~ MOOSIDTTMTWFATTWE-BOOC-TCITSOOS ~ Most Of Our Suffering Is Due To The Meaning That We Reflexively Assign To Things We Experience – Because Of Our Conditioning – This Conditioning Is The Source Of Our Suffering

~ WWGUSTWTTLOOC-WNLPO-F-H-A-P-OEWE ~ When We Give Up Seeing The World Through The Lens Of Our Conditioning – We No Longer Project Our – Fears – Hopes – And – Prejudices – Onto Everything We Encounter

~ ERIIANUE-IITIOS-BSAO-BSAO ~ Everything Real Is Interdependent And Nothing Unreal Exists – Ignorance Is The Illusion Of Separation – Between Subject And Object – Between Self And Other

~ AGEFN-IF-FTINTBG ~ All Grasping – Even For Nirvana – Is Futile – For There Is Nothing To Be Grasped

~ IVOD-WETDOTIOSFTD-TDIAH ~ In The Victory Over Duality – We Experience The Disappearance Of The Illusion Of Separation From The Divine – The Divine Is Already Here

~ NOUWBEFOSUWAAFOS ~ None Of Us Will Be Entirely Free Of Suffering Until We Are All Free Of Suffering

~ ALALNOPITW-F-F-H-A-A-H-TCNBP ~ As Long As Large Numbers Of People In The World – Feel – Frustrated – Hopeless – Angry – And – Hungry – There Can Never Be Peace

~ TBHOAIOPSOWWTWA ~ The Biggest Hook Of All Is Our Precious Story Of Who We Think We Are