~ DACTC ~ Determine And Control The Context

~ DMO-MDOAMCMBMB ~ Determine My Outcome – My Desired Outcome And My Client’s Must Be Mutually Beneficial

~ IAE-D-D-W-M ~ Identify And Empathize – Desires – Drives – Wants – Motivators

~ DRAR-CATGLTTAS ~ Defuse Resistance And Reactance – Certain At The Gut Level That Things Are Safe

~ DFOAR ~ Defuse Feelings Of Anticipated Regret

~ CFTP ~ Carefully Frame The Proposal

~ PAS ~ Propose A Solution

~ SOTE-IA ~ Solve Obstacles That Exist – In Advance

~ AUTSY-KWYPIRFYCAPUTSY-KFWISITTSN ~ Ask Until They Say Yes – Know When Your Proposal Is Right For Your Customer And Persist Until They Say Yes – Knowing Full Well It’s Sometimes Important That They Say No

~ VL-YMVTPD-NIATCOTD-B-ADL ~ Validate Later – You Must Validate The Person’s Decision – Not Immediately After The Consummation Of The Deal – But – A Day Later


~ APAAPPAST-UPAN ~ Attractive People Are Ascribed Positive Personality And Social Traits – Unattractive People Are Not

~ BTYAIWSACY-S-P-B-A-ATOITAW ~ Believing That You Are Interacting With Someone Attractive Changes Your – Self-Perception – Behavior – Attitudes – And The Opposite Is True As Well

~ YCASWIT ~ Your Certainties About Someone Will Impact Them

~ OPOCETCUTH-C-AA-SASA-AEPOW-CCSPP-TP-A-U-WTEUIL-OW-OP ~ One Piece Of Compelling Evidence That Causes Us To Have – Certainty – About Another – Something As Simple As – An Errant Photo Or A Word – Can Change Someone’s Perceived Personality – Their Performance – And – Ultimately – Where They End Up In Life – One Word – One Photo

~ FB-AS-A0BAO-ANOS-TAS ~ Fundamental Beliefs – About Self – And – Beliefs About Others – Are Not Only Sticky – They Are Solid

~ WPSEAFMT-TASMLTTOABT ~ When People Spend Even A Few Minutes Together – They Are Significantly More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ WPBTHSICWO-TASMLTTOABTWA ~ When People Believe They Have Something In Common With Others – They Are Significantly More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ WPBTHSRICWA-TA-D-MLTTOABTWA ~ When People Believe They Have Something Rare In Common With Another – They Are – Dramatically – More Likely To Take On A Burdensome Task When Asked

~ ILTT-WLT-RR-WLT-C ~ Identification Leads To Trust – Which Leads To – Reduced Resistance – Which Leads To – Compliance

~ YRVFTMTTRYOY ~ You Respond Very Favorably To Most Things That Remind You Of You

~ T-IC-O-I-L-A-S-ISPIIYFCAWYWL ~ The – Identity Connection – Of – Initials – Letters – And – Sounds – Is So Powerful It Influences Your Future Career And Where You Will Live

~ ‘N-LE’-IETETPO-N-R-LOAP ~ “Name-Letter Effect” – Influential Enough To Encourage The Pursuit Of – Name-Resembling – Life Outcomes And Partners

~ CACI-TTIIC-TDOWMNS ~ Customer’s And Client’s Identities – Take That Identity Into Consideration – To Do Otherwise Would Make No Sense

~ IYRTYADWAMOPDMWAI-YHAGA ~ If You Remember That You Are Dealing With A Multitude Of Possible Decision Makers Within An Individual – You Have A Great Advantage

~ CDCIPAOAPWLTT ~ Consciousness Doesn’t Come Into Play As Often As People Would Like To Think

~ BAO-S-YAO-UTHYIMWTYCI ~ Become Aware Of – Selves – Yours And Others – Understanding This Helps You In More Ways Than You Can Imagine

~ AW-CQCGALWII-L-WBSTYN ~ A Well-Crafted Question Can Go A Long Way In Influence – Long-Winded Biographical Sketches Take You Nowhere

~ RSOVTTSRFFI ~ Receiving Something Of Value Tends To Stop Reactant Feelings From Increasing

~ AAR-IAC-FAWTS-‘TY’-FSAEAP ~ As A Rule – In Any Conversation – Find A Way To Say – “Thank You” – For Something As Early As Possible

~ ‘TY’-RUTW-‘IWW’-AWPLTH-WTTTSTAE ~ “Thank You” – Ranks Up There With – “I Was Wrong” – As Words People Like To Hear – Words That Tend To Set Them At Ease

~ APOIAT-C-F-M-S-IYWTBE-DSITO ~ A Person Of Influence Always Thinks – Context – First – Message – Second – If You Want To Be Excellent – Design Situations In That Order

~ W-YASTS-‘Y’-IOMMIT-H-YATP ~ When – You Ask Someone To Say – “Yes” – Is Often Much More Important Than – How – You Ask That Person

~ P-RTED-IO-MRD ~ People – Rationalize Their Emotional Decisions – Instead Of – Making Rational Decisions

~ YEOSLCHTP ~ Your Expectations Of Someone Literally Change How They Perform

~ AOQOSCBACEFL-CB ~ Asking One Question Of Someone Can Be A Causal Element For Life-Changing Behavior

~ LQ-HBSTACA-‘M’-OWAPBH[/S]W ~ Leading Questions – Have Been Shown To Actually Change A – “Memory” – Of What A Person Believes He[/She] Witnessed

~ WCM-SWCASSACM-CC ~ Words Can Matter – Some Word Choices Are Simply Stronger At Conveying Meaning – Choose Carefully

~ OTTWCFIITTEHTSDOWWAUED-TDN ~ One Trap That We Commonly Fall Into Is Thinking That Everyone Has The Same Definition Of The Words We All Use Every Day – They Do Not

~ WITMW?~ Who Is The Messenger With?

~ TSMCR-PSN-ITTDWTBTAO ~ The Single Most Common Reason – People Say No – Is That They Don’t Want To Be Taken Advantage Of

~ MNOTW ~ Mirror Neuron On The Wall

~ E-IATSMIFIIO ~ Empathy – Is Arguably The Single Most Important Factor In Influencing Others

~ Q-HACNTBTTBAAWYADTTOAYWG ~ Questions – Have A Compelling Nature That Begs Them To Be Answered And What You Ask Determines The Type Of Answers You Will Get

~ LAF ~ Labels Are Frames

~ TSATS-S-SDCBPDUN-B-TDUS ~ The Story And The Statistic – Statistics – Simply Don’t Convince Because People Don’t Understand Numbers – But – They Do Understand Stories

~ MPWS-N-TPW-SGITF-IPA-SITP ~ Most People Will Say – No – To Proposals Where – Something Good In The Future – Is Pitted Against – Something In The Present

~ GTM-HHNFMITL ~ Give Them Meaning – Humans Have Need For Meaning In Their Lives

~ WPTYTWYAD-MIL-IMYFMTG ~ When People Tell You That What You Are Doing – Matters In Life – It Makes You Feel More Than Good


~ MYNSSTYCBTGTPFYM ~ Make Your Niche Specialized So That You Can Be The Go-To-Person For Your Market

~ TMC-MIAAD ~ Too Many Choices – May Induce Anxiety And Depression

~ BSAKTT(PFTFAI)SB ~ Best-Selling Authors Know That Testimonials (Particularly From The Famous And Influential) Sell Books

~ GTPCTWSD-A-ITOOAS ~ Getting The Potential Customer To Write Something Down – Anything – Increases The Odds Of A Sale

~ SYCTPYBITBOA/OLEL ~ Show Your Customer The Product You Believe Is The Best Option And/Or Least Expensive Last

~ GYCTSTFAFPWHTGTOOTMTTMHMITP ~ Getting Your Customers To See Things From A Future Perspective Will Help To Get Them Out Of The Mistakes That They May Have Made In The Past

~ GSSOPV-ETPTGSB ~ Giving Someone Something Of Perceived Value – Encourages That Person To Give Something Back

~ MPRORTTFOLATTOPIAMMPWTTDTTPFG ~ Most People Respond Or React To The Fear Of Loss And The Threat Of Pain In A Much More Profound Way Than They Do To The Potential For Gain

~ TBTTRTWHFALIS ~ The Brain Tends To Remember That Which Happens First And Last In Sequences

~ E-W-LT-R-A-TA-ITNTC ~ Everything – Watched – Listened To – Read – And – Thought About – Influences The Next Thing Considered

~ GSIOSWDOATIB-TMPTRTMIII ~ Give Specific Instructions Or Steps When Directing Or Attempting To Influence Behaviour — The More Precise The Request The More Irresistible It Is

~ PBIWTTBACWTPSAB ~ People Behave In Ways That They Believe Are Consistent With Their Past Statements And Behaviors

~ CBFCPCTA ~ Changing Behaviour First Can Permanently Change The Attitude