~ SBN ~ Something Beats Nothing

~ FSBAMETOO ~ Frequent Short Breaks Are More Effective Than Occasional Ones

~ SBAE-E-‘M-B-CBH ~ Short Breaks Are Effective – Even – “Micro-breaks” – Can Be Helpful

~ MBS-SSUAWA-F-FM-EHDTW-CBP ~ Moving Beats Stationary – Simply Standing Up And Walking Around – For – Five Minutes – Every Hour During The Workday – Can Be Potent

~ SBS-TACBR-B-SB-AMEARSAIM ~ Social Beats Solo – Time Alone Can Be Replenishing – But – Social Breaks – Are More Effective At Reducing Stress And Improving Mood

~ OBI-NBMRUTB ~ Outside Beats Inside – Nature Breaks May Replenish Us The Best

~ FDBS ~ Fully Detached Beats Semidetached


~ WAKT-TIE-TI-WDKMAT ~ We All Know That – Timing Is Everything – Trouble Is – We Don’t Know Much About Timing

~ OCADNRSOTCOAD-WA-S/F/S/MC/LC-ISPOTDTO-TDFAMETWR ~ Our Cognitive Abilities Do Not Remain Static Over The Course Of A Day – We Are – Smarter / Faster / Dimmer / Slower / More Creative / Less Creative – In Some Parts Of The Day Than Others – These Daily Fluctuations Are More Extreme Than We Realize

~ WWWUOBTSR-T-GBO-ELAA-A-T-EOEF-OATC-OPOD ~ When We Wake Up Our Body Temperature Slowly Rises – That – Gradually Boosts Our – Energy Levels And Alertness – And That – Enhances Our Executive Functioning – Our Ability To Concentrate – Our Powers Of Deduction

~ AAEL-PDTA-WTDCAC-FIOATRF-A-COI ~ Alertness And Energy Levels – Plummet During The Afternoons – With That Drop Comes A Corresponding – Fall In Our Ability To Remain Focused – And – Constrain Our Inhibitions

~ B-IPAD-TRLVAFI-ATLM-AFDCHUSCWMHMWOFWT-FAP-LOIC-IAB-FIP-IAF ~ But – Insight Problems Are Different – They Require Less Vigilance And Fewer Inhibitions – At Those Looser Moments – A Few Distractions Can Help Us Spot Connections We Might Have Missed When Our Filters Were Tighter – For Analytic Problems – Lack Of Inhibitory Control – Is A Bug – For Insight Problems – It’s A Feature

~ AOUETDITS-AP-AT-A-AR-WYD-DNLMTCIYPP ~ All Of Us Experience The Day In Three Stages – A Peak – A Trough – And – A Rebound – Whatever You Do – Do Not Let Mundane Tasks Creep Into Your Peak Period

~ TMPLBHTKI-A-A-D-BPAP ~ The Most Powerful Lunch Breaks Have Two Key Ingredients – Autonomy – And – Detachment – Both Psychological And Physical

~ LITMIMOTD ~ Lunch Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

~ N-CTKB-TICP-A-TBMAPH ~ Naps – Confer Two Key Benefits – They Improve Cognitive Performance – And – They Boost Mental And Physical Health

~ SAANCRBP ~ Simply Anticipating A Nap Can Reduce Blood Pressure

~ BHAFGITMOUU-B-IF-CMTTE ~ Beginnings Have A Far Greater Impact Than Most Of Us Understand – Beginnings – In Fact – Can Matter To The End

~ IME-WSBATTPOBAATMASS-ITF-MAFS-A-ITBIBYC-WCEOTAAGS ~ In Most Endeavors – We Should Be Awake To The Power Of Beginnings And Aim To Make A Strong Start – If That Fails – Make A Fresh Start – And – If The Beginning Is Beyond Our Control – We Can Enlist Others To Attempt A Group Start

~ BSWUFLTWK-TELTTE ~ Beginnings Stay With Us Far Longer Than We Know – Their Effects Linger To The End

~ WWRA-M-SWS-B-OTWJ-AMSAUTWSHOOT-U-O-WROOT ~ When We Reach A – Midpoint – Sometimes We Slump – But – Other Times We Jump – A Mental Siren Alerts Us That We’ve Squandered Half Of Our Time – Uh-Oh – We’re Running Out Of Time

~ TEPOESMOOOASD-NBTFE-B-BCM-EATE ~ The Encoding Power Of Endings Shapes Many Of Our Opinions And Subsequent Decisions – Not By The Full Experience – But – By Certain Moments – Especially At The End

~ Y-WEBS-WWEA-AT-OAK-WSO-ERP-A-SO-AOA-N-WB-TCF-WE ~ Yet – When Endings Become Salient – Whenever We Enter An – Act Three – Of Any Kind – We Sharpen Our – Existential Red Pencils – And – Scratch Out – Anyone Or Anything – Nonessential – Well Before – The Curtain Falls – We Edit

~ PITACW-L-RLTCMMTTPWKIWS-N ~ People Informed That A Chocolate Was – Last – Reported Liking That Chocolate Much More Than The People Who Knew It Was Simply – Next

~ TBEDLU-H-I-TP-AROUI-AFMOT ~ The Best Endings Don’t Leave Us – Happy – Instead – They Produce – A Rush Of Unexpected Insight – A Fleeting Moment Of Transcendence

~ C/C/C-ITE-WSM ~ Closings / Conclusions / Culminations – In The End – We Seek Meaning

~ B-PSOTAE-IALTIE-IPTHAS ~ Belongingness – Profoundly Shapes Our Thoughts And Emotions – Its Absence Leads To Ill Effects – Its Presence To Health And Satisfaction

~ IUTBT-TWE-N-IBT-EIT ~ I Used To Believe That – Timing Was Everything – Now – I Believe That – Everything Is Timing


~ IWID-TCTLALTTM-N-TLOEOM ~ I Wish I’d Had – The Courage To Live A Life True To Myself – Not – The Life Others Expected Of Me

~ IWIH-WSH ~ I Wish I Hadn’t – Worked So Hard

~ IWIH-TCTEMF ~ I Wish I’d Had – The Courage To Express My Feelings

~ IWIH-SITWMF ~ I Wish I Had – Stayed In Touch With My Friends

~ IWIH-LMBH ~ I Wish I Had – Let Myself Be Happier


~ EIWIYAYCEHSDAPDPC ~ Economic Inequalities Which Increase Year After Year Can Eventually Have Socially Divisive And Potentially Disastrous Political Consequences

~ EPIATEOD ~ Elite Political Influence And The Erosion Of Democracy

~ IIIGTT1%MRTIITPPATETTOM ~ Increasing Income Inequality Gives The Top 1 Percent More Resources To Intervene In The Political Process And To Ensure That Their Opinions Matter

TICETPASPOTVAAQDFTOTGP-DT-‘TT’-A-PI-A-TOOPMO-GTWTATPTPOV-IAWOPCM ~ There Is Clear Evidence The Political And Social Preferences Of The Very Affluent Are Quite Different From Those Of The General Population – Donations To – “Think Tanks” – And – Policy Institutes – And – The Ownership Of Private Media Outlets – Give The Wealthy The Ability To Push Their Point Of View – In A Way Ordinary People Cannot Match

~ IG-IDNTMMTMABDITLOPWHVL ~ In General – It Does Not Take Much Money To Make A Big Difference In The Lives Of People Who Have Very Little

~ TOCSOTLA-A-TWTPVHIR-CAOFP-TFTS-TCHAMHCFTLAMTGLECFTAI ~ The Occasional Cash Shortfalls Of The Less Affluent – And – Their Willingness To Pay Very High Interest Rates – Create An Opportunity For Profit – The Fact That Short-Term Credit Has A Much Higher Cost For The Less Affluent Means They Get Less Effective Consumption From Their Annual Incomes

~ AWAC? ~ And What About Chance?

~ EOTPDIORAMLOE-VW-F-9T47%-OAJ–ETL-EE-WBABHFTLM-TU ~ Estimates Of The Possible Disruptive Impacts Of Robots And Machine Learning On Employment – Vary Widely – From – 9 To 47 Per Cent – Of All Jobs – Even The Low-End Estimate – Would Be A Big Hit For The Labour Market – Technological Unemployment

~ BIMAHTBHRITCATBMF-TAAOBHRFACITPROADG ~ Because Individuals Must Actually Have Their Basic Human Rights If Their Choices Are To Be Meaningfully Free – The Actual Achievement Of Basic Human Rights For All Citizens Is The Primary Responsibility Of A Democratic Government

~ E-VWNANMITPMWTTTEFS ~ Eventually – Voters Whose Needs Are Not Met In The Political Mainstream Will Turn To The Extremes For Solutions

~ IICIEIAGSS-ASME-SDOART-‘GOD’-A-LFSWTDNM ~ Increasing Inequality Causes Increased Economic Instability And Greater Social Stress – Authoritarian Social Movements Emerge – Selling Dreams Of A Return To – “Good Old Days” – And – Looking For Scapegoats When They Do Not Materialize

~ STEPTPI-‘MG’-B-TPCHTDEGFTWNI-TWBARSFNSTB ~ Since The Easiest Policy To Promise Is – “More Growth” – But – That Promise Cannot Hope To Deliver Enough Growth For Those Who Need It – There Will Be A Relentless Search For New Scapegoats To Blame

~ AHRPDNSTESHEI-B-IDSTESHER-A-FTTH-ACMHALAMCOER ~ A Human Rights Perspective Does Not Say That Everyone Should Have Equal Income – But – It Does Say That Everyone Should Have Equal Rights – And – For That To Happen – All Citizens Must Have At Least A Minimum Command Over Economic Resources

~ WAOTA-STWUADISCTWOI-C ~ We All Own The Air – So Those Who Use And Degrade It Should Compensate Those Who Own It – Citizens

~ GAI-B-TIANLOWTIAFIWRCMTRWMTSTWC-PJMBS ~ Guaranteed Annual Income – Because – There Is A New Level Of Worry That In A Future In Which Robots Can Make The Robots Which Make The Stuff That We Consume – Paying Jobs May Be Scarce

~ WWTCDCFTATOFTAFOTF? ~ Where Will The Consumer Demand Come From To Absorb The Output From The Automated Factories Of The Future?

~ AMPWUMWAACOSVITMOTWIWPANCTS-AVOATCOCOTE-ANPJ ~ A Major Problem With Using Market Wages As A Criterion Of Social Value Is That Many Of The Ways In Which People Actually Now Contribute To Society – As Volunteers Or As The Caretakers Of Children Or The Elderly – Are Not Paying Jobs

~ FTATT ~ Fairer Taxes At The Top

~ TAATE-ALITTGP-B-TCOTLPMPDOTAATLPTETA ~ Tax Avoidance And Tax Evasion – Are Largely Invisible To The General Public – Because – The Complexity Of Tax Law Precludes Much Public Discussion Of The Accounting And Tax Law Provisions That Enable Tax Avoidance


~ A-TTGFD ~ Antifragile – Things That Gain From Disorder

~ WEACAEAF-YWTBTFAWFTW ~ Wind Extinguishes A Candle And Energizes A Fire – You Want To Be The Fire And Wish For The Wind

~ TA-STBFS:TTAGWET-V-R-D-A-S-A-L-A-R-A-U-Y-ISOTUOTP-TINWFTEOOF ~ The Antifragile – Some Things Benefit From Shocks; They Thrive And Grow When Exposed To – Volatility – Randomness – Disorder – And – Stressors – And – Love – Adventure – Risk – And – Uncertainty – Yet – In Spit Of The Ubiquity Of The Phenomenon – There Is No Word For The Exact Opposite Of Fragile

~ AIBROR-TRRSASTS;TAGB ~ Antifragility Is Beyond Resilience Or Robustness – The Resilient Resists Shocks And Stays The Same; The Antifragile Gets Better

~ AAFADOAS ~ Antifragility And Fragility Are Degrees On A Spectrum

~ WCAADA(AF)UASTOA:ATHMUTDFRE(OCS)IA;TRIF We Can Almost Always Detect Antifragility (And Fragility) Using A Simple Test Of Asymmetry: Anything That Has More Upside Than Downside From Random Events (Or Certain Shocks) Is Antifragile; The Reverse Is Fragile

~ C-IAITPOATN(AC)STHS-DTSO-V-R-A-S-WHT-TW-W-D-O-BU-WHBF-TE-OH-PL-E-AE-MOO-M-S-W-HBHUWT-DPAC-WDPT ~ Crucially – If Antifragility Is The Property Of All Those Natural (and Complex) Systems That Have Survived – Depriving These Systems Of – Volatility – Randomness – And – Stressors – Will Harm Them – They Will – Weaken – Die – Or – Blow Up – We Have Been Fragilizing – The Economy – Our Health – Political Life – Education – Almost Everything – Much Of Our – Modern – Structured – World – Has Been Harming Us With Top-Down Policies And Contraptions – Which Do Precisely This

~ IAET-DFABAAG-EB-UTUTRAOSAD ~ If About Everything Top-Down Fragilizes And Blocks Antifragility And Growth – Everything Bottom-Up Thrives Under The Right Amount Of Stress And Disorder

~ UATEOO-TLFOS-A-GGOC-AO-‘SITG’-SBAATEOOBGTU(OG)F-V-V-A-D-A-EOTTDROLOH-ASA-A-T-C-O-F-O-O-IH ~ Upside At The Expense Of Others – The Largest Fragilizer Of Society – And – Greatest Generator Of Crises – Absence Of – “Skin In The Game” – Some Become Antifragile At The Expense Of Others By Getting The Upside (or Gains) From – Volatility – Variations – And – Disorder – And – Exposing Others To The Downside Risks Of Losses Or Harm – And Such – Antifragility-At-The-Cost-Of-Fragility-Of-Others – Is Hidden

~ IAOND ~ International Association Of Name Droppers

~ WAWTROANCO-IH-WTMPANRDA/OA-TGTSWCPTP-ANPIHHSMN-R-T-TI-TWNPE-ESMC ~ We Are Witnessing The Rise Of A New Class Of – Inverse Heroes – With Too Much Power And No Real Downside And/Or Accountability – They Game The System While Citizens Pay The Price – At No Point In History Have So Many Non-Risk-Takers – That Is – Those With No Personal Exposure – Exerted So Much Control

~ TCERI:TSNHA-FATEOTFOO ~ The Chief Ethical Rule Is The Following: Thou Shalt Not Have Anti-Fragility At The Expense Of The Fragility Of Others

~ CSAFOI-HTD-A-NR(ALMOALL) ~ Complex Systems Are Full Of – Interdependencies – Hard To Detect – And – Nonlinear Responses (A Lot More Or A Lot Less)

~ LIM-A-UME ~ Less Is More – And – Usually More Effective

~ MHREWL-A-TLCBGWAGL Modernity Has Replaced Ethics With Legalese – And – The Law Can Be Gamed With A Good Lawyer

~ IYSFADNSF-YAAF ~ If You See Fraud And Do Not Say Fraud – You Are A Fraud

~ MOTPOSCFTA-‘OPADI’ ~ Many Of The Problems Of Society Come From The Argument – “Other People Are Doing It”

~ TFWT-TAGFD-TRDCTM ~ The Fragile Wants Tranquility – The Antifragile Grows From Disorder – The Robust Doesn’t Care Too Much

~ ASGIC-WMAM-‘CE’-SIT-A-MAMS-TBIVTC ~ As Societies Gain In Complexity – With More And More – “Cutting Edge” – Sophistication In Them – And – More And More Specialization – They Become Increasingly Vulnerable To Collapse

~ HSFTRSOTCIWTULAT ~ Humans Somehow Fail To Recognize Situations Outside The Contexts In Which They Usually Learn About Them

~ LOR-AT-CRMPONS-RIABISLAWINH ~ Layers Of Redundancy – Are The – Central Risk Management Property Of Natural Systems – Redundancy Is Ambiguous Because It Seems Like A Waste If Nothing Happens

~ IINPTCC-IIHY-GO ~ It Is Not Possible To Control Criticism – If It Harms You – Get Out

~ SAI ~ Stressors Are Information

~ MOMLIPCSI ~ Much Of Modern Life Is Preventable Chronic Stress Injury

~ BYFAYSWGYI ~ Both Your Failures And Your Successes Will Give You Information

~ IIHTET-D-DP-T-R-IITF-N-TP ~ It Is Hard To Explain To – Data-Driven People – That – Risk – Is In The Future – Not – The Past

~ AOFLFMA ~ Absence Of Fire Lets Flammable Material Accumulate

~ WNTTI-SS-COC-A-SE ~ We Need To Learn To Think In – Second Steps – Chains Of Consequences – And – Side Effects

~ OOLP:NSWV ~ One Of Life’s Packages: No Stability Without Volatility

~ M-SWTSMOV-A-EWTSMOFI ~ Modernity – Starts With The States Monopoly On Violence – And – Ends With The States Monopoly On Fiscal Irresponsibility

~ AAR-ITL-S-C-A-S-ABIR-BSE ~ As A Rule – Intervening To Limit – Size – Concentration – And – Speed – Are Beneficial In Reducing – Black Swan Events

~ M-DN ~ Media-Driven Neuroticism

~ NSATOAEECIE;BSFTTIN ~ Not Seeing A Tsunami Or An Economic Event Coming Is Excusable; Building Something Fragile To Them Is Not

~ T-CBTAFU-N-GDAAOV Things – Can Be Taken Away From Us – Not – Good Deeds And Acts Of Virtue

~ TFSTACIF-DD-RT-IU-TIB-LETNBSALNAWBI ~ The First Step Toward Antifragility Consists In First – Decreasing Downside – Rather Than – Increasing Upside – That Is By – Lowering Exposure To Negative Black Swans And Letting Natural Antifragility Work By Itself

~ TOIAAOA ~ The Option Is An Agent Of Antifragility

~ FITUO ~ Freedom Is The Ultimate Option

~ O=A+R ~ Option = Asymmetry + Rationality

~ OQ ~ Organized Quacks

~ IICWTU-TCOB-WI-TPOF ~ It Is Completely Wrong To Use – The Calculus Of Benefits – Without Including – The Probability Of Failure

~ BS-E-A-NI-AARO-C-IBP-G-A-TBTC-‘E’ ~ Black Swan – Effects – Are – Necessarily Increasing – As A Result Of – Complexity – Interdependence Between Parts – Globalization – And – The Beastly Thing Called – “Efficiency”

~ TWIGLALP-A-WRMAMOTTHEAI-TAHTE-LAP ~ The World Is Getting Less And Less Predictable – And – We Rely More And More On Technologies That Have Errors And Interactions – That Are Harder To Estimate – Let Alone Predict

~ WN-WVAC-MT-WPALRBDC ~ We Notice – What Varies And Changes More Than – What Plays A Large Role But Doesn’t Change

~ WOD-I-LTPOM ~ Wealth Of Details – Ironically – Leads To Peace Of Mind

~ S-ATYL-RT-CBQA-P-A ~ Subtraction – Adds To Your Life – Removing Things – Can Be Quite A – Potent – Action

~ MT-WHDAFF-NC-O-AS ~ Modern Times – We Have Developed A Fondness For – Neomanic Complication – Over – Archaic Simplicity

~ SITG-MTLC ~ Skin In The Game – Making Talk Less Cheap

~ TIACAA-DAP-MOS-WETH-WHOSITG-WHSTR-UEYO;ICHO(WROI)-YYINL-ISF?-TINPFOMWHS ~ The Intellectual And Commentator As A – Detached And Protected – Member Of Society – Without Exposure To Harm – Without Having One’s Skin In The Game – Without Having Something To Risk – You Express Your Opinions; It Can Hurt Others (Who Rely On It) – Yet You Incur No Liability – Is This Fair? – There Is No Penalty For Opinion Makers Who Harm Society

~ NHPW-TADD-BMV-A-PALR-TIMT ~ Never Have People – Who Talk And Don’t Do – Been More Visible – And – Played A Larger Role – Than In Modern Times

~ SPFTLOTB-B-GNBFT-IYDSTTOAAAT-YCHAP-WIW-TSIC-‘I-B’-WI?-TIUAND-NDAA ~ Society Pays For The Losses Of The Bankers – But – Gets No Bonuses From Them – If You Don’t See This Transfer Of Antifragility As A Theft – You Certainly Have A Problem – What Is Worse – This System Is Called – “incentive-based” – What Incentive? – There Is Upside And No Downside – No Disincentive At All

~ AELISWSOPR ~ An Ethical Life Isn’t So When Stripped Of Personal Risk

~ R-TYFRMB ~ Reader – Thank You For Reading My Book


PB-SIWSANS ~ Procrustean Bed – Situations In Which Simplifications Are Not Simplifications

~ L-B-H-T-FE-TMILATTOMTISTIAD ~ Lecturing-Birds-How-To-Fly Effect – To Make It Look As Though Technology Owes More To Institutional Science Than It Actually Does

~ T-TATTROOL ~ Touristification – The Attempt To Take Randomness Out Of Life

~ BS-ADS-ACOTE-OSAOE ~ Barbell Strategy – A Dual Strategy – A Combination Of Two Extremes – One Safe And One Extreme

~LF-MTW-PPOMALEFTECRW ~ Ludic Fallacy – Mistaking The Well-Posed Problems Of Mathematics And Laboratory Experiments For The Ecologically Complex Real World

~ DC(SITG)-YMOBPAOBTWCTTACB-A-HSTL-IAW-TPACIBW ~ Doxastic Commitment (Soul In The Game) – You Must Only Believe Predictions And Opinions By Those Who Committed Themselves To A Certain Belief – And – Had Something To Lose – In A Way – To Pay A Cost In Being Wrong

~GLF-MTSOIOENK=FA-LVFTO-LT-O-MTWC-‘RI’-ASM ~ Green Lumber Fallacy – Mistaking The Source Of Important Or Even Necessary Knowledge – For Another – Less Visible From The Outside – Less Tractable – One – Many Things We Call – “Relevant Knowledge” – Aren’t So Much

~ EI-FOETA(OP)-RTTR ~ Ethical Inversion – Fitting One’s Ethics To Actions (Or Profession) – Rather Than The Reverse

~ NF-ONTFA-S-O-P-TASOCODF ~ Narrative Fallacy – Our Need To Fit A – Story – Or – Pattern – To A Series Of Connected Or Disconnected Facts

~ SK-YKWIWWMCTYKAE ~ Subtractive Knowledge – You Know What Is Wrong With More Certainty Than You Know Anything Else

~ SP-PTFBRWIFFI-RTNATI ~ Subtractive Prophecy – Predicting The Future By Removing What Is Fragile From It – Rather Than Naively Adding To It

~ LE-AN-IILEWEDOIL ~ Lindy Effect – Anything Nonperishable – Increases In Life Expectancy With Every Day Of Its Life

~ N-ALOCFIOS-FTF-B-A-N-S ~ Neomania – A Love Of Change For Its Own Sake – Forecasting The Future – By – Adding – Not – Subtracting



~ ARATL-STPTLSBY-AYWFTSTCTYIG-HTSCPCATYG-ATPSNBA ~ Assume Right Attitudes Toward Life – Solve The Problems That Life Sets Before You – And You Will Find That Solving Them Contributes To Your Inner Growth – Helping To Solve Collective Problems Contributes Also To Your Growth – And These Problems Should Never Be Avoided

~ LGB-TLGHCAARATLOG-OTTLPUTH-SMOTLAACB-YCBBPIPATGTYB-NLCBIHUBAPAIH ~ Live Good Beliefs – The Laws Governing Human Conduct Apply As Rigidly As The Law Of Gravity – Obedience To These Laws Pushes Us Toward Harmony – Since Many Of These Laws Are Already Common Belief – You Can Begin By Putting Into Practice All The Good Things You Believe – No Life Can Be In Harmony Unless Belief And Practice Are In Harmony

~ FYPITLP-YHAPITSOT-WTPIYCKOFWY-YCSIIRS-YCBTLIAWIBDATGTYAMTAGTTPIYLOATSTTCOHL ~ Find Your Place In The Life Pattern – You Have A Part In The Scheme Of Things – What That Part Is You Can Know Only From Within Yourself – You Can Seek It In Receptive Silence – You Can Begin To Live In Accordance With It By Doing All The Good Things You Are Motivate Toward And Giving These Things Priority In Your Life Over All The Superficial Things That Customarily Occupy Human Lives

~ SLTBIAOW-BIH ~ Simply Life To Bring Inner And Outer Well-Being Into Harmony


~ POTBT ~ Purification Of The Bodily Temple

~ POTT-IINETDRTASRT-YMATRT-PTCBPIFG-NTCMYPI-BSTINUSBYAAOHB-FOWYHCTHUTCYAIH ~ Purification Of The Thoughts – It Is Not Enough To Do Right Things And Say Right Things – You Must Also Think Right Things. – Positive Thoughts Can Be Powerful Influences For Good – Negative Thoughts Can Make You Physically Ill – Be Sure There Is No Unpeaceful Situation Between Yourself And Any Other Human Being – For Only When You Have Ceased To Harbor Unkind Thoughts Can You Attain Inner Harmony

~ POTD ~ Purification Of The Desires

~ POM-TBOSTYFHMBYMBYLCCIH ~ Purification Of Motives – To Be Of Service To Your Fellow Humans Must Be Your Motive Before Your Life Can Come Into Harmony


~ ROS-W ~ Relinquishment Of Self-Will

~ ROTFOS ~ Relinquishment Of The Feeling Of Separateness

~ ROA-OWYHRAACYBRF-MTAHFU-A-AYCRWIHOIUPY-YCOLIHWYFHIYHNFTYPT-A-TDNTTRTL ~ Relinquishment Of Attachments – Only When You Have Relinquished All Attachments Can You Be Really Free – Material Things Are Here For Use – And – Anything You Cannot Relinquish When It Has Outlived Its Usefulness Possesses You – You Can Only Live In Harmony With Your Fellow Humans If You Have No Feeling That You Possess Them – And – Therefore Do Not Try To Run Their Lives

~ ROANF ~ Relinquishment Of All Negative Feelings