~ NE-IS-IPPA:DC/BDM/TIOTOC/JSVB/FN/ASN/MTU/DA/TEROSA ~ Now Everyone – It Seems – Is Penning Polemics Against: Surveillance Capitalism / Big Data Monopolists / The Ignorance Of The Online Crowd / Juvenile Silicon Valley Billionaires / Fake News / Antisocial Social Networks / Mass Technological Unemployment / Digital Addiction / The Existential Risk Of Smart Algorithms

~ IOST-I-SHB-AATADTH-A:I/R/E/C-A-AA-A-EC-WAFTTFCF ~ Instead Of Smart Technology – It’s – Smart Human Begins – Acting As They’ve Always Done Throughout History – As: Innovators / Regulators / Educators / Consumers – And – Above All – As – Engaged Citizens – Who Are Fixing The Twenty-First-Century Future

~ ACIBAC(AC)TD ~ A Culture Infected By A Creeping (And Creepy) Technological Determinism

~ OOHA-OTRTSOOS-IEIWATBAHDF ~ Our Own Human Agency – Our Timeless Responsibility To Shape Our Own Societies – Is Essential If We Are To Build A Habitable Digital Future

~ EIGPUE-U-WH-FTMAL-ANS-NS-A-R-NMS-A-TWWBI-1965 ~ Everything Is Getting Perpetually Upgraded Except Us – We Humans – For The Moment At Least – Are No Speedier – No Smarter – And – Really – No More Self-Aware – Than We Were Back In – 1965

~ TD-AEDCB-HASM-A-AB-TCATROH ~ The Duality – An Ever-Deepening Chasm Between – Humans And Smart Machines – And – Also Between – Tech Companies And The Rest Of Humanity

~ THCODRAQBTCIOODS ~ The Human Costs Of The Digital Revolution Are Quickly Becoming The Central Issue Of Our Digital Society

~ ‘MGI’-AIDTPAMAOESAATOT-DU ~ “Minimum Guaranteed Income” – An Idea Designed To Provide A Minimal Amount Of Economic Security At A Time Of Technology-Driven Unemployment

~ TFPMFFTF:R/CI/SR/WACC/E ~ The Five Perennial Methods For Fixing The Future: Regulation / Competitive Innovation / Social Responsibility / Worker And Consumer Choice / Education

~ TFAITUOP ~ The Future Appears In The Unlikeliest Of Places

~ WABIAWO:RA-E-LOA-I-A-I ~ We Are Back In A World Of: Rampant Addiction – Exploitation – Lack Of Accountability – Irresponsibility – And – Inequality

~ TWAALUTBDSOASEIWWAIW ~ Today We Are All Living Under The Big Data Spotlight Of A Surveillance Economy In Which We Are Incessantly Watched

~ TWHSAIOVCIODM-TISANFOAOMTW-RP-LB-A-S ~ Today We Have Such An Infestation Of Violent Content In Our Digital Media – That It Seems Almost Normal For Online Audiences Of Millions To Watch – Revenge Porn – Live Beheadings – And – Suicides

~ TIR-WWSTEU-IIEU ~ The Internet Revolution – Which Was Supposed To Empower Us – Is Increasingly Enslaving Us

~ TWDAHBIC ~ The Web’s Decentralized Architecture Has Become Intensely Centralized

~ WWDTBA-D-E-A-E-R-AKODC-ITOTB-D-C-U-A-C ~ What Was Designed To Be A – Decentralized – Egalitarian – And – Enlightened – Revolution – A Kind Of Digital Commonwealth – Is Turning Out To Be – Disturbingly – Centralized – Unequal – And – Creepy

~ WWSAROSM-IWWWTSAR-NWENSSITSMP-T-ECE-TSC-FB-HCA-HOM-A-‘PT’-ML-DBFNAOFOOP ~ What We See And Read On Social Media – Is What We Want To See And Read – No Wonder Everything Now Seems So Inevitable To So Many People – This – Echo Chamber Effect – The So-Called – Filter Bubble – Has Created A – Hall Of Mirrors – A – “Post-Truth” – Media Landscape – Dominated By Fake News And Other Forms Of Online Propaganda

~ POTPITTEGOSTATDTTROU ~ Part Of The Problem Is That The Economic Gains Of Smart Technology Aren’t Trickling Down To The Rest Of Us

~ T-I-WIAOCA-A-TAOMOIU-HBTIMFOTNTOWAT ~ The – Internet – With Its Absence Of Curatorial Authority – And – The Anonymity Of Many Of Its Users – Has Become The Ideal Medium For Orchestrating This New Type Of War Against Truth

~ DC ~ Digital Communitarianism

~ TIODPSHBCITCIO-‘NN’-TNTGOPCSBR-UL-TTADOTIE ~ The Inviolability Of Digital Public Space Has Become Captured In The Controversial Idea Of – “Network Neutrality” – The Notion That Governments Or Private Companies Should Be Required – Under Law – To Treat All Data On The Internet Equally

~ T-S-TFOTIIASODMWODERACA ~ The – Splinternet – The Fragmentation Of The Internet Into A Series Of Different Markets Working On Different Economic Rules And Cultural Assumptions

~ GDPR ~ General Data Protection Regulation

~ SWSASPWAPTMPTNN ~ Somebody Will Succeed At Some Point With A Product That Makes Privacy The New Norm

~ DAO ~ Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

~ TDE-WITPO-W-T-A-C-IAABFVCAIIFEE ~ Today’s Digital Economy – With Its Tiny Pool Of – Winner-Take-All – Companies – Is Actually As Bad For Venture Capitalists As It Is For Everyone Else

~ AVPOTH ~ A Valuable Player On Team Human

~ DLD ~ Digital Life Design

~ SUIAGBM-AITIOTHTU-ITBBMED ~ Surveillance Ultimately Isn’t A Good Business Model – And If There Is One Thing History Teaches Us – It’s That Bad Business Models Eventually Die

~ TUWYF-TAS-TU-I-I-BAFPF-TTC ~ Trust Us With You Future – They Are Saying – Trust Us – Is – Indeed – Becoming A Familiar Promise From – The Tech Community

~ CABCA ~ Civic Algorithm By Civic Algorithm

~ WTF ~ Win The Future

~ DMCA-‘NPOUOAICSSBTATPOSOAIPBACP’-TCC ~ Digital Millennium Copyright Act – “No Provider Or User Of An Interactive Computer Service Shall Be Treated As The Publisher Or Speaker Of Any Information Provided By Another Information Content Provider” – The Controversial Clause

~ HPAWCRTBAFTCPOTN-E-MMF-ORAVVAODIC ~ Hugely Powerful And Wealthy Companies Refusing To Be Accountable For The Content Posted On Their Networks – Essentially – Making Money From – Overtly Racist And Violent Videos And Other Disgustingly Inappropriate Content

~ WTWALOR-TM-DBWAAMTMA-O-TW ~ When Threatened With A Loss Of Revenue – These Multibillion-Dollar Businesses Will Act And Make Themselves More Accountable – Otherwise – They Won’t

~ T-‘P’-AGCOIEF-WSOAL ~ The – “Precariat” – A Growing Class Of Impermanently Employed Folks – Who Scrape Out A Living

~ TINAUTTIO-TU ~ There Is Now An Urgency To The Issue Of – Technological Unemployment

~ UBI-‘AOIWMA’ ~ Universal Basic Income – “An Old Idea With Modern Appeal”

~ WAHGF? ~ What Are Humans Good For?

~ TINIWR ~ There Is No Innovation Without Regulation

~ DACMOTF-RACKOTP-TWTHOTN-CIRISIIHUMSOTEDT-FC ~ Designing A Coherent Map Of The Future – Requires A Coherent Knowledge Of The Past – That’s Why The History Of The Nineteenth-Century Industrial Revolution Is So Investiture In Helping Us Make Sense Of The Early Digital Twentieth-First Century


~ BWANR-R-WUAKOQMTTFOHMWVT-‘VC’-S-AFA-B-MAIAM-OAIM-AY-WATCTCOPOV ~ But We Are Not Rational – Rather – We Use All Kinds Of Quirky Mental Tricks To Figure Out How Much We Value Things – “Value Clues” – Some Are Fairly Accurate But – Many Are Irrelevant And Misleading – Others Are Intentionally Manipulative And Yet We Allow These Cues To Change Our Perception Of Value

~ WFTEIR ~ We Forget That Everything Is Relative

~ WAII-‘OS’-WAMQAWELT-TITPCTSBIMAARP ~ When An Item Is – “On Sale” We Act More Quickly And With Even Less Thought Then If The Product Costs The Same But Is Marked At A Regular Price

~ WWHNIWSSC-WBWMTBD-IWNOOTDM-NGTCOTBO ~ When We Have No Idea What Something Should Cost We Believe We’re Making The Best Decision If We Neither Overspend On The Deluxe Model Nor Go Too Cheap On The Basic One

~ RAAOVAWPA-B-WPOMFAO ~ Relativity Also Affects Our Value Assessment When Products Are Bundled When Products Offer Multiple Features And Options

~ RLIEAOOL-APS ~ Relativity Leaks Into Every Aspect Of Our Lives And Powerful So

~ HTOSTBLAROOAH-AMAROTWIWWCOTO-IMC-TCINHNG ~ Happiness Too Often Seems To Be Less A Reflection Of Our Actual Happiness And More A Reflection Of The Ways In Which We Compare Ourselves To Others – In Most Cases – That Comparison Is Neither Healthy Nor Good

~ TEOAE-IVI-EOAHNII-B-TE-IASH-WRBO-R-A-V-TEE ~ The End Of An Experience Is Very Important – Ending On A High Note Is Important Because The End Informs And Shapes How We Reflect Back On Remember And Value The Entire Experience

~ WC-E&P-O-W&T-ET ~ We’ll Choose Easy And Painless Over Wise And Thoughtful Every Time

~ F-IASP-AY-IIAP ~ Free Is A Strange Price – And Yes – It Is A Price

~ WSIF-WTNTAAC-BATI-TI-WCSFOSTN-ATMNABTBC ~ When Something Is Free – We Tend Not To Apply A Cost-Benefit Analysis To It – That Is – We Choose Something Free Over Something That’s Not – And That May Not Always Be The Best Choice

~ SLAWAOTPECWM-WCHKTIP-ALTIOOL ~ So Long As We’re Aware Of The Pain-Evading Choices We’re Making – We Can Help Keep Them In Perspective – And Limit Their Impact On Our Lives

~ ITOTPWTTM-I-O-TMNBSAGT-CON-WRUOOBWMVJ-ETWNAEOASAOP-AETWNAEOASAWTWA ~ It Turn’s Out The Person We Trust The Most – Is – Ourselves – That Might Not Be Such A Good Thing – Consciously Or Not – We Rely Upon Our Own Brilliance When Making Value Judgments – Even Though We’re Not As Experienced Or As Smart As Other People – And Even Though We’re Not As Experienced Or As Smart As We Think We Are

~ OOIOIMP-AMD-WICTOFI-WIWWALTFPT-A-WWADTAC-BS-TSNHARTOD-WLIIPTDMP-T-I/I-SP-CBTBFFDFTPF ~ Our Overtrust In Ourselves Is Most Pronounced – And Most Dangerous – When It Comes To Our First Impressions – Which Is When We Are Likely To Fall Prey To – Anchoring – When We Are Drawn To A Conclusion – By Something – That Should Not Have An Relevance To Our Decision – We Let Irrelevant Information Pollute The Decision-Making Process – This – Initial / Irrelevant – Starting Point – Can Become The Basis For Future Decisions From That Point Forward

~ CB-WEINIIAWTCOOPAE-A-WWMNDIWTCOPD ~ Confirmation Bias – When We Interpret New Information In A Way That Confirms Our Own Preconceptions And Expectations – Also – When We Make New Decisions In Ways That Confirm Our Previous Decisions

~ WFONTRAAWOPN-TINGFUACOAAN-EIIIAMPEFUAI ~ We Focus On News That Reinforce And Agrees With Our Preconceived Notions – This Is Not Good For Us As Citizens Or As A Nation – Even If It Is A More Pleasant Experience For Us As Individuals

~ THPIAGR-BGPTBTS-HPI-DP-UAAR-‘B’~ The Highest-Priced Items Actually Generate Revenue – By Getting People To Buy The Second-Highest Priced Items – Decoy Pricing – Using Anchoring And Relativity – “Benchmarking”

~ A-HAWE-W-WHSRIOVVWWHNI ~ Anchoring – Has A Weaker Effect – When – We Have Some Rough Idea Of Value Versus When We Have No Idea

~ PPINGOFR-DBEYT ~ Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Results – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

~ EGUTFOO-TFTWCS-AWIEIAA-WFELTTT ~ Effort Gives Us The Feeling Of Ownership – The Feeling That We’ve Created Something – After We Invest Effort In Almost Anything – We Feel Extra Love Toward That Thing

~ IDHTBALP-AIDEHTBARP-B-IWBWHSTDWTC-WIOL-A-WT-OWTP ~ It Doesn’t Have To Be A Large Part – And It Doesn’t Even Have To Be A Real Part – But – If We Believe We Had Something To Do With The Creation – We Increase Our Love – And – With That – Our Willingness To Pay

~ TMWWPIS-TMATIWB-TMWFWOI ~ The More Work We Put Into Something – The More Attached To It We Become – The More We Feel We Own It

~ PVIMBTHTITH ~ People Value Items More Because They Have Them In Their Hands

~ VO-TOF-ETOTOSOAP-WBIC ~ Virtual Ownership – That Ownership Feeling – Enough Taste Or Touch Or Sense Of A Product – Without Buying It Completely

~ LA-WFTPOLMSTWDTSMOP-IATAM ~ Loss Aversion – We Feel The Pain Of Losses More Strongly Than We Do The Same Magnitude Of Pleasure – It’s About Twice As Much

~ SC-OWIIS-WHAHTGUOTI-WSFOHLIITBVITF-BWNR-AINE ~ Sunk Cost – Once We’ve Invested In Something – We Have A Hard Time Giving Up On That Investment – We Should Focus On How Likely It Its To Be Valuable In The Future – But We’re Not Rational – And It’s Not Easy

~ OBDLUATDMUTATEOD-A-WMUSTAFAU?-IILA-E-WTAGDOE-WFMBAPM ~ Our Brains Don’t Like Unfairness And This Dislike Makes Us Take Action To Express Our Displeasure – And – What Makes Us See Things As Fair And Unfair? – It Is Largely About – Effort – When There’s A Great Deal Of Effort – We Feel Much Better About Paying More

~ F-WWVEOO-WPFI-AIIAI-WFMR-AMC-PFI ~ Fundamentally – When We Value Effort Over Outcome – We’re Paying For Incompetence – Although It Is Actually Irrational – We Feel More Rational – And More Comfortable – Paying For Incompetence

~ TE-BIREATTAPF-CAOPOVIWTHLTDWAV ~ Transparent Effort – Because It Reveals Effort And Thus The Appearance Of Fairness – Can Alter Our Perception Of Value In Ways That Have Little To Do With Actual Value

~ WCFADOVT-NFATTT-HLTV-SMOL-WLDCTP-IDCTWWIWIATWWEI ~ We Choose From Among Descriptions Of Various Things – Not From Among The Things Themselves – Herein Lies The Value-Shifting Magic Of Language – While Language Doesn’t Change The Product – It Does Change The Way We Interact With It And The Way We Experience It

~ OAILCASOE ~ Obscure And Impenetrable Language Conveys A Sense Of Expertise

~ R-IOVOTTUITR-RCI-E/P/V-A-OC-WTP ~ Rituals – Increase Our Valuation Of The Thing Used In That Ritual – Rituals Can Increase – Enjoyment / Pleasure / Value – And – Of Course – Willingness To Pay

~ WOE-E-AVTOSVF-EPWM ~ We Overvalue Expectations – Expectations – Add Value To Or Subtract Value From – Every Purchase We Make

~ PPISNGOFS-BGTTTOE ~ Past Performance Is Simply No Guarantee Of Future Success – But Go Tell This To Our Expectations

~ WTA-E-WEMFT-A-WTAC-WEL ~ When Things Are – Expensive – We Expect More From Them – And – When They Are Cheap – We Expect Less

~ WDWHSAHTWS-C?-IB-WTTVCTRN-ITP-MMHTWVTITF ~ Why Do We Have Such A Hard Time With Self-Control? It’s Because We Tend To Value Certain Things Right Now In The Present Much More Highly Than We Value Them In The Future

~ TOIAEAUS ~ Tricking Ourselves Is An Easy And Useful Strategy


~ TTITM-‘V’-M-AYITM ~ The Truth Is That Most – “Viral” – Moments – Are Years In The Making

~ YHTCYA-I/S/L-A ~ You Have To Capture Your Audience’s – Immediate / Short / Long – Attention

~ EARBBDOD-SUNAU-TKTWMF-CVFYTCLTA ~ Elicit A Reaction By Being Distinctive Or Disruptive – Something Unique, Novel And Useful – To Keep Their Working Memory Focused – Create Value For Your Audience To Capture Their Long-Term Attention

~ TIHOBIP-WIETINTOG-BIWD-WQSTDAF-MF-MD-MMM-A-AGMI ~ This Is How Our Brain Is Programmed – We Ignore Everything That Isn’t Necessary To Our Goals – Because If We Didn’t – We’d Quickly Succumb To Directed Attention Fatigue – Mentally Fatigued – More Distracted – Make More Mistakes – And – Are Generally More Irritable

~ DAF ~ Directed Attention Fatigue

~ CC-IHOBFAATRS ~ Color Contrast – Is How Our Brain Finds And Attends To Relevant Stimuli

~ IYWTGPTBYS-PACTITOOYWBC ~ If You Want To Get People To Buy Your Stuff – Pick A Color That Is The Opposite Of Your Website’s Background Color

~ MLIJSTMYFG-ISTCLSYL-BLSCARS ~ Mood Lighting Isn’t Just Something That Makes You Feel Good – It’s Something That Can Literally Save Your Life – Blue Lighting Stops Crime And Reduces Suicides

~ YAHTCTAACHWYA-O-YMEUCTWKOA ~ You Also Have To Consider The Associations A Color Has With Your Audience – Or – You May End Up Capturing The Wrong Kind Of Attention


~ Our Brain Is An – “Associative Machine” – That Attaches Meanings And Associations Unconsciously To – Words – Ideas – Images – And Even Colors

~ TATWTGAWS-TF-ITHPA-TS-ITDNATCAB ~ There Are Two Ways To Grab Attention With Symbols – The First – Is To Harness Preexisting Associations – The Second – Is To Develop New Associations Through Consistency And Branding

~ TFE-ACBTATWWPAPOI-BOTWIIPTU-WOMDCATSIWTEICES ~ The Framing Effect – A Cognitive Bias That Affects The Way We Perceive A Piece Of Information – Based On The Way It Is Presented To Us – We Often Make Different Conclusions About The Same Information When The Explanation Is Changed Even Slightly

~ TIOI-OOFORIS-IIIDTC-PWUDYIOYWBTDITFOROP ~ The Inertia Of Ideas – Once Our Frame Of Reference Is Set – It Is Incredibly Difficult To Change – People Will Unintentionally Dismiss Your Ideas Or Your Work Because They Don’t Fit Their Frames Of Reference Or Preconceptions

~ TFOASSTHAIOOAOIV-PS-BMB-ETWHTOT-N-R-O-SM ~ The Familiarity Of A Statement Seems To Have An Impact On Our Assessment Of Its Validity – Plausible Statements – Become More Believable – Every Time We Hear Them On The – News – Radio – Or – Social Media

~ D-A CIOE-TDOVOE-TFUTPA-WFOTDUWKWIIAPSOAPT ~ Disruption – A Change In Our Environment – That Disrupts Or Violates Our Expectations – That Forces Us To Pay Attention – We Focus On The Disruption Until We Know Whether It Is A Pleasant Surprise Or A Potential Threat

~ S-S-A-S ~ Surprise – Simplicity – And – Significance

~ SATCWICTGPA ~ Simplicity Always Trumps Complexity When It Comes To Grabbing People’s Attention

~ KTS-YH-F-OF-S-TCSA ~ Keep Things Significant – You Have – Fifteen – Or Fewer – Seconds – To Capture Somebody’s Attention

~ YMVETCA-BNSCATAYA-IYKIMWISAMTYA-YDWR ~ You Must Violate Expectations To Capture Attention – But Not So Completely As To Alienate Your Audience – If You Keep In Mind What Is Significant And Meaningful To Your Audience – Your Disruption Will Resonate

~ W-S/S/S-ACT-TRISTNOCABAKI ~ When – Surprise / Simplicity / Significance – All Come Together – The Result Is Something That Not Only Captures Attention But Also Keeps It

~ S-S-SIC-IYIEO-YMSBLC ~ Surprise – Simplicity – Significance In Context – If You Ignore Even One – Your Message Simply Becomes Less Captivating

~ TRM-AA-IH-ACDSFAGASR ~ The Reward Mechanism – All Animals – Including Humans – Are Creatures Developed Specifically For Accomplishing Goals And Seeking Rewards

~ OBICTUTDCHTITAEPOBTOWBAS ~ Our Body Is Constantly Training Us To Develop Certain Habits That It Thinks Are Either Pleasurable Or Beneficial To Our Well-Being And Survival

~ TLPARI-TMPIB-SSWARIMEACATOAFR ~ The Less Predictable A Reward Is – The More Pleasurable It Becomes – Surprising Somebody With A Reward Is More Effective At Capturing Attention Than Offering A Fixed Reward

~ WABAGECBEMWWASTRRIFOU ~ We Are Bad At Grasping Esoteric Concepts But Easily Motivated When We Actually See The Reward Right In Front Of Us

~ BIVER ~ Balancing Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Rewards

~ OOROTRAPAOOIWD ~ Our Over-Reliance On The Reputation And Perceived Authority Of Others Is Well Documented

~ WAWTFAPO-BOIWDFLWSA ~ We Are Willing To Fight Against Popular Opinion – But Only If We Don’t Feel Like We’re Standing Alone

~ TC-IAIBWIIDATOOTIACPT ~ The Crowd – Is At Its Best When It Is Decentralized And The Opinions Of The Individuals Are Collectively Put Together

~ BYR-TTKE:C/P/T-~ Building Your Reputation – The Three Key Elements: Consistency / Personality / Time

~ OQFA-PROTOTBRIAPMTCBHTCA ~ Our Quest For Acknowledgement – Providing Recognition Or The Opportunity To Be Recognized Is A Powerful Motivator That Can Be Harnessed To Capture Attention


~ A-USSCL-CSAS-TCA-BOARTCS ~ Automaticity – Using Specific Sensory Cues Like – Colors, Symbols And Sounds – To Capture Attention – Based On Automatic Reaction To Certain Stimuli

~ F-AT-O-CSVOTW-STPMATY ~ Framing – Adapting To – Or – Changing Somebody’s View Of The World – So They Pay More Attention To You

~ D-VPE-TCWTPAT ~ Disruption – Violating People’s Expectations – To Change What They Pay Attention To

~ R-LPMFIAER ~ Reward – Leveraging People’s Motivations For Intrinsic And Extrinsic Rewards

~ R-UTRO-E/A/TC-TITACA ~ Reputation – Using The Reputations Of – Experts / Authorities / The Crowd – To Instill Trust And Captivate Audiences

~ M-CMUA-TKAAIUTVE ~ Mystery – Creating Mystery, Uncertainty And Suspense – To Keep An Audience Intrigued Until The Very End

~ A-FADC-BPTTPATTWPTWVAU ~ Acknowledgement – Fostering A Deeper Connection – Because People Tend To Pay Attention To Those Who Provide Them With Validation And Understanding


~ TFSOTRW-TF-WDKWWRW-T-WRRBBGN-FLAF-WCOTEEACUS-TA-WKTAHTWBD ~ The Four Steps Of The Real World – The Fog – We Don’t Know What We Really Want – Treadmilling – We’re Really Really Busy But Getting Nowhere – Feel Like A Failure – We Compare Ourselves To Everyone Else And Come Up Short – Try Again – We Keep Trying And Hoping Things Will Be Different

~ SD-ADNSB-APOBMBAATOPAOS ~ Success Disorder – A Deeply Negative Self-Belief – A Pattern Of Behavior Marked By An Aversion To Or Pushing Away Of Success

~ TTT:EHP-NOHRIY ~ The Two Truths: Everyone Has Potential – No One Has Reached It Yet

~ TTCOSAOHAC-E-E!-TTWANAS ~ The True Causes Of Success Are Often Hidden And Counterintuitive – Even – Especially! – To Those Who Are Naturals At Success

~ TIITPOAASFTATQ ~ Thought Itself Is The Process Of Asking And Searching For The Answers To Questions

~ DYHBYOA-ODYDT?-MOUDOOA-BWTTCOOSAOMDBTIT- APISAQTHBAY-RTMASYDB-WNAAQTCTYL? ~ Do You Honestly Believe Your Own Affirmations – Or Do You Doubt Them? – Most Of Us Doubt Our Own Affirmations – Because We’re Trying To Convince Ourselves Of Something And Our Minds Don’t Believe That It’s True – A Problem Is Simply A Question That Hasn’t Been Answered Yet – Rather Than Making A Statement You Don’t Believe – Why Not Ask A Question That Can Transform Your Life?

~ YACTROYLATVMITW-BTSYSTYAO-ABTQYAYAO ~ You Are Creating The Reality Of Your Life At This Very Moment In Two Ways – By The Statements You Say To Yourself And Others – And – By The Questions You Ask Yourself And Others

~ EQ=TRQ ~ Empowering Questions = The Right Questions

~ TFSTCATCCYL-AYWYW—FAQAATWYWIAT-GYTTQ-TNABOYNAAL ~ The Four Steps To Create Affirmations That Can Change Your Life – Ask Yourself What You Want – Form A Question That Assumes That What You Want Is Already True – Give Yourself To The Question – Take New Actions Based On Your New Assumptions About Life

~ BIYI-TL-NTF-S-ITEOS-TFSISBIY-TSSIYBISE-TFSIYBIY ~ Believing In Yourself Is – The Last – Not The First – Stage – In The Evolution Of Success – The First Stage Is Someone Believes In You – The Second Stage Is You Believe In Someone Else – The Final Stage Is You Believe In You

~ TWNHATLOSWTLSAEOSWBITWTDEBIT ~ They Would Not Have Achieved Their Level Of Success Without The Loving Support And Encouragement Of Someone Who Believed In Them When They Didn’t Even Believe In Themselves

~ A-LM-APWGYUS ~ A – Loving Mirror – A Person Who Gives You Unconditional Support

~ A-SH-S-WSYCAP-WHYTAHSAKYA ~ A – Safe Haven – Someone – Who Sees Your Capacity And Potential – Who Holds You To A Higher Standard And Keeps You Accountable

~ TFESOS:P/A/E/I/S ~ The Five Essential Systems Of Support: People / Activities / Environment / Introspection / Simplify

~ WTWWT-BR-I-E-WW ~ We Think We Want Things – But Really – It’s – EXPERIENCES – We Want

~ TTQTCEYP:WWILTDMO?-WWILTDLO? ~ The Two Questions That Can Explode Your Productivity: What Would I Love To Do More Of? – What Would I Love To Do Less Of?

~ D-D-D ~ Do – Delete – Delegate

~ WDLIT-IA-WLIT-IOA ~ We Don’t Live In The – Information Age – We Live In The – Information Overload Age

~ I-WWHTMCIL-OSLGU-BNWHTASOHTM-T-‘R’-C!~ Ironically – When We Have Too Many Choices In Life – Our Stress Level Goes Up – Because Now We Have The Added Stress Of Having To Make – The – “right” – Choice!

~ AGFZ-ATAPWYGYPTSSG-TAB-TGITYWDCFYA-TRTEOIO-TRWYAS ~ A Goal-Free Zone – A Time And Place Where You Give Yourself Permission To Stop Setting Goals – To Avoid Burnout – To Get It That Your Worth Doesn’t Come From Your Achievements – To Reduce The Effects Of Information Overload – To Reconnect With Your Authentic Self

~ AYGRY? ~ Are Your Goals Really Yours?

~ WAYTT-P-P-O-P?~ Who Are You Trying To – Protect – Punish – Or – Please?

~ TTSTS:FSTIPL/TEAI/R ~ The Three Steps To Success: Find Something That Improves People’s Lives / Tell Everyone About It / Repeat


~ TFOLI-TP-ML-N-MF ~ The Function Of Leadership Is – To Produce – More Leaders – Not – More Followers

~ ECOWOVT-YMHRBAAS-B-YANAEUYHTI ~ Experience Changes Our Way Of Viewing Things – You May Have Read Books About A Subject – But – You Are Not An Expert Until You Have Tasted It

~ ICL-WMLF-C-N-DI-PS-O-MS ~ In Choosing Leaders – We Must Look For – Character – Not – Doctrinal Integrity – Preaching Style – Or – Managerial Skills

~ MAIHTGBETL-YCSALGI-ALIIAFMOW ~ Moral Authority Is Hard To Gain But Easy To Lose – You Can Spend A Lifetime Getting It – And Lose It In A Few Moments Of Weakness

~ OFSTHLATIIAHNMTL-LDIALP ~ Only Fools Say They Have Learned All That Is Important And Have Nothing More To Learn – Leadership Development Is A Lifelong Process

~ TOUWAL-HATTOOWAUTVOSLTOW ~ Those Of Us Who Are Leaders – Have A Tendency To Overestimate Our Words And Underestimate The Value Of Simply Listening To Others’ Words

~ It Is Not Uncommon – Someone – Who Listens Very Little – And – Talks Way Too Much ~ IINU-S-WLVL-A-TWTM

~ TL:PWLM-TSM:NORL ~ Talk Less: People Would Listen More – Talk So Much: No One Really Listens

~ TFSNTBAGLOLITATALTP-TINAEFL-BTTTBPWA ~ The First Skill Needed To Be A Good Leader Of Leaders Is The Ability To Actually Listen To People – This Is Not As Easy For Leaders – Because They Tend To Be People With Answers

~ LAAGQ-ATISFL-BTCDOTELLIL ~ Listening And Asking Good Questions – Are Two Important Skills For Leaders – Because They Can Draw Out The Emerging Leader’s Learning In Life

~ WWHSTUS-TGOSFIOUACEBF-DSOIAMDLOL-A-INEF ~ When We Hear Someone Tell Us Something – It Goes Only So Far In Our Understanding And Can Easily Be Forgotten – Discovering Something Ourselves Is A Much Deeper Level Of Learning – And – Is Not Easily Forgotten


~ TR-LYF-WS-LYP ~ Three Rules – Love Your Family – Work Superhard – Live Your Passion

~ DWMYH-KIS-DTR-WH-LA ~ Do What Makes You Happy – Keep It Simple – Do The Research – Work Hard – Look Ahead

~ TNLHTBADBWYAAWYD ~ There No Longer Has To Be A Difference Between Who You Are And What You Do

~ CGC ~ Create Great Content

~ DYH-YSBRAAESRYCF ~ Do Your Homework – You Should Be Reading And Absorbing Every Single Resource You Can Find

~ DLTY ~ Don’t Lie To Yourself

~ DY ~ Differentiate Yourself

~ IITIS ~ Invest In The Important Stuff

~ ETTBAC ~ Expect This To Be All Consuming

~ IYEANBYFTD0YWKIU-ITMW-AYWGTAFAYWEF ~ If You Enter A Niche Because You’re Following The Dollars – You Won’t Keep It Up – It’s Too Much Work – And You Will Get Tired And Frustrated And You Will Eventually Fold

~ WEAYGTBDTGTBSTALI-DWITTBTFEAPBIYF-BMOA-YWBCAC ~ What Exactly Are You Going To Be Doing That’s Going To Be So Time And Labor Intensive – Doing Whatever It Takes To Become The Foremost Expert And Personal Brand In Your Field – But Most Of All – You Will Be Creating A Community

~ CC-TWTBOYHIGTGAWTBOYSWBD-CCIASC ~ Creating Community – That’s Where The Bulk Of Your Hustle Is Going To Go And Where The Bulk Of Your Success Will Be Determined – Creating Community Is About Starting Conversations

~ HDYKWYBAC?-WOPIL ~ How Do You Know When You’ve Built A Community? – When One Person Is Listening

~ TBMSE-C ~ The Best Marketing Strategy Ever – Care

~ AIBTZ ~ Anything Is Better Than Zero

~ YSPAOYBTYDBI ~ You Shouldn’t Put Anything On Your Blog That You Don’t Believe In

~ BRTA ~ Be Ready To Adapt

~ LIGTC ~ Legacy Is Greater Than Currency