~ HYSTDADYI? ~ Have You Spent Time Developing And Defining Your Idea?

~ HYPATYIWRPIYTM? ~ Have You Prototyped And Tested Your Idea With Real People In Your Target Market?

~ HYMS-O-SUPOYML-O-GTTDYTP? ~ Have You Made Sales – Or – Signed Up People On Your Mailing List – Or – Gotten Them To Download Your Trial Product?

~ DYHAVBM? ~ Do You Have A Viable Business Model?

~ AYWTCSIITDGAP? ~ Are You Willing To Change Strategies Immediately If Things Don’t Go As Planned?

~ CYIYC? ~ Can You Identify Your Competitors?

~ CYDWMY-D-ME-O-MA? ~ Can You Describe What Makes You – Different – More Effective – Or – More Appealing?

~ CYBSITMRS? ~ Could Your Business Survive If The Market Radically Shifted?

~ DYHATUPOS? ~ Do You Have A Truly Useful Product Or Service?

~ DYHATRBPAIIPTEYBI? ~ Do You Have All The Right Business Processes And Infrastructure In Place To Execute Your Business Idea?

~ HYCWP-TMSYWG-S-A-O-A? ~ Have You Consulted With Professionals – To Make Sure You Won’t Get – Sued – Audited – Or – Arrested?

~ AYPFVD-NAO? ~ Are You Prepared For Various Disasters – Natural And Otherwise?

~ CYDYTMICAST? ~ Can You Define Your Target Market In Clear And Specific Terms?

~ DYKWTC-IP-O-IA-O-ITM? ~ Do You Know Where They Congregate – In Person – Online – In Associations – Or – In The Media?

~ HYSLOTWT? ~ Have You Spent Lots Of Time With Them?

~ DYKWTC? ~ Do You Know What They Crave?

~ DYKWWHTTOTBYPOS? ~ Do You Know What Will Happen To Them Once They Buy Your Product Or Service?

~ DYKWTCAD? ~ Do You Know What They Care About Deeply?

~ DYKHTLTC? ~ Do You Know How They Like To Communicate?

~ DTHAT-C-H-C-TPYFYS? ~ Do They Have Access To – Cold – Hard – Cash – To Pay You For Your Services?

~ ATTKOPWWBFTHOW-RIYWDBON? ~ Are They The Kind Of People Who Would Be Fun To Hang Out With – Regardless If You Were Doing Business Or Not?


~ YHAU-A/S/C-TWAYTSTNBTAE ~ You Have A Unique – Approach / Skill / Capability – That Will Allow You To Serve This Need Better Than Anyone Else

~ YH-T-C-R-A-S-FGTBLIATM ~ You Have – The – Capacity – Resources – And – Support – For Getting The Business Launched In A Timely Manner

~ UHCAAIWYPVBCPP ~ You Have Chosen An Area In Which You Provide Value Beyond Cheap Production Price

~ YTMNOIIIWYHTO-B-HTMTPFWYAS ~ Your Target Market Not Only Is Interested In What You Have To Offer – But – Has The Money To Pay For What You Are Selling

~ YCAPAIGBAI ~ You Create A Prototype And It Generates Buzz And Interest

~ YHAFGOTFMOYB ~ You Have A Firm Grasp Of The Financial Metrics Of Your Business

~ IYROTBYB-YHANOSACPWWLTWWY ~ If You Require Others To Build Your Business – You Have A Network Of Smart And Capable People Who Would Like To Work With You

~ YWAAAFAYBI-A-UITCIYPOS ~ You Welcome Any And All Feedback About Your Business Idea – And – Use It To Continually Improve Your Product Or Service


~ YFTIAMBOHAAFC-O-DIYG-YANSTIAGI-B-YATPTAI ~ You Feel There Is A Market Based On Hunches And A Few Conversation – Or – Deep In Your Gut – You Are Not Sure This Is A Good Idea – But – You Are Too Proud To Admit It

~ WYDTIWPWWBTTMFYPOS-TAEOBAES-O-AD-AS-‘TITWBIIHEH’ ~ When You Discuss The Idea With People Who Would Be The Target Market For Your Product Or Service – They Are Either Overcome By An Embarrassing Silence – Or – Are Direct – And Say – “That Is The Worst Business Idea I Have Ever Heard”

~ WSCYI-YGVDAICTS-T-‘TOANSETGMBI’ ~ When Someone Challenges Your Idea – You Get Very Defensive And Immediately Change The Subject – Thinking – “They Obviously Are Not Smart Enough To Get My Brilliant Idea”

~ YS-H/W/M/SY-WOTI-WEBIIFOEAPIOC ~ You Spend – Hours / Weeks / Months / Sometime Years – Working On The Idea – Without Ever Bringing It In Front Of Either A Potential Investor Or Customer

~ YAUTDTTNTPOSMFITEOYC ~ You Are Unable To Describe The True Need This Product Or Service Might Fill In The Eyes Of Your Customer

~ YHNUAVLTB-A-YDSYWPWH ~ You Have Never Undertaken A Venture Like This Before – And – You Don’t Surround Yourself With People Who Have

~ YPNIVL-A-YDTAYMHWWITPWBWTJYIYV ~ Your Personal Network Is Very Limited – And – You Don’t Think Anyone You May Have Worked With In The Past Would Be Willing To Join You In Your Venture

~ YVYVA-‘AON’-A-WOCLOBI-ROFFO ~ You View Your Venture As – “All Or Nothing” – And – Will Only Consider Launching One Business Idea – Regardless Of Feedback From Others


~ WAI-WIMB-M ~ Who Am I – What Is My Brand – Me

~ WI-M-P/P/P-M-M ~ What Is – My – Promise / Personality / Positioning – Me – Me

~ WDIWTS-HSISI-M-M-M ~ What Do I Want To Say – How Should I Say It – Me – Me – Me

~ IOICGTDR-IOICDME-M-M-M-M ~ If Only I Can Get The Details Right – If Only I Can Discover My Essence – Me – Me – Me – Me

~ B!-TFOBI ~ Bam! – The Flash Of Brand Insight

~ IWWTA-T ~ I Wonder Who They Are – Them

~ IWWTD-T-T ~ I Wonder What They’re Doing – Them – Them

~ IWHTF-T-T-T ~ I Wonder How They’re Feeling – Them – Them – Them

~ IWHICMLBFTAMTFBAT-T-T-T-T ~ I Wonder How I Can Make Life Better For Them And Make Them Feel Better About Themselves – Them – Them – Them – Them


~ FWTYAPATT-BU-TK-S-A-E-TBTGATW-I-ALOILAS ~ Finding Work That You Are Passionate About Takes Time – Building Up – The Knowledge – Skill – And – Experience – To Be Truly Great At This Work – Is – A Labor Of Intense Love And Sweat

~ CABOOTW-A-B-I/C/F/A/M-RP ~ Creating A Business Out Of This Work – And – Building – Infrastructure / Customers / Fans / Advocates / Mentors – Requires Patience

~ HYJIINABP ~ Hating Your Job Intensely Is Not A Business Plan

~ BATE:CAPOYIL-DALTWMYH ~ Begin At The End: Create A Picture Of Your Ideal Life – Design A Life That Will Make You Happy

~ FABNITIH-IASI ~ Find A Business Needle In The Idea Haystack – Identify A Specific Idea

~ FOTM-MSYHTFWTSCE ~ Figure Out The Money – Make Sure You Have The Financial Wherewithal To Seriously Consider Entrepreneurship

~ DTSOYB-LHTSOFTC ~ Define The Spirit Of Your Brand – Learn How To Stand Out From The Crowd

~ RYT-ITPWWSGAPWY ~ Recruit Your Tribe – Identify The People Who Will – Support – Guide – And – Partner – With – You

~ TAP-FOIYAHABWQYJF ~ Test And Prototype – Find Out If You Actually Have A Business Worth Quitting Your Job For

~ PTL-ON-MAD ~ Prepare To Leap – Or Not – Make A Decision

~ SBD-‘TT’-TPWTYMF ~ Start By Defining – “The Thing” – That People Will Trade You Money For

~ IYWTBS-YMCA-C-A-A-SB-TWDYICTYLFTH ~ If You Want To Be Successful – You Must Create A – Compelling – Authentic – And – Sticky Brand – That Will Draw Your Ideal Customers To You Like Flies To Honey

~ YCSIRWPYAS ~ Your Customers Should Immediately Recognize What Problem You Are Solving

~ DYICIAACPOCYBP ~ Defining Your Ideal Customers Is An Absolutely Critical Part Of Creating Your Business Plan

~ TBGTYCGYBSYB-ITU-YO-T-F-A-B-AM-SYCCAUBTWGITWORAEB ~ The Biggest Gift That You Can Give Yourself Before Starting Your Business – Is To – Understand Your Own – Thoughts – Feelings – And – Beliefs – About Money – So You Can Change Any Unhealthy Behaviors That Will Get In The Way Of Running An Effective Business


~ BTTYAYRTTTW ~ Be True To Yourself And You’ll Ring True To The World

~ FYB-TWYL-YMSYLD-APAAPAY-H-M-A-I-A-A-TSYITB-WSRITSOMHB-TGYCOATSL ~ Follow Your Bliss – That Which You Love – You Must Spend Your Life Doing – As Passionately And As Perfectly As Your – Heart – Mind – And – Instincts – Allow – And – The Sooner You Identify That Bliss – Which Surely Resides In The Soul Of Most Human Beings – The Greater Your Chance Of A Truly Successful Life

~ ATTITWAMWAEI ~ All The Tools In The World Are Meaningless Without An Essential Idea

~ AGFTBI ~ Always Go For The Big Idea

~ ACSCIAN ~ All Creativity Should Communicate In A Nanosecond

~ TWCF-TTV ~ The Word Comes First – Then The Visual

~ INHSYMI-IHYMIS ~ It’s Not How Short You Make It – It’s How You Make It Short

~ IYCPASEYCI-F ~ If You Can’t Passionately And Succinctly Explain Your Creative Ideas – Fuggedaboutit!

~ ATIAAT ~ A Trend Is Always A Trap

~ CINC-IITFUTF-IIAAOD ~ Creativity Is Not Created – It Is There For Us To Find – It Is An Act Of Discovery

~ WJBA-CT-WYCBA-CP ~ Why Just Be A – Creative Thinker – When You Can Be A – Cultural Provocateur!

~ ABICCWC ~ A Big Idea Can Change World Culture

~ GA-BI-INAAOI-BR-OOD ~ Getting A – Big Idea – Is Not An Act Of Inspiration – But Rather – One Of Discovery

~ YCB-C-O-YCB-C-B-TNSTAA-CC ~ You Can Be – Cautious – Or – You Can Be – Creative – But – There’s No Such Thing As A – Cautious Creative

~ RGG-TAT:D-B-CD-M-IAAMB-O-T-OP-T-MWIU ~ Reject Group Grope – Think About This: Decisive – Breakthrough – Creative Decision-Making – Is Almost Always Made By – One – Two – Or Possibly – Three – Minds Working In Unison

~ BCOY-O-E-S-T ~ Be Confident Of Your – Own – Edgy – Solo – Talent

~ TGTFBB-YCJBTY’G’~ To Get That First Big Break – You Can’t Just Brag That You’re “Great”

~ Y-P-S-I-P-S-KA ~ Your – Portfolio – Should – Ignite – Provoke – Shock – Kick Ass

~ WIW ~ Work Is Worship

~ M-OMD-LL-TMD ~ Make – One Million Dollars – Look Like – Ten Million Dollars!

~ NMWKOWYI-DI-F-O-T-A-DI-P ~ No Matter What Kind Of Work You’re In – Do It – Fast – On-Time – And – Do It – Perfectly

~ Even A Brilliant Idea Won’t Sell Itself

~ ADTTWYPABI:TTWTAGTS;SITT;TT-D-WTJS ~ Always Do Three Things When You Present A Big Idea: Tell Them What They Are Going To See; Show It To Them; Tell Them – Dramatically – What They Just Saw

~ WYPA-BI-BPT-ADQ ~ When You’re Presenting A – Big Idea – Be Prepared To – Answer Dumb Questions

~ TCOATGBNCBAB-DI! ~ The Creation Of A Truly Great Brand Name Can Become A Billion-Dollar Idea!

~ GW-MBPT-TP-TH-TPTAYC-U-CAS-‘N’-B-HNPTS-‘Y’ ~ Great Work – Must Be Presented To – The Person – That Has – The Power To Accept Your Creations – Underlings – Can Always Say – “No” – But – Have No Power To Say – “Yes”

~ WYPAEI-IITMT-TS-TEITTMG-INABI! ~ When You Present An Entrepreneurial Idea – If It Takes More Than – Three Sentences – To Explain It To The Money Guys – It’s Not A Big Idea!

~ DE-K-WF-BP ~ Don’t Ever – Knowingly – Work For – Bad People

~ ATG-AC-IDB-ABI-TC:AMS!;AMV! ~ A Truly Great – Ad Campaign – Is Driven By – A Big Idea – That Contains: A Memorable Slogan!; A Memorable Visual!

~ MTE-ITAO-IT-M-CAUSBSIATW ~ More Than Ever – In This Age Of – Internet Technology – Misinformation – Comes At Us Second By Second In A Tidal Wave

~ A-TP-M-R-S-Q-E-A-NLTBBY ~ A – Thinking Person – Must – Read – Study – Question – Evaluate – And – Not Let The Bullshiters Bullshit You

~ NMWSYAIYC-UYCTSUFOHAPYCATV ~ No Matter What Stage You Are In Your Career – Use Your Creativity To Stand Up For Our Heroes And Protect Your Culture Against The Villains

~ DTRT-SYCBPOY-TTDYD ~ Do The Right Thing – So You Can Be Proud Of Yourself – Till The Day You Die

~ HAM-WUACMTYEOLAW-IABBM ~ Having A Mate – Who Understands And Contributes Mightily To Your Ethos Of Life And Work – Is A Blessing Beyond Measure

~ AEDAIIYL ~ Attack Every Day As If It’s Your Last

~ EAPSDHCAI-IYCD-L-IWNOMYAPBCOYI-IWAMJTTWYS ~ Even A Passable Sketch Dramatically Helps Crystallize An Idea – If You Can’t Draw – Learn – It Will Not Only Make You A Profoundly Better Communicator Of Your Ideas – It Will Add More Joy To The Way You See

~ YCTACTWS ~ You Cannot Teach A Crab To Walk Straight

~ DLYTDYFYD-IYKCIO-TW-YL-DLSOWYH! ~ Don’t Let Your Tormentors Distract You From Your Destiny – If You Keep Chewing It Over – They Win – You Lose – Don’t Lose Sight Of Where You’re Headed!

~ MYSAMFWYA ~ Make Your Surroundings A Metaphor For Who You Are

~ EYM ~ Extoll Your Mentors

~ IYDBTACB-I-RT-C-YNUTPOGC ~ If You Don’t Believe That Advertising Can Be – Icon – Rather Than – Con – You’ll Never Understand The Potential Of Great Creativity

~ IWWDA? ~ Is What We Do Art?

~ I-Y-TAP-E-YTWC-A! ~ If – You’re – Talented And Passionate – Enough – You Too Will Create – Art!

~ YAYHWYC ~ You’re At Your Happiest When You’re Creating

~ W-S-E-N-K-THS ~ Work – Should – Ennoble – Not – Kill – The Human Spirit

~ YNBTCPYATBIYDKWIACF-YCCTFWKWCBI ~ You’ll Never Be The Creative Person You Aspire To Be If You Don’t Know Where It All Came From – You Can’t Create The Future Without Knowing What Came Before It


~ BTRATPCFTFT-WTI-IIETOTVAETCO-H-T-ACE-M-O-P ~ Both The Risk And The Promise Come From The Fact That – With The Internet – It Is Easy To Obtain The Views And Even The Collaboration Of – Hundreds – Thousands – And Conceivably Even – Millions – Of – People

~ E-L-MPCADSTIECOTOD-LTWE-UC-A-UE-B-ED-TI-AOEVEIIA-APLAGDFTDBOITOPH ~ Everyday – Like-Minded People Can And Do Sort Themselves Into Echo Chambers Of Their Own Design – Leading To Wild Errors – Undue Confidence – And – Unjustified Extremism – But – Every Day – The Internet – Also Offers Exceedingly Valuable Exercises In Information Aggregation – As People Learn A Great Deal From The Dispersed Bits Of Information That Other People Have

~ IC-CUIWWHOWWCAOWCAPU ~ Information Cocoons – Communications Universes In Which We Hear Only What We Choose And Only What Comforts And Pleases Us

~ ICBCFLAOTLI-IC-W-F-P-WESOV-B-MEATPOOC-FPAPI-CCTITN ~ It Can Be Comforting For Leaders And Others To Live In – Information Cocoons – Warm – Friendly – Places – Where Everyone Shares Our Views – But – Major Errors Are The Price Of Our Comfort – For Private And Public Institutions – Cocoons Can Turn Into Terrible Nightmares

~ DDALTBD?-OIDN-GMMIPOOA-LTEOTACOFRTT-‘G’-MWPUUADS-C-TFTCIAETROA ~ Does Deliberation Actually Lead To Better Decisions? – Often It Does Not – Group Members May Impose Pressures On One Another – Leading To Extremism Or To A Consensus On Falsehood Rather Than Truth – “Groupthink” – May Well Promote Unthinking Uniformity And Dangerous Self-Censorships – Thus Failing To Combine Information And Enlarge The Range Of Arguments

~ CGDBNISODBBOI-TPITDGODNOTKTTMAH ~ Countless Groups Do Badly Not In Spite Of Deliberation But Because Of It – The Problem Is That Deliberating Groups Often Do Not Obtain The Knowledge That Their Members Actually Have

~ TGLIT-PL-EATHL-OLIC-A-DPFLHTIS ~ The General Lesson Is That – Political Leaders – Even At The Highest Levels – Often Live In Cocoons – And – Deliberation Provides Far Less Help Than It Should

~ GOFPTASOP-TDNCBIAIE-TEIHBAOMATEOIHBAFOO-TFVTBOCE-I-DOFTAAGM ~ Groups Often Fall Prey To A Series Of Problems – They Do Not Correct But Instead Amplify Individual Errors – They Emphasize Information Held By All Or Most At The Expense Of Information Held By A Few Or One – They Fall Victim To Bandwagon Or Cascade Effects – Indeed – Deliberation Often Fails To Aggregate Among Group Members

~ AIH-TPPB-IPASI-AIAD-TIOMFJAMAP-NMJAF ~ As It Happens – The Problems Posed By – Informational Pressure And Social Influences – Apply In All Domains – They Infect Our Most Fundamental Judgments About Morality And Policy – Not Merely Judgments About Facts

~ TKP-IS-GWDBTI-A-BGBTLO-SLATCAM:MRIU-A-EPIMLTNTBC ~ The Key Point – Is That – Groups Will Do Better Than Individuals – And – Big Groups Better Than Little Ones – So Long As Two Conditions Are Met: Majority Rule Is Used – And – Each Person Is More Likely Than Not To Be Correct

~ FAOCW ~ Falsehoods Are Often Conventional Wisdom

~ ASBIOOADWCSPFTGA ~ A Systematic Bias In One Or Another Direction Will Create Serious Problems For The Group’s Answers

~ GMTTBALMCATJASWOA-AKEOGIIAGST-TPCIC-WONIAI ~ Group Members Tend To Become A Lot More Confident About Their Judgments After Speaking With One Another – A Key Effect Of Group Interaction Is A Greater Sense That – The Postdeliberation Conclusion Is Correct – Whether Or Not It Actually Is

~ MOTT-DGDQPAATITTMH-WMMGT-TOFTLNAMATM-RKIOIOD-AABIKIABAOMGMHAFGRTITIKBOOOAFGM ~ Much Of The Time – Deliberating Groups Do Quite Poorly At Aggregating The Information That Their Members Have – When Many Minds Get Together – They Often Fail To Learn Nearly As Much As They Might – Relevant Knowledge Is Often Ignored Or Downplayed – Above All Because Information Known In Advance By All Or Most Group Members Has A Far Greater Role Than Information That Is Known By Only One Of A Few Group Members

~ WSGDW-IIBPSWTT-B-WDG-TMNH-ETTVOOMLPTST-MPRDLBTSD-TDNWTLSORCT ~ When Statistical Groups Do Well – It Is Because People Say What They Think – But – With Deliberating Groups – This Might Not Happen – Exposure To The Views Of Others Might Lead People To Silence Themselves – Most People Really Don’t Like Being The Sole Dissenter – They Do Not Want To Look Stupid Or To Create Trouble

~ HP-TAUTGCOBDN-ACFOIA-A-TAATC ~ Hidden Profiles – The Accurate Understandings That Groups Could Obtain But Do Not – A Clear Failure Of Information Aggregation – And – They Are All Too Common

~ CKE-IHBAGMHFMIOGJTIHBOAFM ~ Common Knowledge Effect – Information Held By All Group Members Has Far More Influence On Group Judgments Than Information Held By Only A Few Members

~ GMTTBSMCATJAD-AEAF-B-CAEAABC ~ Group Members Tend To Be Significantly More Confident About Their Judgments After Discussion – An Especially Alarming Finding – Because – Confidence And Error Are A Bad Combination

~ TITGWAIOATTBLOTHAPLTETPHIADP-CPMHLIOTG ~ Those In The Group Who Are Inexperienced Or Are Thought To Be Low On The Hierarchy Are Particularly Loath To Emphasize Their Privately Held Information As Discussion Proceeds – Cognitively Peripheral Members Have Little Influence On The Group

~ IMDG-PWEUHITAOSR-ATKI ~ In Many Deliberating Groups – People Who Emphasize Uniquely Held Information Take An Obvious Social Risk – And They Know It

~ TDM-APCU-IWYCOTTAOTYL-PIATMP-IOGIA-BPITO ~ The Daily Me – A Personalized Communications Universe – In Which You Consult Only Those Topics And Opinions That You Like – Polarization Is All The More Probable – Instead Of Good Information Aggregation – Bad Polarization Is The Outcome

~ TFT-DIBCAU-WL-TSBPMI-TDHPSRTN ~ The Fact That – Deliberation Increase Both Confidence And Uniformity – Will Leave – The Strong But Potentially Misleading Impression – That Deliberation Has Produced Sense Rather Than Nonsense

~ MHTOFAF-A-PCBWO-B-AMCSIFROWIPAH-APMRHIADG-B-IAM-TWHI-UH-AIAPTMALOM-A-TALTETO ~ Markets Have Their Own Fads And Fashions – And – Prices Can Be Way Off – But – A Market Creates Strong Incentives For Revelation Of Whatever Information People Actually Hold – A Profile May Remain Hidden In A Deliberating Group – But – In A Market – Those With Hidden Information – Uniquely Held – Are In A Position To Make A Lot Of Money – And – They Are Likely To Exploit The Opportunity

~ TPA-O-TCPOEIORC-IOUPDBEGAF-IMC-TLNBTAE-BB-IPAATC-ABO-TSBOTTABS ~ Traditional Practices Are – Often – The Congealed Product Of Earlier Information Or Reputational Cascades – Inefficient Or Unjust Practices Defended By Entrenched Groups And Factions – In Many Cases – Traditions Last Not Because They Are Excellent – But Because – Influential People Are Averse To Change – And Because Of – The Sheer Burdens Of Transition To A Better State