~ YDRFAAFYW-TFY ~ You Don’t Really Find An Audience For Your Work – They Find You

~ IOTBF-YHTBF ~ In Order To Be Found – You Have To Be Findable

~ YDHTBAG ~ You Don’t Have To Be A Genius

~ S ~ Scenius

~ FAS ~ Find A Scenius

~ WCSAWOCDFU-ASAWWCDFO ~ We Can Stop Asking What Others Can Do For Us – And Start Asking What We Can Do For Others

~ BAA ~ Be An Amateur

~ YCFYVIYDUI ~ You Can’t Find Your Voice If You Don’t Use It

~ IYWPTKAWYDATTYCA-YHTS ~ If You Want People To Know About What You Do And The Things You Care About – You Have To Share

~ TPBTS ~ Take People Behind The Scenes

~ SSSED ~ Share Something Small Every Day

~ TYFIS ~ Turn Your Flow Into Stock

~ OUYCOC ~ Open Up Your Cabinet Of Curiosities

~ TGS ~ Tell Good Stories

~ WDSFI ~ Work Doesn’t Speak For Itself

~ TWYK ~ Teach What You Know

~ TMYLS-TAATITO ~ The Minute You Learn Something – Turn Around And Teach It To Others

~ IYWTBABAC-YHTFBAGCOTC ~ If You Want To Be Accepted By A Community – You Have To First Be A Good Citizen Of That Community

~ WYPYWOITW-YHTBRFTGTBATU ~ When You Put Your Work Out Into The World – You Have To Be Ready For The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

~ TMPCAYW-TMCYF ~ The More People Come Across Your Work – The More Criticism You’ll Face

~ RAB-BCINTEOTW ~ Relax And Breath – Bad Criticism Is Not The End Of The World

~ YCCWSOCYR-BYCCHYRTI ~ You Can’t Control What Sort Of Criticism You Receive – But You Can Control How You React To It

~ DFTT-YWGNBEWTP ~ Don’t Feed The Trolls – You Will Gain Nothing By Engaging With These People

~ PATH ~ Pass Around The Hat

~ AFMIRFYWIALYWTTOWYFCTYPWOITWTYTITWS ~ Asking For Money In Return For Your Work Is A Leap You Want To Take Only When You Feel Confident That You’re Putting Work Out Into The World That You Think Is Truly Worth Something

~ HATWOTPWHY ~ Help Along The Work Of The People Who’ve Helped You

~ SA-TPWGWTAAVOTOWJSALE ~ Stick Around – The People Who Get What They’re After Are Very Often The Ones Who Just Stick Around Long Enough

~ ASOFPINGOASOF ~ A Successful Or Failed Project Is No Guarantee Of Another Success Or Failure

~ WYJWBOLB-YSHTFTQ-‘WN?’ ~ Whether You’ve Just Won Big Or Lost Big – You Still Have To Face The Question – “What’s Next?”

~ YMMV ~ Your Mileage May Vary


~ SLAA ~ Steal Like An Artist

~ DWUYKWYATGS ~ Don’t Wait Until You Know Who You Are To Get Started

~ WTBYWTR ~ Write The Book You Want To Read

~ UYH ~ Use Your Hands

~ SPAHAI ~ Side Projects And Hobbies Are Important

~ TS:DGWASIWP ~ The Secret: Do Good Work And Share It With People

~ GINLOM ~ Geography Is No Longer Our Master

~ BN-TWIAST ~ Be Nice – The World Is A Small Town

~ BB-ITOWTGWD ~ Be Boring – It’s The Only Way To Get Work Done

~ CIS ~ Creativity Is Subtraction

~ COOT-W/A/A/RM-YRL-SETITKATT-TFTPTTL-AFOEAT-R ~ Chew On One Thinker – Writer / Artist / Activist / Role Model – You Really Love – Study Everything There Is To Know About That Thinker – Then Find Three People That Thinker Loved – And Find Out Everything About Them – Repeat

~ TGTADORMITTCRYAAA-YCLWYWFT-TLTLPITW ~ The Great Thing About Dead Or Remote Masters Is That They Can’t Refuse You As An Apprentice – You Can Learn Whatever You Want From Them – They Left Their Lesson Plans In Their Work

~ ABR ~ Always Be Reading

~ CANAAPWYWYG-GUTPIOAJDYTAO ~ Carry A Notebook And A Pen With You Wherever You Go – Get Used To Pulling It Out And Jotting Down Your Thoughts And Observations

~ IITAOMTADOWTWFOWWA ~ It’s In The Act Of Making Things And Doing Our Work That We Figure Out Who We Are

~ IYEFTYTMTPITR-YNTFAR ~ If You Ever Find That You’re The Most Talented Person In The Room – You Need To Find Another Room

~ NEWGI-PWMYAWYD-TMECYN-SGCWB-M-D-O-I-TTITBTBDYWTC ~ Not Everybody Will Get It – People Will Misinterpret You And What You Do – They Might Even Call You Names – So Get Comfortable With Being – Misunderstood – Disparaged – Or – Ignored – The Trick Is To Be Too Busy Doing Your Work To Care

~ ITALOETBC-YDHTEIYWIOOS ~ It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Be Creative – You Don’t Have That Energy If You Waste It On Other Stuff

~ EAKARCBEMITHALOT ~ Establishing And Keeping A Routine Can Be Even More Important Than Having A Lot Of Time

~ IITDOC-YHTSITG ~ Inertia Is The Death Of Creativity – You Have To Stay In The Groove

~ WYGOOTG-YSTDTW-BYKIGTSFAW-IGTSUYGBITF ~ When You Get Out Of The Grove – You Start To Dread The Work – Because You Know It’s Going To Suck For A While – It’s Going To Suck Until You Get Back Into The Flow

~ TCOY ~ Take Care Of Yourself

~ SOOD ~ Stay Out Of Debt

~ KYDJ ~ Keep Your Day Job

~ KALB ~ Keep A Log Book

~ MW-WYMITMIDYEM ~ Marry Well – Who You Marry Is The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

~ GTTL ~ Go To The Library