~ A-CT-IAETESEOPBRT-TSMOPPWHAMTCTR ~ A – Conspiracy Theory – Is An Effort To Explain Some Event Or Practice By Referring To – The Secret Machinations Of Powerful People Who Have Also Managed To Conceal Their Role

~ CTGATCAEP:TP-TC-TMS-ASF-TWBTTAPSP-AEUTGRAT-D-W-ITE-M-AA-B-AODOTRFTCITFP ~ Conspiracy Theories Generally Attribute To Certain Agents Extraordinary Power: To Plan – To Control – To Maintain Secrets – And So Forth – Those Who Believe That Those Agents Possess Such Powers – Are Especially Unlikely To Give Respectful Attention To – Debunkers – Who – In Their Eyes – May – After All – Be – Agents Or Dupes Of Those Responsible For The Conspiracy In The First Place

~ CT-TOTCAD-O-OAB-WAATBCODACO-SSP-DAETI-OS-GADNURSFVL ~ Conspiracy Theorists – Typically Overestimate The Competence And Discretion – Of – Officials And Bureaucracies – Which Are Assumed To Be Capable Of Devising And Carrying Out – Sophisticated Secret Plans – Despite Abundant Evidence That In – Open Societies – Government Action Does Not Usually Remain Secret For Very Long

~ IACS-SAFETK-A-DOOAMAGDOS-ISS-CTABMLTBTAHTDILOAI ~ In A Closed Society – Secrets Are Far Easier To Keep – And – Distrust Of Official Accounts Makes A Great Deal Of Sense – In Such Societies – Conspiracy Theories Are Both More Likely To Be True And Harder To Disprove In Light Of Available Information

~ TIAPHTTTTEACBIA-EBTWSTB-‘CB’-A-FTR-CTHCBUA-OTPTTOAFE-SO-O-RF ~ There Is A Pervasive Human Tendency To Think That Effects Are Caused By Intentional Action – Especially By Those Who Stand To Benefit – “Cui Bono?” – And – For This Reason – Conspiracy Theories Have Considerable But Unwarranted Appeal – Overlooking The Possibility That The Outcome Arises From Either – Spontaneous Order – Or – Random Forces

~ MPDNLTBTSEW-CB-B-O-G-L-A-MPNCS ~ Most People Do Not Like To Believe That Significant Events Were – Caused By – Bad – Or – Good – Luck – And – Much Prefer Nonarbitrary Causal Stories

~ POWM(U)CTUITTWBTMAHAKOSDOAK-PI-AAWTMIDFTTBAAA ~ Part Of What Makes (unjustified) Conspiracy Theories Unjustified Is That Those Who Believe Them Must Also Have A Kind Of Spreading Distrust Of All Knowledge-Producing Institutions – In A Way That Makes It Difficult For Them To Believe Anything At All

~ HMOT-M-NBB-IWA-NTB-S-A-B-SMDA? How Many Other Things – Must – Not Be Believed – If We Are – Not To Believe – Something – Accepted – By – So Many Diverse Actors?

~ CE-P-DOI-F-PTPT ~ Conspiracy Entrepreneurs – Profit – Directly Or Indirectly – From – Propagating Their Preferred Theories

~ TEPO-A-WPAO-TAATMLTSCTJTES-A-ATATETIA ~ Terrible Events Produce Outrage – And – When People Are Outraged – They Are All The More Likely To Seek Causes That Justify Their Emotional States – And – Also To Attribute Those Events To Intentional Action

~ SPPBIACT-O-ALSTD-B-TSTCF-O-TAD ~ Sometimes People Profess Belief In A Conspiracy Theory – Or – At Least Suppress Their Doubts – Because – They Seek To Curry Favor – Or – To Avoid Disfavor

~ FCTAGDB-PCAI-FMTB-PO-TF-LRTCTITMAFAOS ~ False Conspiracy Theories Are Generally Debunked By – Private Citizens And Institution – Far More Than By – Public Officials – The First-Line Response To Conspiracy Theories Is To Maintain A Free And Open Society

~ IOR? ~ Ignore Or Rebut?

~ ISNCBABGFCT ~ Isolated Social Networks Can Be A Breeding Ground For Conspiracy Theories


~ CD-IMV-A-IMCD-KVANEATO;THTBD ~ Complex Decisions – Involve Multiple Variables – And – In Many Complex Decisions – Key Variables Are Not Evident At The Outset; They Have To Be Discovered

~ CD-RF-SA-INJTTCMV;IATTVDOCDFOR-TMTDW-YNTFYMOOINP-YHTTAAPFMP ~ Complex Decisions – Require Full-Spectrum Analysis – It’s Not Just That They Contain Multiple Variables; It’s Also That Those Variables Draw On Completely Different Frames Of Reference – To Make Those Decisions Well – You Need To Force Your Mind Out Of Its Narrowband Priorities – You Have To Think About A Problem From Multiple Perspectives

~ CD-FUTPTF ~ Complex Decisions – Force Us To Predict The Future

~ CD-IVLOU ~ Complex Decisions – Involve Varied Levels Of Uncertainty

~ CD-OICO ~ Complex Decisions – Often Involve Conflicting Objectives

~ CD-HUO ~ Complex Decisions – Harbor Undiscovered Options

~ CD-APT-S1-F-ATS-TMIETGTTSPOL-CTOTBLWWFATC ~ Complex Decisions – Are Prone To – System 1 – Failings – All The Shortcuts – That Make It Easy To Get Through The Simple Problems Of Life – Can Turn Out To Be Liabilities When We Face A True Crossroads

~ CD-AVTFO-CI-GAVT-CBTAFTSDOHI-‘GT’~ Complex Decisions – Are Vulnerable To Failures Of – Collective Intelligence – Groups Are Vulnerable To – Collective Biases That Arise From The Social Dynamics Of Human Interaction – “GroupThink”


~ TATMIACDIASTATEAOOL:WE;DR;CL;EE ~ The Ability To Make Informed And Creative Decisions Is A Skill That Applies To Every Aspect Of Our Lives: Work Environments; Domestic Roles; Civic Lives; Economic Existence

~ I-O-C-O-I-COTUSFWWROOT-DC ~ Intelligence – Or – Confidence – Or – Intuition – Can Only Take Us So Far When We Reach One Of Those – Difficult Crossroads

~ WTTF-FTTOOCD-SOTJTLTT-B-S-WIMM-WNTRTT ~ We Tend To Fast-Forward To The Outcomes Of Complex Decisions – Skipping Over The Journey That Led To Them – But – Sometimes – When It Matters Most – We Need To Rewind The Tape

~ BR ~ Bounded Rationality

~ ‘GT’-MOTTTHBDTACD-MHBSETSA-TPBSOBO-GB-A-TU-TWROKTAW-CGP ~ “GroupThink” – Many Of The Techniques That Have Been Developed To Augment Complex Decision-Making Have Been Specifically Engineered To Steer Around – The Potential Blind Spots Or Biases Of – Group Behavior – And – To Uncover – The Wide Range Of Knowledge That A Well-Curated Group Possesses

~ E-L-TD-IA-S-OA-F:U-NTBR-SDFIPTWCSIIFC ~ Every – Long-Term Decision – Is A – Snowflake – Or A – Fingerprint: Unique – Never To Be Repeated – So Different From Its Peers That We Can’t Shovel It Into Formulaic Categories

~ MTAE-WWFOCOOLHC-WNTSIOIOT-WFE-TIWIUADBIRSPC-BTIW-T-ISATWTDBFTP-IAISP-TWOSCBT ~ More Than Anything Else – When We Find Ourselves Confronting One Of Life’s Hard Choices – We Need To See It On Its Own Terms – With Fresh Eyes – There Is Wisdom In Understanding A Decision Because It Resemble Some Past Crossroads – But There Is Wisdom – Too – In Seeing All The Ways The Decision Breaks From The Past – In Appreciating Its Singular Properties – This Way Of Seeing Can Be Taught

~ TBS ~ The Blind Spot

~ ITTUAPWMIV-IOIFUTPATRED-SODIBOO-PAT-OSMTRBTUWTAOTS-POMTRDILHTMSOATDI-BIIJAITRTHTHOUIYN-TUT ~ In Trying To Understand A Problem With Many Interacting Variables – It’s Often Impossible For Us To Perceive All The Relevant Elements Directly – So Our Decision Is Built Out Of – Proxies And Translators – Other Specialized Minds That Report Back To Us With Their Assessment Of The Situation – Part Of Making The Right Decision Is Learning How To Make Sense Of All Those Different Inputs – But – It Is Just As Important To Recognize The Holes That Have Opened Up In Your Network – The Unreliable Translators

~ WFAD-TI-M-I-V-PHATTPO-‘A’-V-A-MTDBOTE-B-FDTMRFY-IMSTEOP ~ When Facing A Decision – That Involves – Multiple – Independent – Variables – People Have A Tendency To Pick One – “Anchor” – Variable – And – Make Their Decision Based On That Element – But – For Decisions That May Reverberate For Years – It Makes Sense To Expand Our Perspective

~ ID-DACD-CHETTCOTI-TCOE-SC-IH-TIFHC ~ Influence Diagrams – Diagramming A Complex Decision – Can Help Elucidate The True Complexity Of The Issue – The Chain Of Effects – Sometimes Called – Impact Highways – That Inevitably Follow Hard Choices

~ D-EFDHIOUM-OC-A-TAOMTCWAMWAPLNIFTMTMSET-B-IIDTKOKVRTSTSAITI-A-TBWTDTVITGDPOEOTP ~ Diversity – Every Farsighted Decision Has Its Own Unique Map – Of Course – And – The Art Of Making Those Choices With As Much Wisdom As Possible Lies Not In Forcing That Map To Match Some Existing Template – But – Instead In Developing The Kind Of Keen Vision Required To See The Situation As It Truly Is – And – The Best Way To Develop That Vision Is To Get Different Pairs Of Eyes On The Problem

~ TMIEI-TDOPYA-TDODISSTIATAEWTDPBATTGHNRETTCAH ~ The Most Important Element Is – The Diversity Of Perspectives You Assemble – The Power Of Diversity Is So Strong That It Appears To Apply Even When The Divers Perspectives Being Added To The Group Have No Relevant Expertise To The Case At Hand

~ HG-T-TCTDTQ ~ Homogeneous Groups – Tend – To Come To Decisions Too Quickly

~ YCETDOAEG-WBIO-SBD-‘ER’-TEOTPBOTKTHTBTTD-IOLFTCGOSK-PWETSTUPOTC ~ You Can Enhance The Diversity Of An Existing Group – Without Bringing In Outsiders – Simply By Designating – “Expert Roles” – To Each Of The Participants Based On The Knowledge They Happen To Bring To The Discussion – Instead Of Looking For The Common Ground Of Shared Knowledge – Participants Were Empowered To Share Their Unique Perspective On The Choice

~ STEWTBWITBCYAR ~ Sometimes The Easiest Way To Be Wrong Is To Be Certain You Are Right

~ TIWIBAAMMOTSYATTN-B-TIAACKOWIITBSOTM-TPWYDHC-EBYDHTRSOSAY-OBSEOTSIFU ~ There Is Wisdom In Building An Accurate Mental Map Of The System You Are Trying To Navigate – But There Is Also A Crucial Kind Of Wisdom In Identifying The Blank Spots On The Map – The Places Where You Don’t Have Clarity – Either Because You Don’t Have The Right Set Of Stakeholders Advising You – Or Because Some Element Of The Situation Is Fundamentally Unknowable

~ APTRTCLTOTBAPSOML-NJBIAOTGHSTTTI-B-BTVAOTAHCYAASMYTAWYMBM-CUWNC-TUP ~ Asking People To Rate Their Confidence Level Turns Out To Be A Productive Strategy On Multiple Levels – Not Just Because It Allows Others To Gauge How Seriously To Take Their Information – But – Because The Very Act Of Thinking About How Certain You Are About Something Makes You Think About What You Might Be Missing – Coming Up With New Choices – The Undiscovered Path

~ OE ~ Optimal Extremism

~ MSSCFTTFOA-‘E’-P-FFT-C-C-W-ASWEPANGAMVIASIOFC-OC-TAMEPTTOTB-DE-O-W ~ Most Significant Social Change First Takes The Form Of An – “extreme” – Position – Far From The – Centrist – Conventional – Wisdom – A Society Where Extreme Positions Are Not Granted A Meaningful Voice Is A Society Incapable Of Fundamental Change – Of Course – There Are Many Extreme Positions That Turn Out To Be – Dead-Ends – Or – Worse

~ SF~ SuperForecasters

~ FTLV-YNTDOMSFC For The Long View – You Need To Draw On Multiple Sources For Clues

~ RCT ~ Randomized Controlled Trial

~ S-MUBAP-A-SPMUBD-M ~ Simulations – Make Us Better At Predicting – And – Successful Predictions Make Us Better Decision-Makers

~ SP-YB-OMWTGB-OWTGW-A-OWTGW ~ Scenario Plans – You Build – One Model Where Things Get Better – One Where They Get Worse – And – One Where They Get Weird

~ PM-ITTSIGTD-A-ITCTWBRFTFD ~ PreMortem – Imagine That The Subject Is Going To Die – And – Imagine The Causes That Will Be Responsible For That Future Death

~ RT ~ Red Teams

~ HCAOHBTIOPLIMW-ASOATITI-THTTEAMCFSEP-TOTBAET ~ Hard Choices Are Often Hard Because They Impact Other People’s Lives In Meaningful Ways – And So Our Ability To Imagine The Impact – To Think Through The Emotional And Material Consequences From Someone Else’s Perspective – Turns Out To Be An Essential Talent

~ AWOMUITFPTAMAYEOT-RFTDTL ~ Another Way Of Mitigating Uncertainty Is To Favor Paths That Allow Modifications After You’ve Embarked On Them – Room For Tinkering Down The Line

~ Supercomputers Have Started Taking On The Role That In Ancient Times Belonged To The Oracles: To Peer Into The Future

~ WLIAS-A-SATKUFTLV ~ We Live In A Short-Attention-Span Age That Keeps Us From The Long View

~DGMSD ~ Diverse Groups Make Smarter Decisions

~ TLV ~ The Long View

~ WGTD? ~ Who Gets To Decide?

~ WITIO-D-IAIMG-THU-D-AAS-WOLSB ~ We Invented The Institution Of – Democracy – In All Its Many Guises – To Help Us – Decide – As A Society – What Our Laws Should Be

~ MIP-TIWO-MFCAAS-FT-WINWODO-CIEFUTT ~ Maybe It’s Possible – To Invent Ways Of – Making Farsighted Choices As A Society – Faster Than – We Invent New Ways Of Destroying Ourselves – Certainly It’s Essential For Us To Try


~ AOWESMW-TWCC-A-E-TWCI-HTBCOS ~ As Our World Evolves So Must We – Those Who Can Change – And – Especially – Those Who Can Innovate – Have The Best Chance Of Succeeding

~ FMOU-CINC-STDCF-UOA-SIRT-ASOL-CUDTYGSU ~ For Most Of Us – Change Is Not Comfortable – Sometimes The Discomfort Comes From – Uncertainty Or Ambiguity – Sometimes It’s Related To – A Sense Of Loss – Change Usually Demands That You Give Something Up

~ TSPDMTD-TEI-SIOAAA-A-TCWDIWMTSGAC ~ Truly Successful People Don’t Merely Tolerate Discomfort – They Embrace It – Seeking It Out Again And Again – And – Their Comfort With Discomfort Is What Makes Them So Good At Change

~ IYCTD-YCGBATTAD-YCG ~ If You Cannot Tolerate Discomfort – You Cannot Get Better At Things That Are Difficult – You Cannot Grow

~ LTCW-D-D/A/C-CBOOTGAOACESY ~ Learning To Cope With – Discomfort – Disagreement / Aggression / Criticism – Can Be One Of The Greatest Accomplishments Of A Child’s Early School Years

~ ATALTTDLIPAITLOPC ~ Attending To And Learning To Tolerate Discomfort Lessens Its Power And Increases The Likelihood Of Positive Change

~ M-LYED-WJI-DTAAYTLITM ~ Mindfulness – Letting Yourself Experience Discomfort – Without Judging It – Disperses Tension And Allows You To Live In The Moment

~ WCROE-STDDNDUOPUTS-DB-A-IBASTBS-ACTPUITDWNTO ~ We Can Reframe Our Experiences – So That Discomfort Does Not Derail Us Or Push Us Toward Self-Destructive Behavior – And – Instead Becomes A Sign To Be Studied – A Compass That Points Us In The Direction We Need To Go

~ RD ~ Reframing Discomfort

~ YEO-‘P’-IIBYCSOM-YPE-A-YFE ~ Your Experience Of – “Pain” – Is Influenced By Your Current State Of Mind – Your Prior Experiences – And – Your Future Expectations

~ BYCCYFODHYATC ~ Believing You Can Control Your Feelings Of Discomfort Heightens Your Ability To Cope

~ KHLYHTPUWPIABDOHWYBATTI ~ Knowing How Long You’ll Have To Put Up With Pain Is A Big Determinate Of How Well You’ll Be Able To Tolerate It

~ A-TMWATPM ~ And – The Meaning We Assign To Pain Matters

~ TOTPAAWIP-AMTAE-A-C-ASTWP-AMIMB ~ Thinking Of The Pain As A Work In Progress – A Means To An End – And – Crucially – As Something That Will Pass – Also Makes It More Bearable

~ TMF-OFOMDIHWRTOC ~ The Mindset Factor – Our Frame Of Mind Dramatically Influences How We Respond To Our Circumstances

~ G-ATSS-IFITASOW-BAAFDSL-IF-PG-FOWYHTBGF-A-MAPOEYT-WAWUASFOME-A-TFLS ~ Gratitude – According To Social Scientists – Is Fundamentally Important To A Sense Of Well-Being And A Fully Developed Social Life – In Fact – Practising Gratitude – Focusing On What You Have To Be Grateful For – And – Making A Point Of Expressing Your Thanks – We Also Wind Up Accepting Support From Others More Easily – And – Therefore Fell Less Stressed

~ SEOGCEMRTFG ~ Sincere Expressions Of Gratitude Create Even More Reasons To Feel Grateful

~ TAGHITP-YHTTCATPAOATF-TKTBEILTFGAF-GAF-A-IOW-TWPOH-TAAMO-TP ~ To Achieve Greater Happiness In The Present – You Have To Think Constructively About The Past And Optimistically About The Future – The Key To Both Exercises Is Learning To Feel Gratitude And Forgiveness – Gratitude And Forgiveness – Are – In Other Words – The Twin Pillars Of Happiness – They Are Also Misery’s One-Two Punch

~ TSE-OATFGMBGP-B-NDPTLR-YCLHTFMG ~ To Some Extent – Our Ability To Feel Grateful May Be Genetically Predetermined – But – Nurture Definitely Plays The Largest Role – You Can Learn How To Feel More Gratitude

~ RS-LLHTPTP-IYPFGIADW-ARH-TSIAALBEYA-YFHTGACD ~ Research Suggests – Like Learning How To Play The Piano – If You Practise Feeling Grateful In A Disciplined Way – A Regular Habit – Then Spreading It Around A Little By Expressing Your Appreciation – You’ll Feel Happier Than Grousers And Complainers Do

~ CT-FOTRYHTBG-IO-TRYD-NOIYHQ-B-ABOTBITAY ~ Choosing To – Focus On The Reasons You Have To Be Grateful – Instead Of – The Reasons You Don’t – Not Only Improves Your Happiness Quotient – But – Also Brings Out The Best In Those Around You

~ IIHTFUWYAOHMYHAYFGFI ~ It Is Harder To Feel Unhappy When You’re Aware Of How Much You Have And You Feel Grateful For It

~ DPWAGWUHBL-O-ATGBTLAASG? ~ Do People Who Are Grateful Wind Up Having Better Lives – Or – Are They Grateful Because Their Lives Are Already So Good?

~ CYB-A-RDW-EIYDHATMOT-YWFALHIYSAFMEDAFOWTA ~ Counting Your Blessings – Apparently – Really Does Work – Even If You Don’t Have All That Many Of Them – You Will Feel A Lot Happier If You Spend A Few Minutes Every Day Actively Figuring Out What They Are

~ WIK ~ Wording Is Key

~ DTCA-AEFEFOP-CBOOTMDTTDW ~ Discomfort That Comes As – An External Force Emanating From Other People – Can Be One Of The Most Difficult Types To Deal With

~ SHST-WDNTHA-AC-TFBAD-WJNT-BWHC-TRTB-WBO-FAMHP-BWCWDTWABWBCBI ~ Studies Have Shown That – We Don’t Need To Have Any – Actual Control – To Feel Better About Discomfort – We Just Need To – Believe We Have Control – To Reap The Benefits – We’re Better Off – From A Mental Health Perspective – Believing We Can Withstand Discomfort Than We Are Believing We’ll Be Crushed By It

~ S-SHIGYAFOC-B-HTMICBIWFH ~ Sometimes – Simply Having Information Gives You A Feeling Of Control – But – Having Too Much Information Can Backfire If We Feel Helpless

~ TDOR ~ The Discomfort Of Reinvention

~ MOFSTHWFYFALT-CB-OOTMC-A-U-FOC ~ Moving On From Something That Has Worked For You For A Long Time – Can Be – One Of The Most Challenging – And – Uncomfortable – Forms Of Change

~ WCO-ALOI-R-ITPTPTGSOC ~ When Change Occasions – A Loss Of Identity – Reinvention – Is The Path That Provides –The Greatest Sense Of Control

~ CWS-SYSCAG-IE-YNTBAT-FO-WRI-A-SO-TRT-F-TMD ~ Coping With Stress – So You Stay Calm And Grounded – Is Essential – You Need To Be Able To – Focus On – What’s Really Important – And – Sort Out – The Real Threats – From – The Mere Distractions

~ A-RITEOP-A-BSTGOL ~ Anxiety – Really Is The Enemy Of Progress – And – Basically Shuts The Gate On Learning

~ TCTTAIAEIFOC ~ The Capacity To Tolerate Ambiguity Is An Especially Important Feature Of Creativity

~ BIYO-C-WPC-S-E-IIBIRIM-CTHWYBATMTC ~ Belief In Your Own – Capability – Which Psychologists Call – Self-Efficacy – Is Important Because It Reinforces Internal Motivation – Central To How Well You’ll Be Able To Maintain The Change

~ HITSYTMS-TAPOTP-WINAAL ~ However Inconsequential The Steps You’re Taking May Seem – They’re All Part Of The Process – Which Is Not At All Linear

~ CINASCASOSBAIUASS-YMLYFASRBDTAPS ~ Change Is Not About Steadily Climbing A Set Of Stairs But About Inching Up A Slippery Spiral – You May Lose Your Footing And Slide Right Back Down To A Previous Stage

~ FTM ~ Finding The Meaning

~ C-IA-ATNC-O-AOTAOO ~ Change – Is About – Adapting To New Circumstances – Or – Adapting Our Thinking About Old Ones

~ IIEFUTACIWHANFWIH-IOW-IWITCWM ~ It Is Easier For Us To Accept Change If We Have A Narrative For Why It’s Happening – In Other Words – If We Invest The Change With Meaning


~ OOTMSFOOCITTISM-BS ~ One Of The Most Salient Features Of Our Culture Is That There Is So Much – BullShit

~ LOCTACW-T-ITHTRA-T-EOB ~ Lack Of Connection To A Concern With – Truth – Indifference To How Things Really Are – The – Essence Of Bullshit

~ IDST-BS-IA-KOB-IICT-B-S-TT-TAL ~ It Does Seem That – BullShitting – Involves A – Kind Of Bluff – It Is Closer To – Bluffing – Surely – Than To – Telling A Lie

~ TEO-BS-INTII-F-BTII-P ~ The Essence Of – BullShit – Is Not That It Is – False – But That It Is – Phony

~ AFAOTENO-BS-IIPWCWTT-INNB-F ~ A Fundamental Aspect Of The Essential Nature Of – BullShit – It Is Produced Without Concern With The Truth – It Need Not Be – False

~ T-BS-DNR-TAOTT-AT-L-D-A-O-I-[S]H-PNATIAA-BVOT-BS-IAG-EOTT-T-L-A ~ The – BullShitter – Does Not Reject – The Authority Of The Truth – As The – Liar – Does – And – Oppose – It – [S]He – Pays No Attention To It At All – By Virtue Of This – BullShit – Is A Greater – Enemy Of The Truth – Than – Lies – Are

~ BS-IUWCR-S-T-TWKW[S]HITA ~ BullShit – Is Unavoidable Whenever Circumstances Require – Someone – To – Talk Without Knowing What [S]He Is Talking About

~ TPO-BS-ISWAPOOOTSASTEH[H]KOTFTARTTT ~ The Production Of – BullShit – Is Stimulated Whenever A Person’s Obligations Or Opportunities To Speak About Some Topic Exceed His[Her] Knowledge Of The Facts That Are Relevant To That Topic


~ T-T-K:W-Y-TP-B-L-N-A-M-AOR-YMB~ The – Thinking – Key : When – Your – Thought Patterns – Become – Less – Negative – And – More – Accurate Or Rational – Your Mood Brightens

~ T-A-K:WY-BT-AIPW-YWFBAY ~ The – Action – Key : When You – Begin To – Act In Positive Ways – You Will Feel Better About Yourself

~ T-B-K:MYL-TSHCPIYB ~ The – Biology – Key : Modifying Your Lifestyle – To Stimulate Healthy Chemical Processes In Your Body

~ T-R-K:PACR-CANLASCWO ~ The – Relationship – Key : Positive And Caring Relationships – Create And Nurture Loving And Supportive Connections With Others

~ T-S-K:LOASOMIYL-O-FSE-CB-ABGFD-DSFHAPABCTYCAB ~ The – Spirituality – Key : Lack Of A Sense Of Meaning In Your Life – Or – Feeling Spiritually Empty – Can Be – A Breeding Ground For Despair – Drawing Strength From Having A Purpose And Being Committed To Your Core Values And Beliefs


~ EAOTWIDOTINOFHWTDATP ~ Events And Outcomes That We Initially Dread Often Turn Into New Opportunities For Happiness When They Do Actually Take Place

~ CP-IANP-A-LH-AMRITDOTM-AWMFAFAFOOWOGU-A-AWBFO-TV&C-IIHTIT-CMD-HNBUSC ~ Childhood Play – Is A Natural Phenomenon – And – Likely Has – A Major Role In The Development Of The Mind – As We Move Further And Further Away From Our Original Ways Of Growing Up – And – As We Become Fixated On – TV And Computers – It Is Hard To Imagine That – Children’s Mental Development – Has Not Been Undergoing Significant Changes

~ W-TPAP-MCT-I-CC-TII-CATDS ~ While – The Public And Politicians – May Choose To – Ignore – Climate Change – The Insurance Industry – Cannot Afford To Do So

~ PECDE-TFITWHAC-AVDE-WOC-OTOAOPTWH ~ Planet Earth Climate Destabilization Experiment – The Fact Is That We Humans Are Conducting – A Very Dangerous Experiment – With Our Climate – On The One And Only Planet That We Have

~ TPO-O-HGFBWRTBADISC-TCANSOOR-BA-AOGCD ~ The Problem Of – Overpopulation – Has Gone From Being Well Recognized To Being Almost Denied In Some Countries – The Consequences Are Not Simply Overconsumption Of Resources – But Also – Acceleration Of Global Climate Disruption

~ B-A-FL-I-PGSAED-S-I-FLAI-CS-PGMCUC ~ But – As – Female Literacy – Increases – Population Growth Stops And Even Declines – So – If – Female Literacy And Independence – Can Spread – Population Growth May Come Under Control

~ OCBALAT-OIRD-CWORTA-VGT-WWBF-GCOASNBS-HST-WWNLAL-TLFTFFOTD-ILPBOON-RD ~ One Can Build A Logical Argument That – Our Innate Reality Denial – Coupled With Our Runaway Technological Achievements – Virtually Guarantees That – We Will Be Facing – Global Calamities On A Scale Never Before Seen – History Suggests That – We Will Not Learn Any Long-Term Lessons From The First Few Of These Disasters – In Large Part Because Of Our Nemesis – Reality Denial

~ B-DAROR-CHPPEO-P-S-C-N-A-G-M-IOW-TAMVATTUHC-EWCW-OATIWTMOO ~ Both – Denial And Recognition Of Reality – Can Have Powerful Positive Effects On – Personal – Social – Communal – National – And – Global – Matters – In Other Words – There Are Many Valuable Aspects To This Unusual Human Capacity – Especially When Combined With – Our Ability To Identify With The Minds Of Others

~ IAW-WC-BVT-LEDAIIWYL-A-REM ~ It’s A Well-Worn Cliche – But Very True – Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last – And – Relish Every Moment

~ WHACO-D-D-M-AE-C-SR-FE-GOE-P ~ We Humans Are Capable Of – Deliberately – Distorting – Modifying – And Even – Changing – Some Realities – For Either – Good Or Evil – Purposes