~ CID-B-IWAPPP-HH[H]SOI-A-AR ~ Criticism Is Dangerous – Because – It Wounds A Person’s Precious Pride – Hurts His[/Her] Sense Of Importance – And – Arouses Resentment

~ AARFGBWLMMRARWILFMETAAPFBB ~ An Animal Rewarded For Good Behavior Will Learn Much More Rapidly And Retain What It Learns Far More Effectively Than An Animal Punished For Bad Behavior

~ BC-WDNMLCAOIR ~ By Criticizing – We Do Not Make Lasting Change And Often Incur Resentment

~ CALHP-TARH ~ Criticisms Are Like Homing Pigeons – They Always Return Home

~ DYKSYWLTCARAI?-G-B-WNBOY?-FAPSS-TI-ALMPTTTIO-Y-A-ALLD ~ Do You Know Someone You Would Like To Change And Regulate And Improve? – Good! – But – Why Not Begin On Yourself? – From A Purely Selfish Standpoint – That Is – A Lot More Profitable Than Trying To Improve Others – Yes – And – A Lot Less Dangerous

~ WDWP-RWANDWCOL-WADWCOE-CBWPAMBPAV ~ When Dealing With People – Remember We Are Not Dealing With Creatures Of Logic – We Are Dealing With Creatures Of Emotion – Creatures Bristling With Prejudices And Motivated By Pride And Vanity

~ AFC-C-C-A-C-A-MFD-B-ITCAS-CTBUAF ~ Any Fool Can – Criticize – Condemn – And – Complain – And – Most Fools Do – But – It Takes Character And Self-Control To Be Understanding And Forgiving

~ IOCPLTTUT-LTTFOWTDWTD-TALMPAITC-A-IBSTAK ~ Instead Of Condemning People Let’s Try To Understand Them – Let’s Try To Figure Out What They Do What They Do – That’s A Lot More Profitable And Intriguing Than Criticism – And – It Breeds Sympathy Tolerance And Kindness

~ IYTMHYGYFOI-ITYWYA-TDYC-TITMSTAY ~ If You Tell Me How You Get Your Feeling Of Importance – I’ll Tell You What You Are – That Determines Your Character – That Is The Most Significant Thing About You

~ SAD-TPMAGIIOTF-ITDOI-TFOITHBDTITHWOR ~ Some Authorities Declare – That People May Actually Go Insane In Order To Find – In The Dreamland Of Insanity – The Feeling Of Importance That Has Been Denied Them In The Harsh World Of Reality

~ WOTOSSMFGTWNLTKWAT ~ We Often Take Our Spouses So Much For Granted That We Never Let Them Know We Appreciate Them

~ TDBAAF-S-OISATOI-OCFTHO;TOFTTO-OIU;TOS ~ The Difference Between Appreciation And Flattery – Simple – One Is Sincere And The Other Insincere – One Comes From The Heart Out; The Other From The Teeth Out – One Is Unselfish; The Other Selfish

~ AOAAHBAHFA ~ All Our Associates Are Human Beings And Hunger For Appreciation

~ HAGRWCARF ~ Honest Appreciation Got Results Where Criticism And Ridicule Failed

~ S-TOWOETIOP-I-TTAWTW-ASTHTGI ~ So – The Only Way On Earth To Influence Other People – Is – To Talk About What They Want – And – Show Them How To Get It

~ EAYHEPSTDYWBWPBYWS ~ Every Act You Have Ever Performed Since The Day You Were Born Was Performed Because You Wanted Something

~ F-AITOPAEW ~ First – Arouse In The Other Person An Eager Want

~ TWIFOPWAGAS-S-STRIWUTTSOHAEA ~ The World Is Full Of People Who Are Grabbing And Self-Seeking – So The Rare Individual Who Unselfishly Tries To Serve Others Has An Enormous Advantage

~ I-YGJOT-AITTTAITOOPPOV-A-STFTA-IYGTOT-IMEPTBOOTBBOYC ~ If – You Get Just One Thing – An Increased Tendency To Think Always In Terms Of Other People’s Point Of View – And – See Things From Their Angle – If You Get That One Thing – It May Easily Prove To Be One Of The Building Blocks Of Your Career

~ IWWTMF-LPOOTDTFOP-TTR-T-E-U-A-T ~ If We Want To Make Friends – Let’s Put Ourselves Out To Do Things For Other People – Things That Require – Time – Energy – Unselfishness – And – Thoughtfulness

~ TEOASIP-EWIIU ~ The Effect Of A Smile Is Powerful – Even When It Is Unseen

~ TIWAIOTRWAMTOASIWWATSWTNOTI ~ The Information We Are Imparting Or The Request We Are Making Takes On A Special Importance When We Approach The Situation With The Name Of The Individual

~ S-IYATBAGC-BAAL-TBI-BI-AQTOPWEA-ETTTATATA ~ So – If You Aspire To Be A Good Conversationalist – Be An Attentive Listener – To Be Interesting – Be Interested – Ask Questions That Other Persons Will Enjoy Answering – Encourage Them To Talk About Themselves And Their Accomplishments

~ TIOOW-TGTBOAA-A-TITAI~ There Is Only One Way – To Get The Best Of An Argument – And – That Is To Avoid It

~ MPTTWOTTWOTDTMTT-LTOPTTO-TKMATBAPTYD-SATQ-LTTYAFT ~ Most People Trying To Win Others To Their Way Of Thinking Do Too Much Talking Themselves – Let The Other People Talk Themselves Out – They Know More About Their Business And Problems Than You Do – So Ask Them Questions – Let Them Tell You A Few Things

~ RTOPMBTW-B-TDTS-DCT-AFCDT-TTUT-O-W-T-E-P-ETTDT ~ Remember That Other People May Be Totally Wrong – But – They Don’t Think So – Don’t Condemn Them – Any Fool Can Do That – Try To Understand Them – Only – Wise – Tolerant – Exceptional – People – Even Try To Do That

~ AMP-SA-EIF-CGW-A-MTOPLA:”IDBYOIFFAYD-IIWYIWUFJAYD’-A-YCSTAB100%S-B-IYWTOP-Y-OC-W ~ A Magic Phrase – Stop Arguments – Eliminate Ill Feeling – Create Good Will – And – Make The Other Person Listen Attentively: “I Don’t Blame You One Iota For Feeling As You Do – If I Were You I Would Undoubtedly Feel Just As You Do” – And – You Can Say That And Be 100 Percent Sincere – Because – If You Were The Other Person – You – Of Course – Would

~ APUHTRFDAT:OTSG-A-ARO ~ A Person Usually Has Two Reasons For Doing A Thing: One That Sounds Good – And – A Real One

~ WNEW-TT-TDTE!-TC-TDTG!-AIWOAT-POS ~ When Nothing Else Works – Try This – The Desire To Excel! – The Challenge – Throwing Down The Gauntlet! – A Infallible Way Of Appealing To – People Of Spirit

~ IIAETLTUTAWHHSPOOGP ~ It Is Always Easier To Listen To Unpleasant Things After We Have Heard Some Praise Of Our Good Points

~ NOLTTO ~ No One Likes To Take Orders

~ LOSF!-HI-HVITI!-A-HFOUESTTOI-WRROTFOO-GOOW-FF-IT-CACOAEIFOO-WECTHTTOP ~ Letting One Save Face! – How Important – How Vitally Important That Is! – And – How Few Of Us Ever Stop To Think Of It! – We Ride Roughshod Over The Feelings Of Others – Getting Our Own Way – Finding Fault – Issuing Threats – Criticizing A Child Or An Employee In Front Of Others – Without Even Considering The Hurt To The Other Person

~ R-WACAAR-A-WDAATGI-B-NWI-NWF-N-ABOT-ANWOL ~ Remember – We All Crave Appreciation And Recognition – And – Will Do Almost Anything To Get It – But – Nobody Wants Insincerity – Nobody Wants Flattery – Not – A Bag Of Tricks – A New Way Of Life


~ TPLINOAROR-ICABAA ~ The Private Library Is Not Only A Refuge Of Reading – It Can Also Be An Asylum

~ TL-TPOB-IATPBOO ~ The Library – The Place Of Books – Is Also The Potential Birthplace Of Obsessions

~ PB-HOTB-CKUFL ~ Possessing Books – Holding On To Books – Can Keep Us From Life

~ BAHWSTTDATD ~ Books Are How We Speak To The Distant And The Dead

~ NRCTETIOMWFL-NPAIOOTBWODNI-RB-WSOOL-ROOTMEMOESET ~ New Research Continues To Emphasize The Importance Of Mind Wandering For Learning – Not Paying Attention Is One Of The Best Ways Of Discovering New Ideas – Reading Books – Whether Silently Or Out Loud – Remains One Of The Most Efficient Means Of Enabling Such Errant Thinking

~ WALOSOTO-WAN-‘AO’ ~ We Are Losing Our Sense Of Time Online – We Are Now – “Always On”

~ FIOOTBCOTD-WWLASWBPT-TOEOCTS ~ Fatigue Is One Of The Basic Conditions Of The Digital – When We Look At Screens We Become Prematurely Tired – The Optical Equivalent Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

~ WM-DIB-O-AITC-B-WSTTW ~ We May – Dream In Books – Or – Awake In The Cinema – But – We Sleepwalk Through The Web

~ TINOTNT-E-TEDS-TO-O ~ There Is No Outside The Network Today – Except – The Ever Dwindling Space-Time Of – Off

~ WHRTAWBTIOP ~ We Have Returned To A World Before The Invention Of Privacy

~ RIBFW-B-IABMW-B-WAABAN ~ Reading Is Born From Writing – But – It Also Begets More Writing – But – Writing Almost Always Begins As Notes

~ TCB-COWCDFOR-ICTWOAW-WFW-ERWLHTITWSTTCUTLO-INWAINS ~ The Commonplace Book – Consists Of Words Copied Down From Our Reading – In Copying The Words Of Another Writer – Word For Word – Early Readers Were Learning How To Internalize Those Words So That They Could Use Them Later On – In New Ways And In New Settings

~ RINPAAOI-WWR-WEIAWOC-WO-L-S-O-MP-RS ~ Reading Is Never Purely An Act Of Isolation – When We Read – We Enter Into A World Of Commonality – Whether Of – Language – Story – Or – Material Place – Reading Socializes

~ C-TIIOTLNOIP-A-C-BSACGAII-IBIO-S-CIIWOOASOTHOHH-WDITCSTBUT-WIANLYOMBO ~ Copyright – The Initial Idea Of The Limited Nature Of Intellectual Property – A – Compromise – Between Serving A Common Good And Individual Incentive – Is Becoming Increasingly One-Sided – Corporate Interest Is Winning Out Over A Sense Of The History Of Human Habit – What Disappears Is That Common Space That Binds Us Together – Where Ideas Are No Longer Yours Or Mine But Ours

~ ITIA-S-OT-IICL-NOAEMFOILTTBC-UTAILI-B-TRSWOCDWSMABIE ~ If There Is A – Singularity – Out There – It Is Copyright Law – Not Only Are Ever More Facets Of Intellectual Life Thought To Be Copyrightable – Up To And Including Life Itself – But – The Restrictions Surrounding What Others Can Do With Such Material Are Becoming Increasingly Extensive

~ LT-E-TIAAOTC-TPD(N-TIC)-TIDATOLAEUTD ~ Like The – “Environment” – There Is An Abstraction Out There Called – The Public Domain (Now – The Intellectual Commons) – That Is Diminishing And That Our Laws Are Encouraging Us To Diminish

~ BATODE ~ Books Are The Original Difference Engines

~ BT-E-B-A-G-B-DFTWF-BT ~ Both The – English – Book – And – German – Buch – Derive From The Word For – Beech Tree

~ T-L-C-TTTUFB-DFTWFTOAT ~ The – Latin – Codex – The Technical Term Used For Books – Derives From The Word For Trunk Of A Tree

~ LANARTOAAADAL ~ Literacy And Numeracy Are Related To One Another At A Deep Anthropological Level

~ TH-OC-AB-TMTR ~ There Has – Of Course – Always Been – Too Much To Read

~ MIRM ~ Melancholy Is Reading’s Muse


~ AIASO-S-IISVTAE-TT-E-A-LT-OR-TOPL ~ As In All Aspects Of – Scientism – It Is Society’s Values That Are Enshrined – The Tests – Essentially – Are – Loyalty Tests – Or Rather – Tests Of Potential Loyalty

~ NITQNITEOT-AT-T-N;TALW-V-OV-A-TRI-ASOY-TR-TC-TP-A-TU-ATEOTEI-W-WN-S-O-O-O-CF ~ Neither In The Questions Nor In The Evaluation Of Them – Are The – Tests – Neutral; They Are Loaded With – Values– Organization Values – And – The Result Is – A Set Of Yardsticks – That Reward – The Conformist – The Pedestrian – And – The Unimaginative – At The Expense Of The Exceptional Individual – Without – Who – No – Society – Organization – Or – Otherwise – Can Flourish

~ TITTRIT-YDWAGS-YAABO ~ The Important Thing To Recognize Is That – You Don’t Win A Good Score – You Avoid A Bad One

~ YSUYRUTITOR0TI-HYATQIRTHOPHAT-YS-LIGASBT-40-A-60-P-WITS-YSTTAAIYWLEEISTB ~ Your Score Is Usually Rendered In Terms Of Your Percentile Rating – That Is – How You Answer The Question In Relation To How Other People Have Answers Them – Your Safety – Lies In Getting A Score Between The – 40th – And – 60th – Percentiles – Which Is To Say – You Should Try To Answer As If You Were Like Everybody Else Is Supposed To Be


~ OOTMSFOOCITTISM-BS ~ One Of The Most Salient Features Of Our Culture Is That There Is So Much – BullShit

~ LOCTACW-T-ITHTRA-T-EOB ~ Lack Of Connection To A Concern With – Truth – Indifference To How Things Really Are – The – Essence Of Bullshit

~ IDST-BS-IA-KOB-IICT-B-S-TT-TAL ~ It Does Seem That – BullShitting – Involves A – Kind Of Bluff – It Is Closer To – Bluffing – Surely – Than To – Telling A Lie

~ TEO-BS-INTII-F-BTII-P ~ The Essence Of – BullShit – Is Not That It Is – False – But That It Is – Phony

~ AFAOTENO-BS-IIPWCWTT-INNB-F ~ A Fundamental Aspect Of The Essential Nature Of – BullShit – It Is Produced Without Concern With The Truth – It Need Not Be – False

~ T-BS-DNR-TAOTT-AT-L-D-A-O-I-[S]H-PNATIAA-BVOT-BS-IAG-EOTT-T-L-A ~ The – BullShitter – Does Not Reject – The Authority Of The Truth – As The – Liar – Does – And – Oppose – It – [S]He – Pays No Attention To It At All – By Virtue Of This – BullShit – Is A Greater – Enemy Of The Truth – Than – Lies – Are

~ BS-IUWCR-S-T-TWKW[S]HITA ~ BullShit – Is Unavoidable Whenever Circumstances Require – Someone – To – Talk Without Knowing What [S]He Is Talking About

~ TPO-BS-ISWAPOOOTSASTEH[H]KOTFTARTTT ~ The Production Of – BullShit – Is Stimulated Whenever A Person’s Obligations Or Opportunities To Speak About Some Topic Exceed His[Her] Knowledge Of The Facts That Are Relevant To That Topic


~ RBCBIP ~ Reading Books Can Be Intensely Pleasurable

~ RIOOTGHD ~ Reading Is One Of The Great Human Delights

~ RAW ~ Read At Whim

~ AINTLTBTNLAA-FR ~ And It’s Never Too Late To Begin This New Life As A – Free Reader

~ IYT-U-TSWYFACF-IS-YMDASOWTA-F-I-BA-Y-C-CIPWT-DI-UAN ~ If You Turn – Upstream – To See Where Your Favorite Authors Came From – Intellectually Speaking – You May Discover All Sorts Of Works That Are – Fascinating – Illuminating – But Also – Yes – Challenging – Challenging Is Precisely What The – Downstream Imitators – Usually Are Not

~ AMNATRFAABAGPO? ~ And Might Not All This Reverence For Ancient Authors Be A Great Put-On?

~ TW-WILB-MDSB-TA-AIARR-WCATOB ~ Those Who – Write In Library Books – May Do So Because – They Are – Admirably Irrepressible And Responsive Readers – Who Can’t Afford Their Own Books

~ R-ISTBA-TEWOM-N-AOTRTTEASO-M ~ Reading – Is Supposed To Be About – The Encounter With Other Minds – Not – An Opportunity To Return To The Endlessly Appealing Subject Of – Me

~ IIWTL-BIMBSMWTRABOBYDWT-R-CYEAMOTLOMOTP-IOTIPWOYSBDTA ~ It Is Wrong To Lie – But It May Be Still More Wrong To Read A Bunch Of Books You Don’t Want To – Read – Cast Your Eyes Across Most Of The Lines On Most Of The Pages – In Order To Impress People Whose Opinion You Shouldn’t Be Deferring To Anyhow

~ MBBMBTFYRT ~ Many Books Become More Boring The Faster You Read Them

~ MOUTTCOITMOTBAZ-BCTPO-M ~ Many Of Us Try To Console Ourselves In The Midst Of The Blooming And Buzzing – By Claiming The Powers Of – Multitasking

~ NOA-M-I-WSADTAGATOOAAGT ~ No One Actually – Multitasks – Instead – We Shift Among Different Tasks And Give Attention To Only One At Any Given Time

~ TATMRIASO-‘CPA’ ~ The Attempt To Multitask Results In A State Of – “continuous Partial Attention”

~ TWBTAA-SM-TTBWATTO ~ Those Who Believe They Are A – Skilled Multitasker – Tend To Be Worse At It Than Others

~ EAHI-IH-WTSKOTC-TT-POL ~ Every Era Has Its – Intellectual Hucksters – Willing To Sell Knowledge On The Cheap – To The – Panicky Or Lazy

~ N-NOPOLP-WOIFRTSWCIISCAC-TAIDI-TDK ~ No – Novel Or Play Or Long Poem – Will Offer Its Full Rewards To Someone Who Consumes It In Small Chunks And Crumbs – The Attention It Demands Is – The Deep Kind

~ E-GI-EAITPOB-CAC-OMBAFBTT-P-C-S ~ Every – Good Idea – Ever Achieved Is The Product Of Both – Connection And Contemplation – Of Moving Back And Forth Between The Two – Predecessors – Colleagues – Solitude

~ N-OU-AHAAW-BWCAFOAAAAETWOITF-MOTI ~ Nonreaders – Outnumber Us – Always Have And Always Will – But We Can Always Find One Another And Are Always Eager To Welcome Others Into The Fold – May Our Tribe Increase


~ IYHTBAFA-TIAGATBBI ~ If You Have To Be A Flaming Asshole – This Is A Good Age To Be Born In

~ RHABAFOTW-TBDITNWCAI-YCMTPAB-T ~ Rudeness Has Always Been A Feature Of The Workplace – The Big Difference Is That Now We’re Concerned About It – You Could Make That Point About Bullying – Too

~ TIA-AOA-OALTANMOTWTETTUTBBWTWBOD-BIFTCIA-AOA-OTHCAHONOFALAANWOPA-PASAIPL ~ This Isn’t An – Age Of Assholes – Or At Least There Are Nor More Of Them Walking The Earth Than There Used To Be Back When They Went By Other Designations – But It’s Fair To Call It An – Age Of Assholism – One That Has Created A Host Of New Occasions For Acting Like Assholes And New Ways Of Performing Assholism – Particularly Among Strangers And In Public Life

~ TGAOS-TO-AAA-ISP-O-IRL-ITYHPTBAAY-TOSCOBRAH-NRW ~ The Great Advantage Of Seeing – The Other – As An Asshole – In Symbolic Politics – Or – In Real Life – Is That You Have Permission To Be An Asshole Yourself – The Other Side Can Only Be Ridiculed And Humiliated – Not Reasoned With

~ ‘MIP’-CSPWAADO-PA-TIDIIA ~ “Making It Personal” – Could Stand Pretty Well As A Definition Of – Political Assholism – Turning Ideological Differences Into Intimate Antipathies

~ TNSAFDC ~ There’s No Single Algorithm For Defining Incivility

~ WWS-CYDIAFHPD? ~ Whatever Was Said – Can You Defend It As Furthering Healthy Political Discussion?