~ TGA ~ The Great Acceleration

~ TP-CC-A-PB ~ Tipping Points – Climate Chaos – And – Planetary Boundaries

~ EA ~ Environmental Apartheid

~ D:GHS ~ Destination: Global Human Solidarity

~ THIO-TAHB ~ The Holocene Is Over – The Anthropocene Has Begun

~ C ~ Capitalocene


~ STEC ~ Shifting The Economic Conversation

~ WOATNOTNECITILOTAIEARFTHBTCOBUIOWMAEP ~ What’s Odd About The Narrowness Of The National Economic Conversation Is That It Leaves Out Theoretical Advances In Economics And Related Fields That Have Begun To Change Our Basic Understandings Of What Motivates And Enriches People

~ FCBTEB ~ From Consumer Boom To Ecological Bust

~ DN ~ Discard Nation

~ TMP ~ The Materiality Paradox

~ ATLTG? ~ Are There Limits To Growth?

~ ECTE ~ Economics Confronts The Earth

~ TMCMLATTNAAEEHRIALE ~ The Methodological Choices Made Long Ago To Treat Nature As An External Effect Have Resulted In A Literal Externalization

~ ROMPAIOTSOTNWIR-INR ~ Relying On Market Prices As Indicators Of The State Of The Natural World Is Risky – If Not Reckless

~ CTSTD? ~ Can Technology Save The Day?

~ TWCBABMATTEO-TCCAC ~ True Wealth Can Be Attained By Mobilizing And Transforming The Economies Of – Time, Creativity, Community, And Consumption

~ ATER ~ Adjusting To Ecological Reality

~ TW ~ Time Wealth

~ WTM-ETQ-STL-DASITFTMH-DGES-AFHRMOTT ~ Work Too Much – Eat Too Quickly – Socialize Too Little – Drive And Sit In Traffic For Too Many Hours – Don’t Get Enough Sleep – And Feel Harried Too Much Of The Time

~ TDOTSADASG-BAACWHASEOTI ~ The Details Of Time Scarcity Are Different Across Socioeconomic Groups – But As A Culture We Have A Shared Experience Of Temporal Impoverishment

~ ACORYITH-WLH-BMS-BFTUTASOLBN-TCOMCEACCE-WTPOCGF ~ A Characteristic Of Recent Years Is That Households – Worked Longer Hours – Bought More Stuff – But Found Themselves Unable To Afford Some Of Life’s Basic Needs – The Cost Of Medical Care, Education, And Child Care Escalated – While The Prices Of Consumer Goods Fell

~ WLITGS ~ Working Less Is The Green Solution

~ TAOSS ~ The Art Of Slow Spending

~ TSS ~ The Share Solution

~ RTSEOR ~ Recapitalizing The Social: Economies Of Reciprocity

~ WWYDIYMWNWA? ~ What Would You Do If Your Money Was Not Worth Anything?

~ PTEBAUGHBTJS ~ Policies That Encourage Business-As-Usual Growth Have Begun To Jeopardize Planetary Survival

~ ESD&TEOK ~ Earth-Smart Design And The Economics Of Knowledge

~ BP ~ Beyond Physophilia


~ BNIOUW-CMYHHMCABAWYD ~ Being Near, In, Or Under Water – Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, And Better At What You Do

~ BM-AMMSCBCPUAASOGHASWLITM-IIIBWAEAWW ~ Blue Mind – A Mildly Meditative State Characterized By Calm, Peacefulness, Unity, And A Sense Of General Happiness And Satisfaction With Life In The Moment – It Is Inspired By Water And Elements Associated With Water

~ OEDVEDWM ~ Our Emotions Drive Virtually Every Decision We Make

~ WMAITM/BL~ Water Metaphors Abound In The Mind/Brain Literature

~ HSDTTCB-IOCATFCBPATW ~ Humans Seem Drawn To The Color Blue – It’s Overwhelmingly Chosen As Their Favorite Color By People Around The World


~ RTONATALFTWI-ATSMINKAHTAODWN-WMCVDIWHC ~ Recognizing That Our Needs And Tastes Are Less Fixed Than We’d Imagined And That So Much Is Now Known About How To Align Our Desires With Nature We Might Choose Very Differently If We Had Choice

~ WTWWKWHAE-WEFU-ATWC ~ We Thrive When We Know We Have An Effect When We Feel Useful – And That We Count

~ DITLCOD~ Depression Is The Leading Cause Of Disability

~ WMLTAWWBOA-SSOEPIA ~ We’re More Likely To Act When We Believe Others Are – Spread Stories Of Everyday People In Action

~ WHRMPTETRBA ~ We Humans Respond More Powerfully To Emotional Than Reason-Based Appeals

~ S-WCB-SFOMGANC-WAEDCF-CEFEMAC ~ Sure – We Can Be – Selfish, Fixated On Material Gain, And Narrowly Competitive – We’ve Also Evolved Deep Capacities For – Cooperation, Empathy, Fairness, Efficacy, Meaning, And Creativity

~ ESOHA-IR ~ Every Sort Of Human Activity – Involves Rules

~ WCCGR-TTESL ~ We Can Create Good Rules – Those That Effectively Serve Life

~ THOCAPTWMFRPIDS ~ The History Of Corporations Accruing Protections That Were Meant For Real People Is Deadly Serious

~ SIC-IWCOOTPTSDOSA ~ Shared-Interest Capitalism – In Which Corporations Operate On The Premise That Success Depends On Society’s Advancement

~ WCTVWWSAMAWWO-WKUAAMAWWE ~ We Come To Value What We Share As Much As What We Own – Which Keeps Us Alive As Much As What We Exchange

~ TPOCCITPHBIO ~ The Point Of Commons Care Is To Prevent Harm Before It Occurs

~ ‘FJ’-ATTWJALOTTWFU ~ “Future Justice” – Adding To The World’s Jurisprudence A Legal Obligation To Those Who Follow Us

~ ISWPTPOCWFDPDM-AI-ITVOC-‘PHG’~ It Starts With Preventing The Power Of Concentrated Wealth From Distorting Political Decision Making – And Instead – Infusing The Voice Of Citizens – “Publicly Held Government

~ TMITDMP-TGTAOITGW-AT-T-TBTD ~ The More Inclusive The Decision-Making Process – The Greater The Amount Of Information That Gets Weighed – And Thus – Typically – The Better The Decision

~ DIASWCL ~ Democracy Is A Skill We Can Learn

~ CPCLTTSGOTW ~ Centralized Power Cannot Lead To The Sustained Good Of The Whole

~ TCA-SI-VIS-AC-TSDOTT-DE-CS-AP-OPMA ~ Today’s Crises Are – So Interrelated – Vast In Scope – And Complex – That Solutions Depend On Tapping The – Direct Experience – Common Sense – And Passion – Of People Most Affected


~ CC – ‘TGAWRMFES’ ~ Climate Change – “The Greatest And Widest-Ranging Market Failure Ever Seen”

~ EPIAE ~ Economic Prosperity Is Also Endangered

~ ‘GWHATITV-IITTOS’ ~ “Global Warming Has A Taste In This Village – It Is The Taste Of Salt”

~ WBHTC-MA&S-WADSOEAWDMOAT-TQIWTMWB ~ We Basically Have Three Choices – Mitigation, Adaptation And Suffering – We’re Already Doing Some Of Each And Will Do More Of All Three – The Question Is What The Mix Will Be

~ FKT-DCKM ~ Floods Kill Thousands – Drought Can Kill Millions

~ CC ~ Climate Chaos

~ ‘MITMEPFUTS’ ~ “Methane Is The Most Effective Place For Us To Start”

~ ‘ATU&MTU’ ~ “Avoid The Unmanageable And Manage The Unavoidable”

~ ‘TMCBG&D-TTPO-BIYTTHTCH-AMEMMITP-TETGS’ ~ “The Message Can’t Be Gloom And Doom – That Turns People Off – But If You Tell Them How They Can Help – And Maybe Even Make Money In The Process – They’re Eager To Get Started”

~ ‘WRTSM’ ~ “We’re Repeating The Same Mistakes”

~ AKPOR-IGTB-D ~ A Key Part Of Resilience – Is Going To Be – Diversity

~ ‘IRBSTL’ ~ “I’d Rather Be Smart Than Lucky”


~ WPSTS ~ We Prefer Stories To Statistics

~ WSTC ~ We Seek To Confirm

~ WRATROCACIL ~ We Rarely Appreciate The Role Of Chance And Coincidence In Life

~ WCMOW ~ We Can Misperceive Our World

~ WO ~ We Oversimplify

~ WHFM ~ We Have Faulty Memories

~ EIWKTS-WLPSAUM ~ Even If We Know The Statistics – We Let Personal Stories Affect Us More

~ WWTBTTHFAR ~ We Want To Believe That Things Happen For A Reason

~ WHAIDTFCAER ~ We Have An Ingrained Desire To Find Cause And Effect Relationships

~ OSCBD ~ Our Senses Can Be Deceived

~ CBEEAESQCIOMOPE ~ Current Beliefs, Expectations, Environment, And Even Suggestive Questioning Can Influence Our Memory Of Past Events

~ IMATTOMAAROTP ~ It’s More Accurate To Think Of Memory As A Reconstruction Of The Past

~ TFSIMBDITITPIOT ~ The First Step In Making Better Decisions Is To Identify The Pitfalls In Our Thinking

~ ECREE ~ Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

~ TAF-WCE-SEGWTNO ~ Time After Time – When Critically Examined – Supernatural Explanations Give Way To Natural Ones

~ CWBFSE?-ACAODSTWC ~ Can We Be Fooled So Easily? – A Considerable Amount Of Data Says That We Can

~ STTAT ~ Seeing Things That Aren’t There

~ WOHBNBOTEFTB-BBTMUFG ~ We Often Hold Beliefs Not Because Of The Evidence For Those Beliefs – But Because They Make Us Feel Good

~ CINC ~ Correlation Is Not Causation

~ ROAIIOOTMCOEB ~ Relying On Anecdotal Information Is One Of The Main Causes Of Erroneous Beliefs

~ MINOOM ~ Money Is Not Our Only Motivator

~ WHANTTC ~ We Have A Natural Tendency To Confirm

~ MOUBTOSADTWWD-AOFADTEE ~ Many Of Us Believe That Our Successes Are Due To What We Did – And Our Failures Are Due To External Events

~ WWMMADIWROSPIOIP ~ We Would Make More Accurate Decision If We Relied On Statistical Predictions Instead Of Intuitive Predictions

~ WHAUTTOAF ~ We Have An Underlying Tendency To Obey Authority Figures

~ WAQTAOORIWTWCOTWOAAF ~ We Are Quick To Absolve Ourselves Of Responsibility If We Think We’re Carrying Out The Wishes Of An Authority Figure


~ “GUS-ND&G” ~ “Give Us Solutions – Not Doom And Gloom!”

~ STIO ~ Suburbia’s Time Is Over

~ PFDLCLFSTB ~ People Facing Dreadful Losses Commonly Look For Scapegoats To Blame

~ NMM-NBB ~ No More More – No Bigger Bigger

~ OGCAPOTCEA ~ Our Giant Cities Are Products Of The Cheap Energy Age

~ WAWODCAHRITTPHTF ~ We Are Wasting Our Dwindling Capital And Human Resources In Thrall To Preposterous High-Tech Fantasies

~ MSTUM ~ More Susceptible To Unsound Memes

~ TPR&F ~ Trivia, Pornography, Propaganda, And Fantasy

~ TPGOTFS ~ The Pathological Gigantism Of The Financial Sector

~ RIAHM ~ Reality Is A Harsh Mistress

~ WWTAORAE-BBAA? ~ Where Were The Agents Of Regulation And Enforcement – Both Before And After?

~ HTROLWDIMMWROOTAPFHTDATCOTF ~ How The Rule Of Law Was Defeated In Money Matters Will Remain One Of The Abiding Puzzles For Historians To Dissect Around The Campfires Of The Future

~ WBGACADTLTOIWTSATTT ~ We Became Greedy And Craven And Decided That Lying To Ourselves Incessantly Was The Same As Telling The Truth

~ TIADRBPOATBOCIE-ALOLRTA ~ There Is A Direct Relation Between Peak Oil And The Behavior Of Capital In Economies – A Linkage Our Leaders Refuse To Acknowledge

~ PO-PE ~ Peak Oil – Peak Economy

~ TWPOHI2006-FRTIWAWPE ~ Though World Peak Oil Happened In 2006 – Few Realized That It Was Also World Peak Economy

~ TFWDMTITB-WWUTETAM ~ The Forecasts Were Designed Mainly To Impress The Bankers – Who Were Unlikely To Examine The Abstruse Math

~ PODH ~ Plenty Of Dry Holes

~ WANGTRTFIOMOACOWSEC ~ We Are Not Going To Run The Familiar Infrastructures Of Modernity On Any Combinations Of Wind, Solar, Et Cetera

~ WBMBOFOEOWAARSWCRUOACAHB-TCTKIASAP ~ We’d Be Much Better Off Focusing Our Efforts On Whatever Alternative And Renewable Systems We Can Rig Up On A Community And Household Basis – Taking Care To Keep It As Simple As Possible

~ CCIAMS-NAR ~ Clean Coal Is A Marketing Scheme – Not A Reality

~ AGMOTUITMLCAIWDBWBUFF ~ A Great Many Of The Useful Inventions That Made Life Comfortable And Interesting Were Develop Before We Began Using Fossil Fuels

~ WWATSMTSU? ~ Why Would All These Scientists Make This Stuff Up?

~ ITWMTPALMFTTTCTWPBP-YCATLTCOANG ~ If The World Managed To Produce A Lot More Food Through The Twentieth Century Than Was Previously Believed Possible – You Can Attribute That Largely To Cheap Oil And Natural Gas

~ POTWAGTSDITWT ~ Parts Of The World Are Going Through Severe Drops In Their Water Tables

~ TIINATBAPFOHL-IWNLVFITF-TME ~ The Internet Is Now Assumed To Be A Permanent Fixture Of Human Life – It Will Not Last Very Far Into The Future – Too Much Electricity

~ TCISLIIOFRL ~ The Computer Industry Shows Little Interest In Our Fundamental Resource Limits

~ TNOAJIMGWTDIAWWI ~ The Notion Of A Job Itself May Give Way To Different Ideas About What Work Is