~ BG-TABWAM ~ Before Gutenberg – The Average Book Was A Masterpiece

~ TSOI ~ The Shock Of Inclusion

~ TPFKATA ~ The People Formerly Known As The Audience

~ CS ~ Collaborative Spirals

~ BFO ~ Behavior Follows Opportunity

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations

~ CAGIACA ~ Creativity And Generosity In A Connected Age

~ WCNTFTA-AGSATCBHF-L-CC-P-RT-AASOIMTBWAOPAAT ~ We Can Now Treat Free Time As – A General Social Asset That Can Be Harnessed For – Large – Communally Created – Projects – Rather Than – As A Set Of Individual Minutes To Be Whiled Away One Person At A Time

~ PWTDSTMTWABP-TWHWTAIT ~ People Want To Do Something To Make The World A Better Place – They Will Help When They Are Invited To

~ OYFOHTTTSIAWTPCA-OCRYT-OAO-ATW ~ Once You’ve Figured Out How To Tap The Surplus In A Way That People Care About – Others Can Replicate Your Technique – Over And Over – Around The World

~ PTRFTATTCT ~ Projects That Range From The Amusing To The Culturally Transformative

~ DSBIIYMIADKOATDIBYARAER ~ Doing Something Because It Interests You Makes It A Different Kind Of Activity Than Doing It Because You Are Reaping An External Reward

~ IEMCADIO ~ Increasing Extrinsic Motivations Can Actually Decrease Intrinsic Ones

~ PIMASETTGTETRT-IYGPAWTAOTDFAACOGAS-TMTYUOI ~ People’s Intrinsic Motivations Are Strong Enough That They Gravitate Toward Experiences That Reward Them – If You Give People A Way To Act On Their Desire For Autonomy And Competence Or Generosity And Sharing – They Might Take You Up On It

~ MOTUUOCTASBOOBAHNWSL ~ Many Of The Unexpected Uses Of Communications Tools Are Surprising Because Our Old Beliefs About Human Nature Were So Lousy

~ ‘C-BPP’-WTIJOOABIP-A-CBPOAP-WAMH ~ “Commons-Based Peer Production” – Work That Is Jointly Owned Or Accessed By Its Participants – And – Created By People Operating As Peers – Without A Managerial Hierarchy

~ TIIOATCTT-TPOFTAPTISU-IOOTGNOOTA-OTCTBOPWTAOI ~ This Increase In Our Ability To Create Things Together – To Pool Our Free Time And Particular Talents Into Something Useful – Is One Of The Great New Opportunities Of The Age – One That Changes The Behaviors Of People Who Take Advantage Of It

~ SPINAP-IIJAA ~ Social Production Is Not A Panacea – It Is Just An Alternative

~ OWTHAGOPITATFTITCAMOSC ~ One Way To Help A Group Of Participants Improve Their Ability To Function Together Is The Creation And Maintenance Of Shared Culture

~ CAPCWWBFSIHTSAP ~ Creating A Participatory Culture With Wider Benefits For Society Is Harder Than Sharing Amusing Photos

~ TESOVRNICLFMSTFBE-BNOHACG-OEAVGO-AWTNGIWLL ~ The Essential Source Of Value Right Now Is Coming Less From Master Strategy Than From Broad Experimentation – Because No One Has A Complete Grasp – Or Even A Very Good One – About What The Next Great Idea Will Look Like

~ SS ~ Start Small

~ PTWWOITGLGWGL ~ Projects That Will Work Only If They Grow Large Generally Won’t Grow Large

~ WMMNIOI ~ What Matters Most Now Is Our Imaginations


~ TCO-GE-THL-MTATCTWGF-WH-PR-FE-FCAGTMAR ~ The Centrality Of – Group Effort – To Human Life – Means That Anything That Changes The Way Groups Function – Will Have – Profound Ramifications – For Everything From Commerce And Government To Media And Religion

~ WALITMOARIIOA-TS-TCWOA-A-TTCA-AOTFOTIAO ~ We Are Living In The Middle Of A Remarkable Increase In Our Ability – To Share – To Cooperate With One Another – And – To Take Collective Action – All Outside The Framework Of Traditional Institutions And Organizations

~ SAC ~ Sharing Anchors Community

~ F-S-T-C-T-CA ~ From – Sharing – To – Cooperation – To – Collective Action

~ EIAMO ~ Everyone Is A Media Outlet

~ MA ~ Mass Amateurization

~ P-TF ~ Publish – Then Filter

~ R&C ~ Revolution And Coevolution

~ PMMCP ~ Personal Motivation Meets Collaborative Production

~ BTIRC ~ Banal Tools In Remarkable Contexts

~ SSD ~ Solving Social Dilemmas

~ NTTCSC ~ New Tools To Create Social Capital

~ INHMPYK-IHMK ~ It’s Not How Many People You Know – It’s How Many Kinds

~ TGTP ~ The Global Talent Pool

~ CAI ~ Cooperation As Infrastructure

~ FFF ~ Failure For Free

~ TNOPWAWTSSIS-MS-TTNOPWAWTCOSESS ~ The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Start Something Is Smaller – Much Smaller – Than The Number Of People Who Are Willing To Contribute Once Someone Else Starts Something

~ OS-DRTLOF-IRTCOF;IEGFFF ~ Open Source – Doesn’t Reduce The Likelihood Of Failure – It Reduces The Cost Of Failure – It Essentially Gets Failure For Free

~ ACOSTMOOSV ~ Any New Claim On Someone’s Time Must Obviously Offer Some Value

~ NTANAB ~ New Tools Are Not Always Better

~ WWGTG?-E ~ Who Will Guard The Guardians? – Everyone

~ AGHSD ~ All Groups Have Social Dilemmas

~ A-EOAI-WAH-PWWITF ~ Any – Experiment Of Any Importance – Will Always Have – People Who Want It To Fail