~ A-TTGFD ~ Antifragile – Things That Gain From Disorder

~ WEACAEAF-YWTBTFAWFTW ~ Wind Extinguishes A Candle And Energizes A Fire – You Want To Be The Fire And Wish For The Wind

~ TA-STBFS:TTAGWET-V-R-D-A-S-A-L-A-R-A-U-Y-ISOTUOTP-TINWFTEOOF ~ The Antifragile – Some Things Benefit From Shocks; They Thrive And Grow When Exposed To – Volatility – Randomness – Disorder – And – Stressors – And – Love – Adventure – Risk – And – Uncertainty – Yet – In Spit Of The Ubiquity Of The Phenomenon – There Is No Word For The Exact Opposite Of Fragile

~ AIBROR-TRRSASTS;TAGB ~ Antifragility Is Beyond Resilience Or Robustness – The Resilient Resists Shocks And Stays The Same; The Antifragile Gets Better

~ AAFADOAS ~ Antifragility And Fragility Are Degrees On A Spectrum

~ WCAADA(AF)UASTOA:ATHMUTDFRE(OCS)IA;TRIF We Can Almost Always Detect Antifragility (And Fragility) Using A Simple Test Of Asymmetry: Anything That Has More Upside Than Downside From Random Events (Or Certain Shocks) Is Antifragile; The Reverse Is Fragile

~ C-IAITPOATN(AC)STHS-DTSO-V-R-A-S-WHT-TW-W-D-O-BU-WHBF-TE-OH-PL-E-AE-MOO-M-S-W-HBHUWT-DPAC-WDPT ~ Crucially – If Antifragility Is The Property Of All Those Natural (and Complex) Systems That Have Survived – Depriving These Systems Of – Volatility – Randomness – And – Stressors – Will Harm Them – They Will – Weaken – Die – Or – Blow Up – We Have Been Fragilizing – The Economy – Our Health – Political Life – Education – Almost Everything – Much Of Our – Modern – Structured – World – Has Been Harming Us With Top-Down Policies And Contraptions – Which Do Precisely This

~ IAET-DFABAAG-EB-UTUTRAOSAD ~ If About Everything Top-Down Fragilizes And Blocks Antifragility And Growth – Everything Bottom-Up Thrives Under The Right Amount Of Stress And Disorder

~ UATEOO-TLFOS-A-GGOC-AO-‘SITG’-SBAATEOOBGTU(OG)F-V-V-A-D-A-EOTTDROLOH-ASA-A-T-C-O-F-O-O-IH ~ Upside At The Expense Of Others – The Largest Fragilizer Of Society – And – Greatest Generator Of Crises – Absence Of – “Skin In The Game” – Some Become Antifragile At The Expense Of Others By Getting The Upside (or Gains) From – Volatility – Variations – And – Disorder – And – Exposing Others To The Downside Risks Of Losses Or Harm – And Such – Antifragility-At-The-Cost-Of-Fragility-Of-Others – Is Hidden

~ IAOND ~ International Association Of Name Droppers

~ WAWTROANCO-IH-WTMPANRDA/OA-TGTSWCPTP-ANPIHHSMN-R-T-TI-TWNPE-ESMC ~ We Are Witnessing The Rise Of A New Class Of – Inverse Heroes – With Too Much Power And No Real Downside And/Or Accountability – They Game The System While Citizens Pay The Price – At No Point In History Have So Many Non-Risk-Takers – That Is – Those With No Personal Exposure – Exerted So Much Control

~ TCERI:TSNHA-FATEOTFOO ~ The Chief Ethical Rule Is The Following: Thou Shalt Not Have Anti-Fragility At The Expense Of The Fragility Of Others

~ CSAFOI-HTD-A-NR(ALMOALL) ~ Complex Systems Are Full Of – Interdependencies – Hard To Detect – And – Nonlinear Responses (A Lot More Or A Lot Less)

~ LIM-A-UME ~ Less Is More – And – Usually More Effective

~ MHREWL-A-TLCBGWAGL Modernity Has Replaced Ethics With Legalese – And – The Law Can Be Gamed With A Good Lawyer

~ IYSFADNSF-YAAF ~ If You See Fraud And Do Not Say Fraud – You Are A Fraud

~ MOTPOSCFTA-‘OPADI’ ~ Many Of The Problems Of Society Come From The Argument – “Other People Are Doing It”

~ TFWT-TAGFD-TRDCTM ~ The Fragile Wants Tranquility – The Antifragile Grows From Disorder – The Robust Doesn’t Care Too Much

~ ASGIC-WMAM-‘CE’-SIT-A-MAMS-TBIVTC ~ As Societies Gain In Complexity – With More And More – “Cutting Edge” – Sophistication In Them – And – More And More Specialization – They Become Increasingly Vulnerable To Collapse

~ HSFTRSOTCIWTULAT ~ Humans Somehow Fail To Recognize Situations Outside The Contexts In Which They Usually Learn About Them

~ LOR-AT-CRMPONS-RIABISLAWINH ~ Layers Of Redundancy – Are The – Central Risk Management Property Of Natural Systems – Redundancy Is Ambiguous Because It Seems Like A Waste If Nothing Happens

~ IINPTCC-IIHY-GO ~ It Is Not Possible To Control Criticism – If It Harms You – Get Out

~ SAI ~ Stressors Are Information

~ MOMLIPCSI ~ Much Of Modern Life Is Preventable Chronic Stress Injury

~ BYFAYSWGYI ~ Both Your Failures And Your Successes Will Give You Information

~ IIHTET-D-DP-T-R-IITF-N-TP ~ It Is Hard To Explain To – Data-Driven People – That – Risk – Is In The Future – Not – The Past

~ AOFLFMA ~ Absence Of Fire Lets Flammable Material Accumulate

~ WNTTI-SS-COC-A-SE ~ We Need To Learn To Think In – Second Steps – Chains Of Consequences – And – Side Effects

~ OOLP:NSWV ~ One Of Life’s Packages: No Stability Without Volatility

~ M-SWTSMOV-A-EWTSMOFI ~ Modernity – Starts With The States Monopoly On Violence – And – Ends With The States Monopoly On Fiscal Irresponsibility

~ AAR-ITL-S-C-A-S-ABIR-BSE ~ As A Rule – Intervening To Limit – Size – Concentration – And – Speed – Are Beneficial In Reducing – Black Swan Events

~ M-DN ~ Media-Driven Neuroticism

~ NSATOAEECIE;BSFTTIN ~ Not Seeing A Tsunami Or An Economic Event Coming Is Excusable; Building Something Fragile To Them Is Not

~ T-CBTAFU-N-GDAAOV Things – Can Be Taken Away From Us – Not – Good Deeds And Acts Of Virtue

~ TFSTACIF-DD-RT-IU-TIB-LETNBSALNAWBI ~ The First Step Toward Antifragility Consists In First – Decreasing Downside – Rather Than – Increasing Upside – That Is By – Lowering Exposure To Negative Black Swans And Letting Natural Antifragility Work By Itself

~ TOIAAOA ~ The Option Is An Agent Of Antifragility

~ FITUO ~ Freedom Is The Ultimate Option

~ O=A+R ~ Option = Asymmetry + Rationality

~ OQ ~ Organized Quacks

~ IICWTU-TCOB-WI-TPOF ~ It Is Completely Wrong To Use – The Calculus Of Benefits – Without Including – The Probability Of Failure

~ BS-E-A-NI-AARO-C-IBP-G-A-TBTC-‘E’ ~ Black Swan – Effects – Are – Necessarily Increasing – As A Result Of – Complexity – Interdependence Between Parts – Globalization – And – The Beastly Thing Called – “Efficiency”

~ TWIGLALP-A-WRMAMOTTHEAI-TAHTE-LAP ~ The World Is Getting Less And Less Predictable – And – We Rely More And More On Technologies That Have Errors And Interactions – That Are Harder To Estimate – Let Alone Predict

~ WN-WVAC-MT-WPALRBDC ~ We Notice – What Varies And Changes More Than – What Plays A Large Role But Doesn’t Change

~ WOD-I-LTPOM ~ Wealth Of Details – Ironically – Leads To Peace Of Mind

~ S-ATYL-RT-CBQA-P-A ~ Subtraction – Adds To Your Life – Removing Things – Can Be Quite A – Potent – Action

~ MT-WHDAFF-NC-O-AS ~ Modern Times – We Have Developed A Fondness For – Neomanic Complication – Over – Archaic Simplicity

~ SITG-MTLC ~ Skin In The Game – Making Talk Less Cheap

~ TIACAA-DAP-MOS-WETH-WHOSITG-WHSTR-UEYO;ICHO(WROI)-YYINL-ISF?-TINPFOMWHS ~ The Intellectual And Commentator As A – Detached And Protected – Member Of Society – Without Exposure To Harm – Without Having One’s Skin In The Game – Without Having Something To Risk – You Express Your Opinions; It Can Hurt Others (Who Rely On It) – Yet You Incur No Liability – Is This Fair? – There Is No Penalty For Opinion Makers Who Harm Society

~ NHPW-TADD-BMV-A-PALR-TIMT ~ Never Have People – Who Talk And Don’t Do – Been More Visible – And – Played A Larger Role – Than In Modern Times

~ SPFTLOTB-B-GNBFT-IYDSTTOAAAT-YCHAP-WIW-TSIC-‘I-B’-WI?-TIUAND-NDAA ~ Society Pays For The Losses Of The Bankers – But – Gets No Bonuses From Them – If You Don’t See This Transfer Of Antifragility As A Theft – You Certainly Have A Problem – What Is Worse – This System Is Called – “incentive-based” – What Incentive? – There Is Upside And No Downside – No Disincentive At All

~ AELISWSOPR ~ An Ethical Life Isn’t So When Stripped Of Personal Risk

~ R-TYFRMB ~ Reader – Thank You For Reading My Book


PB-SIWSANS ~ Procrustean Bed – Situations In Which Simplifications Are Not Simplifications

~ L-B-H-T-FE-TMILATTOMTISTIAD ~ Lecturing-Birds-How-To-Fly Effect – To Make It Look As Though Technology Owes More To Institutional Science Than It Actually Does

~ T-TATTROOL ~ Touristification – The Attempt To Take Randomness Out Of Life

~ BS-ADS-ACOTE-OSAOE ~ Barbell Strategy – A Dual Strategy – A Combination Of Two Extremes – One Safe And One Extreme

~LF-MTW-PPOMALEFTECRW ~ Ludic Fallacy – Mistaking The Well-Posed Problems Of Mathematics And Laboratory Experiments For The Ecologically Complex Real World

~ DC(SITG)-YMOBPAOBTWCTTACB-A-HSTL-IAW-TPACIBW ~ Doxastic Commitment (Soul In The Game) – You Must Only Believe Predictions And Opinions By Those Who Committed Themselves To A Certain Belief – And – Had Something To Lose – In A Way – To Pay A Cost In Being Wrong

~GLF-MTSOIOENK=FA-LVFTO-LT-O-MTWC-‘RI’-ASM ~ Green Lumber Fallacy – Mistaking The Source Of Important Or Even Necessary Knowledge – For Another – Less Visible From The Outside – Less Tractable – One – Many Things We Call – “Relevant Knowledge” – Aren’t So Much

~ EI-FOETA(OP)-RTTR ~ Ethical Inversion – Fitting One’s Ethics To Actions (Or Profession) – Rather Than The Reverse

~ NF-ONTFA-S-O-P-TASOCODF ~ Narrative Fallacy – Our Need To Fit A – Story – Or – Pattern – To A Series Of Connected Or Disconnected Facts

~ SK-YKWIWWMCTYKAE ~ Subtractive Knowledge – You Know What Is Wrong With More Certainty Than You Know Anything Else

~ SP-PTFBRWIFFI-RTNATI ~ Subtractive Prophecy – Predicting The Future By Removing What Is Fragile From It – Rather Than Naively Adding To It

~ LE-AN-IILEWEDOIL ~ Lindy Effect – Anything Nonperishable – Increases In Life Expectancy With Every Day Of Its Life

~ N-ALOCFIOS-FTF-B-A-N-S ~ Neomania – A Love Of Change For Its Own Sake – Forecasting The Future – By – Adding – Not – Subtracting



~ SYVOWYWTG ~ Stake Your Vision On Where You Want To Go

~ UF(AYG)TPYF ~ Use Facts (And Your Gut) To Plot Your Future

~ SBTSYV ~ Suspend Belief To See Your Vision

~ DJTAYV-TAIC ~ Don’t Just Think About Your Vision – Think About It Creatively

~ PYVDIW ~ Put Your Vision Down In Writing

~ YVWPTPFFFS ~ Your Vision Will Provide The Picture Frame For Future Success

~ YVMEY ~ Your Vision Must Engage You


~ ‘A-I’-CTLSIL ~ “All-In” – Can Turn Long Shots Into Legends

~ ST-A-NT-M ~ Seek To – Achieve – Not To – Medal

~ TT-‘WNJTI?’-A ~ Take The – “Why Not Just Try It? – Approach

~ MFWPE ~ Move Forward With Positive Energy

~ DYAFAANE ~ Do Yourself A Favor And Avoid Negative Enthusiasm

~ BSTSOYA-IA ~ Be Sure To Show Off Your All-In Approach

~ WYGOC-RYA ~ When You Go Off Course – Readjust Your Approach

~ A-IBOATP ~ All-In Brings Out All The Possibilities


~ LGLBTARNAT ~ Life Gets Livelier By Taking A Risk Now And Then

~ A-IAOMFVGG ~ All-In Attitudes Often Make For Very Good Gambles

~ TARCBUG ~ Taking A Risk Can Bring Unexpected Growth

~ TBR-T-YNTFUTU ~ To Become Risk-Tolerant – You Need To Face Up To Uncertainty

~ CYB-IWCHYLAY ~ Change Your Behavior – It Will Change How You Look At Yourself

~ GUTRPYFLBC ~ Getting Used To Risk Prepares You For Life’s Bigger Challenges


~ GP ~ Game Plan

~ GY-GP-IP ~ Get Your – Game Plan – In Place

~ LS-TGGYGP ~ Let Short-Term Goals Guide Your Game Plan

~ SPG ~ Set Progressive Goals

~ MG-SYCHF ~ Make Goal-Setting You Can’t Hide From

~ LFYG-SB ~ Learn From Your Goal-Setting Blinders

~ ESYA-Y-GP-WSYH ~ Earn Success You Achieve – Your – Game Plan – Will Show You How

~ BPTRY-GP-A-RYG ~ Be Prepared To Review Your – Game Plan – And – Reset Your Goals


~ SBRWYHAR ~ Success Becomes Routine When You Have A Routine

~ NA-S-A-STI ~ Name A – Schedule – And – Stick To It

~ BPTYPED ~ Bring Purpose To Your Pursuit Every Day

~ PPDOCE ~ Predictable Performance Depends On Consistent Effort

~ PIAVWPAG ~ Patient Is A Virtue When Pursuing A Goal

~ YCARUYP ~ You Can Also Ramp Up Your Pursuit

~ AALP-IWGALW ~ Apply A Little Pressure – It Will Go A Long Way

~ LBOT-IWMTTMP ~ Look Back Over Today – It Will Make Tomorrow That More Productive


~ BAST-TWHY-AYHT ~ Build A – Support Team – That Will Help You – As You Help Them

~ CWPWWTH-TOT ~ Connect With People Who Want To Help – They’re Out There

~ FT-‘L-M’-TPYTTTM ~ Find The – “Like-minded”– To Pull You Through The Toughest Moments

~ ATPWPYD ~ Avoid Those People Who Pull You Down

~ HOBIT ~ Help Others Believe In Themselves


~ OTDD-CYTSIF ~ On The Dark Days – Convince Yourself To Stay In Focus

~ MEDSNLED ~ Make Every Day Seem Not Like Every Day

~ FAPTOTGTCWYPO ~ Find Another Passion To Offset The Grind That Comes With Your Primary One

~ KWMPBTDV ~ Know What Motivates People Beyond Their Dream Vision

~ I-W-I-N-D-F ~ Inspire – With – Immediate – Not – Delayed – Feedback

~ LY-P-LY-N-GAFY ~ Let Your – Passion – Lead You – Not – Get Away From You


~ PBU ~ Practice Being Uncomfortable

~ LTDWSSTYCSOC ~ Learn To Deal With Stress So That You Can Survive Other Challenges

~ VTGTCCFD ~ Visualize The Good That Can Come From Disappointment

~ C-SNBCW-F ~ Cancellation – Should Not Be Confused With – Failure

~ AAC-RYA-R-AAC ~ At All Costs – Reduce Your Anxieties – Really – At All Costs


~ WP-DFTD ~ When Performing – Don’t Forget The Details

~ LFPP ~ Learn From Past Performances

~ SF-R:SF ~ Stay Focused – Repeat: Stay Focused

~ DYAF-DC ~ Do Yourself A Favor – Don’t Choke

~ TBPCWYETM~ The Best Performance Comes When You Enjoy The Moment


~ MTMOYAM ~ Make The Memory Of Your Achievement Memorable

~ PFTQ-‘WN?’-EBYFWAI ~ Plan For The Question – “What’s Next? – Even Before You’re Faced With Answering It

~ KALFTWDS-‘N’-SE ~ Keep A Lookout For Those Who Don’t See – “Next” – So Easily

~ DGUOGSC ~ Don’t Give Up On Giving Second Chances


~ TTTWEUTWAAAATHLUOOTDG-IJLTOFUH-STWW-EP-ATT ~ The Technology That Would Enable Us To Work At Any Place At Any Time Hasn’t Lifted Us Out Of The Daily Grind – It’s Just Let The Office Follow Us Home – So That We Work – Every Place – All The Time

~ WIWAK-WDIWTBWIGU?-WDILSMTIDIFF?-HCIGPTPMTCTV? ~ When I Was A Kid – What Did I Want To Be When I Grew Up? – What Do I Love So Much That I’d Do It For Free? – How Can I Get People To Pay Me To Create That Vision?

~ DAT-TTYL-TTYDFFAAK-CBTIAVB ~ Don’t Assume That – The Thing You Love – The Thing You Did For Fun As A Kid – Can’t Be Turned Into A Viable Business

~ MTCRR-WNOWWILTDADW?-WDTNI?-WAL-CWICSOITTAGPQ?~ Making The Cash Register Ring – Who Needs Or Wants What I Love To Do And Do Well? – Why Do They Need It? – What’s A Low-Cost Way I Could Start Offering It To Them And Get Paid Quickly?

~ AIG-BSIC ~ Autonomy Is Great – But So Is Cash

~ U-YWBATBTRCIYHTW69HAWFSEJTCYLC-TWTMIPGNS-DIITP ~ Ultimately – You Won’t Be Able To Build That Rewarding Career If You Have To Work 60 Hours A Week For Someone Else Just To Cover Your Lifestyle Costs – That’s Why The Most Important Place Grindhoppers Need Self-Discipline Is In Their Pocketbooks

~ MDBYLOH-IBYF-SMOEITBIYTTLO-TG ~ Money Doesn’t Buy You Love Or Happiness – It Buys You Freedom – Six Months Of Expenses In The Bank Is Your Ticket To Life Outside – The Grind

~ O-‘N’-ETFTSOIC ~ Our – “Needs” – Expand To Fill The Space Our Incomes Create

~ S-DIT-LA-T-ICBL-AIBDTIGITHOKPTY ~ Self-Discipline Is Tough – Like Anything – Though – It Can Be Learned – All It Boils Down To Is Getting In The Habit Of Keeping Promises To Yourself

~ YTYNTQJBQIEATNBSTYC-YYOBN-A-YTMDB-B-TB-YEH ~ You’ll Teach Yourself Not To Quit Just Because Quitting Is Easier And There’s No Boss Saying That You Can’t – You’re Your Own Boss Now – And – You’re The Most Demanding Boss – But – The Best – You’ll Ever Have

~ GFOWTNTBFFTST-TTFOHTWGTTP ~ Grindhoppers Figure Out Where They Need To Be For Fortune To Spot Them – Then They Figure Out How They Will Get To That Place

~ L-S-D-“KWYG”-IASTCBL ~ Like – Self-Discipline – “Knowing Where You’re Going” – Is A Skill That Can Be Learned

~ TAWYWYCAYLTLL-BB-BC-BDSTS-ITTGWYAGIYDLYIWTPMB ~ Think About What You Want Your Career And Your Life To Look Like – Be Bold – Be Crazy – But Don’t Skip This Step – It’s Tough To Get Where You Are Going If You Don’t Let Yourself Imagine Where That Place Might Be

~ B-G-DA-TA-ITGMCTWIWTB?-TKTADBTTSRAGS ~ Before – Grindhoppers – Do Anything – They Ask – Is This Getting Me Closer To Where I Want To Be? – They Know There’s A Difference Between Taking The Scenic Route And Getting Sidetracked

~ F-IYWANC-ASPYGTHTLTW-TRASDOUR ~ Fundamentally – If You Want A Nonconventional Career – At Some Point You’re Going To Have To Leave The Well-Travelled Route And Start Driving On Unmarked Roads

~ ITPCTMH?-DIRTPIBWW-ATTTHMBIAH?-WTPHMITLR? ~ Is This Project Close To My Heart? – Do I Respect The People I’ll Be Working With – And Trust That They Have My Best Interests At Heart? – Will This Project Help Me In The Long Run?

~ WOPTYCAKYFBO-WWPYRKYFBIIPTWEYL-TATF-TLR-IWGDB ~ Working On Projects That You Care About Keeps You From Burning Out – Working With People You Respect Keeps You From Becoming Involved In Projects That Will Embarrass You Later – Thinking About The Future – The Long Run – Is What Grindhoppers Do Best

~ HYCIYC:PWI-E;DALOI-GB;SHOPADI-NC-BI;LFCOI-SYWTPWYRAWWBBH ~ How You Can Improve Your Craft: Play With It – Experiment; Do A Lot Of It – Get Better; See How Other People Are Doing It – Never Copy – Be Influenced; Learn From Criticism Of It – Show Your Work To People Whom You Respect And Who Will Be Brutally Honest

~ BAN-AIMFL-ANCOPWOAEYHRTT-A-WYMLTHTAPOTS-BACOTGRMLOPWAWTHY ~ Building A Network – At Its Most Fundamental Level – A Network Consists Of People Whose Opinions And Expertise You Have Reason To Trust – And – Whom You’re More Likely To Help Than A Person Off The Street – Building A Career Outside The Grind Requires Meeting Lots Of People Who Are Willing To Help You


~ ABYOB ~ Always Be Your Own Boss

~ KWYAG ~ Know Where You Are Going

~ RR ~ Recalculate Risk

~ T-P-N-J ~ Think – Projects – Not – Jobs

~ STBJOR-ADT ~ Seek To Be Judged On Results – And Deliver Them

~ EIN ~ Everything Is Negotiable

~ CANAANM ~ Cultivate A Network And A Nimble Mind


~ DCTMAER ~ Don’t Care Too Much About External Rewards

~ WH-EINON ~ Work Hard – Even If No One Notices

~ DROAORS ~ Don’t Rely On Any One Revenue Stream

~ FTAF ~ Frugal To A Fault


~ TITAOCY;CITAOCN ~ Tidying Is The Act Of Confronting Yourself; Cleaning Is The Act Of Confronting Nature

~ TDWO-CDWD ~ Tidying Deals With Objects; Cleaning Deals With Dirt

~ IYDKWBYJ-SWT-CTYH-TBWTIWDODBYJIT-C ~ If You Don’t Know What Brings You Joy – Start With Things – Close To Your Heart – The Best Way To Identify What Does Or Doesn’t Bring You Joy Is To – Compare

~ ‘IMCIH’-I-T ~ “It Might Come In Handy” – Is – Taboo

~ IIRD-‘SJ’-GAADI! ~ If It Really Doesn’t – Spark Joy – Go Ahead And Discard It!

~ TU-IFMTDWTKAWTD-R-IAPOFL-OTAYT-RAF-TYRWYP-A-TCTLTBYTMJ ~ Tidying Up – Is Far More Than Deciding What To Keep And What To Discard – Rather – It’s A Priceless Opportunity For Learning – One That Allows You To – Reassess And Fine-Tune Your Relationship With Your Possessions – And – To Create The Lifestyle That Brings You The Most Joy

~ F-ET-TDB-J-LAWTDFY ~ For – Essential Things – That Don’t Bring – Joy – Look At What They Do For You

~ WYFLQ-AAFNBATSTWP ~ When You Feel Like Quitting – Anxiety Arises From Not Being Able To See The Whole Picture

~ TAODTOIOWNBJTYL-DINTP;WMIKTTTBY-J ~ The Act Of Discarding Things On Its Own Will Never Bring Joy To Your Life – Discarding Is Not The Point; What Matters Is Keeping Those Things That Bring You – Joy

~ OGITSBTCALEFWTTWL-TIAWIISITBTWPBIWYCTBTIL ~ Our Goal In Tidying Should Be To Create A Living Environment Filled With The Things We Love – That Is Also Why It Is So Important To Begin The Whole Process By Identifying What You Consider To Be The Ideal Lifestyle

~ TAOTC:KIOCI-A-IFGTKI-MSTTCOI ~ There Are Only Two Choices: Keep It Or Chuck It – And – If You’re Going To Keep It – Make Sure To Take Care Of It

~ AJ-FHILYOPAM ~ A Joy-Filled Home Is Like Your Own Personal Art Museum

~ ACTYL ~ Add Color To Your Life

~ MYOPPS ~ Make Your Own Personal Power Spot

~ CP-TM-W-ADEBTTYL-YKTYHAYNTFC ~ Click Point – The Moment – When – After Discarding Everything But The Things You Love – You Know That You Have All You Need To Feel Content

~ TFPOS:FI/SIU/SIOS/DYSISC ~ The Four Principles Of Storage: Fold It / Stand It Upright / Store In One Spot / Divide Your Storage Space Into Square Compartments

~ SLTF ~ Store Large Things First

~ TBRFP:DE ~ The Basic Rule For Papers: Discard Everything

~ AYNIAKIWYCEC ~ All You Need Is A Kitchen In Which You Can Enjoy Cooking

~ EOCITCFKS ~ Ease Of Cleaning Is The Criterion For Kitchen Storage

~ TYKFIASWTF ~ Tidying Your Kitchen First Is A Sure Way To Fail

~ WMITATSWEIS ~ What Matters Is The Ability To See Where Everything Is Stored

~ TYBIAJP ~ Transform Your Bathroom Into A Joyful Place

~ TM-TI-YHIYE-TMYHBFW-N-JBETEFYH-YCCAES-TEAI ~ The More – Textual Information – You Have In Your Environment – The More Your Home Becomes Filed With – Noise – Just By Eliminating These Elements From Your Home – You Can Create An Elegant Space – The Effects Are Immense

~ IYDTK-M-ASTIAWTTCBEAAT-SAPTIAS ~ If You Decide To Keep – Mementos – Always Save Them In A Way That They Can Be Enjoyed At Any Time – Such As Putting Them In A Scrapbook

~ WTU-DD-TSPA:CWYWTK-NWYAGTD ~ When Tidying Up – Digital Data – The Same Principle Applies: Choose What You Wish To Keep – Not What You Are Going To Discard

~ DFPTT-ITDWT ~ Don’t Force People To Tidy – If They Don’t Want To

~ IYFAATT-B-ANSW-TPYTIO ~ If You Feel Anxious All The Time – But – Are Not Sure Why – Try Putting Your Things In Order


~ S-B-D-T-OYS-T-C-IOG ~ Start – By – Discarding – Then – Organize Your Space – Thoroughly – Completely – In One Go

~ ADROTHCCDCILAP-IILT ~ A Dramatic Reorganization Of The Home Causes Correspondingly Dramatic Changes In Lifestyle And Perspective – It Is Life Transforming

~ WYPYHIO-YPYAAYPIO-T ~ When You Put Your Home In Order – You Put Your Affairs And Your Past In Order – Too

~ TMOT ~ The Magic Of Tidying

~ IN-ING ~ Ikki Ni – In One Go

~ PCCTHWFCTWOT ~ People Cannot Change Their Habits Without First Changing Their Way Of Thinking

~ IYTU-IOS-RTLBL-YCDCYM-S-TAITKTP-R ~ If You Tidy Up – In One Shot – Rather Than Little By Little – You Can Dramatically Change Your Mind-Set – This Approach Is The Key To Preventing – Rebound

~ SE-AH- ~ Storage Experts – Are – Hoarders


~ Storage – Putting Things Away – Creates The Illusion That The Clutter Problem Has Been Solved – But – Sooner Or Later – All The Storage Units Are Full – This Is Why Tidying Must Start With Discarding

~ S-B-C-N-B-L ~ Sort – By – Category – Not – By – Location

~ ORSMOUNSATIBWHTMS ~ One Reason So Many Of Us Never Succeed At Tidying Is Because We Have Too Much Stuff

~ DCTMTSYP ~ Don’t Change The Method To Suit Your Personality

~ MT-ASE-N-ADC ~ Making Tidying – A Special Event – Not – A Daily Chore

~ TIASE-DDIED-TSBDJO-IICTTTJWASSOTWYSAU ~ Tidying Is A Special Event – Don’t Do It Every Day – Tidying Should Be Done Just Once – It Is Crucial To Tackle This Job Within A Short Space Of Time While Your Spirits Are Uplifted

~ FDF-SBD-AAC-IAC-DNETOPYTAUYHFTPOD-YCTAWTPTWYFGROEYDN ~ Finish Discarding First – Start By Discarding – All At Once – Intensely And Completely – Do Not Even Think Of Putting Your Things Away Until You Have Finished The Process Of Discarding – You Can Think About Where To Put Things When You’ve Finished Getting Rid Of Everything You Don’t Need

~ BYS-VYD-TICTSTYCVPWIWBLTLIAC-FS-YNSITIWYWTLLT ~ Before You Start – Visualize Your Destination – Think In Concrete Terms So That You Can Vividly Picture What It Would Be Like To Live In A Clutter-Free Space – Your Next Step Is To Identify Why You Want To Live Like That

~ WSBC-WWWTK-N-WWWTGRO ~ We Should Be Choosing – What We Want To Keep – Not – What We Want To Get Rid Of

~ ‘DTSJ?’-IID-KI-IF-DOI-TINOTSBATMAYBWTJ ~ “Does This Spark Joy?” – It It Does – Keep It – If Not – Dispose Of It – This Is Not Only The Simplest But Also The Most Accurate Yardstick By Which To Judge

~ DYFJWSBPOUBTDTYH? ~ Do You Feel Joy When Surrounded By Piles Of Unread Books That Don’t Touch Your Heart?

~ DYTTOAYKYNUWEBYH? ~ Do You Think That Owning Accessories You Know You’ll Never Use Will Ever Bring You Happiness?

~ KOTTTSTYH-TTTPADATR-BDT-YCRYLAEOANL ~ Keep Only Those Things That Speak To Your Heart – Then Take The Plunge And Discard All The Rest – By Doing This – You Can Reset Your Life And Embark On A New Lifestyle

~ OCAAT-ATITO-C-NP ~ One Category At A Time – Always Think In Terms Of – Category – Not Place

~ GEII-OP-IETTPBIGOAAGO-HMYH-B-CT-IOS-YCACITAS-MIETDWTYTKT ~ Gathering Every Item In – One Place – Is Essential To This Process Because It Gives Out An Accurate Grasp Of – How Much You Have – By – Collecting Things – In One Spot – You Can Also Compare Items That Are Similar – Making It Easier To Decide Whether You Want To Keep Them

~ TS-OOS-A-D-TMIMHTD-WTIJON ~ Things Stored – Out Of Sight – Are – Dormant – This Makes It Much Harder To Decide – Whether They Inspire Joy Or Not

~ SWMSCF-TPODWTKA-CF-T-B-P-M-A-L-M ~ Starting With Mementos Spells Certain Failure – The Process Of Deciding What To Keep And What To Discard Will Go Much More Smoothly If You Begin With Items That Are Easier To Make Decisions About – The Best Sequence Is – Clothes First – Then – Books – Papers – Miscellany – And – Lastly – Mementos

~ TQWAADOYOEIATBWODWAFTDT-AIDIYW-TWBWOUBATWYHTUASC ~ To Quietly Work Away At Disposing Of Your Own Excess Is Actually The Best Way Of Dealing With A Family That Doesn’t Tidy – As If Drawn Into Your Wake – They Will Begin Weeding Out Unnecessary Belongings And Tidying Without Your Having To Utter A Single Complaint

~ W-SST-ISOACR ~ When – Someone Starts Tidying – It Sets Off A – Chain Reaction

~ TUTPOSEFTTIUASTYANTTCOYOS ~ The Urge To Point Out Someone Else’s Failure To Tidy Is Usually A Sign That You Are Neglecting To Take Care Of Your Own Space

~ TIADWOS ~ Tidying Is A Dialogue With One’s Self

~ TTCTTTAITY-YMFDTTHOTP-TGROWYNLNINWNS ~ To Truly Cherish The Things That Are Important To You – You Must First Discard Those That Have Outlived Their Purpose – To Get Rid Of What You No Longer Need Is Neither Wasteful Nor Shameful

~ CYTSTYTSBSDIACODTYHFIE? ~ Can You Truthfully Say That You Treasure Something Buried So Deeply In A Closet Or Drawer That You Have Forgotten Its Existence?

~ UB-‘S’-M-‘N’ ~ Unread Books – “Sometime” – Means – “Never”

~ TAMCTNOFBTYHARMTO ~ Take A Moment To Count The Number Of Favourite Books That You Have Actually Read More Than Once

~ ITE-YAGTRVFOYBA ~ In The End – You Are Going To Read Very Few Of Your Books Again

~ YMHWTRIWYBI-B-IYHRIBN-TBPWTTYTYDNI-IWBFBFYT-RTBTRGYRN-TOTYLTGDFY ~ You May Have Wanted To Read It When You Bought It – But – If You Haven’t Read It By Now – The Book’s Purpose Was To Teach You That You Didn’t Need It – It Will Be Far Better For You To – Read The Book That Really Grabs You Right Now – Than One That You Left To Gather Dust For Years

~ SP-DE-TDNFIOOTC:CIU-NFALPOT-O-MBKIN ~ Sorting Papers – Discard Everything – That Does Not Fall Into One Of Three Categories: Currently In Use – Needed For A Limited Period Of Time – Or – Must Be Kept Indefinitely

~ KTB-YLT-N-‘JB’ ~ Keep Things Because – You Love Them – Not – “Just Because”

~ B-ASB-DOR ~ Boxes – Are Surprisingly Bulky – Discard Or Recycle

~ BHE-SI-A-DWTD-YPYP ~ By Handling Each – Sentimental Item – And – Deciding What To Discard – You Process Your Past

~ R-UYRTPW-SC ~ Reduce – Until You Reach The Point Where – Something Clicks

~ DAPFET ~ Designate A Place For Each Thing

~ DS-SS-SAIOTSTITSP ~ Don’t Scatter – Storage Spaces – Store All Items Of The Same Type In The Same Place

~ NPT:VSITK ~ Never Pile Things: Vertical Storage Is The Key

~ BE-EVI-TD-IJ-YCMYSMM-PAC ~ By Eliminating – Excess Visual Information – That Doesn’t – Inspire Joy – You Can Make Your Space Much More – Peaceful And Comfortable

~ PYHIOADWYRWTD ~ Put Your House In Order And Discover What You Really Want To Do

~ B-WWRDI-TRFWWCLSG-TAOT:AATTP-O-AFFTF ~ But – When We Really Delve Into – The Reasons For Why We Can’t Let Something Go – There Are Only Two: An Attachment To The Past – Or – A Fear For The Future

~ TQOWYWTOIATQOHYWTLYL ~ The Question Of What You Want To Own Is Actually The Question Of How You Want To Live Your Life

~ TBWTFOWWRNITGROWWD ~ The Best Way To Find Out What We Really Need Is To Get Rid Of What We Don’t