~ BBIBS ~ Blue Bloods In Black Shirts

~ WTWIWIAGAFATOD-IOPHOTAOI-W-TMBU-OE ~ What The World Improvers Want Is A Globe As Familiar As Their Own Boudoirs – If Other People Have Other Tastes And Other Ideas – Well – They Must Be Uneducated – Or Evil

~ WRMTWIIV-AWMTOITTGITISR ~ What Really Moves The World Improvers Is Vanity – And What Makes Them Odious Is That They Give In To It So Readily

~ TTI-PPAB-AAAFTFOSOV ~ The Truth Is – Popular Politics And Bubbles – Are Almost Always Frauds That Flatter Our Sense Of Vanity

~ DWB-WTPDTDIFETBDT ~ Deception Works Best – When The Person Doing The Deceiving Is Fool Enough To Be Deceived Too

~ MTIAHIAE-IOATBAPOCRBOP-ATFR-OTP ~ Moral Thinking Is Actually Highly Intuitive And Emotional – It Only Appears To Be A Product Of Careful Reasoning Because Of People’s – After-The-Fact Rationalizations – Of Their Preferences

~ ITRATA-F-CTM-TMTTCUWOR-O-WMTTTAI-B-TAUTSTO ~ If The Reasons Are Taken Away – Few – Change Their Minds – They May Try To Come Up With Other Reasons – Or – Want More Time To Think About It – But – They Are Unlikely To Switch Their Opinions

~ TMIHWAWB-B-UHWIE ~ The Mob Is Happy When A War Begins – But – Usually Happier When It Ends

~ AWEBTOPD-WTTTHAGR ~ And What Extraordinarily Bad Things Ordinary People Do – When They Think They Have A Good Reason

~ TWOTWHTPNITDA-B-ITCDOTE-IWNIFWDTPOTW-IWT-SLF ~ The Worst Of The Witch-Hunting Took Place Not In The Dark Ages – But – In The Clear Dawn Of The Enlightenment – It Was Not Illiterate Fools Who Drove The Persecution Of The Witches – It Was The – Semi-Literate Fools

~ FNINN ~ Fake News Is Not New

~ WDTBTAGT-TTTITDTMOT-CBTWDFTFWDWI? ~ Why Do They Believe That A Government That – They Think Too Incompetent To Deliver The Mail On Time – Can Be Trusted With Delivering Freedom To Foreigners Who Don’t Want It?

~ WGP-AALOI-PMCTTS-A-MWWBOFQ ~ Without Government Propaganda – And A Lot Of It – People Might Come To Their Senses – And – Most Wars Would Blow Over Fairly Quickly

~ TNCATEOAEAWI-A-REAOTTPAATB ~ The Negative Consequences At The End Of An Effort At World Improvement – Are – Roughly Equal And Opposite To The Positive Aspirations At The Beginning

~ T-U-ITTWRAE-IEURY-BYKI-YADSTFNORTTIWED ~ That – Ultimately – Is The Trouble With Running An Empire – It Ends Up Running You – Before You Know It – You Are Doing Suicidal Things For No Other Reason Than That Is What Empires Do

~ PDSTNTMOWTTFG-FGWSAA-WATTPUIITB-EIIKT ~ People Don’t Seem To Notice That Much Of What They Take For Granted – Future Generations Will See As Absurd – Whatever Allows Them To Puff Up In Importance They Believe – Even If It Kills Them

~ AWAPS-DAD-AQFB-F ~ As With Any Public Spectacle – Deceit And Deception – Are Quickly Followed By – Farce

~ ITIOTWKATSOC-IITTC-TIIG-TIIF-BRIID ~ If There Is One Thing We Know About The Sentiments Of Crowds – It Is That They Change – Today It Is Greed – Tomorrow It Is Fear – But Rarely Is It Doubt

~ TPWH-WI-I-FAR-OWCNK-WMWTR-WI-W-WSB(IOO)-B-AT-WOTTTAI ~ The Perfect World Hypothesis – What Is – Is – For A Reason – One We Cannot Necessarily Know – We Might Want To Replace – What Is – With – What Should Be (In Our Opinion) – But – At Least – We Ought To Think Twice About It

~ TPWWTFTIOYAATPWIATMI ~ The People Who Want To Force Their Ideas On You Are Always The People Whose Ideas Are The Most Idiotic

~ HBAAMCTTTATAF ~ Human Beings Are Always More Complicated Than The Theories About Them Allow For

~ Y-SPAMTETVBIT ~ Yet – So Powerful Are Myths That Even The Victims Buy Into Them

~ TTOJ ~ The Tao Of Jones

~ WRSTO-BEED ~ We Repeat Slogans To Ourselves – Because Everyone Else Does

~ BSAFT ~ Black Swans And Fat Tails

~ FT-ETLSFOTNCOETWTTPTEFAIOC ~ Fat Tails – Events That Lie So Far Outside The Normal Course Of Events That We Tend To Push Them Equally Far Away In Our Consciousness

~ BSOMMCTWT-TANTROTAOLOSE-BTROTMOE-AEIOSE ~ Black Swans Occur Much More Commonly That We Think – They Are Not The Result Of The Addition Of Lots Of Small Effects – But The Result Of The Multiplication Of Effects – An Exponential Increase Of Small Effects

~ COTB-FITRT-H-I-O-I ~ Complexity Overwhelms The Brain – Forcing It To Revert To – Habit – Instinct – Or – Intuition

~ WPTTW-WTACITHOTM-A-HTATTC-AQDT-ANOTIEM ~ What People Think They Want – What They Actually Choose In The Heat Of The Moment – And – How They Afterward Think They Chose – Are Quite Different Things – And None Of Them Is Easily Measured

~ WAFNJBTROTU-BE-BTUOOOEM ~ We Are Fooled Not Just By The Randomness Of The Universe – But Equally – By The Unpredictability Of Our Own Emotional Makeup

~ NOIGNEGNEB-IINEOST-IIS ~ Not Only Is Globalization Neither Entirely Good Nor Entirely Bad – It Is Not Even One Single Thing – It Is Several

~ FDB ~ Fin De Bubble

~ TBSH ~ The Buck Starts Here

~ TMDT ~ The Million Dollar Trailer

~ T-MLNTFMSTBTBATMWS-OTWPTLM-BTNMLRMTB-ATHAJTMF ~ Traditionally – Mortgage Lenders Needed To First Make Sure That Both The Borrower And The Market Were Solid – Or They Weren’t Prepared To Lend Money – But The New Mortgage Lenders Rarely Met The Borrower – And They Had Already Judged The Market Foolproof

~ SN ~ Speculation Nation

~ NTBIO-TBBWMLBNS-B-TWNTM ~ Now That The Boom Is Over – The Baby Boomers Will Most Likely Be Net Sellers – Because – They Will Need The Money

~ TMOTMOAB-D-TI-T-E-E-P-B-WO-A-WU ~ The Mother Of The Mother Of All Bubbles – Debt – That Is – Traded – Extended – Extruded – Pressed – Bottled – Wrung Out – And – Wadded Up

~ OGITWTHOTETFCIFW-DWGAS-‘TP’-P-TDRDRAA-TAI ~ Our Guess Is That When The History Of The Early Twenty-First-Century Is Finally Written – Derivatives Will Get A Special “Tipping Point” Place – They Don’t Really Disperse Risk At All – They Aggregate It

~ WTBFP-YCBSIWBTMMWLTH ~ When The Bubble Finally Pops – You Can Be Sure It Won’t Be These Money Men Who Lose Their Homes

~ F-LBR-DNCW-TMRI-WTMMIHMIGT-ITBTILT ~ Financiers – Like Bank Robbers – Do Not Create Wealth – They Merely Redistribute It – While The Mob May Idolize Holdup Men In Good Times – In The Bad Times It Lynches Them

~ NGTFFTF ~ Never Get Too Far From The Facts

~ NBWEEIRTB ~ Never Buy What Everyone Else Is Rushing To Buy

~ DAAG-TA-IOU-IBTWBD ~ Dollars Are A Gamble – They Are – IOUs – Issued By The World’s Biggest Debtor

~ RHIOR ~ Rot Has Its Own Rationale

~ RISTOW-OMWFOD-NTOWA ~ Reason Is Slave To Our Wishes – Our Minds Work For Our Desires – Not The Other Way Around


~ TMOAGTLTD ~ Too Much Of A Good Thing Leads To Disaster

~ TMI ~ Too Much Information

~ SK-PM ~ Servi Kaffe – Pereat Mundis

~ GS-PPD-AWYGWYA-R-S-S-P-SL-TAIBS ~ Generally Speaking – Public Policy Disasters – Are What You Get When You Apply – Rational – Small-Scale – Problem-Solving Logic – To An Inappropriately Broad Situation

~ TFLIT-LTWMTOBC-FOC-A-FTCTBB ~ The Feedback Loop Is Twisted – Leaving Those Who Made The Original Bad Choices – Free Of Consequences – And – Free To Continue Their Bad Behavior

~ ‘H’-TMOAGTIAPPC ~ “Hormegeddon” – Too Much Of A Good Thing In A Public Policy Context

~ ED-T-‘TMOAGT’-A-‘DMU’ ~ Economists Describe – The – “Too Much Of A Good Thing” – As – “Declining Marginal Utility”

~ FPCSTITPLIOOTCCOTAIWTHPSMF-I-TBITAORTET-‘DS’ ~ Few People Can Stomach The Idea That Public Life Is Out Of The Conscious Control Of The Authorities In Whom They Have Placed So Much Faith – Instead – They Believe In The Ability Of Right Thinking Experts To – “Do Something”

~ ADS-‘CD’-TABOBZ-LNTIC-TI-TI-TI-TP-AASTBSAN-TMCI ~ A Different Solution – “Creative Destruction” – To Avoid Being Overrun By Zombies – Let Nature Take Its Course – The Inefficient – The Incompetent – The Imprudent – The Passé – All Are Supposed To Be Swept Aside Naturally – The Market Cleanses Itself

~ B-TDAHTWIIST-TZ-EB-T-PT-PC-A-STS-TUTPOGTHOWTGAGM ~ But – This Doesn’t Always Happen The Way It Is Supposed To – The Zombies – Erect Barriers – To – Protect Themselves – Prevent Change – And – Stabilise The System – They Use The Power Of Government To Hold Onto What They’ve Got And Get More

~ EAO-BAG-CAA-BG-WIASFC-WCOSAGSP ~ Entitlements Are Offered – Bailouts Are Given – Contracts Are Awarded – Bureaucracies Grow – Whole Industries Are Shielded From Competition – Whole Classes Of Society Are Given Special Privileges

~ TME ~ Too Much Economics

~ SEM ~ Simpleton’s Economic Model

~ TWATWEWNSC-NSBAA-NSA-A-NSD ~ There Was A Time When Economists Were Not So Conceited – Not So Bold And Arrogant – Not So Ambitious – And – Not Such Dumbbells

~ IEWRTPODRWNVQ-TGBU-L-WTAUT-D-P-A-M-TBD-HBTN ~ In Economics We Reach The Point Of Diminishing Returns With Numbers Very Quickly – They Gradually Become Useless – Later – When They Are Used To – Disguise – Pervert – And – Manipulate – They Become Disastrous – Hormegeddon By The Numbers

~ NHPNOS-N-A-P-S-A-A ~ Numbers Help Put Nonsense On Stilts – Numbers – Appear – Precise – Scientific – And – Accurate

~ BATNAS-NISAD-NASSCBT-YEBWTATTWB-A-UT-S-S-M-TETCPP ~ But All The Numbers Are Squishy – Nothing Is Stiff And Dry – Not A Single Statistic Can Be Trusted – Yet Economists Build With Them As Though They Were Bricks – And – Upon Their – Squirming – Shimmying – Mound – They Erect Their Central Planning Policies

~ METTTWIABOHS-NABOP ~ Most Economists Today Think They Work In A Branch Of Hard Science – Not A Branch Of Philosophy

~ IOSUGITFY-TFAI ~ Instead Of Storing Up Grain In The Fat Years – The Feds Ate It

~ BMEHDETAMPTATTFTLOTRW-TGMBDIDBICGFIDDTLY ~ But Modern Economists Have Developed Elaborate Theories And Mathematical Proofs That Allow Them To Flout The Limitations Of The Real World – The Government May Be Deeply In Debt But It Can Go Further Into Debt During The Lean Years

~ TITNOH-OYAII-YTTSII-UYRTBE ~ This Is The Nature Of Hormegeddon – Once You Are In It – You Tend To Stay In It – Until You Reach The Bitter End

~ ADGOTLTTST-TDOMV-BOFRBDL ~ All Democratic Governments Owe Their Legitimacy To The Same Thing – The Decisions Of Misled Voters – Based On Fraudulent Representations By Dishonest Leaders

~ TITGMITMTBIF-GIBUAANOSBTOATI ~ The Idea That Government’s Mission Is To Make Things Better Is False – Government Its Best Understood As A Naturally Occurring Struggle Between The Outsiders And The Insiders

~ T –‘SC’-IAF-YCHACUYHTWAAP-TDWFOTP-ITYWO-WKOCIITYDATACGOO? ~ The – “Social Contract” – Is A Fraud – You Can’t Have A Contract Unless You Have Two Willing And Able Parties – The Deal Was Forced On The Public – Imagine That You Want Out – What Kind Of Contract Is It That You Don’t Agree To And Can’t Get Out Of?

~ TIDNRGAAC-TNTGSOOI ~ The Insiders Do Not Run Government As A Charity – They Need To Get Something Out Of It

~ ‘TM’-INAB-IIAC ~ “Too Much” Is Not A Blessing – It Is A Curse

~ WFWTAH-NWTAE-WTINRC-WIT ~ We Flourish When Things Are Hard – Not When They Are Easy – When There Is No Real Challenges – We Invent Them

~ YLNFS-LSMT-GLRTPODMUQ-SW-BL-I-M-M-B-BIFTTTIL ~ You Learn Nothing From Success – Like So Many Things – Good Luck Reaches The Point Of Declining Marginal Utility Quickly – Starting With – Bad Luck – Is – Much – Much – Better – Because It’s Failure That Teaches The Important Lessons

~ BWHWMOPFTIFTATST?-A-‘LT’-O-‘DT’ ~ But What Happens When Millions Of People Find Themselves In Financial Trouble At The Same Time? – A – “Liquidity Trap” – or – “Debt Trap”

~ RTLTBGTCTD-TGWTAC-IWTBBIH-TBWSTUTMTIL-I-TBHRC-BPOLTEO ~ Rather Than Let The Banks Get The Comeuppance They Deserved – The Government Wrote Them A Check – It Was The Biggest Bailout In History – The Banks Were Supposed To Use The Money To Increase Lending – Instead – The Banks Had Reduced Credit – By Paying Off Loans To Each Other

~ CW-TAHWL-TAHTFH-BCEABOOEDA ~ Corrections Work – They Are How We Learn – They Are How The Future Happens – By Culling Error And Backing Out Of Dead-End Alleyways

~ CCNBE-CAHWA-‘TMOAGT’-A-TLTA-P-D-A-D-TWTCWB ~ Corrections Can Never Be Eliminated – Corrections Are How We Avoid – “Too Much Of A Good Thing” – And – The Longer They Are – Prevented – Delayed – And – Dodged – The Worse The Corrections Will Be

~ M-ITWC ~ Methane – Is The Wild Card

~ TI-FAIISP-STALTOW ~ The Internet – For All Its Information Shovelling Power – Seems To Add Little To Our Wealth

~ ME-HGVR-B-TIDNSTHLTAGUIP ~ Many Entrepreneurs – Have Gotten Very Rich – But – The Internet Does Not Seem To Have Led To A General Uptick In Prosperity

~ WUTWW-HE-E-A-SM-N-TMIMBPWNBAS ~ What Used To Work Was – Hard Effort – Education – And – Saving Money – Now – The Money Is Made By People Who Never Break A Sweat

~ TFWF-Z-I-R ~ The French Word For – Zombie – Is – Rentier

~ TZBI ~ The Zombie Banking Industry

~ AFE-I-TC-TU-A-TU-TNLF-NWSFPAFOI ~ A Free Economy Is – Too Chancy – Too Unforgiving – And – Too Uncontrollable – To Nurture Lifelong Friendships – No Wonder So Few People Are Fond Of It

~ TZLOFEO-WSNASD-TMTRCASTRT-AHEOTOHONSRTS ~ The Zombies Look Out For Each Other – With Safety Nets And Sweetheart Deals – They Make The Right Connections And Say The Right Things – A Healthy Economy On The Other Hand Offers No Sure Route To Success

~ GP&RD ~ Greasy Palms & Revolving Doors

~ VFV-TPCGBBMCTTR ~ Vote For Vote – The Poor Can Generally Be Bought More Cheaply Than The Rich

~ TWBZ ~ The World’s Biggest Zombie

~ MIAMP-WTM-TANMM-NMD-NMR-NME ~ Hormegeddon Is A Modern Phenomenon – Without The Masses – There Are No Mass Movements – No Mass Delusions – No Mass Revolts – No Mass Epidemics

~ GIAAEARI-FTIOT(V/C/B)PAP-O-T(U/U/H/H)F ~ Government Is Always And Everywhere A Reactionary Institution – Favoring The Interests Of The (Voting / Contributing / Backstabbing) Past And Present – Over – The (Unborn / Unknown / Helpless / Harmless) Future

~ G-HCTR-L-C-IS-W-VLFS ~ Governments – Have Come To Resemble – Large – Coercive – Insurance Schemes – With – Very Lax Financial Standards

~ C-ACOCRTV-WAATTPOM-IINBBIETPTAFI-IIBIIU-TVOCITIP ~ Civilization – A Culture Of Cooperation Rather Than Violence – Was An Adaptation That Took Place Over Millennia – It Is Not Because Barbarism Is Evil That People Turned Away From It – It Is Because It Is Unprofitable – The Virtue Of Cooperation Is That It Pays

~ ACI-TSRWI ~ As Civilization Increases – The Stakes Rise With It


~ NFISLATIOGSFN ~ No Fraud Is So Lovable As The Illusion Of Getting Something For Nothing

~ ASB‘SN’ ~ America Soon Became “Shareholder Nation”

~ SSPNRITSS-GNALUTLPLTOLITOW ~ Supply-Side Policies Never Really Increased The Supply Side – Government Never Actually Lightened Up To Let People Live Their Own Lives In Their Own Ways

~ AAEM-TICBMAMET ~ As An Empire Matures – The Imperial Citizens Believe More And More Extravagant Things

~ TLOTDATDOTUWBI-I-ATSTMWCITHAN ~ The Lessons Of The Dead And The Desires Of The Unborn Were Both Ignored – Instead – All That Seemed To Matter Was Consumption In The Here And Now

~ TTWTTFJBCSTM;TTT-A-TOTTMHBUTITFHBAIFONMCD ~ The Trouble Was That The Facts Had Been Corrupted So They No Longer Told The Truth – And – The Old Theories That Might Have Been Used To Interpret The Facts Had Been Abandoned In Favor Of New More Convenient Delusions

~ ACNRUAMDATW-STNT ~ Americans Could Now Run Up As Much Debt As They Wanted – Said The New Theorists

~ AOSIPOWAATDTATOE-IWH-TS-IWG-IWS ~ Abuse Of Statistics Is Part Of What Allowed Americans To Deceive Themselves About Their Own Economy – It Was Healthy – They Said – It Was Growing – It Was Stable

~ IWOTAWBTTAI-TAETSMTIEIID-BTTFAEWTSS ~ It Was Obvious To Anyone Who Bothered To Think About It – That An Economy That Spends More Than It Earns Is In Decline – But Try To Find An Economist Willing To Say So

~ AF-HCFG-IILBTFTKW ~ At First – Higher Consumption Feels Good – It Is Like Burning The Furniture To Keep Warm

~ RTALABTDFTWRTWA-TCPATUSFRDFT-HTCKEWLRSALAICENHNBE ~ Rather Than Allow Lenders And Borrowers To Decide For Themselves What Rates They Would Accept – The Central Planners At The U.S. Federal Reserve Decided For Them – How They Can Know Exactly What Lending Rate Such A Large And Infinitely Complex Economy Needs Has Never Been Explained

~ MIF ~ Modern Imperial Finance

~ GAID ~ Globalization And Its Discontents

~ TEOHHBAST-B-TNSTA ~ The End Of History Has Been Announced Several Times – But – It Never Seems To Arrive

~ WARNWNASB-BACSB-PWS-BOC-NFP ~ What America Really Needed Was Not A Consumer Binge – But A Capital Spending Boom – People Were Spending – But On Consumption – Not Future Production

~ CDRTIHLIH-TEWTIBAOTW-A-TTTUSFTWLCTIBD ~ Consumer Debt Rose To Its Highest Level In History – The Effect Was To Inspire Bubbles All Over The World – And – To Transform The United States From The World’s Largest Creditor To Its Biggest Debtor

~ UTDC-YNKQWYA-B-FEITCA-TADOEIRTPI-A-ALHTPIRTBI ~ Until The Disaster Comes – You Never Know Quite Where You Are – Because – For Every Imbecility That Comes Along – There Are Dozens Of Eager Intellectuals Ready To Promote It – And – At Least Half The Population Is Ready To Believe It

~ MEBWNLNF-TTTIRHMMGTTGU ~ Many Economists Believed We No Longer Needed Factories – They Thought The Information Revolution Had Many More Good Things To Give Us

~ NBHPBETBSMIT-B-P-NBHSMITST ~ Never Before Had People Been Expected To Believed So Many Impossible Things – But – Perhaps – Never Before Had So Many Impossible Things Seemed True

~ FDB ~ Fin De Bubble

~ TBHT;IDBTTTTTBWI ~ They Believed Happy Things; It Didn’t Bother Them That The Things They Believed Were Impossible

~ AIHLALOMIOB-TPCWUTNOCA ~ After Investors Have Lost A Lot Of Money In One Bubble – They Practically Can’t Wait Until The Next One Comes Along

~ TCC ~ The Coming Correction

~ NBTDNE ~ Nothing Begins That Does Not End

~ PL-M-F-A-CT-EWIFT ~ People Love – Myth – Fraud – And – Claptrap – Especially When It Flatters Them

~ WYMLTPWCPTMB-TIOACOSDA ~ When You Make Loans To People Who Can’t Pay The Money Back – Trouble Is Only A Couple Of Standard Deviations Away

~ NPL ~ Nobel Prize Losers

~ TFIWWC-B-IWJDWIAD-SFFTM ~ The Financial Industry Was Widely Criticized – But – It Was Just Doing What It Always Does – Separating Fools From Their Money

~ NIETSTAS ~ Nobody Is Easier To Scam Then A Scammer

~ IWASKOLF-CWTCD ~ It Was A Strange Kind Of Laissez-Faire – Capitalism Without The Creative Destruction

~ IABS-TSWEOATAWNANMTPZ-ISOALATAENCTCTPMTTOO-AIAPS-TFOITSDVW ~ In A Broad Sense – The Social Welfare Economies Of All The Advanced Western Nations Are Nothing More Than Ponzi Schemes – It Survives Only As Long As There Are Enough New Contributors To Cover The Promises Made To The Old Ones – As In Any Ponzi Scheme – The First Ones Into The System Do Very Well

~ TWSIBD-MLICBR-TEODIC ~ The Whole System Is Breaking Down – Mostly Likely – It Cannot Be Repaired – The Empire Of Debt Is Collapsing

~ CB-AEK-A-R&S ~ Central Bankers – As Everyone Knows – Are – Rascals And Scalawags

~ IIETBSTTBG-TWTASMSP-ASFGO ~ It Is Easier To Be Smart Than To Be Good – That’s Why There Are So Many Smart People – And So Few Good Ones

~ TNGSTHNRWF-TVOTG-O-TFOTG-TDTWOTD-ALUTUWD ~ The Newest Generation Seems To Have No Regard Whatever For – The Virtues Of Their Grandparents – Or – The Futures Of Their Grandchildren – They Disregard The Wisdom Of The Dead – And Load Up The Unborn With Debt

~ B-C-W-TIPCM ~ Bread – Circuses – War – The Imperial Program Costs Money

~ TLTRS-TMPBCTTWNC-ALATCBDB-WNHMSOI? ~ The Longer Things Remain Stable – The More People Become Convinced That They Will Never Change – As Long As The Camel’s Back Doesn’t Break – Why Not Heap More Straw On It?