~ TPO-UE-B-HN-A-WI-PFAIMS ~ The Principles Of – Unrestricted Egotism – Breeds – Hysterical Nationalism – And – Which Is – Preparing For An Insane Mass Slaughter

B-IDHAE-ITIILBTOWTI-IIIPBTT-ITIAITF ~ But – Ideas Do Have An Effect – If The Idea Is Lived By The One Who Teaches It – If It Is Personified By The Teacher – If The Idea Appears In The Flesh

~ TW-AI-A-NNNO-A-ATST-LT-WMC-P ~ Those Who – Announce Ideas – And – Not Necessarily New Ones – And – At The Same Time – Live Them – We May Call – Prophets

TLWTP ~ They Lived What They Preached

OT-FO-HTATB-P ~ Only The – False Ones – Have The Ambition To Become – Prophets

~ T-P-LTI-T-P-AT-TTPWAATTI ~ The – Prophets – Live Their Ideas – The – Priests – Administer Them – To The People Who Are Attached To The Idea

~ TEOTEHRITBTMOPNW ~ The Existence Of The Entire Human Race Is Threatened By The Madness Of Preparing Nuclear War

~ W-TLOTC-C-TLOH-C-TLOH ~ When – The Laws Of The Country – Contradict – The Laws Of Humanity – Choose – The Laws Of Humanity

~ W-MP-F-‘G’-TAAF-A-B-THB-D ~ When – Most People – Feel – “Guilty” – They Are Actually Feeling – Afraid – Because – They Have Been – Disobedient

~ WCDT-‘R’?-WCDT-C-B-WC-D-W-NEAO-O? ~ Who Can Disobey The – “Reasonable”? – Who Can Disobey The – Computer-Bureaucracy? – Who Can – Disobey – When – Not Even Aware Of – Obeying?

~ MC: TWJ/EWI/CWB ~ Many Confuse: Thrill With Joy / Excitement With Interest / Consuming With Being


~ TGM-V-TLE ~ The Global Market – Versus – The Life Economy

~ WGATGOC-IEA-NC-O-A-AHA ~ What Goes Against The Grain Of Conditioning – Is Experienced As – Not Credible – Or – As – A Hostile Act

~ WB? ~ Who Benefits?

~ ASO-MA-IEDIFCGWWDNB ~ A Structure Of – Mindless Absolutism – Is Easily Detectable In Fanatical Cults To Which We Do Not Belong

~ ED ~ Economic Determinism

~ TCOFIRBTEROCASAFVOWTCT ~ The Closure Of Fanaticism Is Revealed By – Repetition Of Certitudes – And – Simultaneous Abolition From View Of Whatever Truth Contradicts Them

~ S-SFF-W-TIROT ~ Slogans – Substitute For Fact – Without – The Inhibiting Reflection Of Thought

~ UIIPAF ~ Universal Insecurity Is Proclaimed As Freedom

~ FINCOS-R ~ Fanaticism Is Not Capable Of Self-Recognition

~ WO-URBF-PCATFI-I-MAPFE-AAMOCDF ~ Whatever Obstructs – Universal Rule By For-Profit Corporations And Transnational Financial Institutions – Is – Marked And Pursued For Extinction – As A Matter Of Consistent Documentable Fact

~ ITE-TETOTM-I-TSOIAWO ~ In The End – The Economic Theology Of The Market – Is – The Soul Of Its Absolutist World Order

~ WOTPHBPLAO-WVG ~ War On The Poor Has Been Packaged Like A One-Way Video Game

~ SO-SD-F-SLD-I-TOMOTGCS ~ Severance Of – Strategic Decision – From – Systematic Life Devastation – Is – The Organising Meaning Of The Global Corporate System

~ F-T-OI-FO ~ Free Trade – Oligopolist Intra-Firm Operations

~ G-TC ~ Globalisation – Transnational Corporatisation

~ D-SOELS ~ Development – Stripping Of Evolved Life Systems

~ SMRTTCAN-OE ~ Still More Rights To Transnational Corporations And No-One Else

~ TRTKAMPPTPRPP ~ The Right To Kill And Maim Poor People To Protect Rich People’s Property

~ TPW-MF-TDTOOT-IT-IIDFSLC ~ The Problem With – Market Fundamentalism – The Dominant Theology Of Our Time – Is That – It Is Decoupled From Society’s Life Conditions

~ FOPBF ~ Fear Of People Being Free

~ US-CRATMM-CMUPBA ~ Upbeat Slogans – Ceaselessly Repeated Across The Mass Media – Can Make Unthinking People Believe Anything

~ TBL-DNS-SLAIINO ~ The Big Lie – Does Not Stop – So Long As It Is Not Opposed

~ BL-GBATAITT-A-OBL-BOTN-RTCFAATOL ~ Big Lies – Grow Bigger As They Are Instituted Through Time – And – One Big Lie – Builds Onto The Next – Restructuring The Cultural Fabric As A Tissue Of Lies

~ WPE-WWOABFBBRAAAOET ~ Without Public Exposure – What Was Once A Breathtaking Falsehood Becomes By Repetition An Accepted Assumption Of Everyday Thought

~ EIIAS-I-TIAN-AS ~ Every Issue Is Already Settled – In – The Inevitable And No-Alternative System

~ TCOTM ~ The Cult Of Technological Miracles

~ TPVTG-NOPATCO-IAPTCFPBAFI-TAEUPCIDTTPBTPTVC-A-CP-WTBH-IE-SFTSAOGBPN-TSOPPHBS-A-PBTIBDTGCACCAA-‘IITE’-A-HPCO-‘I’ ~ The Public Via Their Governments – Not Only Pay All The Costs Of – Instituting And Protecting The Currency For Private Banks And Financial Institutions – They Also End Up Paying Compounding Interest Debts To These Private Banks To Provide The Very Currency-And-Credit Powers – Which These Banks Have – In Effect – Stolen From The Sovereign Authority Of Governments Beneath Public Notice – The Surrender Of Public Power Has Been Silent – And – Pushed By The Incoherent Banker Dogma That Government Currency And Credit Creation Are An – “interference In The Economy” – And – Have Perilous Consequences Of – “Inflation”

~ LMTYDHTO-A-CCIOWYDHTLIOO-SAWODTSTADOSF-WBAMCCFAOAITM-B-PBCSCCPBPTM ~ Loaning Money That You Don’t Have To Others – And – Collecting Compounded Interest On What You Don’t Have To Lend In Organised Off-Set Arrangements With Others Doing The Same To Avoid Detection Of Short Funds – Would Be A Major Criminal Conspiracy For All Other Agents In The Market – But – Private Banks Control Society’s Currency Creation Powers By Precisely This Method

~ IINCHALT-100%-CR-F-PLMFP-IRFAMS-LTOBSOHOHBEWFIINARTOCDIACOLPR ~ It Is Not Clear How Any Less Than – 100 Per Cent – Cash Reserve – For – Privately Loaned Money For Profit – Is Reasonable From A Market Standpoint – Lending To Others Beyond Savings One Has Or Has Been Entrusted With For Investment Is Not A Right That One Can Discover In Any Constitution Or Legal Property Right

~ TINFIHTRA-TMEBPBOTPPOMCAD ~ There Is No Fraud In History That Remotely Approaches – The Monopoly Expropriation By Private Banks Of The Public Power Of Money Creation And Dissolution

~ T-MP-BW-GTIIR-I-T-MTFWL-A-T-MTFMC ~ The – Master Principle – By Which – Government Taxation Is Increasingly Ruled – Is – To – Maximise Taxation For Working Lives – And – To – Minimise Taxation For Money Capital

~ ROAWPBCAACOTSOTP-ITSMTHT-I-A-AGPWFF-LES-II-IF-AROASC-ICUTW-A-RWM ~ Recycling Of All Waste Produced By Corporations As A Condition Of The Sale Of Their Products – In The Society’s Market That Hosts Them – Is – Again – A Generalisable Principle Which Follows From – Life Economy Standards – It Is – In Fact – A Requirement Of Any Sustainable Civilization – It Cleans Up The Waste – And – Recovers Wasted Materials

~ N-FM-HEEOCEW-CGRASR-T-I/C/P-PR-T-GIMOE-AT-PISIASOA-P/A/P ~ No – Free Market – Has Ever Existed Or Can Exist Without – Continuous Government Regulation And Subsidising Resources – To – Institute / Codify / Protect – Property Relations – To – Guarantee Its Medium Of Exchange – And To – Provide Its Social Infrastructure And Security Of Agents – Police / Armies / Prisons

~ TRWIBH-B-S-OSAMMT-R ~ The Reality Wall Is Being Hit – But – Still – Only Slogans And Magical Market Thinking – Rule

~ ST-TFS-ISRF-OSDAA-WDCEAITATER-ATINA-A-L-A-DPFTW ~ Since The – Transnational Financial System – Is Systematically Responsible For – One Structural Disaster After Another – With Deepening Catastrophic Effects And Incapacity To Adapt To Economic Reality – A Turnaround Is Needed As – A – Life-And-Death Priority For The World

~ ‘OD’-A-TPO-NS-I-JTLRODCUOOATWOTCOTPI ~ “Odious Debt” – And – The Principles Of – National Sovereignty – Itself – Justify The Legitimate Repudiation Of Debt Contracted Under Oppression Or Against The Will Or The Consent Of The People Indebted

~ IFI-WNABT-TDBI-S-TEOMAVTATS-WNCTANPFOAPFAA ~ International Financial Instrument – With No Accountability Beyond Themselves – Their Defining Behaviour Is – Short-Term Exploitation Of Margins And Vulnerable Takeover Assets To Strip – With No Commitment To Any New Productive Function Or Any Productive Function At All

~ FCTR-WDT-L-PR-MBTSMICAOA-‘IR-BE’-W-OWS-ATPO-IT-TCBNDO-CEC ~ Few Still Connected To Reality – Would Disagree That – Life-Protective Regulation – May Be The Single Most Important Constructive Achievement Of Any – “International Rules-Based Economy” – Without – Obligatory World Standards – As The Priority Of – International Trade – There Can Be No Doubt Of – Cumulative Ecological Catastrophe

~ IR-TFC-T-TCM-P-I-NB-TDOATO-A-PLONO-DMS-A-NRC ~ In Reality – The Free Competition – That – The Classical Market – Prescribes – Is – Nullified By – The Dominance Of A Transnational Oligopoly – Against – Prior Laws Of National Ownership – Domestic Market Share – And – Natural Resource Control

~ LS-I-LE ~ Life Standards – In – Life Economy

~ TPO-OTTP-IRF-RFTF-IA-GP ~ The Principle Of – Obligation To The Public – In Return For – Rights From The Public – Is A – Generalisable Principle


~ EI-NC-O-SNINPD ~ Exceptional Intelligence – Noble Character – Originality – Seem Neither Indispensable Nor Perhaps Desirable

~ AAJID ~ Audacity And Joy In Defiance

~ AIW ~ An Iron Will

~ AFC-O-TOAOT ~ A Fanatical Conviction – Of – The One And Only Truth

~ FI-DAL ~ Faith In – Destiny And Luck

~ ACFPH ~ A Capacity For Passionate Hatred

~ CFTP ~ Contempt For The Present

~ ACEOHN ~ A Cunning Estimate Of Human Nature

~ ADIS(SAC) ~ A Delight In Symbols (Spectacles And Ceremonials)

~ UB-WFEI-ADOCAF ~ Unbounded Brazenness – Which Finds Expression In – A Disregard Of Consistency And Fairness

~ ARTTICOAFIFC-A-TTCNBTMOI ~ A Recognition That The Innermost Craving Of A Following Is For Communion – And – That There Can Never Be Too Much Of It

~ ACFWAHTULOAGOAL ~ A Capacity For Winning And Holding The Utmost Loyalty Of A Group Of Able Lieutenants



~ MMCRASWBIAG-B-NWBIAD-UTSOAMMIPTTVATOID-LAID-TIDI-OAO ~ Mass Movements Can Rise And Spread Without Belief In A God – But – Never Without Belief In A Devil – Usually The Strength Of A Mass Movement Is Proportionate To The Vividness And Tangibility Of Its Devil – Like An Ideal Deity – The Ideal Devil Is – Omnipotent And Omnipresent

~ TUOAIHMIITITITWH-TEMMSIAISC ~ The Undercurrent Of Admiration In Hatred Manifests Itself In The Inclination To Imitate Those We Hate – Thus Every Mass Movement Shapes Itself After Its Specific Devil

~ PH-CG-MAP-T-AEL ~ Passionate Hatred – Can Give – Meaning And Purpose – To – An Empty Life

~ AO-E-D-P-A-H-WTD-RH ~ All Our – Enthusiasm – Devotions – Passions – And – Hopes – When They Decompose – Release Hatred

~ WWLOIIITCOAMM-WFANF-FT-H-B-L-T-M-A-B-WSAR ~ When We Lose Our Individual Independence In The Corporateness Of A Mass Movement – We Find A New Freedom – Freedom To – Hate – Bully – Lie – Torture – Murder – And – Betray – Without Shame And Remorse


~ IIAEUA-TDOAC-KGIIWADOU-OICAMITIOAEAITFOAP ~ Imitation Is An Essential Unifying Agent – The Development Of A Close-Knit Group Is Inconceivable Without A Diffusion Of Uniformity – Obedience Itself Consists As Much In The Imitation Of An Example As In The Following Of A Precept

TSSWDFBO-TGIODTBLO ~ The Less Satisfaction We Derive From Being Ourselves – The Greater Is Our Desire To Be Like Others

~ CFTOW-IOC-TMEDADI ~ Contempt For The Outside World – Is Of Course – The Most Effective Defense Against Disruptive Imitation


~ TTSTBTPOIOCFIWIUM ~ The Truth Seems To Be That Propaganda On Its Own Cannot Force Its Way Into Unwilling Minds

~ PBI-SMW-TF-IIEFTFTDTOIAHTEOTOMIID-TASRTIPWJTWFL ~ Propaganda By Itself – Succeeds Mainly With – The Frustrated – It Is Easier For The Frustrated To Detect Their Own Imaginings And Hear The Echo Of Their Own Musings In Impassioned Double-Talk And Sonorous Refrains Than In Precise Words Joined Together With Faultless Logic


~ THTBAETFAO-A-AIDWTATA-BMALCMTA ~ There Has To Be An Eagerness To Follow And Obey – And – An Intense Dissatisfaction With Things As They Are – Before Movement And Leader Can Make Their Appearance

~ TQOI-STPAMRIAMML-WCI-TAG-TCDOTOOO-TSDOTW ~ The Quality Of Ideas – Seems To Play A Minor Role In A Mass Movement Leadership – What Counts Is – The Arrogant Gesture – The Complete Disregard Of The Opinion Of Others – The Singlehanded Defiance Of The World

~ TTB-NMHRAV-IBAOASP ~ The True Believer – No Matter How Rowdy And Violent – Is Basically An Obedient And Submissive Person

~ PWLA-BAI-STSAGWTO-T-PWA-S-SAS-C ~ People Whose Lives Are – Barren And Insecure – Seem To Show A Greater Willingness To Obey – Than – People Who Are – Self-Sufficient And Self-Confident


~ AIAU-IB-S-F-A-IG-ASOPAW ~ Action Is A Unifier – It Brings – Self-Forgetting– And – It Gives – A Sense Of Purpose And Worth


~ S-C-HV-SOEFTIOO ~ Self-Contempt – However Vague – Sharpens Our Eyes For The Imperfections Of Others

~ KTCW-TF-STESBAZTPBAO-SO-IAMTRO-MS-AO-AF ~ Knowing Themselves Continually Watched – The Faithful – Strive To Escape Suspicion By Adhering Zealously To Prescribed Behaviour And Opinion – Strict Orthodoxy – Is As Much The Result Of – Mutual Suspicion – As Of – Ardent Faith

~ NAT-IPADAASIOTKSA-SIGASEBAAOWTRWTETTMFW ~ Now And Then – Innocent People Are Deliberately Accused And Sacrificed In Order To Keep Suspicion Alive – Suspicion Is Given A Sharp Edge By Associating All Opposition Within The Ranks With The Enemy Threatening The Movement From Without

~ IITSDOTTBTBS-COTLF-S-S-A-T ~ It Is The Sacred Duty Of The True Believer To Be Suspicious – Constantly On The Lookout For – Saboteurs – Spies – And – Traitors


~ IWACW-TCTRCSPFTIIWAG ~ Identification With A Collective Whole – The Capacity To Resist Coercion Stems Partly From The Individual’s Identification With A Group

~ M-B-GILATC ~ Make-Believe – Glory Is Largely A Theatrical Concept

~ DOTP-A-MAM-TPIASAAI-AMDOTTOTM Deprecation Of The Present – As – Mean And Miserable – The Present Is A Shadow And An Illusion – A Mere Doormat On The Threshold Of The Millennium

~ ‘TWAN’-D/V/WH-A-MW-A-RT ~ “Things Which Are Not” – Dreams / Visions / Wild Hopes – Are – Mighty Weapons – – And Realistic Tools

~ D-TFOWTTBB-C-MNBDF-E/O-B-F-HW-TCOID-TEOTOAOT ~ Doctrine – The Facts On Which The True Believer Bases – Conclusions – Must Not Be Derived From – Experience / Observation – But – From – Holy Writ – The Certitude Of – Infallible Doctrine – The Embodiment Of The One And Only Truth

~ F-DNFSTHO-TRSTBT-TWFNDIDTAEDBO-TA-EPAL-TIOUTSTATA-PB-GAC ~ Fanaticism – Desperate Need For Something To Hold Onto ~ The Rule Seems To Be That – Those Who Find No Difficulty In Deceiving Themselves Are Easily Deceived By Others – They Are – Easily Persuaded And Led – The Inability Or Unwillingness To See Things As They Are – Promotes Both – Gullibility And Charlatanism


~ AMM-R/S/N-N-I-B-TS-CEC-WGTAFL ~ All Mass Movements – Religious / Social / Nationalist – Not – Identical – But – They Share – Certain Essential Characteristics – Which Give Them A Family Likeness

~ AM-HDIDAA-DTEA-FTSTOH;TATTSTOM ~ All Movements – However Different In Doctrine And Aspiration – Draw Their Early Adherents – From The Same Types Of Humanity; They Appeal To The Same Types Of Mind

~ TAT-MMHMTIC-DNITAMAEBOP ~ The Assumption That – Mass Movements Have Many Traits In Common – Does Not Imply That All Movements Are Equally Beneficent Or Poisonous

~ IIATT-MWJARRMAABTPO-SASC-ITCOL-A-RM-IA-CIOC ~ It Is A Truism That – Many Who Join A Rising Revolutionary Movement Are Attracted By The Prospect Of – Sudden And Spectacular Change – In Their Conditions Of Life – A – Revolutionary Movement – Is A – Conspicuous Instrument Of Change

~ TIIUATT-LTSFOOEOO-SAF-AURIOMWTSOTAU-PWASOFTIAGWAWLTCIAII-W-TFFRC ~ There Is In Us A Tendency To – Locate The Shaping Forces Of Our Existence Outside Ourselves – Success And Failure – Are Unavoidably Related In Our Minds With The State Of Things Around Us – People With A Sense Of Fulfillment Think It A Good World And Would Like To Conserve It As It Is – While – The Frustrated Favor Radical Change

~ D-BI-DNICADFC-OFHTBPBDTID-OOTI-ASOP-TWAABTSDNTOC-NMHMTC ~ Discontent – By Itself – Does Not Invariably Create A Desire For Change – Other Factors Have To Be Present Before Discontent Turns Into Disaffection – One Of These Is – A Sense Of Power – Those Who Are Awed By Their Surroundings Do Not Think Of Change – No Matter How Miserable Their Condition

~ WOMOLISP-ATMIPTWCCTCOOE-WTTST-TPATF-WCA-DFOI-B-MOEAFR-WHATITWH-TTU ~ When Our Mode Of Life Is So Precarious – As To Make It Patent That We Cannot Control The Circumstances Of Our Existence – We Tend To Stick To – The Proven And The Familiar – We Counteract A – Deep Feeling Of Insecurity – By – Making Our Existence A Fixed Routine – We Hereby Acquire The Illusion That We Have – Tamed The Unpredictable

~ IIADLWLWHACAAOH-TIT-ACOTD-APAT-COTP-A-TFIAMAFITPOASOATL ~ It Is A Dangerous Life We Live When Hunger And Cold Are At Our Heels – There Is Thus – A – Conservatism Of The Destitute – As Profound As The – Conservatism Of The Privileged – And – The Former Is As Much A Factor In The Perpetuation Of A Social Order As The Latter

~ W-P-IN-JWFITF-IIUMTWOTNAPTSQ ~ Where – Power – Is Not – Joined With Faith In The Future – It Is Used Mainly To Ward Off The New And Preserve The Status Quo

~ EH-EWNBBAP-ILTGAMRD-F-TH-CDSFTMRSOP-AS-AW-AB ~ Extravagant Hope – Even When Not Backed By Actual Power – Is Likely To Generate A Most Reckless Daring – For – The Hopeful – Can Draw Strength From The Most Ridiculous Sources Of Power – A Slogan – A Word – A Button

~ FOTF-CUTLAACTTP-W-FITF-RURTC ~ Fear Of The Future – Causes Us To Lean Against And Cling To The Present – While – Faith In The Future – Renders Us Receptive To Change

~ FM[H]-TPHI-AUOVC-TMBID-YND-A-TMHTFTBTPOS-PD-IL-O-SNT-THAT-ASOIP-TMAHAECOTPAPOTF-F-TMBWIOTDIITVU-EIAH ~ For Men [Humans] – To Plunge Headlong Into – An Undertaking Of Vast Change – They Must Be Intensely Discontented – Yet Not Destitute – And – They Must Have The Feeling That By The Possession Of Some – Potent Doctrine – Infallible Leader – Or – Some New Technique – They Have Access To – A Source Of Irresistible Power – They Must Also Have An Extravagant Conception Of The Prospects And Potentialities Of The Future – Finally – They Must Be Wholly Ignorant Of The Difficulties Involved In Their Vast Undertaking – Experience Is A Handicap

~ WAMMBTAPWAIITIC-ICTTBAMABAE-WTH-T-‘M’-OSAMIDF ~ When A Mass Movement Begins To Attract People Who Are Interested In Their Individual Careers – It Ceases Then To Be A Movement And Becomes An Enterprise – When This Happens – The – “Mission” – Of Such A Movement Is Done For

~ OOTMPAOAMMIIOOASFIH ~ One Of The Most Potent Attractions Of A Mass Movement Is Its Offering Of A Substitute For Individual Hope

~ PCLWH-OWKDAOOBBIH ~ People Can Live Without Hope – Only When Kept Dazed And Out Of Breath By Incessant Hustling

~ TIOMM ~ The Interchangeability Of Mass Movements

~ WPARFAMM-TAURFAEM ~ When People Are Ripe For A Mass Movement – They Are Usually Ripe For Any Effective Movement

~ OMMRTIIA-TPOSAMMIOAMOSOMFA ~ One Mass Movement Readily Transforms Itself Into Another – The Problem Of Stopping A Mass Movement Is Often A Matter Of Substituting One Movement For Another

~ M-CSAASFAMM-EMMIIASAM-AMTAPL ~ Migration – Can Serve As A Substitute For A Mass Movement – Every Mass Movement Is In A Sense A Migration – A Movement Toward A Promised Land

~ TROTUIHA-FTCADOAGAODBIIE ~ The Role Of The Undesirables In Human Affairs – For The Character And Destiny Of A Group Are Often Determined By Its Inferior Elements

~ T-DAR-AO-TRMOANF ~ The – Discarded And Rejected – Are Often – The Raw Material Of A Nation’s Future

~ IIUTWPIRR-T-‘NP’-WTWTFOF-TMOBTIAFITV ~ It Is Usually Those Whose Poverty Is Relatively Recent – The – “New Poor” – Who Throb With The Ferment Of Frustration – The Memory Of Better Things Is As Fire In Their Veins

~ OFIGWWHMAWM-T-WWHNAWS-WALDWWLMT-T-WWSTLBOT ~ Our Frustration Is Greater When We Have Much And Want More – Than – When We Have Nothing And Want Some – We Are Less Dissatisfied When We Lack Many Things – Than – When We Seem To Lack But One Thing

~ WDMWSFSTFN-O-WWRSWEULIN ~ We Dare More When Striving For Superfluities Than For Necessities – Often – When We Renounce Superfluities We End Up Lacking In Necessities

~ TWSTLA-SAW-C-EAF-MTTD-F-ITCFF ~ Those Who See Their Lives As – Spoiled And Wasted – Crave – Equality And Fraternity – More Than They Do – Freedom

~ NS-BOS-C-A-RUWO-ATCATC ~ Nothing So – Bolsters Our Self-Confidence – And – Reconciles Us With Ourselves – As The Continuous Ability To Create

~ WCNHEOTWWRDNW-A-WRFAFWWRFO ~ We Can Never Have Enough Of That Which We Really Do Not Want – And – We Run Fastest And Farthest When We Run From Ourselves

~ The Inordinately Selfish Are Particularly Susceptible To Frustration – The Fiercest Fanatics Are Often Selfish People Who Were Forced – By Innate Shortcomings Or External Circumstances – To Lose Faith In Their Own Selves

~ IADINU-IHTB-V-A-INUNV-IHTBU ~ If A Doctrine Is Not Unintelligible – It Has To Be – Vague – And – If Neither Unintelligible Nor Vague – It Has To Be Unverifiable

~ RSTBT-TWFNDIDT-AEDBO-TA-EPAL-TIOUTSTATA-PB-BAC ~ The Rule Seems To Be That – Those Who Find No Difficulty In Deceiving Themselves – Are Easily Deceived By Others – They Are – Easily Persuaded And Led – The Inability Or Unwillingness To See Things As They Are – Promotes Both – Gullibility And Charlatanism

~ O-WWAWBOP-WTOHOAWUPOG ~ Often – When We Are Wronged By One Person – We Turn Our Hatred On A Wholly Unrelated Person Or Group

~ S-R-IALDRTD-TVOGWU-TIA-GC-BEBWAAABEMOS-R ~ Self-Righteousness – Is A Loud Din Raised To Drown – The Voice Of Guilt Within Us – There Is A – Guilty Conscience – Behind Every Brazen Word And Act And Behind Every Manifestation Of Self-Righteousness

~ TWTWHITAFTOH-C-TTAEWMITBOH ~ To Wrong Those We Hate Is To Add Fuel To Our Hatred – Conversely – To Treat An Enemy With Magnanimity Is To Blunt Our Hatred

~ IIPATT-VBF-AT-FBV ~ It Is Probably As True That – Violence Breeds Fanaticism – As That – Fanaticism Begets Violence


~ CG~SAFCEISO-A-EBAIORDE ~ Confirmation Bias ~ Seeking And Finding Confirmatory Evidence In Support Of Already Existing Beliefs – And – Ignoring Or Reinterpreting Disconfirming Evidence

~ A~RTHOAPROOOPOIWMD ~ Anchoring ~ Relying Too Heavily On A Past Reference Or On One Piece Of Information When Making Decisions

~ A~ADCFOOBAATTOO ~ Attribution ~ Attributing Different Causes For Our Own Beliefs And Actions Than That Of Others

~ A~VTOOAA-EITEOSWKLA ~ Authority ~ Valuing The Opinions Of An Authority – Especially In The Evaluation Of Something We Know Little About

~ A~APOPOBOETAIATU-ETTA-V/U/EC-WATGICUWCAB ~ Availability ~ Assigning Probabilities Of Potential Outcomes Based On Examples That Are Immediately Available To Us – Especially Those That Are – Vivid / Unusual / Emotionally Charged – Which Are Then Generalized Into Conclusions Upon Which Choices Are Based

~ BE~HBTOPIYSGHBOTSRP ~ Bandwagon Effect ~ Holding Beliefs That Other People In Your Social Group Hold Because Of The Social Reinforcement Provided

~ BE~TVAGDOPAHAAS ~ Barnum Effect ~ Treating Vague And General Descriptions Of Personality As Highly Accurate And Specific

~ B~ETSOAABOTBOIC ~ Believability ~ Evaluating The Strength Of An Argument Based On The Believability Of Its Conclusion

~ BB~RTPOCBIOP-B-TBBTTIUYOB ~ Bias Blindness ~ Recognizing The Power Of Cognitive Biases In Other People – But – To Be Blind To Their Influence Upon Your Own Beliefs

~ CI~SCOPT-IF-CBTROR ~ Clustering Illusion ~ Seeing Clusters Of Patterns That – In Fact – Can Be The Result Of Randomness

~ C~CMWIAOPAAOO ~ Confabulation ~ Conflating Memories With Imagination And Other People’s Accounts As One’s Own

~ C~RO-P-B-A-A-B-AR-P-B-A-A-B-MTTAD ~ Consistency ~ Recalling One’s – Past – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Behaviors – As Resembling – Present – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Behaviors – More Than They Actually Do

~ EE~VWWOMTWWDNO ~ Endowment Effect ~ Valuing What We Own More Than What We Do Not Own

~ E~NDTAWEFTO-A-T-NN-D-O-D-D-TATCWE ~ Expectation ~ Noticing Data That Agree With Expectations For The Outcome – And – To – Not Notice – Discard – Or – Disbelieve – Data – That Appear To Conflict With Expectations

~ F-CE~OTDTWOAWTBOTWGAWTIAB ~ False-Consensus Effect ~ Overestimating The Degree To Which Others Agree With Their Beliefs Or That Will Go Along With Them In A Behaviour

~ FE~DDCBOHDAP ~ Framing Effects ~ Drawing Different Conclusions Based On How Data Are Presented

~ HE~GOPTOAPTATOTOTP ~ Halo Effect ~ Generalizing One Positive Trait Of A Person To All The Other Traits Of That Person

~ H~ATBAFTBOTMOMIAGIOTAC ~ Herd ~ Adopting The Beliefs And Following The Behaviours Of The Majority Of Members In A Group In Order To Avoid Conflict

~ H~RTPTFWPK ~ Hindsight ~ Reconstructing The Past To Fit With Present Knowledge

~ IOC~BTOCC-O-AL-OTMPCCOI ~ Illusion Of Control ~ Believing That One Can Control – Or – At Least – Influence Outcomes That Most People Cannot Control Or Influence

~ IC~ATACC(C)EBTV ~ Illusory Correlation ~ Assuming That A Causal Connection (correlation) Exists Between Two Variables

~ IB~MSOAGWATSSAS ~ Inattentional Blindness ~ Missing Something Obvious And General While Attending To Something Special And Specific

~ I-G~VTBAAOTWTPTBFMOTG-A-TDTBAAOTWTPTBMOADG ~ In-Group ~ Valuing The Beliefs And Attitudes Of Those Whom They Perceive To Be Fellow Members Of Their Group – And – To Discount The Beliefs And Attitudes Of Those Whom They Perceive To Be Members Of A Different Group

~ JW~SFTTTVOAUEMHDTDI ~ Just World ~ Searching For Things That The Victim Of An Unfortunate Event Might Have Done To Deserve It

~ N~PCAAGMWT-N-E-B-A-I-TT-P ~ Negativity ~ Paying Closer Attention And Giving More Weight To – Negative – Events – Beliefs – And – Information – That To – Positive

~ N~DTPOAETHNHB ~ Normalcy ~ Discounting The Possibility Of An Event That Has Never Happened Before

~ N-I-H~DTVOABOITDNCFW ~ Not-Invented-Here ~ Discounting The Value Of A Belief Or Source Of Information That Does Not Come From Within

~ PE~N-R-A-A-AMV-IEMTSE ~ Primacy Effect ~ Noticing – Remembering – And – Assessing – As More Valuable – Initial Events More Than Subsequent Events

~ P~ATOS-TSOS-B-A-A-V-A-TOTPOOBBOOOB ~ Projection ~ Assuming That Others Share – The Same Or Similar – Beliefs – Attitudes – And – Values – And – To Overestimate The Probability Of Others’ Behaviours Based On Our Own Behaviours

~ RE~N-R-A-A-AMV-REMTEE ~ Recency Effect ~ Noticing – Remembering – And – Assessing – As More Valuable – Recent Events More Than Earlier Events

~ R~AEIJPTTETIRTEFOIPPOGP ~ Representative ~ An Event Is Judged Probable To The Extent That It Represents The Essential Features Of Its Parent Population Or Generating Process

~ RI~RPEABMPTTAW ~ Rosy Retrospection ~ Remembering Past Events As Being More Positive Than They Actually Were

~ S-FP~BIIABIWTCTEFBAA ~ Self-Fulfilling Prophecy ~ Believing In Ideas And Behaving In Ways That Conform To Expectations For Beliefs And Actions

~ S-J~RDATFTCOTWWDWTBTWCHD ~ Self-Justification ~ Rationalizing Decisions After The Fact To Convince Ourselves That What We Did Was The Best Thing We Could Have Done

~ SQ~OFWWAUT ~ Status Quo ~ Opting For What We Are Used To

~ S(G)~ATAMOAGWHCCBTRTGWHAIATPM ~ Stereotyping (Generalization) ~ Assuming That A Member Of A Group Will Have Certain Characteristics Believed To Represent The Group Without Having Actual Information About That Particular Member

~ SC~BISBOTCSITB ~ Sunk Cost ~ Believing In Something Because Of The Cost Sunk Into That Belief

~ T-A~APBABAMVALDTTOO ~ Trait-Ascription ~ Assessing Personal Behaviour And Beliefs As More Variable And Less Dogmatic Than Those Of Others


~ UWT-WA ~ Unless We Think – We Aren’t

~ TPO-TTBOUT-ICTAFO-SD ~ This Pattern Of – Threatening The Bearers Of Unwelcome Truths – Is Common Throughout All Fields Of – Science Denialism

~ SPGPAVGDOMTDBS ~ Some People Get Paid A Very Great Deal Of Money To Deny Basic Science

~ AAGR-ITMO-MJ-SOTATMO-SWITRF-SA-BTS-U-SOTPSITOWA ~ As A General Rule – If The Mass Of – Mainstream Journalists – Says One Thing And The Mass Of – Scientists Working In The Relevant Field – Says Another – Believe The Scientists – Unfortunately – Swaths Of The Public See It The Other Way Round

~ OCEO-DR-I-TAHA-A-TTOFODAPTPTWS ~ Other Common Elements Of – Denialist Rhetoric – Include – The Ad Hominem Attack – And – The Trick Of Focusing On Details And Pretending They Present The Whole Story

~ OOTDBSAP-IT-SATRIDL ~ One Of The Differences Between Science And Pseudoscience – Is That – Science Accepts The Results It Doesn’t Like

~ IIAVUTIMDC-B-TFTSC-I-DAMIW ~ Intuition Is A Very Useful Tool In Many Different Circumstances – But – The Fact That Something’s Counter-Intuitional – Doesn’t Automatically Mean It’s Wrong

~ FMCI-TUB-TIP-O-TLS-IAT-SSITCWTI ~ Far More Concerning Is – The Use By – Those In Power – Of – The Legal System – In Attempts To – Silenced Scientific Information That Conflicts With Their Ideology

~ ISASAR-NMHV-NMHFDFTDEOTIRI-OANO-DRD-BTAP-RSC ~ It Seems A Single Anecdotal Report – No Matter How Vague – No Matter How Far Distanced From The Direct Experience Of The Individual Repeating It – Outweighs Any Number Of – Deeply Researched Double-Blind Trials And Peer-Reviewed Scientific Conclusions

~ DTPO-TPE-WRDUI ~ Despite The Power Of – The Placebo Effect – We Really Don’t Understand It

~ TNT-FASTEOL-DAEE-ICTSC ~ The Notion That – Finding A Single Tangential Error Or Lacuna – Demolishes An Entire Edifice – Is Common Throughout Science Denialism


~ D-HAIAISE-FATPOMDTTGBSIIS-TFTTWV-I-F-F-G-TTOTWATP ~ Denial – Has An Interesting And Insidious Side Effect – For All The Peace Of Mind Deniers Think They Get By Saying It Isn’t So – The Fall They Take When Victimized – Is – Far – Far – Greater – Than That Of Those Who Accept The Possibility

~ D-A-S-N-P-L-S-ACWEISP-FITLR-TDPKTTOSL-A-ICACL-GA-DKTFTATCRTR(ATW) ~ Denial – A – Save-Now-Pay-Later – Scheme – A Contract Written Entirely In Small Print – For In The Long Run – The Denying Person Knows The Truth On Some Level – And – It Causes A Constant Low-Grade Anxiety – Denial Keeps Them From Taking Action That Could Reduce The Risks (And The Worry)

~ WWTBTPAIC-WMOMAVOB-IINS ~ We Want To Believe That People Are Infinitely Complex – With Millions Of Motivations And Varieties Of Behaviour – It Is Not So

~ W-ICTEOCIN-CNTE-AETI-SS ~ We – In Contrast To Every Other Creature In Nature – Choose Not To Explore – And Even To Ignore – Survival Signals

~ ERTUWAKTA-JAWWTC-TWOC ~ Experts Rarely Tell Us We Already Know The Answers – Just As We Want Their Checklist – They Want Our Check

~ LTTJ-W-DSPH-H-P-DH-IACWTCTCWTROFSA-AWOSF ~ Listen To The Jokes – When – Discussing Some Possible Hazard – Humor – Particularly – Dark Humor – Is A Common Way To Communicate True Concern Without The Risk Of Feeling Silly Afterward – And Without Overtly Showing Fear

~ WYATSSAAWM-A-QETEOS-FSIAI ~ When You Accept The Survival Signal As A Welcome Message – And – Quickly Evaluate The Environment Or Situation – Fear Stops In An Instant

~ TI-ITEOO-LIF ~ Trusting Intuition – Is The Exact Opposite Of – Living In Fear

~ RF-IASITBVB-AMSOI-B-TFWAT-E-U-F-I-D-MCTST ~ Real Fear – Is A Signal Intended To Be Very Brief – A Mere Servant Of Intuition – But – Though Few Would Argue That – Extended – Unanswered – Fear – Is – Destructive – Millions Choose To Stay There

~ I-WTIF-WLA-FTF-AWWAP ~ Ideally – When There Is Fear – We Look Around – Follow The Fear – Ask What We Are Perceiving

~ IWALFS-S-E-D-WALLTST-UD-PRAT-E-RT-PRAT-I ~ If We Are Looking For Some – Specific – Expected – Danger – We Are Less Likely To See The – Unexpected Danger – Pay Relaxed Attention To – Environment – Rather Than – Paying Rapt Attention To – Imagination

~ IITWMCNTWF-NWIHN-FSSMH-IIDH-WSFIASTRTI-WSTFTNOWPMBC ~ It Is That Which Might Come Next That We Fear – Not What Is Happening Now – Fear Says Something Might Happen – If It Does Happen – We Stop Fearing It And Start To Respond To It – Or – We Start To Fear The Next Outcome We Predict Might Be Coming

~ WYFIRWYTYF-IIWYLTF ~ What You Fear Is Rarely What You Think You Fear – It Is What You Link To Fear

~ W-WNBS-IWMLDYFFS-WITFWM ~ Worry – Will Not Bring Solutions – It Will More Likely Distract You From Finding Solutions – Worry Is The Fear We Manufacture

~ WIAC-A-TCGWATICBUD ~ Worry Is A Choice – And – The Creative Genius We Apply To It Can Be Used Differently

~ WYFF-L ~ When You Feel Fear – Listen

~ WYDFF-DMI ~ When You Don’t Feel Fear – Don’t Manufacture It

~ IYFYCW-EADW ~ If You Find Yourself Creating Worry – Explore And Discover Why

~ A-URF-IACB-U ~ Anxiety – Unlike Real Fear – Is Always Caused By – Uncertainty

~ WYIBI-LUFOP-RYATRSS-SHOITSWIE-A-LLMFITCSBT ~ With Your Intuition Better Informed – Less Unwarranted Fear Of People – Respect Your Ability To Recognize Survival Signals – See Hazard Only In Those Stormclouds Where It Exists – And – Live Life More Fully In The Clear Skies Between Them


~ WLTE-EO ~ We Lie To Everyone – Especially Ourselves

~ WD-CAS-AMAWWIWWPRAAOIOOS-I ~ We Don’t – Cheat And Steal – As Much As We Would If We Were Perfectly Rational And Acted Only In Our Own Self-Interest

~ TPOGCDHASIOTAOC ~ The Probability Of Getting Caught Doesn’t Have A Substantial Influence On The Amount Of Cheating

~ Rather – Our Sense Of Our Own Morality Is Connected To The Amount Of Cheating We Feel Comfortable With – Essentially – We Cheat Up To The Level That Allows Us To Retain Our Self-Image – As A Reasonably Honest Individual

~ EOUHALT-HMWCC-BIBA-‘S’ ~ Each Of Us Has A Limit To – How Much We Can Cheat – Before It Becomes Absolutely – “Sinful”

~ TFF-TDBBTCDTMAPS-IATBFC ~ The Fudge Factor – The Delicate Balance Between The Contradictory Desires To Maintain A Positive Self-Image And To Benefit From Cheating

~ AITO-PAMATBDITPONO-SAPAT-TAM ~ As It Turns Out – People Are More Apt To Be Dishonest In The Presence Of Nonmonetary Objects – Such As Pencils And Tokens – Than Actual Money

~ IST-WWASRO-ES-WBMH ~ It Seems That – When We Are Simply Reminded Of – Ethical Standards – We Behave More Honorably

~ WPSTNTSKOP-IPTIAMHD(ALT)-IPSBTEADOTF-TCL ~ When People Sign Their Names To Some Kind Of Pledge – It Puts Them Into A More Honest Disposition (At Least Temporarily) – If People Sign Before They Enter Any Data Onto The Form – They Cheat Less

~ AAFW-IDTIRQATVOTWWPM ~ After A Few Weeks – I Discovered That I Rather Quickly Adopted The Viewpoint Of Those Who Were Paying Me

~ GS-IYWDY-WP-YWHCMTRYD-A-TDCWDYHAW ~ Generally Speaking – If You Wear Down Your – Will Power – You Will Have Considerably More Trouble Regulating Your Desires – And – That Difficulty Can Wear Down Your Honesty As Well