~ A:ABS ~ Acousticphilia: Arousal By Sounds

~ A:ABH ~ Acrophilia: Arousal By Heights

~ A:ABTTOHSWAA ~ Acrotomphilia: Arousal By The Thought Of Having Sex With An Amputee

~ A:ABASOM ~ Agalmatophilia: Arousal By A Statue Or Mannequin

~ A:ABBIPPOO ~ Agoraphilia: Arousal By Being In Public Places Or Outdoors

~ A:AWOCHOL ~ Agrexophilia: Arousal When Others Can Hear One’s Lovemaking

~ C:ABD ~ Choreophilia: Arousal By Dancing

~ C:ABBCTSS ~ Clastrophilia: Arousal By Being Confined To Small Spaces

~ C:ABF ~ Coprophilia: Arousal By Feces

~ G:ATSOP ~ Gerontophilia: Attraction To Significantly Older People

~ R:ABF ~ Rhabdophilia: Arousal By Flagellation

~ S:UOFFSP ~ Sitophilia: Use Of Food For Sexual Purposes

~ S:ABHSWASP ~ Somnophilia: Arousal By Having Sex With A Sleeping Person

~ U:AFSAIU ~ Urophilia: Arousal From Sex Acts Involving Urine

~ X:ABS ~ Xenophilia: Arousal By Strangers


~ UWT-WA ~ Unless We Think – We Aren’t

~ TPO-TTBOUT-ICTAFO-SD ~ This Pattern Of – Threatening The Bearers Of Unwelcome Truths – Is Common Throughout All Fields Of – Science Denialism

~ SPGPAVGDOMTDBS ~ Some People Get Paid A Very Great Deal Of Money To Deny Basic Science

~ AAGR-ITMO-MJ-SOTATMO-SWITRF-SA-BTS-U-SOTPSITOWA ~ As A General Rule – If The Mass Of – Mainstream Journalists – Says One Thing And The Mass Of – Scientists Working In The Relevant Field – Says Another – Believe The Scientists – Unfortunately – Swaths Of The Public See It The Other Way Round

~ OCEO-DR-I-TAHA-A-TTOFODAPTPTWS ~ Other Common Elements Of – Denialist Rhetoric – Include – The Ad Hominem Attack – And – The Trick Of Focusing On Details And Pretending They Present The Whole Story

~ OOTDBSAP-IT-SATRIDL ~ One Of The Differences Between Science And Pseudoscience – Is That – Science Accepts The Results It Doesn’t Like

~ IIAVUTIMDC-B-TFTSC-I-DAMIW ~ Intuition Is A Very Useful Tool In Many Different Circumstances – But – The Fact That Something’s Counter-Intuitional – Doesn’t Automatically Mean It’s Wrong

~ FMCI-TUB-TIP-O-TLS-IAT-SSITCWTI ~ Far More Concerning Is – The Use By – Those In Power – Of – The Legal System – In Attempts To – Silenced Scientific Information That Conflicts With Their Ideology

~ ISASAR-NMHV-NMHFDFTDEOTIRI-OANO-DRD-BTAP-RSC ~ It Seems A Single Anecdotal Report – No Matter How Vague – No Matter How Far Distanced From The Direct Experience Of The Individual Repeating It – Outweighs Any Number Of – Deeply Researched Double-Blind Trials And Peer-Reviewed Scientific Conclusions

~ DTPO-TPE-WRDUI ~ Despite The Power Of – The Placebo Effect – We Really Don’t Understand It

~ TNT-FASTEOL-DAEE-ICTSC ~ The Notion That – Finding A Single Tangential Error Or Lacuna – Demolishes An Entire Edifice – Is Common Throughout Science Denialism


~ D-RCTSTFOAPOV-B-I-WMAMEI-OOB ~ Democracy – Requires Citizens To See Things From One Another’s Point Of View – But – Instead – We’re More And More Enclosed In – Our Own Bubbles

~ T-NI-DJKYAD;IKYBAWTSYABOPK ~ The – New Internet – Doesn’t Just Know You’re A Dog; It Knows Your Breed And Wants To Sell You A Bowl Of Premium Kibble

~ I-P-ITA-ICPUFCICW-T-M-B-P-S-E-A-I-TCHWTATWAO ~ If – Personalization – Is Too Acute – It Could Prevent Us From Coming Into Contact With – The – Mind-Blowing – Preconception-Shattering – Experiences – And – Ideas – That Change How We Think About The World And Ourselves

~ T-U-I-T-C ~ The – User – Is – The – Content

~ WHATTB-T-TWIAIATB ~ We Have A Tendency To Believe – That – The World Is As It Appears To Be

~ LAL-T-FB-ITTWWE-BC-WWSADS ~ Like A Lens – The – Filter Bubble – Invisibly Transforms The World We Experience – By Controlling – What We See And Don’t See

~ IWWTKWTWRLL-WHTUHFSASOVOI ~ If We Want To Know What The World Really Looks Like – We Have To Understand How Filters Shape And Skew Our View Of It

~ PF-CU-CB-B-SOEIAANO-F-TFB-SUWIWWWAF(AAA)-MUOIOMF-S-IRFOESOTKPTMUWTL ~ Personalized Filters – Can Upset – Cognitive Balance – Between – Strengthening Our Existing Ideas And Acquiring New Ones – First – The Filter Bubble – Surrounds Us With Ideas With Which We’re Already Familiar (And Already Agree) – Making Us Overconfident In Our Mental Frameworks – Second – It Removes From Our Environment Some Of The Key Prompts That Make Us Want To Learn

~ E-HALIITTTDTETW-A-AAFYOWOT-TTTSTE ~ Experts – Have A Lot Invested In The Theories They’ve Developed To Explain The World – And – After A Few Years Of Working On Them – They Tend To See Them Everywhere

~ TFB-TT-DA-CB-CITCTOIOTWIEAP;CITCUTTINWOQOAIFAD ~ The Filter Bubble – Tends To – Dramatically Amplify – Confirmation Bias – Consuming Information That Conforms To Our Ideas Of The World Is Easy And Pleasurable; Consuming Information That Challenges Us To Think In New Ways Or Question Our Assumptions Is Frustrating And Difficult

~ ITB-TPOCTVWYKGWU ~ In The Bubble – The Proportion Of Content That Validates What You Know Goes Way Up

~ SOTMICB-ASB-TIOTERITFADTRO ~ Some Of The Most Important Creative Breakthroughs – Are Spurred By – The Introduction Of The Entirely Random Ideas That Filters Are Designed To Rule Out

~ ITFB-TLD-YDSTTTDIYAA-YNELATTAMEAIYM ~ In The Filter Bubble – Things Look Different – You Don’t See The Things That Don’t Interest You At All – You’re Not Even Latently Aware That There Are Major Events And Ideas You’re Missing

~ ABTOY ~ A Bad Theory of You

~ HWB-IABAB-OFAPS ~ How We Behave – Is A Balancing Act Between – Our Future And Present Selves

~ WIAWF-WAWWC ~ With Information As With Food – We Are What We Consume

~ TIAYL ~ Trapped In A You Loop

~ SWHWTITYD? ~ So What Happens When The Internet Thinks Your Dumb?

~ RT-DP-AIEPP-ISW-TI-I-CI ~ Rather Than – Decentralizing Power – As Its Early Proponents Predicted – In Some Ways – The Internet – Is – Concentrating It

~ LOTC ~ Lords Of The Cloud

~ PD-S-ITC-I-MEFTGTS-T-IOAHC ~ Personal Data – Stored – In The Cloud – Is – Much Easier For The Government To Search – Than – Information On A Home Computer

~ I-KIP-T-AIKAAIP ~ If – Knowledge Is Power – Then – Asymmetries In Knowledge Are Asymmetries In Power

~ FWS-TFBWOBOTTIOSTAIBCOU ~ Friendly World Syndrome – The Filter Bubble Will Often Block Out The Things In Our Society That Are Important But Complex Or Unpleasant

~ IIBTH-SBFT-TNAA ~ It Is Better To Have – Some Bar For Truthfulness – Than None At All

~ WWCLSOOSP-TDLSOU ~ While We Can Lose Sight Of Our Shared Problems – They Don’t Lose Sight Of Us

~ U-DW-OI-WCACOTBONS-I ~ Ultimately – Democracy Works – Only If – We Citizens Are Capable Of Thinking Beyond Our Narrow Self-Interest

~ ‘CIL’ ~ “Code Is Law”

~ MOTT-E-RTITTWH-MOPC-AA ~ Much Of The Time – Engineers – Resist The Idea That Their Work Has – Moral Or Political Consequences – At All

~ $50BSC ~ $50 Billion Sand Castle

~ I-P-ROI-CT-TNFCB-SAMP-TMOUWI ~ If – Personalization – Remains On Its – Current Trajectory – The Near Future Could Be – Stranger And More Problematic – Than Many Of Us Would Imagine

~ A-A-VB-WA-CP ~ Advertar – A – Virtual Being – With A – Commercial Purpose

~ NSTA-AFVL ~ No Such Thing As – A Free Virtual Lunch

~ ‘AFM’ ~ “Advertiser-Funded Media”

~ A-T-GBABADOA-WNTWC-WIIDOAT ~ As – Technology – Gets Better And Better At Directing Our Attention – We Need To Watch Closely – What It Is Directing Our Attention Toward

~ SIASTJ ~ Serendipity Is A Shortcut To Joy

~ TNF-CSB-MT-FS-M-T-TTP-STIPTHADAHTETRITFP ~ The New Filterers – Can Start By – Making Their – Filtering Systems – More – Transparent – To The Public – So That It’s Possible To Have A Discussion About How They’re Exercising Their Responsibilities In The First Place

~ YSKWHYPD-WDTH-A-HIU ~ You Should Know Who Has Your Personal Data – What Data They Have – And – How It’s Used

~ YSBATPICAYFOPFBUFO ~ You Should Be Able To Prevent Information Collected About You For One Purpose From Being Used For Others

~ YSBATCIIAY ~ You Should Be Able To Correct Inaccurate Information About You

~ YDSBS ~ Your Data Should Be Secure


~ TIABWIG-TPDOT-O-O-C-S-CS-JAWATAA ~ There Is A Basic Weakness In Governments – Their Power Depends On The Obedience – Of – Citizens – Soldiers – Civil Servants – Journalists – Writers – Teachers – Artists

~ IINATCTA-BIYDHNOBOAC-IIITIPWD ~ It Is Not Accurate To Call Them Accidents – Because If You Drop Huge Numbers Of Bombs On A City – It Is Inevitable That Innocent People Will Die

~ TLNAWTHBSL-IDOATIBAU-IIAMV ~ To Live Now As We Think Human Beings Should Live – In Defiance Of All That Is Bad Around Us – Is Itself A Marvelous Victory

~ W-OG-OM-A-OIOHL-SCEFRAIO-WHTRTSTMI ~ When – Our Government – Our Media – And – Our Institutions Of Higher Learning – Select Certain Events For Remembering And Ignore Others – We Have The Responsibility To Supply The Missing Information

~ HSWLOLIASTMBHMAMD? ~ How Shall We Live Our Lives In A Society That Makes Being Human More And More Difficult?

~ WMRTWCDOTGOTWTAW-BTATEITRBFW-T-W-TPOTW-MTUTC ~ We Must Recognize That We Cannot Depend On The Governments Of The World To Abolish War – Because They And The Economic Interests They Represent Benefit From War – Therefore – We – The People Of The World – Must Take Up The Challenge

~ WYLATHOW-YSH-WCEI ~ When You Look At The History Of Wars – You See How – War Corrupts Everyone Involved

~ TCTGP-A-TO-BOSC-B-WANBTHTC ~ The Committees That Give Prizes – Are – Too Often – Bereft Of Social Conscience – But – We Are Not Bound To Honor Their Choices


~ AT-BAOTVOU-TJPO-BW ~ And Then – Beyond All Of These Varieties Of Untruth – There’s Just Plain Old – Being Wrong

~ TH-WWBFWTCBWTAWAGS-WTTGFTGS ~ Throughout History – When We’ve Been Faced With The Choice Between What’s True And What’s A Good Story – We Tend To Go For The Good Story

~ IWAJ-THJ-GABOOH ~ It Was A Joke – That Had Just – Got A Bit Out Of Hand

~ ITOTHKHTDW-IPFNGR ~ If There’s One Thing Humans Know How To Do Well – Its Panic For No Good Reason

~ SF-A-AJSGTWCATTNBT ~ Some Facts – Apparently – Are Just So Good That We Can’t Allow Them To Not Be True

~ HILWPWCTHUVOTTTND ~ History Is Littered With People Who Claimed To Have Undertaken Voyages Or Treks That They Never Did

~ TDDTBTFAHSP ~ This Desperate Desire To Believe The Fantasy Also Had Staying Power

~ APBFL ~ A Perfect Bullshit Feedback Loop

~ IYLWYICOAC-IRFM ~ If You Lie When You’re In Charge Of A Country – It Really Fucking Matters

~ A-WOLL-S-R-R-R-LNOPD ~ Also – When Our Leaders Lie – Sometimes – Really – Really – Really – Large Numbers Of People Die

~ ITATWTDOOLTCIIO-IWSWTGTW ~ If There’s A Time When The Dishonesty Of Our Leaders Truly Comes Into Its Own – It’s When Somebody Wants To Go To War

~ FG ~ Full Gatsby

~ OOOMCMAHIHMWOTROE-A-OBT-‘ME’-E-‘MRE-W’-I-TPIM-NNTC ~ One Of Our Most Consistent Mistakes As Humans Is How Much We Overrate The Reliability Of Eyewitnesses – And – Our Belief That – “More Eyewitnesses” – Equals – “More Reliable Eye-Witnesses” – Is – To Put It Mildly – Not Necessarily The Case

~ I-ME-TFOWSP(AOPTIT)WC ~ In – Medieval Europe – The Fear Of Witches Stealing Penises (And Occasionally Putting Them In Trees) Was Common

~ U-IMWCDTAFFPTHH:WPWTM-BCOTWAATFOLII-WQLTBAT-POFAAGOP-WANU-AS-‘TF’-A-IWDDIO-TNBSEWSTBFTUWTB ~ Ultimately – It Might Well Come Down To A Fairly Fundamental Problem That Humans Have: When Presented With The Mind-Bogging Complexity Of The World And All The Frustrations Of Living In It – We Quite Like To Be Able To – Point Our Fingers At A Group Of People – Who Are Not Us – And Say – “Their Fault!” – And – If We Don’t Do It Ourselves – There’ll Normally Be Somebody Else Who Stands To Benefit From Telling Us Who To Blame

~ WDLOMITP-TBWUESOTW ~ We Didn’t Leave Our Monsters In The Past – They’ve Been With Us Every Step Of The Way

~ TATF ~ Toward A Truthier Future

~ WANT-CO-AOU-NMHCWTWATTT-CEFI-TET-A-FOLTL-AYIIPTYPB-A-WYAIASAYM ~ We Also Need To – Check Ourselves – Any Of Us – No Matter How Committed We Think We Are To The Truth – Can Easily Fall Into – The Ego Trap – And – Find Ourselves Liking The Lie – Ask Yourself If It’s Playing To Your Personal Biases – And – Whether You’re Approaching It As Skeptically As You Might

~ EMM-A-WNTGBACTOUWAOTAT ~ Everybody Makes Mistakes – And – We Need To Get Better At Celebrating Those Of Us Who Are Open To Admitting Them

~ TGWATIO-‘FN’-IAT-PBFN-IT-TSBRN ~ The Greatest Worry About The Idea Of – “Fake News” – Isn’t Actually That – People Believe False News – It’s That – They Stop Believing Real News


~ TEB-WRDOCTTOSOIAI ~ The Effort Barrier – When Relative Difficulty Of Checking The Truth Of Something Outweighs Its Apparent Importance

~ IV-WTIGIOS-CIWAFITFTV-A-ALOTT-IRTB-EWBIFSU ~ Information Vacuums ~ When There Isn’t Good Information On Something – Crappy Information Will Always Flood In To Fill The Void – And – A Lot Of The Time – It Refuses To Budge – Even When Better Information Finally Shows Up

~ TBSFL-TCGR-PSAWTSTATDF ~ The BullShit Feedback Loop – The Claim Gets Repeated – People Start Adjusting What They Say To Accommodate The Dodgy Facts

~ WITBT-TAAWHOTOBDTMUPBASOTDBTAN-T-WWWTBS-WOWONIATCPFDOBLOP ~ Wanting It To Be True – There Are A Whole Host Of Things Our Brains Do That Make Us Particularly Bad At Sniffing Out The Difference Between Truth And Not-Truth – When We Want To Believe Something – Working Out Whether Or Not It’s Actually True Comes Pretty Far Down Our Brain’s List Of Priorities

~ TET-WRDNLTATWW-OBDLDI-A-TAAWHOCGTPUAFEATWMHFU ~ The Ego Trap – We Really Do Not Like To Admit That We’re Wrong – Our Brains Don’t Like Doing It – And – There Are A Whole Host Of Cognitive Biases That Push Us Away From Even Acknowledging That We Might Have Fucked Up

~ JNC-WMTIJNIWSTOF(EIWLTL) ~ Just Not Caring – We Might Think It’s Just Not Important Whether Something’s True Or False (Especially If We Like The Lie)

~ LOI-OOTSATUHI-QS-WDUATMASWTICM ~ Lack Of Imagination – One Of The Strongest Advantages That Untruth Has Is – Quite Simply – We Don’t Understand All The Myriad And Surprising Ways That It Can Manifest


~ TPOW ~ The Power Of Why

~ IISTYT ~ Innovation Is Simpler Than You Think

~ O-I-SMMIITSTAE-A-FTABBAAAIOAOTFAFA-OPOD-S-EN ~ Often – Innovation – Simply Means Making Incremental Improvements To Something That Already Exists – And – Frequently That’s Accomplished By Borrowing And Adapting An Idea Or Approach Or Technology From Another Field Altogether – Old Plus Old Does – Sometimes – Equal New

~ SITF-UQ-O-TOAT-TIGTYTG-CR-JSATFPRIHALOUGSAFOUTSP ~ Sometimes It’s The Follow-Up Question – Or – The One After That – That Is Going To Yield The Game-Changing Revelation – Just Stopping At The First Plausible Response Is How A Lot Of Us Get Struck And Find Ourselves Unable To Solve Problems

~ TRTGTQOWALOAAIAWWCWUODARTWTI-TWLOW-TWR-TWL-E ~ The Rush To Get The Questions Over With And Land On An Answer Is Also Why We Can Wake Up One Day And Realize That We’re Trapped In – The Wrong Line Of Work – The Wrong Relationships – The Wrong Lives – Even

~ INTWCS-ITWFH ~ It’s Not That We Can’t – It’s That We’ve Forgotten How

~ CIDLTS-HYMI ~ Curiosity Is Directly Linked To Success – However You Measure It

~ O-IHNPE-TSHALOQ ~ Oftentimes – Innovators Have No Particular Expertise – They Simply Have A Lot Of Questions

~ WONSR-‘W?’-TWCD ~ Whether Or Not Schools Reward – “Why?” – The World Certainly Does

~ QTU ~ Question The Unquestionable

~ YHTATKOQAT-YOWA ~ You Have To Ask The Kinds Of Questions A Three-Year-Old Would Ask

~ C-I-IMW-IOR ~ Curiosity – Is – In Many Ways – Its Own Reward

~ SQB ~ Status Quo Bias

~ TKAO-M-FOQ-A-TAAWAM ~ The Keys Are Open-Mindedness – Focusing On Questions – And – Tolerating Ambiguity As Well As Mistakes

~ DCTTPAIFP-O-AYFPI-IITAP-IYD-A-YGIW-TSYP-MABW ~ Don’t Conclude That The Problem As It’s First Presented – Or – As You First Perceive It – Is Indeed The Actual Problem – If You Do – And – You’ve Got It Wrong – The Solution You Produce – May Also Be Wrong

~ ATRQIOTFTRP-A-TNE-B-‘WATTFS’-HIFTRP-‘IVPFP’ ~ Ask The Right Questions In Order To Find The Real Problems – And – That’s Not Easy – Because – “We Are Trained To Find Solutions” – Hunting Instead For The Right Problems – “Is Very Painful For People”

~ CITCOABS ~ Curiosity Is The Cornerstone Of All Business Strategy

~ IYDKWYGA-IHTKHOWTBTTMYEV-O-HTTAONO ~ If You Don’t Know What You’re Good At – It’s Hard To Know How Or Where To Begin Trying To Make Yourself Even Better – Or – How To Take Advantage Of New Opportunities

~ YKYHITRD-I-YFCAEEWFDPAC ~ You Know You’re Headed In The Right Direction – If – You Feel Curious And Engage Even When Facing Difficult Problems And Challenges

~ FOF-IOOTBITONDTMTBATI ~ Fear Of Failing – Is One Of The Biggest Impediments To Our Natural Desire To Make Things Better And To Innovate

~ OWTCPHBIIAISP ~ Only When The Correct Problem Has Been Identified Is An Innovative Solution Possible

~ YHTCOTSETFOHTDSN-B-FABAYLTWUISKOT ~ You Have To Copy Others To Some Extent To Figure Out How To Do Something New – But – Follow Along Blindly And You’re Likely To Wind Up In Some Kind Of Trouble

~ BPTCC-F ~ Be Prepared To Change Course – Frequently

~ ALOPJ-D-OP-W-DTHWOTDASP-U-TKSWL ~ A Lot Of People Just – Don’t – Or Perhaps – Won’t – Do The Hard Work Of Thinking Deeply About Solving Problems – Until – They Know Someone Will Listen

~ PSTTBRWMAMIP ~ Problem Solvers Tend To Be Rewarded With More And More Interesting Projects

~ TSTG-TMPIWB-EIIIPWQDAOE ~ The Smaller The Group – The More Productive It Will Be – Especially If It Includes People With Quite Different Areas Of Expertise

~ ATIE-IYRWBTW-YHTIEMS-NL ~ According To Innovation Experts – If You Really Want Brainstorming To Work – You Have To Introduce Even More Structure – Not Less

~ TTCUW-TWPA-TTFTOTTP ~ Try To Come Up With – The Worst Possible Answers – Try To Flip Them Over To The Positive

~ BSBDPAIIDETIM-E ~ Being Surrounded By Different Perspectives And Immersed In Different Experiences Truly Is Mind-Expanding

~ DAOTTWYO ~ Don’t Assume Others Think The Way You Do

~ IMMIRTOINTOWOT ~ Intellectual Maturity Might Involve Realizing That Ours Is Not The Only Way Of Thinking

~ ISH ~ Insert Stereotype Here

~ IILABTACC ~ Innovation Is Like A Bug That Anyone Can Catch – But – You Have To Want To Catch It


~ DBTB!-MWYHTSI ~ Don’t Be Too Boring! – Make What You Have To Say Interesting

~ DBTL-W!-ZIOTMP ~ Don’t Be Too Long-Winded! – Zero In On The Main Points

~ DBTU!-AIP-EPBAQ-BI! ~ Don’t Be Too Unilateral! – After Initial Presentations – Engage People By Asking Questions – Be Interactive!

~ DBTC!-PTH ~ Don’t Be Too Complex! – Pick The Highlights

~ DBTU!-I-MA-TSR-AT-PAFSOR-MIF! ~ Don’t Be Too Unstructured! – Instead – Make A – Tight Situation Report – And Then – Present A Focused Set Of Recommendations – Make It Flow!

~ DBTR!-FYAOIOTTOTMIT-A-HTPOGCHMIH ~ Don’t Be Too Random! – Focus Your Audience Or Interlocutor On The Two Or Three Most Important Things – And – How That Person Or Group Can Help Make It Happen

~ DBT-T-F!-BR! ~ Don’t Be Too Touchy-Feely! – Be Relevant!


~ KIS-FOTBOYM ~ Keep It Simple – Focus On The Basics Of Your Message

~ KIS-MYFAKIC ~ Keep It Short – Maintain Your Focus And Keep It Concise

~ KIS-GASOAACLOWYAOICD ~ Keep It Sound – Give A Short Overview And A Clear List Of What Your Audience Or Interlocutor Can Do

~ KIS-DTAOTTDOA-KYA ~ Keep It Smart – Don’t Talk About Oranges To The Director Of Apples – Know Your Audience

~ KIS-TAAA/OPSSTEWRTIYP ~ Keep It Special – Tell An Amazing And/Or Personal Short Story That Everyone Will Remember To Illustrate Your Point


~ TAOTI-TSOIIN ~ There Are Only Two Ideas – The Spectrum Of Ideas Is Narrow

~ TTIAIPC ~ The Two Ideas Are In Permanent Conflict

~ H-P-N-I ~ Hate – People – Not – Institutions

~ EISEF ~ Everything Is Someone Else’s Fault

~ NIEF ~ Nothing Is Everyone’s Fault

~ R-D-T ~ Root – Don’t – Think

~ NST ~ No Switching Teams

~ TOSILH ~ The Other Side Is Literally Hitler

~ IT-FAH-EIP ~ In The – Fight Against Hitler – Everything Is Permitted

~ FS ~ Feel Superior