~ BP-IYHTTAASEOYI-YCSKAIUYBTWPO ~ Be Persistent – If You Have The Time And Are Sure Enough Of Your Idea – You Can Simply Keep At It Until You Begin To Win People Over

~ SA-SHATPWRYIASANA ~ Shift Audiences – Stop Hammering At The People Who Reject Your Idea And Seek A New Audience

~ FUTRS-PYIASSSAUTIPNSCTTABS ~ Fly Under The Radar Screen – Position Your Idea As Something So Small And Unimportant That It Poses No Serious Challenge To The Accepted Belief System

~ ATTTJOSS-BOIISBTDLCFYA ~ Ask Them To Take Just One Small Step – Break Our Idea Into Small Bites That Demand Less Commitment From Your Audience

~ PYIAADCV-RYISPSIACWAUVTRDTTBYHCW ~ Position Your Idea Around A Deeper Core Value – Reposition Your Idea So People See It As Consistent With An Underlying Value That Runs Deeper Than The Belief You Have Collided With


~ P-A-S-C-S-T-DTPYIS(OTNIA) ~ Problem – A – Short – Concise – Statement – That – Defines The Problem Your Idea Solves (Or The Need It Addresses)

~ C-AEOTCOTPON ~ Cause – An Explanation Of The Cause Of This Problem Or Need

~ A-YS(OA)-FTS ~ Answer – Your Solution (Or Answer) – For The Situation

~ N-B-ASOWYAITBA-AOOC ~ Net – Benefits – A Summary Of Why Your Answer Is The Best Available – All Other Options Considered


~ WOO ~ Winning Others Over

~ ALBOESTCACBOTFOSI-RTA-IACAFFTCDI ~ A Large Body Of Evidence Suggests That Creating A Culture Built On The Foundation Of Selling Ideas – Rather Than Authority – Is A Competitive Advantage For Firms That Can Do It

~ SYITP-WTCO-O-I-R ~ Selling Your Ideas To People – Within The Context Of – Ongoing – Important – Relationships

~ TBI-TMGSTSP-WIE-FIY-AT-IYUASATAOW-IO ~ The Best Ideas – Those Most Genuinely Suited To Solving Problems – Will Inspire Enthusiasm – First In You – And Then – If You Are Skilled At The Art Of Woo – In Others

~ DYIIAPC ~ Develop Your Idea Into A Polished Concept

~ AA-HYR ~ Above all – Honor Your Relationships

~ TNORIOOTMRSPNIHS-WTTDTFOPWDTFU ~ The Norm Of Reciprocity Is One Of The Most Robust Social Psychological Norms In Human Society – We Tend To Do Things For Other People Who Do Things For Us

~ PSISATWTTAP ~ People’s Self-Interest Strongly Affects The Way They Think About Proposals

~ ASAAMPWTSTGFAIALPWTSTL ~ Audiences See Arguments As More Persuasive When They Stand To Gain From An Idea And Less Persuasive When They Stand To Lose

~ CRE-SPTTMTSQ ~ Change Requires Effort – So People Tend To Maintain The Status Quo

~ WSCYTTATYIRAP? ~ What Steps Can You Take To Assure That Your Idea Remains A Priority?

~ RSI ~ Reaffirm Shared Interests

~ ROR ~ Rely On Relationships

~ CAIA ~ Create An Important Audience

~ BIA ~ Build In Accountability


~ LYPS ~ Launching Your Personal Success

~ SIIOWTSQBITCH ~ Sometimes It Is Only When The Status Quo Becomes Intolerable That Change Happens

~ TINFSTALTS ~ There Is No Foolproof System That Always Leads To Success

~ TBQOYCA:WIS?-HWIAI? ~ Two Big Questions Only You Can Answer: What Is Success? – How Will I Achieve It?

~ FOWSMTYOITAE-NJTC-YHT-TR-TTO-A-E ~ Finding Out What Success Means To You Often Involves Trial And Error – Not Just Theoretical Contemplation – You Have To – Take Risks – Try Things Out – And – Experiment

~ SIAMC-NJAWRO ~ Success Is A Multidimensional Concept – Not Just A Work-Related One

~ SINAS-O-A-F-A-D-IAJ-W-WS-S-A-C ~ Success Is Not A Single – Once-And-For-All Destination – It Is A Journey – With – Way Stations – Stopovers – And – Campgrounds

~ YCNBSIYSLLSED ~ You Can Never Be Successful If You Spend Your Life Living Someone Else’s Dreams

~ TSFMWUBWYTADISS-BSIBWADFETIYTPYTTASU ~ The Search For Meaningful Work Usually Begins With Your Talents And Deepens Into Something Special – But Sometimes It Begins With A Deeply Felt Experience That Inspires You To Put Your Talents To A Special Use

~ F-YMPAWYFDWTSQ-WSMOD-YLTMTSYS ~ First – You Must Pay Attention When You Feel Dissatisfied With The Status Quo – Without Some Measure Of Dissatisfaction – You Lack The Motivation To Start Your Search

~ S-YMTITYIV-YI-AMTEYAFAYND ~ Second – You Must Tune In To Your Inner Voice – Your Intuition – And Monitor The Excitement You Are Feeling About Your New Directions

~ GOTTIYSNAATFI ~ Go Out To Those In Your Social Network And Ask Them For Input

~ LITFYUCOC-I&P-A&S-PE-PS-YSWSNF-A-S-W-CT-BFYUCOTC ~ Look Inside To Find Your Unique Combination Of Capabilities – Interests And Passions – Aptitudes And Skills – Past Experiences – Personality Strengths – Your Success Will Spring Not From – A – Single – World-Class Talent – But From Your Unique Combination Of These Capabilities

~ MYA-SACGALOM ~ Make Yourself Accountable – Social Accountability Can Generate A Lot Of Motivation

~ IYHTSMY-SUASGTREE ~ If You Have Trouble Staying Motivated Yourself – Set Up A Support Group To Reinforce Everyone’s Energies

~ CWRM-FPWIY ~ Connect With Role Models – Find People Who Inspire You

~ CAMR-MIAH ~ Create A Motivational Ritual – Make It A Habit

~ CWY-MUAP ~ Compete With Yourself – Make Up A Prize

~ PSW-STWYG ~ Prove Someone Wrong – Show Them What You’ve Got

~ GYSW ~ Give Yourself Small Wins

~ LTFIAA ~ Learning To Fail Is An Art

~ CYP-IAWG ~ Consult Your Passions – Identify A Worthy Goal

~ TFSIAUIIASPWS ~ The First Step In Achievement Usually Involves Identifying A Specific Problem Worth Solving

~ IIATETFGI(AGD)-IYDNWTD ~ It Is All Too Easy To Forget Good Ideas (And Good Dreams) – If You Do Not Write Them Down

~ CISYMEAREDOYL ~ Credibility Is Something You Must Earn And Renew Every Day Of Your Life

~ NCYC ~ Never Compromise Your Credibility