~ DYR:WIDYE?-WDYWTH? ~ Define Your Roots: Which Ideas Drive You Emotionally? – Whom Do You Want To Help?

~ NYI:S-S-I-E ~ Name Your Ingredients: Skills – Strengths – Ideas – Experiences

~ CYWM:E-E-F ~ Choose Your Work Mode: Employee – Entrepreneur – Freelancer

~ CAI:WDYWTBTLATSOYC? ~ Create And Innovate: What Do You Want To Bring To Life At This Stage Of Your Career?

~ STF:D-U-M-YFAA ~ Surf The Fear: Define – Understand – Manage – Your Fears And Anxieties

~ FYT:P-M-C ~ Form You Team: Peers – Mentors – Collaborators

~ DWSMTY:S-R-M-G ~ Define What Success Means To You: Specific – Relevant – Meaningful – Goals

~ SYS:TIATTCACS ~ Sell Your Story: Tie It All Together To Create A Compelling Story


~ BOW-FTTTTYST ~ Body Of Work – Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ NOILOFYCA-YM-FM-LO-SY-A-PF-F/C/UD-YMDASOSTMYATEAIIAMWAP ~ No One Is Looking Out For Your Career Anymore – You Must – Find Meaning – Locate Opportunities – Sell Yourself – And – Plan For – Failure / Calamity / Unexpected Disasters – You Must Develop A Set Of Skills That Makes You Able To Earn An Income In As Many Ways As Possible

~ WYVYCTTLO-AO-ABOW-Y-KTDRTCYEWALE ~ When You View Our Career Through The Lens Of – An Over-Arching Body Of Work – You – Know The Deeper Roots That Connect Your Entire Work And Life Experience

~ Y-BOW-IEY-C-C-A-A-I ~ Your – Body Of Work – Is Everything You – Create – Contribute – Affect – And – Impact

~ I-WSTC-A-A-M-A-P-WHAPBOW ~ Individuals – Who Structure Their Careers – Around – Autonomy – Mastery – And – Purpose – Will Have A Powerful Body Of Work

~ SAWAYNEM-AYGTP-CCTYBDTSMCAJITW ~ Smiling And Waving At Your Neighbor Every Morning – As You Get The Paper – Can Contribute To Your Bigger Desire To See More Civility And Joy In The World

~ IAPTCTY-BOW-IYWIACIALC ~ It’s Also Possible To Contribute To Your – Body Of Work – If You Work In A Cubicle Inside A Larger Company

~ VYLAABOWINAS-TG-YWTFO-M-SD-CAM-TINORAFE ~ Viewing Your Life As A Body Of Work Is Not A Short-Term Game – You Want To Focus On – Meaning – Skill Development – Craft And Mastery – There Is No One Right Answer For Everyone

~ WY?-WUPOEDYBTTW? ~ Why You? – What Unique Perspective Or Experience Do You Bring To This Work?

~ IIWT-EIIFM? ~ Is It Worth Trying – Even If It Fails Miserably?

~ WMTIODR-T-P-B-C-TPTFFY-BOW-TKYSASWYFCIYCARYWIIITKMTA ~ We Must Tap Into Our Deepest Roots – The – Purpose – Beliefs – Convictions – That Provide The Foundation For Your – Body Of Work – They Keep You Strong And Stable When You Face Challenges In Your Career And Remind You Why It Is Important To Keep Moving Through Adversity

~ MINEOADTMITTTCT ~ Money Is Not Enough Of A Driver To Make It Through The Truly Challenging Times

~ UI-R-S-S-E-V-S ~ Your Ingredients – Roles – Skills – Strengths – Experience – Values – Scars

~ ITNWOW-AEWDCBBDIP ~ In The New World Of Work – Almost Everything We Do Can Be Broken Down Into Projects

~ TWOWINS-YCCOAOWMTDOCAFS ~ The World Of Work Is Not Stable – You Cannot Count On Any One Work Mode To Deliver Ongoing Creative And Financial Stability

~ ITNWOW-OATCAP-BOW-IWWDOOE ~ In The New World Of Work – Our Ability To Create A Powerful – Body Of Work – Is What Will Determine Our Ongoing Employability

~ YCWWTYS-AIOTTAS-YHTGIOOYHAITW ~ Your Creative Work Will Tell Your Story – And In Order To Tell A Story – You Have To Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The World

~ ETAOYC-A-E-M-T-A-P-A ~ Enjoy The Adventure Of Your Craft – An – Explosive – Messy – Terrifying – And – Passionate – Adventure

~ DAMM-S-Y-BOW-WBADOT-IVIDBYCTCIYSADYI ~ Develop A Mastery Mind-Set – Your – Body Of Work – Will Broaden And Deepen Over Time – Its Value Is Determined By Your Commitment To Continually Improve Your Skills And Deepen Your Ingredients

~ LP ~ Learn Patience

~ PTB ~ Practice The Basics

~ ATSOYM-GWIB-W-GM-B-P-WCAMAWTDAYCAWYD ~ Appreciate The Source Of Your Materials – Great Work Is Built – With – Great Materials – By – People – Who Care As Much About What They Do As You Care About What You Do

~ DE-OSIR-TTTTFOEWC-LTYS-LTYD ~ Deconstruct Everything – Often Success Is Random – Take The Time To Figure Out Exactly Which Conditions – Led To Your Success – Led To Your Downfall

~ SB-YMPYCWT ~ Set Boundaries – You Must Protect Your Creative Work Time

~ MYS-H-ROT-S-C-O-F-O-YPS-TIWR ~ Make You Space Holy – Regardless Of The – Size – Cost – Or – Fanciness – Of – Your Physical Space – Treat It With Reverence

~ CYV-DYI ~ Cultivate Your Voice – Develop Your Ideas

~ SYP-C-DTIP-A-DLIGTYH-KYFOHYP ~ Swallow Your Pride – Criticized – Don’t Take It Personally – Accolades – Don’t Let It Get To Your Head – Keep Your Focus On Honoring Your Profession

~ PTTB-ATA ~ Punch Through The Bag – Always Think Ahead

~ WL-DR-I ~ When Imitated – Don’t Retaliate – Innovate

~ TLAS-YMLTGCWPYWITWAEAFFAOP-S-CAWH-TI-OWC-AW-T-R-O-EC-UYAS ~ Think Like A Scientist – You Must Learn To Get Comfortable With Putting Your Work In The World And Evaluating All Feedback From An Objective Perspective – Specifically – Create A Working Hypothesis – Test It – Observe With Curiosity – Ask Why – Tweak – Retest – Observe – Et Cetera – Until You Are Satisfied

~ LFM ~ Look For Models

~ T-20X-R:YHTS-20T-MS-TYTIRON-TMTH ~ The – 20X – Rule – You Have To Sow – Twenty Times – More Seeds – Than You Think Is Realistic Or Necessary – To Make Things Happen

~ BY-BOW-IAM-TFI ~ Building Your – Body Of Work – Is A Marathon – Train For It

~ CWSU-TAOCIWSUF-WGOLM-A-IIWWPU-BOOPACPTG ~ Creating Will Save Us – The Act Of Creating Is What Sets Us Free – What Gives Our Life Meaning – And – It Is What Will Put Us – Back On Our Personal And Collective Path To Greatness

~ FII ~ Fear Is Inevitable

~ VAAAMOG ~ View Adversity As A Means Of Growth

~ DYF-YFSCIWYMTAD-STF-SDAPTEITRPOYB-WAYAO?-WAYAOI?-WDYNTKTRTF? ~ Diagnose Your Fear – Your Fear Shares Critical Information With You Multiple Times A Day – Surf The Fear – Slow Down And Process The Emotion In The Rational Part Of Your Brain – What Are You Afraid Of? – Why Are You Afraid Of It? – What Do You Need To Know To Reduce The Fear?

~ WTDWYADERANIH-IYCCTC-YNTCTWYTATC-EYIOWP ~ What To Do When You Are Doing Everything Right And Nothing Is Happening – If You Can’t Change The Circumstances – You Need To Change The Way You Think About The Circumstances – Expand Your Idea Of What’s Possible

~ IYADSFTATOQ-ANFI-TAAQ ~ If You Are Desperately Searching For The Answer To One Question – And Not Finding It – Try Asking Another Question

~ FOY-‘WS’~ Flip On Your – “Winner Switch”

~ TKTGGH-ITMTR-CAB ~ The Key To Getting Great Help – Is To Make The Request – Clear And Brief

~ AFH-A-LH-OACB-ITBTYCDFY-BOW ~ Asking For Help – And – Living Help – On A Consistent Basis – Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your – Body Of Work

~ S-EMLWIALI ~ Success – Enjoying My Life While I Am Living It

~ MYSUYOSF-CYA-EITADTYP ~ Measure Your Success Using Your Own Success Framework – Celebrate Your Accomplishments – Even If They Are Different Than Your Peers

~ TTCSFCS:TSYTY/TSYTO ~ The Two Critical Stories For Career Success: The Story You Tell Yourself / The Story You Tell Others

~ OYGACAESTTY-YNTWOTSTWRAIO ~ One You Get A Clear And Empowering Story To Tell Yourself – You Need To Work On The Story That Will Resonate And Influence Others

~ WFYA-UYOV ~ Write For Your Audience – Use Your Own Voice

~ UYSFG ~ Use Your Superpowers For Good

~ GBASYDOAML-AFO-T-R-T-B-TMYTPOYPOS ~ Go Back And Scrub Your Document Of Any Marketing Slime – And Focus On – The – Real – Tangible – Benefits – That Make You Truly Proud Of Your Product Or Service

~ FTTTTYST ~ Finding The Thread That Ties Your Story Together

~ WAYR?-A-HDYWTRIYS? ~ What Are Your Roots – And – How Do You Want Them Reflected In Your Story?


~ KFLOU-DMMT ~ Krug’s First Law Of Usability – Don’t Make Me Think

~ AAR-PDLTPOHTDT ~ As A Rule – People Don’t Like To Puzzle Over How To Do Things

~ TFTTPWBTSDCETMTO ~ The Fact That The People Who Built The Site Didn’t Care Enough To Make Things Obvious

~ WDMOC-W-S-WCTFRO ~ We Don’t Make Optimal Choices – We – Satisfice – We Choose The First Reasonable Option

~ KSLOU-IDMHMTIHTC-ALAECI-M-U-C ~ Krug’s Second Law Of Usability – It Doesn’t Matter How Many Times I Have To Click – As Long As Each Click Is – A – Mindless – Unambiguous – Choice

~ KTLOU-GROHTWOEP-TGROHOWL ~ Krug’s Third Law Of Usability – Get Rid Of Half The Words On Each Page – Then Get Rid Of Half Of What’s Left

~ TMTYNTKAIITNOIGTRT-ALNUARAA-‘MT’-HF ~ The Main Thing You Need To Know About Instructions Is That No One Is Going To Read Them – At Least Not Until After Repeated Attempts At – “Muddling Through” – Have Failed

~ NBAGT!(TM) ~ Nothing Beats A Good Tagline!(TM)

~ ‘OT-ICTO-CEO-IAD-S-WHTAI’ ~ “Oh That – It Came To Our – CEO – In A Dream – So – We Had To Add It”

~ T-BSVOTT-TWSPCATFOWIIAHTUI-TNSFI ~ Testing – Build Some Version Of The Thing – Then Watch Some People Carefully As They Figure Out What It Is And How To Use It – There’s No Substitute For It

~ YACBTROTT ~ You Actually Can Be Too Rich Or Too Thin


~ PIAAR ~ Persuasion Is All About Relationship

~ A/H/R ~ Authenticity / Honesty / Reciprocity

~ P-IT-H-S-PO-MS-I ~ Persuasion – Is The – Honest – Shared – Pursuit Of – Mutual Self-Interest

~ YSAFFTAQ ~ You Should Always Feel Free To Ask Questions

~ ATTBWO:APTI-OAT-O-WTEITBACLTWOO ~ Another Thing To Be Wary Of: Any Process That Isn’t – Open And Transparent – Or – Where The Expert Is Tucked Behind A Curtain Like The Wizard Of Oz

~ TFT-PYRHBIS-CBAPS-B-INAATYCS-DD ~ The Fact That – People You Respect Have Bought Into Something – Can Be A Promising Sign – But – It’s Never An Indicator That You Can Skip – Due Diligence

~ A-SMC-IT-SQN-O-DB-A-WO-YDHMHOBMP ~ A – Strong Moral Compass – Is The – Sine Qua Non – Of – Doing Business – And – Without One – You Don’t Have Much Hope Of Becoming More Persuasive

~ TBY-YHTKWRMTY-A-WYW ~ To Be Yourself – You Have To Know What Really Matters To You – And – What You Want

~ AIR ~ Authenticity Inspires Respect

~ TAWTTAOV:NAWBAPOETIEC-ATAP-SOP ~ There’s Another Way To Think About Our Vulnerabilities: Not As Weakness But As Points Of Entry That Invite Emotional Connections – And Therefore As Potential – Sources Of Power

~ OPSAIWWA-BIDLWWCB ~ Our Past Shapes And Influences Who We Are – But It Doesn’t Limit Who We Can Become

~ GAD-ATEO-PP-B-WYWONSTM-ICCYJ ~ Greed And Desperation – Are The Enemies Of – Principled Persuasion – Because – When You Want Or Need Something Too Much – It Can Cloud Your Judgment

~ ENTHCDLTWNC-NMWOTOS ~ Everyone Needs To Have Clearly Drawn Lines They Will Not Cross – No Matter What’s On The Other Side

~ Y-H-ETY-HAC-APAC-A-IHIATTOP-TIITH ~ Your Honesty Establishes That You’re – Human And Confident – A Pretty Appealing Combination – And If Honesty Isn’t Appealing To The Other Party – That’s Important Information To Have

~ BYCPAE-YHTPY-F-WHCARWPOWCDT ~ Before You Can Persuade Anyone Else – You Have To Persuade Yourself – Frequently – We’re Highly Creative And Resourceful When Persuading Ourselves We Can’t Do Things

~ YCTYT-LFO-IOTYYFIO ~ You Can Train Yourself To – Look For Opportunity – Instead Of Telling Yourself You Face Impossible Odds

~ YCPYTC-OP-NP ~ You Can Persuade Yourself To Concentrate – On Potential – Not Problems

~ YCVSA-ACTDD-NAPTYDHWITTS ~ You Can View Setbacks As – A Challenge To Dig Deeper – Not As Proof That You Don’t Have What It Takes To Succeed

~ BALHOWMYPOBYEEOYM-BYUAW-YNTP-YNTFOWDTOP-WMT?-WDTW? ~ But At Least Half Of What Makes You Persuasive Occurs Before You Ever Even Open Your Mouth – Before You Utter A Word – You Need To Prepare – What’s Motivating Them? – What Do They Want?

~ TPOP-INTCOAA-K-I-A-TPI-TGYECTOYMAKYMSACMITPOP ~ The Point Of Preparation – Is Not To Come Off As A – Know-It-All – The Point Is – To Give You Enough Confidence To Open Your Mind And Keep Your Mouth Shut At Crucial Moments In The Process Of Persuasion

~ L-ITKTUWOPWAN-AT-TFOTPOP ~ Listening – Is The Key To Understanding What Other People Want And Need – And Therefore – The Foundation Of The Process Of Persuasion

~ A-P-INA-SS-IA-C-A-TPIT-EAL-NTTAS ~ A – Pitch – Is Not A – Sales Spiel – It’s A – Conversation – And – The Purpose Is To – Engage And Learn – Not To – Talk And Sell

~ LT-L-I-TSMISYNTMIOTBMP ~ Learning To – Listen – Is – The Single Most Important Skill You Need To Master In Order To Become More Persuasive

~ TASBTSWYN-YNTLAOSFAM-WEFAWAWTMOC-ASAYBE-YRTYPTNF-TLYRS-TMLTOPITC ~ There’s A Significant Benefit To Silence When You’re Negotiating – You Need To Let An Offer Sit For A Minute – Without Explaining Further And Without Appearing Willing To Move Or Compromise – As Soon As You Begin Elaborating – You Reveal That You’re Prepared To Negotiate Further – The Longer You Remain Silent – The More Likely The Other Person Is To Compromise

~ CYEATD-YFTOTDAIMC-IMETUWDOPATFOHTMTGCWY ~ Check Your Ego At The Door – You’re Free To Observe The Dynamics And Interactions More Closely – It’s Much Easier To Understand What’s Driving Other People And To Figure Out How To Make Their Goals Compatible With Yours

~ IYCTA-P-IA-D-YGITLOCTKOCTWHYBMP ~ If You Can Turn A – Pitch – Into A – Dialogue – You Greatly Increase The Likelihood Of Creating The Kind Of Connection That Will Help You Be More Persuasive

~ LTTW-ATTHTS-STASDB-WBS-A-WTPSIIRTA ~ Listen To The Words – And Try To Hear The Subtext – Sometimes There’s A Significant Difference Between – What’s Being Said – And – What The Person Saying It Is Really Thinking About

~ FOTEDTC ~ Focus On The Emotion Driving The Conversation

~ EINANITW-DWMPB ~ Empathy Is Not A Negative In The Workplace – Despite What Many People Believe

~ ITAEITR? ~ Is There An Elephant In The Room?

~ RWYH-YWAL-BO-A-IYTOTS ~ Recap What You’ve Heard – You Were Actually Listening – Be Objective – And – Include Your Take On The Situation

~ FO-B-TTOP-NF ~ Focus On – Benefits – To The Other Party – Not Features

~ KIS-MTSMCDNMYSMI ~ Keep It Simple – Making Things Sound More Complicated Does Not Make You Sound More Intelligent

~ AGPTPOAJ ~ A Great Pitch Takes People On A Journey

~ DSOYOM-WYKPI-YWTBVSYHETTSI-BSTSOBRATS ~ Don’t Step On Your Own Message – Whatever Your Key Point Is – You Want To Be Very Sure You Have Enough Time To Say It – Be Sure To Spell Out Benefits Right At The Start

~ S-WAWSS-IGNR-B-TML-WAMSTEST-ISATACOAIS ~ Sometimes – When A Woman Says Something – It Gets No Response – But – Two Minutes Later – When A Man Says The Exact Same Thing – It’s Suddenly As Though A Choir Of Angels Is Singing

~ YNTMSTYPIABHAU ~ You Need To Make Sure That Your Pitch Is Actually Being Heard And Understood

~ KYM-SAC-GIOE-A-FOTBTTOP ~ Keep Your Message – Simple And Clear – Get It Out Early – And – Focus On The Benefits To The Other Party

~ LYPST ~ Let Your Personality Shine Through

~ YMHMTOTYT ~ You May Have More To Offer Than You Think

~ TGU-YNTBWTTR ~ To Get Unstuck – You Need To Be Willing To Take Risks

~ TSO-WWR-WWW-A-WYCDDNT-BMPIAOPWYALACAI ~ Taking Stock Of – What Went Right – What Went Wrong – And – What You Could Do Differently Next Time – Becoming More Persuasive Is An Ongoing Project Where You’re Always Learning And Can Always Improve

~ BAGL-EIIWAFF ~ Be A Gracious Loser – Even If It Wasn’t A Fair Fight

~ DPF(EWIP)-DTITH ~ Don’t Personalize Failure (Even When It’s Personal) – Don’t Take It To Heart

~ MM-IMHT-AND ~ Making Mistakes – Is More Honourable Than – Attempting Nothing Difficult

~ HYTAYMIFP-VMALORTF-YWAPBLT ~ How You Think About Your Mistakes Influences Future Performance – View Mistakes As Learning Opportunities Rather Than Failures – You Will Actually Perform Better Long Term

~ IYCAT-YMAM-YMMAEBO ~ If You Can’t Accept That – You’ve Made A Mistake – You May Make An Even Bigger One

~ TWBOO ~ There Will Be Other Opportunities

~ DODAFWHYWNT-FOLL ~ Dwelling On Disappointment And Failure Won’t Help You Win Next Time – Focus On Lessons Learned

~ WYW-YSGTTS-P-MP-YDWYL-WWW?-WWW?-WCUDEB? ~ When You Win – You Should Go Through The Same – Post-Mortem Process – You Do When You Lose – What Went Well? – And – What Went Wrong? – What Could You Do Even Better?

~ P-DCWAC-A-YBBSYD ~ Persuasion – Does Come With A Cost – Accountability – You’d Better Be Sure You Deliver

~ OYM ~ Own Your Mistakes

~ IYHTE-DSG ~ If You Have To Exit – Do So Gracefully

~ INTLTCYL-B-THPTSOTIOYPIAAY-WIW-APSW-Y ~ It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life – But – The Hardest Person To Sell On The Idea Of Your Potential Is Almost Always Yourself – Which Is Why – All Persuasion Starts With – You


~ RLAS-PATBMADIM-AGIATATATM-AASSWSYWOSM ~ React Like A Scientist – Pause And Think Before Making Any Decisive Intellectual Moves – Avoid Granting Immediate And Total Acceptance To Anything That Matters – Adopting A Scientific Stance Will Serve You Well On Social Media

~ DYR-THTITHBCBTUWICTSI-PL;PBC;AETMSAHAUOGFW ~ Do Your Research – The Hard Truth Is That Human Beings Cannot Be Trusted Unconditionally When It Comes To Sharing Information – People Lie; People Become Confused; And Even The Most Sensible And Honest Among Us Often Get Facts Wrong

~ CUWYOHOT-TTEHACMBTOF-S-IPEFAIOC-TNTDTDWOTIMLTBT ~ Come Up With Your Own Hypothesis Or Theory – Try To Explain How A Claim Might Be True Or False – Speculate – Image Possible Explanations For An Idea Or Claim – Then Narrow Them Down To Determine Which Of Them Is More Likely To Be True

~ CYOEOT-FOHTTACCBD-BIIDMOTN-FOIOHATOITT ~ Conduct Your Own Experiment Or Test – Figuring Out How To Test A Claim Can Be Difficult – But It Is Doable More Often Than Not – Find Out If Others Have Already Tested Or Investigated The Topic

~ SYC-NITTAOPTLFEIYR-SYCW-TS-MS-PYK ~ Share Your Conclusion – Now It’s Time To Ask Other People To Look For Errors In Your Reasoning – Share Your Conclusion With – The Smartest – Most Sensible – People You Know

~ LO-C-C-APA-YCOD~ Let Others – Consider – Challenge – And Pick Apart Your Conclusion Or Decision

~ F-IIVTYCWIYRFOABWTCYMIN ~ Finally – It Is Vital That You Consider Whatever Input You Receive From Others And Be Willing To Change Your Mind If Necessary

~ IS-POAMOAF-IYR-DBTIOO-BGTYHBGTCTMALCT-TAR ~ If Someone – Points Out A Mistake Or A Flaw – In Your Reasoning – Don’t Be Too Irritated Or Offended – Be Grateful That You Have Been Given The Chance To Move A Little Closer To – Truth And Reality


~ TBA-E-ITPADWEYHAATYA-TANH-M-YHTB-AI ~ To Be An – Entrepreneur – Is To Pursue A Dream With Everything You Have And All That You Are – There Are No Half-Measures – You Have To Be – All In

~ GUTBM ~ Get Used To Being Misunderstood

~ LTF-VO-TOTTNYALYW-WB-TFIYB ~ Light The Fire – Very Often – The Only Thing To Nourish You And Light Your Way – Will Be – The Fire In Your Belly

~ ARH ~ A Rebel Heart

~ FCBAEM-TTITMIYFIOYE-A-FWTHIGP-NBPBI ~ Fear Can Be An Excellent Motivator – The Trick Is To Make It Your Friend Instead Of Your Enemy – And – Find Ways To Harness Its Galvanizing Power – Not Be Paralyzed By It

~ MTTR:R/R/R ~ Mastering The Three Rs: Roadblocks / Rejection / Resilience

~ H-‘N’-OAO-CBS-D-O-ICBTMOY ~ Hearing – “No” – Over And Over – Can Be Soul-Destroying – Or – It Can Be The Making Of You

~ POTLC-IDAKFDBPWAO-OALGBTO-CC-ATHVN-SAAFOEOBS ~ Part Of The Learning Curve – Is Developing A Knack For Distinguishing Between People Who Are Offering – Or At Least Genuinely Believe They’re Offering – Constructive Criticism – And Those Who View Nay-Saying As A Form Of Entertainment Or Blood Sport

~ DF-TCP-TDSR-EWWYDIPAD-MAOOO ~ Departing From – The Conventional Path – To Do Something Risky – Especially When What You’re Doing Is Pursuing A Dream – May Alarm Or Offend Others

~ CAZO(TYRATA) ~ Cultivating A Zen Outlook (Though You’re Really A Type A)

~ DBBPALP-NIMITP-SDODSFMW ~ Distinguishing Between Big Problems And Little Problems – Nothing Is More Important Than Perspective – Survival Depends On Developing Strategies For Managing Worry

~ WICU-ISNAAPD ~ Worry Is Completely Useless – It Solves Nothing And Actually Promotes Dysfunction

~ LTETM ~ Learning To Embrace The Mess

~ TNCLTCTCFRHCSYF ~ There’s No Confidence Like The Confidence That Comes From Having Confronted Something You Feared

~ TMHIAWM-TSMTG ~ The More Honest I Am With Myself – The Stronger My Team Gets

~ TMOW/LB ~ The Myth Of Work/Life Balance

~ SD-TIT ~ Slow Down – Think It Through

~ BTIO-A-TTUO ~ But There’s Informed Optimism – And – Then There’s Uninformed Optimism

~ DYHYJ?-ODYWTBANL?-IAR-R-BITTTSABWYPGITETHYIN ~ Do You Hate Your Job? – Or Do You Want To Build A New Life? – It’s A Really – Really – Bad Idea To Try To Start A Business When Your Primary Goal Is To Escape The Hell You’re In Now

~ CYHC? ~ Can You Handle Criticism?

~ DYHFIY? ~ Do You Have Faith In Yourself?

~ TBWITWTWBFY ~ The Best Way Is The Way That Works Best For You

~ TTATALOFIT-YJITU-TNPWTF-100%R ~ The Thing About Taking A Leap Of Faith Is That – You’re Jumping Into The Unknown – There’s No Possible Way To Feel – 100 Percent Ready

~ F-A-S-O-A-GAA ~ Feeling – Afraid – Stressed – Overwhelmed – And – Going Ahead Anyway

~ ETE-AH-N-O-H-H-M-BYGTA-Y ~ Expect To Encounter – A Hundred – No’s – Or – Half-Hearted – Maybe’s – Before You Get To A – Yes

~ U-YARE-NS-DNVA ~ Unless – You’re A Raging Egomaniac – Nagging Self-Doubt Never Vanishes Altogether

~ SEPT-‘G’-Y ~ Stop Expecting People To – “Get” – You

~ MSWFY ~ Make Your Schedule Work For You

~ BPARS ~ Business Partnerships Are Rarely Simple

~ JL-TBM-TBP-ABO-T/MR/CS/P/AAHWTWTAAD ~ Just Like – The Best Marriages – The Best Business Partnerships – Are Based On – Trust / Mutual Respect / Complementary Skills / Personalities / And A Healthy Willingness To Work Through And Address Differences

~ R-R-R-B-D-TWINWYHD-WAHIBL-BHYHTWYD ~ Really – Really – Really – Really – Bad – Days – The Question Is Not Whether You’ll Have Days – When All Hell Is Breaking Loose – But How You’ll Handle Them When You Do

~ LWAE-OLOBBPAPLCBVHOOF-WAIDIAABOBC ~ Living With An Entrepreneur – Our Lack Of Boundaries Between Personal And Professional Life Can Be Very Hard On Our Families – Who Are Inevitably Drawn Into And Affected By Our Business Choices

~ TP-OC-IT-YNARUIBSTGTJD-B-FT-IOASHTB-ALIYOM ~ The Problem – Of Course – Is That – You Need A Ramped-Up Internal Belief System To Get The Job Done – But – From There – It’s Only A Short Hop To Becoming – A Legend In Your Own Mind

~ YCEEAYTBAPAYBAYA ~ You Can’t Expect Everyone Around You To Be As Passionate About Your Business As You Are

~ SFAPOYT ~ Seeing Failure As Part Of Your Training

~ IOTTKT-F-CTYAL-B-IYDTYTGCWTT-YNBATFTLEIYF ~ It’s One Thing To Know That – Failure – Can Teach You A Lot – But – If You Don’t Train Yourself To Get Comfortable With The Teacher – You’ll Never Be Able To Face The Lessons Embedded In Your Failings

~ IYCRYEFTE-YSMCTOVAAP-A-YM-WBOF-L-N-S-P ~ If You Can Remove Your Emotions From The Equation – You’ll See More Clearly That Other Variables Are At Play – And – Your Mistakes – Will Become Opportunists For – Learning – Not – Self-Punishment

~ T-T-A ~ Try – Try – Again

~ BCWYWF ~ Be Careful What You Wish For

~ FPWTYTTA-ETYNNTHIMTE ~ Fewer People Will Tell You The Truth Anymore – Even Though You Now Need To Hear It More Than Ever

~ WYBOTSTCAWS-WI-MOAOP-YCWUFB-YSE ~ When You Binge On The Stuff That Comes Along With Success – Whether It’s – Money Or Admiration Or Power – You Can Wind Up Feeling Bloated – Yet Somehow Empty

~ IWYTBOL ~ I Wish You The Best Of Luck


~ TFRI:KYA-YHTHADUO-WYATT-IOTBR ~ The First Rule Is: Know Your Audience – You Have To Have A Deep Understanding Of – Who You Are Talking To – In Order To Be Relevant

~ YHTUTDOTR-TAAPATDPTWBJYW-KWTPR-AGD-ODTGLSFIOL? ~ You Have To Understand The Dynamics Of The Room – The Agendas At Play And The Differing Personalities That Will Be Judging Your Work – Know Where The Power Resides – A Group Decision – Or Does The Green Light Sit Firmly In One Lap?

~ YHTBIYW-YHTHADCAI ~ You Have To Believe In Your Work – You Have To Have A Deep Conviction About It

~ CAAOA-TCOTRWA-E-C-T-DSIBOAJ;JTLARHB ~ Create An Atmosphere Of Approval – Take Control Of The Room With An – Easygoing – Confident – Tone – Don’t Slip Into Business-Ese Or Advertising Jargon; Just Talk Like A Real Human Being

~ PNS-LAGS-APN-AB-AM-A-AE ~ Presentations Need Structure – Like Any Good Story – A Presentation Needs – A Beginning – A Middle – And – An End

~ PTE-IMW-T-E-SMT-LU-E-W-C-WYFTITRI-P ~ Prepare The End – In Many Ways – The – Epilogue – Should Mirror The – Lead-Up – Explain – With – Confidence – Why You Feel This Is The Right Idea – Period

~ NLTBS-SIFAPSLF ~ Never Let There Be Silence – Silence Immediately Following A Presentation Smells Like Fear

~ NTACWTT ~ Never Tell A Client What To Think

~ SI-TL-WYGAAIAM-ITFL-DBTKOPWCT-Y-FAA ~ Sell It – That’s Lunch – When You Get An Approval In A Meeting – It’s Time For Lunch – Don’t Be The Kind Of Presenter Who Can’t Take – Yes – For An Answer – If It’s Sold – Move On