~ TTITM-‘V’-M-AYITM ~ The Truth Is That Most – “Viral” – Moments – Are Years In The Making

~ YHTCYA-I/S/L-A ~ You Have To Capture Your Audience’s – Immediate / Short / Long – Attention

~ EARBBDOD-SUNAU-TKTWMF-CVFYTCLTA ~ Elicit A Reaction By Being Distinctive Or Disruptive – Something Unique, Novel And Useful – To Keep Their Working Memory Focused – Create Value For Your Audience To Capture Their Long-Term Attention

~ TIHOBIP-WIETINTOG-BIWD-WQSTDAF-MF-MD-MMM-A-AGMI ~ This Is How Our Brain Is Programmed – We Ignore Everything That Isn’t Necessary To Our Goals – Because If We Didn’t – We’d Quickly Succumb To Directed Attention Fatigue – Mentally Fatigued – More Distracted – Make More Mistakes – And – Are Generally More Irritable

~ DAF ~ Directed Attention Fatigue

~ CC-IHOBFAATRS ~ Color Contrast – Is How Our Brain Finds And Attends To Relevant Stimuli

~ IYWTGPTBYS-PACTITOOYWBC ~ If You Want To Get People To Buy Your Stuff – Pick A Color That Is The Opposite Of Your Website’s Background Color

~ MLIJSTMYFG-ISTCLSYL-BLSCARS ~ Mood Lighting Isn’t Just Something That Makes You Feel Good – It’s Something That Can Literally Save Your Life – Blue Lighting Stops Crime And Reduces Suicides

~ YAHTCTAACHWYA-O-YMEUCTWKOA ~ You Also Have To Consider The Associations A Color Has With Your Audience – Or – You May End Up Capturing The Wrong Kind Of Attention


~ Our Brain Is An – “Associative Machine” – That Attaches Meanings And Associations Unconsciously To – Words – Ideas – Images – And Even Colors

~ TATWTGAWS-TF-ITHPA-TS-ITDNATCAB ~ There Are Two Ways To Grab Attention With Symbols – The First – Is To Harness Preexisting Associations – The Second – Is To Develop New Associations Through Consistency And Branding

~ TFE-ACBTATWWPAPOI-BOTWIIPTU-WOMDCATSIWTEICES ~ The Framing Effect – A Cognitive Bias That Affects The Way We Perceive A Piece Of Information – Based On The Way It Is Presented To Us – We Often Make Different Conclusions About The Same Information When The Explanation Is Changed Even Slightly

~ TIOI-OOFORIS-IIIDTC-PWUDYIOYWBTDITFOROP ~ The Inertia Of Ideas – Once Our Frame Of Reference Is Set – It Is Incredibly Difficult To Change – People Will Unintentionally Dismiss Your Ideas Or Your Work Because They Don’t Fit Their Frames Of Reference Or Preconceptions

~ TFOASSTHAIOOAOIV-PS-BMB-ETWHTOT-N-R-O-SM ~ The Familiarity Of A Statement Seems To Have An Impact On Our Assessment Of Its Validity – Plausible Statements – Become More Believable – Every Time We Hear Them On The – News – Radio – Or – Social Media

~ D-A CIOE-TDOVOE-TFUTPA-WFOTDUWKWIIAPSOAPT ~ Disruption – A Change In Our Environment – That Disrupts Or Violates Our Expectations – That Forces Us To Pay Attention – We Focus On The Disruption Until We Know Whether It Is A Pleasant Surprise Or A Potential Threat

~ S-S-A-S ~ Surprise – Simplicity – And – Significance

~ SATCWICTGPA ~ Simplicity Always Trumps Complexity When It Comes To Grabbing People’s Attention

~ KTS-YH-F-OF-S-TCSA ~ Keep Things Significant – You Have – Fifteen – Or Fewer – Seconds – To Capture Somebody’s Attention

~ YMVETCA-BNSCATAYA-IYKIMWISAMTYA-YDWR ~ You Must Violate Expectations To Capture Attention – But Not So Completely As To Alienate Your Audience – If You Keep In Mind What Is Significant And Meaningful To Your Audience – Your Disruption Will Resonate

~ W-S/S/S-ACT-TRISTNOCABAKI ~ When – Surprise / Simplicity / Significance – All Come Together – The Result Is Something That Not Only Captures Attention But Also Keeps It

~ S-S-SIC-IYIEO-YMSBLC ~ Surprise – Simplicity – Significance In Context – If You Ignore Even One – Your Message Simply Becomes Less Captivating

~ TRM-AA-IH-ACDSFAGASR ~ The Reward Mechanism – All Animals – Including Humans – Are Creatures Developed Specifically For Accomplishing Goals And Seeking Rewards

~ OBICTUTDCHTITAEPOBTOWBAS ~ Our Body Is Constantly Training Us To Develop Certain Habits That It Thinks Are Either Pleasurable Or Beneficial To Our Well-Being And Survival

~ TLPARI-TMPIB-SSWARIMEACATOAFR ~ The Less Predictable A Reward Is – The More Pleasurable It Becomes – Surprising Somebody With A Reward Is More Effective At Capturing Attention Than Offering A Fixed Reward

~ WABAGECBEMWWASTRRIFOU ~ We Are Bad At Grasping Esoteric Concepts But Easily Motivated When We Actually See The Reward Right In Front Of Us

~ BIVER ~ Balancing Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Rewards

~ OOROTRAPAOOIWD ~ Our Over-Reliance On The Reputation And Perceived Authority Of Others Is Well Documented

~ WAWTFAPO-BOIWDFLWSA ~ We Are Willing To Fight Against Popular Opinion – But Only If We Don’t Feel Like We’re Standing Alone

~ TC-IAIBWIIDATOOTIACPT ~ The Crowd – Is At Its Best When It Is Decentralized And The Opinions Of The Individuals Are Collectively Put Together

~ BYR-TTKE:C/P/T-~ Building Your Reputation – The Three Key Elements: Consistency / Personality / Time

~ OQFA-PROTOTBRIAPMTCBHTCA ~ Our Quest For Acknowledgement – Providing Recognition Or The Opportunity To Be Recognized Is A Powerful Motivator That Can Be Harnessed To Capture Attention


~ A-USSCL-CSAS-TCA-BOARTCS ~ Automaticity – Using Specific Sensory Cues Like – Colors, Symbols And Sounds – To Capture Attention – Based On Automatic Reaction To Certain Stimuli

~ F-AT-O-CSVOTW-STPMATY ~ Framing – Adapting To – Or – Changing Somebody’s View Of The World – So They Pay More Attention To You

~ D-VPE-TCWTPAT ~ Disruption – Violating People’s Expectations – To Change What They Pay Attention To

~ R-LPMFIAER ~ Reward – Leveraging People’s Motivations For Intrinsic And Extrinsic Rewards

~ R-UTRO-E/A/TC-TITACA ~ Reputation – Using The Reputations Of – Experts / Authorities / The Crowd – To Instill Trust And Captivate Audiences

~ M-CMUA-TKAAIUTVE ~ Mystery – Creating Mystery, Uncertainty And Suspense – To Keep An Audience Intrigued Until The Very End

~ A-FADC-BPTTPATTWPTWVAU ~ Acknowledgement – Fostering A Deeper Connection – Because People Tend To Pay Attention To Those Who Provide Them With Validation And Understanding


~ TFSOTRW-TF-WDKWWRW-T-WRRBBGN-FLAF-WCOTEEACUS-TA-WKTAHTWBD ~ The Four Steps Of The Real World – The Fog – We Don’t Know What We Really Want – Treadmilling – We’re Really Really Busy But Getting Nowhere – Feel Like A Failure – We Compare Ourselves To Everyone Else And Come Up Short – Try Again – We Keep Trying And Hoping Things Will Be Different

~ SD-ADNSB-APOBMBAATOPAOS ~ Success Disorder – A Deeply Negative Self-Belief – A Pattern Of Behavior Marked By An Aversion To Or Pushing Away Of Success

~ TTT:EHP-NOHRIY ~ The Two Truths: Everyone Has Potential – No One Has Reached It Yet

~ TTCOSAOHAC-E-E!-TTWANAS ~ The True Causes Of Success Are Often Hidden And Counterintuitive – Even – Especially! – To Those Who Are Naturals At Success

~ TIITPOAASFTATQ ~ Thought Itself Is The Process Of Asking And Searching For The Answers To Questions

~ DYHBYOA-ODYDT?-MOUDOOA-BWTTCOOSAOMDBTIT- APISAQTHBAY-RTMASYDB-WNAAQTCTYL? ~ Do You Honestly Believe Your Own Affirmations – Or Do You Doubt Them? – Most Of Us Doubt Our Own Affirmations – Because We’re Trying To Convince Ourselves Of Something And Our Minds Don’t Believe That It’s True – A Problem Is Simply A Question That Hasn’t Been Answered Yet – Rather Than Making A Statement You Don’t Believe – Why Not Ask A Question That Can Transform Your Life?

~ YACTROYLATVMITW-BTSYSTYAO-ABTQYAYAO ~ You Are Creating The Reality Of Your Life At This Very Moment In Two Ways – By The Statements You Say To Yourself And Others – And – By The Questions You Ask Yourself And Others

~ EQ=TRQ ~ Empowering Questions = The Right Questions

~ TFSTCATCCYL-AYWYW—FAQAATWYWIAT-GYTTQ-TNABOYNAAL ~ The Four Steps To Create Affirmations That Can Change Your Life – Ask Yourself What You Want – Form A Question That Assumes That What You Want Is Already True – Give Yourself To The Question – Take New Actions Based On Your New Assumptions About Life

~ BIYI-TL-NTF-S-ITEOS-TFSISBIY-TSSIYBISE-TFSIYBIY ~ Believing In Yourself Is – The Last – Not The First – Stage – In The Evolution Of Success – The First Stage Is Someone Believes In You – The Second Stage Is You Believe In Someone Else – The Final Stage Is You Believe In You

~ TWNHATLOSWTLSAEOSWBITWTDEBIT ~ They Would Not Have Achieved Their Level Of Success Without The Loving Support And Encouragement Of Someone Who Believed In Them When They Didn’t Even Believe In Themselves

~ A-LM-APWGYUS ~ A – Loving Mirror – A Person Who Gives You Unconditional Support

~ A-SH-S-WSYCAP-WHYTAHSAKYA ~ A – Safe Haven – Someone – Who Sees Your Capacity And Potential – Who Holds You To A Higher Standard And Keeps You Accountable

~ TFESOS:P/A/E/I/S ~ The Five Essential Systems Of Support: People / Activities / Environment / Introspection / Simplify

~ WTWWT-BR-I-E-WW ~ We Think We Want Things – But Really – It’s – EXPERIENCES – We Want

~ TTQTCEYP:WWILTDMO?-WWILTDLO? ~ The Two Questions That Can Explode Your Productivity: What Would I Love To Do More Of? – What Would I Love To Do Less Of?

~ D-D-D ~ Do – Delete – Delegate

~ WDLIT-IA-WLIT-IOA ~ We Don’t Live In The – Information Age – We Live In The – Information Overload Age

~ I-WWHTMCIL-OSLGU-BNWHTASOHTM-T-‘R’-C!~ Ironically – When We Have Too Many Choices In Life – Our Stress Level Goes Up – Because Now We Have The Added Stress Of Having To Make – The – “right” – Choice!

~ AGFZ-ATAPWYGYPTSSG-TAB-TGITYWDCFYA-TRTEOIO-TRWYAS ~ A Goal-Free Zone – A Time And Place Where You Give Yourself Permission To Stop Setting Goals – To Avoid Burnout – To Get It That Your Worth Doesn’t Come From Your Achievements – To Reduce The Effects Of Information Overload – To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self

~ AYGRY? ~ Are Your Goals Really Yours?

~ WAYTT-P-P-O-P?~ Who Are You Trying To – Protect – Punish – Or – Please?

~ TTSTS:FSTIPL/TEAI/R ~ The Three Steps To Success: Find Something That Improves People’s Lives / Tell Everyone About It / Repeat


~ TFOLI-TP-ML-N-MF ~ The Function Of Leadership Is – To Produce – More Leaders – Not – More Followers

~ ECOWOVT-YMHRBAAS-B-YANAEUYHTI ~ Experience Changes Our Way Of Viewing Things – You May Have Read Books About A Subject – But – You Are Not An Expert Until You Have Tasted It

~ ICL-WMLF-C-N-DI-PS-O-MS ~ In Choosing Leaders – We Must Look For – Character – Not – Doctrinal Integrity – Preaching Style – Or – Managerial Skills

~ MAIHTGBETL-YCSALGI-ALIIAFMOW ~ Moral Authority Is Hard To Gain But Easy To Lose – You Can Spend A Lifetime Getting It – And Lose It In A Few Moments Of Weakness

~ OFSTHLATIIAHNMTL-LDIALP ~ Only Fools Say They Have Learned All That Is Important And Have Nothing More To Learn – Leadership Development Is A Lifelong Process

~ TOUWAL-HATTOOWAUTVOSLTOW ~ Those Of Us Who Are Leaders – Have A Tendency To Overestimate Our Words And Underestimate The Value Of Simply Listening To Others’ Words

~ It Is Not Uncommon – Someone – Who Listens Very Little – And – Talks Way Too Much ~ IINU-S-WLVL-A-TWTM

~ TL:PWLM-TSM:NORL ~ Talk Less: People Would Listen More – Talk So Much: No One Really Listens

~ TFSNTBAGLOLITATALTP-TINAEFL-BTTTBPWA ~ The First Skill Needed To Be A Good Leader Of Leaders Is The Ability To Actually Listen To People – This Is Not As Easy For Leaders – Because They Tend To Be People With Answers

~ LAAGQ-ATISFL-BTCDOTELLIL ~ Listening And Asking Good Questions – Are Two Important Skills For Leaders – Because They Can Draw Out The Emerging Leader’s Learning In Life

~ WWHSTUS-TGOSFIOUACEBF-DSOIAMDLOL-A-INEF ~ When We Hear Someone Tell Us Something – It Goes Only So Far In Our Understanding And Can Easily Be Forgotten – Discovering Something Ourselves Is A Much Deeper Level Of Learning – And – Is Not Easily Forgotten


~ TR-LYF-WS-LYP ~ Three Rules – Love Your Family – Work Superhard – Live Your Passion

~ DWMYH-KIS-DTR-WH-LA ~ Do What Makes You Happy – Keep It Simple – Do The Research – Work Hard – Look Ahead

~ TNLHTBADBWYAAWYD ~ There No Longer Has To Be A Difference Between Who You Are And What You Do

~ CGC ~ Create Great Content

~ DYH-YSBRAAESRYCF ~ Do Your Homework – You Should Be Reading And Absorbing Every Single Resource You Can Find

~ DLTY ~ Don’t Lie To Yourself

~ DY ~ Differentiate Yourself

~ IITIS ~ Invest In The Important Stuff

~ ETTBAC ~ Expect This To Be All Consuming

~ IYEANBYFTD0YWKIU-ITMW-AYWGTAFAYWEF ~ If You Enter A Niche Because You’re Following The Dollars – You Won’t Keep It Up – It’s Too Much Work – And You Will Get Tired And Frustrated And You Will Eventually Fold

~ WEAYGTBDTGTBSTALI-DWITTBTFEAPBIYF-BMOA-YWBCAC ~ What Exactly Are You Going To Be Doing That’s Going To Be So Time And Labor Intensive – Doing Whatever It Takes To Become The Foremost Expert And Personal Brand In Your Field – But Most Of All – You Will Be Creating A Community

~ CC-TWTBOYHIGTGAWTBOYSWBD-CCIASC ~ Creating Community – That’s Where The Bulk Of Your Hustle Is Going To Go And Where The Bulk Of Your Success Will Be Determined – Creating Community Is About Starting Conversations

~ HDYKWYBAC?-WOPIL ~ How Do You Know When You’ve Built A Community? – When One Person Is Listening

~ TBMSE-C ~ The Best Marketing Strategy Ever – Care

~ AIBTZ ~ Anything Is Better Than Zero

~ YSPAOYBTYDBI ~ You Shouldn’t Put Anything On Your Blog That You Don’t Believe In

~ BRTA ~ Be Ready To Adapt

~ LIGTC ~ Legacy Is Greater Than Currency


~ WAUT ~ Wired And Unwired Time

~ WA-NSTIOL-FTOOT-WDIOIF-IWANCIGAMST-TMTIFU ~ We All – Need Some Time In Our Lives – For Thinking Our Own Thoughts – Without Distraction, Interruption Or Immediate Feedback – If We Are Not Careful In Guarding And Managing Such Time – Technology May Take It From Us

~ TIOQOWATWTCCAPM ~ Time Is The One Quantity Of Which All The World’s Technology Cannot Conjure A Particle More

~ TC ~ Taking Control

~ TAETWDMFML ~ The Astonishing Extent To Which Digital Media Fills Many Lives

~ ASASNSSFE ~ All Systems And Strategies Need Some Space For Eccentricity

~ USSIBTBOTIALEWOT-WCOEFIAMATO ~ Unless Some Scrutiny Is Brought To Bear On The Intentions And Limitations Encoded Within Our Tools – We Can Only Expect Fewer Improvements And More Abuses To Occur

~ TINSTASFN-EO ~ There Is No Such Thing As Something For Nothing – Even Online

~ SEATEOA ~ Sharing Expertise And The End Of Authority

~ OOTMUPOADW:TWIWDAOHERTUTIOASNOP ~ One Of The Most Uncomfortable Paradoxes Of A Digital World: Those Ways In Which Diversity And Openness Have Enhanced Rather Than Undermined The Influence Of A Small Number Of Players

~ BOCAAAMTEDBTFTSIWMA-OTS-IT-WS-ATIASMNBACG-R-IASDFTNAOTMM ~ Battles Of Culture And Ideas Are More Than Ever Dominated By Those Few That Succeed In Winning Mass Attention – Only The Strong – It Seems – Will Survive – And This Is A Strength Measured Not By A Critical Gaze – Rather – It’s A Strength Drawn From The New Authority Of The Measured Majority

~ T&R:TFOEAIACA ~ Trust And Respect: The Foundations Of Earned Authority In A Communal Age

~ ALNOPMSDTTQOLTTTFEO-ERAPA-DB ~ A Large Number Of People May Suffer Damage To Their Quality Of Life Thanks To The Frictionless Ease Of – Exploitative, Reductive And Potentially Addictive – Digital Behaviours

~ PL ~ Playbour

~ TDTWPMMDKOASEAFOC ~ The Digital Tools We Possess Make Many Different Kinds Of Action Seem Easy And Free Of Consequences

~ FAIFALA-TWNPAUOAESOISAMO ~ For All Its Flaws And Local Abuses – The World Now Possesses An Unprecedentedly Open And Equal System Of Information-Sharing And Mass Opportunity

~ TIAAOUAUI-BTP-A-TPOF-AHTE ~ Today In An Age Of Unfolding And Unprecedented Interconnections – Both The Prizes – And – The Price Of Failure – Are Higher Than Ever


~ NMMFM-APAWAAI-WWO-WAFTPA ~ Never Mistake Mindlessness For Mindfulness – A Passive Approach With An Active Involvement – When We Observe – We Are Forced To Pay Attention

~ WHTMFPATAA-WHTE-ES-EI-ET ~ We Have To Move From Passive Absorption To Active Awareness – We Have To Engage – Each Sense – Each Input – Each Thought

~ TC-CC-TOKMABU-WMNFTRAROH ~ Times Change – Circumstances Change – That Original Knowledge Base Must Always Be Updated – We Must Never Forget To Revise And Retest Out Hypotheses

~ UAFTP-O-H(I)-T-D-R ~ Understand And Frame The Problem – Observe – Hypothesize (Imagine) – Test – Deduce – Repeat

~ OT-T-CATB-JALTE-AO-HVRCBFOAFO ~ Our Tendency – To – Confirm And To Believe – Just A Little Too Easily – And Often – Has Very Real Consequences Both For Ourselves And For Others

~ BWAHDOS-DJAAITWII ~ Begin With A Healthy Dose Of Skepticism – Don’t Just Assume Anything Is The Way It Is

~ M-CPOM-AAH-EF-R-A-OOTW ~ Mindfulness – Constant Presence Of Mind –Attentiveness And Hereness – Essential For – Real – Active – Observation Of The World

~ M-AEAD-WHTBM-THIA-M-P-F-TEEOWGTOH-IOGWTF ~ Motivation – Active Engagement And Desire – We Have To Be Motivated – To Think In A – Mindful – Present – Fashion – To Exert Effort On What Goes Through Our Heads – Instead Of Going With The Flow

~ OBAWFQJ ~ Our Brains Are Wired For Quick Judgments

~ OWOLAATATWITTC-AOBARS-B-WCR-HOBJTCINHWADTA ~ Our Way Of Looking At And Thinking About The World Is Tough To Change – And Our Biases Are Remarkably Sticky – But – We Can Rewire – How Our Brains Jump To Conclusions Is Not How We Are Destined To Act

~ WIATTM-A-TEIITR-TMCWAIIAAT ~ What Is Available To The Mind – And – The Easier It Is To Recall – The More Confident We Are In Its Applicability And Truth

~ IOE-SYAP-YALTSTOEAPAW-ETDF-W-E-AS-BRA ~ If One Element – Strikes You As Positive – You Are Likely To See The Other Elements As Positive As Well – Everything That Doesn’t Fit – Will – Easily – And Subconsciously – Be Reasoned Away

~ NJ-NMHPON-BWAABS-I-IHABFTBTIOOB-A-E ~ No Judgment – No Matter How Positive Or Negative – Begins With An Altogether Blank Slate – Instead – It Has Already Been Filtered Thoroughly By The Interaction Of Our Brain – And – The Environment

~ AES-TEPU ~ At Every Step – The Environment Primes Us

~ ISSTTMAHIMJAAGP?-IS-HDIAMPA? ~ Is Something Superfluous To The Matter At Hand Influencing My Judgment At Any Given Point? – if So – How Do I Adjust My Perception Accordingly?

~ IOW-BSOYAOYOM ~ In Other Words – Be Skeptical Of Yourself And Of Your Own Mind

~ AI-IRNMT-PO-LSRLH ~ Accurate Intuition – Is Really Nothing More Than – Practice Of – Letting Skill Replace Learned Heuristics

~ PAIABE-OMAWTW-WITD ~ Paying Attention Is Anything But Elementary – Our Minds Are Wired To Wander – Wandering Is Their Default

~ WCAOATMTAOAEITFATSLAIWWWTFOJOA ~ We Cannot Allocate Our Attention To Multiple Things At Once And Expect It To Function At The Same Level As It Would Were We To Focus On Just One Activity

~ SI-AAPL-AIWAAOTA-ASOH-TCTTTOTCCGAOTWBWO ~ Sensory Influences – Are A Powerful Lot – And If We Aren’t Aware Of Them Altogether – As So Often Happens – They Can Threaten To Take Over The Carefully Cultivate Goals And Objectivity That We’ve Been Working On

~ WWTS-WOC-WMBL-WOC-IOD ~ When We Touch Something – Warm Or Cold – We May Become Likewise – Warm Or Cold – In Our Disposition

~ IWATBSIARW-WMSFOTMR-OBMC-TWOW ~ If We Are Touched By Someone In A Reassuring Way – We May Suddenly Find Ourselves Taking More Risk – Or Being More Confident – Than We Otherwise Would

~ WWHSH-WAMLTJ-SOS-TBWAMS ~ When We Hold Something Heavy – We Are More Likely To Judge – Something Or Someone – To Be Weightier And More Serious

~ WFTNWWDNPUF-A-WFTIF-O-TTTMPIA ~ We Fail To Note What We Do Not Perceive Up Front – And – We Fail To Inquire Further – Or – To Take The Missing Pieces Into Account

~ WTTSOTWTAP ~ We Tend To See Objects The Way They Are Presented

~ B-O&D-L-T-C-I-SO-I ~ Between – Observation And Deduction – Lies – The – Crucial – Irreplaceable – Step Of – Imagination

~ YNTBFAPOOMP ~ You Need To Begin From A Place Of Open-Minded Possibility

~ IOTMOSIS-TCOMNBF ~ If Only The Most Obvious Solution Is Sought – The Correct One May Never Be Found

~ YCPAASTWP-I-YD-TASBT-LIHIS ~ You Cannot Possibly Assess And See The Whole Picture – If – You Don’t – Take A Step Back To – Let Imagination Have Its Say

~ TPOLAIU ~ The Power Of Learned Associations Is Ubiquitous

~ AEL-P&N-LGLTM-PTTGAWTTOATOT ~ At Every Level – Physical And Neural – Locations Get Linked To Memories – Places Tend To Get Associated With The Type Of Activity That Occurs There

~ TDOD-IIIDTRODTFN-TTS-EITMNBAC-OCAA ~ The Difficulty Of Proper Deduction – It Is Incredibly Difficult To Resist Our Desire To Form Narratives – To Tell Stories – Even If They May Not Be Altogether Correct – Or Correct At All

~ WL-S-CR-C-TTMIS-EITSHTBW-OMFCNOODEATT ~ We Like – Simplicity – Concrete Reasons – Causes – Things That Make Intuitive Sense – Even If That Sense Happens To Be Wrong – Our Minds Form Cohesive Narratives Out Of Disparate Elements All The Time

~ WNCISDHAC-ASOBDACOWOTO-WAOPTDS ~ We’re Not Comfortable If Something Doesn’t Have A Cause – And So Our Brains Determine A Cause One Way Or The Other – Without Asking Our Permission To Do So

~ WID-OBTTER-A-TDSAESOTRP-FFITG ~ When In Doubt – Our Brains Take The Easiest Route – And – They Do So At Every Stage Of The Reasoning Process – From Forming Inferences To Generalizations

~ LIB-WTWAFIO-IPPTPLTC ~ Logic Is Boring – We Think We’ve Already Figured It Out – In Pushing Past This Preconception Lies The Challenge

~ IWATAS-WAMLTFICATIWAAGMD-EITDAI ~ If We Are Told A Story – We Are More Likely To Find It Compelling And True If We Are Also Given More Details – Even If Those Details Are Irrelevant

~ SST-OL-FPAR-IMM-TCEPOILM ~ Stating Something Through – Out Loud – Forces Pauses And Reflection – It Mandates Mindfulness – To Consider Each Premise On Its Logical Merits

~ WE-O-IIOD ~ With Experience – Overconfidence – Increases Instead Of Decreases

~ SBOLNE ~ Success Breeds Overconfidence Like Nothing Else

~ THEE-WTTB-UOEP-A-OODO ~ The Hard-Easy Effect – We Tend To Be – Underconfident On Easy Problems – And – Overconfident On Difficult Ones

~ OIWF ~ Overconfidence Increases With Familiarity

~ OIWI-EITAIDAA-K-IASW ~ Overconfidence Increases With Information – Even If The Additional Information Doesn’t Actually Add – Knowledge – In A Significant Way

~ KY-AYE ~ Know Yourself – And Your Environment

~ O-CAT ~ Observe – Carefully And Thoughtfully

~ I-RTCTSYMNTYN ~ Imagine – Remembering To Claim The Space You May Not Think You Need

~ D-OFWYO-ANM ~ Deduce – Only From What You’ve Observed – And Nothing More

~ L-FYFJAYDFYS ~ Learn – From Your Failures Just As You Do From Your Successes

~ EIAWAG-BIN-P-OAOAO-LIBTGD ~ Education Is All Well And Good – But It Needs – Practice – Over And Over And Over – Lest It Begin To Gather Dust

~ WTD-KTOSTYTNNT-AIUH-EFTMEOE ~ Writing Things Down – Keeping Track Of Steps That You Think Need No Tracking – An Incredibly Useful Habit – Even For The Most Expert Of Experts

~ TC-NMHE-WCFTSOE-IWGTTM-M-ATPAMOMR-CHPIOATM-E&S ~ The Checklist – No Matter How Expert – We Can Forget The Simplest Of Elements – If We Go Through The Motions – Mindlessly – Anything That Prompts A Moment Of Mindful Reflection – Can Have Profound Influence On Our Ability To Maintain – Expertise And Success

~ P-UOHASTETMSSWBOTVTPTWWSHTM ~ Practice – Until Our Habits Are Such That Even The Most Severe Stressors Will Bring Out The Very Thought Patterns That We’ve Worked So Hard To Master

~ TWOBAIISTTW-W-TO-T ~ The Way Our Brains Act Is Infinitely Sensitive To The Way – We – Their Owners – Think