~ BEATROI ~ Bad Economics And The Rise Of Inequality

~ E-ROTPT-PCAM-BAT-TA-TDIOAE101T-ETTABTDVNHTITRW ~ Economism – Rests On The Premise That – People – Companies – And – Markets – Behave According To – The Abstract – Two-Dimensional Illustrations Of An Economics 101 Textbook – Even Though The Assumptions Behind Those Diagrams Virtually Never Hold True In The Real World

~ EIAILTWPMSOR-BICTAO-‘E’-ECBAPRT ~ Economism Is An Interpretive Lens Through Which People Make Sense Of Reality – Because It Claims The Authority Of – “Economics” – Economism Can Be A Powerful Rhetorical Tool

~ WSEACSMP-ITWTMOJ-TESO-ATITIG-WETFOAATCI ~ While Superficial Economic Arguments Can Serve Multiple Purposes – In Today’s World They Most Often Justify – The Existing Social Order – And The Inequality That It Generates – While Explaining The Futility Of Any Attempt To Change It

~ RARWQTSM-A-ATITST-ITS-EILAI ~ Reducing All Real-World Questions To Simple Models – And – Answering Them In The Same Terms – In This Sense – Economism Is Like An Ideology

~ TCJFGDOW-INLTTSHWDBG-OTTSOTFIRFTPOTS-I-IIN-EC-BIITNOOAESTPTGGTTGN ~ The Common Justification For Great Disparities Of Wealth – Is No Longer That The Social Hierarchy Was Dictated By God – Or That The Survival Of The Fittest Is Required For The Progress Of The Species – Instead – Inequality Is Necessary – Even Celebrated – Because It Is The Natural Outcome Of An Economic System That Provides The Greatest Good To The Greatest Number

~ TAOETPA-AS-RT-RD-IOSOIS ~ The Ability Of Economism To Pass As– Abstract Science – Rather Than – Rhetorical Device – Is One Source Of Its Strength

~ EIAIBOISEAEP-A-C-U-POTW-WCBCQAE-DW-MAUF ~ Economism Is Also Influential Because Of Its Sedative Elegance And Explanatory Power – A – Clean – Uncluttered – Picture Of The World – Which Can Be Communicated Quickly And Easily – Dispensing With – Messy And Uncooperative Facts

~ ASSOAC-BOAUA-HB-WICS ~ A Small Set Of Abstract Concepts – Based On Admittedly Unrealistic Assumptions – Has Become – Widespread In Contemporary Society

~ IALETMAC-ITAWOSADC-TII-ITRWOPAI ~ It’s A Lot Easier To Make A Case – In The Abstract World Of Supply And Demand Curves – Than It Is – In The Real World Of People And Institutions

~ IGPPWTBUTAISOS-WTSTIOTG-O-PIWAFIOTW ~ Ideas Gain Power Precisely When They Become Useful To An Important Segment Of Society – When They Support The Interests Of That Group – Or – Provide It With A Favorable Interpretation Of The World

~ BBTPO-PT-SI-A-WP-CCTBUWEFTPOPTO ~ Befuddled By The Popularity Of – Progressive Taxes – Social Insurance – And – Welfare Programs – Commentators Continue To Blame Unfamiliarity With Economics For The Popularity Of Policies They Oppose

~ M-IC-WDNSIEI-ARATVOE ~ Many – Influential Commentators – Who Do Not Specialize In Economic Issues – Also Routinely Adopt The Vocabulary Of Economism

~ TM-NE-BMIASWOPADSAEI ~ The Media – Normalize Economism – By Making It A Standard Way Of Presenting And Discussing Social And Economic Issues

~ FC-WSGWHBACPQ-ERTQFTPSTTAROT-IWT-CLM-PT-P-I-S ~ For Centuries – Who Should Get What Has Been A Central Political Question – Economism Removes The Question From The Political Sphere To The Abstract Realm Of Theory – In Which The – Competitive Labor Market – Provides The – Perfect – Indisputable – Solution

~ OOTCPOEIT-T-A-V-V-B-AU-YCMTAEUAS-A-DD-TITHTDPFWATMSWOIPTSMDETOE ~ One Of The Core Principles Of Economism Is That – Taxes – Are – Very – Very – Bad – As Usual – You Can Make The Argument Easily Using A Supply-And-Demand Diagram – The Idea That Higher Taxes Discourage People From Working And Therefore Make Society Worse Off Is Probably The Single Most Deeply Entrenched Tenet Of Economism

~ MPABUOTTR-MHBFDABNOSCIROR-B-OPR-SA-‘SWILOAE’ ~ Many People Are Blissfully Unaware Of Their Tax Rates – Most Human Beings’ Financial Decisions Are Based Not On Sophisticated Calculations Involving Rates Of Return – But – On Primitive Rules – Such As – “Save Whatever Is Left Over After Expenses”

~ LTRITAOMTTGHTB-RTCATTPS ~ Lower Tax Revenues Increase The Amount Of Money That The Government Has To Borrow – Reducing The Capital Available To The Private Sector

~ TSMST-LITWISAG-DHUTS-LPKMOTSDNAMTTWM ~ The Simple Model Saying That – Lower Investment Taxes Will Increase Savings And Growth – Doesn’t Hold Up To Scrutiny – Letting People Keep More Of Their Salaries Does Not Always Motivate Them To Work More

~ AGISAMBWWOCAOSTWDNTTPSTLAE-AS-TQOWTAWDOWFWEFOGAHWIFT ~ A Government Is Simply A Mechanism By Which We Organize Certain Aspects Of Society That We Do Not Trust The Private Sector To Look After Effectively – And So – The Question Of Whether Taxes Are Worthwhile Depends On What Functions We Expect From Our Government And How Well It Fulfills Them

~ TGPOAWITSTBOWPBIEP ~ The Greatest Power Of A Worldview Is To Set The Boundaries Of What People Believe Is Even Possible

~ ERM-FTP-HBIACWBIAWOE-IFC ~ Economism’s Rosy Model – Failed To Predict – How Both Individuals And Companies Would Behave In A World Of Ever-Increasing Financial Complexity

~ I2008-WRTLTACMDNMETCFTIMPU-I-P-SBLBPACTMTIGIWTDLDAWR-SOATMS ~ In 2008 – We Relearned The Lesson That A Competitive Market Does Not Magically Ensure That Capital Flows To Its Most Productive Uses – Instead – Profit-Seeking Behavior Leads Both People And Companies To Maximize Their Individual Gains In Ways That Distort Lending Decisions And Waste Resources – Sometimes On A Truly Monumental Scale

~ TMTNCALAMCTE-A-CRASTLTETTBWSTNCI ~ The Megabanks That Nearly Collapsed Are Larger And More Complex Than Ever – And – Capital Requirements Are Still Too Low To Ensure That Those Banks Will Survive The Next Crisis Intact

~ IARWLM-TADCCL ~ In A Real-World Labor Market – Trade Agreements Do Create Clear Losers

~ TGAOEHBT-RAPI-AAL-E-T-U-SN-FFSTW ~ The Great Achievement Of Economism Has Been To – Repackage A Political Ideology – As A Lightweight – Easy-To-Use – Seemingly Neutral – Framework For Seeing The World

~ BCTSO-AT-EDTTIADAA-TWSITWII-IYDA-YMNU-E101 ~ By Claiming The Status Of – Absolute Truth – Economism Denies That There Is Any Debate At All – The World Simply Is The Way It Is – If You Don’t Agree – You Must Not Understand – Economics 101

~ EPAIRIOCPI-PCTOAAA-WPOTTM ~ Economism Plays An Important Role In Our Contemporary Political Institutions – Prioritizing Certain Types Of Analyses And Arguments – While Pushing Others To The Margins

~ FASTBR-CMANE-TMAB-PDPI-TPEF-MP-SC-A-SAESOR ~ For A Society To Become Rich – Competitive Markets Are Not Enough – There Must Also Be – Pluralistic Democratic Political Institutions – That Prevent Elites From – Monopolizing Power – Suppressing Competitors – And – Seizing An Excessive Share Of Resources

~ U-IWTA-NW-TDBWTO ~ Ultimately – It Will Take A – New Worldview – To Do Battle With The Old


~ TE ~ They’re Everywhere

~ TINNAN-THAB-V-G-M-C-WHAIPOTALRFO ~ There Is Nothing New About Narcissism – There Have Always Been – Vain – Grasping – Manipulative – Characters – Who Have An Inflated Perception Of Themselves And Little Regard For Others

~ N-INJTIODAA-IIG-MOOLATPFWAFTNP-A-WCWTETE-A-‘EDI’-BTJFCDTP ~ Narcissism – Is Not Just Tolerate In Our Day And Age – It Is Glorified – Many Of Our Leaders And The Public Figures We Admire Flaunt Their Narcissistic Proclivities – And – We Can’t Wait To Emulate Their Excesses – And – “Everybody Does It” – Becomes The Justification For Continuing Down The Path

~ IT-N-S-ISITTMHBDNTEIAA-WPC-‘BS’-LL-S-O-TAOAC-HBAPBO-D-C-B-O-R-TSIDO-AF-TS-9CNB-‘MF’ ~ In The – Narcissist – Shame – Is So Intolerable That The Means Have Been Developed Not To Experience It At All – What Psychologists Call – “Bypassed Shame” – Looks Like – Shamelessness – Or – The Absence Of A Conscience – Hiding Behind A Protective Barrier Of – Denial – Coldness – Blame – Or – Rage – The Shame Is Directed Outward – Away From – The Self – It Can Never Be – “My Fault”

~ TNT-ASAAC-CACDFTN-ALHAWORDOHE-TMTTEIACAO-DAI-WPC-‘MT’ ~ The Need To – Avoid Shame At All Costs – Creates A Continuing Dilemma For The Narcissist – As Life Has A Way Of Regularly Doling Out Humbling Experiences – The Methods They Typically Employ Involve A Considerable Amount Of – Distortion And Illusion – What Psychologists Call – “Magical Thinking”

~ T-FWON-CHA-SA-TPTEYII-S-TSCCBE ~ The – Fantasy World Of Narcissists – Can Have A – Seductive Allure – That Promises To Envelop You In Its – Specialness – Their Superficial Charm Can Be Enchanting

~ SL-AO-N-WCBTBEA-LTTB ~ Sore Losers – Are Often – Narcissists – Who Cannot Bear To Be Exposed As – Less That The Best

~ TNNTSASOS-EAO-WSEATHSTHOSL ~ The Narcissist’s Need To Secure A Sense Of Superiority – Encounters An Obstacle – Whenever Someone Else Appears To Have Something That He Or She Lacks

~ NE-FBTDNTBS-LSMETGOWTN-II-UOD-WMITMMD-UOEEOTNFS-TIMFO-SRC ~ Narcissistic Envy – Fueled By The Desperate Need To Be Superior – Like So Much Else That Goes On Within The Narcissist – It Is – Unconscious Or Denied – Which Makes It That Much More Dangerous – Unaware Of Either Envy Or The Need For Superiority – These Individuals May Feel Only – Self-Righteous Contempt

~ IITNONETSTSFOOVSPOV-B-OEOT-A-O-F-A-C ~ It Is The Nature Of Narcissistic Entitlement To See The Situation From Only One Very Subjective Point Of View – Because – Others Exist Only To – Agree – Obey – Flatter – And – Comfort

~ HHNFLTND ~ Hell Hath No Fury Like The Narcissist Denied

~ NPD-OA-OIOHP-MTFC-FTSFON-YTAMMIWETT-TSD-STCSD-INIT-TCIOWWTCICCOARB ~ Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Only About – One In One Hundred People – Meets The Full Criteria – For This Severe Form Of Narcissism – Yet There Are Many More Individuals Who Exhibit These Traits – To Some Degree – Sufficient To Cause Significant Distress – If Not In Themselves – Then Certainly In Others With Whom They Come In Close Contact On A Regular Basis

~ WTPSFSN-TRAP-SCWTB-COTNP-WOWBMDIRTR-AFSOS ~ When The Parent Suffers From Significant Narcissism – The Results Are Predictable – Some Children Will Themselves Become – Clones Of Their Narcissistic Parents – While Others Will Be Mysteriously Drawn Into Relationships That Require – A Familiar Sacrifice Of Self

~ S-WADTT-L-T-LQ-A-TSWTMUF-WWIIT-GAO-ISW-WTH-WMEUSOTAITLU-UEAB ~ Sometimes – We Are Drawn To Their – Larger-Than-Life Qualities – And – The Special Way They Make Us Feel – When We’re Included In Their – Grandiosity And Omnipotence – In Some Way – When This Happens – We May End Up Sacrificing Ourselves To An Illusion That Leaves Us – Ultimately Empty And Bruised

~ W-YETWOTN-YLYB ~ When – You Enter The Web Of The Narcissist – You Leave Yourself Behind

~ TNEUVOO-NV-TMTOWKUBTTB-PUU-B-TP-D-A-TM ~ The Narcissist Engages Us Via Our Own – Narcissistic Vulnerabilities – The Most Treacherous Ones Will Keep Us Bound To Them By – Pumping Us Up – Between – The Put-Downs – And – The Manipulations

~ NC-D-O-P-UPOTOOP ~ Narcissists Constantly – Dump – Or – Project – Unwanted Parts Of Themselves Onto Other People

~ TNTPWIH-AICFMP-IRIN-YAJAMTAE ~ Try Not To Personalize What Is Happening – Although It Couldn’t Feel More Personal – It Really Is Not – You Are Just A Means To An End

~ YNTFAWT-D-FT-FOD-TNEIY-SIHTTOTPABTYOOTI ~ You Need To Find A Way To – Detach – From The – Feeling Of Diminishment – The Narcissist Evokes In You – Sometimes It Helps To Think Of This Person As Being Two Years Old On The Inside

~ RTUTR-DTTCOETPE-TNHALAT-IKUPU ~ Resist The Urge To Retaliate – Don’t Try To Challenge Or Enlighten This Person Either – The Narcissist Has A Lot At Stake – In Keeping Unconscious Processes Unconscious

~ ER ~ Embrace Reality

~ NWGTGLTAARTESATPFTSTGAO-TRAFT ~ Narcissists Will Go To Great Lengths To Avoid Any Realty That Evokes Shame And To Promote Fantasies That Sustain Their Grandiosity And Omnipotence – They Require Accomplices For This

~ WMUVTTSAOTNIOONFI-IOS-EIALS-ITISMFOL ~ What Makes Us Vulnerable To The Seductive Allure Of The Narcissist Is Our Own Need For Inflation – If Our Self-Esteem Is A Little Shaky – If There Is Something Missing From Our Lives

~ IOHYWTTSOAN-FYOD ~ Instead Of Hitching Your Wagon To The Star Of A Narcissist – Find Your Own Dream

~ SPFWTA-N-WYWTTB ~ See People For Who They Are – Not – Who You Want Them To Be

~ LTAT-IAN-L-C-D-O-H-O-BC-TA-O-SALOC-SOL-YCETBOTREOTSB ~ Learn To Accept That – If A Narcissist – Lies – Cheats – Disrespects – Or– Hurts – Others – Betrays Confidences – Takes Advantage – Or – Shows A Lack Of Compassion – Sooner Or Later – You Can Expect To Be On The Receiving End Of That Same Behavior

~ DFITTOTTSSAYRWSY ~ Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Thinking That Something Special About Your Relationship Will Spare You

~ DGIARWANTYAGTCT-O-THOSWCBOFFY ~ Don’t Go Into A Relationship With A Narcissist Thinking You Are Going To Change That Person – Or – That He Or She Will Change Because Of Feelings For You

~ TBDATIAEOTNIAGSGOYOWVAAAOYOA ~ The Best Defense Against The Intrusions And Exploitations Of The Narcissist Is A Good Solid Grasp On Your Own Narcissistic Vulnerabilities And An Appreciation Of Your Own Assets

~ PLIRASTMTARAYOGA ~ Practice Living In Reality And Striving To Make That As Rewarding As Your Own Gifts Allow

~ IYCCYOGOYNTI-YMBSITWOYOH ~ If You Can’t Control Your Own Grandiosity Or Your Need To Idealize – You May Be Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness

~ IVOB-OBCTAPN-IIAYOR ~ Inevitable Violations Of Boundaries – Our Biggest Clue To Another Person’s Narcissism – Ignore It At Your Own Risk

~ OYHSAB-KI-IYBD-YSTNTYDNNTBTS ~ Once You Have Set A Boundary – Keep It – If You Back Down – You Show The Narcissist That You Do Not Need To Be Taken Seriously

~ CRR ~ Cultivate Reciprocal Relationships

~ OOTBWTCWNITABVIWTITFP-YMAWTATTEIWNT ~ One Of The Best Ways To Cope With Narcissists Is To Avoid Becoming Very Involved With Them In The First Place – You Might Also Want To Avoid The Toxic Environments In Which Narcissists Thrive

~ TYCTRAANANVITP ~ Teach Your Children To Recognize And Avoid Narcissism And Narcissistic Values In Their Peers

~ TAOTKOPOAUTN:TWCPTU-A-TWTCPD ~ There Are Only Two Kinds Of People Of Any Use To Narcissists: Those Who Can Pump Them Up – And – Those Whom They Can Put Down

~ NMB-ME-W-A-A-EP-TMPYA-TMYCGAW ~ Narcissism May Become – More Entrenched – With – Age – And – Expanding Power – The More Powerful You Are – The More You Can Get Away With

~ TEOBATMTNITTYOE ~ The Essence Of Being Able To Manage The Narcissist Is To Transcend Your Own Ego


~ AYMCCIFFALATDIWU ~ Anything Your Mind Can Conceptualize Is Fundamentally Flawed And Limited And Therefore Damaging If Worshipped Unconditionally

~ TAWH-TNHFB-TBB-ITMATN-A-TN-A-TN ~ To Act Without Hope – To Not Hope For Better – To Be Better – In This Moment And The Next – And – The Next – And – The Next

~ H-IMITGWYWOAAG-H-IIGAV-IAOI-H-IT-A-E-NA-M-TSOE ~ Honesty – Is More Important Than Getting What You Want Or Achieving A Goal – Honesty – Is Inherently Good And Valuable – In And Of Itself – Honesty – Is Therefore – An – End – Not A – Means – To Some Other End

~ G-AC ~ Grown-Ass Children

~ AA ~ Aging Adolescents

~ TAPO-G-AC-ITW-A-TAALOAA ~ There Are Plenty Of – Grown-Ass Children – In The World – And – There Are A Lot Of Aging Adolescents

~ TFPSITT-FC-INL-RVL-B-TICVOT-R-A-L-V-TCA-AO-B-TRAL-INLADO-CVC-O-FVE-B-R-O-MVI-O-MVE ~ The Fundamental Political Schism In The Twenty-First Century – Is No Longer – Right Versus Left – But – The Impulsive Childish Values Of The – Right – And – Left – Versus – The Compromising Adolescent-Adults Of – Both – The Right And Left – It’s No Longer A Debate Of – Communism Versus Capitalism – Or – Freedom Versus Equality – But – Rather – Of – Maturity Versus Immaturity – Of – Means Versus Ends

~ OTOH-W-MM-DTIFOI-ASUT-TOAM-H-ESP-ESD-T-HTB-PRTT-A-TCBG ~ On The Other Hand – When – Marketing Messages – Designed To Induce Feelings Of Inadequacy – Are Scaled Up To – Thousands Of Advertising Messages – Hitting – Every Single Person – Every Single Day – There – Have To Be – Psychological Repercussions To That – And – They Can’t Be Good

~ MPTMIIIHLTIBAD ~ Many Of The Most Important Innovations In History Left Their Inventors Broke And Destitute

~ TOTFOF-TOEFOF-IT-S-L-IINTPOCEYWIYL-BR-CWYWGUIYL-TINO-RF-TIT-OF-YWABATC-WYAWTS-WYAWTGU ~ The Only True Form Of Freedom – The Only Ethical Form Of Freedom – Is Through Self-Limitation – It Is Not The Privilege Of Choosing Everything You Want In Your Life – But Rather – Choosing What You Will Give Up In Your Life – This Is Not Only – Real Freedom – This Is The – Only Freedom – You Will Always Be Able To Choose – What You Are Willing To Sacrifice – What You Are Willing To Give Up

~ U-TMMFIYLCFYC-TTILFWYHCTS ~ Ultimately – The Most Meaningful Freedom In Your Life Comes From Your Commitments – The Things In Life For Which You Have Chosen To Sacrifice

~ TT-IAB-FPWSMD-SM-BI-A-FD-TTA-UTMSC ~ Today’s Tyranny – Is Achieved By – Flooding People With So Much Diversion – So Much – Bullshit Information – And – Frivolous Distraction – That They Are – Unable To Make Smart Commitments

~ DRACOSMAC-TLOTFP-TMWII-FF-TLWWBATUTVNTA-A-F-D-S-T-F ~ Democracy Requires A Citizenry Of Strong Maturity And Character – The Lower Our Tolerance For Pain – The More We Indulge In – Fake Freedoms – The Less We Will Be Able To Uphold The Virtues Necessary To Allow – A – Free – Democratic – Society – To – Function

~ DHF-B-J-B-B-B-MC-MR-MH-MD ~ Don’t Hope For – Better – Just – Be – Better – Be – More Compassionate – More Resilient – More Humble – More Disciplined


~ LOFCC ~ Lords Of The Computing Clouds

~ FANP ~ Fragments Are Not People

~ TMITAATIHICP ~ The Most Important Thing About A Technology Is How It Changes People

~ PIIT ~ Politics Influences Information Technology

~ ESP-B-ITU ~ Entrenched Software Philosophies – Become – Invisible Through Ubiquity

~ TCSBLTTL ~ Technology Criticism Should Be Left To The Luddites

~ NE ~ Network Effect

~ CT ~ Cybernetic Totalists

~ DM ~ Digital Maoists

~ MOMFDWM ~ Many Of My Friends Disagree With Me

~ WDYDWTTACTTL? ~ What Do You Do When The Techies Are Crazier Than The Luddites?

~ LOD ~ Levels Of Description

~ OI ~ Oracle Illusion

~ RTBTMM ~ Race To Be The Most Meta

~ ATPLOA ~ Aggregate The Previous Layers Of Aggregation

~ TIOHLM ~ The Illusion Of High-Level Metaness

~ IDDTBF ~ Information Doesn’t Deserve To Be Free

~ WIOHARAIIN? ~ What If Only Humans Are Real And Information Is Not?

~ IIAE ~ Information Is Alienated Experience

~ EITOPTCDI ~ Experience Is The Only Process That Can De-Alienate Information

~ IOTKTP-WTBF-INBASOOOM-A-WNOIO-IWNSIIDGWIW ~ Information Of The Kind That Purportedly – Wants To Be Free – Is Nothing But A Shadow Of Our Own Minds – And – Wants Nothing On Its Own – It Will Not Suffer If It Doesn’t Get What It Wants

~ MICOBKIARS-ITEOAHB ~ Machine Intelligence Can Only Be Known In A Relative Sense – In The Eyes Of A Human Beholder

~ PDTIOTMMSS-ATT ~ People Degrade Themselves In Order To Make Machines Seem Smart – All The Time

~ COE-WYCTCOYC-YCYCOY ~ Circle Of Empathy – When You Change The Contents Of Your Circle – You Change Your Conception Of Yourself

~ ITD ~ Infelicitous Technological Designs

~ OMRTTCOSNANTMOTN-TRCITAOTF-B-TCHYTAIASW ~ One Must Remember That The Customers Of Social Networks Are Not The Members Of Those Networks – The Real Customer Is The Advertiser Of The Future – But – This Creature Has Yet To Appear In Any Significant Way

~ TNDDI ~ The Net Doesn’t Design Itself

~ AFPP ~ Anonymous Fragmentary Pseudo-People

T-INASO-II-B-TSQOTOW ~ Trolling – Is Not A String Of – Isolated Incidents – But – The Status Quo In The Online World

~ IOV ~ Ideology Of Violation

~ TROTCAPTR ~ The Rules Of The Cloud Apply Poorly To Reality

~ MEPITC ~ Meta Equals Power In The Cloud

~ MNTIITDAG ~ Morality Needs Technology If It’s To Do Any Good

~ PWFOAOTFAKOAOSLATCTCUWWTILSFEAO ~ People Will Focus On Activities Other Than Fighting And Killing One Another Only So Long As Technologists Continue To Come Up With Ways To Improve Living Standards For Everyone At Once

~ TDOE ~ The Devaluation Of Everything

~ U&U ~ Unobtrusive And Useful

~ IYWTK-WRGO-IA-SOI-FTM ~ If You Want To Know – What’s Really Going On – In A – Society Or Ideology – Follow The Money

~ RTTFOS-P ~ Reciprocity Takes The Form Of Self-Promotion

~ CITBPNBA ~ Culture Is To Become Precisely Nothing But Advertising

~ IMIFT-A-IO-M-J-A-A-TASIMCWMTTOB ~ If Money Is Flowing To – Advertising – Instead Of – Musicians – Journalists – And – Artists – Then A Society Is More Concerned With Manipulation Than Truth Or Beauty

~ ICIW-TPWSTB-EAC ~ If Content Is Worthless – Then People Will Start To Become – Emptyheaded And Contentless

~ PALOTC ~ Peasants And Lords Of The Clouds

~ AWBTDUFPOM-IIFP-WHAP ~ Are We Building The Digital Utopia For People Or Machines – If It’s For People – We Have A Problem

~ MAAGOTWPM-SNHWETWBTB ~ Maybe After A Generation Or Two Without Professional Musicians – Some New Habitat Will Emerge That Will Bring Them Back

~ TF-ACRTBBHA-EC-B-T-F-A-ER-AAR-TIOEIT-AOI-HB-THD ~ Thus Far – All Computer-Related Technologies Built By Humans Are – Endlessly Confusing – Buggy – Tangled – Fussy – And – Error-Ridden – As A Result – The Icon Of Employment In The – Age Of Information – Has Been – The Help Desk

~ POTHD ~ Planet Of The Help Desks

~ CEC ~ Computationally Enhanced Corruption

~ CHMIEFCTPETTTTANAOTOS ~ Computers Have Made It Easier For Criminals To Pretend Even To Themselves That They Are Not Aware Of Their Own Schemes

~ TWOFCTTPI2008WSCB ~ The Wave Of Financial Calamities That Took Place In 2008 Were Significantly Cloud Based

~ NOITP-DEHTMVCTLTHOHITWWRAATN ~ No One In The Pre-Digital Era Had The Mental Capacity To Lie To Him- Or Herself In The Way We Routinely Are Able To Now

~ WOTCTCTC?-ALF ~ Who Owns The Cloud That Connects The Crowd? – A Lucky Few

~ EHAISABI-UTAAIP ~ Entitlement Has Achieved Its – Singularity – And – Become Infinite – Unless The Algorithm Actually Isn’t Perfect

~ TGUSOTNI ~ The Grand Unified Scam Of The New Ideology

~ ASCIWBHVIOBF-AEWGPFTB ~ A Social Contract In Which Bits Have Value Instead Of Being Free – And Everyone Would Get Paid For Their Bits

~ WADOIS-MWB ~ Without A Degree Of Imposed Scarcity – Money Would Be Valueless

~ AVITAOTLT ~ A Volunteer In The Army Of The Long Tail

~ TWPOTOWARHS ~ The Wrong People Often Take Over When A Revolution Happens Suddenly

~ ETMELMATFCHT-FTCTATG ~ Even The Most Extreme Libertarian Must Admit That – Fluid Commerce Has To Flow Through Channels That Amount To Government

~ WMSOH-A-EOR-IOTBB ~ We Must See Ourselves Honestly – And – Engage Ourselves Realistically In Order To Become Better

~ E-IA-HTB-M-ASORWCC-W-RTWCC ~ Economics – Is About – How To Best – Mix – A Set Of Rules We Cannot Change – With – Rules That We Can Change

~ TUTOF ~ The Unbearable Thinness Of Flatness

~ OCIFOTWAIWBTWWB ~ Online Culture Is Fixated On The World As It Was Before The Web Was Born

~ TOAHBATC-L-PC-IHBSGAC-NO ~ The Open Approach Has Been Able To Create – Lovely – Polished Copies – It Hasn’t Been So Good At Creating – Notable Originals

~ WITNM?-EI-R/R/R ~ Where Is The New Music? – Everything Is – Retro / Retro / Retro

~ WMS-R-IS-IIITRITC ~ What Makes Something – Real – Is That – It Is Impossible To Represent It To Completion

~ ESAP ~ Encapsulation Serves A Purpose

~ BFSL-FLS ~ Been Fast So Long – Feels Like Slow

~ SJ ~ Silicon Juvenilia

~ DC:WAWOJ ~ Digital Culture: Wave After Wave Of Juvenilia

~ PC ~ Postsymbolic Communication


~ UI-APIIDF-C/PV/TPG ~ Unbridled Individualism – Almost Pathological In Its Disdain For – Community / Public Values / The Public Good

~ TGP-ANPTFA-PC-O-TER-WSIFTS-SA-A-CANATGUA-IOTB ~ The General Public – Almost Never Points The Finger At – Powerful Corporations – Or – The Elite Rich – Who Seem Immune From The Shared-Sacrifice Argument – And – Consequently Are Not Asked To Give Up Anything – Including Obscene Tax Breaks

~ UTRO-MF-MITWMTLHSAMHBEWOA ~ Under The Regime Of – Market Fundamentalism – Many Institutions That Were Meant To Limit Human Suffering And Misfortune Have Been Either Weakened Or Abolished

~ AVO-TGS-HBRWVO-IH-CB-AESFIG ~ A Vision Of – The Good Society – Has Been Replaced With Visions Of – Individual Happiness – Characterized By – An Endless Search For Instant Gratification

~ OOTMDOFTLOPVITDSOOTCFAOTOOPI ~ One Of The Most Devastating Outcomes From This Loss Of Public Values Is The Diminished Sense Of Obligation To Care For Anything Other Than Our Own Personal Interests

~ IO-PS-TP-D-D-A-AWSE-WH-ES-T-IAETT-WOOT-UD-R-T-A-C ~ Instead Of – Public Spheres – That Promote – Dialogue – Debate – And – Arguments With Supporting Evidence – We Have – Entertainment Spheres – That – Infantilize Almost Everything They Touch – While Offering Opinions That – Utterly Disregard – Reason – Truth – And – Civility

~ PBD-WASCTPTCFPTB-S-C-R-A-SR ~ Politics Becomes Dysfunctional – Without A Supportive Culture To Provide The Conditions For People To Become – Self-Critical – Reflexive – And – Socially Responsible

~ MDC-RTAT-FIASEIWS-IISTTAOPV ~ Market-Driven Culture – Rejects The Assumption That – Freedom Is A Shared Experience In Which Self-Interest Is Subordinated To The Affirmation Of Public Values

~ DTOD-B-DACC-CTPIASMBAWGBPDASC ~ Democracy Thrives On Dissent – But – Dissent And Critical Citizenship – Cannot Take Place In A Society Marked By A Widening Gap Between Political Democracy And Socioeconomic Capacities

~ W-TIH-T-A-TDR-WPGTNAMDPS-RTBS ~ Whether – The Information Highway – Technoculture – And – The Digital Revolution – Will Provide Gateways To New And More Democratic Public Spheres – Remains To Be Seen

~ VEMOTNUACCAMA ~ Virtual Encounters More Often Than Not Undermine Authentic Communication And Minimize Accountability

~ PVM ~ Public Values Matter

~ N-AIAE ~ Nowadays – All Ideas Are Equal

~ T-WS-IBD;IIBRBTHROT-PS ~ The – Welfare State – Is Being Dismantled; It Is Being Replaced By The Harsh Realities Of The – Punishing State

~ WPIRTPA ~ Widespread Poverty Is Relegated To Private Anecdotes

~ D-IA-‘WOL’ ~ Democracy – Is A – “Way Of Life”

~ ED-SMTE;IAP-I-V-P-M-A-ROT ~ Economic Darwinism – Shapes More Than Economics; It Also Produces – Ideas – Values – Power – Morality – And – Regimes Of Truth

~ MO-J-E-A-E-HOABETTMOP ~ Matters Of – Justice – Ethics – And – Equality – Have Once Again Been Exiled To The Margins Of Politics

~ SA-GC-TI-GIS-YP-HSAMTTWTTRTLALURPRSBAMBNW ~ Signalling A – Generational Crisis – That Is – Global In Scope – Young People – Have Sent A Message To The World That They Refuse To Live Any Longer Under Repressive Political Regimes Sustained By A Morally Bankrupt Neoliberal World

~ ‘ZOSA’ ~ “Zones Of Social Abandonment”

~ TMYPATGNLI-‘ASOPE’ ~ Too Many Young People Around The Globe Now Live In – “A State Of Perpetual Emergency”

~ OTOH-AMATRAAN ~ On The Other Hand – Austerity Measures Against The Rich Are Almost Nonexistent

~ T-DC ~ Trickle-Down Cruelty

~ A-UAC-EM-BS-SALN-HTTC-N-HTCPTWLPI ~ As – Universities And Colleges – Emphasize Market-Based Skills – Student Are Learning Neither – How To Think Critically – Nor – How To Connect Private Troubles With Larger Public Issues

~ AKHBSOIVAASG ~ Academic Knowledge Has Been Stripped Of Its Value As A Social Good

~ ASIWPIVAI ~ A Society In Which Politics Is Viewed As Irrelevant

~ IOT-OTIOTWAPC-T-FC-SF-A-I-NFAVD-AU-AIAW-RA ~ In Order To – Protect The Interests Of The Wealthy And Powerful Corporations – The – Formative Culture – Social Formations – And – Institutions – Necessary For A Viable Democracy – Are Under – An Intense And Wide-Ranging Assault

~ D-HBAR-CB-ASNOEWIACPM ~ Democracy – Has Become A Ritual – Controllable By – A Small Number Of Extremely Wealthy Individuals And Corporate Power Mongers

~ S-HB-H-I-TBTLOMSASOAOTTO ~ Society – Has Become – Hyper-Individualized – Trapped By The Lure Of Material Success And Stripped Of Any Obligation To The Other


~ ATGCATNHE ~ Any Technology Gradually Creates A Totally New Human Environment

~ EANPWBAP ~ Environments Are Not Passive Wrappings But Active Processes

~ TMITM-M-ITO-TEA-T-ATNEHBC-T-‘C’-OTNE-ITOMEOTIA ~ “The Medium Is The Message” – Means – In Terms Of – The Electronic Age – That – A Totally New Environment Has Been Created – The – “Content” – Of This New Environment – Is The Old Mechanized Environment Of The Industrial Age

~ ENT-RACAD-Y-TNOTIPIAAF ~ Each New Technology – Regarded As Corrupt And Degrading – Yet – The New One Turns Its Predecessor Into An Art Form

~ TPOTATAFSATD-BAGAM-HLBR-A-AR-AA-‘AEWS’-AIW-EUTDSAPTILOTTPTCWT ~ The Power Of The Arts To Anticipate Future Social And Technological Developments – By A Generation And More – Has Long Been Recognized – Art – As Radar – Acts As – “An Early Alarm System” – As It Were – Enabling Us To Discover Social And Psychic Targets In Lots Of Time To Prepare To Cope With Them

~ TMITM-TIMTST-TPASCOAM-TI-OAEOO-RFTNSTIIIOA-B-EEOO-O-BANT ~ The Medium Is The Message – This Is Merely To Say That – The Personal And Social Consequences Of Any Medium – That Is – Of Any Extension Of Ourselves – Result From The New Scale That Is Introduced Into Our Affairs – By – Each Extension Of Ourselves – Or – By Any New Technology

~ T-‘C’-OAMIAAM ~ The – “Content” – Of Any Medium Is Always Another Medium

~ WWAAC-H-H-AT-PASC-O-TDOPATAOAEP-FT-‘M’-O-AMOT-I-TCOSOPOPTIIIHA-IITMTSACTSAFOHAAA ~ What We Are Considering – Here – However – Are The – Psychic And Social Consequences – Of – The Designs Or Patterns As They Amplify Or Accelerate Existing Processes – For The – “Message” – Of – Any Medium Or Technology – Is – The Change Of Scale Or Pace Or Pattern That It Introduces Into Human Affairs – It Is The Medium That Shapes And Controls The Scale And Form Of Human Association And Action

~ TMISTM ~ The Medium Is Socially The Message

~ TOTFAAFN ~ That One Thing Follows Another Accounts For Nothing

~ TEOTDNOATLOOOC-B-ASR-O-POPSAWAR ~ The Effects Of Technology Do Not Occur At The Level Of Opinions Or Concepts – But – Alter Sense Ratios – Or – Patterns Of Perception Steadily And Without Any Resistance

~ M-ITIVOACPTOEOALP-WL-M-B-CTTFAOSP ~ Myth – Is The Instant Vision Of A Complex Process That Ordinarily Extends Over A Long Period – We Live – Mythically – But – Continue To Think Fragmentary And On Single Planes

~ CW-E-RT-M-I-ABCOOET ~ Concern With – Effect – Rather Than – Meaning – Is – A Basic Change Of Our Electric Time

~ ITTOMRTMEMTP? ~ Is The Threat Of Massive Retaliation The Most Effective Means To Peace?

~ TSOBUADCB ~ The Spectacle Of Brutality Used As Deterrent Can Brutalize

~ NITROAPT ~ Numbness Is The Result Of Any Prolonged Terror

~ TPOEVII ~ The Price Of Eternal Vigilance Is Indifference

~ AEILR-AAKOMWSAKONOF-FTIMAMITROSCAITSOP ~ As Electric Information Levels Rise – Almost Any Kind Of Material Will Serve Any Kind Of Need Or Function – Forcing The Intellectual More And More Into The Role Of Social Command And Into The Service Of Production

~ TGL:NAN ~ The Gadget Lover: Narcissus As Narcosis

~ AIOTAAEOS-AOOPB-A-SEADNRONEATOOAEOTB ~ Any Invention Or Technology Is An Extension Or Self-Amputation Of Our Physical Bodies – And – Such Extension Also Demands New Ratios Or New Equilibriums Among The Other Organs And Extensions Of The Body

~ WHTNOCNSWIIEAE-O-WWD-TTAOAAOEMIATAOTUAOA-B-IISTAOCOTU ~ We Have To Numb Our Central Nervous System When It Is Extended And Exposed – Or – We Will Die – Thus The Age Of Anxiety And Of Electric Media Is Also The Age Of The Unconscious And Of Apathy – But – It Is Strikingly The Age Of Consciousness Of The Unconscious

~ ITEA-WWAMAOS ~ In The Electric Age – We Wear All Mankind As Our Skin

~ OWH-SOSANS-TTPMOTWWTTBF-TALOOEAEAN-WDRHARL ~ Once We Have – Surrendered Our Senses And Nervous Systems – To The Private Manipulation Of Those Who Would Try To Benefit From – Taking A Lease On Our Eyes And Ears And Nerves – We Don’t Really Have Any Rights Left

~ WTTOATIPTIOD-WMWCFACT ~ When The Technology Of A Time Is Powerfully Thrusting In One Direction – Wisdom May Well Call For A Countervailing Thrust

~ TVSWEI-SASF-IOTH-S-H-IATSTTCOIAUOTS ~ The Very Success We Enjoy In – Specializing And Separating Functions – In Order To Have – Speedup – However – Is At The Same Time The Cause Of Inattention And Unawareness Of The Situation

~ AM-A-NRTEBVOTSKASOAC ~ All Media – Are – Natural Resources That Exist By Virtue Of The Shared Knowledge And Skill Of A Community

~ L-SD-A-NFOW-D-A-MATE ~ Labor-Saving Devices – Are – New Forms Of Work – Decentralized – And – Made Available To Everybody

~ TBRFAPATMFC ~ The Brothel Remains Firm And Permanent Amidst The Most Furious Changes

~ NCCPA ~ Nobody Can Commit Photography Alone

~ COCWSTCIMNWIBAOI ~ Control Over Change Would Seem To Consist In Moving Not With It But Ahead Of It

~ RN-I-BN-BNASOBNFS ~ Real News – Is – Bad News – Bad News About Someday Or Bad News For Somebody

~ AATH-IBOTIITCC-A-TSPAMITIM ~ As Automation Takes Hold – It Becomes Obvious That Information Is The Crucial Commodity – And – That Solid Products Are Merely Incidental To Information Movement

~ TGOPRAGDAT ~ The Games Of A People Reveal A Great Deal About Them

~ AITTEOEO-IBINIAITRTHSTTCBCAO ~ Any Innovation Threatens The Equilibrium Of Existing Organization – In Big Industry New Ideas Are Invited To Rear Their Heads So That They Can Be Clobbered At Once

~ WANMOHEO-ICANMFI-UAWAMF ~ Whenever Any New Medium Or Human Extension Occurs – It Creates A New Myth For Itself – Usually Associated With A Major Figure

~ TOESTM ~ The Organic Everywhere Supplants The Mechanical

~ DSTL ~ Dialogue Supersedes The Lecture

~ A-IAFFDABIAO ~ Acceleration – Is A Formula For Dissolution And Breakdown In Any Organization

~ RO-EAP-CBA-NB-TSOP-B-B-APOC ~ Restraints On – Electric Absolutist Power – Can Be Achieved – Not By – The Separation Of Powers – But – By – A Pluralism Of Centers

~ EWBRACDAMF ~ Education Will Become Recognized As Civil Defense Against Media Fallout

~ SONETINAEOOBBOOCNS-WNSAT-IL-AAMO-PE-AMO-SASI-A-ISAS-ATCPBRAW ~ Since Our New Electric Technology Is Not An Extension Of Our Bodes But Of Our Central Nervous Systems – We Now See All Technology – Including Language – As A Means Of – Processing Experience – A Means Of – Storing And Speeding Information – And – In Such A Situation – All Technology Can Plausibly Be Regarded As Weapons

~ T-FOW-CO-LAL-IT-AA ~ The – Future Of Work – Consists Of – Learning A Living – In The – Automation Age


~ TMI-TMD ~ Too Much Information – Too Many Decisions

~ AT-IAD-CWAC-DO ~ All This – Ignoring And Deciding – Comes With A Cost – Decision Overload

~ TD-MNIOBDP-WCHTSTTFTI-A-ATIPMUT-NALCWAM;TNOAGTS-A-WTBWH-E-WEF ~ The Decision-Making Network In Our Brain Doesn’t Prioritize – We Can Have Trouble Separating The Trivial From The Important – And – All This Information Processing Makes Us Tired – Neurons Are Living Cells With A Metabolism; They Need Oxygen And Glucose To Survive – And – When They’re Been Working Hard – We Experience Fatigue

~ T-PCOTCM-HBEA-120BPS-B-TSLFTTOIWCPCATAAOT-IOFSTBEAPOYE-YNTHPCATI ~ The – Processing Capacity Of The Conscious Mind – Has Been Estimated At – 120 Bits Per Second – Bandwidth – The Speed Limit For The Traffic Of Information We Can Pay Conscious Attention To At Any One Time – In Order For Something To Become Encoded As Part Of Your Experience – You Need To Have Paid Conscious Attention To It

~ A-ITMEMRFAO-IDWAOTEWDW-A-MOTT-VASP-MTCCAWGPTTOCA ~ Attention – Is The Most Essential Mental Resource For Any Organism – It Determines Which Aspects Of The Environment We Deal With – And – Most Of The Time – Various Automatic Subconscious Processes – Make The Correct Choice About What Gets Passed Through To Our Conscious Awareness

~ HSP ~ Highly Successful Persons

~ TBIAECD ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector

~ A-IAL-CR-TADLTTNOTWCATAO ~ Attention – Is A Limited-Capacity Resource – There Are Definite Limits To The Number Of Things We Can Attend To At Once

~ WDKWWM-B-OBCCITTANIPATM-EITARIFOOE-IB ~ We Don’t Know What We’re Missing – Because – Our Brain Can Completely Ignore Things That Are Not Its Priority At The Moment – Even If They Are Right In Front Of Our Eyes – Inattentional Blindness

~ B-WASC-WAESB-F-PS-A-VA-O-ASE-OBFO-V-S-A-MT-D-B-SA ~ But – We Are Social Creatures – We Are Easily Swayed By – First-Person Stories – And – Vivid Accounts – Of – A Single Experience – Our Brains Focus On – Vivid – Social – Accounts – More Than – Dry – Boring – Statistical Accounts

~ OBTD-MS ~ Our Brains Take Decision-Making Shortcuts

~ AS-T-OWOA-IIAEPOB-O-E-A-P ~ Active Sorting – Triage – One Way Or Another – It Is An Essential Part Of Being – Organized – Efficient – And – Productive

~ WTWAOEGOAU-HLOTWWAP-ISOTOFTWGIA ~ We Think We’re Aware Of Everything Going On Around Us – How Little Of The World We Actually Perceive – In Spite Of The Overwhelming Feeling That We’re Getting It All

~ D-A-M-W-A-ANSOTB ~ Daydreaming – And – Mind-Wandering – Are – A Natural State Of The Brain

~ PA-AHAC-WWPATOT-WANTAAFSE ~ Paying Attention – Attention Has A Cost – When We Pay Attention To One Thing – We Are Necessarily Taking Attention Away From Something Else

~ WTTR-TMRI-WEOAL-B-NAWA-TFI ~ We Tend To Remember – The Most Recent Items – We Encountered On A List – But – Not As Well As – The First Item

~ OOT-BR-I-NLT-IT-R-O-TDP ~ One Of The – Big Rules – In – Not Losing Things – Is The – Rule – Of – The Designated Place

~ A-O-LTIFOBAITE;UTEITRYOWNTBD ~ Affordances – Off-Loading The Information From Our Brain And Into The Environment; Use The Environment Itself To Remind You Of What Needs To Be Done

~ TBIAECD-B-TBHTTTDC ~ The Brain Is An Exquisite Change Detector – But – The Brain Habituates To Things That Don’t Change

~ W-OP-FTRBTKATHOATTTGAPOS-TBAEP ~ When – Organized People – Find Themselves Running Between The Kitchen And The Home Office All The Time To Get A Pair Of Scissors – They Buy An Extra Pair

~ E-PD-O-CARDSS-WW ~ Either – Providing Duplicates – Or – Creating A Rigidly Defined Special Spot – Works Well

~ MCPFTTTBCPB-S-UAUTM ~ Many Creative People Find The Time To Be Creative Precisely Because – Systems – Unburdening And Uncluttering Their Minds

~ TFTOBAIGACCIAPLFOOL-WCCOHAWEISAWTTBEOOB-C-LTNOTOTTC ~ The Fact That Our Brains Are Inherently Good At Creating Categories Is A Powerful Lever For Organizing Our Lives – We Can Construct Our Home And Work Environments In Such A Way That They Become Extensions Of Our Brains – Categories – Limit The Number Of Types Of Things They Contain

~ MVTTYNR-A-HTTYD ~ Make Visible The Things You Need Regularly – And – Hide Things That You Don’t

~ T-H-DTRFUIWAAOWAPSL-OWTETHNSOMSITCDWSFTDKOWWD ~ The – Hippocampus – Does The Remembering For Us If We Associate An Object With A Particular Spatial Location – One Way To Exploit The Hippopotamus’s Natural Style Of Memory Storage Is To Create Different Work Spaces For The Different Kinds Of Work We Do

~ DSMT-FAC-TYRO-S ~ Don’t Spend More Time – Filing And Classifying – Than You’ll Reap On – Searching

~ ETWTWGALD-I-M-T-MUDLE ~ Even Though We Think We’re Getting A Lot Done – Ironically – Multi-Tasking – Makes Us Demonstrably Less Efficient

~ M-T-HBFTITPOTSHCAWATF-O-FHA-WCOYBACMFOST ~ Multi-Tasking – Has Been Found To Increase The Production Of The Stress Hormone Cortisol As Well As The Fight-Or-Flight Hormone Adrenaline – Which Can Overstimulate Your Brain And Cause Mental Fog Or Scrambled Thinking

~ ITOT-D-M-I-VHOYNR-A-LDATTUAMEABO-OOTFTWLI-IC-AM-LOID-WCEUM-TBDASI ~ It Turns Out That – Decision-Making – Is – Very Hard On Your Neural Resources – And – Little Decisions Appear To Take Up As Much Energy As Big Ones – One Of The First Things We Lose Is – Impulse Control – After Making – Lots Of Insignificant Decisions – We Can End Up Making – Truly Bad Decisions About Something Important

~ O-L-MF-ITPW-RTIYC-MW ~ Off-Load – Memory Functions – Into The Physical World – Rather Than Into Your Crowded – Mental World

~ TPOCE:WHTRWSI?-PIPWYWNI ~ The Principle Of Cognitive Efficiency: Why Have To Remember Where Something Is? – Put It Precisely Where You Will Need It

~ WNTB-PARS-BDTT-ROWB-ENAA-ATM-WMTKIR-A-STWF ~ We Need To Be – Proactive About Reducing Stress – By Doing Things That – Reset Our Working Brains – Experiencing Nature And Art – Allowing The Mind-Wandering Mode To Kick In Regularly – And – Spending Time With Friends

~ T-A-R-STTYM ~ Tickler – A – Reminder – Something That Tickles Your Memory

~ EM-CI-OP-TM ~ Externalizing Memory – Can Include – Other People – Transactive Memory

~ ALPOOOSWS-LAE-IIWWWFI ~ A Large Part Of Organizing Our Social World Successfully – Like Anything Else – Is Identifying What We Want From It

~ SMTA-UTITTBS ~ Spending More Time Alone – Under The Illusion That They’re Being Social

~ HTTBISOO ~ Humans Tend To Be Innately Suspicious Of Outsiders

~ OWHA-S-WTNT-RTS-WI-DA-N-D-E-A-‘E’ ~ Once We Have A – Stereotype – We Tend Not To – Reevaluate The Stereotype – We Instead – Discard Any – New – Disconfirming – Evidence – As – “Exceptions”

~ YMST-TFOTWD-AOT-O-AO-GB ~ You Might Say That – The Fate Of The World Depends – Among Other Things – On – Abolishing Out-Group Bias

~ IYH-SBYWTGD-BIUI-C-M/I/D-C-TNSATCOES ~ If You Have – Something Big You Want To Get Done – Break It Up Into – Chunks – Meaningful / Implementable / Doable – Chunks – There’s Neurochemical Satisfaction At The Completion Of Each Stage

~ PAD-RSPOTB ~ Planning And Doing – Require Separate Parts Of The Brain

~ D-TMUT-FTITM-WGIH-B-WDATDMO ~ Do – The Most Unpleasant Task – First Thing In The Morning – When Gumption Is Highest – Because – Willpower Depletes As The Day Moves On

~ RWADHGOOCIOOTGCOL ~ Realizing When A Diversion Has Gotten Out Of Control Is One Of The Great Challenges Of Life

~ DNSMTOADTIW ~ Do Not Spend More Time On A Decision Than It’s Worth

~ WTTORE ~ We Tend To Overweight Rare Events

~ WFBWWAUSCAAATEICWTC ~ We Function Best When We Are Under Some Constraints And Are Allowed To Exercise Individual Creativity Within Those Constraints

~ MSTAAOTIH-IICTEOUTRFVTIWE-TIAEI ~ More So Than At Any Other Time In History – It Is Crucial That Each Of Us Takes Responsibility For Verifying The Information We Encounter – Testing It And Evaluating It


~ TARL-TRTSPI-B-DCBUAU ~ There Are Real Life-Threatening Risks To Sharing Personal Information – Because – Data Can Be Used Against Us

~ TRIA-HTETTDCAATTUAWATT-A-TWHSSIHODAU ~ The Real Issues Are – How To Ensure That The Data Companies Are As Transparent To Us As We Are To Them – And – That We Have Some Say In How Our Data Are Used

~ TSDR ~ The Social Data Revolution

~ HCWETDAFTP? ~ How Can We Ensure That Data Are For The People?

~ SD-I-IAY-SA-Y-M-B-A-I-AWAIA-YRW-OP-P-P-E-I ~ Social Data – Is – Information About You – Such As – Your – Movements – Behavior – And – Interests – As Well As Information About – Your Relationships With – Other People – Places – Products – Even – Ideologies

~ OLSNB-D-B-D-TSB-E-B-D ~ Our Lives Should Not Be – Driven – By – Data – They Should Be – Empowered – By – Data

~ PFTP-PA ~ Principles For The Post-Privacy Age

~ B-T-IE-YAN-A ~ But – Transparency – Isn’t Enough – You Also Need – Agency

~ A-E-TROITAUTD-OAFL-A-I-GPTATCDTAUTT ~ Agency – Encompasses – The Right Of Individuals To Act Upon Their Data – On A Fundamental Level – Agency – Involves – Giving People The Ability To Create Data That Are Useful To Them

~ T-AWDCALADIE-ST-I-YATHSCODPAS-O-HCYPJ-WYGAWYG? ~ Transparency – About What Data Companies Are Learning And Doing Is Essential – So Too – Is – Your Ability To Have Some Control Over Data Products And Services – Otherwise – How Could You Possibly Judge – What You Give Against What You Get?

~ IIATCOP ~ Information Is At The Center Of Power

~ TWHMITOAASTB ~ Those Who Have More Information Than Others Almost Always Stand To Benefit

~ BDL ~ Becoming Data Literate

~ TBFPIT-SDR-WMSTOMO-P-‘C’-WTIWIPBU-A-EA-NM-TO-AC-COSD ~ To Be Full Participants In The – Social Data Revolution – We Must Shed The Old Mindset Of – Passive – “Consumers” – Who Take In Whatever Is Placed Before Us – And – Embrace A – New Mindset – That Of – Active Co-Creators Of Social Data

~ WCT-SDR-A-M-‘BB’-O-WCBDLADMWTITRSTTVWGFTIWWWGTT ~ We Can Treat – Social Data Refineries – As – Mysterious – “Black Boxes” – Or – We Can Become Data Literate And Demand Meaningful Ways To Influence The Refineries So That The Value We Get From Them Is Worth What We Give To Them

~ WYDW? ~ What’s Your Data Worth?

~ ASDACIMAOOL-WWIDODRTHUMSOTBDIL ~ As Social Data Are Created In More Areas Of Our Lives – We Will Increasingly Depend On Data Refineries To Help Us Make Some Of The Biggest Decisions In Life

~ IMC-TTMOTDWCEOWWCODTTDCBO ~ In Many Cases – The True Meaning Of The Data We Create Emerges Only When We’re Comparing Our Data To The Data Created By Others

~ OOTBSOBDLILWDA-P-I-O-I ~ One Of The Basic Skills Of Being Data Literate Is Learning What Data Are – Plausible – Implausible – Or – Impossible

~ ADAPTE ~ All Data Are Prone To Error

~ WAASWHTCWSDEWWTHR-A-WRWCT ~ We As A Society Will Have To Consider Which Social Data Experiments We Want To Have Run – And – Which Results We Can Trust

~ A-IN-TDSOD-TPDTWFTP-WN-TAA ~ Anonymity – Is Not – The Default Setting Of Democracy – To Put Data To Work For The People – We Need – Transparency And Agency

~ TEIAOSDCPUO-IWCDTHTAIOTABTTM?-WNTDMSTFETT-O ~ The Exponentially Increasing Amount Of Social Data Clearly Presents Unprecedented Opportunities – In Which Cases Does The Harm To An Individual Outweigh The Aggregate Benefit To The Masses? – We Need To Develop More Sophisticated Tools For Evaluating These Trade-Offs

~ TNSC ~ The New Social Capital

~ TMOSDE ~ The Ministry Of Social Data Engineering

~ AAFS-DR-OTGUASSTT-P-OAO ~ As A First Step – Data Refineries – Ought To Give Users A Simple Switch To Turn – Personalization – On And Off

~ MSOTSOS-WDIMTLIAWWEIR? ~ Making Sense Of The Sensorization Of Society – What Does It Mean To Live In A World Where Everything Is Recorded?

~ PH-TMF-A-LWUS-F-TIT-FOII-O-BR-IAW-TWATOOTI-S-TIT-FOD-O-OSD-WP-T-TITFOP-O-ORDASTD-AUAHTDMBAOUITF ~ People Have – Three Main Fears – About – Living With Ubiquitous Sensors – First – There Is The – Fear Of Information Imbalance – Of – Being Retrievable – In A Way – That Will Alter The Outcome Of The Interaction – Second – There Is The – Fear Of Dissemination – Of – Others Sharing Data – Without Permission – Third – There Is The Fear Of Permanence – Of – Others Recording Data And Saving The Data – An Uncertainty About How The Data Might Be Analyzed Or Used In The Future

~ CAD-TVOAE-I-WADO-SD-TGUR ~ Companies Are Discovering – The Value Of Analyzing Everything – Increasingly – We’ll All Depend On – Sensor Data – To Give Us Recommendations

~ C-ATO-S-TCPU-TUCOA-P/P/T ~ Cameras – Aren’t The Only – Sensor – That Can Pick Up – The Unique Characteristics Of A – Person / Place / Thing

~ RTASD-WINTBTBTTMOUATPHTPWMNEBATTMABI ~ Refineries That Analyze Sensor Data – Will Increasingly Need To Balance The Benefits To The Majority Of Users Against The Potential Harm To People Who May Not Even Be Aware That Their Movements Are Being Inferred

~ IRS-WIAFSITBB-PAS-AWAB-PAFS ~ Image Recognition Software – Will Involve A Fundamental Shift In The Balance Between – Privacy And Security – As Well As Between – Privacy And Free Speech

~ A-C-GVTTWCSFT ~ Algorithms – Can – Give Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves


~ But – We Can Demand A – Set Of Rights – With Respect To Our – Social Data – That Ensures The Fullest Potential Of – Transparency And Agency

~ STC-TFTP ~ Seeing The Controls – Transparency For The People

~ WHTDOTRTHUIAUTIOOD-TRTAYDSITATSYDIC-TOTMPCA-YP-A-YP ~ We Have To Depend On The Refineries To Help Us Interpret And Understand The Implications Of Our Data – The Right To Access Your Data Should Include The Ability To See Your Data In Context – Two Of The Most Powerful Contexts Are – Your Past – And – Your Peers

~ AT-RD-A-WATF-AC-A-I-I-M ~ Access To – Raw Data – Alone – Without Any Tools For – Analysis Comparison – And – Interpretation – Is – Meaningless

~ TRTIDR ~ The Right To Inspect Data Refineries

~ I-CO-AP-C-W-SRS ~ Increasingly – Cyber Operations – Are Providing – Criminals – With – Significant Revenue Streams

~ HCYDWARI-‘SE’-TSYDW? ~ How Can You Determine Whether A Refinery Is – “Secure Enough” – To Share Your Data With?

~ MSBS-NWA-SW-B-WA-HW-IAC-AE-WI-D-D-IT-O-STBTDATJ ~ Many Security Breaches Start – Not With A – Software Weakness – But – With A – Human Weakness – Inside A Company – An Employee – Who Is – Disgruntled – Disaffected – Inadequately Trained – Or – Simply Too Busy To Do A Thorough Job

~ AW-LAR-WMMAT-GP;TDWEAWLHBTURDAEOTR ~ As With – Laws And Regulations – What Matters Most Are The – Guiding Principles; The Details Will Evolve As We Learn How Best To Use Refined Data And Exercise Our Transparency Rights

~ TTC-AFTP ~ Taking The Control(S) – Agency For The People

~ IRCEWU-WSBATEWT ~ If Refineries Can Experiment With Us – We Should Be Able To Experiment With Them

~ ITM ~ Influencing The Machines

~ IAWAGT-TAR-B-TMITEHNEOODL ~ It’s All Well And Good To – Talk About Rights – But – They’re Meaningless If Their Existence Has No Effect On Our Daily Lives

~ WFBQATPAAUOD ~ We Face Big Questions About The Possible And Acceptable Uses Of Data

~ T-HIP-B-SD-ALOT ~ Transparency – Has Its Price – But – So Does – A Lack Of Transparency

~ SD-CGU-F-MT-W-T-MWWW-MCTP-A-OTW-ALAWCETDR ~ Social Data – Can Give Us – Fairer – More Transparent – Ways – To – Match Work With Workers – Match Compensation To Performance – And – Optimize The Workforce – As Long As Workers Can Exercise Their Data Rights

~ AWGTAT-REUTS-EO-TAAR-AWDS-DOTPABTP-WB-DFTP ~ As We Gain The Ability To – Refine Everything Under The Sun – Exercising Our – Transparency And Agency Rights – As We Do So – Data Of The People And By The People – Will Become – Data For The People


~ BG-TABWAM ~ Before Gutenberg – The Average Book Was A Masterpiece

~ TSOI ~ The Shock Of Inclusion

~ TPFKATA ~ The People Formerly Known As The Audience

~ CS ~ Collaborative Spirals

~ BFO ~ Behavior Follows Opportunity

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations

~ CAGIACA ~ Creativity And Generosity In A Connected Age

~ WCNTFTA-AGSATCBHF-L-CC-P-RT-AASOIMTBWAOPAAT ~ We Can Now Treat Free Time As – A General Social Asset That Can Be Harnessed For – Large – Communally Created – Projects – Rather Than – As A Set Of Individual Minutes To Be Whiled Away One Person At A Time

~ PWTDSTMTWABP-TWHWTAIT ~ People Want To Do Something To Make The World A Better Place – They Will Help When They Are Invited To

~ OYFOHTTTSIAWTPCA-OCRYT-OAO-ATW ~ Once You’ve Figured Out How To Tap The Surplus In A Way That People Care About – Others Can Replicate Your Technique – Over And Over – Around The World

~ PTRFTATTCT ~ Projects That Range From The Amusing To The Culturally Transformative

~ DSBIIYMIADKOATDIBYARAER ~ Doing Something Because It Interests You Makes It A Different Kind Of Activity Than Doing It Because You Are Reaping An External Reward

~ IEMCADIO ~ Increasing Extrinsic Motivations Can Actually Decrease Intrinsic Ones

~ PIMASETTGTETRT-IYGPAWTAOTDFAACOGAS-TMTYUOI ~ People’s Intrinsic Motivations Are Strong Enough That They Gravitate Toward Experiences That Reward Them – If You Give People A Way To Act On Their Desire For Autonomy And Competence Or Generosity And Sharing – They Might Take You Up On It

~ MOTUUOCTASBOOBAHNWSL ~ Many Of The Unexpected Uses Of Communications Tools Are Surprising Because Our Old Beliefs About Human Nature Were So Lousy

~ ‘C-BPP’-WTIJOOABIP-A-CBPOAP-WAMH ~ “Commons-Based Peer Production” – Work That Is Jointly Owned Or Accessed By Its Participants – And – Created By People Operating As Peers – Without A Managerial Hierarchy

~ TIIOATCTT-TPOFTAPTISU-IOOTGNOOTA-OTCTBOPWTAOI ~ This Increase In Our Ability To Create Things Together – To Pool Our Free Time And Particular Talents Into Something Useful – Is One Of The Great New Opportunities Of The Age – One That Changes The Behaviors Of People Who Take Advantage Of It

~ SPINAP-IIJAA ~ Social Production Is Not A Panacea – It Is Just An Alternative

~ OWTHAGOPITATFTITCAMOSC ~ One Way To Help A Group Of Participants Improve Their Ability To Function Together Is The Creation And Maintenance Of Shared Culture

~ CAPCWWBFSIHTSAP ~ Creating A Participatory Culture With Wider Benefits For Society Is Harder Than Sharing Amusing Photos

~ TESOVRNICLFMSTFBE-BNOHACG-OEAVGO-AWTNGIWLL ~ The Essential Source Of Value Right Now Is Coming Less From Master Strategy Than From Broad Experimentation – Because No One Has A Complete Grasp – Or Even A Very Good One – About What The Next Great Idea Will Look Like

~ SS ~ Start Small

~ PTWWOITGLGWGL ~ Projects That Will Work Only If They Grow Large Generally Won’t Grow Large

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations


~ U-MPHTTCANBTIBT ~ Unfortunately – Many People Have Trouble Thinking Clearly About Numbers Because They’re Intimidated By Them

~ TCROA-PC-IT-TPHTAUT100 ~ The Cardinal Rule Of A – Pie Chart – Is That – The Percentages Have To Add Up To 100

~ TMFWTLWASGITNLTA ~ The Most Fundamental Way To Lie With A Statistical Graph Is To Not Label The Axes

~ I-AOUB-LW-T-SPO-A-TROTFTMPWSWTDTC ~ Infographics – Are Often Used By – Lying Weasels – To – Shape Public Opinion – And – They Rely On The Fact That Most People Won’t Study What They’ve Done Too Carefully

~ STSBRITRO ~ Sometimes The Statistic Being Reported Isn’t The Relevant One

~ CATO-OWTLWSITCT-D/P/TOP-TADFOA-A-PTTN ~ Comparing Apples To Oranges – One Way To Lie With Statistics Is To Compare Things – Datasets / Populations / Types Of Products – That Are Different From One Another – And – Pretend That They’re Not

~ JBTANOI-DMTTNWAAP-R-P-GS-P-CWTC-HTGAC-TAAHOEABTCEITCP-A-CL-T-TWC ~ Just Because There’s A Number On It – Doesn’t Mean That The Number Was Arrived At Properly – Remember – People – Gather Statistics – People – Choose What To Count – How To Go About Counting – There Are A Host Of Errors And Biases That Can Enter Into The Collection Process – And – Can Lead – To – The Wrong Conclusions

~ TBAG-AS-HTBR ~ To Be Any Good – A Sample – Has To Be Representative

~ R-HTATTT-CVTAETIOCDO-STTTMANOOADTM ~ Researchers – Have To Avoid The Tendency To – Capture Variables That Are Easy To Identify Or Collect Data On – Sometimes The Things That Matter Are Not Obvious Or Are Difficult To Measure

~ PSLWATO ~ People Sometimes Lie When Asked Their Opinions

~ MMBS-TMB-C-R-A-P-P-F-CD-STEPWCIDIITSW-EPWICHTCITSW ~ Measurements Must Be Standardized – There Must Be – Clear – Replacable – And – Precise – Procedures – For – Collecting Data – So That Each Person Who Collects It Does It In The Same Way – Each Person Who Is Counting Has To Count In The Same Way

~ ME-OIEM ~ Measurement Error – Occurs In Every Measurement

~ HSIDOCCMABDITSYEUW ~ How Something Is Defined Or Categorized Can Make A Big Difference In The Statistic You End Up With

~ ADCBWATTAAIP-OPBAAQUS ~ A Definition Can Be Wrangled And Twisted To Anyone’s Advantage In Public-Opinion Polling By Asking A Question Just-So

~ IASICO-ASOPDM-G-M-O-M-O-FE-TRCWBF ~ If A Statistic Is Composed Of – A Series Of Poorly Defined Measures – Guesses – Misunderstandings – Oversimplifications – Mismeasurement – Or – Flawed Estimates – The Resulting Conclusion Will Be Flawed

~ W-HATTACTOTTWDW ~ We – Have A Tendency To Apply Critical Thinking Only To Things We Disagree With

~ WAAST-S-A-ASS-ESBTOOO ~ We Are A Story-Telling Species – And – A Social Species – Easily Swayed By The Opinions Of Others

~ THBOMUIMBO-EC-AT-STJT-A-TBIAVOS-JM ~ The Human Brain Often Makes Up Its Mind Based On – Emotional Considerations – And Then – Seeks To Justify Them – And – The Brain Is A Very Powerful Self-Justifying Machine

~ ETSOUCBF ~ Even The Smartest Of Us Can Be Fooled

~ MAIAE-BCAWIT ~ Make An Informed And Evidence-Based Choice About What Is True

~ WUDWTSEO-HDWIT? ~ We Usually Do Well To Seek Expert Opinions – How Do We Identify Them?

~ IE ~ Identifying Expertise

! SH-S-INTEANW-IJT-S-TMLTBR ~ Stuff Happens – So – It’s Not That Experts Are Never Wrong – It’s Just That – Statically – They’re More Likely To Be Right

~ EITN ~ Expertise Is Typically Narrow

~ B-IAE-TTB-DS-CTTPBTIIA-S-UQ ~ But – Intelligence And Experience – Tend To Be – Domain-Specific – Contrary To The Popular Belief That Intelligence Is A – Single – Unified Quantity

~ WIBI? ~ Who Is Behind It?

~ CTWBOUANMTDY? ~ Could The Website Be Operating Under A Name Meant To Deceive You?

~ WLTTWP? ~ Who Links To The Web Page?

~ P-RJ ~ Peer-Reviewed Journals

~ RA ~ Regulated Authority

~ SI ~ Supporting Information

~ B-IYLOF-SE-Y-NDPR-BY-ITCE-TMB-AL-OT-O-AL-B-YDK-B-YHL-‘C-P’-TDTSYH ~ But – If You’re Looking Only For – Supporting Evidence – You’re – Not Doing Proper Research – Because Your – Ignoring The Contradictory Evidence – There Might Be – A Little – Of This – Or – A Lot – But – You Don’t Know – Because – You Haven’t Looked – “Cherry-Picking” – The Data That Suit Your Hypothesis

~ SS-AUNR-LS-MARTSOTW-S-CT-TLOLN ~ Small Samples – Are Usually Not Representative – Larger Samples – More Accurately Reflect The State Of The World – Statisticians – Call This – The Law Of Large Numbers

~ B-WIEAYIAWSTI-W-W-TENCTEIW-P? ~ But – What If Everyone Around You Is Agreeing With Something That Is – Well – Wrong – The Exquisite New Clothes The Emperor Is Wearing – Perhaps?

~ C-MPTLLF-A-T-SCMOPHBTB ~ Counterknowledge – Misinformation Packaged To Look Like Fact – And – That – Some Critical Mass Of People Have Begun To Believe

~ IITAT-ICE-NEIE-B-NEWOOR ~ It’s Important To Accept That – In Complex Events – Not Everything Is Explainable – Because – Not Everything Was Observed Or Reported

~ AHOUADNDOUAW-ETTIBOTOPOE-Y-TAATATHOACT ~ A Handful Of Unexplained Anomalies Does Not Discredit Or Undermine A Well-Established Theory That Is Based On Thousands Of Pieces Of Evidence – Yet – These Anomalies Are Typically At The Heart Of All Conspiratorial Thinking

~ TPO-A-IN-D;TI-ABOSOCODNMS ~ The Plural Of – Anecdote – Is Not – Data; That Is – A Bunch Of Stories Or Casual Observations Do Not Make Science

~ MORCLUTIODEWCUTPO ~ Misunderstandings Of Risk Can Lead Us To Ignore Or Discount Evidence We Could Use To Protect Ourselves

~ PBA ~ Persuasion By Association

~ OIHB-TOETMRT-CFT ~ Our Imperfect Human Brains – Those Of Even The Most Rigorous Thinkers – Can Fool Themselves

~ IC-TBIAGPD-A-ISTEOASFWOATBRC ~ Illusory Correlation – The Brain Is A Giant Pattern Detector – And – It Seeks To Extract Order And Structure From What Often Appear To Be Random Configurations

~ FOP ~ Framing Of Probabilities

~ FR ~ Framing Risk

~ SWAPC ~ Start With A Plausibility Check

~ AOFOHCIT-OWFABOAAC-IVHFUTLG-EITFOO-WEASPTTC ~ An Odd Feature Of Human Cognition Is That – Once We Form A Belief Or Accept A Claim – It’s Very Hard For Us To Let Go – Even In The Face Of Over-Whelming Evidence And Scientific Proof To The Contrary

~ PH-EPH-‘B-THAT-TMHCT’ ~ Post Hoc – Ergo Propter Hoc – “Because – This Happened After That – That Must Have Caused This”

~ KWYDK ~ Knowing What You Don’t Know

~ WWRHY-A-CUAODAI-ATTYTYKBD ~ What Will Really Hurt You – And – Cause Untold Amounts Of Damage And Inconvenience – Are The Things You Think You Know But Don’t

~ ECLAT ~ Every Contact Leaves A Trace

~ AECOCTIKWWDK ~ An Essential Component Of Critical Thinking Is Knowing What We Don’t Know

~ A-A-SB-HEPDATW ~ An – Anti-Science Bias – Has Entered Public Discourse And The Web

~ W-NCA-CWTROMARWAOMFO-TRFVCFOEOU ~ With – No Central Authority – Charged With The Responsibility Of Monitoring And Regulating Websites And Other Material Found Online – The Responsibility For Verifying Claims Falls On Each Of Us

~ CT-INSYDOWAIATDI-IAAAOP ~ Critical Thinking – Is Not Something You Do Once With An Issue And Then Drop It – It’s An Active And Ongoing Process

~ WFBOKAMNOTWCTALNOTTMNBS ~ We’re Far Better Off Knowing A Moderate Number Of Things With Certainty Than A Large Number Of Things That Might Not Be So

~ TKSOL-HUTMCTIOHAST ~ True Knowledge Simplifies Our Lives – Helping Us To Make Choices That Increase Our Happiness And Save Time