FTITM-WGIH-B-WDATDMO ~ Do – The Most Unpleasant Task – First Thing In The Morning – When Gumption Is Highest – Because – Willpower Depletes As The Day Moves On

~ RWADHGOOCIOOTGCOL ~ Realizing When A Diversion Has Gotten Out Of Control Is One Of The Great Challenges Of Life

~ DNSMTOADTIW ~ Do Not Spend More Time On A Decision Than It’s Worth

~ WTTORE ~ We Tend To Overweight Rare Events

~ WFBWWAUSCAAATEICWTC ~ We Function Best When We Are Under Some Constraints And Are Allowed To Exercise Individual Creativity Within Those Constraints

~ MSTAAOTIH-IICTEOUTRFVTIWE-TIAEI ~ More So Than At Any Other Time In History – It Is Crucial That Each Of Us Takes Responsibility For Verifying The Information We Encounter – Testing It And Evaluating It


~ TARL-TRTSPI-B-DCBUAU ~ There Are Real Life-Threatening Risks To Sharing Personal Information – Because – Data Can Be Used Against Us

~ TRIA-HTETTDCAATTUAWATT-A-TWHSSIHODAU ~ The Real Issues Are – How To Ensure That The Data Companies Are As Transparent To Us As We Are To Them – And – That We Have Some Say In How Our Data Are Used

~ TSDR ~ The Social Data Revolution

~ HCWETDAFTP? ~ How Can We Ensure That Data Are For The People?

~ SD-I-IAY-SA-Y-M-B-A-I-AWAIA-YRW-OP-P-P-E-I ~ Social Data – Is – Information About You – Such As – Your – Movements – Behavior – And – Interests – As Well As Information About – Your Relationships With – Other People – Places – Products – Even – Ideologies

~ OLSNB-D-B-D-TSB-E-B-D ~ Our Lives Should Not Be – Driven – By – Data – They Should Be – Empowered – By – Data

~ PFTP-PA ~ Principles For The Post-Privacy Age

~ B-T-IE-YAN-A ~ But – Transparency – Isn’t Enough – You Also Need – Agency

~ A-E-TROITAUTD-OAFL-A-I-GPTATCDTAUTT ~ Agency – Encompasses – The Right Of Individuals To Act Upon Their Data – On A Fundamental Level – Agency – Involves – Giving People The Ability To Create Data That Are Useful To Them

~ T-AWDCALADIE-ST-I-YATHSCODPAS-O-HCYPJ-WYGAWYG? ~ Transparency – About What Data Companies Are Learning And Doing Is Essential – So Too – Is – Your Ability To Have Some Control Over Data Products And Services – Otherwise – How Could You Possibly Judge – What You Give Against What You Get?

~ IIATCOP ~ Information Is At The Center Of Power

~ TWHMITOAASTB ~ Those Who Have More Information Than Others Almost Always Stand To Benefit

~ BDL ~ Becoming Data Literate

~ TBFPIT-SDR-WMSTOMO-P-‘C’-WTIWIPBU-A-EA-NM-TO-AC-COSD ~ To Be Full Participants In The – Social Data Revolution – We Must Shed The Old Mindset Of – Passive – “Consumers” – Who Take In Whatever Is Placed Before Us – And – Embrace A – New Mindset – That Of – Active Co-Creators Of Social Data


~ We Can Treat – Social Data Refineries – As – Mysterious – “Black Boxes” – Or – We Can Become Data Literate And Demand Meaningful Ways To Influence The Refineries So That The Value We Get From Them Is Worth What We Give To Them

~ WYDW? ~ What’s Your Data Worth?

~ ASDACIMAOOL-WWIDODRTHUMSOTBDIL ~ As Social Data Are Created In More Areas Of Our Lives – We Will Increasingly Depend On Data Refineries To Help Us Make Some Of The Biggest Decisions In Life

~ IMC-TTMOTDWCEOWWCODTTDCBO ~ In Many Cases – The True Meaning Of The Data We Create Emerges Only When We’re Comparing Our Data To The Data Created By Others

~ OOTBSOBDLILWDA-P-I-O-I ~ One Of The Basic Skills Of Being Data Literate Is Learning What Data Are – Plausible – Implausible – Or – Impossible

~ ADAPTE ~ All Data Are Prone To Error

~ WAASWHTCWSDEWWTHR-A-WRWCT ~ We As A Society Will Have To Consider Which Social Data Experiments We Want To Have Run – And – Which Results We Can Trust

~ A-IN-TDSOD-TPDTWFTP-WN-TAA ~ Anonymity – Is Not – The Default Setting Of Democracy – To Put Data To Work For The People – We Need – Transparency And Agency

~ TEIAOSDCPUO-IWCDTHTAIOTABTTM?-WNTDMSTFETT-O ~ The Exponentially Increasing Amount Of Social Data Clearly Presents Unprecedented Opportunities – In Which Cases Does The Harm To An Individual Outweigh The Aggregate Benefit To The Masses? – We Need To Develop More Sophisticated Tools For Evaluating These Trade-Offs

~ TNSC ~ The New Social Capital

~ TMOSDE ~ The Ministry Of Social Data Engineering

~ AAFS-DR-OTGUASSTT-P-OAO ~ As A First Step – Data Refineries – Ought To Give Users A Simple Switch To Turn – Personalization – On And Off

~ MSOTSOS-WDIMTLIAWWEIR? ~ Making Sense Of The Sensorization Of Society – What Does It Mean To Live In A World Where Everything Is Recorded?

~ PH-TMF-A-LWUS–F-TIT-FOII-O-BR-IAW-TWATOOTI-S-TIT-FOD-O-OSD-WP-T-TITFOP-O-ORDASTD-AUAHTDMBAOUITF ~ People Have – Three Main Fears – About – Living With Ubiquitous Sensors – First – There Is The – Fear Of Information Imbalance – Of – Being Retrievable – In A Way – That Will Alter The Outcome Of The Interaction – Second – There Is The – Fear Of Dissemination – Of – Others Sharing Data – Without Permission – Third – There Is The Fear Of Permanence – Of – Others Recording Data And Saving The Data – An Uncertainty About How The Data Might Be Analyzed Or Used In The Future

~ CAD-TVOAE-I-WADO-SD-TGUR ~ Companies Are Discovering – The Value Of Analyzing Everything – Increasingly – We’ll All Depend On – Sensor Data – To Give Us Recommendations

~ C-ATO-S-TCPU-TUCOA-P/P/T ~ Cameras – Aren’t The Only – Sensor – That Can Pick Up – The Unique Characteristics Of A – Person / Place / Thing

~ RTASD-WINTBTBTTMOUATPHTPWMNEBATTMABI ~ Refineries That Analyze Sensor Data – Will Increasingly Need To Balance The Benefits To The Majority Of Users Against The Potential Harm To People Who May Not Even Be Aware That Their Movements Are Being Inferred

~ IRS-WIAFSITBB-PAS-AWAB-PAFS ~ Image Recognition Software – Will Involve A Fundamental Shift In The Balance Between – Privacy And Security – As Well As Between – Privacy And Free Speech

~ A-C-GVTTWCSFT ~ Algorithms – Can – Give Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves


~ But – We Can Demand A – Set Of Rights – With Respect To Our – Social Data – That Ensures The Fullest Potential Of – Transparency And Agency

~ STC-TFTP ~ Seeing The Controls – Transparency For The People

~ WHTDOTRTHUIAUTIOOD-TRTAYDSITATSYDIC-TOTMPCA-YP-A-YP ~ We Have To Depend On The Refineries To Help Us Interpret And Understand The Implications Of Our Data – The Right To Access Your Data Should Include The Ability To See Your Data In Context – Two Of The Most Powerful Contexts Are – Your Past – And – Your Peers

~ AT-RD-A-WATF-AC-A-I-I-M ~ Access To – Raw Data – Alone – Without Any Tools For – Analysis Comparison – And – Interpretation – Is – Meaningless

~ TRTIDR ~ The Right To Inspect Data Refineries

~ I-CO-AP-C-W-SRS ~ Increasingly – Cyber Operations – Are Providing – Criminals – With – Significant Revenue Streams

~ HCYDWARI-‘SE’-TSYDW? ~ How Can You Determine Whether A Refinery Is – “Secure Enough” – To Share Your Data With?

~ MSBS-NWA-SW-B-WA-HW-IAC-AE-WI-D-D-IT-O-STBTDATJ ~ Many Security Breaches Start – Not With A – Software Weakness – But – With A – Human Weakness – Inside A Company – An Employee – Who Is – Disgruntled – Disaffected – Inadequately Trained – Or – Simply Too Busy To Do A Thorough Job

~ AW-LAR-WMMAT-GP;TDWEAWLHBTURDAEOTR ~ As With – Laws And Regulations – What Matters Most Are The – Guiding Principles; The Details Will Evolve As We Learn How Best To Use Refined Data And Exercise Our Transparency Rights

~ TTC-AFTP ~ Taking The Control(S) – Agency For The People

~ IRCEWU-WSBATEWT ~ If Refineries Can Experiment With Us – We Should Be Able To Experiment With Them

~ ITM ~ Influencing The Machines

~ IAWAGT-TAR-B-TMITEHNEOODL ~ It’s All Well And Good To – Talk About Rights – But – They’re Meaningless If Their Existence Has No Effect On Our Daily Lives

~ WFBQATPAAUOD ~ We Face Big Questions About The Possible And Acceptable Uses Of Data

~ T-HIP-B-SD-ALOT ~ Transparency – Has Its Price – But – So Does – A Lack Of Transparency

~ SD-CGU-F-MT-W-T-MWWW-MCTP-A-OTW-ALAWCETDR ~ Social Data – Can Give Us – Fairer – More Transparent – Ways – To – Match Work With Workers – Match Compensation To Performance – And – Optimize The Workforce – As Long As Workers Can Exercise Their Data Rights

~ AWGTAT-REUTS-EO-TAAR-AWDS-DOTPABTP-WB-DFTP ~ As We Gain The Ability To – Refine Everything Under The Sun – Exercising Our – Transparency And Agency Rights – As We Do So – Data Of The People And By The People – Will Become – Data For The People


~ BG-TABWAM ~ Before Gutenberg – The Average Book Was A Masterpiece

~ TSOI ~ The Shock Of Inclusion

~ TPFKATA ~ The People Formerly Known As The Audience

~ CS ~ Collaborative Spirals

~ BFO ~ Behavior Follows Opportunity

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations

~ CAGIACA ~ Creativity And Generosity In A Connected Age

~ WCNTFTA-AGSATCBHF-L-CC-P-RT-AASOIMTBWAOPAAT ~ We Can Now Treat Free Time As – A General Social Asset That Can Be Harnessed For – Large – Communally Created – Projects – Rather Than – As A Set Of Individual Minutes To Be Whiled Away One Person At A Time

~ PWTDSTMTWABP-TWHWTAIT ~ People Want To Do Something To Make The World A Better Place – They Will Help When They Are Invited To

~ OYFOHTTTSIAWTPCA-OCRYT-OAO-ATW ~ Once You’ve Figured Out How To Tap The Surplus In A Way That People Care About – Others Can Replicate Your Technique – Over And Over – Around The World

~ PTRFTATTCT ~ Projects That Range From The Amusing To The Culturally Transformative

~ DSBIIYMIADKOATDIBYARAER ~ Doing Something Because It Interests You Makes It A Different Kind Of Activity Than Doing It Because You Are Reaping An External Reward

~ IEMCADIO ~ Increasing Extrinsic Motivations Can Actually Decrease Intrinsic Ones

~ PIMASETTGTETRT-IYGPAWTAOTDFAACOGAS-TMTYUOI ~ People’s Intrinsic Motivations Are Strong Enough That They Gravitate Toward Experiences That Reward Them – If You Give People A Way To Act On Their Desire For Autonomy And Competence Or Generosity And Sharing – They Might Take You Up On It

~ MOTUUOCTASBOOBAHNWSL ~ Many Of The Unexpected Uses Of Communications Tools Are Surprising Because Our Old Beliefs About Human Nature Were So Lousy

~ ‘C-BPP’-WTIJOOABIP-A-CBPOAP-WAMH ~ “Commons-Based Peer Production” – Work That Is Jointly Owned Or Accessed By Its Participants – And – Created By People Operating As Peers – Without A Managerial Hierarchy

~ TIIOATCTT-TPOFTAPTISU-IOOTGNOOTA-OTCTBOPWTAOI ~ This Increase In Our Ability To Create Things Together – To Pool Our Free Time And Particular Talents Into Something Useful – Is One Of The Great New Opportunities Of The Age – One That Changes The Behaviors Of People Who Take Advantage Of It

~ SPINAP-IIJAA ~ Social Production Is Not A Panacea – It Is Just An Alternative

~ OWTHAGOPITATFTITCAMOSC ~ One Way To Help A Group Of Participants Improve Their Ability To Function Together Is The Creation And Maintenance Of Shared Culture

~ CAPCWWBFSIHTSAP ~ Creating A Participatory Culture With Wider Benefits For Society Is Harder Than Sharing Amusing Photos

~ TESOVRNICLFMSTFBE-BNOHACG-OEAVGO-AWTNGIWLL ~ The Essential Source Of Value Right Now Is Coming Less From Master Strategy Than From Broad Experimentation – Because No One Has A Complete Grasp – Or Even A Very Good One – About What The Next Great Idea Will Look Like

~ SS ~ Start Small

~ PTWWOITGLGWGL ~ Projects That Will Work Only If They Grow Large Generally Won’t Grow Large

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations


~ U-MPHTTCANBTIBT ~ Unfortunately – Many People Have Trouble Thinking Clearly About Numbers Because They’re Intimidated By Them

~ TCROA-PC-IT-TPHTAUT100 ~ The Cardinal Rule Of A – Pie Chart – Is That – The Percentages Have To Add Up To 100

~ TMFWTLWASGITNLTA ~ The Most Fundamental Way To Lie With A Statistical Graph Is To Not Label The Axes

~ I-AOUB-LW-T-SPO-A-TROTFTMPWSWTDTC ~ Infographics – Are Often Used By – Lying Weasels – To – Shape Public Opinion – And – They Rely On The Fact That Most People Won’t Study What They’ve Done Too Carefully

~ STSBRITRO ~ Sometimes The Statistic Being Reported Isn’t The Relevant One

~ CATO-OWTLWSITCT-D/P/TOP-TADFOA-A-PTTN ~ Comparing Apples To Oranges – One Way To Lie With Statistics Is To Compare Things – Datasets / Populations / Types Of Products – That Are Different From One Another – And – Pretend That They’re Not

~ JBTANOI-DMTTNWAAP-R-P-GS-P-CWTC-HTGAC-TAAHOEABTCEITCP-A-CL-T-TWC ~ Just Because There’s A Number On It – Doesn’t Mean That The Number Was Arrived At Properly – Remember – People – Gather Statistics – People – Choose What To Count – How To Go About Counting – There Are A Host Of Errors And Biases That Can Enter Into The Collection Process – And – Can Lead – To – The Wrong Conclusions

~ TBAG-AS-HTBR ~ To Be Any Good – A Sample – Has To Be Representative

~ R-HTATTT-CVTAETIOCDO-STTTMANOOADTM ~ Researchers – Have To Avoid The Tendency To – Capture Variables That Are Easy To Identify Or Collect Data On – Sometimes The Things That Matter Are Not Obvious Or Are Difficult To Measure

~ PSLWATO ~ People Sometimes Lie When Asked Their Opinions

~ MMBS-TMB-C-R-A-P-P-F-CD-STEPWCIDIITSW-EPWICHTCITSW ~ Measurements Must Be Standardized – There Must Be – Clear – Replacable – And – Precise – Procedures – For – Collecting Data –So That Each Person Who Collects It Does It In The Same Way – Each Person Who Is Counting Has To Count In The Same Way

~ ME-OIEM ~ Measurement Error – Occurs In Every Measurement

~ HSIDOCCMABDITSYEUW ~ How Something Is Defined Or Categorized Can Make A Big Difference In The Statistic You End Up With

~ ADCBWATTAAIP-OPBAAQUS ~ A Definition Can Be Wrangled And Twisted To Anyone’s Advantage In Public-Opinion Polling By Asking A Question Just-So

~ IASICO-ASOPDM-G-M-O-M-O-FE-TRCWBF ~ If A Statistic Is Composed Of – A Series Of Poorly Defined Measures – Guesses – Misunderstandings – Oversimplifications – Mismeasurement – Or – Flawed Estimates – The Resulting Conclusion Will Be Flawed

~ W-HATTACTOTTWDW ~ We – Have A Tendency To Apply Critical Thinking Only To Things We Disagree With

~ WAAST-S-A-ASS-ESBTOOO ~ We Are A Story-Telling Species – And – A Social Species – Easily Swayed By The Opinions Of Others

~ THBOMUIMBO-EC-AT-STJT-A-TBIAVOS-JM ~ The Human Brain Often Makes Up Its Mind Based On – Emotional Considerations – And Then – Seeks To Justify Them – And – The Brain Is A Very Powerful Self-Justifying Machine

~ ETSOUCBF ~ Even The Smartest Of Us Can Be Fooled

~ MAIAE-BCAWIT ~ Make An Informed And Evidence-Based Choice About What Is True

~ WUDWTSEO-HDWIT? ~ We Usually Do Well To Seek Expert Opinions – How Do We Identify Them?

~ IE ~ Identifying Expertise

! SH-S-INTEANW-IJT-S-TMLTBR ~ Stuff Happens – So – It’s Not That Experts Are Never Wrong – It’s Just That – Statically – They’re More Likely To Be Right

~ EITN ~ Expertise Is Typically Narrow

~ B-IAE-TTB-DS-CTTPBTIIA-S-UQ ~ But – Intelligence And Experience – Tend To Be – Domain-Specific – Contrary To The Popular Belief That Intelligence Is A – Single – Unified Quantity

~ WIBI? ~ Who Is Behind It?

~ CTWBOUANMTDY? ~ Could The Website Be Operating Under A Name Meant To Deceive You?

~ WLTTWP? ~ Who Links To The Web Page?

~ P-RJ ~ Peer-Reviewed Journals

~ RA ~ Regulated Authority

~ SI ~ Supporting Information

~ B-IYLOF-SE-Y-NDPR-BY-ITCE-TMB-AL-OT-O-AL-B-YDK-B-YHL-‘C-P’-TDTSYH ~ But – If You’re Looking Only For – Supporting Evidence – You’re – Not Doing Proper Research – Because Your – Ignoring The Contradictory Evidence – There Might Be – A Little – Of This – Or – A Lot – But – You Don’t Know – Because – You Haven’t Looked – “Cherry-Picking” – The Data That Suit Your Hypothesis

~ SS-AUNR-LS-MARTSOTW-S-CT-TLOLN ~ Small Samples – Are Usually Not Representative – Larger Samples – More Accurately Reflect The State Of The World – Statisticians – Call This – The Law Of Large Numbers

~ B-WIEAYIAWSTI-W-W-TENCTEIW-P? ~ But – What If Everyone Around You Is Agreeing With Something That Is – Well – Wrong – The Exquisite New Clothes The Emperor Is Wearing – Perhaps?

~ C-MPTLLF-A-T-SCMOPHBTB ~ Counterknowledge – Misinformation Packaged To Look Like Fact – And – That – Some Critical Mass Of People Have Begun To Believe

~ IITAT-ICE-NEIE-B-NEWOOR ~ It’s Important To Accept That – In Complex Events – Not Everything Is Explainable – Because – Not Everything Was Observed Or Reported

~ AHOUADNDOUAW-ETTIBOTOPOE-Y-TAATATHOACT ~ A Handful Of Unexplained Anomalies Does Not Discredit Or Undermine A Well-Established Theory That Is Based On Thousands Of Pieces Of Evidence – Yet – These Anomalies Are Typically At The Heart Of All Conspiratorial Thinking

~ TPO-A-IN-D;TI-ABOSOCODNMS ~ The Plural Of – Anecdote – Is Not – Data; That Is – A Bunch Of Stories Or Casual Observations Do Not Make Science

~ MORCLUTIODEWCUTPO ~ Misunderstandings Of Risk Can Lead Us To Ignore Or Discount Evidence We Could Use To Protect Ourselves

~ PBA ~ Persuasion By Association

~ OIHB-TOETMRT-CFT ~ Our Imperfect Human Brains – Those Of Even The Most Rigorous Thinkers – Can Fool Themselves

~ IC-TBIAGPD-A-ISTEOASFWOATBRC ~ Illusory Correlation – The Brain Is A Giant Pattern Detector – And – It Seeks To Extract Order And Structure From What Often Appear To Be Random Configurations

~ FOP ~ Framing Of Probabilities

~ FR ~ Framing Risk

~ SWAPC ~ Start With A Plausibility Check

~ AOFOHCIT-OWFABOAAC-IVHFUTLG-EITFOO-WEASPTTC ~ An Odd Feature Of Human Cognition Is That – Once We Form A Belief Or Accept A Claim – It’s Very Hard For Us To Let Go – Even In The Face Of Over-Whelming Evidence And Scientific Proof To The Contrary

~ PH-EPH-‘B-THAT-TMHCT’ ~ Post Hoc – Ergo Propter Hoc – “Because – This Happened After That – That Must Have Caused This”

~ KWYDK ~ Knowing What You Don’t Know

~ WWRHY-A-CUAODAI-ATTYTYKBD ~ What Will Really Hurt You – And – Cause Untold Amounts Of Damage And Inconvenience – Are The Things You Think You Know But Don’t

~ ECLAT ~ Every Contact Leaves A Trace

~ AECOCTIKWWDK ~ An Essential Component Of Critical Thinking Is Knowing What We Don’t Know

~ A-A-SB-HEPDATW ~ An – Anti-Science Bias – Has Entered Public Discourse And The Web

~ W-NCA-CWTROMARWAOMFO-TRFVCFOEOU ~ With – No Central Authority – Charged With The Responsibility Of Monitoring And Regulating Websites And Other Material Found Online – The Responsibility For Verifying Claims Falls On Each Of Us

~ CT-INSYDOWAIATDI-IAAAOP ~ Critical Thinking – Is Not Something You Do Once With An Issue And Then Drop It – It’s An Active And Ongoing Process

~ WFBOKAMNOTWCTALNOTTMNBS ~ We’re Far Better Off Knowing A Moderate Number Of Things With Certainty Than A Large Number Of Things That Might Not Be So

~ TKSOL-HUTMCTIOHAST ~ True Knowledge Simplifies Our Lives – Helping Us To Make Choices That Increase Our Happiness And Save Time


~ TWWGM ~ The Way We Gather Matters

~ ID-TFTAIOOTFRGTEI-ICDIA-OOTFTTGITRTA ~ In Democracies – The Freedom To Assemble Is One Of The Foundational Rights Granted To Every Individual – In Countries Descending Into Authoritarianism – One Of The First Things To Go Is The Right To Assemble

~ WSPLG ~ We Spend Our Lives Gathering

~ II-TW-AGIG-TDWHIIAHSII ~ It Is – The Way – A Group Is Gathered – That Determines What Happens In It And How Successful It Is

~ DWYRG ~ Decide Why You’re Really Gathering

~ ACINAP ~ A Category Is Not A Purpose

~ R-TGEO-MG ~ Routine – That Great Enemy Of – Meaningful Gathering

~ CT-AGAS-S–TMFAPAGI-TMNIFIATMPIA-U-IAI-HITM-U-? ~ Commit To – A Gathering About Something – Specificity – The More Focused And Particular A Gathering Is – The More Narrowly It Frames Itself And The More Passion It Arouses – Uniqueness – Is Another Ingredient – How Is This Meeting – Unique – ?

~ Y-P-MF-T-W-T-T-W ~ Your – Purpose – Move From – The – What – To – The – Why

~ A-W-YDI-ETYGT-A-D-R-AWA-KAWUYH-A-BOV ~ Ask – Why – You’re Doing It – Every Time You Get To – Another – Deeper – Reason – Ask Why Again – Keep Asking Why Until You Hit – A – Belief Or Value

~ FOYDOBFTAM-A-IAPTMBCAWTNTBT-E-WAMIN ~ Figuring Out Your Desired Outcome Brings Focus To A Meeting – And – It Allows People To Make Better Choices About Whether They Need To Be There – Even – Whether A Meeting Is Necessary

~ YAPTCPMPR:T-MTETCHYW-YG-A-Y-TBABTE-IWYOPAAGSOTR ~ You Are Proposing To Consume People’s Most Precious Resource: Time – Making The Effort To Consider How You Want – Your Guests – And – Yourself – To Be Altered By The Experience – Is What You Owe People As A Good Steward Of That Resource

~ HAP-YW-FIETMATDTAGR ~ Having A Purpose – You Will – Find It Easier To Make All The Decisions That A Gathering Requires

~ PIYB ~ Purpose Is Your Bouncer

~ VECWBETMW-YKWYG ~ Virtually Every Choice Will Be Easier To Make When – You Know Why You’re Gathering

~ TP-DL ~ The Purpose-Driven List

~ IPIE-EPCBH ~ Inviting People Is Easy – Excluding People Can Be Hard

~ S-W-O-I-B-WDWTDWTCOECP-ETGAMAS ~ Sometimes – We – Over-Include – Because – We Don’t Want To Deal With The Consequences Of Excluding Certain People – Especially Those Gifted At Making A Stink

~ AVOAN ~ A Venue Is A Nudge

~ TCOPIOMAT-ECBP-TC-D-TV-O-C-O-T ~ The Choice Of Place Is Often Made According To – Every Consideration But Purpose – The Cost – Determines – The Venue – Or – Convenience – Or – Traffic

~ WYCAVF-LR-YALTLO-YP-WIFTSBWFI ~ When You Choose A Venue For – Logistical Reasons – You Are Letting Those Logistics Override – Your Purpose – When In Fact They Should Be Working For It

~ E-SAST-E-TRFYC-WALI ~ Embodiment – Seek A Setting That – Embodies – The Reason For Your Convening – When A Location Inspires

~ WMHDRIT-TCOVIOOYMPLOYGB ~ What Many Hosts Don’t Realize Is That – The Choice Of Venue Is One Of Your Most Powerful Levers Over Your Guests’ Behavior

~ PAABTE-A-YSHYGIAPACTSYP ~ People Are Affected By Their Environment – And – You Should Host Your Gathering In A Place And Context That Serves Your Purpose

~ A-CS-FAGAPTR-A-IHCT-AW-TAGC-AIB-A ~ A – Contained Space – For A Gathering Allows People To Relax – And – It Helps Create The – Alternative World – That A Gathering Can – At Its Best – Achieve

~ DBACH-‘C’-ISDAK ~ Don’t Be A Chill Host – “Chill” – Is Selfishness Disguised As Kindness

~ AIAOC-IIE-JT-SAP-D-A-GR-ATTRE-A-IYDEF-OWSIAETO-P-D-A-GR ~ Authority Is An Ongoing Commitment – It Isn’t Enough – Just To – Set A Purpose – Direction – And – Ground Rules – All These Things Require Enforcement – And – If You Don’t Enforce Them – Others Will Step In And Enforce Their Own – Purposes – Directions – And – Ground Rules


~ Generous Authenticity – Is Not A Pose – It’s Not The Appearance Of Power – It Is Using Power To Achieve Outcomes That Are Generous – That Are For Others – The Authority Is Justified By The Generosity

~ PYG ~ Protect Your Guests

~ TF-A-P-MIUOYA-I-TPOYG-FOA-FB-O-FTATTLIOP-VA ~ The First – And – Perhaps – Most Important Use Of Your Authority – Is – The Protection Of Your Guests – From One Another – From Boredom – Or – From The Additive Technologies That Lurk In Our Pockets – Vibrating Away

~ BBH-IYJAH-K-G-B-F-TWIO ~ Bad Behavior Happens – It’s Your Job As A Host – Kindly – Graciously – But – Firmly – To Ward It Off

~ PYG-I-IS-AETRTAGCEAARTRTE-A-IG-B-YDIFYG-ST-TDHT ~ Protecting Your Guests – Is – In Short – About Elevating The Right To A Great Collective Experience Above Anyone’s Right To Ruin That Experience – And – It’s Generous – Because – You’re Doing It For Your Guests – So That – They Don’t Have To

~ EYG ~ Equalize Your Guests

~ THMLTSTUAITOWFLC-IIITOWKHEWPOTWOMTGP ~ The Host Most Likely To Succumb To Ungenerous Authority Is The One Who Fears Losing Control – It Is In The Obsession With Knowing How Events Will Play Out That We Often Make Them Go Poorly

~ R-CCA-I-T-W-TIAMPTYEG-B-ERT-TRAT-AIT-WTOT ~ Rules – Can Create An – Imaginary – Transient – World – That Is Actually More Playful Than Your Everyday Gathering – Because – Everyone Realizes That – The Rules Are Temporary – And Is Therefore – Willing To Obey Them

~ S-AR-IUWAGWPTCIAWTNSNWD ~ Sometimes – A Rule – Is Useful When A Gatherer Wants People To Connect In A Way That Normal Social Norms Would Discourage

~ NSAFWL ~ Never Start A Funeral With Logistics

~ P-BYES-IHB-T-P-SSIGASBYWTBRATO ~ Priming – Before Your Event Starts – It Has Begun – The – Pregame – Should Sow In Guests Any Special Behaviors You Want To Blossom Right At The Outset

~ AGTCTAGAOTCTPOI ~ Asking Guest To Contribute To A Gathering Ahead Of Time Changes Their Perception Of It

~ AW-P-IIOT-CAD-T-UAAAGSCRT ~ As With – Purpose – It Is Often Through – Conflict And Disgruntlement – That – Underlying Assumptions About A Gathering’s Social Contract Reveal Themselves


~ Naming As Priming – To – Name A Gathering – Affects The Way People Perceive It – The Name Signals What The Purpose Of The Event Is – And – It Also Prepares People For Their Role And Level Of Expected Participation

~ TIIJTB-TAMCATWTROTYGACTP ~ The Invitation Is Just The Beginning – There Are Many Chances Along The Way To Reach Out To Your Guests And Continue The Priming

~ TAMTWYC-CAT-AP-B-YAYGCTSLT-APTTOTPRACPAAI-TFTBTGAATO ~ There Are Many Tiny Ways You Can – Create A Threshold – A Pause – Before – You And Your Guests Cross The Starting Line Together – A Passageway That Tunes Out The Prior Reality And Captures Peoples’ Attention And Imagination – The Final Transition Between The Guests’ Arrival And The Opening

~ HAAYG ~ Honor And Awe Your Guests

~ Y-O-NTBAKO-PST-IS-GP-IMPITTPFOBTWADGTBT-TTE-WTO-TVRTYFMTBAGOHBT-TTMYGPFITFM ~ Your – Opening – Needs To Be A Kind Of – Pleasant Shock Therapy – It Should – Grab People – It Must Plant In Them The Paradoxical Feeling Of Being Totally Welcomed And Deeply Grateful To Be There – Try To Embody – With That Opening – The Very Reason That You Felt Moved To Bring A Group Of Human Beings Together – Try To Make Your Gathering’s Purpose Felt In Those First Moments

~ CGC ~ Cause Good Controversy

~ LO-C-AA-MOPAMF-EW-IACWTCTFAIYWYGTTWT-RYP-RPOWWINEWIITFP ~ Like Openings – Closings – Are A – Moment Of Power And Memory Formation – Ending Well – Is A Crucial Way To Cement The Feelings And Ideas You Want Your Guests To Take With Them – Recall Your Purpose – Remind People Of Why What Is Now Ending Was Initiated In The First Place


~ AT-BAOTVOU-TJPO-BW ~ And Then – Beyond All Of These Varieties Of Untruth – There’s Just Plain Old – Being Wrong

~ TH-WWBFWTCBWTAWAGS-WTTGFTGS ~ Throughout History – When We’ve Been Faced With The Choice Between What’s True And What’s A Good Story – We Tend To Go For The Good Story

~ IWAJ-THJ-GABOOH ~ It Was A Joke – That Had Just – Got A Bit Out Of Hand

~ ITOTHKHTDW-IPFNGR ~ If There’s One Thing Humans Know How To Do Well – Its Panic For No Good Reason

~ SF-A-AJSGTWCATTNBT ~ Some Facts – Apparently – Are Just So Good That We Can’t Allow Them To Not Be True

~ HILWPWCTHUVOTTTND ~ History Is Littered With People Who Claimed To Have Undertaken Voyages Or Treks That They Never Did

~ TDDTBTFAHSP ~ This Desperate Desire To Believe The Fantasy Also Had Staying Power

~ APBFL ~ A Perfect Bullshit Feedback Loop

~ IYLWYICOAC-IRFM ~ If You Lie When You’re In Charge Of A Country – It Really Fucking Matters

~ A-WOLL-S-R-R-R-LNOPD ~ Also – When Our Leaders Lie – Sometimes – Really – Really – Really – Large Numbers Of People Die

~ ITATWTDOOLTCIIO-IWSWTGTW ~ If There’s A Time When The Dishonesty Of Our Leaders Truly Comes Into Its Own – It’s When Somebody Wants To Go To War

~ FG ~ Full Gatsby

~ OOOMCMAHIHMWOTROE-A-OBT-‘ME’-E-‘MRE-W’-I-TPIM-NNTC ~ One Of Our Most Consistent Mistakes As Humans Is How Much We Overrate The Reliability Of Eyewitnesses – And – Our Belief That – “More Eyewitnesses” – Equals – “More Reliable Eye-Witnesses” – Is – To Put It Mildly – Not Necessarily The Case

~ I-ME-TFOWSP(AOPTIT)WC ~ In – Medieval Europe – The Fear Of Witches Stealing Penises (And Occasionally Putting Them In Trees) Was Common

~ U-IMWCDTAFFPTHH:WPWTM-BCOTWAATFOLII-WQLTBAT-POFAAGOP=WANU-AS-‘TF’-A-IWDDIO-TNBSEWSTBFTUWTB ~ Ultimately – It Might Well Come Down To A Fairly Fundamental Problem That Humans Have: When Presented With The Mind-Bogging Complexity Of The World And All The Frustrations Of Living In It – We Quite Like To Be Able To – Point Our Fingers At A Group Of People – Who Are Not Us – And Say – “Their Fault!” – And – If We Don’t Do It Ourselves – There’ll Normally Be Somebody Else Who Stands To Benefit From Telling Us Who To Blame

~ WDLOMITP-TBWUESOTW ~ We Didn’t Leave Our Monsters In The Past – They’ve Been With Us Every Step Of The Way

~ TATF ~ Toward A Truthier Future

~ WANT-CO-AOU-NMHCWTWATTT-CEFI-TET-A-FOLTL-AYIIPTYPB-A-WYAIASAYM ~ We Also Need To – Check Ourselves – Any Of Us – No Matter How Committed We Think We Are To The Truth – Can Easily Fall Into – The Ego Trap – And – Find Ourselves Liking The Lie – Ask Yourself If It’s Playing To Your Personal Biases – And – Whether You’re Approaching It As Skeptically As You Might

~ EMM-A-WNTGBACTOUWAOTAT ~ Everybody Makes Mistakes – And – We Need To Get Better At Celebrating Those Of Us Who Are Open To Admitting Them

~ TGWATIO-‘FN’-IAT-PBFN-IT-TSBRN ~ The Greatest Worry About The Idea Of – “Fake News” – Isn’t Actually That – People Believe False News – It’s That – They Stop Believing Real News


~ TEB-WRDOCTTOSOIAI ~ The Effort Barrier – When Relative Difficulty Of Checking The Truth Of Something Outweighs Its Apparent Importance

~ IV-WTIGIOS-CIWAFITFTV-A-ALOTT-IRTB-EWBIFSU ~ Information Vacuums ~ When There Isn’t Good Information On Something – Crappy Information Will Always Flood In To Fill The Void – And – A Lot Of The Time – It Refuses To Budge – Even When Better Information Finally Shows Up

~ TBSFL-TCGR-PSAWTSTATDF ~ The BullShit Feedback Loop – The Claim Gets Repeated – People Start Adjusting What They Say To Accommodate The Dodgy Facts

~ WITBT-TAAWHOTOBDTMUPBASOTDBTAN-T-WWWTBS-WOWONIATCPFDOBLOP ~ Wanting It To Be True – There Are A Whole Host Of Things Our Brains Do That Make Us Particularly Bad At Sniffing Out The Difference Between Truth And Not-Truth – When We Want To Believe Something – Working Out Whether Or Not It’s Actually True Comes Pretty Far Down Our Brain’s List Of Priorities

~ TET-WRDNLTATWW-OBDLDI-A-TAAWHOCGTPUAFEATWMHFU ~ The Ego Trap – We Really Do Not Like To Admit That We’re Wrong – Our Brains Don’t Like Doing It – And – There Are A Whole Host Of Cognitive Biases That Push Us Away From Even Acknowledging That We Might Have Fucked Up

~ JNC-WMTIJNIWSTOF(EIWLTL) ~ Just Not Caring – We Might Think It’s Just Not Important Whether Something’s True Or False (Especially If We Like The Lie)

~ LOI-OOTSATUHI-QS-WDUATMASWTICM ~ Lack Of Imagination – One Of The Strongest Advantages That Untruth Has Is – Quite Simply – We Don’t Understand All The Myriad And Surprising Ways That It Can Manifest


~ TMOYII-TLGAOPWBATGY ~ The More Original Your Ideas Is – The Less Good Advice Other People Will Be Able To Give You

~ YDKIYIIAGTMIC-NDAE-TMYCHFIASGFTII ~ You Don’t Know If Your Idea Is Any Good The Moment Its Created – Neither Does Anyone Else – The Most You Can Hope For Is A Strong Gut Feeling That It Is

~ ABIWCY ~ A Big Idea Will Change You

~ YFMLY-B-TMNWYTC ~ Your Friends May Love You – But – They May Not Want You To Change

~ GIATPBIR-TIWGIAAIR ~ Good Ideas Alter The Power Balance In Relationships – That Is Why Good Ideas Are Always Initially Resisted

~ TIDHTB-B-IJHTB-Y ~ The Idea Doesn’t Have To Be – Big – It Just Has To Be – Yours

~ TSYHOYWWIFMPTTACEW ~ The Sovereignty You Have Over Your Work Will Inspire Far More People Than The Actual Content Ever Will

~ TMTIIYA-TMFYHTDSRA ~ The More The Idea Is Yours Alone – The More Freedom You Have To Do Something Really Amazing

~ PTHI ~ Put The Hours In

~ TWIFO-HT-NS-F-M~ The World Is Full Of – Highly Talented – Network-Savy – Failed – Mediocrities

~ FTEHOTITDTBTNE-A-MIP-PTHI-DIFLE-A-M-L-T-T-H-E ~ Find That Extra Hour Or Two In The Day That Belongs To Nobody Else – And – Make It Productive – Put The Hours In – Do It For Long Enough – And – Magical – Life-Transforming – Things – Happen – Eventually

~ TBTI-TM-‘OT’-IIWSTOP-EPYLAR-STBATITBWYHT-PO-A-WOTTSYPN ~ The Better The Idea – The More – “Out There” – It Initially Will Seem To Other People – Even People You Like And Respect – So There’ll Be A Time In The Beginning When You Have To – Press On – Alone – Without One Tenth The Support You Probably Need

~ IY-BP-DOSB-“D”-B-SBS-YPWPF ~ If Your – Business Plan – Depends On Suddenly Being – “Discovered” – By – Some Big Shot – Your Plan Will Probably Fail

~ NCTYIWYDI-G-M-O-W-TMCTP-TMLII ~ Nobody Can Tell You If What You’re Doing Is – Good – Meaningful – Or – Worthwhile – The More Compelling The Path – The More Lonely It Is

~ TS&CT-TCPBHTKOJ-OI-T-S-C-K-SI-TKTPTB-S-TTAHCBB-BNO ~ The Sex & Cash Theory – The Creative Person Basically Has Two Kinds Of Jobs – One Is – The – Sexy – Creative – Kind – Second Is – The Kind That Pays The Bills – Sometimes – The Task At Hand Covers Both Bases – But Not Often

~ YPFGYWOTHTBAOATAW ~ Your Plan For Getting Your Work Out There Has To Be As Original As The Actual Work

~ AEBMAW-FANO ~ All Existing Business Models Are Wrong – Find A New One

~ EIYDEUPIO-YL-M-I-M-V-T-INDI-WYKFWYHTO-THFMTAF ~ Even If You Don’t End Up Pulling It Off – You’ll Learn – Many – Incredible – Magical – Valuable – Things – It’s Not Doing It – When You Know Full Well You Had The Opportunity – That Hurts Far More Than Any Failure

~ TMYPYC-TLYCWRWSR-A-VV-EIYPNMAMOFYC-TSWAT ~ The More You Practice Your Craft – The Less You Confuse Worldly Rewards With Spiritual Rewards – And – Vice Versa – Even If Your Path Never Makes Any Money Or Furthers Your Career – That’s Still Worth A Ton

~ MCBB-PC ~ Merit Can Be Bought – Passion Can’t

~ EMGSIAIGW ~ Every Medium’s Greatest Strength Is Also Its Greatest Weakness

~ IHTSOINHBI ~ It’s Hard To Sell Out If Nobody Has Bought In

~ NC-DIFY ~ Nobody Cares – Do It For Yourself

~ YHTFYOS ~ You Have To Find Your Own Shtick

~ TBWTGAINTNI ~ The Best Way To Get Approval Is Not To Need It

~ PING-PIT ~ Power Is Never Given – Power Is Taken

~ ACBAI-AC-THPLSITM-TI-BH ~ Anyone Can Be An Idealist – A Cynic – The Hard Part Lies Somewhere In The Middle – That Is – Being Human

~ THPOBCIGUTI ~ The Hardest Part Of Being Creative Is Getting Used To It

~ POBCILHTPYF-TITFFA ~ Part Of Being Creative Is Learning How To Protect Your Freedom – That Includes – The Freedom From Avarice

~ SOWIL ~ Savior Obscurity While It Lasts

~ MS-PD ~ Meaning Scales – People Don’t

~ WYDBR-TANL-YD ~ When Your Dreams Become Reality – They Are No Longer – Your Dreams

~ NOTIRS ~ None Of This Is Rocket Science


~ TPOW ~ The Power Of Why

~ IISTYT ~ Innovation Is Simpler Than You Think

~ O-I-SMMIITSTAE-A-FTABBAAAIOAOTFAFA-OPOD-S-EN ~ Often – Innovation – Simply Means Making Incremental Improvements To Something That Already Exists – And – Frequently That’s Accomplished By Borrowing And Adapting An Idea Or Approach Or Technology From Another Field Altogether – Old Plus Old Does – Sometimes – Equal New

~ SITF-UQ-O-TOAT-TIGTYTG-CR-JSATFPRIHALOUGSAFOUTSP ~ Sometimes It’s The Follow-Up Question – Or – The One After That – That Is Going To Yield The Game-Changing Revelation – Just Stopping At The First Plausible Response Is How A Lot Of Us Get Struck And Find Ourselves Unable To Solve Problems

~ TRTGTQOWALOAAIAWWCWUODARTWTI-TWLOW-TWR-TWL-E ~ The Rush To Get The Questions Over With And Land On An Answer Is Also Why We Can Wake Up One Day And Realize That We’re Trapped In – The Wrong Line Of Work – The Wrong Relationships – The Wrong Lives – Even

~ INTWCS-ITWFH ~ It’s Not That We Can’t – It’s That We’ve Forgotten How

~ CIDLTS-HYMI ~ Curiosity Is Directly Linked To Success – However You Measure It

~ O-IHNPE-TSHALOQ ~ Oftentimes – Innovators Have No Particular Expertise – They Simply Have A Lot Of Questions

~ WONSR-‘W?’-TWCD ~ Whether Or Not Schools Reward – “Why?” – The World Certainly Does

~ QTU ~ Question The Unquestionable

~ YHTATKOQAT-YOWA ~ You Have To Ask The Kinds Of Questions A Three-Year-Old Would Ask

~ C-I-IMW-IOR ~ Curiosity – Is – In Many Ways – Its Own Reward

~ SQB ~ Status Quo Bias

~ TKAO-M-FOQ-A-TAAWAM ~ The Keys Are Open-Mindedness – Focusing On Questions – And – Tolerating Ambiguity As Well As Mistakes

~ DCTTPAIFP-O-AYFPI-IITAP-IYD-A-YGIW-TSYP-MABW ~ Don’t Conclude That The Problem As It’s First Presented – Or – As You First Perceive It – Is Indeed The Actual Problem – If You Do – And – You’ve Got It Wrong – The Solution You Produce – May Also Be Wrong

~ ATRQIOTFTRP-A-TNE-B-‘WATTFS’-HIFTRP-‘IVPFP’ ~ Ask The Right Questions In Order To Find The Real Problems – And – That’s Not Easy – Because – “We Are Trained To Find Solutions” – Hunting Instead For The Right Problems – “Is Very Painful For People”

~ CITCOABS ~ Curiosity Is The Cornerstone Of All Business Strategy

~ IYDKWYGA-IHTKHOWTBTTMYEV-O-HTTAONO ~ If You Don’t Know What You’re Good At – It’s Hard To Know How Or Where To Begin Trying To Make Yourself Even Better – Or – How To Take Advantage Of New Opportunities

~ YKYHITRD-I-YFCAEEWFDPAC ~ You Know You’re Headed In The Right Direction – If – You Feel Curious And Engage Even When Facing Difficult Problems And Challenges

~ FOF-IOOTBITONDTMTBATI ~ Fear Of Failing – Is One Of The Biggest Impediments To Our Natural Desire To Make Things Better And To Innovate

~ OWTCPHBIIAISP ~ Only When The Correct Problem Has Been Identified Is An Innovative Solution Possible

~YHTCOTSETFOHTDSN-B-FABAYLTWUISKOT ~ You Have To Copy Others To Some Extent To Figure Out How To Do Something New – But – Follow Along Blindly And You’re Likely To Wind Up In Some Kind Of Trouble

~ BPTCC-F ~ Be Prepared To Change Course – Frequently

~ ALOPJ-D-OP-W-DTHWOTDASP-U-TKSWL ~ A Lot Of People Just – Don’t – Or Perhaps – Won’t – Do The Hard Work Of Thinking Deeply About Solving Problems – Until – They Know Someone Will Listen

~ PSTTBRWMAMIP ~ Problem Solvers Tend To Be Rewarded With More And More Interesting Projects

~ TSTG-TMPIWB-EIIIPWQDAOE ~ The Smaller The Group – The More Productive It Will Be – Especially If It Includes People With Quite Different Areas Of Expertise

~ ATIE-IYRWBTW-YHTIEMS-NL ~ According To Innovation Experts – If You Really Want Brainstorming To Work – You Have To Introduce Even More Structure – Not Less

~ TTCUW-TWPA-TTFTOTTP ~ Try To Come Up With – The Worst Possible Answers – Try To Flip Them Over To The Positive

~ BSBDPAIIDETIM-E ~ Being Surrounded By Different Perspectives And Immersed In Different Experiences Truly Is Mind-Expanding

~ DAOTTWYO ~ Don’t Assume Others Think The Way You Do

~ IMMIRTOINTOWOT ~ Intellectual Maturity Might Involve Realizing That Ours Is Not The Only Way Of Thinking

~ ISH ~ Insert Stereotype Here

~ IILABTACC ~ Innovation Is Like A Bug That Anyone Can Catch – But – You Have To Want To Catch It


~ WANHFW ~ We Are Not Hardwired For War

~ WCEWIWWACTEI ~ We Can End War If We Want And Choose To End It

~ WWSBTWCEW-WAWOOW ~ When We Start Believing That We Can End War – We’re Already Well On Our Way

~ WHNSC-NEC-NDIHASS ~ War Has No Single Cause – Not Even Close – Nor Does It Have A Single Solution

~ TMOTDM ~ The Myth Of The Demonic Male

~ WRO ~ War’s Recent Origin

~ WMABSL-IIACTIIAT-SMSTTFJIENB ~ What Makes A Belief System Lethal – Is Its Adherents’ Conviction That It Is Absolutely True – So Much So That They Feel Justified In Eliminating Non-Believers

~ YCBIAOAFBA ~ You Can’t Blame It All On A Few Bad Apples

~ TEMOW ~ The Essential Mystery Of War

~ WHBBOADAOF-B-WASDTYCFETSOCAAT ~ War Has Been Blamed On A Dizzying Array Of Factors – But – Wars Are So Diverse That You Can Find Evidence To Support Or Contradict Almost Any Theory

~ IWACC?-Y ~ Is War A Cultural Contagion? – Yes

~ OB-WOP-AESSVFPA ~ Once Begun – War Often Persists – As Each Side Seeks Vengeance For Past Attacks

~ WCBAEII-PWPASB-F-S/L/C ~ War Can Become An End In Itself – Pursued Well Past Any Sensible Benefits – For – States / Leaders / Citizens

~ WA-IEI-HDI-NW-WTNOTCBAALOE ~ War’s Absurdity – Is Embodied In – Humanity’s Deadliest Invention – Nuclear Weapons – Which Threaten Not Only Their Creators But Also All Life On Earth

~ OAFMOO-I-G-W-F/T/V/N/R/R-STI-HT-‘O’ ~ Our Affection For Members Of Our – In-Group – Whether – Family / Troop / Village / Nation / Race / Religion – Sometimes Translates Into – Hostility Toward – “Others”

~ LOAHS-CETSD-B-UOCTTDTTDBTSBDBTL ~ Leaders Of A Hierarchical Society – Can Exploit Their Subject’s Docility – By – Urging Or Coercing Them To Do Things That Don’t Benefit The Subjects But Do Benefit The Leaders

~ HR-A-A-WSPI-‘U’A’T’-TWAPOOGAHDOOE-V-TWAN ~ How Readily – And – Arbitrarily – We Separate People Into – “Us” And “Them” – Those Who Are Part Of Our Group And Hence Deserving Of Our Empathy – Versus – Those Who Are Not

~ UW ~ Uninventing War

~ UTSOPCN ~ Under The Spell Of Pathological Cultural Norms

~ WHTWTEW-WNOTW ~ We Have The Ways To End War – We Need Only The Will

~ FMPATW-W-P-NJ-M-E-A-PP-BA-EP ~ For Many People Around The World – War – Provides – Not Just – Meaning – Excitement – And – Political Power – But Also – Enormous Profits

~ WDNTRWWA ~ We Don’t Need To Replace War With Anything

~ IWWPBE-WCHI-NMWKOSWLI ~ If We Want Peace Badly Enough – We Can Have It – No Matter What Kind Of Society We Live In

~ TINSWTP-B-PITWTSMOP ~ There Is No Single Way To Peace – But – Peace Is The Way To Solve Many Other Problems

~ IS-WDNTI-BN-I-FKTP-WNJTITOWH ~ In Short – We Don’t Need To Invent – Brand New – Institutions For Keeping The Peace – We Just Need To Improve The Ones We Have

~ TKTAPIASVW-I-RFAF ~ The Key To Achieving Peace In A Still Violent World – Is – Resisting Fear And Fatalism

~ EWAETTOWBNWTTWICW ~ Ending War And Even The Threat Of War Between Nations Will Transform The World In Countless Ways