~ JUP ~ Jacking Up Prices

~ TROFP ~ The Rise Of Falling Prices

~ P-P ~ Promises – Promises

~ RBTL ~ Reading Between The Lines

~ CPU ~ Corporate Power Unlimited

~ OWFCAD-ATUERTSAESTCTTFOMTT ~ Oligarchs Were Forever Conspiring Against Democracy – Attempting To Undermine Economic Rules That Serve All Equally So They Could Tilt The Flow Of Money To Themselves

~ T-OBTP-P-ATEITBOIITBEIC ~ The – Original Boston Tea Party – Protesting – A Tax Exemption Intended To Bail Out Investors In The British East India Company

~ EITYFAI-CWRWDS ~ Early In The Years Following American Independence – Corporations Were Regarded With Deep Suspicion

~ SCC/SPR ~ Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad

~ C/FEC ~ Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

~ HHI ~ Herfindahl-Hirschman Index

~ ITNPAFF ~ In Twenty-Ninth Place And Fading Fast

~ PUC ~ Profits Upkeep Commissions

~ FF ~ Fee Fatigue

~ AFOF ~ A Festival Of Fees

~ NBSCDMDTAEAASTF-TPLAVU ~ No Business Sector Can Do More Damage To An Economy And A Society Than Finance – The Potential Losses Are Virtually Unlimited

~ T2008MCETFPIAHOHJ ~ The 2008 Meltdown Cost Every Thirty-Fourth Person In America His Or Her Job

~ SPUBWAT ~ Solving Problems Usually Begins With Acknowledging Them

~ TATBBDNEOIAISF-BTAUNE ~ To Assume That Bad Behavior Does Not Exist Or Is Anomalous Is Sheer Folly – But That Assumption Underlies Neoclassical Economics

~ SCD-TCTTNRTWOPFTP ~ So-Called Deregulation – The Changes Tend Toward New Rules That Wipe Out Protections For The Powerless

~ RI ~ Restore Integrity

~ WCUAATTTRHPI-???-ETTHNET-TBPDYWAPUYTB ~ When Companies Use Accounting And Tax Tricks To Report Huge Profits In – ??? – Even Though They Have No Employees There – They Both Push Down Your Wages And Push Up Your Tax Burdens

~ OCFIOLU:OTWCWWDNHSCFTAIGFTWCWWWHSA ~ One Crucial Fact Is Often Left Unsaid: Our Trade With Countries Where We Do Not Have So-Called Free Trade Agreements Is Growing Faster Than With Countries With Which We Have Such Agreements

~ BHMWWTHCWWTGAS-NWSDATCIFOT ~ Businesses Hire More Workers When They Have Customers Who Want Their Goods And Services – Not When Someone Dangles A Tax Cut In Front Of Them

~ FATTOPIA-TNTAS ~ For All The Talk Of Prosperity In America – The Numbers Tell Another Story

~ EHCSWEMOTFGTBWSAIC ~ Eliminating Holding-Company Structures Would End Many Of The Financial Games That Benefit Wall Street And Its Clients

~ DUTSF ~ Don’t Underestimate The Shame Factor

~ NMTD-YHTPYTI-WSBBBTD? ~ No More Tax Deferrals – You Have To Pay Your Taxes Immediately – Why Shroud Big Business Be Treated Differently?

~ WABRBBRTTPFFHBITFP ~ We Are Being Robbed Blind By Rules That The Politically Favored Few Have Buried In The Fine Print

~ TPCF-WWTCAGGTWTRITF-ATWUTDOCM ~ The Politically Connected Few – Who Write The Contracts And Get Governments To Write The Rules In Their Favor – All The While Undoing The Disciple Of Competitive Markets

~ UWFB-TEEWCTSTP-WWMASTFIOTVMDTSOOS-NOEWDTJ ~ Unless We Fight Back – The Economic Elite Will Continue To Stuff Their Pockets – While Weakening Markets And Stagnant-To-Failing Incomes Of The Vast Majority Damage The Stability Of Our Society – No One Else Will Do This Job

~ MY-I-D-A-P ~ Make Yourself – Informed – Dedicated – And – Powerful

~ RCCFTBU ~ Real Change Comes From The Bottom Up

~ RBWY ~ Reform Begins With You


~ TWAETAGE(ASUWTB) ~ The Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves At Government Expense (And Stick You With The Bill)

~ IAUTTIIETMGFTGTTTSOAM ~ It Is A Universal Truth That It Is Easier To Mine Gold From The Government Treasury Than The Side Of A Mountain

~ EWSM-GOCBOTF ~ Even Without Spending Money – Government Often Confers Benefits On The Few

STEGAG-WDATMG? ~ Since The Economy Grew And Grew – Where Did All The Money Go?

~ OTPTDTRAWWAWLEHBQASR ~ Over The Past Three Decades The Rules Affecting Who Wins And Who Loses Economically Have Been Quietly And Subtly Rewritten

~ FMTAQCNOGHBARTTTPFIFO-TR-TP-A-TPC ~ For More Than A Quarter Century Now Our Government Has Been Adopting Rules That Tilt The Playing Field In Favor Of – The Rich – The Powerful – And – The Politically Connected

~ TNRHTSAATSEC-TR ~ The New Rules Have Taken Special Aim At Those Supposed Economic Criminals – The Regulators

~ OWCWFIOS-WRTWIWOBMHOC-OIUFPNOF ~ Often We Celebrate Wealth For Its Own Sake – Without Regard To Whether It Was Obtained By Means Honest Or Corrupt – Or Is Used For Purposes Noble Or Foul

~ MWRAG-BSAMVR-RBOTEAERM ~ Many Wasteful Rules Are Gone – But So Are Many Virtuous Rules – Replaced By Ones That Encourage And Even Reward Misconduct

~ UWTOMDWGTAIASEOLPEMP-EWTPDFRIFPTDNHU? ~ Under What Theory Of Morality Do We Grant Those Already In A Superior Economic Or Legal Position Ever More Power – Especially When That Power Derives From Rules In Fine Print That Defy Normal Human Understanding?

~ TCABPB-O-I-I-A-IEC-P-HABGIPODASSG ~ The Checks And Balances Provided By – Oversight – Inspection – Investigation – And – In Extreme Cases – Prosecution – Have All Been Gutted In Pursuit Of Deregulation And Supposedly Smaller Government

~ STBODCMPRATCOOL ~ Sometimes The Banner Of Deregulation Can Make People Rich At The Cost Of Other’s Lives

~ WWTCWTGWFTMFY? ~ Who Wants To Compete When The Government Will Fix The Market For You?

~ CSS ~ MPHBTBTFOSRTTR ~ Commercial Sports Subsidies – Market Principles Have Been Trounced By This Form Of Socialist Redistribution To The Richest

~ SFCSTNPANGFS-TAJAGSTOWFTMTTF ~ Subsidies For Commercial Sports Teams Never Produce A Net Gain For Society – They Are Just A Government-Sponsored Transfer Of Wealth From The Many To The Few

~ OOTMSFOTNEOIELOD ~ One Of The Most Salient Features Of The New Economic Order Is Exploding Levels Of Debt

~ TCGTLAVNTBICTTCOGAASOGWFTARETHMTL ~ That Consideration Goes To Lenders And Virtually None To Borrowers Is Central To The Creed Of Government As A Source Of Greater Wealth For Those Already Rich Enough To Have Money To Lend

~ TMTASWAWSAS-FKBBBASANCTBOS ~ The Markets That Adam Smith Wrote About Were Simple And Straightforward – Full Knowledge By Both Buyer And Seller And No Coercion To Buy Or Sell

~ HFTTHTAMPWFHTMMGILV ~ Hedge Funds Trace Their History To A Math Professor Who Figured How To Make Money Gambling In Las Vegas

~ WFHFID-LALALOD ~ What Fuels Hedge Funds Is Debt – Lots And Lots And Lots Of Debt

~ BHFANR-AMFABA-MOWTDIS ~ Because Hedge Funds Are Not Regulated – As Mutual Funds And Banks Are – Much Of What They Do Is Secret

~ HFAMAFPSR-BTANOV ~ Hedge Funds Are Making A Few People Spectacularly Rich – But They Add Nothing Of Value

~ RDNDTSOMTWS-BSIUITSDTFSFEE-AISUGWICBRTTM ~ Risk Does Not Darken The Sky Or Make The Water Smell – But Spewing It Unnecessarily Into The System Degrades The Financial System For Everyone Else – And If Something Unexpected Goes Wrong It Can Bring Ruin To The Many

~ WWFC-TITRWARUCGPTFTWF-WTHRWTBDOTM ~ World-Wide Financial Collapse – That Is The Risk We Are Running Under Current Government Policies That Favor The Wealthy Few – Who Take Huge Risks With The Bank Deposits Of The Many

~ WNHATDOEWTITMWSOP-TPRANT-ATINRTBTTAOTNH-JAFMSA ~ We Now Have Almost Three Decades Of Experience With The Idea That Markets Will Solve Our Problems – The Promised Results Are Not There – And There Is No Reason To Believe That They Are Over The Next Horizon – Just A Few More Subsidies Away

~ MHOBOTDHBDTTR-LO-S-P-A-LGS-SFF ~ Many Hundreds Of Billions Of Tax Dollars Have Been Diverted To The Rich – Leaving Our – Schools – Parks – And – Local Government Services – Starved For Funds

~ LSUGULAFRC ~ Layered Subsidy Upon Giveaway Upon Legal Absolution For Reckless Conduct

~ YAYWATTTILMFTBTSS ~ Year After Year We Are Told That There Is Less Money For The Basics That Sustain Society

~ ASTDNEACPFIEHNSAWTJI-MIVTTCOTWCATLOL ~ A Society That Does Not Embrace A Common Purpose For Its Existence Has No Standard Against Which To Judge Itself – Making It Vulnerable To The Corruptions Of Those Who Chafe At The Limits Of Law

~ ASTTFTMTGTTFUIMBAMITEC ~ A Society That Takes From The Many To Give To The Few Undermines Its Moral Basis And Must In The End Collapse

~ HMMAYWTPEMFEOTTTCMASTR-WTESTRUAMOSPRPALC? ~ How Much More Are You Willing To Pay Each Month For Electricity On The Theory That Competitive Markets Are Superior To Regulation – When The Evidence Shows That Regulated Utilities And Municipality Owned Systems Provide Reliable Power At Lower Cost?

~ DYWAGT-ATODOBM-WIVOSBUHF-TITM-IWTGSYMKYNE? ~ Do You Want A Government That – Allows Trillions Of Dollars Of Borrowed Money – Wrapped In Veils Of Secrecy By Unregulated Hedge Funds – To Influence The Markets – In Which The Government Says You Must Keep Your Nest Egg?

~ F-AMUTASLTTTBAOTIGGATTEMTMTPOMTDTR ~ Fines – Are Meaningless Unless They Are So Large That They Take Back All Of The Ill-Gotten Gains And Then Take Even More To Make The Price Of Misconduct Too Dear To Risk

~ WNTSLETTTBCOCC ~ We Need To Strengthen Law Enforcement To Thwart Thievery By Contract Or Computerized Calculation

~ RBWY ~ Reform Begins With You