~ PC ~ Peep Culture

~ WAPOPC-WALTLWOAON ~ We’re All Part Of Peep Culture – We’re All Learning To Love Watching Ourselves And Our Neighbors

~ IP-LILOCR-B-YNKWYGTWTBATRS ~ In Peep – Life Is Lived On Constant Record – Because – You Never Know When You’re Going To Want To Be Able To Rewind Something

~ TIUNC ~ The Increasingly Ubiquitous Nanny Cam

~ P-E-ALIP-FOIAODTA-TMOC-A-TOLLIFOAFAA ~ Peep – Emerges – At Least In Part – From Our Increasing And Ongoing Desire To Adopt The Mantel Of Celebrity – And – Try Out Life Lived In Front Of And For An Audience

~ TMWETRO-TMWBUTBOCAP-ITITWOP ~ The More We’re Encouraged To Reveal Ourselves – The More We’re Becoming Used To Being Observed Constantly And Perpetually

~ AWTSOTP?~ Increasingly Tangled In The Web Of Peep – Are We The Spiders Or Their Prey?

~ PCII ~ Peep Culture Is Infectious

~ S-ATOSAP-F-RCTAOC-TTLMOLI-ATB-OAC ~ Suddenly – All Things Once Sacred And Private – From – Religious Ceremonies To Acts Of Copulation – To The Last Moments Of Life Itself – Are To Be – Observed And Consumed

~ PACOS-IAA-HS-A-INLWIOW ~ Put A Camera On Something – Introduce An Audience – However Small – And – It’s No Longer What It Once Was

~ TAPDATWPOTTFTSPOHITRHOP ~ There’s A Profound Discomfort About The Whole Process Of Trying To Fit The Square Peg Of Humanity Into The Round Hole Of Product

~ T-MTE-WWTBTS-A-WTT-Y-WCASAPWB-S ~ Today – More Than Ever – We Want To Be The Stars – And – We’re Told That – Yes – We Can And Should And Probably Will Be Stars

~ M-WALTBTOPIISW-‘ATS’-WHPOAR-EAWASTJ-TS-I-E-MC-L-S ~ Meanwhile – We Are Led To Believe That Our Participation Is In Some Way – “Against The System” – We Happily Perceive Ourselves As Rebels – Even As We Actively Seek To Join – The System – In – Ever-More Cyborg-Like – Symbiosis

~ TYLIAEP-GYTPT-IANP-TPYTYSB-AOT-TPYAA ~ Turning Your Life Into An Entertainment Product – Gives You The Power To – Invent A New Person – The Person You Think You Should Be – As Opposed To – The Person You Actually Are

~ PWCTEHAC-EWIFOGIF ~ Peep Will Continue To Engender Horror And Confusion – Even While It Fixes Our Gaze In Fascination

~ ISHBBA-MF-A-MI-HIFAT-I-ICOMA-CAOS ~ I Should Have Been Blogging About – My Failures – And – Most Importantly – How I Felt About Them – Instead – I Concentrated On Maintaining A – Convincing Aura Of Success

~ FTR ~ Faking The Real

~ AMOPCAM ~ All Manifestations Of Peep Culture Are Mediated

~ WWW-NMWWW-WASTSO ~ What We Watch – No Matter What We Watch – We Always Seem To See Ourselves

~ TSMSC-ATVIOHASISTFO-WHASWYCUITG-M/A/F/C? ~ The Secrets Might Stop Coming – Already The Very Idea Of Having A Secret Is Starting To Feel Outmoded – Why Hoard A Secret When You Can Use It To Get Money, Attention, Friendship, Or Community?

~ NAOUWOSR-NAOUWTOUOLTAGMOPG-MAMOUAGCITCPU ~ Not All Of Us Want Our Secrets Revealed – Not All Of Us Want To Offer Up Our Lives To A Global Maelstrom Of Peep Gossip – More And More Of Us Are Getting Caught In The Culture Of Peep Unwillingly

~ WTBMPWSTUOPLASATSFTFPF?-OCTW ~ Will There Be More People Who Seek To Use Other People’s Lives And Secrets As The Source For Their For-Profit Feed? – Of Course There Will

~ SDWVWA-OSACHC ~ Shaming Doesn’t Work Very Well Anymore – Our Societies And Communities Have Changed

~ WASLFRFTT ~ We Are Still Looking For Recognition From The Tribe

~ C-G ~ Cyber-Groom

~ ITAOP-WS-R/S/G-L-M-PAT-WAATCOITEAA ~ In The Age Of Peep – We Spread – Rumor / Shame / Gossip – Like – Margarine – Plentiful And Tasteless – We Apply A Thick Coat Of It To Everything And Anything

~ WS-TWBNP-TAOPITGAOS ~ Without Surveillance – There Would Be No Peep – The Age Of Peep Is The Golden Age Of Surveillance

~ NITNTWABWMPTITW ~ Nowhere Is The Need To Watch And Be Watched More Prevalent Than In The Workplace

~ TMWUTBWITW-TMWLTISTIODL ~ The More We’re Used To Being Watched In The Workplace – The More We’re Likely To Incorporate Similar Techniques Into Our Domestic Lives

~ S-INJ-TCBMROWWO-I-AO-TI-THF-TTW/D/H/D/E-O-TPBAIFOTC ~ Surveillance – Is Never Just – The Cold-Blooded Methodical Record Of What Went On – It’s – Always Open – To Interpretation – To Human Foible – To The Weaknesses / Desires /Hopes / Dreams / Egos – Of – The People Behind And In Front Of The Camera

~ PCLAPAMAC ~ People Care Less About Privacy And More About Connection

~ PIBMAMCTMAA-TMYH-TMPYDTH ~ Privacy Is Becoming More And More Connected To Money And Acquisition – The More You Have – The More Privacy You Deserve To Have

~ OEOPIAAHODAA ~ Our Enclaves Of Private Individualism Are Also Havens Of Depression And Anxiety

~ TIGFOLP-ISTANOGC-AEGA ~ The Information Generated From Our Loyalty Programs – Is Sold To Any Number Of Gigantic Companies – And Even Government Agencies

~ ITEOP-YNKWPSIGTSTONF ~ In The Era Of Peep – You Never Know What Past Silliness Is Going To Stick To Our Name Forever

~ M&M-TWHNICOWEBMP-AUAU-ACTTF ~ More And More – Things We Had No Idea Could Or Would Ever Be Made Public – And Used Against Us – Are Coming To The Fore

~ ESD-WETSEAA-B-VCAI-CE-W-ATST-PTSOP ~ Every Single Day – We’re Encouraged To Share Everything And Anything – By – Various Corporations And Information-Collecting Entities – Who – At The Same Time – Promise To Safeguard Our Privacy

~ U-TALOMTBMOOP-BA-ASOSAA-A-A-ACWWTEDTOIDTCABC ~ Ultimately – There’s A Lot Of Money To Be Made Off Of Privacy – Both As – A Symbol Of Status And Attainment – And – As – A Commodity We’re Willing To Exchange Due To Our Inherent Desire To Connect And Be Connected

~ FP ~ Future Peep

~ FTLHOSY-PC-HRPHIATPTFAS ~ For The Last Hundred Or So Years – Pop Culture – Has Relentlessly Peddled Hyper- Individualism As The Path To Fulfilment And Success

~ TAPOT-WAAJUIOO-PP-SU-A-B? ~ There Are People Out There – Who Are Actually Judging Us On Our – Profile Pages – Status Updates – And – Blogs?


~ MOO-‘N’-COTWWHTNTFOSSAT ~ Millions Of Otherwise – “Normal” – Citizens Of The Western World Harbour The Notion That Fame Of Some Sort Awaits Them

~ TOAOS-D-TE-C-C-LAC ~ The Outward Appearance Of Specialness – Despite – Their Essentially – Conformist – Conservative – Lives And Convictions

~ ITIASCITEOIATNC-IITUPOC ~ If There Is A Single Constant In The Emergence Of Individuality As The New Conformity – It Is The Ubiquitous Presence Of Celebrity

~ NODWHMCTE-B-NCOCSTBCE ~ Not Only Do We Have More Celebrities Than Ever – But – New Categories Of Celebrities Seem To Be Constantly Emerging

~ MASFWTJTPPOS ~ Millions Are Searching For Ways To Join The Permanent Party Of Special

~ TNAOTNC ~ The New Age Of The New Conformity

~ CWHASOTWTT-TNCIWET ~ Can We Have A Sense Of Tradition Without Traditional Tradition? – The New Conforming Individualists Want Exactly That

~ NWCMBF ~ Now We Crave More Better Faster

~ TSRF ~ The Self-Reliance Fantasy

~ TL-TW-R-I-R ~ Tradition-Lite – Tradition Without – Responsibility – Involvement – Requirement

~ S-TITNLAPSAMIEFUQ-HB-S/F/F/D/R/UTY ~ Suddenly – The Institution That Not Long Ago Provided Stability And Meaning In Exchange For Unquestioning Acceptance – Has Become – Subjective / Flexible / Flawed / Debatable / Relative / Up To You

~ EPCNTUS-DO-YTCB-S/S/N/D/S ~ Every Pop-Culture Narrative Tells Us That – Despite Ordinariness – You Too Can Be – Special / Super / Noticed / Discovered / Successful

~ TMOPCIATOTTOTOP-W-ITPOFHOHH-BTSABTE-ALTL-BSCR-ICHTYH ~ The Message Of Pop Culture Is Always That Of The Triumph Of The Ordinary Person – Who – In The Process Of Following His Or Her Heart – Bucks The System And Becomes The Exception – A Larger-Than-Life – But Still Completely Regular – It-Could-Happen-To-You Hero

~ TIATW ~ Trapped In A Theme World

~ BPCDSWAUIAATS-NDPTUHTGNUSCOOR ~ But Pop Culture Doesn’t Specify What About Us Is Actually All That Special – Nor Does Pop Tell Us How To Garner Notice Upon Successful Completion Of Our Reinvention

~ FOULOATAMDFPC ~ Few Of Us Lack Opinions And Thoughts And Memories Derived From Pop Culture

~ CWS-CWHETROIMF ~ Celebrity Worship Syndrome – Celebrity Worship Has Entered The Realm Of Identifiable Mental Diseases

~ TMTAPSW-TV-TMMTPS ~ The More Time A Person Spends Watching – TV – The More Money That Person Spends

~ TFOTOPTISHBAUF-EITU ~ The Fantasy Of The Ordinary Person Turned International Success Has Become A Universal Fantasy – Encoded In The Unconscious

~ OEAR-BTWWLI-TWWM!-IUTFWOOPCPU ~ Our Expectations Are Raised – But The World We Live In – The World We Made! – Is Unable To Fulfill What Our Own Pop Culture Promises Us

~ ITNC-WTTSFGADNSOI-I-WBWT-IMBPTETS-AT-AOESBDTFOWTSW-STWCFTN ~ In The New Conformity – We Take The System For Granted And Do Not Seriously Oppose It – Instead – We Believe Wholeheartedly That – It May Be Possible To Enter The System – And That – All Our Energies Should Be Directed Toward Figuring Out What The System Wants – So That We Can Fulfill That Need

~ TFITAFTS-AHIW-AABATI-YJDTHE ~ The Focus Is Turned Away From The System – And How It Works – And Aimed Back At The Individual – You Just Didn’t Try Hard Enough

~ TSEIPTEO-Y-B-DAEOTOSIWWLOL ~ The Self-Esteem Industry Places The Emphasis On – You – But – Discourages Any Examination Of The Overall System In Which We Live Our Lives

~ BFTPAERLARPOTCOPS-SEM-TUTIFAL-CUTALODAR-WBTWAATSOOF ~ By Failing To Present Anything Even Remotely Like A Realistic Picture Of The Chances Of Pop Success – Self-Esteem Mythology – Teaches Us To Internalize Failures And Limitations – Conditions Us To Accept Lives Of Disappointment And Regret – We Believe That We Are Always The Source Of Our Failures

~ TOLAIAPCPTCRBR-WFOITBWWSOSOA-OF-OF ~ Though Our Lives Are Steeped In A Pop-Culture Promise That Can Rarely Be Realized – We Feel Our Inability To Become Whatever We’ve Set Our Sights On As – Our Fault – Our Failure

~ WWSTMWITROC-TWCH ~ What We Seem To Most Want Is To Replicate Our Celebrities – This We Cannot Have

~ TNC-TSFTWI ~ The New Conformity – The Search For The Way In

~ SABTTSWLI-ASCWPIAWTCOIBAR-TINCWTMOTS-BEWKITS ~ Subjected And Bound To The Systems We Live In – Any Surface Change We Perform Is Always Within The Confines Of Intense Bureaucracy And Regulation – There Is No Clear Way To Move Outside The System – Because Everything We Know Is The System

~ EFTTP ~ Escape From The Theme Park

~ TLB-CD-A-UOSAPTETPWAFAISA-IATO ~ The Line Between – Chronicling Dissent – And – Using One’s Status As Protester To Enter The Pop World And Further An I’m Special Agenda – Is A Thin One

~ WLIACW-EIP-EIC-EIAOITQFS-ETTTAATL(BRCN) ~ We Live In A Culture Where – Everything Is Permissible – Everything Is Celebrated – Everything Is An Option In The Quest For Special – Even Those Things That Are Against The Law (But Relentlessly Celebrated Nevertheless)

~ ACIWIINLPTAGDIADC ~ A Culture In Which It Is No Longer Possible To Author Genuine Dissent Is A Dying Culture

~ RAUTNCOSIAHSTMF ~ Recognizing And Understanding The New Conformity Of Special Is A Huge Step Toward Moving Forward


~ OOWTF ~ Our Obsession With The Future

~ CT ~ Chasing Tomorrow

~ LM-LSHWST ~ Language Matters – Language Shapes How We See Things

~ TFNISOML-AOMLSHWTTSLAFIPS ~ The Future-Now Ideology Shapes Our Mental Landscape – And Our Mental Landscape Shapes How We Think Things Should Look And Feel In Physical Space

~ CAPTHTOSATVN ~ Companies Actually Pay To Have Their Offices Stripped Away To Virtually Nothing

~ GTTFBTFGTY ~ Get To The Future Before The Future Gets To You

~ TOOSAD-B-TDSTDA ~ The Odds Of Success Are Daunting – But – This Doesn’t Seem To Deter Anyone

~ TF ~ Teaching Future

~ CFDSITNNA ~ Crusty Fuddy-Duddies Stuck In Time Need Not Apply

~ STEM ~ Science / Technology / Engineering / Math

~ TMIS-TPIAWL0BTFITOTTM ~ The Message Isn’t Subtle – The Past Is A Wasteful Luxury – Building The Future Is The Only Thing That Matters

~ WALTHAPWCFOWCNABIBAED ~ We Are Looking To Hire A Person Who Can Figure Out What’s Coming Next And Build It Before Anyone Else Does

~ TIOPFI(NS)SBSTRITI ~ The Ideology Of Permanent Future Is (Not So) Slowly But Surely Taking Root In The Institution

~ AWTT ~ Again With The Tricorder

~ DH ~ Data Harvest

~ OTFAEII ~ Owning The Future And Everyone In It

~ CRIME ~ Consolidated Records Intelligence Mining Environment

~ ATMWDBPIPITIVECBUAATTFEP ~ Among The Many Ways Data-Based Prediction Is Problematic Is That It Very Easily Can Be Used As A Tool To Further Entrench Prejudices

~ TAAINOCWBPITHCODATTBCOWIC ~ There Are An Increasing Number Of Companies Whose Business Plan Is To Harvest Cast-Off Data And Turn That Bumper Crop Of Weeds Into Cash

~ BDUAETH-IIEATETF ~ Big Data Underpins Almost Everything That Happens – It Is Emerging As The Essential Technological Framework

~ BD-‘ANCOEA’ ~ Big Data – “A New Class Of Economic Asset”

~ KWIGTHIFMETRTEATF-ASCWIGTHIMEOA ~ Knowing What Is Going To Happen Is Far More Efficient Than Responding To Events After The Fact – And Systematically Controlling What Is Going To Happen Is Most Efficient Of All

~ ALOPACANMALOMOOOD-BWANMAC ~ A Lot Of People And Corporations Are Now Making A Lot Of Money Off Of Our Data – But We Are Not Making A Cent

~ EIYWTOOOBD-IWBI ~ Even If You Wanted To Opt Out Of Big Data – It Would Be Impossible

~ OMAVTTPOTF ~ Our Minds Are Vulnerable To The Pull Of The Future

~ PII ~ Psychologically Irresistible Ideology

~ WTMBTI ~ When The Magic Became The Information

~ IOGSCTTCAIICFEOATWWLI-WALFTQF ~ Instead Of Generating Social Certainty Through The Collective Actions Inherent In Caring For Each Other And The World We Live In – We Are Looking For The Quick Fix

~ IITPOPAFPHNBG ~ Interest In The Psychology Of Prediction And Future Perception Has Never Been Greater

~ TFITFAM-ITNP-ITNN ~ The Future Isn’t The Future Any More – It’s The Next Present – It’s The New Now

~ WBOIWACBBOTF ~ We’ve Built Our Incredible Wealth And Comfort By Borrowing On The Future

~ TMBAW-WSTO-FUTKDWWAD ~ There Must Be A Way – We Say To Ourselves – For Us To Keep Doing What We’ve Always Done

~ THR ~ The Human Robot

~ HEID ~ Homo Economicus In Decline

~ UATFINE ~ Uncertainty About The Future Is Now Endemic

~ FSAA ~ Future Shock And Awe

~ AF ~ Anxiety Factory

~ TDTP-TFATR-AJWIWASTPO-TRC ~ They Did Their Part – They Followed All The Rules – And Just When It Was All Supposed To Pay Off – The Rules Changed

~ BTI ~ Biology Trumps Ideology

~ OBHDOACLOS-TKTWHTWBPSTWHY ~ Our Brain’s Health Depends On A Certain Level Of Stability – The Knowledge That What Happens Tomorrow Will Be Pretty Similar To What Happened Yesterday

~ IYDSUYWRMOOWBPLYAGTBDN-CYTTR? ~ If You Don’t Sign Up You Will Risk Missing Out On What Beautiful People Like You Are Going To Be Doing Next – Can You Take That Risk?

~ WWA-MAA-MFO-IOFTTAOC-WFNC-BTWWFTEC-WFBLB-WFLO ~ What We Are – Most Anxious About – Most Fearful Of – Is Our Failure To Take Advantage Of Change – We Fear Not Change – But That We Will Fail To Embrace Change – We Fear Being Left Behind – We Fear Losing Out

~ EFTPF ~ Escape From The Permanent Future

~ TPOH ~ The Problem Of Hope

~ TTOMO-AMFTSMOAWWAWLH(F)EA ~ The Trees-On-Mars Option – A Metaphor For The Singular Moment Of Arrival When We All Will Live Happily (For)Ever After

~ AEFATG ~ An Enthusiasm For All Things Gadget

~ TTF-WINDMI-SDFAAIPOTPTW(T)WSA ~ The Techno-Futurists – Whose Ideas Now Dominate Mainstream Ideology – See Destabilizing Fragmentation As An Inevitable Part Of The Perfect Thing We (They) Will Soon Achieve

~ WDWTBITGBSP3DPITS ~ Who Doesn’t Want To Believe In The Great Big Solar-Powered 3-D Printer In The Sky

~ E-WSTETTGHOFIJATC-A-WAATWTB ~ Everyday – We See The Evidence That The Great Hope Of Future Is Just Around The Corner – And – We Are All Too Willing To Believe

~ ETMWMDSTHTFTGOAGF-CWAHPT-S-S-IAP ~ Even The Most Well-Meaning Devices Seeking To Harness Technology For The Goal Of A Greener Future – Comes With A Hidden Price That – Someone – Somewhere – Is Already Paying

~ IIRTBTWCIOWOOTCTIHFUI? ~ Is It Rational To Believe That We Can Innovate Our Way Out Of The Corner That Innovation Has Forced Us Into?

~ ASHSWLITSOOC-LFTFPOFLMR?-WSLBSTMSOIA-BNCTFPAMIOBW ~ And So How Should We Live In The Shadow Of Ongoing Collapse – Liberated From The False Promise Of Future’s Last Minute Redemption? – We Should Live By Struggling To Make Sense Of It All – By Never Ceasing To Find Purpose And Meaning In Our Broken World

~ TTSOHWGH ~ Tell The Story Of How We Got Here

~ EWDMM-TU-A-TTAU ~ Everything We Do Makes Meaning – To Us – And – To Those Around Us

~ WCCOWTPOP ~ We Can Carry On Without The Pretense Of Pretending